Magazine Reconciliation Project

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Editing statistics for sf magazines which are currently in the database or should be considered for inclusion are currently recorded in Google Spreadsheets. As they are updated the contents are published in a format that can be accessed as web-page.

Spreadsheet Fields

  • Title
  • Source - The source of basic information. Most of these come from Mike Ashley's recent series of sf magazine history books: The Time Machines, Transformations, and Gateways. This information is primarily of value in determining magazines which are not currently in the system.
  • Issues - Number of issues published during the decade. In some cases this includes issue for magazines which began publication slightly prior to 1951.
  • Needed - The number of issues of the magazine that are not currently in the database.
  • Biblio Tasks - The number of issues of the magazine for which the bibliographic tasks have completed. See the Magazine Template for a list of those tasks. The Cross Check reviews task will become obsolete when the new method of linking reviews to titles is implemented.
  • Summary Totals - The data for all the fields is summed at the bottom of the sheet. The percentage of titles for which the Bibliographic Tasks have been completed is listed below the Bibliographic Tasks section.

Published Project Sheets

American Magazines 1951-1960