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For many illustrators see a related Series or writer People, e.g. Mary Poppins or Rick Riordan


that is, organized by illustrator or illus-writer


 lw  Annie R. Rentoul 226418 (1) 
 w   Grenbry Outhwaite 185213 (1) 
ew  .Ida Rentoul Outhwaite 33576 EN (2) o[1] Fairyland (1929) by Annie except "Serana, the Bush Fairy" and verses A Bunch of Flowers 48p

"Look Inside!" 2017-04-27 (in database Blossom, Enchanted Forest [as 2 NOVEL], Fairyland, Little Book, Little World)

--none-- Blossom, Elves & Fairies[--nidb], Enchanted Forest, Little Book, Little World
2016 Fairyland at Amazon

1st ed. page-counts from the Outhwaite bibliography (

[184]au 1907 [by Tarella Quin --nidb] Gum Tree Brownie and other Faerie Folk of the Never-never
[189]au 1911 [by Tarella Quin] Before the Lamps are Lit
[102]au 1908/12 1984 The Lady of the Blue Beads, AR & ISR --nidb ; Fo[2] 88p
[117]au 1916/19/92 Elves & Fairies of IRO, ARR, ed. GO --some eds may be verse only 117/88/74pp
[ 93]uk 1921/21/25/36 au1981/87 The Enchanted Forest, IRO & GO ; Fo[3] o[4] 1920 93, o[5] 1921 viii+93, ; 1985 at Amazon

o[6] 1921 deluxe #378/500 xiv+93 others 1925 36 81 86 91

search ('enchanted forest' outhwaite) 1920/1929 (3 hits all 1921)

Price 12/6 from publisher advert "A. & C. Black's Autumn List." 1921-10-24 The Scotsman p2, Manchester Guardian p9 ; Blurb NY Times 1921-11-27 pBR12 "Children's Bookshelf" London ed. "is a fairy tale for small children with many fine color plates"

[102]uk 1922/22/25/32 us1923 The Little Green Road to Fairyland, ARR & IRO --nidb ; o[7] 1st AU ed. viii+94
[ 91]uk 1923/29 us1927 The Little Fairy Sister, IRO & GO --nidb
[166]au 1926 us1929 uk1931 Fairyland of IRO, ARR & GO ; Fo[8] o[9] us1929 164p
[ 94]uk 1928 au1987 Blossom: A Fairy Story, IRO --need 1st ed.

Blossom : a fairy story / written and illustrated by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite. Cornstalk, North Ryde, 1987, 101p., [8] leaves of col. Plates. 2nd print.

1987 (only WorldCat) o[10] 101 [8] "wri and ill by IRL" cites A. & C. Black, 1928

search (blossom outhwaite) 1920/29 (8 hits, 1-5 specious; three 1928 valid) publisher advert New Illustrated Books For Boys & Girls" [11] The Observer 1928-11-18 p8 "With 8 full-page illus in col, 8 in b and w, and many smaller ones." 10/6 [12] Obs -12-02 p18 "Some Pictures from the Christmas Books" top left 1 Outhwaite, center left 1 FDBedford Count Billy [13] Man Gua -12-06 p7 "A Review of Some Christmas Books" --quickly Count Billy 6/- The House 4/- Blossom 10/6

1916 1919 1985 2001 (The Little Book/World of) Elves and/& Fairies(: An Anthology of Verse), IRO -- shows 1916au 1919au 1925uk ; any of 1983 1985 2001 may be distinct
1916 1st ed. Elves & Fairies of Ida Rentoul Outhwaite o[14] 117p ; Fo[15] 1916 1919 1988
1919(?) Elves & Fairies ; Fo[16] 1925? 1992
1985 The Little World ... o[17] two ISBN, no writer credit 59p
2001 (The) Little Book ... o[18] two ISBN, no writer credit or page-count --first ISBN not found --in queue
2002 o[19] ISBN matches first above
2001 o[20] ISBN matches second above
2001 o[21] ISBN matches second above
2004 La Magia de las Hadas o[22] 63p

60] 1983 The Little World of Ida Rentoul Outhwaite
59] 1985 The Little World of Elves & Fairies : an anthology of verse
171] 1985 The Fairy World of Ida Rentoul Outhwaite (secondary?)
64,63] 2001 The Little Book of Elves & Fairies

Goble Unwin Willcox Kirk

ISFDB early eds. 2017-04-10 --few early eds. with coverart credit but many may credit interiorart

  • Ing; Mopsa the Fairy (1869) 69 69 19 60omni (1919 Little, Brown/Gutenberg, ill. uncredited)
  • Mac; At the Back of the North Wind (1869) 71 19 24 60omni (1924 The Macmillan Children's Classics, ill. Bedford) + 1989
  • Mac; The Princess and the Goblin (1871) 72 72 74 88 20 20 26 64 + 1986
  • Mac; The Princess and Curdie (1877) 83 83 88 00 12 27 49 49 66
  • Bar; Peter Pan (1911) 11 11 11 31 39 40 47 65 66 67

bold - ill Willcox Smith

elsf.Warwick Goble 26164 (12)
SFE3: the foremost illustrator of sf in the pages of Pearson's Magazine and Pearson's Weekly 1896-1903. ...
Goble abandoned sf illustration in 1903 to concentrate on colour-plate gift books (mostly for children) in the manner of Edmund Dulac (1882-1953); he was the resident illustrator of such books at the London publisher Macmillan from 1909. [RD/DRL]

Grace James 212094

as 368 pp but p 276 probably begins the 38th and perhaps last story; Amazon may count 80 pages for 40 plates not included in the pagination --confirmed o[23]

Look Inside lists Illustrations by titles mainly identical to story titles

Elizabeth Yates --nidb

el  .Nora S. Unwin, ill 250465

--dnf "New children's classics" publication Notes 2017-04-10

  • (LOd$) 1st ed., 1942 US The Doll Who Came Alive T2178049 Fo[25] --NEED synopsis, length
(iLOd) 1972 US

el  .Jessie Willcox Smith, ill 136378 
Goble 1912, W.H. Robinson 1915, Fo[28]
Kirk 1907? Formats[32]
2015 Kindle Princess omnibus at Amazon
o[33] The Complete Novels of George M 2015 ebook

el  .Maria L. Kirk 125232
  • Goblin 1907 o[34]
  • Curdie 1908 o[35]
  • North Wind 1909 o[36]
  • Mopsa 1910 at HDL[37]
  • The Secret Garden 1911 (1st ed.) T13434 (1st UK, illus Charles Robinson)
User talk:Chavey#The Secret Garden
(c)1911 Copp, Clark o[38] "375 pages, [5] leaves of plates"


el f.Willy Pogány 163273 --as Pogany as of 2017-05-01

At the moment we have canonical names as above, and no pseudonyms for either one. Her only works in the database are 2 writings published with his illustrations, and their associated 2 CHAPBOOK Titles (4 title records). Here is a list of his Titles by date with some notes that rely on ISFDB records and linked sources alone.

  • 1907- 2 titles, only publ as Pogány (OCLC and view, noted)
  • 1912- interior only, only publ as Pogany (2 OCLC)
  • 1916= magazine cover, no data (2002 and 2004 both PV Rtrace)
  • 1918- interior only, as Pogany (OCLC), as Pogány (view of apparent 1st printing, noted)
HDL (2): Pogany 1939 reprint Pogány 1918-12
Pogany 1925 reprint
-- all with original cover, variable color, 1939 dismal quality
-- with endpapers map, complete 1925 both and 1939 front

Apparently identical -- Illustrations: Colour Plates, ix, lists 8 (frontispiece plus 7 plates not included in the pagination)

  • 1920= 2 titles, 1st publ as Pogany (view, noted)
  • 1924- cover only; only publ only source as Pogány (SFE-Fantasy( (PV Bluesman)
  • 1929^ interior only inDB; 2013 reissue alone inDB, where Pogány on cover
  • 1938= collab. with Elaine, 1st publ as Pogány (OCLC and 1 of 2 newspaper items), later as Pogány on cover
  • 1940- collab. with Elaine, only publ as Pogány on cover (PV Chavey)
  • 2009- cover [? from the 1929] as Pogány on cover (Amazon data only)
  • 2013= cover [new selection from 1920 interior illus.] as Pogany on cover (Amazon data only)
  • 2013= cover [same with respect to the 1938?] as Pogány on cover (Amazon data only)
^ title record confuses Alice illustrations with a particular one of them in The Annotated Alice (PV by Rtrace)


2017-04-27 from ~/later (no illustrators)

Doris Orgel

el  Doris Orgel 212247 (63)
1960 transl, Dwarf Long-Nose o[46] 60p
1964 transl, Heart of Stone o[47] p.b.
i 1971 retold, The Child from Far Away 63p --in queue
icLO.$ 1971 retold, Baron Munchausen: Fifteen ... (lists 18) 38p --NEED check Rudolf/Rudolph
1972 audio, Baron Munchausen: Eighteen ...
1976, A Certain Magic o[48] 176p ; k[49] --nongenre?
1997 transl, Nero Corleone o[50] 89p
1999, We Goddesses o[51] xxviii+112
2003, The Bremen Town Musicians ... o[52] 46p
2004 transl, Daniel transl
2008, The Cat's Tale p.b.
2008, Doctor All-Knowing: ... o[53] p.b.
1996, The Princess and the God k[54]
YYYY, My Mother's Daughter: Four Greek Goddesses Speak k[55] no date, ISBN 0-7613-1693-0

jrank notes

Ariadne, Awake! [quote: A critic for Kirkus Reviews called the book a "dramatic introduction to a fascinating myth," ]
The Princess and the God (a version of the Cupid and Psyche myth told in Psyche's voice) [quote: A contributor for Kirkus Reviews thought this novel was "one of Orgel's most lyrical, compelling works, . . . an epic love story at its center and adventure running through it like a stream." ]
We Goddesses: Athena, Aphrodite, Hera (in which the goddesses tell their stories)
My Mother's Daughter: Four Greek Goddesses Speak (featuring the tales of Leto, Artemis, Demeter, and Persephone) [quote: For a critic writing in Kirkus Reviews, the result was "Xena: Warrior Princess, crossed with soap opera." The same reviewer, while noting that Orgel was attempting to "revitalize the appeal of these goddesses," thought that the result of her efforts "falls a bit flat." ]

Kirkus Reviews,

August 15, 1969, review of Phoebe and the Prince, p. 852;
December 1, 1969, review of Merry, Rose, and Christmas-Tree June, and Next Door to Xanadu, pp. 1258-1259;
July 1, 1970, review of The Uproar, p. 678;
September 15, 1986, review of Whiskers, Once and Always, p. 1451;
August 15, 1987, review of Midnight Soup and a Witch's Hat, p. 1243;
October 15, 1989, review of Starring Becky Suslow, pp. 1533-1534;
February 1, 1994, review of The Flower of Sheba, p. 148;
April 15, 1994, review of Ariadne, Awake!, pp. 561-562;
January 15, 1996, review of The Princess and the God, p. 140;
April 1, 2003, review of My Mother's Daughter: Four Greek Goddesses Speak, p. 538.

Mollie Hunter

el f Mollie Hunter 5600 (37)
T17424 The Walking Stones (orig. The Bodach)

For ISBN 0-06-440034-4 as of 2017-05-15, Amazon UK/US reports 1973-03 Harper Trophy #J34(?) tp format signed by Mollie Hunter "10/8/76"(?)

Only one WorldCat record reports any Walking Stones Trophy ed., o[56], no date or ISBN

Only record of HarperCrest library ed. also gives no ISBN o[57]

1973 (Harper) Trophy (not found at WorldCat) at Amazon as 1970 ISBN

1996 o[58] at Amazon mmp

Mollie Hunter at Kirkus and LC

OOO. (iO.) 1963 Patrick Kentigern Keenan ; 1965 Smartest Man 1996(icLm$) --check newspapers
iO.£ (LOKd$) 1964 The Kelpie's Pearls both ; 1976/64 134p
1964 Spanish Letters 1967/64 192p
1965 nidb Pistol k[59] 1968/65 191p
1966 Ghosts 1969/66 191p
iLO. 1967 Thomas ; us 1967 128p --check newspapers
iO. (icLO.$) 1968 Ferlie --check newspapers
iLOd- (iLOK*m$) 1970 Bodach ; 1970 Walking Stones both ; 1996 168p
1970 Lothian 212p
1971 13th Member 214p
iOm 1972 Chariots 242p 1973/72 347p
O. 1972 Haunted 125p
iO. 1974 Stronghold x+259p --genre?
1975 Stranger --1st eds. nidb ; icL.$ 1977 k[60] 118p ; c1975 163p ; 2012 134p
1977 coll Furl of Fairy Wind 58p
1977 1991 Wicked One 136p ; 136p
1979 Third Eye 276p
1981 You Never Knew Her 216p
1983 Knight 47p --book 1
1983 Hold on to Love 1984/83 251p
1985 Three-Day 56p --book 2
1986 nidb Cat, Herself k[61] 279p
m£ (m$) 1988 Mermaid 118p ; 2003 118p
(iLOKm$) 1994 Day of the Unicorn k[] 59p --book 3
1994 younger nidb Gilly Martin k[62] 36p
1998 Robert the Bruce 239p
1976 nf Writing for Children k[63]
Pied Piper Syndrome


elsf Oscar Wilde 1599

Wilde, The Complete Fairy Tales P274382 simply Happy Prince + House of Pomegranates -- in sequence all 9 stories tabled below

no hits 1888, 1913: "the happy prince" wilde --TRY AGAIN, maybe session damage

The Happy Prince and Other Tales T929582 --Robinson ed. not in database

special? o[64]
ordinary? o[65] and o[66]-HDL

at HDL

1909 [67] 144p copyright ed; [68] 217p NY
1913 [69] UK special ed. w cover; [70] US, UK printing, poor quality reproduction
1 p1 The Happy Prince
2 p5 The Nightingale and the Rose
3 p4 The Selfish Giant
4 p6 The Devoted Friend
5 p7 The Remarkable Rocket
f4 p2 HP1 The Young King
f5 p3 HP4 The Star-Child
f6 p9 HP3 The Fisherman and His Soul
f7 p8 HP2 The Birthday of the Infanta
f = Brentano's 7
p = Putnam's 9 (Happy Prince and House of Pomegranates, out of sequence)
HP = 1891 House of Pomegranates sequence

Fairy Tales

1909 Brentano's as Other Tales o[71], 7
1910 Brentano's as Fairy Tales o[72], 7
1913 Brentano's as Fairy Tales o[73], 7
1913 Putnam's as Fairy Tales o[74], 9 stories; same as "(1908?)" o[75]; same at HathiTrust no date o[76]

The house of pomegranates : The happy prince and other tales. --and variations on that title, mentioning both the 1891 and 1888 collections-- 5 HDL catalog records 1907 to 1910

1907 The house of pomegranates : The happy prince and other tales. at HDL
1915 Pomegranates ed. [77] The Scotsman
same NYTimes Brentano's [78]


els  G. E. Farrow 166910 THE MANDARIN'S KITE or Little Tsu-Foo and Another Boy Published by Skeffington & Son in 1900 illustrated by Alan Wright.

