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£ • – — British Library search

 lws James Cawthorn 4126 (4)[many] = Jim Cawthorne 
el  .Austin Osman Spare 144689 (9)


sources for White Worm omni

Amazon US ("lair of the white worm")
BL ("lair of the white worm")
LC (" ")

OMNIBUS containing White Worm

T176419 Dracula and The Lair, as "Dracula / The Lair ..."

ed. el--Richard Dalby (17)
Od£- 1986 Foulsham --BL 006729515 £10.95
Amazon UK "W Foulsham & Co Ltd; Revised edition (13 Oct. 1986)"
-d$- 1986 TransAtlantic
Goodreads as 1986-06-28, 511 pp, "Presented here are the complete, unabridged and original versions of both stories ..."
ASIN:B00177XC14 as hc, Guild Publishing (1986), no ISBN, 311 pp

T1012766 Bram Stoker's Dracula Omnibus

ed. els-Fay Weldon (92)
-m£ic(intro) 1992 Orion
BL states "ISBN 1857970403 (cased) : £14.99; ISBN 1857970411 (pbk) : £9.99"
Amazon UK (no cover image) states Hardcover
as ISBN -411 o[1]
as ISBN -403 WorldCat o[ (two ISBN) o[ (one) no info
-.$i(intro) 1994 Chartwell --ASIN:B007EUOMDA

Five Novels

intro. S. T. Joshi
LO.$i P357111 2006 Five Novels, Barnes & N, --pubS

(unmerge) Dracula's Guest &c with The Lair --NEED expand title Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories with The Lair of the White Worm

edited with introduction and notes by Kate Hebblethwaite
---- 2006 Penguin --BL 018529548
US 2007 P322802 --unmerge
at Amazon UK

Lair and Lady --as "The Lair ... / The Lady ..."

ed. David Stuart Davies (13)
-d$- P305330 2010 Wordsworth --BL 015533080
Amazon UK(-02-05), US(-03-15)
2012 ebook, t.p. states 2011
ASIN:B00H3EXIQE 2012 ebook Wordsworth

T1530069 Lost Novels [3]

ed. el-fStephen Jones (42)
Ld$i(intro) 2012 Skyhorse tp --NEED essay and title Notes for The Jewel of Seven Stars
-d$i ebook

Dracula and Other Horror Classics

BLOd$i P418446 2013 Barnes & Noble --NEED OMNIBUS NOTE

That may here refer to all 12 of the stories that follow the three novels. Those are 12 of the 13 stories published as Dracula's Guest and Other Stories in 2006 and the first 9 of 12 are the contents of Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories

Dracula and Other Horror Stories

-d$i P416933 2013 Benediction Classics
$49.99 ? (now $69.99 and £49.99)

The Lair of the White Worm and Other Terrifying Stories: Illustrated Edition

back cover "illustrated with more than three dozen photographs for the first time", and PCS portfolio, plus 3 other Stoker stories and a bonus extra
---- 2014 ...
ASIN:1495421562 Amazon UK

Absolutely Amazing eBooks, Whiz Bang LLC

Introduction, Hollis George --nidb, i-v, apparently complete, contains cover images
The Fate of Fenella --excerpt T1355902, no info
How 7 Went Mad --T849107, from Under the Sunset
Mick the Devil --T1899758, no info

"Look inside" shows ... "About the Author" (one unnumbered page) and "Bonus", or password AA1050 to read another bram stoker story online at Bonus Rewards section of the publisher website

publisher Absolutely Amazing eBooks and New Pulp Press, sister company The New Atlantian Library, imprint

front pages of the 2014 collection

"Published by Whiz Bang LLC ..."
the work (c)2014 Gee Whiz Entertainment LLC. Electronic compilation/paperback edition (c)2014 Whiz Bang LLC.

"As you'll discover, the book [The Lair] is not very racially sensitive, so we've toned down certain inflammatory words. The slight abridgment takes nothing away from the story."

 lw  Kate Hebblethwaite, ed. 293934 (1) 

Dracula's Guest and Other ... with The Lair ... (Penguin Classics)

o[2] as Stories (known cover title)
o[3] as Tales

The Jewel (Penguin Classics)


White Worm alone at Amazon US

P418446 Dracula and Other Horror Classics as 2013 OMNIBUS containing COLLECTION with same title

the collection may be a mistake for "Dracula's Guest and [collection titles differ]", as the first 9 or all 12 of the short fiction that follow the three novels

P416933 Dracula and Other Stories as 2013 OMNIBUS containing and COLLECTION with the same title

maybe the same rationale regarding 10 stories that follow the five novels
--q page numbers from Amazon "Look inside"


Wayfarer's Library --the lighter side of literature (no "problem" novels), 12 per month from Spring 1914? [5]

  • John Newbery, etc, 18c
  • John Harris, etc, 19c
  • Grant and Griffith, ~1843--1856
  • Griffith and Farran, ~ 1856--1884 --POSTPONED
  • Griffith Farran Okeden & Welsh, ~ 1884--1891 --q
  • Griffith, Farran & Co., ~ 1891-- --q

[deleted 2019-06-14] Or Griffith Farran Okeden Welsh may have been an imprint of Griffith Farran (one or both names variously fashioned) --one interpretation of advertised "Griffith Farran & Co.'s" list for Christmas 1891


See also #The Lair of the White Worm

"William Rider" at British Library (231 hits, all fields) (publisher from 1883 inclg a few records that imply the date is from the book #51-60)



Publisher W. Foulsham & Co.

No hits 1920 to 1945:

  • "pilgrim library" foulsham
  • "mayflower library" foulsham
  • "looking backward" foulsham
  • "white worm" foulsham
  • "weirdest of weird" foulsham
  • "island nights" foulsham
  • "ballantrae" foulsham

Publication series

  • Pilgrim Library
  • Foulsham's Mayflower Library --NEED revisit
Poe, Weirdest [1930] BL 002941017

[Foulshams 'Mayflower' Library], [1925]

RLS, Island Nights BL 003501291
RLS, The Master BL 003501402
RLS, New Arabian Nights BL 003501448

Foulsham's "Mayflower" Library

general as [1925] BL 001278302

Stevenson, Island Nights' Entertainments

[1925] Nelson's Classics --BL 003501292
[Foulshams 'Mayflower' Library], [1925]; 190pp; BL 003501291



  • Simpkin --2 1915 1916
  • Simpkin & Marshall -- 1 '(none) || 1894
  • Simpkin and Marshall -- 4 1818 20 23 24 ||
  • Simpkin, Marshall -- 4 1889 || 94 1916 31 (+ joint 1897)
  • Simpkin, Marshall & Co. -- 6 1845 55 || 95 99 1920 26 (+ joint 1876)
  • Simpkin, Marshall, Kent & Co. -- none (1 joint 1891) --HAMILTON omitted in error
  • Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co. -- 32 1890:1926 (+ joint 1924

British Museum

Simpkin & Marshall, fl. 1819--1940s
aka Simpkin & Marshall; Simpkin, W; Marshall, R; Simpkin, Marshall & Co; Simpkin, Marshall & Bates; Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co [no Kent without Hamilton]

Oxford Reference

The Oxford Companion to the Book
Edited by Michael F. Suarez, S.J. and H. R. Woudhuysen
(print) OUP 2010 978-0-198606536
Simpkin, Marshall
Wholesaling firm (1814–1955) based in Paternoster Row,[ London, ]which dominated the provincial and colonial distribution of British books for ...

