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Little Moose Press is an independent publishing house that is part of Ellen Reid' Book Shepherding business which helps authors with starting their own independent publishing company and/or self publishing in general.

Web site:


Ellen Reid, Publisher
Little Moose Press
269 So. Beverly Dr. #1065
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Toll free: 805.770.2842 | 310-862-2574 | Cell: 805-403-5285 | Fax: 310-564-1991

Alternate address (possibly obsolete):

Ellen Reid, Publisher
Little Moose Press
510 Castillo, Suite #304
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
804-884-9990 | Toll Free: 866-234-0626
Cell: 310-210-5169 | Fax: 805-884-9911


ISBN ranges:

  • 0-9720227-x-x - All ten ISBNs are in use with three Mystery, one Legal Thriller, five Nonfiction, and one specfict title.
  • 0-9786049-x-x - Seven of the ten ISBNs are in use with three Mystery, three Fiction, and one Nonfiction title.

Bibliographic data available from the specfict publication The Portal:

  • Little Moose Press / Santa Barbara, California (title page and copyright page)
  • (copyright page)
  • Little Moose Press / Beverly Hills, CA (back jacket flap)