= 1900 The Mandarin's Kite Fo[79]

None of his books are easily understood as sf, though two of his earlier tales involve journeys in space: in The Missing Prince (1896), a Pierrot character descends to Earth from the Moon; and the protagonists of The Mandarin's Kite; Or, Little Tsu-Foo and Another Boy (1900) travel to the world of Pars in a solar system where the planets are linked by electric cables.

Skeffington 1900 o[80], see also GEFarrow1stEditions
Pearson o[81] "[approximately 1904]"
- 1902 Baker Minor Fo[82]
- 1904 The Cinematograph Train Fo[83]
- 1904 Professor Philanderpan Fo[84]
- 1906 The Adventures of Ji Fo[85]
- 1907 The Escape of the Mullingong Fo[86]
19?? Dick, Marjorie and Fidge : a search for the wonderful dodo
NY: Burt 19-- with many illustrations by Allan Wright o[87]
NY: Burt 19-- illustrations in colors by Miss Anne Merriman Peck o[88]

Probably the last is a US variant title, as none of the above shows a US ed.

2007 Project Gutenberg, 23541
2011 ebook

Panjandrum's Dodo series (but Dodo reportedly appears in Wallypug series)

cOy£ (cOOB) 1899 Little Panjandrum's Dodo T1364598 both
3rd ed./printing OCLC: <a href="">71174131</a> reports discrepancy Alan/Allan
all WorldCat records that credit the illustrator, 5 for three ed/printings, show "Allan Wright"
cO (cOy$) 1902 New Panjandrum T2160325 both
cO £ (--) 1907 Adventures of a Dodo T2159057 --NEEDs Pogány

newspaper checks done 0313

New P --dnf UK 1902/1903 panjandrum farrow (nor full title)

Title tags Juvenile?

Wallypug search in newspapers 1895 to 1907

Wallypug --dnf 1898, nor 1897 except the one book 2 noted

Philanderpan 1903 [89] [90] with Absurd Ditties and Anstey Only Toys

Price from publisher advert NY Times 1902-11-29 pBR4 (Baker Minor and the Dragon identically "Wright, 12mo, gilt, $1.50")


e s  Mark Twain 160 (1536)

A Connecticut Yankee T2201

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (excerpt)
1889-11 The Century excerpt o[91]

vol. 39, no. 1 (n.s. 17.1) p.74-83 with 5 illustrations by Dan Beard, signed, some dated "89"?

US, 1st ed.?

as illus Beard 1966 microfilm copy of CLWCo 1889 2015 ebook

as no illus credited 1889 Webster
o[92] "Illustrations after Daniel Beard"; " xv, [1], 17-575, [3] p. : ill. "
1970s microfilm o[93] 1891 Webster

Harper's uniform ed. U Michigan; U California

New and uniform ed. Twain from Harpers, first Life on the Mississippi before 1896 N-Y Tribune 1895-09-08 p24 "Literary Notes"

SL Post-Dispatch 1896-07-05 p24 Conn Yankee as companion to The Prince

The latest volume is The Prince, 3rd in uniform ed. after Conn Yankee and Huck Finn Chi. Tribune 1896-07-04 p10

Publisher advert "Fiction Published Today" 1896-06-?? --identical text as "The Adv of Huck Finn"; these two cited as previous issues of the uniform edition in one July newspaper

o[94] Toronto Rose ($2.50); 1984 microfiche o[95]

some retail advertisement states 90c (list C$2.50) --The Globe

Adam and Eve

 lw .F. Strothmann 245086 (5) 

1993 reports of Twain's letter to Underhill (by the way, 1893 "early version" of the story) [96] [97]

April 1904: [Note.---I translated a portion of this diary some years ago, and a friend of mine printed a few copies in an incomplete form, but the public never got them. Since then I have deciphered some more of Adam's hieroglyphics, and think he has now become sufficiently important as a public character to justify this publication.---M. T.]

revision cuts some of Saturday p95 and p15, namely all of "There seems to be too much legislation, too much fussing, and fixing, and tidying up, and not enough of the better-let-well-enough-alone policy. [Mem.—Must keep that sort of opinion to myself.]"
cut some Mon p97/98 and p29, namely all but the first five words of "It seems a good idea, in a region where good ideas are conspicuously scarce. [Mem.—Must keep this sort of remarks private.]"
redd to p101/49 "Ten Days Later"

T93677 --done without that notice of the two substantial changes

Adam 1893 T93677 T1274625; 1904-04 chapbook P383178

One bookseller reports/quotes distinction between 1904 and 1906 versions

In April 1904 Harper published [this first book edition of] Extracts from Adam’s Diary as an 89-page book, using the Niagara Book version and adding illustrations by Fred Strothmann. The following year, Mark Twain rewrote the story, removing all references to Niagara so it could be merged into Eve’s Diary” (Rasmussen, 133-34). BAL 3480. Johnson, 80-81. McBride, 214. MacDonnell, 55.

Critical Companion to Mark Twain: A Literary Reference to His Life and Work By R. Kent Rasmussen at Google books (p120, 851)

Fred Strothmann, p851

Buffalo and Erie County Public Library: 1996 Oxford; General Note: Facsimile reproduction of the first American ed., published New York, Harper & Brothers, 1904 (Adam's) and 1906 (Eve's).

1904 LC copy separately at HathiTrust --2 copies received 1904-04-07 [98]

1904 1st UK ed. o[99] with cover description

1906 reprint or new edition? only the third of 3 WorldCat records shows the long title

1906 Eve's Diary (1905 short story)
Eve 1905 T946808; 1906-06 chapbook P371638
SHORTFICTION 1905 Harper's o[100]

The Diaries of Adam and Eve --two in one

at Harvard libraries

1996 Oxford WID-LC PS1309 1996b --HOLD
1996 Modern Library Offsite Storage PS1309 1996
2000 Prometheus Offsite Storage PS1309 2000
2002 Hesperus (expanded) Offsite Storage PS1309 .2002
2012 Dover WID-LC PS1309 .A1 2012 --HOLD
Twain omnibus COLLECTION of two T2093306 Dover 2012 hc at Amazon
HDL provides full view of one copy as New York 1906 --evidently not 1st ed. 1st printing; p[109] unnumbered among other things-- and four copies as London 1906-06; p109 numbered
problem publ record P582081, P595909 at Amazon as "Hardcover – December 5, 1996", with Look inside Prometheus Books, 2000 --OXFORD COVER (image at Amazon) IS THAT FROM PAGE 70
Fo[101] at 2000 Prometheus; 1996 Oxford #31-45;

0-19-510152-9 = secondary at Oxford 1996 hc "facsimile" o[102]; secondary at Oxford 2010 pbk o[103] --neither reports illustrations --both secondary to 0195114221 at Amazon as 1997 but the latter record also reports tertiary 019973349X at Amazon US as 2009 full set

2010 pbk o[104]
1931 omnibus The Private Life
1906 omnibus at HDL 89, 107 p. ill. 21 cm. --spurious(?)

HDL provides full view of two copies, perhaps of the same printing, perhaps 1931; evidently identical interiors, both with original cover ; -- 1/3-89 Extracts from Adam's Diary: Translated from the original MS. -- 1/3-[109] Eve's Diary: Translated from the Original; p[109] closes "THE END" as p89 does not

1962 Diaries at Google books --LCI ebook catalogued as 1962!

2000 Prometheus pbk at Amazon with "Look inside!"

2012 Dover ed. of The Diaries P639213 --reconsider in a couple days

Front cover illustration is that on page 42 of 1906 chapbook Eve's Diary and p42, second series, of 1931 collection The Private Life of Adam and Eve (both viewed at HathiTrust) --presumably also p42, second series, in this book

check newspapers: 'private life of adam and eve' (1906, no hit) (1931, 6)

review Edith Weigle Chi. Tribune -08-06 p15; NYTimes -08-09 lead sentences allude to John Erskine; another notes "pre-Erskine mode"

HDL catalog records show (quote)

(heading) The private life of Adam and Eve; being extracts from their diaries, translated from the original mss. by Mark Twain [pseud.] illustrated by F. Strothmann and Lester Ralph.
Note: "This book was originally published as two volumes under the following titles: Extracts from Adam's diary; Eve's diary."

Search 'diaries of adam and eve' in newspapers 1962 to 1999 hits

1966 theatr
1970 theatr/readings
1971 [105] Attic Reprint $2.95
1975 radio

WorldCat records #31-45 report "ill" but name no illustrators, report two more ISBN 0195090888 at Amazon as 1996 set and 0195113454 (redirect to 019973349X as 2009 full set)

1996 Oxford ed. ; xli+89+109+37 =276 o[106]

CONTENTS, Oxford UP, WID-LC PS 1309 1996b ; P595909 --bad data

p[x], (un.) Editor's Note
[xi]-xxix, (SFF) Foreword
[xxxi]-xli, (UKL) Introduction
Extracts from Adam's Diary, ... MS. --[6]+89
Eve's Diary, ... MS. --[8]+109
p[1]-13, (LEST) Afterword
[15]-16, (LEST) For Further Reading
[17]-20, (BRD & RS) Illustrators and Illustrations in Mark Twain's First American Editions
[21]-26, (RS) Reading the Illustrations in Extracts from Adam's Diary and Eve's Diary
[27], (RHH) A Note on the Text
[29], (un.) The Mark Twain House
[31]-32, (un.) Contributors
[33]-37, (SFF) Acknowledgments

CONTENTS, Dover, WID-LC PS 1309 .A1 2012 ; P639213 --ok

Cavalcade, HH Book of

publication series nidb

(January 2017) Publisher:Hamish Hamilton#Anthology series, illustrated

cf. Author:Krystyna Turska

[A] Cavalcade of

WorldCat search walck; ti: "a cavalcade of" [107] (8)
ISFDB fiction titles search [108] (3, of wh 1 in this series)
1967/65 Witches, Hope-Simpson
1969 Goblins, Garner T186574
1970 Dragons, Green
1972/71 Sea Legends, Brown

8 hits 2017-04-05 (7 distinct)

  1. 1965/64 Kings, Farjeon/Mayne ==line 4 of 15 in table at Publisher:Hamish Hamilton as of 2017-04-05
  2. 1965 Queens, Farjeon/Mayne ==line 5
  3. 1967 Witches, Hope-Simpson ==line 7
  4. 1969 Goblins, Garner T186574 (Book in db) ==line 10
  5. 1970 Dragons, Green ==line 11
  6. 1972/71 Sea Legends, Brown ==line 12
  7. 1973 Magicians, Green (HH and Book in db) ==line 13

[A/The] Hamish Hamilton Book --none in LCCat

WorldCat title search [109] (44)
ISFDB fiction titles search [110] (2)
1973 Magicians T1782161; 1977 A Book
1976 Other Worlds T1782162


HH Book o[111] 1969 w Contents, ISBN 0241017300 ; o[112] 1970 (c)1969, no ISBN ; o[113] 1972 (c)1969, same ISBN
[114] 1969-06-13 p9 review JRTownsend; [115] 1969-11-03 p9 publisher advert "Christmas books from Hamish Hamilton" (no other hit)
Amazon US as 1969; UK as 1969-05-01 with mistaken Mermaids cover image
Cavalcade o[116] 1969 w Contents, ISBN 0809824078
[117] 1969-05-04 pR32 "Spring Books from Walck" (and Was. Post, no other hit)
Amazon US as 1969-06, UK as 1969-06-01
"A Book" SFE states 1973 ; o[118] 1972 w Contents, same ISBN ; o[119] 1973 as Reprint, ISBN 0140305556 ;; Amazon UK as 1973, Amazon US as 1972

What is the source of our Cavalcade page numbers? sequence appears correct but entries are idiosyncratic; Introduction as p.ix does not fit stated viii+227


el f.Cynthia Asquith, mainly ed. 14887
editor series? publication series?

1. 1925 -- illus. [list of 15] Mabel Lucie Attwell, J. R. C. Bodley, L. R. Brightwell, H. M. Brock, Harold Earnshaw, Daphne Jerrold, E. Barnard Lintott, Hugh Lofting, George Morrow, Susan Pearse, T. Heath Robinson, Ernest H. Shepard, Dudley Tennant, and A. H. Watson.

later add more Asquith anthologies

  1. (5) The Flying Carpet (1925) T2101878 --done 1st and 1st US
  2. (7) The Treasure Ship (1926) Formats-4[120] ; no contents o[2083349]
  3. (15) Sails of Gold (1927) Formats-3[121] ; with list of Contents o[3572503]
  4. The Treasure Cave (1928) Formats-2[122]; WorldCat search hits 2+3+1 (uk, us 1928) ; no contents o[1721907
  5. (18) The Funny Bone (1928) Formats-3[123] ; --dnf LCCN
  6. The Children's Cargo (1930) 2 of which o[124] ; --dnf LCCN
  7. The Silver Ship (1932) Formats-3[125] ; no contents o[3456973
  8. The Children's Ship (1950) Formats-5[126] ; no contents o[24881053]

WorldCat list includes (9) The Princess Elizabeth gift book : in aid of the Princess Elizabeth of York Hospital for Children

1935 Princess Eliz with list of Contents


The books established a standard for ghost-story Anthologies that few have bettered. CA applied the same exacting standards to her anthologies for children, which contain many magical fantasies. [MA] (Mike Ashley)
as editor for children: The Flying Carpet (anth 1925), The Treasure Ship (anth 1926), Sails of Gold (anth 1927), The Treasure Cave (anth 1928), The Funny Bone (anth 1928), The Children's Cargo (anth 1930), The Silver Ship (anth 1932), The Children's Ship (anth 1950).


