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Publisher (4) --create Parnassus

Parnassus Press, Doubleday & Company (Dollar Fiction), Farrar & Rinehart‎, Rinehart‎


0728 M. F. Mansfield
0727 A. Wessels Company
0724 Musson Book Co.
0723 M. F. Mansfield and A. Wessels
0722 Wessels & Bissell
0718 Grosset & Dunlap
0714 G. P. Putnam's Sons
0710 The Goldsmith Publishing Co.
0709 H. W. Rokker
0709 Donohue, Henneberry & Co.
0708 M. A. Donohue & Co.
0707 A. C. McClurg & Co.
0707 Jansen, McClurg & Co.
0706 McClure, Phillips & Co.
0706 The McClure Company
0702 R. H. Russell
0630 Konecky and Konecky
0622 Gnome Press
0620 Whiting & Wheaton
0620 Canongate Books
0629 Chatto & Windus
0616 Thomas Y. Crowell
0607 Hippocrene Books
0602 Troll
0531 Niekas
0517 Thomas Nelson / SFBC
0517 Thomas Nelson
0516 Thomas Nelson & Sons
0515 Meredith Press
0506 Browne and Nolan
0428 Collins
0411 Lester & Orpen Dennys
0411 Lester Publishing
0402 Parnassus Press
0312 Ernest Benn
0304 Joseph Cundall
0125 Reynal & Hitchcock
0121 Brilliance Audio
0119 Leypoldt & Holt
0114 Ariel Books
0113 Cheshire
0110 Smart Pop / BenBella Books
1203 Follett Publishing Company

Much cleanup and annotation done

2.00 Kestrel 50p Puffin Price from brief review by Philippa Pearce The Guardian 1976-03-25 p16


Lothrop (also Shepard ... Lothrop, Lee & Shepard)
Mansfield & Wessels


George Allen (... Allen & Unwin (Australia))

Mansfield, Wessels

As of August 1900

M. F. Mansfield --BMcM has completed illus. for "a cheap yet artistic ed. of the Rubaiyat", forthcoming from MFM red and black; similar to Kipling's Recessional M. F. Mansfield, 14 West 22nd St --publishing Omar books (Tor 0922) Tennyson with McManus illus.

A. Wessels Company -- advertises Alice, Rubaiyyat, New Mother Goose, The Water Babies folio

Kipling, The Vampire, Mansfield and BMcM 12-36191 T994922

M. F. Mansfield, wri, publisher --nidb (3 MF, 4 Milb. Franc.)

Francis Miltoun, wri, aka M. F. Mansfield --nidb (14)

HathiTrust Digital Library

maybe and HathiTrust are named or linked in the Notes or linked in the Webpages field of title records rather than publication records in Web field of title records, now only one hit T1096311 --a periodical perhaps not liable to more than one publication?
search for the same string in Notes field now hits 15 title records [1]

see Rules and Standards --currently Rules and standards discussions#Online pub links in title records-- as well as (perhaps rather than) ISFDB:Community and

"HathiTrust Digital Library";;

  • Browne, Granny's Wonderful Chair and Its Tales of Fairy Times 1910; 1916
  • Colum, The Children of Odin [2]
  • NOT IN DATABASE -- Colum, The Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter [
  • NOT FOUND BY SEARCH -- Bowen, The Old Tobacco Shop: A True Account of What Befell a Little Boy in Search of Adventure [3] --
  • Bowen, Solario the Tailor: His Tales of the Magic Doublet [4]
  • Bowen, Philip and the Faun [5]

Parrish, The Dream Coach, advert here too [6]

pages and their links

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See also "Henry Holt and Company" at EN
See also biographies at EN

Joe and Beth Krush

by name

Doubleday, Doran dollar fiction

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  • [7] Chicago Daily Tribune 1930-05-22 p36 "by Fanny Butcher. New York, May 21.--[Special.]--The great news of the booksellers' convention today certainly happened outside the convention." -- booksellers don't know it, probably until Saturday
  • [8] The Washington Post 1930-05-23 p3
  • [9] NY Herald Tribune 1930-05-23 p1
  • [10] NYTimes 1930-05-23 p21
  • [11] NYTimes 1930-05-25 p17
  • [12] LATimes 1930-06-15 pB16

EN user space:

  • [13] NYHerald Tribune 1930-11-19 p17 "Cheaper Book Theories Prove Fallacies Except ..." by Lewis Gannett, 3rd of 4 articles; DD released 58 dollar novels, claims > 1M sales
  • [14] NYTimes 1930-12-21 p62 - Rinehart ends the experiment in favor of 6 months at $2 [also new Cheshire subscription series]

no DD advertisements found, Oct to Dec 1930

Dent/Dutton Everyman's Library

Publication series Everyman's Library

2016-03-27 User talk:Chavey#Everyman's Library from 1906

Everyman's Library in newspapers
  • 1906

article N-YTribune 1906-02-11 pA7 quoting London Sphere 1s/2s; "... It is the intention of Mr. Dent to throw the first fifty volumes of this library upon the market at once." one London subscriber 100,000; another 70,000

February debut in G.B. per NYT 1908-06-13 pBR331

advert by Dutton, NYTimes 1906-04-14 pRB245. 50c and $1

Some books articles list the first 50 in-line, perhaps true of later batches

evidently received the first 50 N-YT, the next 42 NYT same day/week

"Everyman's Library: The First Volumes ...", NYTimes 1906-05-26 pBR335. 50c and $1

same day pBR340 "Topics of the Week". 42 vols of Dent's new E.L., from [the Amer publ Dutton] in one batch. "More than 600,000 of these books have already been sold in England."

[15] advert NYTimes 1906-06-02 pBR351. 50c and $1. same as below but 100 books

Romance (2): La Morte d'Arthur; Lady Guest's Mabinogion
Children's (9): Andersen, Hawthorne, Grimm; Swift's Gulliver's Travels
below/150 include Romance (2), Children's (13)

[16] Everyman's Library / Dent & Dutton

per advert "Everyman's Library" NYTimes 1906-10-05 pBR617
-- 150 volumes now available [listed]
-- "The text is unabridged and unexpurgated. A list of each author's works with date of first publication follows the introduction to each volume." (new par) "The Library is furnished in two styles of binding, cloth and leather. ..."
-- "Per Volume Cloth, 50 cents. Leather, $1.00 (Postpaid)"

  • 1908

NYT 1908-06-13 pBR331; 50 this spring; 35/70; 318

"since the first issue was made, in February, 1906, over a million copies of the 318 volumes now comprising the 'library' have been sold in this country and in Great Britain."
"the library, when completed, will contain over [1000 vols]. Another fifty-volume instalment will appear in September. The present issue also marks a change in the price" [to 35/70

advert 1908-01-04 pBR9; 50/1.00; 265 now ready advert 1908-04-11 pBR198; 53 ready -04-10, total 318; now price 35/70 (+7c); list numbered 266=316 [17] advert 1908-10-22 p2; 340 now ready advert 1908-12-05 p741; 35/70 (+8c); 340; numbered list alphabetical (Granny's 112; Shakespeare 153-54-55) [18]

  1. Boswell, Life of Johnson
  2. " "
  3. 3. Lockhart, Life of Napoleon
  4. Andersen, Fairy Tales
  5. Hawthorne, Wonder Book and Tanglewood Tales
  6. Kingston, Peter the Whaler
  7. Kingston, Three Midshipmen
  8. Lamb, C and M, Tales from Shakespeare
  9. Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
  10. Bacon's Essays
60 Swift, Gulliver's Travels
97 Guest, Mabinogion
  • 1909

NYT 1909-04-24 BR255; 52 this month from Dutton; 35/70; 392 advert NYT 1909-06-26 pBR405; 392 vols. advert CT 1909-11-27 p12; 35/70 (+8c); with numbered list of recent additions 341 to 390 advert (Dent) Times of India 1909-10-20 p9; 400 now ready notice Irish Times 1909-10-15 p7; 400; 1s/2s6d net

1909-05-08 pBR296; 29 People's Library Cassell & Co.; 35/75; 100 vols.

  • 1910

"Glimpses of Some New Books", San Francisco Chronicle 1910-05-01 p6 leads "[E.L.], which is now four years old, ... [scholars, publishers, ] "The price was fixed at 40 cents per volume in cloth and 70 cents in flexible leather."

news coverage 1910 June to Dec mentions 50 to 53 new books or volumes

-04-02 pBR16. as stated in interview here early last Winter, Dent has added 53 volumes, just published here by Dutton. Total now 453 titles
-06-04 pBR11. "Mr. Dent of London brought out four years ago his first instalment of 50 volumes ..." "the present 53 (E. P. Dutton & Co., leather, 70 cts.; embossed cloth, 35 cts.)", total 453
-08-27 pBR12. forthcoming early October from Dutton 50 more, total 500
-12-04 pLI12. 52 volumes, total more than 500

[** Nelson fiction **] Also "Drift of London Literary Gossip", James Milne, NYTimes 1910-04-30 pBR8. London, -04-20. "As I write the English book world is sitting in reflective judgment on the new two-shilling net novel as formidably launched by the house of Nelson." the first three stories Hope, Second String; Wells, Mr. Polly; J.C. Smith/Snaith, Fortune.

  • 1915

Detroit Free Press 1915-05-16 pD12. 21 vols, total 721

reviewed New - York Tribune 1915-06-12 p10: Dictionary Catalogue of the first 505 Volumes of Everyman's Library, Isabel M. Cooper (Dutton); 700-odd books are out

advertisement by Dutton, NYTimes 1915-12-16 . 732 vols; 35c net, cloth; 70c net, leather. Send for a complete list.

  • compile
Prices per adverts by Dutton
50/1.00: 1906-04 and -10
35/70 : 1909-06 (postage 8c per vol add.), 1910-06 , 1915-12

  • Series
4. Andersen A19348
5. Hawthorne T1244644
8. Lamb, Tales from Shakespeare T1607201
56. Brothers Grimm [19] EL Children's Classics #18, 1992, ill. Rackham 1900 [20]
60. Swift, Gulliver's Travels T180697
97. Guest, Mabinogion T948251
249. Fairy Tales from the Arabian Nights
26. Balzac, Wild Ass's Skin T1288933
many. Scott A2069
161/181? Virgil T1661902

At Google Books: A Printing History of Everyman's Library 1906-1982 By Terry Seymour [21] ;

Grimm [22] cites "Autumn 1915 Everyman's Library: The First 733 Volumes" catalogue

Everyman's Library at WorldCat


4. [23] Fairy Tales / Andersen
5. [24] A Wonder Book / Hawthorne P565494
25. 1906 submitted 2016-04-12; 1946 reprint P508886
26. [25] Balzac
45-46. Le Morte [26] [27] F&E
56. [28] Grimm
60. [29] Gulliver
97. [30] The Mabinogion
112. Granny P564497
[31] Lonnrot 1

28. Ravenshoe, first Feb. 1906 [32] [33]; e-copy HathiTrust [34]

Elias Lönnrot A144511


260. [35] [36] Lonnrot 2


453. [37] [38] Iliad
454. (1906/1910) [39] [40] Odyssey; Iliad and Odyssey, vol. 2
453-54. [41] 1914-15 reprint

767. T175882 1925 ed OCLC 277031, 1968 OCLC 489938556, Jekyll Hyde / Merry Men

Joe Krush, Huon of the Horn

OCLC [42]; e-copy HathiTrust [43]

Henry Holt, etc

people not in ISFDB: RRBowker, HHolt, FLeypoldt, FMelcher

Edmond About at SFE3[44] --where none of the above appears

EN: Leypoldt (1835-1884) "a bibliographer, the founder of Library Journal, Publisher's Weekly, Index Medicus and other publications."

" In January, 1866, with Henry Holt, he established the publishing firm of Leypoldt and Holt, permanently moving his residence to New York.[1]
"Most of these publications were continued by his friend Richard Rogers Bowkers after his untimely death in 1883 (Bowker having purchased Publishers Weekly from him in 1878).[1]

In 1960 Henry Holt [45] merged with two other publishers to become Holt, Rinehart & Winston. When the educational division of HR&W was purchased by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich in 1986, the trade publisher's name reverted to Henry Holt. It is currently (as of 2011-11) a division of Macmillan Publishing.

2016-01-20 draft note to Mhhutchins.

Thanks for completing the Pub Series field "Leisure Hour Series". I detest "Series" in a series name but now see that (displayed all caps) on the title page image. From the transcript I surmised "The Leisure Hour series" and deemed that good enough for a Note (so approved), especially a series with one book in the database afaik. How do you check series name-versions that appear in the database; is there a service akin to lookup in directories of Award and Publisher name-versions that are readily available from some ISFDB pages via the left-hand menu?

2016-01-20 draft Leypoldt & Holt [46]


founded 1866-01-01

2016-01-20 draft Holt & Williams [47]


publisher name of record between Leypoldt & Holt and Henry Holt and Company

2016-01-20 draft of Henry Holt [publishing co.] [48]

2016-01-20 Macmillan UK [49]

per EN sold its American division in 1896, re-entered in 1954 as St. Martin's Press, purch. by Holtzbrinck 1995/99

2016-01-20 Macmillan US [50]

per EN first US office 1869, operations sold 1896, sometime "The Macmillan Company of New York" inc., purch by Pearson 1998, by Holtzbrinck 2001; "The US operations of Georg von Holtzbrinck are now known as Macmillan."
note to self on departure 2016-01-19
Leypoldt & Holt, Holt & Williams maybe intermediate name of the same company, Henry Holt and Company
Edmond About (124) at LC
Henry Holt, tr.
Frederick Leypoldt 
The Notary's Nose  
 1863/1874 1874
The Man 
 c1867 --(3) one is publ 1872 Holt & Williams; dedication HH 1867-05-16; ch 1 "... to celebrate the return of a frugal son" 254pp (same as 1867, the other two online copies); second copy at Harvard University is Leypoldt & Holt 1867; "added to the Boston Library" 1867-11-19; evidently HH completed the translation sometime 1865 at latest --see the dedication!

translated by Holt and submitted to Frederick Leypoldt for publication "nearly two years ago", prior to advent of their publishing business (1866 per Wikipedia), per dedication to his partner Leypoldt signed H.H. 1867-05-16;view=1up;seq=13

Link title2016-01-19 LC Catalog search KPUB 'leypoldt' 133 hits; 'leypoldt holt' 83 hits

'leypoldt holt' 83 hits of which 1863(1 [c1863]), 1866-1871(81), 1983[1869]
'holt williams' 66 hits 1800 "[18", 1865 [c1865], 1871-73(36) last, 1911-30(29) first, 1973[1869]

at the Internet Archive just prior to p9 "HOLT £ WILLT1MS 1911"

The Leisure Hour series
inside the transcript i see no date but 1911 --something transcribed as "HOLT £ WILLT1MS 

1911" just before p9

last numbered page evidently 254

LC Online Catalog shows records of works published as by Leypoldt & Holt mainly dated 1866-71; as by Holt & Williams mainly dated 1871-73; per Wikipedia Henry Holt and Co. founded 1866 by Leypoldt and Holt, became Henry Holt and Co. in 1873


Lester & Orpen, Lester & Orpen Dennys, Lester Publishing

See also User:Pwendt/later#Bedard

Wikipedia says that Key Porter Books was based in Caledon, Ontario --where the three novels (and at least one other by Bedard) are set.,_Ontario


1990 The Globe and Mail

[51] "Key Porter negotiates to save ailing Lester & Orpen Dennys", Isabel Vincent, The Globe and Mail, 1990-12-15 pC8

Malcolm Lester, Louise Dennys; Anne Porter formerly of L&OD; perhaps L&OD or a new company to become a Key Porter imprint

1991 The Globe and Mail

[52] 1991-01-10 C1, H J Kirchhoff, "L&OD suspends publishing: Financial backing is withdrawn"

Thu?] Eve Orpen d. 1978, Malcolm Lester, partnership 1973; Lester and Dennys partnership "ten years ago"; sales and marketing services agreement with KPB for backlist; L&OD will continue to exist as a corporation strictly a backlist operation -- purchased Aug 1988, Dec 1988

[53] 1991-01-11 C1, Isabel Vincent, "Creditors and questions linger after Lester & Orpen Dennys folds: Industry puzzles over rejection of offers to buy house"

Fri?] KPB administer backlist and pay royalties; offers reportedly from Lester and Dennys, from Jack Stoddart,

[54] 1991-01-19 D1, Kimberley Noble, "Publish and Perish"

much history

[55], 1991-06-07 C6, Val Ross, "Canadian publishers launch new firm"

finalized this week Malcolm Lester and Anna Porter; Lester Publishing Ltd, using Key Porter for services at a fee --thus differs from an imprint. arranged ff ABA convention in NY last weekend; new catalogue for Canadian convention July, with fall list, 8 books of which 2 signed since -01-09 demise, retains head of children's division Kathy Lowinger


The Macmillan Company, Macmillan Children's Classics

The Children's Classics

  • 1923

"Children's Classics" not found in historical newspapers?