  • Arrowsmith
  • Arrowsmith & Simpkin, Marshall
  • J. W. Arrowsmith
  • J. W. Arrowsmith & Simpkin, Marshall, Kent & Co.

Bibliolis Books; Bibliolis Classics Worldcat search Bibliolis Classics (2019-06-05, 79 hits)

77 as 2010 and "London : Bibliolis Books," variously fashioned
2 as 2014/2015 and "[United States] : SMK Books : Made available through hoopla,"

5 of the 7 fall among #52-60 when the 79 WorldCat records are sorted alphabetically by author.

Flame Tree

Flame Tree Publishing EN

2019-06-03 User:Pwendt/Publishers#Flame Tree

Robert K. Haas (0)[3] 
Robert K. Haas Inc. (0)[3]
Little Leather Library Corp. (1)[many]
el   Bennett Cerf 11034 (93) --Modern Library; Random House

2019-05-23 User:Pwendt/Publishers/Modern Library


elsf Bram Stoker 650 (219)

Kirkus - bibliog/biographical works

Farson 1975 BL 008096864
Belford 1996 0410 [6]
Whitelaw 1998 0508 [7] as Age Range: 12-14
Forgotten Writings 2012 1224 [8]
Skal 2016 1004 [9]
BL 017604042
Dracul by Dacre Stoker & J.D. Barker 2018-10-02 [10]
el   David Stuart Davies, ed 91437 (13)
el   Carol A. Senf, nf 139710 (7) 
---- 1979 Daughters of Lilith [PhD thesis?] OCLC UMI 1982 475819792; UMI 1981 633498301; SUNY-Buffalo 1979 6998650
BLO.$ic 1988 --tp record Notes hc (NEED also equivocal reports of ebook ?)
o[897349601] ebook? 3 ISBN : 0879724242 0879724250 0299263835(dnf Amazon)
BLOm$i 1993 Critical Response --NEEDs Title note
BLOm.i 1998 Betw Tradition and Modernism --NEEDs Title note
BLOd.i 2002 Sci and Social Sci TChavey
o[53153203] w Contents ISBN-0313013365
o[744967796] 2003 ebook w Contents ISBN-1280469943(dnf Amazon)

for Title record two ebook reports

WorldCat record OCLC Fiction Finder --as 2002 Greenwood Press ebook, ISBN 0313013365-- lists the high level Contents. WorldCat and Amazon Template:ASIN show radically different front covers.
WorldCat record OCLC Fiction Finder --as 2003 Greenwood Pub. ebook, ISBN 1280469943 (not found at Amazon)-- lists the detail Contents (sections of the 5 chapters).
  1. 1 ---- 2010 Bram Stoker ebook only? BL 017672692

2007 Valancourt Mystery of the Sea o[162126924] "This edition, the first published in the United States in more than a century, features the unabridged text of the first edition as well as an introduction and notes by Carol A. Senf, one of the world's foremost Stoker scholars."

Desert Island Books and The D. I. Dracula Library

Desert Island Books ; Desert Island Dracula Library

search British Library(12, 1998 to 2007)
search Library of Congress (2, Snowbound 2000 ; Troublesome corpses 2007
search WorldCat(23, 1996 to 2007)

 lw  Clive Leatherdale 5412 (9)[many] 

BL as Bram Stoker's Dracula Unearthed --niLC ; Amazon US/UK as Dracula Unearthed Jun/Sep 1998

Desert Island Dracula Library --website under construction
---- Alan Johnson 35238 none of several "Johnson, Alan, 19xx" at LCCat
Bruce Wightman --nidb (1)
el   Elizabeth Miller 87917 (11), Dracula: Sense & Nonsense [11]


Senf in English Literature in Transition cites " Bram Stoker, Dracula Unearthed, Clive Leatherdale, ed. (Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex: Desert Island Books, 1998), 108, 109. "

LC Desert Island Books

1993 by Calmet
1993 by Leatherdale, revised
1995 ed. Leatherdale
2000 ed. Wightman Snowbound
2007 Keyworth

LC catalog records (7) report

1993/94 Brighton, East Sussex
1995/01 Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex
2006/07 Southend-on-Sea, Essex

newspapers 1992/95 (desert island books, 17 hits) (... dracula library, 0 hits)

few hits are the publisher or its publications; "desert island books" is a theme and maybe a radio program


multi-version novels

  • 1 Dracula, abridged probably by Stoker 1901
  • 2 The Jewel of Seven Stars, 1912 --[a] alternative ending, [b] abridged (one chapter cut --per Dalby?)
  • 3 The Lair of the White Worm, 1925

Project Gutenberg ERRATA

9 ebooks (exclg 1 self-Index and 2 Audio), 4 with cover ("c")
  • Dracula (2 cc)
  • Mystery (1 c)
  • Jewel (1) --unknown ed.; no t.p.; Contents numbered I-XIX, no page numbers
list of chapters may reveal the version
  • Man (1)
  • Impostors (1 c)
  • Lady (1)
  • Lair (1) --Abridged; no t.p.; no Contents
stated 1911 Foulsham's, contains the Abridged; ignorant of the difference, mis-stated as the original
  • DGaOWS (1) --unknown ed.; no t.p.; transcript of Contents inclg page numbers 9, etc (Preface evidly p7)


serial Charlotte NC weekly from 1899-07-16
abridged 1901

1897 Dracula T2072 --serial mentioned without bibliog data (dnf in newspapers 1896/99), abridgment not mentioned

HDL (full view, 2)

1897 Dracula -- Modern Library, 1897 ; ix, 418, 17cm
t.p. (i), pagination ignores the first printed leaf, complex half-title
c1897 Dracula --Modern Library, 1983, c1897 [12] xi, 417, 19cm, ISBN-0394604474 ; [418] Note
[] pagination counts the first printed leaf, mere half-title ; several unprinted front/back leaves

front pages differ; in both eds. the second and third pages of the Contents alone are numbered (viii-ix and x-xi). Thereafter the earlier Ohio State U copy differs only in that the page number and running header DRACULA appear on the last page.