2016-07 from ~/later

sisters Wiggin and Smith

Kate Douglas Wiggin, wri ed 131705 EN

sister Nora Archibald Smith, wri ed 131706 EN

Jessie Willcox Smith, ill A136378

1 HDL catalog record (2) xvii+445

2 Magic casements; a second fairy book, ed. by Kate Douglas Wiggin Nora Archibald Smith The McClure Company x+477 McClure's library of children's classics OCLC 4125754

1907 Magic Casements $1.50 [127] [128] advert by the publisher NY Times 1907-10-18 p21

3 links HDL 1 of 2 indexed 1908 xii+467

4 links HDL 1 of 2 indexed 1909 xiii+440 1909-09-00 Doubleday, Page & Co.

Arabian Nights

[129] Manchester Guardian 1909-12-13 p13 "Christmas Books VII: Illustrated Gift-Books Mostly for Children" [wow!]

Carroll . Alice

2017-12-12 create subpage User:Pwendt/People/Lewis Carroll


Lewis Carroll

Carroll (800)
Alice (Fictitious character in Carroll) (43, incomplete)
Dodgson (25)


(34 Oct) p353-464
Advertiser includes Lee & Shepard, Through the Looking Glass, simultaneous, $1.25 or $1.50 full gilt sides and edges; uniform with Alice's Adventures HDL

"New Publications for the Fall of 1870" -- "New Illustrated Juvenile Books Now Ready" -- "in press for immediate publication"

Search "Through the Looking Glass"

1870, 1 hit for the year

From Lee & Shepard, "over 40 books in press for the Fall season ... Through the LG ..., with pictures by John Tenniel, simultaneously with its publication in England" -- "Boston: Literary Gossip" N-Y Tribune 1870-09-09 p6

1871, 1 hit for the year

[130] Manchester Guardian 1871-12-27 p3 (no price; as 1872) "Literature: Tennyson's New Idyll; ...; [3] Lewis Carroll's New Story" with 50 illustrations; "now the result lies before us in a charming Christmas book" -- lengthy review, not so good as teh first but "in TLG the author has surpassed all modern writers of children's books except himself."

1872-01, 2 hits for the month

Now ready at Macmillan & Co.'s "12mo, cloth gilt" $2.00 NYT 1872-01-11 p3

"New Publications" NYT 1872-01-27 p2, closing list Books Received, as NY and London Macmillan & Co. (no price)

Dodgson revealed only 1972-12, letter to the Scotsman; 1873-01-26 p3 SF Chronicle

Illustrators 150th Anniversary Animated Edition Alice Illustrators

Complete color plates (said public domain in US) by Attwell 10, Gutmann 07, Hudson 22, Jackson 14, Kirk 04, Rackham 07
Maybe forthcoming Newell 01, Soper 11, Sowerby 07, Tarrant 16, Walker 07, Woodward 13

EN Wikipedia: Illustrators of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

99 Blanche McManus 225852
02 Peter Newell 38931 -in as 1901 (48)
  1. 1901
  2. 1902 o[131] at HDL --3rd of 3 with original cover, gold-stamp red cloth
  3. 1903 o[132] o[133] --HDL all 3 lack original cover
[134] "Alice in Newelland: The Metamorphosis of Lewis Carroll's Heroine"

bookseller pages show that Newell editions were issued no later than 1920s with cover illustrations; original cover illustrations seem likely by the decorator RMWright

1899 Enchanted Typewriter at HDL at HDL


1902 edited; illus. Fanny Y. Cory; at HDL o[135]

. 5-150, Alice
151-53 An Easter Greeting to Every Child Who Loves "Alice"; Easter 1876
155-74 A Biographical Sketch (including several Carroll illustrations and two pp. ms.)
175-87 Notes (to numbered lines in the text)
188-90 A Reading List
191-92 Suggestions to Teachers


Frontispiece is photo portrait of Carroll
2nd of 11 listed illustrations is plate not included in pagination (recto, Christmas 1867 poem)
3rd-10th are 8 more full-page by Cory, signed and captioned (numerous smaller illustration inline, some with captions)
11 Mrs. Dodgson [154]
12-13 two illus by Carroll, Father William
Looking-Glass 1917 at HDL Canterbury Classics
. same with interpolated p10 Diagram and Chess Problem 
front portrait; ill facing 13 [missing] + 21 perhaps all in-line (none full-page?)
169 The End, line 3890
202-05, longer
206-18, expanded

04 Maria L. Kirk 125232 -in as M. L. Kirk 1905 Looking-Glass (19, dnf Alice) o[136]; Looking-Glass o[137] [both 1904] VIAF=24489917

07 Bessie Pease Gutmann 225763 -in as Bessie Pease (13) 88-2964 (1988 edition) o[138] ; original o[139] ; 1907 Musson Book Co. o[140] 164+[18] at HDL --shows decorative borders ; cover artist likely different
Thomas Maybank c. 1907/08 --
07 Millicent Sowerby 225764
07 Arthur Rackham 34363 -in (139)

1907 ; UK at HDL

07 Charles Robinson 88489 -in (38, dnf Alice)
07 W. H. Walker 225785 -in (0, dnf Alice)
c07 Brinsley Le Fanu 190817 -- (0, dnf Alice)

JTSLF (84)

The Watcher, Arno 1977, in Collected Works

BSLF (0)

1907 Alice o[141] 62p as Brinsley
1910 Esperanto o[142] xii+132+[9] as Brinsley
c07 R. E. McEune --
c07 Alice Ross --
four more 1908
nine more to 1916 including Milo Winter 133003 -in

Millicent Sowerby, ill 225764 EN (3)

--dnf 1967 newspapers
"In 1907, the book entered the public domain in the United Kingdom, and at least 8 new editions were published that year, with Sowerby's being the first of the new lot to appear.[6] A collective review in The Academy of the 1907 editions – while regarding her rendition of the mad-hatter's tea party her best illustration, and Father William replying to his son her best use of color – opined "Sowerby attempts work rather too difficult for her, and she has not much imagination".[7]
1923 Diana L. Stanley colorize! o[143]

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland #401 (1914)

201 1900s
301 1908
401 1915
501 1923

LC holds (of Carroll 800; by Carroll from #61)

"Alice in Wonderland" #83-90
"Alice in Wonderland & Through ..." #91/92, 95
"Alice in Wonderland and Through ..." 96-102
"Alice in Wonderland ... " 103-141
"Alice Through ..." 146-48
"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" 153-83
"Alice's Adventures ... & Through ..." 184-91

try again LC holds (of 800 by date)

no date
#12, 1861
#56, 1899
#73, 1907
#100, 1921
0804 .Bessie Pease [Gutmann] 
0804 Andrew Lang
0804 .Arthur Rackham
0804 .Maria L. Kirk
0804 .Peter Newell
0804 .Milo Winter
0804 .Brinsley Sheridan Le Fanu


A House-Boat on the Styx at HDL as 1896 (c1895) copies differ in list Bangs books in print, size of frontispiece, presence of original cover

Michael Everson

publisher, editor, translator

Michael Everson, ed. 138262 EN (6)

WorldCat search [144]

2010 o[145] xi+84 1905
2010 o[146]
2010 o[147]
2010 o[148]
2012 o[149] vii+115 new?
2012 o[150] ix+89 new?
2013 o[151]
2015 o[152] xii+69 1890

Anna M. Richards, Jr. [Anna Richards Brewster]], ill 132538 EN (4)

Anna Matlack Richards [Anna M., Sr.], wri 108193 (4) VIAF= 70433842 LCCN= n86864850 N6I= vtls000372228

Barrie . Peter



Peter and Wendy reviews 1911

[154] Scotsman 11-30 2

"only now ... Mr. Barrie has put the part of his history covered by the play into a story, though his adventures in Kensington Gardens have already been told" [in prose, in The Little White Bird]; Peter Pan profits by the unusual sequence; praise for Bedford's illustrations but "rather too much reduced" and "hardly simple enough for their purpose"; "they are too good"

[155] Irish Times 12-13 9

daring, given the great success of the play [why?] "the first three editions were ordered before they were printed" [London ed., for UK and Ireland i suppose]; "the illustrations ... add very considerably to the beauty of the book"

The Globe 1911-12-02 p15 C$1.25 advert The Musson Book Coompany, Limited // London, Toronto; p16 "The Seasons' Best Books in Review" (capsule) Musson Book Co. "a novelization of the drama Peter Pan, with additional features"
[156] N-Y Trib 1911-10-21 8, full

approached with trepidation, as any celebrity, but satisfied

[157] NYT 1911-10-08 BR612, brief

"some time this month"; "cover[s] a longer period than in the play, and the ending is said to be 'more satisfactory for both Peter and the reader'." 12 full-page illus by Bedford

[158] Chi Trib 1911-10-21 p17 "Scribner will publish it almost immediately"
$1.50, earliest NYT 1911-10-28 p11 "Scribner Fall Publications"

[above] Man. Guardian 1910-01-13; Peter Pan (The Fairy Story of the Play), one of Mills & Boon shilling novels

Daniel Stephen O'Connor, wri ed [159] --niW Q15715488 (2; missing two eds. of 4 eds. this book)

Woodward Peter Pan "Look Inside!" copyright page: "cover and text illustrations Woodward 1915; backgrounds p10, p129 Rackham 1906

Woodward (10)

The PP Picture Book o[160]

LC shows

  1. 1907 --submitted
  2. 23 98p incl illus (music) 12 pl col front, 3 col pl
  3. 80 96p Derrydale Books, reprint of 1907
  4. 2015 Dover forthcoming 1506 --P518282 not done

per publisher "Initially published as a keepsake for children to take home from the theater, this richly illustrated rendition also functioned as a consolation to those_unable to see_the play." ; 28 fantastical watercolor

The Story o[161]

LC shows

  1. 1992 [162]

"Charming storybook version (authorized by Barrie himself) of perennial childhood favorite. Reprinted complete with illustrations and musical selections (vocal and piano) from the original stage production. Over 40 illustrations perfectly capture the fanciful turns of mood and plot. New introductory Note."

LC records for Woodward include no illustrations of the novel (or play), only the Daniel O'Connor story

Musson 1911 1915

G. Bell 1912 additional illustrations, 1913 vi+77 sixteen illustrations, 1914, ... 1922 (additional colour-plates) ix+63 [20], 1923 63p

Macmillan 1923 "For Little People" 92p,

Kroma Paket series, American Crayon Company advertises 12 coloring books N-Y Trib 1923-03-04 pF9 (no price)

25c; crayon sets from 10c, paint sets from 25c

NYTimes 1923-04-01 The Story of Peter Pan; no price; Simplified for children's reading

Woodward illustrations (sometimes cover art) vary in number 12, 16, 20, 28, 40? and have been used under all titles Peter Pan, Peter and Wendy, The Peter Pan Picture Book, The Story of Peter Pan

1907 [163]

later add/merge illustrations where necessary; make this title the parent; look for the Keepsake

<a href="">Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens</a>

<a href="">The Little White Bird</a>

(PP Picture Book or Sowerby's Alice in Wonderland?)

advance notice of "one of the gift books of the season", no US publisher named, N-Y Trib 1907-10-05 p5

Baum . Mo Yew

L. Frank Baum 162

1900 New Wonderland / M M Mo T197749


FV, ill

N-Y Tribune 1900-11-10 p10 "Picture Books: Some Early Fruit of the Holiday Season"

regarding two books from R. H. Russell: A New Wonderland "[Mr. Baum] is really funny, and so is Mr. Frank Verbeck, who makes the colored illustrations." A Handbook of Golf for Bears "Mr. Frank Verbeck ... uses only black and green in his designs, but the latter color is uncommonly effective as he employs it."
Mo is Phunnyland; another book from Russell is "The Folks in Funnyville"
[165] 1900-10-28 p24

"R. H. Russell of New York will easily take first place this season for his finely illustrated books, among which [7 including Wonderland; --only two artists named, Maxfield Parrish and William Nicholson ]

"The Best Fairy Nonsense book written since Lewis Carroll's success. Graphically illustrated in color and black-and-white by Frank Verbeck." 1900-10-06 pBR36

"Magical Monarch of Mo" 1903

[166] 1121 SF as three from Bobbs-Merrill by Baum --Yew ill. Frank[sic] Y. Cory; Mo ill. Verbeck[sic]; New W Oz,

should Denslow illustrations be merged? eg "The New Wizard of Oz" INTERIORART P1343782

check reference

newspaper search "Surprizing Adventures" 1900 to 1920 hits Robinson Crusoe (3) only

1900 o[167]
2011 o[168]
The Surprising ... Formats[169]
The Magical ... Formats[170] --Chicago: M. A. Donohue , 236/37 pp ; Donohue oshortshort1920? oshort (c)1903 The Surprizing o1903
2008 Wildside Press --doubts about date, title (short and bracketed), price (hc cheaper)

WorldCat under the usual long title P554714 P555000 o[171] (as 2010); tp format not found at all --the only hit for "magical monarch of mo" "wildside press"

2016-07-11 uncertain the book ever was published as "Surprizing Adventures ..." or with short title "The Magical Monarch of Mo"

1903 The Enchanted Island of Yew T9544
[172] Bal 12-03

1903 Yew) 9-3/8 x 7-1/8 per The Sun (Baltimore) 1903-12-03 "Gift Books" (as 242 pp, no price)

EN: "The first edition contained eight color plates and many colored-ink illustrations stamped over the text,"

Formats o[173] 7
Formats[174] 5
Isle o[175] lone 'Isle'? (2013 ebook) ; we have another in the database

(multiple threads at WorldCat)

Fanny Y. Cory, ill Baum's A114340

LCCN: <a href="">03-22111</a> -- links HathiTrust at HDL OCLC:

Harvard U., plates opposite p30 48 72 124 170 206 [238] 238; +[8]
c.p. printer's imprint ; few stamped illustrations, none over text eg 238 at HDL-and page forward to 241
UNC, no plates; stamped illustrations rather than smaller
c.p. no printer's imprint ; stamped illustrations "everywhere" eg 238 at HDL-and page forward to 241

both lack endpapers; UNC lacks original cover

write to Rtrace

Grahame . TWitW

Grahame, The Wind in the Willows T835

NEED 1933 and 1951

Nancy Barnhart, ill. 1889-1965 per NTA citing The illustrators of The Wind in the willows 1908-2008 / Carolyn Hares-Stryker‏ 11985991 LCCN=no2003001650 NTA=093671849 (3) Nancy Elizabeth 1889-1964 o[176]

color plates [12] evidently; front + 11; + endpapers + small t.p. novel spans p351 Digital copy at HDL

1922 Methuen 23-5855 o[177]; 12th o[178]
1929 Scribner's o[179]-350p (at HathiTrust as 1913)
2012 B&N 9781435139718

2016-06-25 cut before submission of 1953 US ed.

