Publisher:Hyperion Press

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ISBN: 0-88355 (1974-1976)

Based in Westport, Connecticut, Hyperion Press was founded in 1973 and mainly published photographic reprints of out-of-print "classics", which were probably intended for libraries. In the speculative fiction field, it is known for a series entitled "Classics of Science Fiction", selected by Sam Moskowitz, who wrote new introductions to most of the titles. Both hardcover and quality paperback editions were published of 23 titles in 1974, with an additional 19 titles published in 1976. In 1974, Hyperion also reprinted six titles by Moskowitz originally published in the 1960s, including three anthologies and three works of non-fiction. R. D. Mullen's review of the first set of reprints was published in the Fall 1974 issue of Science Fiction Studies.

Not to be confused with Hyperion Books (publishing division of the Walt Disney Company, founded 1991)