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This article about Verified publisher series is part of the experimental Verified Publishing Names project. Any material added to this page must cite verifiable and reliable source references. Please review the project page for more information. Please discuss thoughts/questions on the project itself on the project's talk page and thoughts/questions specific to this article here.

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This category contains publisher's series produced by publishers and publishing groups. Note that this category is not intended for a single authors series of books but rather when a publisher produces a series of books. "Ace Science Fiction Specials" would be an example of a publisher's series.

Please only add articles to this category based on sourced and verifiable statements in publications. Document the sources on the series' article page. Please don't add an article simply because you "know" it's a publisher's series name.

To include an article in this category add {{Verified Publisher Series}} or [[Category:Verified publisher series|{{PAGENAME}}]] to the bottom of the article.

Also see

  • Imprints lists imprints used by publishers and publishing groups.
  • Verified publishers lists companies identified as the "publisher" for a publication. Note that this category is not the same as the Publishers category which contains a mix of publisher and imprint names, some of which have not been verified.
  • Publishing groups lists companies identified as "publishing groups" in the source publications. Sometimes these are identified by the words "Distributed by ..."
  • Verified common names lists common names for publishers/imprints.
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  • Publisher series series that are identified with a particular publisher. This category does not include article's on an author's series for example.
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  • Publisher verification sources, that contains the publications used as source references for the Verified Publishing Names project.

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