  • The additional illustrations are mentioned in one WorldCat library record of the UK edition (Methuen, 1951), OCLC: <a href="">473305446</a> (published by Methuen as the 101st edition)
  • "The plates of Ernest Shepard's illustrations were worn and all the drawings in this present volume have been newly reproduced and six additional ones included." --NY Herald Tribune 1953-07-31 p11 "Book Notes" (noting "more than 100 printings and several editions both here and in England")
[180] review of both Grahame re-issues 1953 (and The Magic Fishbone), Louise Seaman Bechtel NY ... check spelling
[181] review of numerous new editions 1953, Polly Goodwin Chi. Tribune
HathiTrust 1st US o[182]
Bransom ill. o[183] 1st 1st US506057

Bransom 1st US, not included?

$2.00 Price from advertisement by the publisher NY Times 1913-10-04 p10 "New Scribner Publications" (as "Illustrated in full colors by Paul Bransom" with prose description) Little, Brown "New Books Published this Week" Doubleday, Page "New Books to Read: Out To-day"

Scribner's and Doubleday adverts repeated next day 1913-10-05 pBR11, Sunday Book Review

NYT 1913-10-25 p8 advertisement by The Scribner Bookstore describes its "gallery at the rear, in which the rare book department is situated". The gallery displays original drawings and paintings for illustration of Scribner publications, now including a set of paintings by N. C. Wyeth for Kidnapped and one [set of] painting[s] by Paul Bransom for "a holiday edition of The Wind in the Willows" [NYHT 1913-11-02 pD6 "Matters of Art" makes this clear]

that repeated next day pBR577 [or 57]

Review ed negatively as a new book for children NY Times 1913-11-02 BR --evident from letter 1913-11-09 pBR616 [or 66]

HDL catalogue record, title page

Catalogued as "The wind in the willows, by Kenneth Grahame; illustrated by Paul Bransom"; Scribner's, 1913 novel ends p[351], no back material -- Title page: "Illustrated by Nancy Barnhart" -- Copyright page: Copyright 1908, 1913 -- Illustrations: lists frontispiece and 11 others, all evidently plates (all clearly signed Nancy Barnhart; the first, opposite p42, apparently woodcut rather than watercolor or other painting)

Bransom ill. 1st UK o[184] as 0416532608 "Includes original frontispiece by Graham Robertson, facing p. 1." (as Nancy Barnhart ed. does not)

Shepard ill. 1st o[185] as 0416393705 0416645704
1st US o[186]
1951 100th Rackham o[187] US o[188]
1951 101st Shepard o[189] "with additional illustrations"; US o[190] (no mention)

1951 check newspapers, Rackham 100th and Shepard 101st

The Wind in the Willows (at Kirkus)

1931 Shepard newly illus. 301491 ; illustrations T1052830
1953 Shepard further illus. k[191]
1992 Percy k[192]
2005 [Shepard? none?] 1421806460 Amazon[193]
2009 annotated by Lerer 978-0-674-03447-1 k[194] Amazon[195]

1933 Shepard 1st US

[196] advance glimpse 1932-09-11 "the perfect pictures"
New Books Received HC 1933-09
advert by the publisher NYHT 1933-09-24 pF17 "New Edition" Kenneth Grahame's famous tale with 94 drawings by E. H. Shepard; NYT 1933-09-24 pBR19
Books of the Week NYHT 1933-10-01
Review NYHT 1933-10-15 pF10 Grahame, deceased 1932, "lived to see what must be called the 'definitive edition' of his works, the one illustrated by Christopher Robin's E. H. Shepard, of which this is the first volume to appear in America." "a book for children is never complete till it gets precisely the right pictures"

Tasha Tudor


Tasha Tudor A231983

Wikipedia lists also

Wings from the wind, an anthology of poems
A Basket of Herbs: A Book of American Sentiments, multiple editors

Tasha Tudor editions (among others that I don't recognize; 115 records in LCCat 2016-06-24)

1975 Night Before Christmas T1308258 [57]p
69 Little Women
66 Wind in the Willows T835 --done
63 Alcott coll. A19965
62/47 Dolls' House --done

EN lists 63 A Little Princess oOCLC T174201 --done

62 Secret Garden T13434 --done
61 Book of Fairy Tales 92 Tudor ed.
47 Child's Garden of Verses
48 Jackanapes 61 Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing
45 Andersen UK
c45 Andersen US vii+273+[10]
44 Mother Goose

Alcott collection Contents: Contents

   A hole in the wall -- Baa! Baa! -- The silver party -- The brownie and the princess -- Tabby's tablecloth -- Lunch -- How they camped out -- The hare and the tortoise -- Jerseys, or the girls' ghost -- The cooking class -- Music and macaroni -- The banner of Beaumanoir.

Robert Nye

Robert Nye A5059
1968 Beowulf
1968 ISBN 0571082521 Bee Hunter: Adventures of Beowulf o[197]
1968 1972[?] same ISBN Beowulf, the Bee Hunter; o[198]

Aileen Campbell, ill. 92296908 LCCN=n87927622 (1),%20aileen/

Film adaptations, at Wikipedia 1982 animated and about 10 from 1999 to date!

Wikipedia: Beowulf (2007 film)
IMDb: that one and 1999 Singapore release
1966 Taliesin --dnf Kirkus but mentioned positively in the following and in Robbins

[199] full review Virginia Haviland

Begins when the Witch Caridwen summons 10-year-old Gwion to stir the brew, Wikipedia Ends when 13-year-old Taliesin rescues Elphin from the king's dungeon by winning a poetry contest Wikipedia

l-Dorothy Maas

1978 Out of This World 1978-09-19 k[200]
Shakespeare 1999-04-01 k[201]
Mrs. Shakespeare 2000-10-01 k[202] (starred)
[Raleigh] 2003-02-01 k[203]

longlong titles

User talk:Pwendt#Faust submission

1976 Falstaff

1st US ed. <a href="">76-27765</a> <a href="">2373077</a> 1st ed. <a href="">77-77-352232</a> <a href="">2930386</a>

1976-10-05 Publ date from contemporary review by Kirkus (<a href="">undated online</a> with later cover image, ISBN)

1978 Merlin

1st ed. <a href="">78-325697</a> 1st US ed. <a href="">78-26799</a>

Publ date from contemporary review by Kirkus (<a href="">undated online</a>)

1980 Faust 1st ed. --submitted[204]

1st ed. <a href="">80-142102</a> <a href="">256120179</a> 1st US ed. <a href="">80-039696</a> <a href="">7170427</a>

Price from review by Maev Kennedy Irish Times 1980-10-18 p11; "£5.95 in UK"

G. P. Putnam's Sons 1981-03-18 0399126066 Publ date from contemporary review by Kirkus (<a href="">undated online</a>) $12.95 Price from review by Rod Steier Hartford Courant1981-03-29 pG8

-- both as full title: Faust : being the Historia Von D. Johann Fausten dem wietbeschreyten Zauberer und Schwartzkünstler, or History of Dr. John Faust the notorious Magician and Necromancer, as written by his familiar servant and disciple Christopher Wagner, now for the first time Englished from the Low German

Ruth M. Arthur

Ruth M. Arthur A221801

SFE identifies several "Timeslip romances for which she became best-known. They typically feature a teenage girl on the verge of adolescence, a crisis dramatically resolved through her absorption in an earlier, exemplary life-situation."

  • Dragon Summer 1962
1st 62-40459 -106pp
1st US 63-10548 ; 1963-03-22 Atheneum k[205]

$3.00 S.B.B. CSM 1963-10-17 p10 "fantasy undiluted by any lame rationalization"; "an English cottage that harbors a gentle ghost"; summers there at age 12/10 and returns to make it home 30 years later

11/6 The Times of India 1962-06-10 p11 "a fantasy which is well within the bounds of possibility"; "every time she winds up an old musical box she conjures up a ghost"

 l f Ruth M. Arthur 221801 (17)
el  .Margery Gill (including covers, everyone believes)
     ISFDB title --notes on ISFDB records

13. LLAK 63-03-22 T2050145-- Dragon Summer (1962) --covers match; no months Fo[206]

O..ic 1962 106p GB62-5212 o[207]
BL: no price "System number: 000124473"
O..ic 1963us 106p o[208]

02. LAK 66-03-22 T2020362syn A Candle in Her Room (1966) --UK cover only; US earlier Fo[209]

LOm. c 1966 1st 212p GB66-18466
Om£ic 1966 UK
BL: not found by title, nor GB6618466
  • A Candle 1966 --done (dnf US newsppr)

01. LAK 67-03-21 T1935202K Requiem for a Princess (1967) --covers match; US earlier; UK cites "BLIC" Fo[210](13)

LOd$ic 1967 1st
Om.ic 1967 UK
1981 Knight pbk
BL: pbk "ISBN 0340265973 (pbk) : £0.95; BNB GB8131737; System number 010688620"
  • Requiem 1967 --done (dnf UK newsppr)

03. LLAK 69-03-21 T2050153-- The Whistling Boy (1969) --covers match Fo[211]

Om ic 1969 1st "First Edition" 201p, music B69-19746
BL: "ISBN 0575003316; ISBN 18/-; BNB GB6919746; System number 009929420"
O!.ic 1969us 200p --fake month
1973 Collins
BL: (armada) (no price) "ISBN 0006907601; System number 004120494"

11. LAK 70-03-20 T2050148-- The Saracen Lamp (1970) --covers match Fo[212]

Om£ic 1970 1st "First Edition"
BL: "ISBN 0575004126 : 21/-; BNB GB7010234; System number 011585800"
O!.ic 1970us --fake month 210p

The Saracen Lamp [not at SFE] 1970-03-20 Atheneum k[213] 1st ed. (US) 73-98606 -210pp

05. LA- --niK T2050123note The Autumn People (1973) also appeared as: --no cover image Fo[214]

Om.-c 1973 1st 166p --Not found 2018-10-01 in 1973/74 US newspapers
Om£-c 1973 UK "First Edition, though Reginald has the US Atheneum as first"
BL: "ISBN 0575015993 : £1.50; BNB GB7311225; System number 009681656"
O. Variant: The Autumn Ghosts (1976)

Autumn people: 1973-03-21 Atheneum k[215] (mediocre; "... if Ruth Arthur is unable to make anything of all this witchery except a conventional middle-class match, the aura is properly ethereal while it lasts.")

Publication date and price from publisher advertisement "Gollancz Books" The Guardian 1973-03-29 p17; (£1.50) "(publication April)"

08. LAK 74-03-20 T[216]K After Candlemas

LOd.ic 1974-03-20 US 1st --"Not found 2018-10-01 in 1974 US newspapers" --q
Od£ic 1974-04-11 uk --q
BL: (no price) "ISBN 0575017457; BNB GB7408701; System number: 009929655"
1976 Target Candlemas Mystery o[217] 121p

09. LAK 75-09-10 T2050171-- On the Wasteland (1975) Fo[218]

Om£ic 1975 1st "First Edition"
BL: "ISBN 0575020385 : £2.40; BNB GB7526211; System number: 010076312"
O!.ic 1975us 159p --fake month

Not found 2018-10-01 in 1975 newspapers

  • On the Wasteland 1975 (dnf newsppr 1975) ;
1st ed. (US) 75-328451 -159pp $5.95 ; Aug/Sep per Amazon UK/US ; 1975-09-10 k[219] "this is pleasantly literate. Still, the props--a moor, a handful of picturesque types, a soupcon of time travel--have never been more gratuitous."

06. LAK 77-10-21 T2050165-- An Old Magic (1977) --covers differ Fo[220]

BOm$ic 1977 1st "First Edition"
BL: "ISBN 0575023562 : £3.40; BNB GB7731437; System number 010076591"
O!.ic 1977us 175p --fake month

Not found 2018-10-01 in 1977 US newspapers

Price from publisher list "Autumn novels" The Guardian 1977-09-29 p9: "Ruth Arthur's // family saga set in Wales, 'An Old Magic' L3.40" ; also from BL

10. LA- --niK T2050128note Miss Ghost (1979)

Library records do not report illustrations, after 9 previous RMA novels illus. by Margery Gill.
LO.i- 1979us --Not found 2018-10-01 in 1979 US newspapers
Om.i- 1979uk --q
BL: "ISBN 0575026510 : £3.50; BNB GB7921379; System number: 010076827"
LL = LC catalog record of the UK/US ed.
A = Amazon hit with cover image
K = Kirkus
04. K 65-09-07  My Daughter, Nicola --non-genre
07. K 68-03-20  Portrait of Margarita --non-genre
12. L 1971 The Little Dark Thorn --non-genre

1974 Publication date and price from publisher advertisement "Spring Fiction" The Guardian 1974-04-02 p11; as author, title, "(£1.50) April 11"

1979 Publication date and price from untitled publisher advertisement (footer: "Gollancz for Children") The Guardian 1979-07-19 p10; as ...