Modern Library ed. at ISFDB (1)

WorldCat --other Modern Library eds./printings

[1932] ix,418, 17cm o[13], o[14] 1st ML ed.,
[1932] o[15] as HDL 2011, "First Modern library edition."
[ca. 1945] ix,418 #31 o[16]
[1950?] ix,418 19cm o[17]
1965 ix,418 o[18]
1983 417, o[19] (1983 as HDL 2011)
1996 xvi,417, 19cm, ISBN-0679602291 o[20] ; o[21]
LOm$i 2001 P251849 xxvi,394, 21cm --no source stated; Introduction by Peter Straub (2001)
o[1014299955] 2000 ebook 0679641971
o[1037232786] (c)2001 audiobook 1580818331

Limited Editions Club, 1965 o[22]

o[23] With an introd. by Anthony Boucher. Illustrated with wood engravings by Felix Hoffmann.


2019-05-06 (dracula) >2000 records "Newest first" all of #309-403 (97) as year 2012 !
#101, 1901
#34-82 display "1897" in WorldCat search report (49 records)
#83 = 1899 6th, Constable
#98 = 1901 [7th?] Constable, abridged, 1st paperback a.c. o[24]
#106 = 1904 8th, Constable
#110 = 1912 9th, Rider
#112 = 1913 10th, Rider
#113 = 1916 11th, Rider
#116 = 1921 14th, Rider
#201, 1965 [25]
#301, 1973
#401, 1979
#501, 1984
#1001, 1997

1901 at WorldCat (#98-101)

o[500428552] Constable, abridged, 1st paperback
o[37348287] Grosset & Dunlap, 354
o[46318607] o[702613050] ix,378 ; o[29278476] as 1903

WorldCat Dracula 2301 hits #1001, 1997

LC (219 hits; books by Stoker from #74)

Dracula LC#82-153 (excludes Annotated Dracula, and so on)

EoF JC "... There have been many omnibus publications of the text, and several sepate modern editions of value, including The Annotated Dracula (1975 US) ed Leonard Wolf (1923- ), Dracula (1993) ed Maurice Hindle (1944- ), which is textually the most satisfactory modern edition, and Dracula: Bram Stoker's Text of 1901 (1994)." --ie, cut 1901 by the author


Dracula: The Un-Dead (sequel) [26]
(Dracul) Dacre Stoker & J. D. Barker [27]
Dracul [28]


1975-07-24 Wolf, Annotated
1983-04-18 McNally, Dracula Was a Woman
1997-04-18 Wolf, Dracula: The Connoisseur's Guide --very negative

Annotated editions, etc

two November 1975 retailer advertisements "Originally $12.95. Now only $5.98", over 100 movie stills, photographs and rare drawings

[29] 1975 McNally, A Clutch of Vampires, Warner $1.75

---- 1975 Illustrated, Drake --illus. from 1930 movie "In this illustrated edition of the classic are stills from the 1930 version of the film."
d$i 1975 Annotated, Potter -- BL 013868144 "with Introduction, Notes, and Bibliography by Leonard Wolf" 4325
---- 1976 New English BL 007387699
m$i 1976 Ballantine
Ld.i 1979 Essential, Mayflower -- ann. Radu Florescu 35244 and Raymond [T.] McNally 35243 --in progress --brief T note
m$i 1993 Essential, Plume --PV Nimravus-occasional --ann. Leonard Wolf (above) BL 007390237 New ed. of The Annotated 1973
2004/2005/2007 ibooks --poorly done
LOd$ic 2006 Illustrated, Viking --illus. Jae Lee 29328 --no T note
Lm$ic 2008 New Annotated, Norton --PV JLaTondre P295412 --Leslie Klinger 35375, ann. T1025577 --no T note BL 014794008
m$i 2009 Norton/SFBC "Notes: Content from hardcopy edition"
m$i 1998 Unearthed --Clive Leatherdale 5412, ann. T2556953 --niLC --NO DISTINCT TITLE RECORD (ie, Dracula 1897) P579239
"Bram Stoker's ..."? --parse as author credit, or treat as full title, or both?

plain editions
Om£i 1897 Archibald Constable BL 003512084(w exhibitions note)
O.$i 1899 Doubleday & McClure --"Published Autumn 1899"
1901 Constable --"[rev of the above with cuts: Dracula: pb/Nathan]"
BL 014572273 "The first paperback edition; almost certainly"
1931 Rider 13th BL 010878293
1962 Arrow BL 003512088
1966 Jarrods BL 003512089
1983 Oxford The World's Classics BL 011941772
1988 Blackie, illus Charles Keeping BL 007361031
1993 Penguin Classics --"textually most satisfactory modern edition" [JC] --q

"Look inside" 043406-2, 11th printing per numberline 'Charlotte Stoker's account of "The Cholera Horror" on pp. 498-506 is reproduced from Dracula and The Lair of the White Worm by Bram Stoker, published by W. Foulsham & Co., Ltd. by kind permission.' [1986?] vii Introduction [~24 pages] xxxi A Note on the Text xxxii Suggested Further Reading xxxvi Bram Stoker: A Chronology DRACULA 487 Appendix A: Bram Stoker's Correspondence with Walt Whitman 498 Appendix B: Charlotte Stoker's account of 'The Cholera Horror' in a letter to Bram Stoker (c. 1875) 507 Notes Back cover: US $10.95 CAN C$15.99

1996 Oxford The World's Classics BL 011942342
2001 Modern Library Classics
2002 Palgrave Macmillan [and Bedford] Case Studies Fo[30](9)
2003 Penguin Classics, revised ed. (previous 1993) BL 011935695
2012 Constable imprint
1995 Project Gutenberg 345 [no Notes]
2014 Project Gutenberg 45839 "Notes: ... reproduction of the original 1897 edition with all modern material removed"

check newspapers

1896 (dracula) 0 hits

1897/1899 newspapers (dracula constable) --advertisements of numbered "editions"

1897 (May to October) dnf mention of edition number
Second, Third, Fourth (probably all 1897)
Fifth -0212 to -0806 ... 1899-0401
Sixth 1899-09-30 The Speaker p.ii; -10-07 Sat Rev p472;
US not found 2019-05-08 in US newspapers prior to 1899-09 (1896 to 1899) except coverage of/from England from July 1897
1901/1902 --dnf new editions

full review N-Y Tribune -1897-11-19?

