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Panther Books Limited was a British paperback specialist. Sometime around 1967 or 1968 it was acquired by Granada Publishing Limited and "Panther Science Fiction" became a Granada imprint. In 1983, Granada sold the publishing side of its business to William Collins, Sons & Co Ltd. In 1989, William Collins Sons & Co Ltd merged with Harper & Row to form HarperCollins.

Common ISBN Ranges for Panther:

  • 058601 1970-1983
  • 058602 1969-1984
  • 058603 1970-1981
  • 058604 1974-1985
  • 058605 1980-1985
  • 058606 1984-1986

Note: These prefixes were also used by Granada 1973-1986. The 0586 prefix was also used by Grafton, HarperCollins, HarperCollins Voyager, Paladin and Triad, who also used the 058607-058600 ranges Panther and Granada didn't.

Wikipedia Entry for Panther

According to the UK Intellectual Property office, the Panther trademark for Book publishing was transferred from Granada Publishing Limited to Harvill Press Limited on 6 July 1995.

An interesting site for Panther Horror is My Name is Death.


  • June 1964: Panther Books Ltd., 108 Brompton Road, London S.W.3 Source: Far Stars
  • July 1965: Panther Books Ltd., 108 Brompton Road, London S.W.3 Source: Men, Martians and Machines
  • 1968: Panther Books Ltd., 3 Upper James Street, London W.1 Source: Wasp


While an independent publisher, Panther books used these logos:

June 1964-July 1965