  • 1925 ($1.75) Charlotte M. Yonge, The Prince and the Page - one of 7 new volumes The Independent 1925-11-14 p561 (2 items same page)
Mrs. Molesworth, The Cuckoo Clock and the Tapestry Room
NYH,NYT Books of the Week; 1925-10-18 pE17 - those two and Kidnapped ;; 1925-11-15 pE18 - Rip van W and the Legend of S H
The North-China Herald ... 1925-11-28 p412 [56] - received 8 volumes; "famous works abridged for youthful consumption" inclg Looking Glass
  • 1926 ($1.75) - Yonge, The Dove in the Eagle's Nest, ill de Angeli; Irving, The Alhambra (collection?); MacDonald, The Princess and the Goblin $1.75 NYHT 1926-11-28 pF24; Bunyan, Pilgrim's Progress, abridged;
  • 1927 ($1.75) New Macmillan Books for Boys and Girls Ready during September

The Children's Classics (now 40 of the best key books. bound in blue cloth.) The Princess and Curdie, Mopsa the Fairy, The Little Duke The Book of Golden Deeds Household Tales and Stories The Adventures of Pinocchio Lady Green Satin and Her Maid Rosette The Older Children's Bible

The Good-Natured Bear is in the Little Library series $1.00
  • 1928
  • $1.75, The Little Library $1.00 1928-05-27 (Reynard and GNBear)
  • each $1.75 1928-09-30 pK32 "Four volumes have been added this year" inclg East of the Son and West of te Moon

Smart Pop

What criterion for listing as a publisher or publication series? It's an imprint and a line of nonfiction titles. Smart Pop Books: About

Publisher 31932 ;
Publication Series 601 ;
Leah Wilson, Editor-in-Chief (cf. About Smart Pop, where the Blog is recently b Heather rather than Leah) at Goodreads ; Author 114818

John S. Dykes Author 123333

"Publisher" Tor Books

2016-01-13 Mhhutchins suggests that we should begin to take the Publisher field seriously and use it distinguish imprints, publishers, whatever. Also that we should rely heavily on the title page of a book, perhaps exclusively so where the title page does uniquely identify some imprint/publisher/whatever or combination thereof, or perhaps uniquely in in text (ie, ignoring logos, etc).

Re #8 Encyclopedia of Xanth now in hand:

title page gives some TOR logo above text small caps "A Tom Doherty Associates Book"
copyright page includes all of "published by TOR Books" inline; "First Tor printing: December 1987"; "A Tor Book"; three lines flushleft "Published by Tom Doherty Associates, Inc. // 49 West 24th Street // New York, NY 10010"
back cover: "A Tom Doherty Associates, Inc. Book"
front cover: logo TOR (R)
spine: logo TOR (R) above text "fantasy" --apparently the source for "TOR fantasy" in LC catalog Series field

(c) 1987 Bill Fawcett and Associates
"The names, places, and descriptions and other plot elements used in this game ... used under license and may not be used or reused without Piers Anthony's permission"
First Tor printing: December 1987
Doug Beekman, TCH
25+[225]; [27]; 108 sections in 225 unnumbered pages

confirm all of notes by Willem H and others. why no mention of Tom Doherty Associates, Inc.

A Crossroads Adventure ...
"The Land of Xanth is a magic realm with some mundane roots. [lead sentence]
[... two pages about Anthony's "hopelessly mundane" life in Florida ...] [p3] Many of these things [Xanth flora and fauna] derive from the mundane origins I see around me, while many others, such as the shoe trees that grow all manner of shoes, derive from puns."
perhaps 10 full-page b/w drawings signed "[TCH logo] (c) 1986"

Catalog record LCCN 00-521241 gives "Published/Created: New York : Tom Doherty Associates, 1987." At least 2 of 5 Notes and 4 of 5 Series entries identify or suggest some trademark/name, brandname, moniker --three of which incorporate uppercase TOR, none of which support either Tor Books or TOR Books as a proper noun; only 'Crossroads', 'Crossroads Adventures', and 'Tom Doherty Associates' are capitalized.

Macmillan US ( now portrays Tor Books, Tor/Forge, etc, variously as publishers. See for instance Tor/Forge and Macmillan :: Tor | Forge. But still, too, provides street address Tom Doherty Associates, LLC.

SFE3 calls "Tor Books" a US publishing company from the first entry dated 2005.

From 2014-07-02 the entry states, "Tor is currently part of the Holtzbrinck publishing group, now known as Macmillan Publishers. There is a UK sister imprint, Tor UK."; preceding revision was 2013-11-01

Wiki-EN Tor Books (cf. Tom Doherty) still calls Tor Books (Tor, TOR, Forge, whatever) "the primary imprint of Tom Doherty Associates LLC publishing company, based in New York City"

2016-01-19 at bookstore

Andre Norton novels (1) 1985-08[57] and collections (2) 1989-11[58] 1990-07[59]
Jane Yolen (1) [60]

PV by four experienced editors including Mhh

Crossroads Adventures (5)

iirc all (c) 1984-89, publ 1985-90; title pages all "A Tom Doherty Associates Book" all caps text under Tor SF or Tor fantasy logo; copyright pages all TOR and Tor; Tom Doherty Associates, Inc. ... NYC street address; all TDA Book or TDAI Book on back cover

Hayford Peirce, Napoleon [61]

import from /PV

2016-03-27 import from /PV

return to P555136 and other Odyssey Classics, Harcourt Young Classics

support for interpretation of Harcourt prev. Delacorte inside back flap

  • 1082 MP Cherry Tree matches goodreads
  • 0606 MP (2) matches Amazon June 1, 2006
  • application to "1004" Half Magic maybe


Yearling span 1982-2016
Dell Yearling span 1968-2007

no external links; no internal links (desirable xrefs, eg Dell) except ISFDB wiki Publisher page for "Yearling"

The Book of Dragons

A Dell Yearling Classic [logo]

not done

Peter Graves

A Yearling Book
  title page Dell Publishing Co., Inc.; street address same
cover: A Dell Yearling Book

not done

The 13th Floor

A Yearling Book
  title page publ by Bantam Doubleday Dell Books for Young Readers, a division of 
  Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc.
cover: A Dell Yearling Book
(done 0125)

The Wolves

A Yearling Book
  Copyright page "Published by Dell Publishing a division of Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc."; Yearling is a registered trademarks (not Dell)
cover: A Dell Yearling Book
(done 0201)

Mary Poppins series, 1991-04

  1. (add 0201) same as 2
  2. (done 0201) Copyright page "Published by Dell Publishing a division of Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc."; Yearling and Dell are two registered trademarks
  3. (done 0202) same as 2
  4. (done 0202) same as 2
cover banner: A Dell Yearling Book

The Foundling

A Yearling Book
  Copyright page "Yearling (R) TM 913705, Dell Publishing Co., Inc."
cover: A Dell Yearling Book
(done 0201)

Odyssey/HarcourtYoung Classics editions

Mary Poppins

Harcourt, Inc.
cities ...

Magic by the Lake

An Odyssey/Harcourt Young Classic

NEED DO all volumes LPL or Siona



Puffin Books


Encyclopedia of Xanth, Ghost of a Chance

TOR [logo]
A Tom Doherty Associates Book
New York [Ghost only]
  title page Tom Doherty Associates, Inc.; street address same; back cover A Tom Doherty Associates, Inc. Book

Fall 2016


Publisher search Donohue [62]

Donahue, Donohoe --eliminated from the database, completed 2016-10-29

Donohue, Henneberry & Co. [63] 4
M. A. Donohue & Co. [64] 7 years inclg 2 pre-1900

Donohue Brothers, Chicago, 1900 [65]

maybe publisher or copyright holder with imprints "Donohue, Hennessey & Co." and "M. A. Donohue & Co."

Some books catalogued as Donohue Brothers

LC 1900 (c) Donohue Brothers, per copy at HathiTrust
WorldCat [66] [67] [68] [69] [70]-spine-[71] [72] [73]

Amazon ASIN: B0008B0PJW

The Lost Empire 1934; Donohue, Goldsmith
Goldsmith edition of The Lost Empire seems to be 1938 or later per back cover list of Books for Boys series [74] (expired); dated 1936 by one seller at ABEbooks 2016-10


Publisher David Nutt (in the Strand)

Wikipedia: David Nutt, Alfred Nutt, The Folklore Society

(Folk-Lore: A Quarterly Review of Myth, Tradition, Institution, & Custom, incorporating The Archaeological Review and The Folk-Lore Journal, was first issued in March 1890, "published for The Folk-Lore Society by David Nutt, 270, Strand". Source: title page of Volume I as bound, viewed at HathiTrust. Joseph Jacobs edited the first four years, followed by Nutt for one year.<ref>"Catalog Record: Folklore". HathiTrust Digital Library ( Retrieved 2016-10-24.</ref>)

The Folk-Lore Journal, vols 1-7, 1883 to 1889 [75] [76]

The Folk-Lore Record, vols 1-5, 1878 to 1882 [77] [78]

HathiTrust Digital Library provides full views, apparently complete, from 1878 to 1922.

  1. The Folk-Lore Record, vols 1-5, 1878 to 1882 [79] [80]
  2. The Folk-Lore Journal, vols 1-7, 1883 to 1889 [81] [82]
  3. Folk-Lore, vols 1-33, 1890 to 1922 [83] (bound with subtitle "A Quarterly Review ...")



Publisher (W.) Swan Sonnenschein & Co.

Fairy Tales of All Nations

o[84] Fairy Tales of All Nations, ser II [Illustrated?], London: W. Swan Sonnenschein & Co.

same publisher, Illustrated library of fairy tales

1883 ed. Emily S Cappel, Old Norse Sagas [85], also as 1882

William Swan Sonnenschein, ed/transl/wri EN (10 Sonnenschein, 6 Anson)

pseud. W.S.W. Anson
1883 picture book o[86] 32p
1884 picture book o[87] 48p
1884 retelling illustrated o[88]

Wilhelm Wägner DE, NE ; Dr. Wilhelm Wägner LCCN n85-312091 (21)

Asgard and the Gods : the tales and traditions of our Northern ancestors, forming a complete manual of Norse mythology

1880 1st ed.? Asgard, "& Allen" o[89];
1884 Asgard ..., 3rd ed. o[90] adapted from the work of W. Waegner [Wilhelm Wägner] by M.W. MacDowall, and edited by W.S.W. Anson
1886 4th ed. earliest at HDL

Epics and Romances of the Middle Ages. Adapted from the work of Dr. W. Wägner [Wilhelm Wägner] by M. W. Macdowall, and edited by W. S. W. Anson.

Subsequently published under title: Romances and Epics of Our Northern Ancestors
1883 1st ed.? HDL
1884 2nd HDL (1 of several)
1896 8th
1917 Dutton ; o[91] by M.W. Macdowall, and ed. by W.S.W. Anson

2016-10-29 "epics and romances" no hits 1883

[92] The Scotsman 1884-06-03 p7 : 3rd Asgard, 2nd Epics ; two large volumes ... admirably presented

only hit, 'epics and romances' 1880 to 1884
no relevant hit, 'asgard and the gods'
no hit, anson sonnenschein
1906(?) Romances and Epics, HDL;
1907 Romances and Epics, Editor's Autograph Edition, HDL

2016-10-29 "romances and epics" no hits 1906; 1 hit 1907 "New Books in the Library" Det F P 1907-04-14 p21

2006 Dover, Great Norse, Celtic, and Teutonic legends, "Unabridged republication of the classic 1907 edition."

A Bibliography of Mythology and Folklore


The Epic of the Beast (Reynard)

1924 o[93] Caxton's text modernized by W.S. Stallybrass




G. W. Dillingham
Charles T. Dillingham --one anomalous joint publication PV Rtrace


search enough

D. Lothrop =?= Lothrop Publishing Co. (identically annotated)


2016-09-23 import from ./later
Publishers search: Kerr

2016-10-20 Charles H. Kerr --one anomaly SV Bluesman

els W. H. Bishop (William Henry)

Wikipedia List AAALDL (20) VIAF=18838756

w S. Byron Welcome, wri --dnf viaf ; WorldCat 1 book only
? James Allman (1 or 2) (corrupt, and dnf search) VIAF=310726931

18-16180 - plausible but uncertain identity [old catalog]

no info: Cyrus Cole, B. F. Heuston

 w     S. Byron Welcome --WorldCat 1 book only
 ls	Zebina Forbush
 lws	Rev. T. McGrady
 w	Edwin Arnold Brenholtz
el	Mary E. Marcy
 l	C. A. Steere
 lw	M. A. (Richardson, Merrick Abner) b. 1841 (4)
 ls	James M. Galloway (as Anon Moore) Moore (1) VIAF=72888182
eFl	Paul Lafargue
 lws	William Henry Bishop
els	Frederick Upham Adams
 ws	Samuel W. Odell
el	Flora Annie Steel

Rammel, Rosemont, Furry, Sakolsky, Pogany

Unity Library [94] --maybe nominally monthly #1 to 8, May to Dec 1891; #81 to 92, 1898

worknotes 2016-10-06/07

Charles H. Kerr & Company (15?) --new name 2016-10-03; all attested as of 10-04 (6)

  1. 1890 LOH$ s Cole --dnfVIAF
  2. 1891 –O–$ Cole as Unity #1
  3. 1891 –O–$ Heuston as Unity #8
  4. 1892 –OHo s Heuston --dnfVIAF (HDL is 2nd ed. 1892; first 1891?) ; --dnf news 1891/92 full title and "Rice Mills" heuston ; 1st ed.? 07-18778 o[95] (Library of Progress #2, shd be early 1892) ; Unity Library #8 utopia
  5. 1894 –O–$ w Welcome --dnfVIAF --dnf LC --dnf HDL
  6. 1895 LOHo {ok} M.A. (Richardson) --dnf news title
  7. 1895 LO–n {ok} Bishop --dnf HDL --done in part (two SV records seem SPECIOUS) P375223 as "William Henry Bishop" (meanwhile all 3 newspaper records give w.h. bishop)
  8. 1897 –O–n {ok} Adams ; sometime issued as Library of Progress #24 o[96] o[97]
  9. 1897 LOH$ {ok} Anon Moore (Galloway)
  10. 1898 LOH$ {ok} Forbush 1 book only; VIAF=11139863 ; --dnf news author, also co[-]opolitan
  11. 1898 –O–n {ok} Odell ; 1 hit 'last war' odell
  12. 1901 LOH$ {ok} McGrady (7) VIAF=91484344 ; 1 hit full title
  13. 1903 LOHo Allman --uncertain identity VIAF=310726931 ; --dnf news
  14. 1904 ––H {ok} LaFargue --dnf news
  15. 1905 LOHn {ok} Brenholtz --dnfVIAF,%20edwin%20arnold/ (3)
  16. 1908 LOHn {ok} Steere (1) 1 book only VIAF=120468023
  17. 1917 LOHo {ok} Marcy (9) --dnf news full title, 'cave people' mary marcy
  18. 1990 amaz {ok} Bellamy/Rammel/Rosemont
  19. 1999 amaz {ok} Lindsay/Lindsay/Sakolsky/Furry

[] 1890 The Auroraphone

Cyrus Cole --dnf VIAF SFE,%20cole/ 1 book only

[] 2nd ed., 1892 --revised wr HDL (1st ed. not found at HDL)

The Rice Mills of Port Mystery

B F Heuston --dnf VIAF,%20b%20f/ 1 book only

1891 1st o[98]
1892 2nd o[99], with list of Contents, and o[100] Library of Progress #2

[] 1897 President John Smith T20742

Prices from Library of Progress #26 The Co-opolitan back page p. 172 at HDL
$0.10 President John Smith ("25 editions in a year")

Publ date inferred from review The Sun 1897-01-14 p4 and (brief) SLPD -01-17 p28; infer this is the December 1896 Unity Library issue

done below wr HDL


later fix/sort the two editions (the second with longer subtitle "Written in 1920")

05-42991 (apparent 1st) links HDL

HDL (2) NYPL Unity Library #64 Dec 1896, without cover; California Library of Progress #24 Aug 1897, with cover

(front differs) Preface [7]-9 (p10 differs) Introduction 11-15 (p16 differs) ch1 from p17 ...p289, Letter to the Reader (one p290, two pp290-293) (latter perhaps 30pp promoting Kerr or Andrews books)

HDL 1 U California, matches the second but higher-quality image
els  Frederick Upham Adams, wri (15)

[] The Last War (Unity Library #89, 1898) --dnf HDL; done wr Unity Library

 ws  S. W. Odell, wri (Samuel W.) VIAF=107518856 NLI=000305464

[] 1904 The Sale of An Appetite --submitted wr HDL

efl  Paul LaFargue, wri (67) VIAF=61610596

Charles H. Kerr, translator --inclg 3 transl LaFargue and 2 Vande (13) GND=119510006 VIAF=5742777

Charles H. Kerr Company (5) GND=951962671 VIAF=131438672

Dorothy D. Deene, songwriter (and ill?) (2) (1 book only as writer) VIAF=305019178

Osgood etc

2016-09-23 import from ./later

Horace E. Scudder

Scudder 112351

1862/1864 mixed
1864 Dream Children (more stories akin to those) at HDL

John's Nap p63-p74 The Rich Man's Place p151-61

Cambridge: Sever and Francis nidb; wri ill both uncredited; Contents 14; no list of illus.; 4 plates not included in the pagination p20 at HDL

o[102] print o[103] e o[104] mic o[105] mic (also reissue 1878 Hurd and Houghton)

1869 [106] links HDL;

Stories from my attic / By the author of "Dream-children" and "Seven little people and their friends."

1880 HDL
1882 Fables [107]
1887 Folk Stories [108]
1890 F&FS [109] links HDL

Prepared for the use of schools and drawn from the author's "The book of fables" and "The book of folkstories".