£3.95 Robert Cormier, After the First Death (1979) is non-genre probably EN

William Browning --nidb, Grimm Grange Fo[221](these 2 only) --gothic thriller --both at Amazon UK, with cover, no description

1977 Gollancz 0575023635 L3.50 from "Autumn novels"
1980 Fontana Lions 0006715273

(1)[spurious] LC knows him only for t.p. credit this book; WorldCat doesn't know him

The Man with the Broken Ear, transl. Henry Holt T186740 at Google Books

Lowell, etc . Mars

(The) Cosmopolitan (Magazine)

Series: Cosmopolitan --submitted --submitted more

vol 44 Copyright 1907 by International Magazine Company [Hearst]

no. 4 (333-440)

front cover shows Mars illustration; "Is Mars Inhabited? // Read Prof. David Todd and H. G. Wells in this issue" (Cosmopolitan had published War of the Worlds as a serial

p334 (UMi) at HDL (lacks front cover images betw p332, 333; includes p347-48)

William R. Leigh, ill

The Things That Live on Mars, H. G. Wells, William R. Leigh, Cosmopolitan 44.4 (1908-03) p334-42 (p334 as frontispiece of this issue in effect) full-page illustrations 334 337 339 341

p334 (UCal) at HDL

The second article is related, on the astronomical expedition and what the observations of Mars suggest of its habitation. David Todd, "Professor Todd's Own Story of the Mars Expedition" p343-51 (UCal lacks p347-48) "I am free to say, too, the canal and oasis system in toto, as looked at steadily night after night, impresses me more and more, not as a natural but as an artificial system, wholly or in part." (p350)

David Peck Todd, wri at EN, Directory of Amherst College Observatory (23)

Percival Lowell, wri astronomer 24382 at SFE (17)

1895 Mars HDL viii+228+[24]

Houghton, Mifflin and company LCCN: <a href="">05-12424</a>, which links e-copies at Internet Archive (IA) and HathiTrust Digital Library (HDL), and OCLC: <a href="">408049</a> later check newspapers and digital copy; maybe identify the ESSAY(s) "Mars as the Abode of Life" as Excerpts

1906 Mars and Its Canals HDL xv+393+[?] o[222]
with 22 plates and 49 other illus. 8vo xvi+333 N-Y Tribune 1906-12-30 A6
$2.50 per The New Macmillan Books CT 1906-12-05 7
$2.50 2.67 new book published this day CT 1906-12-07 7
1908 Mars As the Abode of Life HDL xix+288 o[223] --submitted
1909 The Evolution of Worlds HDL xiii+262

The Macmillan Company

LCCN: <a href="">09-31685</a>, which links e-copies at Internet Archive (IA) and HathiTrust Digital Library (HDL), and OCLC: <a href="">1169395</a> plates uncounted

later check newspapers and digital copy

NYT 1906-11-30 HBN75 (earliest) Mars and Its Mystery by Prof. Edward S. Morse Little, Brown $2.00 $0.15

ESSAY Mars As the Abode of Life --1 or 2 excerpts?-- multiple PV in 1970s books

1896[!] ESSAY as 1970 p221-27 P377116

1908 ESSAY as 1973 p23-30 P296486 P418619 as 1976 p7-14 P324636

Herford . Thimblefinger, etc


Oliver Herford, ill wri 233241


Mr. Thimblefinger

Series 42762

add) The frame story is substantial and moreso in the later books. Collection or NOVEL with story/ies in a story. Search of contemporary newspapers shows less distribution and less interest in the books. Gradual departure from the Uncle Remus formula?

"The stories that follow ..."



"The stories that follow ..."

NEED Notes

P580564 Nov $2.00 viii+230

NEED plate count

add?) link to HDL 1894 UK?

Serial Atlanta Constitution, Boston Daily Globe, Los Angeles Times weekly Sat/Sun from 1894-06-17/18 to (part 13?) -09 [part 13 would be -09-08/09]

LA Times as OUR BOYS AND GIRLS [feature title?]:
Little Mr. Thimblefinger and His Queer Country -- A Story by Uncle Remus [large caps]:[plain] The Strange Sights the Children Saw and the Strange Stories That They Heard There
by Joel Chandler Harris [large caps]:[plain] (Author of "Uncle Remus")

1894 Thimblefinger, (incomplete, no mention of illus.) OCLC: <a href="">1147163</a> Formats7 + 32 --1st ed. submitted

1st ed submitted

later note serialization in 1894 Atlanta Constitution and other newspapers; determine whether the illustrations are "+[28]"

Atl. Const. 1894-12-12 p20 "no less than 100 volumes disposed of in the past 3 weeks"; now in "2nd edition"

book 1, 1895 printing HDL (3) shows 1895 c1894 [ca. 40] leaves of plates -- lists 32 including frontispiece copy 1; not included in the pagination -- text spans p[5]-230

Little Mr. Thimblefinger Stories, c1894, 164-page reader with 5 stories omitted HDL

ProQuest search 1894

'joel chandler harris' (137 hits); 40 pre-June ; 110 before 2nd serial begins
'thimblefinger' (68 hits, all from June)
'thimblefinger stories' (0 hits)
'thimblefinger stories' 1894 to 1899 (2 hits); 0 hits 1900 to 1940
[224] Atl 1895-11-24 pA2 "inside the yellow covers"; praise for illustrations "though the technique is bad"
1899 [225] HM's New Books Plantation Pageants ill E Boyd Smith $2.00 N-Y Tribune 1899-10-04 p4




P580569 (no month) $2.00 iv+304+[25]

links UMi copy, no cover

NEED change to NYPL copy with cover

Digital copy at HDL provides

0802 1st and 2nd of 4 copies include front cover but list of HMC books by JCH shows those to be later printings.

HDL (<a href="">catalog record</a>) provides full view of 4 copies. One from New York Public Library includes dark image of original cover, sufficient ... to show front cover HDL illustration green and black on tan cloth, same illustrator as book 3

serial from Sun 1894-12-02 to 1895-03-10 (15 confirmed Sundays)

Mar ch 14 15; "The End" two illus. [226] LA, 2 illus.; [227] Bos 3010, none; [228] Atl 0310, same two (not evidently signed)

7 brief paragraphs (mainly dialogue) at end of 15th installment are not in the book, ch. 15; these return to the frame story They close the book, ch 24 p303-04

JCH in the news:

per Chicago Record JCH refuses no autograph requests; collectors should write to Atl Const --Was 1895-04-04 p6
"JCH, the financial editor of the Atl Const, receives his salary of $450 per week in bright silver dollars." Last week hurt his back w 3 wks worth --Was Post 1895-05-06 p4
Sep -09-22 "Uncle Rain and Brother Drouth [Drought?]" = ch 21

resumption advertised LA Times 0921 as "Mr. Thimblefinger and Mr. Rabbit. New Stories of Mrs. Meadows and Her Queer Friends"

Bos) MR THIMBLEFINGER AND MR RABBIT: Story of Uncle Rain and Brother Drouth
LA) DELIGHTFUL ANECDOTES.: MR. THIMBLEFINGER AND MR. RABBIT IN SOCIAL CONVERSE. New Stories of Mrs. Meadows and Her queer Friends--Uncle Rain and Brother Drouth--The Doings of the Pair.
Sep ch 21 22
Oct ch 23 17


1894-12-02 to XV. 1895-03-10

Sat/Sun variation see Jan 20/21 (Bos, LA both Sat -01-20

Atl and Bos illustrations may not be Oliver Herford. --signature is not O Herford

rvw John Henderson Garnsey (no price) Atl Const 1895-11-24 pA2

ProQuest search 1895

'joel chandler harris' (150 hits)
'thimblefinger' (51 hits)
'rabbit at home' (20 hits)



Synopsis from newspapers --good

serial 1896-0202 to 0329 (9)

P580598 (no month) $2.00 198+[25]

Cover?. One from Cornell University includes bright images of original covers; front cover HDL illustration green and black on tan buckram(?) with gold stamped lettering; same artist as book 1

ProQuest search 1896

'joel chandler harris' (222 hits)
'story of aaron' (55 hits)

including Atl, Bos, SF first 1896-02-02 to 03-29 (not strictly one chapter per week) --which suggests chapters are not stories

[229] Atl 1896-02-02 p25 ; [ ] Bos p34 unreadable but gives long title ; illus. Herford

Boston Globe, Fri/Sat 0131/0201 advertises the Sunday edition. advertises "A whole page of short stories" including "Joel Chandler Harris' New Story [singular], "The Story of Aaron"

0202 search for JCH shows

Atl "STORY of Aaron: (So Named) THE SON of BEN Ali"
Bos "BEST SHORT STORIES [short stories page]: THE STORY OF AARON, So Named The Son of Ben All--Told by His Friends and Acquaintances"
SF "AARON so called THE SON of BENALI"

SFC 1896-02-01 p6 The Sunday "Chronicle". (tomorrow)

The first installment of the latest and best of Joel Chandler Harris' stories, "Aaron (so-called), the Son of Ben Ali" ...



NEED synopsis

Note on serial --titles good, illus by Herford how many?

P580599 (no month) $? 270+[24]

serial 1897-0207 to 0509 (14)

1 from Harvard University not 1st printing includes dark images of original covers; front cover HDL illustration evidently green and black on tan buckram(?) with gold stamped lettering; same artist as book 1

Harvard copy lists Tales of the Home Folks in Peace and War (McKinlay, Stone and Mackenzie, 1898) o[230]

ProQuest search 1897

'joel chandler harris' (135 hits)
'aaron in the wildwoods' (6 hits)
'aaron in the wild woods' (50 hits)

Illustrations by Herford - not so many or so polished as those in the book. Line drawings. --how many?

"[JCH]'s new story for the young ... will contain a description of night life on a Southern plantation, and a chapter on "The Secrets of the Swamp", written from the point of view of the Negro, which tends to resolve all things into their elements by means of impersonation, the swamp losing in the process its topographical and geological features, and becoming a living, breathing, moving Thing." -- The Critic: a Weekly Review of Literature and the Arts (US weekly) 1897-09-11 p28 "Houghton, Mifflin & Co."


Predates The Story of Aaron. "It is the picture of the swamp life of a fugitive slave, but Aaron was more than a slave" --an Arab, superior in this way and that. Not merely a Harris invention, "there were several notable instances of similar characters in middle Georgia."
Rich Hudspeth, the teacher, is a version of William H. Seward [later a Republican Party leader and U.S. Secretary of State under Lincoln and Johnson], who spent several years in Putnam County, where the story is set. His knowledge of the south, and related sentiments, are rooted in the featured Abercrombie plantation, per the story.

-- review by Alfred C. Newell Atlanta Constitution 1897-10-17 p16

[232] The Scotsman 1897-10-18 p4 "Christmas Books" (London and York: Harper Brothers) Beside Aaron's friends and helpers, including animal story-tellers of book 3, "almost the most real and important personality is the Swamp--the great untracked canebrake on the Oconee river in Georgia, where Aaron, as a runaway slave, finds refuge." "great knowledge of the old plantation life and of negro and white character in the South, are to be had"

"With 24 full-page illustrations by Oliver Herford. Square 8vo."

Uncle Remus


A. B. Frost edition of Uncle Remus ; Appleton $2.00 [233] NY Times 1895-10-16 p16 ultra-racist ; new edition with 112 illustrations
DFP 11-04 p3 --forthcoming Edition de Luxe of Frost's Uncle Remus, from Appleton, 250 copies signed by JCH
[234] Reviewed also by John Henderson Garnsey Atl Const 1895-10-06 p22 "Uncle Remus: A New Edition and an Edition de Luxe; Illustrated by A. B. Frost"
NY Times 10-05 p3 "Literary Notes" --the illus. are 112 in number, the new ed. A "expect to have the edition ready in a few days"

[12] o[235]

De Luxe o[236]

-- submitted

INTERIORART T1963426 needs re-date and relegation to child

some new illustrations; was Frost the original illustrator?


2016-04 from early work

Yancey A35935

Richard Yancey as writer for adults, nonfiction.

also the Highly Effective Detective novels --or Teddy Ruzak P.I. series-- three in catalog to date

  1. 2006 The highly effective detective : a Teddy Ruzak novel / Richard Yancey w publisher info
  2. 2008 The highly effective detective goes to the dogs / Richard Yancey
  3. 2010 The highly effective detective plays the fool / Richard Yancey #3

Wikipedia lists four publ 2006 to 2011, "humorous whodunits for adult readers, featuring a charming but barely competent private investigator based in Tennessee"

Rick Yancey

Library of Congress catalogs the narrator? William James Henry as pseudonymous author of the latest:

  1. 2009 EN The monstrumologist / edited by Rick Yancey
  2. 2010 EN The curse of the Wendigo / William James Henry ; edited by Rick Yancey
  3. 2011 The Isle of Blood / William James Henry ; edited by Rick Yancey (2012 pb identically)
  4. 2013 EN The final descent / William James Henry ; edited by Rick Yancey (2015 pb identically) 2013-15811 Monstrumologist #4 hc no2013-94601 William James Henry; Will Henry

In the Library of Congress catalog as of 2016-04-04, all four books have ^Main title^= "[...] edited by Rick Yancey", and all but the first "[title /] William James Henry ; edited by Rick Yancey". On the other hand, only the last has a ^Personal name^ Henry rather than Yancey, so that only the last is credited to Henry as a pseudonym of Yancey.

Will Henry is the boy narrator, apprentice to the monstrumologist Dr. Warthrop; William James Henry the Yancey pseudonym.

compare/contrast Mrs. Fairstar and R.H. Horne

Will Henry: The Monstrumologist series, young-adult horror novels as by Rick Yancey


2016-04 from early work

novels at Kirkus and LCCN

  • A Darker Magic Series 42169
  • 1990-10-30 (similar setting and themes?) Redwork [237] 89-27983
  • 2001-11-01 (sequel) Stained Glass k[238] 2001-86827: "Bedard (Painted Devil, 1994, etc.) returns again to the Canadian town of Caledon for an understated foray into magical realism."

A Darker Magic (book 1, evidently 1987): "Originally published: Lester & Orpen Dennys, 1986" per one library catalogue record of a 1997 edition OCLC: 59413915 --no evidence found

early collections of "fairy tales" published by Gardenshore, not in LCCat

  • 2004 (collection adapted) The Painted Wall 2003-100904 Tundra Books, Toronto and NY P63441, evidently same ISBN
The painted wall and other strange tales / selected and adapted from Liao-chai of Pu Sung-ling by Michael Bedard.
Published/Created: Toronto : Tundra Books, c2003.
Summary: An adaptation of the tales of Pu Sung-ling

The Painted Wall and other strange tales: : selected and adapted from the Liao-chai of Pu Sung-ling

Strange Tales from Liaozhai, series [239]; EN

Pu Songling A126880; EN

Questions raised by The Painted Wall

  • Pu Songling as co-author; what is the criterion?
Pu Songling like Brothers Grimm, and unlike H.C. Andersen, is credited with collecting folktales; folklorist rather than writer of literary fairy tales
Would it matter if Songling were an oral historian, naming particular folk who told him the tales? Songling as editor/author of a collection or anthology whose oral history subjects should be named as authors

reviews at [240] School Library Journal (G 7-up), Booklist (G 4-7)

compare (afterthought as i depart 2016-04-12):

Huon of the Horn, illus. Joe Krush P251839

Based upon the English translation by Sir John Bourchier, Lord Berners, as it appears in the publications of the Early English Text Society.

related User talk

(reply to Mhh not submitted)
The default display for publication records does show both ISBN with the alternate in square brackets, smaller size. Small enough that ISBN-13 might be displayed under ISBN-10 (if the software is capable) without forcing a greater column-width.


