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Anthology series, illustrated

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Most of these collections may be appropriate for the database and some must be appropriate. Those in the database (three as of 2017-01-20) may be entered without illustrator credits or without prose contents.

Green links target all known ISFDB canonical title records (3 of 15 as of 2017-01-20).
Secure links target all known Library of Congress records (by LCCN).
"OCLC Contents" target some WorldCat records with list of Contents.
Illus. first? The Hamish Hamilton Book of ... alternative title (US?) Editor (and Contents)
Wegner 1963 Princesses (1963) The Princesses (Harper & Row, 1962)
(earlier, illus. Montresor)
Johnson [below]
HHOCLC Contents (16+Notes)
Wegner 1964 Princes (1964)
A Parade of Princes (Norton, 1966)
Sinclair-Stevenson [below]
Briggs 1964 Myths and legends (1964), GB64-17357
65-87308, OCLC 10831573
? Hope-Simpson
Ambrus 1964 Kings (1964) A cavalcade of kings 1965 Farjeon & Mayne
Ambrus 1965 Queens (1965) A cavalcade of queens 1965 Farjeon & Mayne
Briggs 1966\c65 Magical beasts (1966) (c)1965
72-177196 398.2/45
A Book of Magical Beasts (Nelson, 1970)
Turska 1966 Witches (1966)
A cavalcade of witches (1967)
Covens and Cauldrons o[1] ISBN-0600393852 (Beaver Books, 1977) 175p
Hope-Simpson [below]
CavOCLC Contents (dozens)
Turska 1967 Heroes (1967), B67-23755
William Mayne's Book of heroes: stories and poems (1968)
Briggs 1968 Giants (1968), B68-23809
William Mayne's Book of giants: stories (1969)
Turska 1969 Goblins (1969)
A cavalcade of goblins (1969)
69-17905 Twith Contents (dozens)
Turska 1970 Dragons A cavalcade of dragons (1970)
Turska 1971 Sea legends (1971) A cavalcade of sea legends (1972)
Brown [below]
CavOCLC Contents (dozens)
Ambrus 1973 Magicians (1973), T1782161 A cavalcade of magicians (1973)
Brett 1975 Wise Animals (1975) ? Dillon
Ambrus 1976 Other Worlds (1976), GB76-31299
77-367379 T1782162
? Green

Illustrators (with count) with linked database bibliographies as available: Victor Ambrus 4, Bernard Brett, Raymond Briggs 3, Krystyna Turska 5, Fritz Wegner 2

Editors (with count as first-listed ed.) with linked database bibliographies as available: Michael Brown (unlikely), Eilis Dillon (Eilís), Eleanor Farjeon 2, Alan Garner, Roger Lancelyn Green 3, Jacynth Hope-Simpson 2, Sally Patrick Johnson, Ruth Manning-Sanders, William Mayne 2, Christopher Sinclair-Stevenson

Michael Brown, 1931- --nidb (8)[>15] "(b. London 1931, now art consultant for Sinclair-Stevenson Ltd.)" citing 1991 dust jacket

Christopher Sinclair-Stevenson, 1939- --nidb (9)[]

The Hamish Hamilton Book of Princes (1964) x+228
A Parade of Princes (Norton, 1966) ""
Sally Patrick Johnson, --nidb (3)[14]

1962 The Princesses: Sixteen ... [2] w Contents, xi+318
[ 1964 The Harper Book of Princes [3] w Contents (12), 330 ]
1963 The HH Book of Princesses o[4] w Contents (16+Notes), 243
1965/67/71/75 A Book of Princesses Fo[5]; (Puffin, 1965) PS249 o[6], 239 ; (Penguin, 1971) o[7] ISBN-014030249, 238 ; as 1965 o[8] w Contents (16), ISBN-0140302492, 239 4/6

Perhaps related:

Ghosts: An Anthology (Hamish Hamilton, 1971), ed. William Mayne, Twith Contents (dozens) --unillustrated?
The Curse of the Dragon's Gold: European Myths and Legends (Doubleday, 1969), ed. Jacynth Hope-Simpson, o[9] w Contents (20+Sources), ix+180