1906 [110]
1919 [111] o[112]

The Riverside Magazine, absorbed by Scribner's Monthly

Nathaniel Hawthorne

check newspapers


1851 Wonder Book

classified adverts dated nov 11 (two booksellers) notices Hartford Courant 1851-11-14/15; Baker from Billings (no price)

1852 Snow-Image

classified adverts paid dec 30 and jan 17, running about two weeks each? (no price)

Houghton > Hurd and Houghton

Hurd & Houghton 1870 (19 hits)

NYTrib 1870-04-09 p8 ongoing series of Hans Christian Andersen (some announced 1869-10) , Wonder Stories told for Children, new translation, plus several new stories "some of which were written by Andersen expressly for The Riverside Magazine"
NYTrib 1870-04-11 p6 "just removed to their new shop, No. 18 Astor-place"
1868 The Riverside Magazine

Wikipedia 1867 in literature: "Three new American periodicals for children — Oliver Optic's Magazine, Frank Leslie's Boys' and Girls' Weekly, and the Riverside Magazine for Young People — are launched."

Wikipedia Stockton: His first fairy tale, "Ting-a-ling," was published that year in The Riverside Magazine; his first book collection appeared in 1870.

earliest 1864-03-28 p2 The Globe (Toronto) "A new publishing house is being started in New York, under the firm of Messrs. Hurd & Houghton."
[113] NYT 1864-05-31 p5 "Copartnership Notice" 135 Washington St. (still the OCBookstore); Hurd & Houghton No. 401 Broadway (corner Walker St.)
Wonder Book o[114]; HDL[115] Houghton, Osgood and Company 1880 (the only; others are catalog errors)
Some WorldCat libraries catalog "The Riverside Press, Cambridge" as a joint publisher, at least for other printings/eds. (OCLC 23948849, 226659696) --HOC and HMC, both as 1879, viii+224, 16cm

HMC as 1879 (not) o[116] o[117]

Works of Hawthorne o[118]

EN and Wikidata Henry Oscar Houghton George Mifflin Melancthon M. Hurd (not done) James D. Hurd (not done) Clarence McIlvaine

HDL[119] HMC, stated Baker/Billings with Wikipedia's frontispiece

Twice Told
Tanglewood o[120] (long title, uncertain ed.)
Houghton, Osgood and Company 1880 o[121]
(also 1879, one 256-page edition, which matches our 1st ed.
Walter Crane ill.
HMC 1885

newspapers 1879-12-29/31 (23 hits)

[122] --Houghton, Osgood & Co. publishing establishment destroyed
[123] NYT 1879-12-29 p1 "Houghton, Osgood & Co.", from February 1878

newspapers 1880 Osgood (60 hits)

[124] Det 1880-01-01 p4 nothing irreplaceable
[125] NYTrib 1880-01-03 p5 fire last Sunday night (1879-12-28)
[126] NYTrib 1880-05-03 p4 Osgood share of the Houghton Osgood list
[127] NYTrib 1880-05-23 p8 The American Architect and Building News now part of JRO&Co, after "recent dissolution"
[128] The Sun (Balt) 1880-06-05 p5 review Mount Desert, on the Coast of Maine, Mrs. Clara Barnes Martin. 5th ed.
Houghton Osgood NYT 1880-06-20 p8 New Books
DFP 1880-08-07 The Poetical Works of HWL, illustrated, 17-18 Houghton, Osgood & Co.
separate notices NYTrib 1880-08-28 p6 Literary Notes on what's coming



LCCN: <a href="">45-40833</a> OCLC: <a href="">1337074</a>

1882 why the long title?

LCCN: <a href="">04-16467</a> OCLC: <a href="">5213622</a>

The Riverside Magazine for Young People: An Illustrated Monthly (1867 to 1870?) 1870 at HDL

Stockton p179; 8-part serial from p193 (May, No. XLI)
Andersen, about six
pagination spans 1-576 = 12@48

Ting-a-ling (26) o[129]

incl Scribner 1882 91 94 99 1900 01 05 10 11 12 13 16 17 25 + Gutenberg 2007 from 1921

Ting-a-ling (8) o[130]

incl Scribner 1882 97 1955 56

Publisher search

Frederick Warne [131]
Heinemann [132] (perhaps especially "Heinemann" and "William Heinemann")
Ticknor [133]
Fields [134]
Osgood [135]

James R. Osgood and Co. The first company published The Atlantic Monthly. One title page shows

something like "late Ticknor and Fields and Fields & Osgood"

The Atlantic Monthly, from 1857-11-01

publ [Moses] Phillips, Sampson and Company (London: Trubner and Company); ed JRLowell
annual vols 1-2
1859 Ticknor and Fields
semiannual vols 3-22 (the latter bound with Fields, Osgood title page)
1868 Fields, Osgood & Company (Ticknor's

HDL catalog records show

1857/58 annual vols 1, 2
1859-1900 semiannual vols 3-86
1900-22 semiannual vols 85-130
... 1957 semiannual vols 199/200

vol 22, 1868b completed by Fields, Osgood (December by Ticknor and Fields) vol 27, 1871a completed by James R. Osgood (January by Fields, Osgood; February; James R. Osgood) 35c, $4/yr; letterhead page p145 still states entered by Fields, Osgood

March announces new Hawthorne edition, beginning April, $2/vol entered by Osgood p273
vol 41, no. 243 (Jan 1878) H.O. Houghton and Company; bound Houghton, Osgood
vol 42, no. 249 (Jul 1878) Houghton, Osgood
vol 40 (1877b), H.O. Houghton; Hurd and Houghton; The Riverside Press [136]
vol 32 (1873b), J.R. Osgood


1832 Allen and Ticknor; 1833 William D. Ticknor and Company "which would remain the legal name of the firm until his death"; imprint 1845 Ticknor Reed and Fields, 1854 Ticknor and Fields

son Benjamin Holt Ticknor

James Thomas Fields biog: 1839 partner, 1846 Ticknor and Fields, 1868 Fields, Osgood & Company, 1871-01-01 announced retirement

Atlantic Monthly office, Ticknor & Fields, 124 Tremont Street, Boston, ca.1868

1871 title page (three lines, all caps):

James R. Osgood and Company,
Late Ticknor & Fields, and Fields, Osgood, & Co.

partners: James Thomas Fields Henry Oscar Houghton (and Lawson Valentine $) Thomas and Benjamin Ticknor Clarence McIlvaine

Benjamin Holt Ticknor (son of the patriarch, grandfather of Ben Ticknor)


  • James R. Osgood, McIlvaine & Co., Publishers 45 Albemarle Street, London W. (1892 inside address or letterhead, longest of several as catalogued by University of Glasgow, Special Collections, Whistler Archive --letter from McIlvaine received by James McNeil Whistler
  • Quote in full, via Google Books: Letters, Fictions, Lives: Henry James and William Dean Howells; by Henry James, William Dean Howells, Michael Anesko; Oxford UP; 1997; 0195061195; p. 282 n. 5 "Clarence W. McIlvaine (1865–1912), formerly employed by Harper & Brothers, joined James R. Osgood to form Osgood, McIlvaine & Company, the London representative of Harper's. When Osgood died in 1892, the concern was absorbed by Harper's, and McIlvaine took charge of the London office. In this capacity he had frequent dealings with HJ."
  • 1891 England Census, via Clarence W McIlvaine abt 1866 - city, United States city, London
  • The U Glasgow Whistler Archive (above) is Papers of the artist James McNeill Whistler (1834–1903). There are about 15 items linked to Clarence W. McIlvaine including 1 letter from Whistler to McIlvaine (1890) and 6 letters from McIlvaine to Whistler (1892).
  • James R. Osgood, McIlvaine & Co., Publishers, 45 Albemarle Street, London W (letterhead or inside address?, longest version as catalogued by Whistler Archive, letters from McIlvaine to Whistler)
  • Also via Google Books:
    Mrs. Hudson in New York, Barry S. Brown, Andrews UK Limited, 2015; 9781780927909 (4 hits; in the 1st, Dr. Watson calls on McIlvaine)
    search 'Clarence McIlvaine Thomas Hardy Wessex' (numerous hits)

Publisher: James R. Osgood, McIlvaine & Co.

1891 Oscar Wilde, Pomegranates P299788

Christies "James R. Osgood, McIlvaine, 1891"
OCLC "London : James R. Osgood, McIlvaine & Co., [London] : Chiswick Press: C. Whittingham and Co. 1891."
HDL shows: London // James R. Osgood // McIlvaine // & Co // 45 // Albemarle // Street

1891 Oscar Wilde, Savile's Crime P332789

OCLC "London : J.R. Osgood, McIlvaine and Co., 1891."
HDL shows: London // James R. Osgood, // McIlvaine and Co., // 45 // Albemarle Street

1893 Henry James [Rtrace from scanned images] P418923

Google Books title page: "London // James R. Osgood, McIlvaine & Co., 1893 // 45, Albermarle Street, W." (but Google states "Company")
LCCN "London, J. R. Osgood, McIlvaine & co., 1893."
OCLC "London : J.R. Osgood, McIlvaine, 1893."

1893 Stephen Grail T1696090

OCLC "London : James R. Osgood, McIlvaine & Co., 1893." o[137]
OCLC "London : J.R. Osgood & Co., 1893." o[138] o[139] --extend same Note
OCLC "New York, Harper & Bros., 1893." Series: Harper's Franklin Square library, no. 737" o[140] P586263

1894 Fergus Hume n82-72865 (59)

? no source; no LCCN
OCLC "London : Osgood, McIlvaine, 1894." o[141] "Responsibility: Fergus Hume (Stephen Grail)" --perhaps438536 wh may be specious or mistaken

The Private Life in newspapers 1893-06 to 12 (15 hits)

UK (1)

Manchester Guardian 1893-06-20 p10 "Novels": reviewed as 6 new short stories "8vo, pp. 331, 5s." --mainly the title story, briefly The Wheel of Time, commends the conclusions of the two others in the database, does not mention those two not in the database

N-Y Trib 1893-08-16 p8 "Harper & Brothers // Have Just Published [2nd of 4] // II. // The Private Life. // Including the Three Stories entitled The Private Life, Lord Beaupre, and The Visits. By Henry James. 16mo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1 00."

same 08-19 p8 "Books of the Week" as "The Private Life and Other Stories. By Henry James. 12mo, pp. 232." (no price)

NYTimes 08-21 "Books Received" as "The Private Life. Lord Beaupre. The Visits. By Henry James. 16mo. ... $1.25."

NYTimes 09-26 p5 "Harper & Brothers // Publish Today // [3rd of 5] III. The Wheel of Time. // Including the Three Stories entitled The Wheel of Time, Collaboration, and Owen Wingrave. By Henry James. 16mo, cloth, ornamental, $1." // "In Uniform Style: The Private Life. Three Stories. By Henry James. $1."

N-Y Trib 09-30 p8 H&B' List of New Books, III and XI of XVI

NYTimes 10-07 same

also reviewed under various titles

Griffith etc

Publisher search Griffith


Griffith and Farran

"Griffith" 1884
"Griffith and Farran" 1882 (and Dutton); 1872
1868 "Griffith and Farran, successors to Newbery and Harris, (Edinburgh : T. Constable, Printer to the Queen, and to the University)"

Francis Newbery (1743–1818) surviving son of John Newbery (d. 1767)

"He went into the business of patent-medicine selling and publishing which his father had created, both publishing and selling patent medicines. In 1779 he transferred the patent-medicine part of the business to the northeast corner of St. Paul's Churchyard, leaving the book publishing at the old spot. The firm was subsequently known as Newbery & Harris, for the partner John Harris; in 1865 it became Messrs. Griffiths & Farran.[1]

John Harris (1756–1846)

16-page (as p157-72 = Section 14 at Google Books) (we link page 2/158) Catalogue "Grant and Griffith, successors to J./John Harris" that includes also

p3, The Silver Swan
p4, Tales from the Court of Oberon
p16 Popular Toy Books, 1s.

P483281 1848, t.p. showing "successors to J. Harris"

P375955 as 1849 2nd (o[142] 1847 1st by Cundall?)

P553015 1849

P454941 check 1854 Cinderella *ill.?) by Cruikshank one Cinderella 1969 publ cites text from Boston 1863 Four Fairy Tales 1969/70 includes Cinderella

as 1839 "John Harris"
Grant and Griffith (successors to Newbery and Harris) -- 1848 to 1856
1848 Tales from the court of Oberon
~1850 Fabulous histories. : the history of the robins
1856 The talking bird
Griffith and Farran, late Grant and Griffith, successors to Newbery and Harris, corner of St. Paul's Church Yard, London, -- 1856 to 1859
1857 Granny's
1858? catalogue
Griffith and Farran, successors to Newbery and Harris -- 1858
(1856 to 1866) The history of the house that Jack built (toy book)
1856 Tales of magic and meaning (fairy tales)
1860 The life and perambulations of a mouse
1862/61 The story of King Arthur and his Knights
1862 4th The doll and her friends
1865 Hacco, the dwarf

"Newbery and Harris" not found as publisher among 80-odd WorldCat hits for "Newbery and Harris" to mid-1860s

Same for 30-odd WorldCat hits for "Newbery & Harris" to mid-1860s

Grant and Griffith, successors to Newbery & Harris

(1843 to 1856) The remarkable history of the house that Jack built
1848 catalogue

... successors to J. Harris

(1853 to 1856) Peter Piper's practical principles

Griffith and Farran, late Grant & Griffith, successors to Newbery & Harris

~1856 Cinderella by Perrault, illus. uncredited

Griffith and Farran, successors to Newbery & Harris

1860 The White Elephant

Grant and Griffith successors to John Harris; or to J. Harris

1844 catalogue catalogued as "... John Harris"
1844 catalogue catalogued as "... J. Harris"

Grant and Griffith

1847 -- ... late John Harris ; The Lady Ella ; or the story of "Cinderella" in verse
1847 -- successors to J. Harris ; The Silver Swan, illus. uncredited
1852 -- (successors to J. Harris) ; The doll and her friends
~1860 -- ; Tom Thumb

Advanced search does not provide search by Publisher (only Keyword, Title, Author, and other dimensions) altho Keyword hits publisher?

not in Publisher directory 2016-11-14

Francis Newbery
John Harris, J. Harris; John Newbery

in Publisher directory

Grant and Griffith 1848 1849
Griffith and Farran
Griffith, Farran, Okeden & Welsh

WorldCat: Griffith Farran Browne

o#133 implies 1892 to 1901, "Griffith Farran & Co." Newberry House, 39 Charing Cross Road j

"Griffith, Farran, Browne & Co." --Publisher on spine."

? 35 Bow Street, Covent Garden

even 1897, Harraden/Lupton is one of the few dated firmly "1897", no bracket or question mark --perhaps this publisher did not use imprint dates

Beatrice Harraden

Beatrice Harraden, wri EN --identity? (34)

Edith D. Lupton, ill --not at VIAF; 1 book only at WorldCat (and perhaps also 1904 picture book o[143])

J. H. Bacon, ill; John Henry Frederick Bacon EN (3)


1889, ill Bacon; 1894; Blackie 1895; Scribner's 1898
1891 dnf HDL
1891 ; GF Browne 1897 ; 1915 Henry Frowde,Hodder & Stoughton (new, at least re-ill L A Govey)


At Baldwin Children's Collection [145]

Things will take a turn, 1889?; revised 1895
A new book of the fairies (1891), revised 1897
  1. t.p., [v] "Griffith Farran Browne & Co. Limited // 35 Bow Street, Covent Garden // London
  2. Preface to New Edition, vii-viii, "six years ago", signed Hampstead, March 29th, 1897.
  3. Contents, ix
  4. List of Illustrations, xi-xii
  5. p1-178
Untold tales of the past, 1897

1889 (inscribed Dec 19th 1889) t.p. "London: // Blackie & Son, 49 & 50 Old Bailey, E.C. // Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dublin."

  1. decorated, not illustrated
  2. novel spans p[7]-95
  3. A Selection of Blackie & Son's Books for Young People. [1]-8 --half-crown, two shilling, 18d, shilling (inclg Gordon Browne's Fairy Tales (2), ill. GB colour), 9d, 6d, 4d --this book not found

Frowde etc

Publisher search Frowde

P214625 NEEDs much, mainly "London, Henry Frowde, Hodder & Stoughton"
Internet Archive: , and [146]
Open Library: , & [147]
Bibliopolis: and & [148] (metadealer; variously fashioned by dealers)

try LWCurrey!