User talk:Pwendt#Page counts on Amazon

The Green Man price C$21.99 per [241] as of 2016-04-07 (when continues to state $19.95)


Bedard works publ by L&O L&OD Lester


"NEED" (ie, the database lacks) Canadian editions of both following (which may be earliest eds.)

  • A Darker Magic -- "Originally published: Lester & Orpen Dennys, 1986" per one library catalogue record of a 1997 edition OCLC: 59413915

Winner, 1991 Canadian Library Association Book of the Year for Children

  • Emily -- "Originally published: Toronto : Lester Pub ,1992" --one lib cat rec of a 2008 edition; 1992 Lester OCLC: 25871051

on the same theme as Songling

Australian Legendary Tales (Viking, 1966)

1966 Viking $4.50 "All ages" -- "A collection of the legends and tales of the aboriginals, this work is an important addition to all folklore collections."
Australian Legendary Tales
by K. Langloh Parker
selected and edited by H. Drake-Brockman
illus. Elizabeth Durack

Price from full-page advertisement "Viking Junior Books" NYTimes and Chicago Tribune 1966-05-08; "Ages 9-12"

all three contributors would be new to the database

little people

Bacon, Peggy 162095 -- ill, wri

1952 The Leftover Elf by Mary Stolz A10127

1952-03-22 picture book

Bedard, Michael -- cartoonist

maybe spec-fic if not "too far" along spectrum to picture book or cartoon

2003-26904 and its cited belong to a different Michael Bedard

  • 1998-10-01 (40pp picture book ages 6-10) Sitting Ducks [242]
  • Quacking Up! 2003-26904

Bedford, F(rancis) D. 114504

EN LCCN n85-110960

WorldCat: Macmillan Children's Classics [243]
WorldCat: Francis D. Bedford [244]

Peter Pan $8.98!

Christmas Carol

Benn, Ernest

The Observer 1926-06-27 (Sat) pp 6, 8, 15

The first of 3 items, advert by Ernest Benn, leads with

If I were a Labour Leader! by Ernest J. P. Benn, Author of "Confessions of a Capitalist", 3s/6d Ernest Benn-EN

Bernstein, Zena 110331

at LC

  • Zena Bernstein: Artist at Facebook [245]
  • Islandview Bed and Breakfast (agent for appointments?) [246]
  • Blog yyyy-08-31, "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH"
  • Blog 2013-03-04, "After visiting Zena Bernstein’s Studio on Horse Thief Bay ..." [247]

Bowen, William 145677

check public and university library collections

MMLN: none
HCL: Solario only
Networked Resource
Widener Harvard Depository AL 967.5.125 Available

2016-02-28 Bowen books at Hathitrust

book The Old Tobacco Shop: ..., 1921 (signed by author)
catalog Solario the Tailor: ..., 1922
book @ Babel Philip and the Faun, 1926

[248] CT 1921-11-20 pG12 "Real Books for Real Children" by May Massee --Christmas season for ages 7-10

Brock, E(mma) L(illian) 166896 -- ill, wri

Emma L. Brock; Lillian; publ dates 1922 - 1967

LCCN - 54 titles (Bowen 1923 plus 1929 and later)
de Grummond [249]
OCLC archival material: Papers

Frances Browne, Macmillan Children's Classics 1924, 1926, illus BROCK; OCLC [250] [251] [252]

The Macmillan's Children's Classics, six new volumes inclg GWChair, per "Old Favorites for Young Folk in New Editions", Fanny Butcher, Books, Chicago Daily Tribune 1924-11-08 p

advertised by the publisher The New York Herald, New York Tribune [253] 1924-11-09 pG8 termed "The Macmillan's Children's Classics"; "examine the titles already issued (18 to date) in the Macmillan's Children's Classics."

Eells (7 at LC) Brazil[254] Spain[255] Azores/BROCK [256] Amazon[257], [258]

Merrimeg collection by William Bowen T1980903

OCLC archival material
OCLC (of four editions 1923 31 34 40) Macmillan 1923 [259]=LCCN

Horne Memoirs of a London Doll, ill. Emma L. Brock

OCLC [260] [261]
Amazon Kindle [262]

see Horne below

archival material for particular books (other than Horne):

Ralph Steele Boggs VIAF=111538972 LCCN=n83185948 GND=128938676 n83-185948
Mary Gould Davis VIAF=16821117 |LCCN=no96053162 no96-53162

many others - inclg other COLLECTION



Burnett, Frances Hodgson 4178

at LCAuth

Fauntleroy Scribner's; first ed. "xi, 209, [17] p. : ill. ; 22 cm.", "Illustrations from drawings by Reginald B. Birch"--P. ix. another, both with copies at HathiTrust (theater program)

Sara Crewe Scribner's (1888, 83pp., six illus. Reginald B. Birch inclg frontispiece) --per linked copy at HathiTrust The Little Princess Scribner's (1905, vii+266pp., 12 color plates inclg frontispiece --illus Bates per HathiTrust (play)

Secret Garden Stokes, 1911, 4 leaves plates

Demuth, Averil -- wri not in db
VIAF=43844158 LCCN=no00048883 4
Demuth, Averil at WorldCat
[263] The Observer 1941-12-21 p3 The Enchanted Islands Averil Demuth Hamilton 7/6
title not found at LC or Kirkus

Dixon, Marjorie Mack 225982 -- Author:Marjorie Dixon‎
VIAF=315625736 N6I=vtls000041934
-- no LCCN
-- no Kirkus except starred The Forbidden Island)

The forbidden island

a story for children (alt title) OCLC[264]

Breton Fairy Tales, Gollancz, 1971 0575005378

Marjorie Dixon; Richard Kennedy; Émile Souvestre
uk 518GGlYlbcL.jpg
us 518GGlYlbcL.jpg

Souvestre, Charles Émile A15179

Le Foyer Breton Formats[265]
32-29130 (1858 w HathiTrust), 42-27880, 76-477247, ltf91-4250

Farjeon, Eleanor 112169
k Elsie Piddock
k Martin Pippin (new ed.)
k Silver Curlew
k Glass Slipper
oclc The Little Dressmaker

2018-12-03 new subpage User:Pwendt/People/Eleanor Farjeon


Glanzman 200846 -- ill

2016-04-26 ISFDB:Moderator noticeboard#Glanzman, Lou Louis Louis S. needs merge

At the Library of Congress his canonical name is Louis S. LCCN n50-29876 but there are several credits for Louis as well as Louis S. in 23 catalogue records, and one for Lou (search report, may be transient)

VIAF=114089085 LCCN=n50029876 VIAF=100019929

Goodchild, Pamela 223591 -- ill unidentified

probably not the British artist/illustrator from 1979 LCCN n97-3032, at WorldCat

Hicks, Clifford B. 101153
;Alvin Fernald series

- starred review by Kirkus (undated online archive copy posted with later cover image and ISBN)

1960-05-08 NYHT pI15; HRW list for young readers incl Fernald #1 ages 8-12 $2.95; NYT pBRA15 identical; CDTrib pB9 identical

1960-04-17 pE8 washington post same, also HRW list

1960-06-12 p362 review NYT Ellen Lewis Buell comedy 1960-07-03 review NYHT pD8 Margaret Sherwood Libby --Alvin will patent a Super Magnetic Gravity Overcomer boy inventor

1960-11-13 NYT pCBS60 One Hundred Outstg Bks fYR

book 1 called "science fiction" by Kirkus but it is purely family, adventure, boy inventor

book 3 may be sf

  1. 1960-03-28(*), ill. Charles Geer A56331 Kirkus
  2. 1963(*) secret code Sokol Kirkus
  3. 1966(*) foreign trader, ill. Bill Sokol Kirkus
  4. 1969 mayor for a day Sokol1970 Kirkus
  5. 1974 superweasel Sokol Kirkus
  6. 1976 swap shop Sokol Kirkus
  7. 1980 tv anchorman Kirkus

the first 7 of 10 per EN

Hicks staff Popular Mechanics from 1945, chief special projects editor from 1963 --per EN

First Boy his first book for children
later The World Above HRW publ 1965-04-12

"a thorough and well organized briefing on the physical nature of the strata of atmosphere and the potential use to which present knowledge will be put in the conquest of outer space" per Kirkus Kirkus

Horne, R(ichard) H(enry, Hengist) 173469

Horne works probably credited under all five names

R. H. A173469 -- another credit at
Richard H. -- so credited at
Richard Henry A191187 (full name at birth)
Richard Hengist (evidently a later full name)
R. Hengist
1802 per LCCN n50-30799 (variants include Mrs. Fairstar, Memoirs of a London Doll, written by herself --but that work is non-genre so "Mrs. Fairstar" is not in the database)
Anon 1833 Exposition
Orion, 5th ed. 1843, R. H.
Anon Memoirs, 1852, Written by herself. Edited by Mrs. Fairstar
Prometheus, 1872, Richard Henry
Orion, 9th ed. 1872, R. H. 

Memoirs of a London Doll (1846 classic)

facsimile of 1922? [266] Clara Whitehill Hunt -xiii; 7 illus. inclg frontispiece

pe Susann at GoodReads: one of two eds. "The Macmillan editor was Louise Seaman (same as with Hitty), and I wonder if she introduced this to Rachel Field. This "Little Library" edition includes an introduction by one of Brooklyn's first children's librarians, Clara Whitehill Hunt."

at Kirkus 1968 annotated ed.

ALSO 27-18458 The Good-Natured Bear 1927{1854} OCLC 2129124; 1854; uk 1846 ; serialized in The Boston Globe 1904-03-20 to 1904-05-22 (weekly?) as "The Good-Natured Bear" by R. Hengist Horne, illustrations signed "Smith"

with silhouettes by Lisl Hummel is to appear this fall in the US ? --Anne Carroll Moore "St. Valentine's Eve" NYHT 1927-02-13 pF8;

also foreshadowed CSM 1927-02-24 p7, name Caroline M. Hewins A Mid-Century Child; ACM NYHT 11 Sep 1927: F8 as Richard Henry Moore, Lisle Hummel $1.00; "Books of the Week" NYHT 18 Sep 1927: F20; The Little Library (Macmillan series) $1.00 CTrib 1927-11-12 p16; NYTimes 1927-11-13 pBR16 advert The Little Library (5 new titles) and The Children's Classics (39 inclg 6 new this year $1.75)

2016-04-06 full title and author credit both differ

The Poor Artist [...] (1850) T1991673 --not in LCCatalog

1850 OCLC [267]

HathiTrust [268], [269]

1871 OCLC [270]

HathiTrust [271]

2010? OCLC [272]

Howard, Paul 10221 -- ill


Jan Morrow, School for Witches, Longman (London, England), 1991. -- wri not in db
(done) Jenny Nimmo, The Witch's Tears, Collins (London, England), 1996.
Phyllis Arkle, The Village Dinosaur, Puffin (London, England), 1996. -- wri not in db
Jenny Nimmo, Esmeralda and the Children Next Door, Houghton (Boston, MA), 2000.
(db) Ursula Moray Williams, Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse, Kingfisher (New York, NY), 2001.
Jenny Nimmo, The Strongest Girl in the World, Egmont Children's (London, England), 2001.
(db) Ursula Moray Williams, Gobbolino the Witch's Cat, Kingfisher (New York, NY), 2001.
(db) Ursula Moray Williams, The Further Adventures of Gobbolino and the Little Wooden Horse, Kingfisher (New York, NY), 2002.
Ian Whybrow, The Magic Shoebox Farm, HarperCollins (London, England), 2007. A36242 -- book not in db

Jacobs, James S. 21154

Alexander nonfiction

  • James S. Jacobs at Mormon [273]

James S. Jacobs at publisher [274]

Children's Literature, Briefly, 6th Edition

   By Michael O. Tunnell, James S. Jacobs, Terrell A. Young, Gregory Bryan

Lloyd Alexander: A Bio-bibliography, 2nd ed. 1991, Tunnell & Jacobs (first ed. Jacobs alone?)

Jones, Diana Wynne 593
  • The Pinhoe Egg LCCN: [275] (note 4 isbn, presum. two each for trade hc and library hc editions)
  • The Islands of Chaldea LCCN: [276]
  • Earwig and the Witch 2012-02-01, ill. Zelinsky at Kirkus: [277]
  • The Ogre Downstairs 1974, ill. Juliet Stanwell Smith 1974 (first?) at TorontoPL: [278]

canonical name is "Stanwell-Smith" hyphenated, both TPL and Goodreads

Kirkus starred review House of Many Ways


Parrish, Anne 189804 -- wri, ill
Parrish, Dillwyn 229248 -- ill, wri

Knee High $2.50; the siblings appear *today* Children's Day, Book Week, Wanamaker Auditorium NYTimes 1923-11-17 p7

three collaborations, wri and ill (exc Lustres may be unillustrated)

  • 1923 Knee-High T{{|}}
  • 1924 Spring Lustres T2010237 -- no illustrations?
  • 1924 Fall The Dream Coach T1999654 -- collection or episodic novel (compare Solario the Tailor)

Picard, Barbara Leonie 112471
Oxford FFT series illus. by Joan Kiddell-Monroe

Brothers Robinson -- ill

The Brothers Robinson joint biography/catalogue at OCLC at Amazon --the only biog of Tom, per one review at Amazon

  1. Thomas Heath (t. h.) A216914 at WorldCat
  2. Charles Heath (charles) A88489 --in LCCat Children's Garden of Verse and Aesop's Fables
  3. William Heath (w. heath) A81073

illustrators of Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Andersen --both Dent 1901 Temple Classics [279] and 1906 Everyman's Library #4 T.H. Robinson Swiss Family Robinson

LCCN 2014-378121 --prefer to add note to 2012 ed. verified by Nihonjoe

google: English illustrators the Brothers Robinson [280]

Thomas in LCCat:

  • Creswick, Hasting the Pirate, 1902
  • Kingsley, Heroes; or, Greek fairy tales for my children, 1917 -- Kingsley at LC; Everyman's Library #113 36-37102; 1879 ed (Works #7) 86-215291
  • McSpadden, Adv Robin Hood, 1984?
  • Wyss, Swiss Family Robinson, 193132-21207 1993 2012

The Heroes ... (Dent, Oct 1899) The Temple Classics: For Young People 5th printing Mar 1905 at HathiTrust

Sawyer, Ruth 76565


ill Hugh Troy A229014

1956 Schoolhouse OCLC[281]
1960-10-07 per starred review by Kirkus; Dragon OCLC[282]
NYHT 1956 [283] advert -11-13 I21 [284] review -12-11 D43

Scott, Michael 931

October Moon Series 42101, or Rachel Stone series --done mid-May

De Dannan Tales Series 42062

The De Dannan Tales, 1-3 (1991-94) (WorldCat series)

at Amazon now as Merlin Publishing, 128 176 128 p

Merlin Wolfhound Closing, IPN 2010-08-31 [285]

Merlin Books Limited (trading as Merlin Publishing under the Merlin imprint)
update 'this situation does not effect the Wolfhound list, all the Wolfhound titles are still on sale and will be for the foreseeable future.'