2012 Constable / Constable & Robinson (21st century imprint, descendant of the 1897 publisher)

Limited edition (ie, 1st printing)
ebook --nidb 9781780335155 o[31] 160pp ebook ; o[32] 562pp ebook with Summary

The Mystery of the Sea

1902 The Mystery of the Sea T176356 T Fo[33](53)

--User talk:Rtrace#The Mystery of the Sea

LOHm$i 1902us Doubleday, Page
BOHm£i 1902uk Heinemann
O. 1903
O.£ 1913 Rider BL 003512117 --now Tuck as 508 pp "OCLC has 498"
d$i 1997 Sutton BL 008386212 --at HDL Gloucestershire : Sutton Pub., c1997
• d$i 2007 Valancourt annotated Senf o[34]
2013 Project Gutenberg 42455


1902 (3)
1903 Leipzig HDL --nidb
1903 Heinemann
1913 Rider

BL (3)


Mystery of the Sea LC#190-93 --1902 13 97 2007 (all above)

EoF JC "a supernatural fiction in which a man's Talent (precognition or second sight) fails to enable him to regain a lost treasure"

Library binding at same price [35] N-Y Trib 1902-03-26 p10 "They [D,P Co.] have adopted the idea and are going to begin with Mr. Stoker's book, and follow it up with others." Libraries commonly re-bind "in half leather bindings of a stronger sort than the original cloth castings."

reviews column LCJ -03-29 p5 "recently published" "The clever[est?] ... of the book is the adaptation of the Baconian cipher in furthering the plot and the romance."; DFP -04-12 p11 (cipher); The Outlook -04-19 p980 (5x8 in, 498 pp)(cipher); Phi Inq -04-20 p31 "It is obvious that the author does not believe his own story because he gives a lot of appendices to prove that it is possible."; [36] SF Chronicle -04-26 p7 (brief, two cipher); N-Y Trib -06-21 p8 (12mo, 498pp) (no cipher)

UK reviews

earliest, ample (no price) [37] The Scotsman -07-24 p2, [38] The Irish Times -07-25 p7
more reviews [39] The Spectator -08-16 p230, [40] The Athenaeum -08-16 p216, [41] The Speaker -08-16 p538, [42] Saturday Review -09-06 p303 "promise of the supernatural ... is not sustained. ... less sensational "

The Jewel of Seven Stars

1904 The Jewel of Seven Stars T6470 Fo[43](117)

(1902/1903 copyright deposits by Doubleday, Page; not published)
O£. 1903 Heinemann BL 003512097
LOm$i 1904 Harper
1904 Caldwell "Three Owls" (?) "Info from OCLC."
O.£ 1912 Rider BL 003512098 --revised?
O. 1919 Rider --mis-reported EoF 1997 as revised by another hand
O. 1966 Jarrolds BL 003512100
m£ic 1996 Oxford BL 011942826
1996 Sutton pocket classics BL 010725799
1996 Desert Island BL 008828940 018528224
2003 Gutenberg 3781
2008 Penguin BL 014595311
2009 Dover


(date unknown) Caldwell p1-[311]; [312] "The Country Life Press // Garden City, N. Y."
Harper 1904-02 (no cover, one 1904, one undated) p1-[311]

LC 6

Jewel of [the] Seven Stars LC#168-73 --(1902 03 copyright deposits) 04 66 96 2009 (above)

EoF JC "(1907; rev by another hand 1919), in which the Astral Body of a queen of ancient Egypt attempts to reanimate her mummified body (> Mummies) by taking Possession of a young girl"

SFE3 JE/DRL "Although his fantasies are in the weird and occult fields, his writings do contain sf elements. These, however, are generally treated as products of Magic rather than of science, as in ... The Jewel of Seven Stars (1903), in which an Egyptian princess, adept in an ancient science, rests in a form of Suspended Animation."

2006 Barnes & Noble, Five Novels: Complete and Unabridged
2012 Skyhorse, Lost Novels

Penguin Classics (2008), ed. Hebblethwaite

"Look inside"

first printed page: Penguin Classics / DGaOWS [no mention of White Worm]
t.p. "Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Kate Hebblethwaite", t.p. undated
t.p. verso, numberline "2"? ; "Editorial matter copyright (c)Kate Hebblethwaite, 2006"

front sections

  1. vii Acknowledgements
  2. viii Chronology
  3. xi Introduction [~28 pages]
  4. xxxix Further Reading
  5. xli A Note on the Texts

back sections

  1. 245 Appendix: 'The Great Experiment' (1912 version)
  2. 251 Notes [27 pages?]
back cover: "[KH]'s introduction explores the politics and history behind The Jewel of Seven Stars, an d looks at gender issues within late Victorian and Edwardian stories of the supernatural. This edition also contains a chronology and further reading." ; L8.99, C$16.50, $15.00
2019-06-12 "Look inside" shows no front pages, back pages 245-46 only,
one editorial paragraph, p245: "In 1912 [WR&S] published an abridged edition of [tJoSS] that also supplanted the apocalyptic 1903 ending with a happier conclusion to the events that take place in the final chapter. ... The two endings of Chapter XX diverge after the paragraph 'And so we waited' (p. 238)." [p238 of 2008 Penguin Classics ed.]

The Lady of the Shroud

1909 The Lady of the Shroud T14559 Fo[44](78)

BLOd£i 1909 Heinemann
O.£ 1915 Rider --WorldCat states "[1915?]" --CHECK newspapers for Rider
---- [c. 1920] Rider BL 003512104
---- [1934] 20th, Rider BL 003512105
BO.£i 1962 Arrow, 1st
LO.. 1966 Jarrolds --LCCN "B66-19623"
Om$ic 1966 Paperback --PV Don Erikson
.£i 1967 Arrow [2nd] --Publ Note no WorldCat record
LO..i 1974 Arrow, 3rd --LCCN "GB74-20249"
2002 Project Gutenberg 3095
---- 2013 ebook ASIN:B00E7S0PIS HarperPerennial Classics 2013-08-20 (source ISBN 1519462670)


--not found 2019-05-11

LC 3

Lady of the Shroud LC#176-78 --1909 66 75 (above)

EoF JC "which features a rationalized female vampire, a touch of talents (precognition again), and a hero named Rupert who becomes king of his own Ruritania"

The Lair of the White Worm

1911 The Lair of the White Worm T14558 Fo[45](124)

ABRIDGED  : refers to publication Note that identities (Un)ABRIDGED

BLO.£i 1911 Rider [1911]
LO.£ [1925] Foulsham (abridged) --ABRIDGED
BO. [1930] Foulsham's Mayflower Library --ABRIDGED
BO.£ [1945] --ABRIDGED, cross-ref 1925
O. 1950 --series: Sundown book
O. 1952
BO.£ 1960 Arrow, 191 pp unknown version
.£i 1963 Arrow, 2nd
BLO. 1966 Jarrolds --LCCN "B66-19624"
OCLC lists two ISBN(13 first) 1438525923 1605976059

The Garden of Evil --220pp, variant title UNABRIDGED

m$ic 1966 Paperback, The Garden of Evil --PV Don Erikson
m$ic 1969 Paperback, The Garden of Evil --PV Don Erikson
Od$i 1979 Amereon, The Garden of Evil

O..i 1967 Arrow, 3rd --PV Rhschu retired
LO.£i 1974 Arrow --PV transient
Amazon UK provides matching front cover image as "Arrow Books; New impression edition (Aug. 1974)" ; LC reports "GB74-20250"
---- 1975 Arrow o[46] "1st publ., 5th impr"
Om$ic 1979 Zebra --PV Don Erikson
BOd£i 1986 Target, A Target Classic
Om£ 1991 Brandon, 159pp --"Abridged edition?" equivocation
BOm£ic 1998 Pulp, 191pp --unknown version; complete publ note does not mention the issue
Od$. 1998 Project Gutenberg 1188 P291428 --PV DES retired