HDL "henry frowde hodder stoughton" (35) nominally 1897 and 1908-1923 (33) and 1988 (mainly nponfiction, perhaps half medicine/health)

[1909] London : Henry Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton [149]
[1910?] London : Henry Frowde & Hodder & Stoughton [150]
1914 London : Henry Frowde Hodder & Stoughton [151]
1915 London : Henry Frowde Hodder and Stoughton [152]

Henry Frowde b. 1841 director OUP

LC Cat records are 5 works published by Henry Frowde, Hodder & Stoughto
one 1909] as "Henry Froude and Hodder and Stoughton" LCCN 2014-656871

VIAF: Frowde, Henry [153]; no hit as "Froude"

Strang Transportation illustrators

 l .Webster, W. E., ill 226287 Walter Ernest WD (2) VIAF=9080626 VIAF=95752432 ULAN=500011729
 l .Michael, A. C., ill 125074 Arthur Carr (3) VIAF=78413973 VIAF=95883692 ULAN=500032824
 w .Dugdale, T. C. 226286 (0)
eww .Eyles, D. C. 240448 (1, Derek) (WorldCat both Derek, D.C.)


shows Frowde and Milford imprints "/"
Herbert Strang, lists 11 works inclg 6 futuristic Transportation, 2 Future-War, 3 Lost Race
  1. 08 £ ; King of the Air 1907/08
  2. 08 £ ; Lord of the Seas: A Story of a Submarine (1908), clearly evocative of Jules Verne's Captain Nemo sequence
  3. 10 C$ ; The Cruise of the Gyro-Car ;; "gyro-car" one of nearly 50 New Words advertised late 1911 in US newspapers, 1200-page Websters's New Illustrated Dictionary (about 20% air trans, 20% other trans)
  4. 10 C$ ; Round the World in Seven Days 1910-11/12 $1.25 US H&S HartC; 3/6 Frowde HS ManchG, $1.00 Toronto (and Gyro-Car 75c) [154] Tor 1910-12-10 p18 reviews both; "Books Received" with prices same page
  5. 12 £ w ; The Flying Boat
  6. 24 -- ; A Thousand Miles an Hour
[155] Lord of the Seas
[156] Round the World

later make variant by co-author names; rearrange Synopsis and Notes

Published for the ] 1908 Christmas season evidently (2) Published for the ] 1910 Christmas season evidently (2)

1st ed. OCLC: <a href="">8822147</a> 1907 Christmas season evidently Price from advertisement by the publisher "Henry Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton's New Books for Boys and Girls"

Lord of the Seas --submitted 2016-11-17

Price from listing Manchester Guardian 1908-12-03 p5 "Book Received"

and review The Scotsman -12-10 p3 "Juvenile and Gift Books" -- "published jointly by Mr Henry Frowde and Messrs Hodder & Stoughton" -- Strang at his best; set mainly in the South Sea Islands, an English youth assists the American designer/builder in "adventures outwitting some rascally Germans" who seek the submarine design

Reviewed also Manchester Guardian -12-22 p4 "Christmas Books: Boys' Books": "It is of course anti-German, abnd the anti-German parts are crudely done, but the really suggestive parts of the book are as good as anything yet written by him."

Presumable US edition from Hodder & Stoughton noted NY Times 1909-12-18 pBR805 "Many Boys' Books of Outdoor Life" (no price) No other hit found 2016-11-17 in automated search of multiple newspapers 1908 to 1910

Sultan Jim

6s from listing Manchester Guardian 1913-10-21 p6 "Books Received"

[157] The Scotsman 1913-11-27 p4; "The admirable Jules Verne is dead
also and more interesting Captain Gilson, The Race Round the World: "The admirable Jules Verne is dead, but he has hosts of imitators to-day ..."; this one "a stirring romance quite in the Verne vein"; "The invention of a new motor spirit, "methylite", is assumed in order to make the enterprise entirely credible, and with this taken for granted Captain Gilson's story makes no demand upon credulity."
also 1s. edition of Gyro-Car
[158] The Observer 1913-12-07 p7 "Gift-Books for Christmas" "There is a race of Arabs in a remote corner of Portuguese West Africa, whom Jim Saltoun leads against the cannibals, defends from German prospectors, and finally annexes to Britain."

Cyrus Cuneo, ill. Sultan Jim 115001 WD, (5) (stated 94 works)

  1. 13 nibdb-- Sultan Jim: Empire Builder
  2. 16 The Old Man of the Mountain
  3. 24 nidb-- The Heir of a Hundred Kings (London: Oxford University Press/Humphrey Milford, 1924) [illus/hb/]

SFE3 gives Cuneo both interior and hardcover illustrator

5 of these Synopses submitted 2016-11-16
  • 2nd of Strang's three Lost Race novels; this one "set in the Himalayas and featuring an Antihero who uses high Technology tools to maintain his rule" --SFE3
set in Central Africa, earliest of
set in Egypt, latest of
Herbert Strang (26) VIAF=58168969 ("Strang, Herbert", stated 37 works)
Mrs. Herbert Strang (1)  VIAF=1563075 ("Strang, Herbert Mrs", stated 278 works inclg many Herbert)
Charles James L'Estrange VIAF=45854731 isfdb=173539 (12 works inclg some Herbert)
George Herbert Ely (4) VIAF=60635338 ("Strang, Herbert", stated 162 works)

Herbert Strang US publishers Bobbs-Merrill, Putnam's

Herbert Strang at LC as publisher HFHS

LC holds King of the Air (US, c1907) and Round the World (US, c1910)

1917-18 LC shows London: both H. Frowde and H. Milford

Five not at HDL 2016-11-16 (except the first in US ed.)

1908 King "London, H. Frowde, Hodder and Stoughton"
HDL: Strang c1907-11 Bobbs-Merrill, two eds. at HDL, not distinguished [159] (frontispieces differ and that From harvard U has list of Ilustrations) novel spans p1-[227] ; Bobbs-Merrill ed. o[160]
nidb-- 1908 Lord of the Seas ; listed in Catalog
1910 Cruise "Henry Frowde : Hodder & Stoughton" (the boys new 1/- net library)
HDL with original cover; Preface v-vi; Illus. front + 3nip + map; lacking map p[10]; spans p[11]-243; 16-page catalogue! (lacking p4-5); Herbert Strang's Romances uniform with this volume 2/6 each, inclg both 1908 from SFE3
nidb-- 1910 Round the World
HDL NY: Hodder & Stoughton, George H. Doran Co.; with original cover ; (c) 1910 Doran; frontispiece + 6 plates nip; spans p9-282 (novel with fict. postscript)
1912 "London: H. Frowde, Hodder and Stoughton" The Flying Boat at LWCurrey London: Henry Frowde Hodder and Stoughton
(1924 A Thousand Miles per Hour from Milford OUP) (apparently Milford succeeded Frowde at London OUP)
1913 "London : Henry Frowde : Hodder and Stoughton"
1916 OCLC shows "London : Henry Frowde : Hodder and Stoughton"

Lord of the Seas oFormats[161]

Sultan Jim oFormats[162]

1928 PV BLongley) From Herbert Strang's Library. Date approximate, taken from descriptions on Abebooks.

ISFDB:Moderator noticeboard#Tanglewood Tales in Herbert Strang's Library under Frowde imprint

  • Date is approximate. WorldCat library records cover copies of a Herbert Strang's Library edition, with Frowde imprint, dated as "[approximately 1910?]", "[1913?]", and "[193-?]" (OCLC 317594114, 755996526, 62888022). The latter is in series "Nelson's famous books for boys & girls" with Herbert Strang's Library at head of title (t.p., cover, or spine?). One record shows Herbert Strang's Library as from "O.U.P., <1931>" (OCLC 221383469). All as 255 pages, plate reports vary.

WorldCat shows Frowde Herbert Strang Tanglewood Tales o[163] c. 1910 ; o[164] c. 1913 ; o[165] 1930s ;

cf Oxford o[166] 1925 ; o[167] 1931 (Strang's)
all 255pp

December 2016

  • Franckh
  • Dover Publications
  • Calla Editions --Dover imprint
  • World Publishing Co.
  • Oak Knoll Books
  • Ernest Benn
  • Harper --21st century imprint
  • Harper (UK) --21st century imprint
  • R. H. Russell

White and Allen

LCCat search: White and Allen (29) few likely genre works

1888 80p illus C. M. Seyppel; transl? E. Hugh Jones o[168] "Smith and Schmidt in Africa, Hottentot blue-book", 118 illus.
1889 36p illus G. W. Brenneman, Sleeping Beauty
The Wine-Ghosts of Bremen (1889)
1889 /1827

Project Gutenberg #32064 o[169]

[170] Bos Globe 1889-12-22 p20 brief review of 500-copy ed., no price, as NY: White & Allen; Bos: Little, Brown (the De Vinne press)
review of the translation The Scotsman 1889-01-28 p3

imported 2016-12-21
Publishers, mid-December

Joel Parker White and Frank Allen

PW 1890-05-03 #953 p586 (at Google Books) ann auction "sale of the stock of White & Allen ... for the benefit of creditors" following action orig by creditors inclg Houghton, Mifflin & Company against White & Allen and Mary L. White

PW 1886-Christmas Number v30 p102 Stokes, White, Allen --in that sequence--

"White, Stokes, & Allen,
182 Fifth Avenue, New York City,

offer a great variety of new publications" ... 50c to $250.00

The American Bookseller 1884-? v15-16 p636

The Walt Whitman Archive

"White, Stokes, & Allen was a New York-based publishing house that put out highly ornamented books. It was founded in 1883 by Joel Parker White (1857–unknown), Frank Allen, and Frederick Abbot Stokes (1857–1939) and ran until 1887."

Lucile [171]

"Among the several publishers devoting themselves chiefly to publishing handsomely bound and lavishly illustrated editions of standard works was White & Allen. Joel Parker White and Frank Allen were both working for Dodd, Mead in 1880 when they left, taking Frederick B. Stokes with them, to found the house that became White, Stokes & Allen in 1883. This partnership lasted until 1887 when White and Allen established their own firm, starting a London branch at the same time."
bankrupt March 8, 1890;

LC corporate identities

White and Stokes [172] 1882 (0)
White, Stokes & Allen‏ [173] 1886 (0)
Frederick A. Stokes & Brother [174] successor, 1888 (0)
White & Allen [175] successor, 1888 (1)
Frederick A. Stokes Company [176] (91) VIAF=131785575


Lippincott, Richards & Co.‏ [177] 1835 auctioneers (0)
J.B. Lippincott Company‏ [178]
J.B. Lippincott & Co.‏ [179]
Lippincott-Raven Publishers [180] late
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins [181] late


Stokes [182]

FAS [183]

Harper's Bazar/Bazaar at Fiction Mags


The Bodley Head [184]
John Lane [185]
Elkin (Mathews) [186]

All from one 1897 book, Gods and Their Makers by LH

John Lane, 140 Fifth Avenue, New York facing t.p.
John Lane: The Bodley Head title page
London and New York
John Lane: The Bodley Head back pages
140 Fifth Avenue
New York

Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner and Company at UIowa The Lucille Project (as 1889 to 1911), db 1893-1937

Publisher search

Kegan Paul [187]
(Kegan Paul, Trench & Co. to 1889 per Lucille; Charles Kegan Paul and Alfred Chenevix Trench), Kegan Paul, Trench db 1886-88
Redway [188]
(Redway & Co. to 1889 per Lucille; George Redway and Alfred Sinnett), George Redway db 1888-99
Trübner [189]
(Trübner & Co. to 1889 per Lucille; Nicholas Trübner 1851-1884, subsequently by heirs and managed by Frederick Düffing), db 1864-97


Nicholas Trübner (1817–1884)
? Alfred Chenevix Trench (1849–1938), later son of Richard Chevenix Trench
? Alfred Percy Sinnett (1840–1921), writer
George Redway not found

Charles Kegan Paul, wri EN (15)

C. Kegan Paul & Co., 1, Paternoster Square. 1877 title page; LC search hits latest 1881 as publisher (1 title, several 1870s)
Kegan Paul, Trench; LC search hits earliest 1881 as publisher (2 titles)
 l   Cloudesley Brereton, wri 221555 (13) VIAF=79016377
1889 The Last Days of Olympus --niLCCN; OCLC not useful

check newspapers

elsf George MacDonald, wri 139 (364)
1891 The Flight of the Shadow us 1891; 1911; 1983

Greenberg, Publisher

'constable' [190]

Thomas Constable (4) VIAF=69296356

unknown object:

Printed in Great Britain Text printed by T. and A. Constable, Printers to His Majesty, Edinburgh Illustrations by Henry Stone and Son, Ltd., Banbury

Publisher search

'harcourt' [191]
'atheneum' [192]

Publisher search-12-01

'Frederick Warne' [193] (3); Frederick Warne (and Co.) (and Company)
EN Frederick Warne VIAF=306162418 VIAF=306460000 (NE and PT)
EN Frederick Warne & Co (F. Warne) VIAF=124693774 LCCN=no2005026988 GND=102518985X VIAF=278497987 LCCN=n87820664

earliest 1863 Psearch Publisher search NEEDS date/publisher work

Publisher search

'Routledge' [194] (5); genuinely distinct
EN George Routledge (0)
LCCN corp entries: G. Routledge & Co. (2); George Routledge and Sons (13); Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. (); Routledge & Kegan Paul (1); Routledge (Firm) (33 + variants)

Publisher search 'Kegan' [195] (7); a disaster

Winter 2017

Looking Glass Library

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2017-04-07 much misfit export to User:Pwendt/save#Newspaper links and #Moomin

/Looking Glass Library --created by export 2019-03-11 (as 11K)

Spring 2017

LC Authorities corporate identities

[Lucius E.] Clark & Austin nr2002-28487 from 1844?
Clark, Austin & Company nr2002-28489 from 1848
Clark, Austin & Smith nr97-10884
Clark, Austin, Maynard & Co. nr2002-28493 from 1861
Clark & Maynard n497-19236 from 1863
Effingham Maynard & Co. no2015-88788 from 1889
i Maynard, Merrill, & Co. no99-39277 from 1893
i Charles E. Merrill Co. no2008-68127 from 1894?
Charles E. Merrill Publishing Company n86-109891
? Merrill Publishing Company n86-109890 from 1985
i [Herbert] Small, Maynard & Co. no98-65361
i D. D. Merrill no89-6233
D. D. Merrill, Randall & Company BNF
i Bowen-Merrill; The Bowen-Merrill Company n2006-29309
i Bobbs-Merrill Company n80-43398
Charles E. Merrill & Co. from 1914-01 as Merrill Lynch [etc] from 1915

Publisher search: Sampson

Publisher Sampson Low 1950 Sampson Low (and Company)

Sampson Low 0 EN: Sampson Low Sr

"Sampson Low 7 Co. (1825-1964)" D19cJGBI p555 Harper Brothers agent from 1844; "... Sampson Low & Co. continued in business until 1964." (SL's biweekly Publishers Circular 1837) (SL's Jules Verne centenary ed. 1928)

EN: Collier's [196]

P.F. Collier & Son ; ISFDB publisher search: Collier

HRW Library, so-called Holt, Rinehart and Winston 1999/2000

Animal Farm --big problems

WorldCat search: Connections "HRW Library"

At Amazon, see also Holt McDougal Library

The Time Machine and [The] War of the Worlds with Connections P431101

now at Amazon as Holt McDougal Library, High School with Connections and list price $20.05

P502490 Animal Farm with Connections shdbe ANTHOLOGY
Data from OCLC: <a href="">45503911</a>, with list of Contents -- two ISBN, 0030554349 0030554179 -- "xiv, 153 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm + study guide (77 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm)"

For the same ISBN as of 2017-04-12, Amazon US shows a cover image of the same design ("HRW Library" logo), "HOLT, RINEHART AND WINSTON (May 8, 2009)", list price $18.10

04-03 Crowell, Collier

P. F. Collier, Inc. [n80079869]
P. F. Collier & Son [n80079870]
Crowell Publishing Company [n80079868]
Crowell-Collier Publishing Company [n80079867] from 1939
The Macmillan Company [n80079864]
Crowell, Collier and Macmillan [n80079866]
Macmillan, Inc.
Macmillan Publishing Company
Thomas Y. Crowell Company‏ [n88072126]
Crowell & Kirkpatrick Co.‏ [n2012074255]


Books of Wonder / William Morrow
WorldCat search ('peter glassman'): 110 hits [197] 2-vol Wizard of Oz 1985?, then many from 1986
D. McKay, see also Wikipedia "David McKay" (1860–1918) EN (1, Alice)
Farrar (4) Farrar, Straus and Giroux --check newspapers concerning 1945-11-21 Farrar Straus & Co.

Announced 1946-01-13 [198] NYT 01-14, [199] NYHT 01-14 "Also on the staff are" 8 including Margaret Peterbridge Farrar and Stanley Young

Stanley (Preston) Young 1906-1975 (7) --original member of the BoD ; LAC (for Dirk van der Heide (My Sister and I) LAC says pseudonym of Stanley Young; NTA says pseudonymous My sister and I :‏ ‎‡b  the diary of a Dutch boy refugee, VIAF=286648167

Wikipedia Strauss gives 1945-11-21 for Farrar, Straus; and 1964 for Farrar Straus & Giroux

Sheila Cudahy?

J. Knight
L.C. Page
WorldCat search: Cosy corner series -- main listed publishers Cassell; Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co; Joseph Knight; L.C. Page --Knight and Page from #19. 1894

The little lame prince

o[200] JKnight 1897, o[201] LCPage 1897, o[202] LCPage 1898

Joseph Knight P309536

"The corporate name of JKC, publishers, has been changed to L. C. Page & Co. The new concern will continue the publishing business in Boston." NYT -02-20 pBR7 "Books and Authors"
NYT 03-03 p10 "Judgments. Tuesday, March 2." reports one $545 against Arthur I. Gray by JKC
"The JK compaay of Boston is succeeded by L. C. Page & Co., and the new firm will publish April 1st Cap and Gown ..." LAT 1897-03-21 p15 "Books and Those Who Make Them"
F. Warne

compare Warne: Frederick Warne and Company, Frederick Warne and Co., Frederick Warne [not at the moment "F. Warne" or "&"]

Write to Ahasuerus about template {publisher}, complete sentences, en-dash,

[203] publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

I added href-links from the other three to Farrar, Straus and Giroux (as for hundreds of publisher pages) At FSG, i used the database template {publisher} (4 instances) in lengthier notes.

Author and Publisher notes in general

newspapers 1907 1908

[204] Frowde and H&S collaboration

Publisher search 'lockwood' [205]

import 2017-05-02
Publisher:Hamish Hamilton

Smith, Elder & Co.

Michael O'Mara Books

Ginn & Company

Rudolf Steiner Publications (Steinerbooks?)