Merlin Publishing at Facebook, latest 2008-11-13 [286]

Etruscans: beloved of the gods (Tom Doherty Associates, 2000) 1st ed. OCLC, Morgan Llywelyn and Michael Scott, 335 pp, ISBN 0312866275

OCLC 733726412 as by TOR Books, "Morgan & Michael Scott Llywelyn"
WorldCat shows 1st mmp 2001, 1st tp 2013
Kirkus Review 2000-03-15 as pub 2000-05-01, 320 pp [287]

Thirteen Hallows

Kirkus Reviews [288]

Sleigh, Barbara 30719

Small, Austin J.; Seamark 6692

The Man They Couldn't Arrest

OCLC (c) Doran 1925, J. Austin Small [289] [290]
OCLC (c) Burt 1925, Austin J Small [291]
NYTimes review 1933-03-14 of British movie (1931 per IMDb): 'The novel by "Seamark," on which the picture is based, does seem to have the elements of competent Scotland Yard melodrama.' [292]
OCLC Doran [1927] J. Austin Small [293] = LCCN?
OCLC Hodder & Stoughton 1927 Austin J. Small
OCLC 1934 Seamark

Wilde, George (and Irma) 134948 -- ill, wri

Bio:George Wilde

  • Wilde?

Irma VIAF= 92882161 317050872 dk Peter Kanin (Peter Rabbit, Danish) [294] [295] (with "more by Irma Wilde") 87097969838170

[296] Fixit Man and Big Helpers are clearly credited as writer Irma, illustrator George Wilde so those are the best points of reference [297]

Williams, Ursula Moray 108719
see also Howard, Paul, above

2016-04-26 twin sister Barbara VIAF=303319781 NLP=a2085707x

done w/r Kirkus and LCCN --done mid-May

  • The Moonball
  • Rudi series
  • Castle Merlin
  • Bogwoppit
  • Little Wooden Horse series, below

unlikely spec fic:

  • 1959- 1961 The Earl's Falconer [298] - hist fic*
  • 1951- 1973 Jockin the Jester [299] - hist fic
7074-155395 ill Barbara M. W.

Little Wooden Horse Series 42095

  • 1. lwh [db 1938 39 59 69 85 2001(2) 05 11]

ill Joyce Lankester Brisley A229785

a[300] 1970 Young Puffin

  • 2. gobbolino [db 1942 81 2001 2012(2) 2014]

a[301] 1973 Young Puffin

2008 Young Puffin Modern Classics 9780141323268 o[302]

Williams, Williams, Eccleshare ?

2012 Puffin Modern Classics 9780141323268 o[303]

Williams, Williams, Eccleshare ? --Amazon Look Inside! this one presented as the other one ? --done 2016-05-18
  • 3. further [db 1984 2002]


Young Puffin Story Book

little white horse, 1970 "about 1990" ABEbooks[305]
gobbolino, said 1974 and 1985 GoodReads[306]
further adventures, 1984 original ABEbooks[307]

Winthrop, Elizabeth 4336

Castle series, Attic series

Attic 1: Castle formats o[308] #35, 1996 Listening Library 3 cassettes [309] 0807276286

no record shows the current cover image

Yearling, $4.99 (we have 3.99, 6.99) as of WP 1998-06-29 B6

Attic 2: Battle formats o[310] #16/17, 1997 Listening Library 4 cassettes

almost all show the current cover image


(The?) Castle in the Attic, Roland D. Lott [not here] 1st ed. Vantage Press, 2001 o[311] ; $19.95 per ad by the publisher NYT 2001-05-27 BR7 "Imaginative fantasy about the discovery of Pueblo Plateau, a rural oasis in the center of Los Angeles"

Wrightson 2364
nominally Hutchinson AU o[315] Melb o[316] Rich
  • Dark 78-8793 --submitted 2016-05-22
  • Journey 80-25005 --submitted 2016-05-22
  • /74 Nargun

London 74-166411 ; Puffin(mine?) [317] ; 1986 McElderry

  • /83 A Little Fear --submitted 1st US
  • /88 Moon-Dark --submitted 1st US (with price change, contra source unknown)
  • /89 Balyet --submitted 1st US and 1990 Puffin (with format change contra Locus1 and ChrisJ)

Philippa Pearce


A(nn) Philippa Pearce

non-genre debut or breakthru

1955 OUP, Minnow on the Say [318] ; LC "A. Philippa" 2000
1958 World Pub. Co., The Minnow Leads to Treasure [319] ; LC "A. Philippa" 1980
1971 The Squirrel Wife --not in database at EN-59p

LCCN: <a href="">72-190827</a> 59p <a href="">70-168556</a> <a href="">2006-52454</a> "1st U.S. edition" Candlewick, 2007, unpaged

1977 The Shadow Cage and other tales of the supernatural T1046059 -- both 1st eds. done

ill, Janet Archer, 1942- ; Ted Lewin

2003 Amy's Three Best Things T1615254 -- newspaper?

ill. Robin Bell Corfield

2004 The Little Gentleman T153419
2008 (posth) A Finder's Magic T2003438 -- both 1st eds. done

1995 ed., Dread and Delight T1178316

<a href="">95-4123</a> -348p -- linked Table of Contents [320] -- linked Publisher description [321] 40 stories Publisher description: "... Pearce includes two previously unpublished stories by Lucy Boston and Robert Westall, and a full introduction and lively notes on the authors. The collected stories represent an engaging variety--drawn from all over the English-speaking world, including America, India, and the Caribbean as well as Great Britain. Treating the supernatural with humor and whimsy, as well as with a proper respect, the tales all succeed brilliantly in creating an atmosphere of suspense or unease ..."

Tom's Midnight Garden


as by A Philippa Pearce (not in database as of 2016-04-21) --SFE3; "A. Philippa" per linked OCLC record 1st US ed. but neither LCCN nor OCLC record of 1st ed.; nor Chi Tribune review 1st US ed.

"A. Philippa Pearce" at OCLC

1959 J. B. Lippincott oclc
1993 Scott Foresman Celebrate Reading 6E 067380142X oclc

c e 1958 1st ed. P567586 O"(none) LCCN(none)
c e 1959-09-28 1st US ed. P567587 O"A. Philippa", Kirkus
. e 1976-10-28 Puffin [322] --
c e 1992-10-00 HarperTrophy (mine) [323] "A. Philippa" PV in progress
c e unk 12th [324] -- "A. Philippa" PV transient
. b 1993-10-28 Puffin Modern Classics [325] -- O"P oclc[326] SHD ADD
. b 2005-04-28 Puffin [327] O"P

later merge illus.; later clone as undated 4th printing, £4.99, w front cover maybe-decal

c e 2008-01-03 OUP [328]0424 O"P Look Inside lacks title page
- e 2008-04-25 Paw Prints [329] --
c e 2008-09-04 OUP 50th [330] O"P Look Inside "Philippa"
c e 2014-09-01 Collectors [331] O"P
. e 2015-04-02 OUP [332]0424 O"A. Philippa" ; submitted inclg ebook

INTERIOR Brown 1997539

Kirkus search: (Celtic / Irish / Scottish / Welsh) Folk and Fairy Tales

Celtic [333]
[334] [335] [336] [337] (English, see previous issue)
Scottish [338] [339] [340] [341]
Welsh [342]

Jarvie--Brown not found

Whispering in the Wind -- AU 1969 [343]

INTERIOR Einzig 567586

Trade binding "Look Inside!" as of 2016-04-24 is very limited
-- no title page or illustrator credit (but shows some original Einzig illus.)
-- copyright page three ISBN 0-397-30475-5, 0-397-30477-3 (lib bdg), 0-06-440445-5 (pbk); "First Harper Trophy edition, 1992"
-- back cover credits cover art, states "US $5.95 / $8.95 CAN" Probably that is specifically the 0-06-440445-5 (pbk)

needs more research

Oct 1992 0-06-440445-5 (pbk) "Greenwillow Books; Reissue edition (October 30, 1992)" look inside seems to be Harper Trophy $5.95 $8.95 Mar 1992 0-397-30477-3 (lib bdg); at now $16.95 $25.89 presum regular binding 0-397-30475-5 (as corrected, hc regular binding)


1990-12-01 0-440-48819-2 Yearling Classic[344] ; 1991-01 5th printing P332038

1987-09 1-85089-914-2 Windrush "Isis Large Print Books (September 1987)"

oclc[345] (#87 where #83 is 1989 same isbn)

as of 2016-04-25 no Windrush (1987-88) or Windrush Large Print (1986-88) --as are all three Windrush / Clio Press (1988-91)

Amazon uk [346] (same isbn)
Amazon us [347] (same isbn)


Oxford Children's Modern Classic 1998, 1999 P217217

Amazon uk [348] w Look Inside (10th printing?)

OCLC Formats

1992 from #69 earlier [349]
Windrush from 81
Penguin or Puffin from 106
1974 New ed. OUP 119

1992 editions, Harper Trophy (may be tp format only)

70) 0064404455 0397304757 0397304773 ; oclc[350] NY Lippincott 1992, also HarperTrophy (229 A. Philippa)
71) 0064404455 0397304773 0833590928 ; oclc[351] NY HarperTrophy (229 A. Philippa) --long Summary
72) 0397304755 0397304773 0064404455 ; oclc[352] London HarperTrophy (229 A. Philippa) -- Spanish language

this is the only hit for "0397304755"

my) 0397304755 0397304773 0064404455 ; HarperTrophy (229 A. Philippa) manufactured UK HarperCollins, write NY HarperCollins
73) 0064404455 0397304773 [353] NY HarperCollins 1992 1958 (232 A. Philippa)
74) tp as HarperCollins (c)1958 [354]
95) oclc[355] Janesville large print 1985 (2 vols 229 A. Philippa)
97) 0397304757 !; oclc[356] J.B. Lippincott [1984] (229 A. Philippa)
102) oclc[357] Dell 1979
112) 0140308938 0140340491 ; among others oclc[358] Puffin 1976 (218 Philippa)

Edward Ormondroyd


Time at the Top

  • 1963 [359] (Lexington has first edition); 1981 [360]; 1982 [361] (Marc Kupper); 1986 [362] (Nihonjoe);

unknown [363] (Marc Kupper from Abe Books recently)

  • 2003 Amazon [364] (not cited by ISFDB); ISFDB [365]
  • 2011-10 omnibus Amazon [366] (cited here); ISFDB [367]
  • 2011-11 kindle Amazon [368] "Look inside" credits cover by Charles Geer, cover illustration (c) 2011 Purple House; same cover as omnibus! Foreword by Edward Ormondroyd 2003; sample covers ch 1-2 inclg one interior illustration (Ericksen)

All in Good Time

  • 2011-11 kindle Amazon [369] "Look inside" credits cover by Charles Geer (c) Purple House, first electronic edition, first printing Nov 2011; Foreword by E.O. 2011 "A warning: you will see that the book ends with a hint that another sequel might be possible. Ignore it, please." sample covers ch 1-2 inclg two interior illustrations (Bradfield)

Robert C. O'Brien (pseud.)


  • Leonard Lubin A9527
  • Jane Leslie Conly (daughter) A6212
  • Robert C. O'Brien A5054 100252716 (born 1922, perhaps following SFE; correction submitted 2016-02-17)

Mrs Frisby: goodreads unhelpful; no Kirkus; no NYT/etc online; pb mine? 1986-04-01 Amazon

Racso 1986-05-01 earliest per Goodreads; no Kirkus; 1986-06-12 per Amazon

R-T hc 1990 ; 1990-06-15 per Kirkus; pb 1991-09-30 per Amazon

Silver Crown TOC provided by 2001 publisher[370]

2016-02-17 The Silver Crown, 2 endings

further note on Kirkus Review of first ed.

The strongly negative review (certainly bottom 5% of more than 100 Kirkus reviews I have read) begins with several lines (until the ellipsis) about the heart of the final chapter in this first edition. O'Brien wrote an alternative, much shorter final chapter for the first British edition. They appear as the final two chapters, p248-59 and p260-63, in a later U.S. edition (Collier Books, 1988).

See also my Notes on first ed. P258217, first British ed. P258218, and Collier 1988 (5th printing) P559127, User:Don Erikson#The Silver Crown

Ursula K. Le Guin


Earthsea Le Guin displays the opening Earthsea Map (c) 2001 by UKL --but what does that mean re its origin? The Folio Society 2015 edition Le Guin features this new edition now David Mitchell on Earthsea – a rival to Tolkien and George RR Martin

Add Pub done

(Note to Moderator) "This is the correct David Mitchell per "About the introducer"; LeGuin links a recent article/review by Mitchell in The Guardian "David Mitchell on Earthsea – a rival to Tolkien and George RR Martin" [Martin=Westeros] but we don't do anything with that as far as I know. The last line weakly supports year 2015 for the ignorant such as me; may actually date the selection for those who know the newspaper Books section well."

Indeed, Le Guin links this article as if it were the Introduction verbatim.

btw Mitchell: "Earthsea is a fantasy world, and proud of it, mapped by its creator in 1966–7 on a large sheet of butcher’s paper with crayons in a house full of young children."

From a glance at a friend's copy of the book I know that it includes a new essay by Le Guin ("Afterword" or whatever), which notes that the illustrations by Lupton are the first to match her Earthsea (not "whitewash"), or first since the first ed. woodcuts (woodcuts too coarse for whitewash imo).

2015-12-21 questions to Mhhutchins "The Tombs of Atuan (excerpt)".

