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ISBN Prefix 0552 from 1968-2005. Although we also have a couple of 'Black Swan' pubs with "055299" prefixes, this is a pretty reliable check (over 200 good pubs verified).

Since about 2005, Corgi has been a Children's paperback imprint of Random House. Bantam are the imprint of choice for reprints of classic Corgi SF paperback titles now, and many new Transworld SF publications - you will however see many Amazon entries listing older Corgi SF titles as "Corgi Children's"! This seems to be because they retain the same ISBN and Amazon can't cope with such British normalities as "same text can keep the same ISBN, however often you change the cover, price, company that owns the imprint, etc."

Do NOT trust Amazon (UK or US) for a definitive Publisher! (Well, maybe after a Look-Inside - but even then check they're showing you the edition you THOUGHT you were looking at!)

Corgi Books

Corgi Books is an imprint active from at least 1956 to present.

Historical full names and addresses


The UK trademark was first filed on 1st December 1950 and published in the Trade Marks journal 11th July 1951. It was renewed 1st December 1999. The trademark was assigned in full from Transworld Publishers Limited to The Random House Group Limited on 21st April 2001. Source: UK Intellectual Property Office.


(Dates are of first usage, as seen in my collection. BLongley 20:37, 13 September 2008 (UTC))

  • 1956 Corgi Books Logo 1956.jpg
  • 1962 Corgi Books logo 1962.jpg
  • 1965 Corgi Books logo 1965.jpg
  • 1969 Corgi logo 1969.jpg
  • 1974 Corgi logo 1974.jpg
  • 1983 Corgi Logo 1983.jpg


The following companies are verified as manufacturing books for Corgi Books.

Corgi SF Collector's Library

See Corgi SF Collector's Library

References and verification sources

1. ^  Var the Stick by Piers Anthony published 1975
2. ^  In Deep Damon Knight, 1966