2019-06-06 ISFDB:Moderator noticeboard#Major revision of Primary Verified publication record, submitted

SOME 21c English-language eds./printings indb ARE NOT LISTED HERE

Od$ 2001 Wildside, 211 --unknown text
d$i 2003 tp " " o[48953767] as "[2001]", 211 -- Alan Rodgers Books / Wildside Press "An Alan Rodgers book"--Page 4 of cover.
--NOTE CONSECUTIVE ISBN Amazon US with cover image matching WorldCat records of 2001 hc (suggests 2001 publication)
BOd£ 2008 Penguin Red Classics #6, 231pp --UNABRIDGED --231 pp
BOd£i 2008 ebook, " "
BOd$i 2010 Bibliolis, Bibliolis classics --unknown text
2012 Andrews ebook --BL 018630942 o[47]
-m$ic 2013 Baen --ABRIDGED --dnf WorldCat --REFORMAT?
webpage heading title "The Lair of the White Worm (Annotated)" ... Ron Miller (Editor); later "Now with an Historical Afterword by Ron Miller" -- The limited preview does not now show or state the nature of any annotation or afterword.
-d$ic 2013 CreateSpace, 106pp --ABRIDGED --dnf WorldCat
COVER by Smith T2564830
BOd£i 2013 Flame Tree, ed. Judith John --ABRIDGED, as 1911 Foulsham
BOd£i 2015 Gateway --ABRIDGED, as 1911
BO£ic 2015 Collins, Collins classics --ABRIDGED, as 1911 Rider
Bd$ic ebook --URL #reader_B00MC42JWO --ABRIDGED (see print)
COVER by Smith T2564831

HDL --only 1 full view

1911 Rider [48](2)

1st US ed?

no hits ("lair of the white worm") 1913 to 1925

Man Gua 1926-12-16 (above)

earliest hit in US newspapers 1960s!

[49] NYT 1966 Books Today (Paperback Library)
Dracula's Guest, jarrolds 15s, The Observer 1966-08-14 p19 "Other New Books"
Dracula: Arrow 2/6, Rider 7/6 review London Magazine 2.8 1962-11-01 p74-82 by Gavin Ewart

LC 4

Lair of the W.W. LC#179-82 --c1911 25 66 74 (above)

EoF JC "(1911; full text ed Richard Dalby 1986), which confusedly evokes the downside of Goddess imagery through the eponymous Shapeshifter which possesses a glamorous lady (or vice versa), and attempts to infect a large cast with its venomous, accursed, erotic allure (> Worm/Wyrm)."

SFE3 JE/DRL "The Lair of the White Worm (1911; cut 1925; vt The Garden of Evil 1966), centres on an antediluvian and malignly intelligent serpent-like Monster obscurely linked to a secretly murderous woman; for the Lamia theme, see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy; this novel was very freely adapted for Ken Russell's film The Lair of the White Worm (1988)."

The Lair of the White Worm (1909/1912, 11 hits: 1911 7 GB, 1 Ind; 1912 IR 2 UK

(earliest) The Nation 1911-10-07, Autumn lists
Spectator 1911-11-04 p754 listing in "Publications of the Week
[50] Scotsman 1911-11-27 p2, lead review in "New Fiction", illus unmentioned
[51] Review of Reviews 1911-12 p631 "Riders' New Publications"[six], Lair as "Now Ready"
as below[&] COLMAN
p632/34 listing in "Leading Books of the Month"
Athenaeum -12-02 p696/98 "List of New Books"
Academy -12-02 p715 "Books Received"
Times of India 1911-12-20 p9 "Books Received", Rider, 6s
Irish Times 1912-01-19 p7 short review in "Recent Fiction" credits "Colma" COLMA [sic]
[52] 1912-01-30 p4 "Rider's New Publications", The Lair as "Now Ready"
[&]"Crown 8vo, 324 pp., cloth gilt, with six Coloured Illustrations after designs by Pamela Colman Smith." COLMAN
as below "Write for Catalogue of Psychic, Occult, and New Thought Publications"
(latest) [53] The Nation 1912-05-11 p223 "Rider's New Books" --credits "Colman" as above [&] COLMAN
also "new and cheaper" Dracula
address 64 Aldersgate

Pamela Colman Smith
 el f Arthur Edward (A.E.) Waite 117721 (97)

Author:Pamela Colman Smith --sometimes credited as Coleman

1909/1911 newspapers (2 as Coleman: 1 1 0)

  • NYT 1909-03-21 pX6 col5 "Art Notes Here and There"
  • (headline page) The Academy 1910-04-23 p1 "New Publications of William Rider & Son, Ltd.", 4-1/2 x 2-3/4, 6s. ; 164, Aldersgate Street, London, E.C.

(7 as Colman Smith 4 0 3) --all 1909 re exhibitions/lectures

re the exhibition, The Craftsman quotes "Whistler once remarked of Miss Smith's work that she did not know how to draw, but did not need to."
1911 Musical standard, notice of article "Visualised Music" on her work
[54] The Academy 1911-03-04 p262 "Shorter Reviews" --namely, The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by Waite from Rider, with 78 plates (not credited in the review header)
The Athenaeum 1911-05-27 p609, exhibition Music Pictures, Baillie Gallery

1911 illus. Pamela Colman Smith

  • publisher Rider credits her as "Coleman" for its 78-card Tarot deck (commissioned 1909 per Wikipedia)
  • p325-28 identical advertisements (not all Rider publications)
  • p1-16 [329-44] publisher catalogue shows that HDL holds two different printings/states of the 1st ed. ; U Illinois earlier, U Chicago later
10 => 17 volumes now ready
space-saving cuts
p[344] new larger size globe superior quality
p[344] The Occult Review subxn price increase 7s=>8s
new address => Cathedral House [but title page unrevised]

("Pictorial Key to the Tarot") (1910/11 3 2 genuine)

Scotsman 1910-12-15 p2, brief review in "Miscellaneous Works", illus unmentioned
Athenaeum 1910-12-17 p766 "List of New Books"
Academy 1910-12-24 p631, "Books Received", listing as subtitle : Being Fragments of a Secret under the Veil of Divination, Illustrated, 5s.
The Word 1911-03-01 p383 review, merely "78 excellent plates"
Academy 1911-03-04 review, "Pamela Colman Smith" in text only --THE UNIQUE credit to Smith found in newspapers

Rider and 1910s newspapers

later street address: Cathedral House, Paternoster Row, London, E.C.

search 1910--1919

164 Aldersgate (9 hits, 1907--1919 all UK
1907-12-28 advertisement of publication "Pocket Book for Landed Proprietors ..." Webster's Forester's Diary and Pocket Book, 1908; 6th ed., 2/6
1903-01-10 [...] Diary and Note Book, 2/6
[55] 1908-05-02 p545 "Literary Gossip" sale of business by Philip Wellby
latest 1912-05-18
Cathedral House (UK 2 hits 1912-12-05, 1913-05-10 --unique 1910--1925
8 Paternoster Row, London, E.C.