Scholars' Facsimiles & Reprints

2017-01/02 Van Ingen & Snyder at WorldCat

Grabhorn Press and family, Hoyem, Arion Press

Edwin E. Grabhorn, 1889-1968 : (12) (top 20 from 1923)
Marjorie Grabhorn, wife : (3 from 1959) (7 from 1935)
Robert Grabhorn, 1900-1973, brother (12)
Jane Bissell Grabhorn, 1911-1973, sister-in-law ; ephemera publ 1968; Grabhorn, Martha Jane Bissell; founder of Colt and Jumbo EN (7 from 1934)
Mary Grabhorn, daughter : (3 from 1953) (9 Shakespeare 1951 to 1961, birthday party invitation 1936 o[206])
Andrew Hoyem, b 1935 EN (12)

corporate (--nidb; i indb; ?)

-- Studio Press, 1915-19 : (0)
i Grabhorn Press, 1919-65 (76)
-- Grabhorn-Hoyem (Press), 1966-73 (7) --nidb in pred succ records
i Arion Press, from 1974 (43)
-- Jumbo Press, 1937-73 (0) --nidb
? Colt Press, 1938-42, then a Grabhorn imprint (2, 1938/49) --? one [Paterson, N.J.], [Colt], [©1944]
Grabhorn Institute, est 2000 EN

Harper Trophy

/Harper --created by export 2019-03-11 (as 23K)


multiple publishers and imprints, primarily Walker & Co. and Walker Books (UK)
create 2018-10-07, note-taking and import; much remains at User:Pwendt#September 2018

indb 2018-10-06/13 ; Publisher search: Walker

earliest latest (number)
1961 2012 (310) Walker & Co. -- defunct US 
1969 2010 (9) Walker & Co. / SFBC -- defunct US
2007 2014 (58) Walker Books / Bloomsbury USA -- defunct US
2012 2013 (11) Walker Books for Young Readers -- defunct US
(also Bloomsbury)
2018 ---- (2) Walker & Collier -- ? 
2006 2008 (5) Walker Large Print -- identity?
1990 ---- (1) Julia MacRae / Walker Books (UK)
1987 pres (613+) Walker Books (UK)
2018 ---- (1) Walker Books (US) -- new Candlewick imprint --NEEDs linkage
2008 pres (35) Walker Books Australia
1989 2011 (2) Walker's Books Ltd 
(also Candlewick)

Walker Books

London, Sebastian Walker

Walker Books (1978/1980) --none

earliest The Guardian 1982-10-21 p21 [207] Experienced Person, placed by David Ford, Walker Books, 17-19 Hanway House, Hanway Place, London W1
earliest books coverage, board books from Helen Oxenbury [208] The Guardian 1983-05-26 p10, L2.95 each, published today by WB (profile of Oxenbury mainly)

Sebastian Walker --none

Candlewick Press

newspapers (candlewick press: 1991 2, 1992 33

PW 238.11 1991-03-01 p45 "Walker U.K. to Launch Candlewick in the States" --bibliog only, with abstract "UK publisher Walker Books plans to open an American affiliate, Candlewick Press, to be located in Cambridge MA. Candlewick is highlighted."
Globe and Mail -07-08 pC1 "Book convention opens on upbeat note: [...]" (Canadian Booksellers Assoc.; Toronto; 325 booths this year, from Sunday!): [209]: Waldo on the move; Groundswood/Douglas & McIntyre "acquired rights to distribute Waldo and other titles from Candlewick Press, the U.S. division of Waldo's original publisher, Walker Books of England."
PW 239.13 1992-03-19 p14 "Candlewick's Terms Spark Bookseller Interest" --bibliog only, with abstract "Candlewick Press, a new publisher of children's literature, is profiled. The publisher has been pleasing book sellers by offering a 50% discount rate, free freight and a 12% co-op allowance and by sending its Big Bear character to bookstores."
[210] Wor. Tel & Gaz. 1992-03-18 pD5 "New publishing house opens in Cambridge" : (abstract) "... the first Candlewick book, "Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?" returned to press earlier this month for a second printing of 50,000 copies after the first run of 35,000 sold out to bookstores before the official release date." [Waddell/Firth 1991, 600000 copies in print]
New York, of course, continues to be the book capital of North America, though a number of prominent publishers are located outside Manhattan. Greater Boston, for instance, is the home of Houghton Mifflin, Little Brown, Addison-Wesley, David Godine and Harvard University Press, important publishers by any yardstick.
To those numbers you can now add Candlewick Press, an imprint established at 2067 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge less than a year ago. It already has 44 titles in print, all of them beautifully produced children's books.
... the new company specializes exclusively in children's books ...
owned 51% by wri, ill, emp; 49% by Walker Books of GB; staff of 20!
(c) NYTimes Company, today
books coverage in US newspapers essentially begins May

Walker Books Australia (1991/1999, 3 hits)
The Guardian 1995-04-10 pA20, -04-15 pC18 advertisement for Sales / Production Coordinator "expected to organize and run regular meetings with salespersons at Walker (especially foreign rights) and liaise closely with our subsidiary companies, Candlewick Press in the US and Walker Books Australia." --footer "Walker Books Limited // 87 Vauxhall Walk, London SE11 5HJ"
PW 1996-09-30 243.40 p41-42 coverage of My Very First Mother Goose, ed. Iona Opie, illus. Rosemary Wells, a Candlewick inquired/requested by Australia, article covers 1994 to 1996

Walker & Co.

Walker and Company
Walker Publishing Company, Inc.

New York, Sam Walker

[211] CT 1966-04-18 pB7, Robert Cromie, "Cromie Looks at Authors and Books", concerns Walker and Company only, partly from communications with "a new publicity lady named Alice Allen Groves". It features the Spring list much of which certainly is not yet out in print. "Some are just out, some will be out this month or next, ..."

Walker and Company (1959/1961, first US hits 1961)

[212] NYHT 1961-01-29 pC2; weekly? Books and Authors by Maurice Dolbier "A new hardcover publisher, Walker and Company, brings out its first books in February ..."; at least 11 books; Samuel S. Walker, Jr.
NYHT 1961-04-30 pD33 advert "Connoisseur Mysteries" (3) "Walker and Company" 75 E. (?)19th 55th!] St, New York 22, NY
major coverage begins May

check again perhaps with better access, eg Publishers Weekly full view

Walker & Co., from 1959, inaugurated 1961-02

earliest in database: 1960 spurious; 1961 Cohen's Rider Haggard
el   Morton N. Cohen 21079 (19)
BLO.£i 1960 Rider Haggard, biog T{{t|1413196}
LO.$i 1961 US
BLO..i 1968 2nd ed.

Full reviews March/April 1961: Ivor Brown, NY Times 1961-03-26 pBR5, "Tale of a Teller" Maurice Dolbier, NY Herald Tribune -03-30 p21, (title) 'Rider Haggard' DeLancey Ferguson, NYHT -04-09 pD28, "As Stalward as His Heroes" Vincent Starrett, Chicago Tribune -04-09 pD4, "Books Alive"

  1. 21 [213] Austin Clarke Irish Times 1960-09-17 p6, "A Goddess Not So White"
  1. 8 The Guardian 1960-05-21 p6, MNC appeal for information about Kipling and Haggard, for the next book ; more briefly, NYT -08-14 pBR30

V. S. Pritchett, New Statesman 60 (1960-07-02) p277, "Haggard Still Riding"

3 others Aug/Sep

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November subsections (early/mid-November)

1.6 #LGL
1.6.1 2. #Blue Fairy Book
1.6.2 4. #Men and Gods
1.7 #Fairy Tales --incl
1.8 #Oxford series --World's Classics and others

Series: Middle Earth Universe --what ordering principles, technical and substantial

[214] Babbitt review of Watership Down, on occasion of the 1st US paperback

The Albion, or, British, colonial, and foreign weekly gazette (1822--1856)

Cochrane and Pickersgill --niVIAF --3 ebooks at openlibrary, all 1931
James Cochrane and Co. --niVIAF
White, Cochrane and Co. --LCCN: (1811-1816
Colburn, Saunders & Otley --niVIAF
Saunders and Otley --LCCN:

William D. Ticknor (Firm : Boston, Mass.) --LCCN:
William D. Ticknor and Co. (1843) ;; Ticknor, Reed and Fields (1849) ;; Ticknor and Fields (1854)
John Allen & Co. (Boston, Mass.) --LCCN: => New York late 1830s
Allen & Ticknor --LCCN: (19) 1832--1834 "partnership for selling books")

Dana Estes & Company --LCCN:
Estes & Lauriat --LCCN:
(W. H.) Colyer --
William H. Colyer (person), Philadelphia printer 1837 --LCCN: nr2001030336 (0)

Henry Carey Baird & Co. --LCCN:
Henry C. Lea's Son & Co. --LCCN:
Henry C. Lea (Firm) --LCCN:
Blanchard & Lea --LCCN
Lea Brothers & Co. --LCCN
Lea & Blanchard --LCCN:
Lea & Febiger --LCCN:
Carey, Lea & Carey --LCCN:
Carey, Stewart & Co. --LCCN: (and James Hood Stewart; active at Philadelphia, Pa., 1790-91)
Carey, Talbot, and Spotswood --LCCN: no2008156194
M. Carey & Sons --LCCN:
M. Carey and Co. --LCCN:
Mathew Carey and Co. --LCCN:

ISFDB publishers

2 54/72 Henry Carey Baird --presumable son of Edward L.-- (Philadelphia 1854) (1872 t.p.)
Elder, William. A Memoir of Henry C. Carey, Henry Carey Baird & Co., 1880.
(quote) At the age of 16 Baird entered the publishing company of Carey and Hart in Philadelphia. He reorganized the firm under the name of Henry Carey Baird & Co. in 1849 and made it "the first publishing house in America to make a specialty of books on technical and industrial matters." [DAB]
1 1840- Lea and Blanchard --
9 34/48 Carey & Hart [Phila: E. L. Carey ...] --LCCN:
1 32/-- Carey & Lea [Phila: thus] --LCCN: n81095573
1 36/-- Carey, Lea & Blanchard [Phila: thus] --LCCN: n86135891
4 33/35 Carey, Lea and Blanchard [Phila: varied]
1 22/-- H. C. Carey & I. Lea [Phila: thus] --LCCN: n86135850
--not expected so early as 1822 per Wikipedia
1 1816- M. Carey [WorldCat thus]
1 1800- Mathew Carey [WorldCat thus] --32pp

Wikipedia persons and businesses

n50035124 Mathew Carey (1760–1839) Phila publ from 1785
n50032408 Henry Charles Carey (1793–1879) (124) "In 1825, Carey succeeded his father in the publishing firm, which became Carey & Lea", retired 1838
n87828876 Isaac Lea (1792–1886) "the family business, which ultimately became Lea & Febinger"
nr91009589 Edward L. Carey (1805–1845), second junior partner in Carey, Lea & Carey ; from 1829 Carey & Hart
nr91033343 Abraham Hart (1810–1885) "This house of Carey & Hart became the best known publishing house in the United States."
n84136773 Henry Carey Baird --probable son of E.L.--

Philadelphia title page imprints indb

Carey, Lea & Blanchard (1833, 1836) (one more 1833, as WorldCat reports)
Carey, Lea, & Blanchard (1835)
Carey, Lea and Blanchard (1833)

RBJ publisher of 1900 Chesterton collection Fo[215]

 lw  R. Brimley Johnson, ed. 285885 (100) 
els  Wernher von Braun, nf 37768 (35)
el   Florence Marryat 115984 (136) --daughter
el f Frederick Marryat 81561 (221) --Captain Marryat, father (four children wrote at least one adventure novel)
el   Valdemar Thisted 120853 (6)[many Danish] 
el   Mrs. Henry Wood 82941 (119) 
el   Miles Gerald Keon 231731 (2) 
el f William Harrison Ainsworth 1970 (93) --named-editor New Monthly Magazine 1845-1870, sometimes owner

Captain Marryat

2019-01-04 User:Pwendt/People/Frederick Marryat

include The Metropolitan Magazine --nidb --ed. by Marryat 1832-1835

1831 newspapers

[216] The Spectator 4.157 (1831-07-02): 644. "The two new Magazines are getting on very well. The Third Number of the Metropolitan is better than the first or second. ... The Fourth Number of the Englishman's Magazine, also, is good. ...

Both these Magazines are Reformers, and have good articles on the subject."

advert, The Examiner Iss. 1222, (Jul 3, 1831): 430-430. --reports No. 3, July, published Thursday [-06-30]; "published by Cochrane and Pickersgill, 11, Waterloo-place, Pall-Mall." (no price)

1847 newspapers (bentley "standard novels") (28 hits)

Lit Gazette 1565 (1847-01-16) advert p56 The Outlaw, Mrs. S. C. Hall, fc "The Standard Novels and Romances" (#105?) ; notice p53 The Poacher, G.P.R. James, just "Bentley's Standard Novels"
Lit Gazette 1611 -12-04 p846 notice p Bentley's Standard Novels" "The present issue ... Andersen's Improvisatore
series Bentley Standard Novels

Standard Novels and Romances (list #1-54 [217] "A new edition ... at a price ..." 3/6) (list #55-121 [218])

aka The Standard Novels and Romances
contrast Bentley's Modern Literature

WorldCat se:"Standard novels (London, England)" 137 from 1831 to 1850

[first series] 1831-1855 o[219]
Annual numbers of WorldCat search hits 11, 11, 12, 13 [85 to 1839]
1831 #9-10 ? Schiller, The Ghost-Seer o[220]
1831 #9 ? Frankenstein o[221]
1833 #28 [pt 1] Northanger Abbey o[222]
#28 OMNIBUS Northanger Abbey and Persuasion
1834 #41 Vathek o[223] 118p
#41 OMNIBUS Vathek, Beckford; Castle of Otranto, Horace Walpole; Bravo of Venice, M. G. Lewis
1834 OMNI-3 o[224] 3 vol, paged continuously, III "Bravo of Venice : a romance / translated from the German by M.G. Lewis."--transl. by MGL ?
1834 OMNI-3 o[225] 364p
1834 OMNI-3 o[226] 364p
1836 OMNI-3 o[227] 364p, separate t.p.
1836 OMNI-2 o[228] meagre
1836 Otranto o[229] meagre
1849 OMNIBUS-3 o[230]
1837 #61 Rookwood o[231]
1838 #68 The Pacha of Many Tales o[232]
[233] The Scotsman 1838-08-04 p4 --review (publ -07-31?)
#99 Cooper, Jack O'Lantern ?= Sleepy Hollow
1847 #106 The Phantom Ship o[234] --Wed -03-31 ?
1847 #107 The Dog Fiend o[235] -- Monday 1847-05-31
now apparently published on the last day of the month, Jan Mar May Jul (#105 Outlaw o[236], #108 Mr. Ledbury o[237], #109 Agnes o[238], #110 Improvisatore o[239]) (#104 The Poacher \ Marryat)

that is, #105-110 1847-01 to 1847-11 --evidently not a consistent publication schedule over many years (would be #45-50 1837;

last day of odd months 1847: Sunday -01-31, Wed, Mon, Sat, Thu, Tue

James Justinian Morier 19450 EN (39) --JJMorier at HDL(61)

[1824] The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan (contains The Story of the Baked Head ?) --skim Contents both 1824 and 1828, none clearly suggests The Baked Head
HDL as 1824 (4) London: Murray, 2nd (2); Paris, A. & W. Galignani; Philadelphia, A. Small
#44 Hajji Baba
[1828] 1835 #45 The adventures of Hajji Baba, of Ispahan, in England -hdl
HDL as 1828 (2) London: Murray; New York, Harper
1836 #54 Zohrab, the hostage
1846 #100 Ayesha the Maid of Kars -hdl
The Mirza 1841 -hdl

Hajji Baba

BL 008257108 1835 meagre info (of Ispahan)
BL 000160103 1835 #45 (in England) "Revised, corrected, and illustrated with notes, and an appendix, by the author"

T35187 1937 ANTH Fifty Enthralling Stories of the Middle East, Achmed Abdullah

The Supernatural Index :: search (Abdulla) --this source not likely to be reliable for author names

February 1918 [240]

OCLC (4) --all as Mysterious; Odhams Press; 704 pp

o[241] as 1937; Achmed Abdulla (no 'h'); 704
o[242] as [1937] from BLC; "edited by the Sheik A. Abdulla ; seventeen full page illustrations"; Fifty/50 enthralling stories of the mysterious East; 704/22
o[243] [1930?]; "edited by the Sheik A. Abdulla"; 704/22
o[244] [1937]; "edited by the Sheik A. Abdulla"; 704


000032457 1937; "Edited by the Sheik A. Abdulla." 704/8vo rdabf
012118879 1950; " " (no page-count)


EoFantasy: as editor: Fifty Enthralling Stories of the Middle East (anth 1937 UK)


UK 1937; "by Achmed (ed) Abdullah" (US), "by Sheik A Abdulla" (UK)
UK 1900; "by The Sheik A. Abdulla"
UK 1936; "by The Sheik A. Abdulla" "Odhams Press; Presumed first printing thus. Undated. c.1945. edition (1936)"

The Phantom Ship, end March?

[245] -03-27 as The Standard Novels and Romances (end of the month) (#106)
[246] -04-03 same, now ready (implied)

The Dog-Fiend, end of May The Standard Novels and Romances (#107?) The Adventures of Mr Ledbury, 07-31

Internet Archive 1847 Bentley #106 "Capt. Marryat, R.N. author of ...", frontispiece, text spans p1-385 ch1-42
Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street.
Bell & Bradfute, Edinburgh.
Cumming and Ferguson, Dublin.