Richard Kennedy

(Jerome) Richard Kennedy, Jerome Richard 5506 -- US wri

Richard Kennedy: Collected Stories T938215 --Sewall

k contemporary review by Kirkus (<a href="">undated online</a>)

Lost Kingdom T938223 --ill Shulevitz">78-32052</a>
Sierra Club Books/Scribner's
0684161648 (lib. bdg.)

Mouse God T938218 --ill Harvard not here nor EN">78-11731</a>Addison-Wesley
Atlantic Monthly Press / Little, Brown

Oliver Hyde's T938221 --ill Parker not here nor EN">76-15980</a>
Atlantic Monthly Press / Little, Brown

Sewall, Marcia, ill A36574

wri Richard Kennedy 5506 -- ill Marcia Sewall 36574 OCLC[371]

Parrot 1974 LCCN [372] Published in 1974 by Little, Brown as a 30-page book illustrated by Marcia Sewall

A parrot witnesses a thief's activities but can't get anyone to believe his word.

Porcelain 1976 LCCN [373] Published in 1976 by Little, Brown as a 30-page book illustrated by Marcia Sewall

Everytime the poor girl mends the broken porcelain vase it becomes something different, providing the means of escaping from her dreary existence of mending junk.

Come 1976 LCCN [374] Published in 1976 by Harper & Row as a 47-page book illustrated by Marcia Sewall (LCCN <a href=""></a>)

An old man tries to outsmart Death with the help of the birds who come to his cabin.

Rise & Fall 1978 LCCN [375] Published in 1978 by Little, Brown as a 41-page book illustrated by Marcia Sewall (LCCN <a href=""></a>)

When he least expects it, a cunning swindler's good fortune runs out.

Crazy 1980 LCCN [376] Published in 1980 by Dutton as a 57-page book illustrated by Marcia Sewall (LCCN <a href=""></a>)

Only recently married, a young man and woman each begins to fear, with fairly good cause, that the other is crazy.

Song 1981 LCCN [377] Published in 1981 by Dutton as a [32]-page book illustrated by Marcia Sewall (LCCN <a href=""></a>)

A girl and her horse feel a great love for each other and experience powerful, consuming feelings when riding together.

Blue T1921686 --ill Himler

cover LCCN

Dark T938220 --ill Diamond


Inside T3087290 --ill Himler

LCCN (us 1979)
-- (uk 1981)
cover OCLC (us 1991)

not in Collected Stories

Boxcar T31275 --ill Kronen


Contests 1975 story 938224 --ill Simont non-genre oclc[378]">74-23566</a>
Atlantic Monthly Press / Little, Brown
ISBN missing

Leprechaun's T{{t| --ill Sewall oclc[379]">79-11410</a>
Dutton "A Unicorn book"
not in the collection? Leprechaun 1979 LCCN [380] Published in 1979 by Dutton as a [40]-page book illustrated by Marcia Sewall (LCCN <a href=""></a>)

A tradesman meets a leprechaun and is determined that he won't be tricked out of a pot of gold.

Delta Baby & 2 Sea Songs --ill">78-6895</a>
0201035987 lib. bdg
k [381]
  1. Stinky Pete --Dabcovich
  2. Delta Baby --Mikolaycak
  3. The Wreck of the Linda Dear --[Arnosky]
a [382]

Ignatius Donnelly

els  Ignatius Donnelly 104785 (15)


Atlantis 1882 8-? 95de ; 1910 49 50uk 64?/49 70uk 71 73 76 81/71 85 91
Ragnorok 1883 1970
Destruction 1971 2004
Caesar 1890 92 ; 06 18? 60 81 ; 2003
Huguet 1890 1969
Golden 1892 -HDL ; 1968(2)

another at HDL, identical to Copy 2

Atlantis T831313 search (atlantis donnelly) 1882, 18 hits of which 1 UK;

d$ 1882-02
OOm£ UK 1882-05


US WorldCat records show 7th 1884?, 11th 1885?, most 1882 (11th 1885 seems agreed both US, UK) [188-?] "21st ed.", [1949], [1964? c1949] o[384] with list of Contents!

1974 mmp at Amazon

Ragnarok T1097900 --T note, no synopsis

LOx$ 1883 (1882-12 as 1883) -- -HDL not done
as The Destruction o[385] 1971 1971, 2004

-- both in queue Look Inside Index, p[443]-452; front and two interior illus are b/w drawings,

Caesar's Column T1013758 --T note, syn

LO.$ 1890-04?

SFE3: "countered the Utopian optimism of Edward Bellamy with the argument that the world of 1988 was evolving towards greater inequality and catastrophic War rather than towards peace and plenty, all being dramatized through a proletarian revolt which burns New York to the ground, except for a "Caesar's Column" of corpses in Union Square; the protagonist escapes to Africa in a Balloon."

Om£ 1891 Low, Marston authorized (library)? --in queue 3 +T
O.- 1891 Ward, Lock unauthorized?
OO.- 1891-07? Warne what?
1894 Boston: Arena o[386] -HDL 367p

HDL [c1890] NYPL; c1890 Duke ; 1891 c1890 ; 1894

Doctor Huguet T1103958 w T note, no synopsis

cLO.- 1891
O.- UK 1892 (1891-11 as 1892)

The Golden Bottle T1103957 Fo[387]

D. D. Merrill (Co., Company)
The Golden Bottle; or, The Story of Ephraim Benezet of Kansas --why not ", or The"
o[388] [1892] Ward, Lock unauthorized? 246p
o[389] 1892 "Sampson, Low & Co." "Merrill's library" no. 1, authorized? "Printed in U.S.A." 313p
o[390] 1893 2nd ed. Ward, Lock 246p

Reported "in the hands of the binders" SF Chronicle -10-02 p9; "received" Chi. Tribune -10-22 p22 Reviews

  • DFP -10-24 p8 (mod positive) "The interpretation of the allegory is that the golden bottle represents the power of the government to create its own money."
  • The Sun -10-29 p8 (positive)
  • SLPD -10-30 p32 (moderately positive)
  • N-Y Trib -12-04 p14 (very negative)

(no price)

  • The Scotsman 1893-01-23 "Books of the Week" ; "new books appeared during last week"
  • Man Gua -01-31 p9 "Books of the Week" ; under Novels "Novels with a purpose ..." ; this one "(Sampson Low and o., 8vo, pp. 313), is a novel in the shape of an autobiographical narrative intended to set forth the principle and defend the policy of the American 'People's Party'."

... as a novel The Golden Bottle cannot be seriously discussed

  • Man Gua -10-31 p9 "Books of the Week" received Ward, Lock

(no price)

HDL provides full view of 2 copies from U California with original cover, one lacking the original title leaf Preface, p[3]-4, signed "I. D." Contents, [5]-8 novel spans p[9]-313 "The End." p[314-18] publisher adverts (first two pages works by Ruskin) "The D. D. Merrill Company has purchased from Messrs. John Wiley & Sons their [8o, 12mo, and new 18mo] editions of Ruskin's Complete Works ..."

footer 314 "D. D. Merrill Company, // 44 and 45 Bible House [over] New York. [left ... right] St. Paul."
footer 315-18 "D. D. Merrill Company, // Publishers. // New York and St. Paul."
  1. Cornell copy one copy of Merrill's Library ed. (No. 1, Sep 1892) bi-monthly, $3.00/yr ~50c

p[314-22] publisher adverts OCLC: <a href="">11857166</a>

  1. p[314-20] publisher adverts
  2. p[314-18] publisher adverts, lacking original title leaf

p314-18 are identical in these three copies, as p319-20 in the first two copies

L. M. Boston


el  .Peter Boston A34947 (19) Green Knowe, and some other covers at least
obit [391]

The Independent // Obituary: Peter Boston // Alan Powers // Tuesday 30 November 1999

first 3 pars

A BOY holds a lantern in the bows of a boat, rowed by an old man between the trees of a flooded garden, to a tall single-gabled house beyond. This image, the cover to the original edition of The Children of Green Knowe, was drawn by Peter Boston as one of the illustrations to the first children's story written by his mother, Lucy Boston, in 1954. The fictional boy, Tolly, was based on himself.

More Green Knowe books were published, up to The Stones of Green Knowe (1976), all with Peter's atmospheric but sharply detailed line drawings and scraperboards. He also illustrated works by his mother outside the Green Knowe canon, such as The Sea Egg (1967), and drew the jackets for her adult novels Yew Hall (1954) and Persephone (1969). All his illustrations showed an understanding of the narrative immediacy of the texts, and help the reader to enter their world of imagination and deeper meaning.

The house which inspired them was the Manor, Hemingford Grey, a rare Norman stone house which Lucy Boston bought shortly before the outbreak of war in 1939. Peter, her only child, was at King's College, Cambridge, reading Architecture, to which he had transferred from Engineering. Peter's father, Harold Boston, left his wife in 1935, and Peter shared his time between them. Lucy went to Austria and Italy to study painting but returned to England, taking lodgings in King's Parade to be near her son. They worked on the Manor together, pulling away later accretions to the house with their own hands, guided by instinct, and aware of the palpable presences in its rooms which later inspired the books.


Green Knowe

Series 7311

Three of the 7 titles have inappropriate capitals, in COVERART and INTERIORART as well as NOVEL and multiple Publication titles.

  • book 2, US title Treasure Of Green Knowe (no lead article); book 3, The River At Green Knowe; book 5, An Enemy At Green Knowe

No shortcut downcase MartyD talk

Original illustrations all by Peter Boston (the writer's son and model for Tolly, protagonist of book 1) per his obituary

Green Knowe [392]

Current ; Verifications ; coverart credits ;
  1. LO.£10/6 LOd$2.75 no PV, covers PB BH ; OCLC[393]
  2. LO.£13/6 LOd.$3.00 no PV, cover BH ; As "Chimneys" (Wikipedia US as "The Treasure") ; chimneys-OCLC[394] treasure-OCLC[395]
  3. o.£13/6 LO.$3.00 no PV, covers PB BH ; OCLC[396]
  4. LOB.£13/6 LO.$3.00 no PV, cover BH ; OCLC[397]
  5. o.£15/- LO.$3.25 no PV, cover BH ; OCLC[398]
  6. LOB LOd$5.95 no PV, cover PB BH ; OCLC[399]

Kirkus identifies Mrs Oldknowe as Tolly's great-great-grandmother[!] book 1, great-grandmother book 2 (and 3 in absentia), grandmother book 5

great-grandmother per Wikipedia

Books 1 and 2, commended runner-up for the Carnegie Medal

Books 2us, 3, 5 NEED downcase in all titles

Synopsis entered for 2, 3, 5 only

3. The River at Green Knowe (book 3) 1st US - P260815

2016-04-20 User talk:Mhhutchins#The River at Green Knowe

1959 newspapers

[400] Price from brief review Christian Science Monitor 1959-11-05 p17 > River at Green Knowe; Nine Questions
[401] Chi. Tribune 1959-11-01 pC22 Tom's Midnight Garden; The River
both inclg River at Green Knowe; both agree $3.00, illus. Peter Boston
UK review [402] The Observer 1959-11-29 pA15 (text in full:

Marghanita Laski: "touch[es] everyday life with magic"; "Three children, all D.P.s, visit Dr. Maude Biggin, an eccentric archaeologist, in an old house on a river. Interpreting the river with their own special understandings they encounter or imagine the proper stuff of fantasy--the stag-headed men, the anchorite, the giant, the winged horses. The magic is acceptable and the atmosphere is beautiful."

review [403] NYHT 1959-11-01 p306
adverts by the publisher 1959-11-01 [404] NYHT, [405] NYT, [406] Chi Tribune

5. check newspapers 1964 (9 hits) --UK useless; US no date info

US Sep-Nov columns

[407] NYT 1964-09-13 pBR34 (alone, negative)
[408] Austin 11-01 p21 (alone, positive, by 5th grade girl)


  • 1963-09-15 The Castle of Yew
OCLC[409] 1st 79 ; 65-87310 79
Kirkus (negative) [410] ; 65-17988 1st US 57
  • 1967 The Sea Egg ;; dnf Kirkus
OCLC [411] 1st 95 ; 78-457819 95
67-3334 94
Amazon Puffin 1978[412]
  • 1969 The House That Grew (picture book) ;; dnf Kirkus, LCCN
OCLC[413] 1st 27
  • 1969-03-12 Strongholds =Persephone?
Persephone ; 70-444570 [5]+249
Strongholds Kirkus [414]; OCLC[415] 1st 249 ; 68-24383 1st 249
  • 1970 The Horned Man T1997707;; dnf Kirkus
OCLC[416] [417] (w/wo subtitle) 1st 98 --in the 2011 Curfew collection ; 71-497964 98; 1970-05-18[418][419] (cover)
1972 US OCLC[420] [421] (biography/play) no ISBN

2016-04-24 "The Dramatic Publishing Company"(one cover) is not in the Publisher Directory. We do have Dramatic Pub., Dramatic Publishing, and Dramatic Publishing Company

Copyright index at Google Books both as 1jun70 13oct72[422]

per brief review by Leon Garfield The Guardian 1970-07-09 p14: 18s, "a first-rate play for schools"; historical fiction, perhaps horror : ghost-hunting during the reign of James I; "The ending is quite blood-curdling and I for one would go a long way to see the play performed."

  • 1971 Nothing Said ;; dnf Kirkus
OCLC[423] 1st US 64 ; 70-137756 US 64
  • 1974 The Guardians of the House ;; dnf Kirkus
; 75-333182 53p
OCLC[424] 1st US 51 ; 74-18177
  • 1975 and 1976-03-15 The Fossil Snake

Pauline Baynes


return to merge Narnia (and other?) cover and interior illustrations!


Illustration of Farmer Giles or Smith as SHORTFICTION, OMNIBUS, COLLECTION, CHAPBOOK in multiple title records. Cannot we represent the omnibus, collection, or chapbook all as including a single INTERIORART Title as contents --in effect, illustration of the original shortfiction (1949 Farmer Giles, 1967 Smith).

isfdb CHAPBOOK 381037, 72590 (maybe unillus.), 269840; COLLECTION-two 263968 -biling 30907 (worldcat shows illus. uncredited); OMNIBUS 26366 (does show sf illustration)
Narnia OMNIBUS T249562 T827492;

Barnes updated her Narnia illustrations in 1999 or so, at least by coloring them. I recall reading that U.S. editions had included fewer illustrations, so that the appearance of entirely new illustrations in the 1999 set may be an illusion for American eyes only.