("8 paternoster" rider) 44 hits 1912 3 ; 14 7 5 4 [1917]1 0 2 0 3 3 1 1 0

[56] Scotsman 1915-10-18 advert The Lady and others 1/- --unique hit ("lady of the shroud" rider) 1915--1925

Listed at the foot of publisher advertisement "Two Notable Novels", The Scotsman 1915-10-18 p2

Novels by Bram Stoker.
Small Cr. 8vo, Cloth. 1/ net.
[4 titles]--the first four of five in the database

Rider publications indb 2019-06-10

16 27- : Dracula
13* 30 : Mystery
12 19- 31- : Jewel
15* : Lady
11 : Lair (known 1st edition)
(-) = no price

Tuck and 2008 New Annotated Dracula are crucial sources.

The Lair (back pages, late 1911?)

p325 Cheiro's Memoirs; Ready Shortly 6/-
p326 1+ Byways of Ghost-land; O'Donnell 3/6 list of Contents
p327 3+ The Priestess of Isis. An Occult Romance of the Days of Pompeii; Schure, tr. F. Rothwell, B.A. 3/6
BL implies subtitle: 1st 1910 BL 003304075, 2nd 1912 BL 003304077
p328 New edition of Bram Stoker's Dracula --as London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co. --lists 27 chapter titles and 13 books "by the same Author"

Tales of the Supernatural

1994 centennial edition with Jim Cawthorn illustrations of The Witches' Sabbath only? [57]
"The Devil's Debt" T95561 story title in quotation marks?
1977 anthology P271663 PV Don Erikson --the unique PV

(BL) James Platt (Junior; the Younger) 19894 --niLC niVIAF, conflated at WorldCat --q 
el   J. W. Brodie-Innes 146869 (9) 
el   Elliott O'Donnell 37736 (40)

BL 002694095 (Ghost Land space, no hyphen)

el   Cheiro  111982 (44) = Hamong, Count de = Warner, William John
Cheiro's Memoirs: The ... Phi: Lipp 1912 -HDL
Fred Rothwell, 1869-1934 translator (30)
el   Édouard Schuré 28146 (47)
.Phyllis Vere Campbell 189978 ()[2] --niVIAF
BOH. 1912 Hume, A Son of Perdition T1599200 --q
1916 Rider, cheaper --q
1912 O'Donnell, The Sorcery Club T197348
1912 Rider, o[58] as illustrated, uncredited
1923 Rider, cheaper, 4 unnumbered plates o[317847329] o[20663099]
--.£i 1974 Sphere o[59]
--m$ 1976 Arno o[60] reprint of 1912
--d. 2004 Gutenberg 14317 o[703945148] --q --TO BE CONTINUED TOMORROW
2013-04 Create --q
2013-07 Create
d$ic 2014
--d$ic 2014 Tuatara --credits PVC illus, from t.p., intro John Pelan
2016 Create --AddPub

Campbell is sometimes credited as "Phyllis" by publishers, as well as by libraries and at Project Gutenberg, etc. She is not identified at the Library of Congress. For instance, see the title page of Twenty Years' Experience as a Ghost Hunter by Elliott O'Donnell (which mis-spells the writer's name too).

As of June 2019 there are two temporary identities (main pages) for her at WorldCat, with headings as Phillys and Phyllis. But WorldCat contains records of more works by Campbell, not yet linked to either identity.

dnf VIAF, and thus LCCN or ULAN

Campbell, Phillys Vere [2] at WorldCat 2019-06-10 only in library records of the catalogues of two London exhibitions, 1911/12 OCLC Fiction Finder (as Phyllis) and 1913/14 OCLC Fiction Finder (as Phillys).

Campbell, Phyllis Vere [1] at WorldCat only in record of O'Donnell, Twenty Years' Experience as a Ghost Hunter OCLC Fiction Finder (as Phyllis)

One illustration is clearly signed on three lines at lower left, "Phillys Vere Campbell". plate facing p.384 last of frontispiece + 3)

While not so clear, two illustrations facing page 101 and f.p. 141 are clearly signed "Phillys" rather than "Phyllis", although the last two lines are not clear.

At Project Gutenberg (and the Open Library, relying on the same source publication) she is "Phyllis", known only for Ebook #50775, which apparently contains a transcript of the original title page London: Heath Cranton --undated, with 1916 Author's Note

title page also credits author Elliott O'Donnell as Elliot (one 't')

William Rider catalogue, back pages [1]-16

p[1]-2, New Thought Library
  • 10 vols, White Worm 1911/late (164 Aldersgate Street)
  • 11 vols, Son of Perdition 1912-03-25 (164 Aldersgate Street) [61]
p8, Tarot ("Coleman")
p14, Fiction several listings; this one as "Ready March 25" --other books The Lair; new edition Dracula; Priestess of Isis; and others
p16, Globes
  • 17 vols, White Worm 1911 (Cathedral House)
elsf Fergus Hume 129099 (59)

A Son of Perdition (1912) --niLC t.p. "with four illustrations by / Phillys Vere Campbell" (frontispiece, clearly signed + 3 plates not included in the pagination)

HDL "New and cheaper ed." [19--], search only [62]

newspapers 1911--1923 (17 hits, all UK 1912-04/06 !)

The Island of Fantasy (1892) T1098233 Fo[63](23)

London: Farran [1892] 3v HDL(2)
I. covers differ, interiors match; Contents p8 chI-XIII, text p9-288
II. Contents p[5] chXIV-XXVI, text p7-301
III. Contents p5 chXXVII-XL, text p7-[299]; catalogue p(301-04)--this book not listed
BOHd. 1892-06 GF hc 3v
LOHm$ 1892-10 Lovell ? o[919986420]-hdl
OHm. 1893- USBC ?
BOm 1893-05 GF ?
1983=?=1913 New ed Three-and-sixpenny novels 453p o[64] = 1893 evidently

"Griffith Farran & Co.'s / Three-and-Sixpenny Novels" // The Standard Library. / Crown 8vo, cloth, about 450 pages, with Frontispiece." v3 p[304]

---- 1894 King o[]
USBC c1892 453p HDL(1)
no cover
19 cm; probably paper, $0.50
Lovell, Coryell c1892 453p HDL(1) = Lovell, Ges
with cover, no back pages, t.p. undated "Lovell, Gestefeld & Company"
OH..i Fenno, 1905 453p --Gutenberg source --hardcover unlikely?
with cover (inside front cover Idle Hour Series, 50c ; copyright 1892 USBC --q
BO.£ 1914 H & H Sixpenny 191p --q
Od£ 2010 Nabu
Od$ 2011 BL Historic
2017 Project Gutenberg #56177 --1905 Fenno edition (no connection 2019-06-13) --NEEDs

