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Fantasy Press was founded in 1946 by Lloyd Arthur Eshbach and based in Reading Pennsylvania; another Fantasy Press was publishing books at the same time in Oxford, England (poetry).

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Special Author and Publisher editions

The publication The Book of Ptath is a leather bound Fantasy Press edition that states "This Special Edition is limited to two copies, numbered, autographed [by the staff of the press] and bound in leather." The seller of this publication reports

On one of the two copies the limitation page also has a note in Lloyd Arthur Eshbach's hand, which reads, "For A. E. van Vogt -- As an expression of our appreciation for his fine work as a writer, and our thanks for his cooperation with Fantasy Press." [Signed by] L.A. Eshbach / A.J. Donnell / G.H. MacGregor / L.H. Houck. Fantasy Press always did two "presentation copies" bound in leather. One for the author and one for Lloyd Arthur Eshbach, the publisher.

It's not known if Fantasy created this pair of leather bound editions for every single one of their publications.