Series: Frankenstein Universe with sub-series Frankenstein

2 exceptions "The Bride of Frankenstein" as by Guy Preston and Shelley; "Frankenstein Unbound" as by Brian W. Aldiss
BL 016833096 1819 Sherwood, Neeley & Jones

The Vampyre T94820 --ISFDB as by Dr. John William Polidori 19743

"The Vampyre: A Tale (April 1819 New Monthly Magazine; 1819 chap) as by the Right Honourable Lord Byron. Byron was credited for the story by its publisher for commercial reasons, but denied authorship from the first. Polidori's tale may not be the first Vampire story ever written, but it proved catalytic in forming the model of the tormented Byronic vampire that dominated nineteenth-century renditions of the topos and the legend (see Alexandre Dumas; Charles Nodier; Bram Stoker; for full entries on Vampire Movies and on Vampires, see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy; but see also Clichés)." --SFE3, John Clute
"JP, having been dismissed by Byron in September 1816, then made use of his former employer's sketchy vampire tale, transforming it very substantially into The Vampyre: A Tale (1819 New Monthly Magazine; 1819 chap), both releases being published – whether or not with JP's sanction is uncertain – as by Byron. Byron repudiated the assertion of authorship, but the (correct) assumption that the Lord Ruthven depicted in the latter tale was him was soon universally accepted. The connection was all the more inevitable since JP had taken the name of his vampire antihero from Glenarvon (1816) by Lady Caroline Lamb (1785-1828), a roman à clef whose central villain, Clarence de Ruthven, Lord Glenarvon, was a savage portrait of Byron, her ex-lover. So The Vampyre is important not only for its merits but because it fixed in place, for most of a century, the Underlier motif of the Byronic vampire – the satanic, blanched, world-weary aristocrat whose eyes have a hypnotic effect, especially upon women, and in whom vampirism and seduction are part of the same process (>>> Supernatural Fiction). The languor of the Byronic vampire is a pose: for his energy is infernal. The story traces the growing awareness of the young romantic Aubrey that Ruthven, who fascinates him, is indeed a vampire; unfortunately for Aubrey, this discovery is made through the deaths of his fiancée, his sister and in due course himself. Imitations (> Charles Nodier; James Robinson Planché) led eventually to Alexander Dumas's Le Vampire (performed 1851), which put a final gloss on the Byronic motif." --EoFantasy, John Clute

novelette T1279474

1819 P1279474 --falsely as Author: Dr. John William Polidori
1819 P297827 --PV Rtrace 2015-12-28 --represents 3 issues by Sherwood, Neely, and Jones --which edition is this one? --if 2nd issue we shd state that clearly --date 1819-03-27 suggests 1st issue, credited to Lord Byron
Google Books (no url)
Heritage Auctions (no URL)
Bloomsbury Auctions {dead}
Internet Archive (uncredited2nd issue)
t.p. "1819. // [Entered at Stationers' Hall, March 27, 1819.]" --copyright date, in effect?
v (title) Extract of a Letter to the Editor
vii-xvi Extract of a Letter from Geneva : (quote) "I breathe freely in the neighbourhood of this lake ...
xvii (title) The Vampyre
xix-xxv Introduction
27-72 The Vampyre
73 (title) Extract of a Letter, Containing ...
73-84 Account of Lord Byron's Residence, &c. : "In sailing through the Grecian Archipelago ..." (1812)

[247] Frankenstein at Penguin as Penguin Classics 2003 ISBN-0141439475

1992 (and earlier?) 0140433627
WorldCat search
1985 014043237X at Amazon

"Dr. John William Polidori"

first 1967? P253517
T1364070 with phoney 1936 publication
T2201409 as unknown, should be 1985 or 1992 publication

ISFDB publisher search: Bentley

P614176 --PV Vasha

  • as Richard Bentley and Son
  • as Transient
  • as incomplete contents with freeform list of other stories
  • citing, no URL

Chris J? Dion and the Sibyls

  • 1866
  • The Catholic Publication Society c1871 [248],
  • The Catholic [not Christian] Publication Society w cover(cat as Benziger Bros 1913)
  • McCauley & Kilner [249]
  • Benziger Bros c1898 [250] w cover and informative catalogue
  • Catholic School Book Co. 1871 o[251]; cf. o[252]

The London Magazine (1820 to 1829 rendition) merged with The New Monthly Magazine. --Wikipedia

1821 to 1832, vols 1-36 new series, organization appears to be as follows

1832 organization is evidently Original Papers I Jan-Jun , II Jul-Dec , Historical Register III Jan-Dec?

The New Monthly Magazine

HDL catalog record

Ixion in Heaven --in The New Monthly

v35 1832:2 "Original Papers" Jul to Dec? (pt 3 is "Historical Register") "Ixion in Heaven" page 514-29 (cf. issue Contents page 489)
v36 1832:3
v37 1833:1 page 175-84

The Infernal Marriage --nidb --in The New Monthly

v39 1833
v40 1834 not found
v41 1834 Parts I,II page 293-304 431-40 (Jul, Aug) (July begins p273) by Disraeli the Younger, author of "Ixion in Heaven"
v42 1834 Parts III,IV p30-38 (Tiresias at his rubber --whist) 137-44 "(To be continued)"
v43 1835 not found

General information --mainly from title pages viewed at HathiTrust Digital Library

Henry Colburn was the founding publisher of The New Monthly Magazine from 1814 to 1845. Title pages of the three annual volumes (printed months later than the monthly issues?) display the following in one or two lines (all caps, hyphenation varies): viewed at HathiTrust): • Henry Colburn, New Burlington Street. (1828) • Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, New Burlington-Street. (1829, 1831) • Published for Henry Colburn by Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street. (1832, 1833) • Published for Henry Colburn by Richard Bentley : Sold by all bookselllers. (1834, 1840) • Henry Colburn, Great Marlborough Street. Sold by all booksellers. (1841, 1845)

1814-20 New Monthly Magazine and Universal Register 1814 v1-2 1814 and v13-14 1820 (Henry Colburn and Co. Conduit-Street)
1821-36 The New Monthly Magazine and Literary Journal [new series]
v1-3 1821 (Henry Colburn and Co. / Conduit-Street, Hanover-Square) [no editor]
v13 1825 (Henry Colburn, New Burlington Street) --
v37 1833 (for Henry Colburn / by Richard Bentley) --
v46-48 1836 (London: Henry Colburn, 13, Great Marlborough Street) --
1837-52 The New Monthly Magazine and Humourist
v49-51 1837 (" ") Theodore Hook, Esq
v52-54 1838 (London: Henry Colburn, GMS) Theodore Hook, Esq
v61-62 1841 Hook / v63 Hood
v64 1842 " " " Hood
v67-68 1843 " " " / v69 unnnamed
v70-72 1844 no editor
v73-75 1845 (" ") Ainsworth
v76-78 1846 (Chapman and Hall, 186, Strand) v88-89 1850:1-2 (" ")
v90 1850:3 v91-93 1851 (Chapman and Hall, 193, Piccadilly) Ainsworth
1853- New Monthly Magazine
v97-99 1853 (Chapman and Hall, " ") Ainsworth
100 1854:1
101 1854:2-3 and 118 1860 The ... " "
141 1867:3 The ... " "
v142-64 semiannual 1868-79
v142 1868:1 Chapman and Hall
v143 1868:2 ONLY Hard Bentley, New Burlington Street
v144-45 1869 Chapman and Hall
v146-47 1870:1 Adams and Francis, 59, Fleet Street, E.C.
v148 1871:1 (not bound) Adams and Francis, 59, Fleet Street, E.C.
1871:2 missing
1872 missing, implied Vols 1-2 n.s.
1873:1 = Vol 3 n.s. Ainsworth
v153 v4 = 1873:2 as below
v164 v15 = 1879:1 (London: E. W. Allen, 11, Ave-Maria Lane and Stationers'-Hall Court, E.C.) Ainsworth


1814-1845 Henry Colburn
1846-1869 Chapman and Hall (except 1868:2 --probably "Hard Bentley" = Richard Bentley; ie second half of truncated statement)
1870-73:1 Adams and Francis (EN: 1871-79 editor cousin William Francis Ainsworth)
1873-79:1 E. W. Allen


unnamed 1814-20 as Universal Register and 1821-36 as Literary Journal
Theodore Hook 1837-1841:2
Thomas Hood 1841-1843:2
unnamed 1843:3-1844
Ainsworth 1845-1860 at least

el   Mrs. Henry Wood 82941 (119) 

HDL 1899, HDL 1900 Adam Grainger and Other Stories, 1 vol, Bentley, 1890. i) Adam Grainger (1857), ii) Gina Montani (1851), iii) A Tomb in a Foreign Land (1853), iv) Katarina Orsini (1877), v) The Self-Convicted (1853), vi) A Mysterious Visitor (1857), vii) Rupert Hall (1876) & viii) All Souls' Eve (1856).

HDL The Unholy Wish and Other Stories, 1 vol, Bentley, 1890. i) The Unholy Wish (1853), ii) The Foggy Night at Offord (1858), iii) The Surgeon's Daughters (1854), iv) The Brilliant Keeper (1862), v) Two Marriages (1858), vi) The Mail-Cart Robbery (1856), vii) Millicent's Folly (1855), viii) The Parson's Oath (1855), ix) A Mesmerist of the Years Gone By (1855) & x) A Soldier's Career (1854).

el   Valdemar Thisted 120853 (6)[many Danish] 

Letters from Hell

Letters from Hell, 1906 augmented o[253]

"Given in English by L. W. J. S." may be a translation credit. In that regard consult books from multiple publishers reported by WorldCat libraries or available at HathiTrust Digital Library: • OCLC Fiction Finder ("From the German translation of the original Danish.") as 3rd Canadian ed., undated <a href="">title page</a>) • OCLC Fiction Finder as Bentley 1885 • OCLC Fiction Finder as Funk & Wagnalls 1885 (<a href="">title page</a>, catalogued as Bentley 1885) (<a href="">another</a>, catalogued as F&W) • Funk & Wagnalls 1887 (c)1885 (<a href="">)

Another translation, New York, 1889 title leaf HDL

[254] The Spectator 1884-10-11, "George MacDonald on Hell" --review of Preface to Letters

"[RB&S] List" Athenaeum 1885-01-17 p97 states "Edited by Dr. George MacDonald in column one, commonly the author's name

LCJ 14 Nov 1884: 4 notes Funk & Wagnalls in press
LCJ 15 Jan 1885: 4 again notes in press
[255] The Book Buyer 1884-12 p335 Scribner & Welford's (retailer advert?) 16mo, 2 40 = $2.40
publisher Scribner and Welford
(earliest advert) [256] N-Y Tribune 1885-03-14 p6 $1.00
quotes MacDonald in review on the translation and mission

elw .S. E. Waller 251868 (4)[many] --q
1873 Prince Marigold o[257]
1874 Queer Folk, 4th ed. o[258] Fo[259]

Hugessen (Lord Brabourne) 168789 (9)

1871 Moonshine
1874 Queer Folk (7), 1st(?) HDL
4th -hdl o[260]
1875 Whispers
1875 River Legends -hdl
1896 Forest Fairy 32-page -hdl

EN: "Though forgotten and unread today, Knatchbull-Hugessen wrote many well-known short stories of fantasy and faery. He produced a book or two of these stories each year from 1869 to 1894. Some sources on his life, such as Encyclopaedia of Fantasy say 12 such books. Others, such as Oxford Reference, say 15. The collections were popular and commercial successes in the Christmas book market, and his publishers illustrated them with the leading illustrators of their time such as Gustav Doré and Richard Doyle."

Dorothy's Double Fantastic Fiction --a genuine double, a lost sister --non-genre?

as Rialto #68 o[261]

el  G. J. Whyte-Melville 251866 (49)

The Works of G. J. Whyte-Melville (W. Thacker & Co., 1898-1902), 23 or 24 vols at HDL --1898/99 responsibility of R. A. Everett

GJ W-M at BL

1871 010560201 Tauchnitz; ~1880 002454904
BOy£i- 1928 A Knight of the East (Books Within Books #13)

1868 Bones and I, or The Skeleton at Home T2190442

Oy 1868 1st

Bones and I 1868 iv+287

Bones and I at HDL

1868 1869 1900 1901 1903
1868 Chapman t.p.; no cover, p1-287, no back mat
1869 Chapman (2 copies) t.p.; Contents as p[iii]-iv, else identical?
1899 W. Thacker & Co., [= WORKS v8] Songs and Verses: Bones and I; Contents p.ix-xii; List of Illus. xiii-xiv; text 1-148, 151-[338] --illustrations are initial capitals only (+ color frontispiece "Tally-ho" for Songs and Verses)
1901? t.p. no date; Ward, Lock & Co., Limited; illus A. Forestier ; front, Contents ("PR 5802 B64 1901"), p[7]-259, p[260] printer ... 172 words p258
and two copies with font difference t.p. cat as 1900, t.p. cat as 1903
1898-1902 Works v1-24 illus. (W. Thacker & Co.) catalog record (v8, 1899, contains Bones and I)

1871 Sarchedon T2190446 Fo[262]

BOm£-- 1871 1st ; 3 vols 289+270+251
Oy.-- 1871 Appleton (Library of Choice Novels #33) 195pp --later visit HathiTrust
Oy.-- ; 435pp
[263] Phi Inq 1871-08-07 p3 --report of pirate edition?
[264] Reviewed at length in "A Batch of Novels", The Globe (Toronto) 1871-10-09 p2, edition and price not reported --over the top historical romance, better titled Semiramis as [1871] New edition 387 pages

newspapers indicate new eds. mid-1872

Tauchnitz issued it in 2 vols Collection of British authors. Tauchnitz edition., v. 1173-1174 o[265]

Rand McNally 1892 o[266]

Ward, Lock [1903?] viii+387

[267] Appletons' Journal of Literature, Science and Art 1871-09-09 --excerpts from The Athenaeum review (with Appleton edition already published)

Sarchedon at HDL

1871 1871 1871 1871 1871
[268] Chapman 1871, 3 vols 3 copies
007707848 Chapman [1871] New ed. 387p t.p. 193, Picadilly (no date); no cover or front mat; text p[1]-387, no back mat
008667864 Appleton 1871 195p title page inscribed Select Novels no 187; no cover or front mat; text p[5]-195, publisher adverts p[197-200]
011405874 Tauchnitz 1871, 2 vols; 16cm
100886094 Ward, Lock 1871? 435p t.p. Author of ..., Illus ...; text p9-485, [486] The Gresham Press, p[487-98] publisher inclg Melville complete in 25 volumes #1-25 "illustrated by front-rank artists" ... Windsor Magazine = much later no doubt
1877 1892 1899 [1899] Ward Lock
1877 New Edition ... 1877, t.p. (iii)
1892 Rand McNally p7-438, original cover, no date
Rialto series, no. 45 --at WorldCat 56 hits (Rialto series) 1889 to 189?
1899 Ward, Lock & Co., [1899]; 435p 4 leaves of plates --2 scans, one lacking half-title "Sarchedon"; original cover
1899 Ward, Lock [1899]; 435p t.p.(3) illus --Cornell --matching content inclg half-title, except t.p. font change

Rand McNally ~350 words p8 ==> ~120,000 words (and Appleton same text >600 words/page)

series Appleton Library of Choice Novels

#20 Alroy #33 Sarchedon

series Nelson Books Within Books

Fo[269] 70 WorldCat records, originally 1927 to 1930 ?, at least 39 vols o[270]


Benjamin Disraeli 16821 --NEED RETURN to Encyclopedia of Fantasy re shorter works --and SFE3 article needs attention, relocation of the reference to Aliens at least WRITE

20-volume Works (Dunne, 1904) --at HDL The works of Benjamin Disraeli, earl of Beaconsfield, embracing novels, ... 6 records cat as 1904, two cat as 1976

Limited ed "Printed for subscribers only" [271]
volume 1, evidently Earls (2 front pages), Contents, Illus, The Writings\Critical xi- ; Biographical Preface xxxv-liii ; Vivian Grey key lv-lvi
volume 7 Works t.p. front t.p. xii+315+78 (ix-xxxiv, Ilustrations (list of 3), xi-xii preface [1845]; no back mat --NEED COMPARE Gutenberg #20002
Gutenberg images match vol 7 ... MATCH!

p3 The Internal Marriage, part 1 ... p78 "... marvelling at his own delusion!" --identical to the serial closing, as "(To be continued)"

HDL 008882670 --complete
Crown ed HDL 007687446] #484 of 999
Empire ed HDL 006672303] #29 of 1244 --complete, multiple
Earls ed HDL 100523894]
Primrose ed HDL 004539176] #886 of 999 --complete
Chancellor's ed HDL 102292348] 750 --v1 only
1976 ISBN 0404088007 (set)

Miriam Alroy T1573556

HDL Appleton Miriam Alroy front cover = t.p. (1) 1870, text p[3]-83, [85]-108, [109-10] [1-2] [3] [back] (or [109-14] where 114 is the back cover) back cover, "Library of Choice Novels" #1-22 where #17-22 by Disraeli, same as Uniform Edition of Disraeli's fiction inside front cover
HDL Petersen with The Rise of Iskander t.p. (427) text as pp. 449-529 (heading The Wondrous Tale of Alroy), [531]-54 = 53 leaves 106 pages identical except pagination and bottom margin?

1870 Appleton HDL

[272] OMNIBUS/novel or COLLECTION/novelette

later check newspapers --1st US ed.? from the Prime Minister of GB? • 1833, 1870, and 1904 (The Works, vol 7) editions all contain the same two works; • before further data entry (tomorrow?) estimate the word-count, as these may be COLLECTION of novella and novelette, say • (The Rise of Iskander has been omitted from Contents of 1833 and 1904 publications by earlier editors, as probably non-genre --stated by or inferred from Reginald or SFE3?)