MEANWHILE Jungle Tales

  • Hardcover format and price from listing in publisher advertisement "Some Fine New Books", The Bookman 1913-09 p279, this one as "7d. net. Cloth".
previous 4 listings as "1/- NOVELS"
next two listings as "6d. paper"

Evidently this book and the latter or examples of the new sevenpenny hardcover and old sixpenny paper reprint editions.

newspapers 1891--1905 (84 hits, 0 45 19[to July] 4 13; [retail discounts:] 0 0 1 0 1 0 1)

The Athenaeum #3372 (1892-06-11) p774 "announce that on Monday next they will publish ..."; that day (Monday -06-123) The Scotsman lists it among "new books that came out last week"
The Spectator -06-11 p819 "Publications of the Week" as 3vols, cr 8vo 31/6 [ie 10/6 per volume]
(earliest Canada) The Globe -07-22 p8 "The Public Library", five copies among new books
(earliest US hit) NYT 1892-10-10 p3 "Books Received" as 16mo Lovell, G $1.25
also Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, illus, 12mo, Harper $1.50
Phi -10-24 "New Books Received", as "on sale at John Wanamaker's"
also Lovell, Coryell new ed. of New Arabian Nights
1893-03-11 advert The Harlequin Opal ("W. H. Allen & Co.'s New Books") as "Ready March 15" also 3v cr 8vo 31/6 ; next week as one of "two new novels at all libraries"
The Harlequin Opal generates March/April items, up to -04-22 publisher adverts in 3 weeklies, in context By Fergus Hume, Author of 'The Island of Fantasy' &c.
-04-29 Athenaeum #3418 p536 "List of New Books" as "cr. 8vo. 3/6 cl."; Spectator p580 "Publications of the Week"
-05-07 somewhere "will shortly publish"
1893-05-20 p551/53 Saturday Review "New Books and Reprints" lists this "Among other new editions" as from GF ; so does The Spectator same day p680 ; The Spectator -05-13 p550 "Books Received" as new edition [all 3, no price]
The Globe 1894-03-21 [and others] ann. serial The Lone Inn begins -03-24[65]
DFP 1895-07-15 p3 "Books Received" USBC no price
Phi Inq -07-20 p7 "New Novels" USBC no price
[66] 1895-07-22 p7 Was Post "New Books Received" Washington: Woodward & Lothrop 50c

Washington retailer?


Under the Sunset

1882 Under the Sunset T173506 T Fo[67](32)

BO.£ 1882[1881] 1st ed./printing
1882 2nd ed o[6694347] o[64447373] --perhaps also 1881?
1978 Newcastle #17 --PV Rtrace "1st American ed."; "[5] leaves of plates" only; William ; o[930548688]
1980 Borgo --reprint of Newcastle #17
• d$i 2002 Wildside (Doylestown PA) o[181766355] o[4956384]
2005 Large Print ed.
• Bd$i us Thorndike --check WorldCat o[979316951] as 194pp; o[57344213] as "nine stories" w list of 8
nidb-- c1882 Chivers BL 013256097 o[491477205] o[865227310]

LC 2


1908 Snowbound: The Record of a Theatrical Touring Party T176380 Fo[68](8) [69](3) T

• ---- 1908 BL 003512122 "Collier's Shilling Library" o[504817791] o[5424008] --check newspapers
• d$i 2000
2000 Desert Island BL 008828959 o[491988764] annotated Bruce Wightman, Desert Island Dracula library o[48032755]
[70] The Guardian 2000-01-22 pB11
• 2001 Classic Books o[610430496]

LC 1

Dracula's Guest

1914 Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories T38956 Fo[71](27) Fo[72](85)

O.£ic 1914 Routledge BL 003512091 --q
O.£ 1922 Routledge --NEED HDL
1927 Prince of Wales Theatre o[1017473895] 200pp w Contents
1937 New York, Hillman Curl; "A Clue club mystery" 284pp o[5984736] w Contents
ebook ISBN-1619400278 o[1037181822]
O..i 1966 Jarrolds (we list 9 Contents) BL 003512093 192pp
o[927871], o[471797075] as ISBN-0090801709
1972 Reprint o[1069462699], o[9922397] ISBN-0090801709 w Contents
1966 Arrow BL 003512092 192pp o[270826100] w Contents
1974 Arrow BL 003512094 192pp ISBN-0099093006 o[1255565] w Contents ISBN-0099093006
1975 Arrow 3rd, 3 WorldCat
Om$ic 1978 Kensington --pnumbered, implies 9-192 o[9657941] w Contents "Zebra Books"
2006 Penguin BL 013494542 018529548 ; o[154400251] w Contents (10) incl White Worm, ed. Hebblethwaite ; cf "article" Dracula's Guest ... with The Lair ..." o[73]

"Look inside"

first printed page: Penguin Classics / DGaOWS [no mention of White Worm]
t.p. "Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Kate Hebblethwaite", t.p. undated
t.p. verso, numberline "2"? ; "Editorial matter copyright (c)Kate Hebblethwaite, 2006"

front sections

  1. vii Acknowledgements
  2. viii Chronology
  3. xi Introduction [~30 pages]
  4. xl Further Reading
  5. xliii A Note on the Texts

back sections

  1. 371 Appendix I: Florence Stoker's 'Preface' to Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories (1914)
  2. 373 Appendix II: The Laidly Worm of Spindleston Heugh (1890) and The Lambton Worm (1890)
  3. 381 Notes [27 pages?]
back cover: "This edition also includes extensive notes, a chronology and further reading, Florence Stoker's Preface to [DGaOWS] and two folktales which inspired The Lair of the White Worm. ; L8.99, C$14.00, $15.00

check earlier Penguin Classics
2006 Project Gutenberg 10150
2006 Wordsworth o[526427349] 224pp no Contents
2009 Wordsworth Dracula; Dracula's Guest ... OMNIBUS? BL 015405749 o[752977986] o[526427349] o[899763571] 576pp no Contents

longer collections/OMNIBUS Fo[74](35)

multiple Title records

1914 Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories (9) T
. 1997 Best Ghost and Horror Stories (14)=9+ T
a 2006 Dracula's Guest and Other Stories (13)=9+4 T
b 2010 Dracula's Guest and Other Tales of Horror (20)=9+3+8 T --contains Sunset (8) --publication record lacks Contents

extra stories, except Sunset

.ab The Crystal Cup (1872)
.ab The Chain of Destiny (1875)
. The Castle of the King (1881)
.ab The Dualitists (1887)
. The Star Trap (1908) = Death on the Wings 1888
a The Red Stockade (1894) (non-genre) --and non-horror evidently (perhaps briefly covered on the last page of the 2006 Davies introduction)
1978 Dracula's Guest (9) --one PV publication record
2010 Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Tales --unknown source for our list of the 9
2019 Dracula's Guest & Other Supernatural Tales (9) T

Midnight Tales (12) --much different HDL

1922 Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories [75]


Dracula's Guest LC#154-56 --1937 66 74 (chapbooks?)
Dracula's Guest [and ...]


