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Rather than writing and maintaining a duplicate bio please see The Googlepages site also has my contact e-mail.

Thinsg to do

[[Help:Screen:EditPub#General contents]]

  • Edit index.cgi to change Publishers link from to
  • Could a moderator please delete Publisher:DAW/Titles. It is currently a redirect of effectivly no value, and its existance prevents me from moving [[ISFDB:DAW/Titles]] to the proper name. Also, could someone please look at Publisher:DAW/Titles/old? It appears to be an early draft for the DAW/Titles page, and i suspect it can be deleted, but someone who knows this page bettre should check that there is nothing of value here that is not on the main DAW/Titles page, and if there is not, a moderator is needed to actually delete it. Thanks. -DES Talk 09:56, 26 Feb 2008 (CST)

ISFDB Projects

  1. I have a couple thousand sf books to be entered/verified. A related secondary goal is that I’ll be hitting nearly every feature of isfdb as my collection has has plenty of examples of title variants, pseudonyms, wildly obscure title formats, multiple overlapping series, etc.
  2. Creating a site map so that I can better understand/explore isfdb.
  3. I've also been maintaining the DAW Books page which has its own pending items list below.
  4. Enter User:Marc_Kupper/Locus issues

DAW List (pending items)

  • Merge with a personal DAW list I had created over the past couple of years.
  • Double check check publish dates for 2001 on out as these tend to have errors.
  • Link all publications to ISFDB.
  • Add rows or perhaps a separate table for vaporware and unused Order #s. From the DAW List talk - While it’s getting away from the original intent of DAW’s list something I’d like to do is to add rows for the gaps, vaporware, and non-book products. For example, from the year 1974 to 2000 DAW skipped over all ISBNs ending in X. Someone looking at the list may wonder why Order # Ux1771 is missing. Ideally we’d have a row for Ux1771 that notes the ISBN would be 0-87997-771-X and the comment links to a detailed explanation about these ISBNs and the resulting “skipped” Order #s. While it’s rare DAW sometimes skipped an order # or more commonly, has announced a book but never published it. DAW also issued ISBNs for retail sales display boxes. For example 0-7564-0241-7 is a "Author: Britain (Tie-In 18-Copy Mixed Floor Display)" of Kristen Britain's works.

All Pages

Review for strays and deal with them

External links needing follow-up