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London publisher, founded by Archibald Constable in 1795. Refounded in 1827 after bankruptcy. Published works by Sir Walter Scott and zeveral editions of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Continued after Archibald Constable's death in 1827 by his son Thomas,and later also his grandson Archibald. After 1893 the firm was known as "T. & A. Constable" (for the son and grandson) for a time. In 1999 Constable & Co. merged with Robinson Publishing Ltd. to form Constable & Robinson.

Some of the firm's books were printed from Westminster, and some from Edinburgh.

List of names used by or for this firm

This list includes abbreviated names found in bibliographic or other sources, as well as names fond in actual books published by the firm.

  • Archibald Constable
  • A. Constable
  • Archibald Constable & Co.
  • T. & A. Constable (after 1893)
  • Constable & Co.
  • Constable & Co., Ltd.
  • Constable & Robinson (after the 1999 merger)

Apparently some books were published using the "Constable & Co" name after the merger -- possibly these were simply reprints where no one bothered to change the company name. Or these may be errors by secondary sources.

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