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Blackie, Fullerton & Co. was founded in 1809 and became known as Blackie & Son Ltd in 1890.

Overseas subsidiary companies: Blackie & Son (India) Ltd, in 1927; Blackie & Son (Canada) Ltd; and Blackie & Son (Australasia) Ltd, in 1926. The subscription side of the business was run by a subsidiary company, The Gresham Publishing Co from 1898 (incorporated 1917), and this company continued trading until 1948.

In 1971, another subsidiary company was set up, Abelard Schuman Ltd. Blackie & Son Ltd, ceased publishing in 1991. Academic and professional titles were acquired by Blackie Academic & Professional (an imprint of Chapman & Hall). School titles were acquired by Nelson (Thomas) & Sons Ltd. Children's Titles were acquired by Blackie's Children's Books.

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