Dracula's Guest

Publisher search 'Kegan' [76]

Broadway House 1914 [77]

The Scotsman 04-13 Books Received The Observer 04-19 Fiction (Received?) Routledge 1/- Manchester Guardian The Observer 1914-02-22 p5 advertisement by the publisher as "Broadway House Fiction" Red Cloth Library "New Volumes" 1/- Broadway House, 68-74 Carter Lane, E.C. (no mention of Kegan, Trench, or Routledge)


Shades of Dracula: [BS]'s Uncollected Stories T[78]

1982 Kimber BL 008099354


Midnight Tales (1990) T176355 Fo[79](15)

LC 1

1995 Owen BL 008769374



? Miss Betty LC#188-89 --1974 2009 --not mentioned at SFE3/EoF --q
? Snake's Pass --non-genre at ISFDB

SFE3 [JE/DRL] "Although his fantasies are in the weird and occult fields, his writings do contain sf elements. These, however, are generally treated as products of Magic rather than of science, as in The Snake's Pass (1890), a tale featuring a search for the crown of the Western Irish snake king ..." --not mentioned in EoF JC

Wikipedia list of works (ng=non-genre at ISFDB; g=genre; -- nidb) (# = no mention SFE/EoF)

Novels [8 of 13 that Wikipedia lists]
 ng  The Primrose Path (1875)
 ng?  The Snake's Pass (1890)
#--  Seven Golden Buttons (1891) [no novel article]
#--  The Watter's Mou' (1895)
#ng  The Shoulder of Shasta (1895)
#ng Miss Betty (1898) --T 
#ng  The Man (1905); (a.k.a. The Gates of Life)
#ng  Lady Athlyne (1908)

Non-genre Novels (ISFDB 2019-05-10/11)

 The Primrose Path (1875) --Horror
 The Snake's Pass (1890)

SFE3 [JE/DRL] "Although his fantasies are in the weird and occult fields, his writings do contain sf elements. These, however, are generally treated as products of Magic rather than of science, as in The Snake's Pass (1890), a tale featuring a search for the crown of the Western Irish snake king."

 The Shoulder of Shasta (1895)
 Miss Betty (1898) 
 The Man (1905) also appeared as:
       Variant: The Gates of Life (2000) 
 Lady Athlyne (1908) 


1898 Miss Betty
1909 The Snake's Pass [80] Collier "New and cheaper ed."

WorldCat top 20

Snake Fo[81](32) "A novel about the troubled romance between an English landlord and an untutored Celtic peasant girl, and the contemporary political climate in Ireland"
The Man Fo[82](39)

1875 The Primrose Path T176360 --Horror

1875 dnf BL
d$i 1999 Desert Island BL 006748165

LC ?

1890 The Snake's Pass T176362 --borderline genre?

y. 1891uk [1890] Sampson Low, BL 014830249 BL 003512121
• Om.i 1890us Harper Franklin Square #685 o[5984739]
d$i 2006 Valancourt
d$i[hc,tp] 2015 Syracuse U critical edition BL 017608404

LC 3 2015

1895 The Shoulder of Shasta T176400 Fo[83](11)

1895 Constable BL 014830248 003512120 o[156170074] micro o[494156234] 235pp; o[7207325] 234pp
1895 Macmillan's colonial library o[5660958] 234pp
1898 Macmillan's popular library o[227352605] 234pp
Od$i 1999 Desert Island
2000-01-04 Amazon UK
1999-12 Amazon US
2000 WorldCat
1999-12-01 Goodreads "(first published July 1999)"
1999-12 Open Library

LC 0

1895 Watter's Mou' CHAPBOOK

1894us De Vinne
. 1895 Constable The Acme Library[!] #2; 2nd ed BL 003512124
1895/c1894 Appleton
d$i 2002 Wildside

LC 2

1898 Miss Betty T176395

1898 Latter Day Stories #1 BL 003512114
[1974] New English BL 003512115
d$. 2000 Classic Books
2009 Valancourt
d. 2010 Valancourt --noted Spurious?

LC 2

1905 The Man T176363

1905uk BL 003512113
. 1905us
d$. 2000 The Gates of Life Classic Books
2001 Project Gutenberg 2520

LC 1

1908 Lady Athlyne T176452

..i 1908 Heinemann BL 003512101
1908us Reynolds
d$. 2000 Classic Books
d$i 2007 Valancourt
BOm.i 2007 Desert Island --ann Carol Senf

LC 2

Non-fiction (3)

Famous Impostors

1910 Famous Impostors T176370 --check newspapers Fo[84](22)

• H. 1910uk Sidgwick & J BL 003512095 o[3182058] 10/6 from listing in "The Pick of the Publishing Season" The nation suppl 1910-10-08 p78 (only UK hit 1910!)
• Hm 1910us Sturgis & W o[945727]
"on the press" N-Y Trib 1910-10-23 pA7 "Literary Notes"
"will be published shortly" NY Times -10-30 pSM5, long review or summary "Was Queen Elizabeth an Impostor?"
"published this week" NY Times -11-05 pBR16 "New York Literary Notes"
"Was Queen Bess Really a Man?" Nashville Tennesseean ... 1910-12-18 pA8
Was Queen Elizabeth a Man?" 7 US newspapers 1911-02-19/26
Price from publisher advertisement "Autumn Books", NYT -10-23 pLI10 [85]
---- 1967 Chivers o[852115933]
---- 1967 Sidgwick o[155929573]
---- 1968 Sidgwick & Jackson o[34758]
d$i 2003 Fredonia o[491469870]
d$i 2009 Cosimo o[879350497]
$ 2016 Project Gutenberg 51391

Newspaper coverage mainly January 1911, especially UK

The Spectator 1911-01-07 p28 Publications of the Week


(A2. new search 2019-06-12) [86]

(A3. modify old URL path: => [87]

(A. Widener 1. old URL "Your connection is not secure") [88] review The Scotsman 1911-01-19 p2 "Current Literature" --broadly interpreted so that it includes "John Law, of the French Mississippi scheme; Mesmer, of animal magnetism fame; and the men who called themselves Paracelsus and Cagliostro, the sketches of whose careers form interesting reading." 10 illus. of the principal impostors

[89] review Man Gua -04-28 p4 "New Books"

retailer advert Times of India 1911-02-15 p3 "New Books" Rs 9-3 unnamed edition

[90] NYT 1911-02-26 pBR107 per previous day advert