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This category serves as an index to the publisher and imprint pages in the ISFDB Wiki. At present many publishers/imprints are listed in the ISFDB database that don't have Wiki pages meaning this page does not contain a comprehensive list of specfict publishers. There is an older hand-made list of specfict publishers available at Publisher Catalogs and Print Series. Please see the discussion page for notes on how to add/remove publishers from this category.

Also see

  • Imprints lists imprints used by publishers and publishing groups.
  • Verified publishers lists companies identified as the "publisher" for a publication. Note that this category is not the same as the Publishers category which contains a mix of publisher and imprint names, some of which have not been verified.
  • Publishing groups lists companies identified as "publishing groups" in the source publications. Sometimes these are identified by the words "Distributed by ..."
  • Verified common names lists common names for publishers/imprints.
  • Logos lists logos used by publishing groups, publishers, and imprints.
  • Publisher series series that are identified with a particular publisher. This category does not include article's on an author's series for example.
  • Printers lists book and magazine manufacturing companies.
  • Vanity press lists vanity, self publish, and print on demand publishers.
  • Publisher verification sources, that contains the publications used as source references for the Verified Publishing Names project.

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