3-vol 1st ed. 1833

vI Alroy p[v]-vi dedication, [vii]-xxv Preface, p[1]-269 + notes [273]-303 w printer; no back mat
vII Alroy p[3]-291 + notes [295]-303, 304 printer; [305-06] catalogue Feb. 1833 Messrs. ... have just published the following ... Works
130 words p288
vIII Alroy p[3]-106 + notes 109-112 ; Iskander p[115]-324 ; Works by the author of Alroy p[325-26] truncated
108 words p323 (with numeral) ==> ~32,000 Iskander

Alroy prose 269+289+104=662 ==> 70-80,000 + notes 31+9+4=44

ISFDB OMNIBUS The Wondrous Tale of Alroy: The Rise of Iskander [BY] The Author of ’Vivian Grey,’ ’Contarini Fleming,’ &c.
1833 3-vol UK HDL The wondrous tale of Alroy. The rise of Iskander. By the author of "Vivian Grey", "Contarini Fleming", &c ...
original punctuation except ", for ," [orig. following "&c." is next line In Three Volumes]
1833 2-vol US HDL The wondrous tale of Alroy ; The rise of Iskander / by the author of Vivian Grey, Contarini Fleming.
original uses dots and finally "Fleming, &c.," [followed by In Two Volumes]
[v]-xi, [15]-195 + notes p[197]-212 (better but not correctly numbered), p[213-16] catalogue [NYPL copy only ; one front leaf in Harvard U copy] [2 copies otherwise identical]

search ALROY at HDL (83 hits)

1870? Petersen HDL --pagination and layout suggest straight reprint from Appleton's Journal!

187-? See also Appleton's HDL Collected edition of the novels and tales by Benjamin Disraeli (11 vols)

1904 Works v7 o[273] --includes "The Infernal Marriage"


1881 55p
1976 xii+315+78
2004 xx+269

2006 Gutenberg #582920 --booked as from 1904 Works v7
edition not stated, t.p. not transcribed, not paginated
does not contain Iskander, or Works v7 p1-78 new series

text spans p1-299 (inferred from Notes 1-82) ==> implies Notes p301-15 in Worksv7

Appleton's Journal: Literature Science and Art (search p449, wh may follow eight 56-page issues)

1-8 1 3-8 5 9 11-15, some n.s. 10, some n.s.
1-8 (1869-72) --no such content ; nor v 10

series Books Within Books --author credit?

lw F. J. Tickner 253870 --"stray publications" (7)[many] --conflates 1960s Fred Tickner, genuinely (4)[]
Susan Cunnington --niLC [20] --from 1930s
 lw  Gary Hoppenstand, ed. 24451 (21) 
Screaming Ghost, 1956 o[274] (list of 21) P308048 --why list 2 of 21 stories? WRITE Chris J and Mhhutchins
Folklore, 1958 o[275]
Arthur, 1963 o[276] (list of 10)
MacEwen, 1963 (as iii+221) PV Marc Kupper (as iii+220) ; 1969 6th (as 220) PV Don Erikson --those two as iii+221 and 220 ; (c)1963 o[277] with Contents (9) --q
el   Carl Carmer 10603 (65) 
el  .Irv Docktor 26176 (4)[15] 
Susan Colling --nidb

Frogmorton by Susan Collins, illus Ernest [H.?] Shepard !

1955 UK
1956 1st US K Amazon US
1980 FR FR


brief review Globe and Mail Toronto 1955-11-12 p11, For Smalls" Collins C$2.00 158pp
publisher advert Man Gua -12-02 p11 illus Ernest Shepard 8/6
[278] Was Post 1956-05-06 "Monthly Juvenile Roundup" Elsie S. MacDonald $2.00
[279] NYHT 1956-05-13 Spring 1956 Borzoi Books, this one Ages 8-12 $2.50 "Eager hands are reaching for Borzoi Books for young people"; footer Alfred A. Knopf, Publishers // 501 Madison Avenue, N. Y. 22, N. Y." --also Carl Carmer The Screaming Ghost, Ages 12-16 $3, entire blurb "Thrilling Tales of the Supernatural from authentic American sources."
[280] NYHT -05-13 pE31 --also The Glass Slipper
[281] LCJ -06-17 p71 --"Magic, Fantasy Make Comeback for Youngsters" --also Knight's Castle, Silver Nutmeg

The Master by T. H. White T827153

1968 Penguin 294pp UK

check newspapers

[282] Was. Post Spring 1969 HRW children's books

1973/74 newspapers 2018-12-06 one hit ("palmer brown" nutmeg) 1974 only!

[283] NYT 1974-05-05 "Let the sun shine in. It's Avon Books Spring Announcement for Young People"; includes under Camelot Books "The Silver Nutmeg is a delicate fantasy by Palmer Brown, author of Beyond the Paw Paw[sic] Trees" --as if Nutmeg is new this spring, and Pawpaw previously published

Beyond the Pawpaw Trees --dnf 1973 newspapers, only the mention in 1974 Spring Books announcement

1973 Avon; OCLC 225972012 (none) --dnf Amazon

The Silver Nutmeg

1973(?) Avon #15446; OCLC 795507619 (! 0685395405) OCLC 15609993 (none) --needs cleanup; ISBN 0-685- not plausible

The Search for Delicious

Oy$-- 1974 Avon; OCLC 4348154 (none) --dnf Amazon
y$-- 1980 Avon; unknonw source (ISBN 0-380-01541-2) --dnf Amazon

Oscar Lobster's Fair Exchange T2119684

Oy$-- 1974 Avon; OCLC 270657683 (none) --with link to dubitable Amazon "mmp 1974" with cover image #18937, no price (#18937 is plausible)
LOy$-- 1982 Avon; OCLC 8346297, LCCN, Amazon (0380-00703-7)

The Horse That Played CF T2003448 LOm$i- 1968 HRW

Oy$-- 1974 Avon; OCLC 26497522 (none) --dnf Amazon

Matthew Looney and the Space Pirates, book 4 --another 1974 Spring Books

Kirkus: 1. 1964-04-01 3. Outback 1969-04-01 4. Pirates 1972-03-15

Matthew Looney --dnf 1985 newspapers --ISBN reports are problematic here. Summary: [postponed 2018-12-08]

Ly$-- 1961 Scott
AOy.-c 1972 Avon #ZN95; OCLC 917702 (none) --Amazon gives 038-039792-7
1980 Avon; OCLC 948676357 (0380-01494-7)
1965 Scott
AOm$ic 1972 Avon #ZN83; OCLC 225971621 (none) OCLC 4741639 (0380-01493-9 0380-44016-4)
1978 Avon? per Whole SFD#3
1983 Avon? OCLC 795507595 (0380568209) --US as 1983 but $1.50 #44016, which matches 1978
Ly$-- 1985 Lipp --unk source
1969 Scott
AOm$ic 1973 Avon #14431; OCLC 221770149 and 4338216(0380-00847-5) --Amazon gives 0380-00847-5
0000 Avon 3rd, $1.50, 0-380-00847-5 PV
0000 Avon 5th, $1.50, 0-380-49783-2 PV
1972 Scott (none yet) --q
AOm$ic 1974 Avon #18333; OCLC 3799496 (none) --Amazon gives 0380-00848-3
Ly$-- 1985 Lipp --unk source

Maria Looney

LOy$ic 1. 1977 Avon #75523 Maria Planet
LOy$ic 2. 1978 Avon #40311 Maria Circus 0-380-40311-0
m$-- 3. 1979? Maria Robot 0-380-43232-3
AOu$ic 0000 Avon #78626

Natalie Babbitt

The Search for Delicious T32164 Fo[284]

(c)1969 0312369824 0374465363 1439554110 0374365342[niW]

Amazon US] as FSG 1969, 159pp, ISBN-0374365342

The same interview (GoFish) is here as pp. 74-78, in a Square Fish edition that does not match Amazon's report (159pp)
ABEbooks also reports this cover as FSG 1969 ISBN-0374-36534-2 (but more reliable 1st ed 1st pr give no ISBN)
1969 1st at ABEbooks Christmas 1969 inscription
1970 2nd at ABEbooks no image
-- as 1969 Scholastic B001LLI5O0 (Burkhart cover) --some later edition, cover illus. looks like Babbitt
Oy$-- 1974 Avon
Oy.i- 1975 Chatto 1st UK --Babbitt cover?
Om.i- 1977 Fontana 1st UK pbk --Babbitt cover?
-- 1987 Sunburst 2nd o[285]
-- 1989 Sunburst o[286]
-? yet another Sunburst printing/state o[287]
.$ic 0000 17th 0-374-46536-3
m$ic 2005 20th 0-374-46536-3
Oy.ic 1909 Trumpet
-- as 1996 unknown (no image) A-0780767489
-- 2007 audiobook B0764HKTPC
Od$i- 2007 Square Fish A-0312369824
Oy.-- 2011 printing
Od$i- 2008 Paw-Paw A-1439554110
Ad.i- 2010 FSG for Kindle B004K1ES9O
-- 2012 Teacher Guide A
1985 as 1969 PermaBound US as ELWF "Every Life Water Filters." --whose first review mentions a container

Knee[ ]Knock Rise

K genre incomprehensible
1970 ; 2007

Horse That Played CF


o[288] reports 0030679109 as Henry Holt, 1969, no page-count or size
1969 Scholastic 126pp 18cm ISBN-0590620118
candidate Amazon US as Unknown, Scholastic 1969, ISBN-0590620118, 6.6in
candidate US as mmp 1867 --radically distinct front cover
1974 Avon o[289] 118pp 21cm no ISBN --q
1993 animated film adaptation VHS Tape Anchor Bay; August 25, 1993 --q title Note
2010 Kindle US w Look

some edition at BPL

Palmer Brown series Anna Lavinia --TOMORROW check newspapers (UK book 1, Avon Camelot both)

BLOm$ic 1954 Pawpaw Trees
BO..-- 1956 1st UK
O..-- 1973 Avon Camelot ALSO o[290]--neither reports ISBN (and not found at Amazon)
LOd$i- 2011 NYRB --cover artist presumably Brown, price almost certainly $0.95
[2011?] 726695761, 2012 2012 BL: "ISBN 9781590174616 (hbk.) : £9.99; ISBN 1590174615 (hbk.) : £9.99; BNB GBB267855; System number 016122798"
ABEbooks 1964[sic] Harper & Row [291] ; none as 1954, nor Avon Camelot
BLO.$-- 1956 Silver Nutmeg
B-£-- 1957 1st UK
Om$ic 1973 Avon Camelot --NEEDs more
LOd$ic 2012 NYRB
2012 2012 BL: "ISBN 9781590175002 (hbk.) : £9.99; ISBN 159017500X (hbk.) : £9.99; BNB GBB267857; System number 016122800"
ABEbooks Harper [292] 4 images ; multiple Avon Camelot w images also at Amazon
Silver Nutmeg, 1st ed.

capsule reviews LCJ 1956-06-17 p71, Was Post -08-

Newsday -05-19 p28-29
brief review AY monthly: [293] Childhood Education 33:1 (September?)

[294] "Through the dew pond on Dew Pond Hill, she entered the world on the underside of ours. She learned the problems and advantages of living without gravity ... More Songs from Nowhere are included. ... Ages 6 to 10." -- (Songs from Nowhere is a fictional collection by Mrs. Tetterbrace --13 poems "with echoes of Mother Goose, of William Blake, even of Lewis Carroll" that "mostly contain wise or simple nonsense"-- featured in a continuing subplot of book one. --review of the latter in "Books for Boys and Girls" by Louise S. Bechtel, New York Herald-Tribune 1954-11-14 pF2) --

1956 to 1958 newspapers seeking UK --The Silver Nutmeg, more coverage in UK than US!

[295] New Statesman 54.1392 (1957-11-16) p662
[296] Spectator 199.6753 (1957-11-29) p749-50
[297] Irish Times 1957-11-30
[298] Man Gua -12-06 p13

1973 Avon Camelot

publ record needs Amazon-reported ISBN-0685395405

Sl   Palmer Brown 161332 (10)
el   Clifford Webb 120030 (12)
el   Elinor Lyon 284856 (17) --children's adventure writer, mainly non-genre 
 1949 Wishing Water[-]Gate o[1821660]
 1957 The Golden Shore o[299] --dnf US ed. -- BL 002295078 (no report of price or illus.)

Among three reprints by Fidra Books 2006 to 2008 (non-genre), one Dragon's Castle is "Reprinted with a short autobiography dated November 2005." --BL 015119485 Amazon UK(no Look)

LCCat records of Lyon books (17) from Hodder & Stoughton () illus. -- none: -- uncredited: #Ho50 -- #Ru53 GB53-3548 4672669 Wi49 -- -- by the author: -- by another: Hi48 -- Ki75 GB75-06530

-- by the author (BL): HO RU Dragon Castle (Fidra Books, 2008) "Reprinted with a short autobiography dated November 2005. Originally published: London : Hodder and Stoughton, 1956." -- H&S: Ho50 Se55 Ca62

  1. by the author, per British Library
el   Alexander Gordon Smith 136535 (10)[many]
el   Jerome Beatty, Jr. 6464 (24)
el   Hal Higdon 113323 (45)
els  Donald Barr 7130 (9)[many]  --mainly nonfiction for children (atomic energy, building, prehistoric man, primitive) or about schools
"distributed by Two Continents" (1 hit at Wikipedia, ISBN-978-0-8467-0567-3)

.Erik Blegvad 8533 (89)

 l   Raymond H. Thompson 76901 (4)[]
John Bayley --nidb (42] EN
 l   Dan Wickenden, ed. 229013 (9)[>10] 
el   Orville Prescott, ed. 53381 (10)[many] 
els  Maurice Richardson 20187 (13)[many] 

Prescott, Mid-Century ANTHOLOGY (20 stories, 3 now in the database)

[300] 1958-01-11 p15 brief notice by fellow NYT critic Charles Poore ; not much longer, CT 1958-01-12 by CT book editor Fanny Butcher

el  .Raymond Sheppard 217421 (5)[many] 
 lw .Enrico Arno 165507 (31) --dnf 1980 newspapers
el   Margaret Benary-Isbert 4396 (17)
els  Elleston Trevor 4489 (57 + nine pseudonyms not pursued

Elleston Trevor - others for children covered in prose at SFE3

  • Ants' Castle (London: The Falcon Press, 1949) [illus/hb/David Williams]
fc 1949-11-03 [301] 1949-10-08 "Selected Falcon Autumn Books"
  • Forbidden Kingdom (Guildford, Surrey: Lutterworth Press, 1955) [hb/uncredited]
  • The Crystal City (London: Gerald G Swan, 1959) [illus/hb/David Williams]
(The) Woodlander(s) series, or Happy Glade, or Deep Wood
series advertisements show "The Woodlanders Series" (1949-09-09), "the Woodlanders series" in prose (-10-08, -10-20, and "the Woodlanders series" -11-11), [302] 'The "Woodlanders" ' in prose 1953-12-11 inclg Mole 8/6 Sweethallow 9/6
#7 10-12 at BL 003673368; Mole 003673414 "1950 [1951]"; Sweet 003673434 "1950 [1951]"; Badger's Wood 003673371 Heinemann 1958 (at SFE3 Macmillan) brief review by Margaret McBean in "New Books for the Younger Reader's Library" NYT 1959-09-20 pBR52, this one for ages 5 to 10
#12 (only?) Criterion Books, 1959, $3

"Happy Glade/Deep Wood sequence of children's fantasies beginning with Into the Happy Glade (1943)" (15, the first two under his original name Trevor Dudley-Smith) SFE3

7. 1948 Badger's Beech [1970] ; c1978 "A rhyme in an ancient chest hints at buried gold for those who follow its directions."
Fo[303] also 1970 Heinemann ISBN-0434968048 (BL: "ISBN 0434968048 : 20/-; BNB GB7004912; System number: 011580178"), 1970 Aurora, 1978 Charter House/Two Continents ; 1978 UK (BL: "ISBN 0820250155 : £3.25; BNB GB8904874; System number 007423028")
8. 1948 The Wizard of the Wood 1948
Fo[304] also 1967 Heinemann ; 1948 UK US(plain scarlet cover)
9. 1949 Badger's Moon c1978 "The Woodlanders make an unexpected trip to the moon in the Brown Wizard's rocket ship."
Fo[305] also 1967 Heinemann, 1978 Two Continents ; 1978 UK US(better image)
10. 1951 Mole's castle c1978
Fo[306] also 1967 Heinemann (BL 003673415), 1978 Charter House/Two Continents Charter House/Springwood Books (BL: "ISBN 0905947177 : £3.25; BNB GB8011649; System number 007435124")
11. 1051 Sweethallow Valley c1978"Twenty Gnomes come to Deep Wood to make mischief, but the Woodlander animals convince them to do good instead."
Fo[307] also 1970 Heinemann (BL: "ISBN 0434968056 : 20/-; BNB GB7005433; System number: 011580179") 1978 Two Continents (BL: "ISBN 082025018X (U.S.); ISBN 0820250082 (U.S.); ISBN 0905947169 : £3.25; BNB GB8106645; System number: 007435123") ; 1950 UK plates, 17 drawings; 1970 UK
12. 1958 Badger's Wood 1958 Kirkus (this one only?)
(only NEED correct SFE3) 1958 Heinemann o[308] [309] brief review as Heinemann 11/6 Elizabeth Henniker Heaton
1959 Criterion o[310] review as Criterion $3

