ISFDB:Data Consistency/Disallowed URLs

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Here is how many URLs we point to on a domain by domain basis. We will want to check with the owners of the domains that we haven't secured permission to point to yet and, if they fail to grant permission, zap the URLs. (Whether the URLs are still valid is a different question, one that I will explore in a later script.) See ISFDB:Image linking permissions#List of sites granting permission for a list of sites that have granted permission.

URLs by domain determined as of 2010-10-16:

Domain Number of URLs Allowed? 17 Yes 37198 Yes 455 Yes 200 Yes 76 Yes (Unapersson) 758 Yes 1197 Yes 43 Yes (Bookscans) 3 Yes? (Marc Kupper) 37157 Yes 26022 D'oh! 381 Yes
nohttp 3 ? 1 Yes 2466 Yes (Galactic Central) 2263 Yes (Visco) 3 Yes 108 Yes (Ace Image Library)