Cover art credits imply that Atkinson illustrated #7 to #12, 1948 to 1958

  1. 1943 Happy Glade BL 003424342 "Into the Happy Glade. [Stories for children.]"
  2. 1944 Silver Stream sequel BL 003424339
  3. 1945 Deep Wood BL 003673388, 1947 usCA illus Stephen J. Voorhies BL 003672485
  4. 1946 Heather Hill
  5. 1947 Secret Travellers
  6. 1948 Island of the Pines
13. 1959 Green Glade
14. 1963 Squirrel's Island
15. 1975 Chipmunks

check newspapers

1967 to 1971 --titles #7 to #11 not found

Adventures in Modern Literature T2196640

  1. (Stauffer Cunningham) 2371257 (login and borrow); ABEbooks ABEbooks "Full of short stories, biographies, essays, articles, poetry, humor, plays, and a novel by Joseph Conrad called The Rover." --Contents MISMATCH --Harvard PR1149 .S73 1939 (now under renovation)
  2. (Stauffer Cunningham) 12797988 ABEbooks (t.p.); 2nd (no image) Amazon; 2nd ed. images as 1st ed. Amazon Amazon
  3. (Stauffer Cunningham Sullivan) 5956257 Google (numbered Contents) Amazon --Contents MISMATCH --but Harvard "partial Contents" (identical list of 27)
  4. 4th, 1956 (Freier Lazarus + Potell) 1399192 Amazon
  5. 5th, 1962 (Freier Lazarus) Amazon unk Amazon paper
  6. 1970 (Frier Hardwick Lazarus Lowell) ABEbooks Amazon
 lw  Ruth M. Stauffer (12)[14] --Director, Washington
W. H. Cunningham (11)[13] --Director, Boston --NEEDs redo as William H., probably
Catherine J. Sullivan --dnf

Gulliver's Travels Universe

Glasgow University Library Special Collections Gulliver as 2006-01 Book of the Month

Sp Coll Bk3-f.18-19 and Sp Coll BD4-f.10-11 --two "A" versions of 1726-10 Gulliver, on different paper, both catalogued as "4 v. in 2"


(short story or scientific article?) Gulliver's Next Travels: A Journey into the Land of Biomaterials and Synthetic Life / Annemiek Nelis Gulliver's last voyage, describing Ballymugland, or the floating island. (2nd ed, 1825) --uncredited
FloatingIslands.pdf p144-45 (ch12, see also ch82)
2/6 "Monthly List of New Publications" The Scots Magazine v95-96 (as Edinburgh Magazine) Nov 1825 p612-14

2018-11-30, NOVEL Gulliver's Travels T180697 variant titles (22, 1726 to 1980)

contains editions of limited scope --at least 1 Lill (1858 &c), 2 Brob, 1-2 Lill & Brob (1912 &c)-- and some adaptations/retellings

Baron [311]

Baron Friedrich de la Motte Fouque

Sir [312]

Miss Mulock Dinah Maria Mulock Craik

Mrs. Molesworth Mary Louisa Molesworth

Magazine series and publishers

I have added numerous magazine issues to the database and do not recall that completing the Publisher field. I see that it is commonly empty, at least for some famous old US magazines and publishers (Century, Scribner's). We credit a publisher of The Atlantic Monthly primarily for some very early issues published by Ticknor & Fields.
No moderator has mentioned the point (three years experience), so I wonder whether we now have a consensus to leave the field empty.
We handle magazines issues as titles in a (title) series, not as publication series.
Crediting the publisher thus has a big impact on the publisher bibliography "not in a publication series", which thus includes magazine issues. by Ticknor & Fields (1854 to 1868) we have mainly issues of The Atlantic Monthly (1857 to present).


User talk:Vasha77#fairy tale tags
fairy tale retelling (not a single NOVEL)
User talk:Kpulliam#HathiTrust Digital Library (tag)
tag flying saucer
tag UFO
Tag Editor (long list)
Children's Fantasy (18) , juvenile fantasy (8600), young-adult fantasy (7505)
middle grades fantasy, teen fantasy (Clarkmci alone, 103 and 217)


Flying saucers --tag needed? T826859, T2075653
tag Note field needed? for scope statements

uncertain dream, uncertain drug Mr. Parham T1065186

Haunted Houses T2257401 --as SHORTFICTION but is it NONFICTION?

as 1969 Weekly Reader o[313], as "[1969] (c)1969" Xerox o[314] "Discusses ten documented cases of ghosts and poltergeists from the past and present and suggests various theories to explain them." (see also Kirkus)
 lw  Larry Kettelkamp 259465 (40) --children's NONFICTION writer mainly
1954 Magic made easy
1969 Haunted houses --User talk:Auric#Haunted Houses (again)
1972 Investigating gods : the dramatic story of what man believes about himself and his destiny
1973 Astrology; wisdom of the stars
1974 Tricks of eye and mind; the story of optical illusion
1975 Hypnosis, the wakeful sleep
1996 ETs and UFOs : are they real?
1969 Morrow hc $3.50 Price from review by Jerome Beatty Jr in "For Younger Readers" NY Times 1969-05-11 pBR26


  • American Education Publications --q
  • Xerox Education Publications (8, 1969/1980) --q
  • Weekly Reader Books (2, 1983/84)
  • Weekly Reader Children's Book Club (1, 1978)

publication series

  • Weekly Reader Book Club (2, 1970)
  • Weekly Reader Books (2, 1978)
  • Weekly Reader Children's Book Club (1, 1968)

Xerox Education in newspapers 1972/76

X Family E Services (6 hits 1972/73 only) --one is 51-page Xerox Corporation Annual Report 1972
X Education Publications (118 hits 1972 to 1976)

Hartford Courant

[315] 1972-05-19 p29 Xerox Makes Major Changes In Its Middletown Subsidiary --split as XFES and XEP; [316] 1972-07-11 p32 Major Change Is Made in Xerox Group

NYT 1973-04-01 p493 --XFES advertisement for a statistician (BA stat or econ); XFES, 245 Long Hill Road, Middletown CT 06457

William McKellar --nidb (28)[many]
1960 Castle 86pp [6852238]
1969 The smallest monster in the world 113pp o[317]
1970 House 117pp
1973 Grannoch 115pp
1974 Stuyvesant 150pp
c1976 Cat 183pp
1980 Highland 185pp
 lw  Elizabeth Baldwin Hazelton 124665 (7)[10]
1971 The Haunted Cove T1010967 --niAmazon dnf newspapers 1971/74
1974 The Treasure of Kilvarra --dnf newspapers 1974/75
el   Elizabeth Marie Pope 473 (7)[7] 
 lw .Marilyn Miller 119968 (24) 

A Ghost Around the House by William McKellar --nidb K 1970-09-08

1970; (distributed by) David McKay Co. o[318]; 1972 printing o[319]; 1972 Scholastic o[320]
el  .Nora Lavin 221885 (6)[many] --some Slovene works translated by husband Janko Lavin

Aesop's Fables

1927 ; 1929 McKay ; 1989 Children's Classics

el f Hilda Lewis 115885 (38)
1956 The Witch and the Priest
1967 reissue BL 002156481
1970 1st US --PV Chavey
2013 Valancourt
[321] 1958-05-11 pE1-29

New York Herald Tribune Book Review Children's Spring Book Festival (22nd annual) --also The Sherwood Ring P47068

[322] WP -07-13 pE7, review by Virginia Strickland
[323] NYT -07-20 pBR24 review by Aileen Pippett

The Ship (SGPhillips, 1958) as ISBN-0875990673 now displays a different cover, which is less plausible than we show

2018 Kindle Amazon w "Crushed Lime Media LLC (June 26, 2018)"


Edward Eager Tales of Magic? Half, Lake, Well, Seven-Day (only 4)

May 1958, 22 annual Children's Spring Books Festival (NYHT)

Margaret Sherwood Libby, editor NYHT "Books for Boys and Girls"
$3.50 "Honor Books" NYHT -05-11 pE3 ;
also LCJ -06-22 p65 (4:11) [324] with The Secret Circle $2.50 featuring girl who talks to animals; The Moon Ship $2.75 transported to the other side of the moon?
NYHT -05-11 pE17 "New spring additions ... children's book publishing"
same day display advert CT pG7, without update for NYHT Children's Book Festival, "New worlds of fact and fiction, laughter and learning for young readers" is illus. with one Bodecker illustration from this book.
and same day review NYHT pE12 is illustrated with another one (positive, but "it's time for a change" from Eager, from Eliza and Co. --and change followed; contrast the last three Tales of Magic, as they are now sometimes called)
also same day CT pG5 brief review by Raymond A. Lubway (positive for children with "a fairly well-developed time concept", and preferably well-read, for the historical and literary allusions)
[and same day NYHT pE4, review of The Doubling Rod]
[another Doubling review by Virginia Strickland WP -07-13 pE7]
Publication date and price from listing in "Books Received" Hartford Courant 1958-03-20 p8D, as "$3; (April 9)".

Price from publisher advertisement (HB's spring list for children) and unsigned review, NY Herald Tribune 1958-05-11 pE17 and pE12,

"They [scenes in the past] do not compare with the handling of this theme in The Ship That Flew, Curtain of Mist, or Bedknob and Broomstick.
els  M. Pardoe 101061 (4) --"Margot Pardoe" is spurious


BLO.£ 1956 Argle's Mist --does Reginald or Tuck report "Margot Pardoe" rather than "M. Pardoe"?
Price from brief review in "Tales Out of School" by Mary Crozier, Manchester Guardian 1956-07-06 p4 ;
LOm$ 1957 US Curtain

[325] "For Boys and Girls" by Margaret Sherwood Libby, NYHT 1957-11-24 pE14

Kirkus cites the Catuvellauni ; --need improve the parent Title

BO.£ 1958 Argle's Causeway
BO.£ 1959 Argle's Oracle

online with image

  1. US

[326] The Spectator 197.6694 (1956-10-12) p512 "Eight to Fourteen" Amabel Williams-Ellis --this one 10/6 and others

The Edinburgh Lions UK multiple images o[327] 118pp, illus. Joan Kiddell-Monroe
UK US multiple images --q 1956 UK
US; 1986 mmp US

[328] CT 1955-11-13 pD36 (more positive and informative) --with Magician's Nephew

The Hunted Head UK, o[329] o[330] illus. Raymond Sheppard

 lw  .Audrey Fawley 284781 --nidb (0)[13+] 
 lw  .Leslie Atkinson 237535 (7)[12] 
[331] NYT -08-17 pBR24 mixed review by Phyllis Fenner, in sympathy with Eliza, "only it's all been kind of non-fiction".
[332] CT -11-02 p52 "100 Other Fine Books of '58"
[333] NYT -11-02 pBRA19 "find that 'special something' in each of these" (all-1958?)
 l   Cecil Maiden 28686 (14) --co-author of screenplay Cult of the Cobra o[334] o[335]
 lw .Christine Price 122776 (38) 
 1966\1938? A Traveler in Time cream green boards with dark green illustration, front cover unlettered many eds.
 1950 The Orange Fairy Book Treasury w cover o[336] --no jacket image at Amazon 2018-12-01
 1961 Unicorn picture book wr Lotte Hahn o[337]
 1967 c1966 Molliwumps 
 1971 Ethiopia
 1971/72 Burma
 FFT Asian folk and fairy tales., Japanese folk and fairy tales. Russian folk and fairy tales. FFT of the Near East.
el  .Robert Austin 112439 (5)[many] --husband
 lw  Ada Harrison 284050 (12)[many] --wife 
1947 novel
1957 The Doubling Rod
1958 1st US
 lw  .N. M. Bodecker 35593 (45) 
 lww  Marian T. Place 8969 (33)[many] 
= Dale White (15)[16] 
= R. D. Whitinger (1)[4]
1968 The Story of Flying Saucers, Dale White,
Om$i 1969 Brad's Flying Saucer
LOm$ 1970 The Resident Witch
unknown hc at Amazon US as 1970, ISBN-0679240713
Amazon US as mmp June 1974, ISBN-0380008521
LOm$ 1971 The Witch Who Saved Halloween
LO..i 1984 1st The First Astrowitches
Om$i 1985 tp
US as tp? 1974 ISBN-0380458802 UK as mmp ISBN-0380000970

Flying Saucers

Amazon US as Scholastic 1968
[338] NYT 1968-11-03 p510 "Lots of Things to Think About ... in Fall Books from Doubleday" display advert of children's nonfiction (16 books) --this one as "Ages up to 12" $3.50
[339] J. Gordon Vaeth reviews this one and Howard Liss, Unidentified Flying Objects $3.95

"What most impressed this reviewer -- who, as a member of the Office of Naval Research once had something to do with saucer reports -- is the objectivity shown by both authors ... Both books could have cautioned more against such [children's naive] acceptance."

Both recommended. White for "the excellent over-all historical perspective"; Liss for "intriguing scientific speculations about humanoids, life sources in space and radio contacts with other planets. [and also] what to do and what information to provide if "you see a U.F.O."

Howard Liss --nidb ()[many] Writer of sports books for children, primarily (biography, instruction, stories)

1968 UFOs

Justin L. Carter 191008 --name?

John L. Carter (2)[54] as John L. (John Louis Justin)
Compton Irving (1)[3] as o[6275679]
found: The pilgrimage of Delilah, 1911:t.p. (John L. Carter)
[190?] Pursuit; John L. o[340]
Weekly Telegraph novels (5 hits 1900:1939) incl #25 (1901); series attributed to W. C. Leng & Co., London (1903) or London and Sheffield (1899); price -/6 (1927)
dnf newspapers
1910 Peggy the Aeronaut --not credited to JLJC at WorldCat-- o[341]
J. L. J. in newspaper advert (see below)
[1911] Long Delilah; John L. Carter, author of "Peggy the aeronaut." o[342]
John L. in newspaper advert
(A Comedy of Sentiment for Serious People) Nymphet --not credited to JLJC at WorldCat--
John L. author of "P t A" (Sampson Low, Marston, & Co., 6/-) Athenaeum 1915-10-30 The Sphere 1915-11-06
1917 The Hangman's Noose --niW--
John L. Carter, author of "P t A", "Delilah", etc. --(June?) serial in (AU) Northern Territory Times & Gazette
dnf usual newspapers ("hangman's noose" carter) 1905:1919
1917 Duckworth Dust; none o[343]
John in newspaper advert The Bookman 53.315 Dec17 p85 6/-
John L. in review "New Fiction" The Scotsman 1917-12-03 p2 6/- ; in "Books Received" The Sphere ; in publisher list Sat Rvw -12-08 pix
[1922] Long Come day; John L. o[344]
1935 White; Compton(?) o[345]
[1936] o[346]
1937 Daughter; Compton Irving o[347]
1938 Lady; Compton(?)

L. Everett and Co.
1910 Peggy the Aeronaut T1609299

BL 000619946

SFE3 reports publisher L. Everett & Co. (unknown here). British Library (BL, below) reports London: Everett & Co. <a href=""></a> displays an advertisement from Flight 1910-07-09 as "Just Published. Peggy, The Aeronaut. By J. L. J. Carter." (so the title page should be checked for punctuation and "J.L.J."). It reports two editions or formats, apparently: -- Cr. 8vo, Illustrated Paper Covers, 1s. net -- Cloth, 2s. net The advertisement closes: -- London: Everett & Co., 42, Essex St., W.C. That is a known address for R. A. Everett & Co. as of 1903 OCLC Fiction Finder and for its successor Everett & Co. as of 1914

? known from daily/weekly newspaper advertisements?


=> Everett & Co. --ALSO "Compton Irving Carter" should be "Compton Irving"

1910-06, J. L. J. Carter, 2/- [cloth] 1/- paper

Source for publisher <a href="">SFE3</a> and <a href=""></a> Reginald1: 02691

unique WorldCat record o[348] reports no publisher or credited author

  • Publication date inferred from listing in "New Books", The Scotsman 1910-06-20 p3 (as "J. L. J. Carter", "Everett").
  • Price from brief review in "From the Bookshelves", The Playgoer and Society Illustrated 2.10 (1910-07) p176 (as "J. L. J. Carter", "Everett & Co.")
  • Publisher advertisement "The Novels for the Holidays", The Observer 1910-08-28 p4, also shows the title without a comma, and the author as "J. L. J. Carter".
  • Publisher advertisement in Flight 1910-07-09 (image at The Aviation Ancestry Database [URL]), as "just published", lists Peggy, The Aeronaut. By J. L. J. Carter. With an Introduction by Major Baden-Powell. Cr. 8vo, Illustrated Paper Covers, 1s. net. Cloth, 2s. net.


Paul Wendt <>
publisher L Everett ("Carter, Justin L")

Regarding this listing

  • Peggy the Aeronaut (London: L Everett and Co, 1910) [hb/]

Evidently the publisher is a mistake for Everett & Co., successor to R. A. Everett & Co.

See the footer of one 1910 advertisement, image at middle of this page

which gives the Everett name and known street address (cf.

In this advertisement the publisher's title contains a comma.

Misc Nov

Francis the Army Mule
el  .Garrett Price 96613 (14) 
els  J. David Stern 99021 (3, all mistakes?)[many, with mistakes] --son of David, father of David J., who at death was known as David Stern III to SFGate, NYT, LAT
David J. Stern 252746 (5)[many]
= Peter Ste[?]rling (1)[1+mistakes] 
  Stop press murder (1947) o[349]
as "David Stern, Jr." [350] WP 1948-12-01 pC2 review column 

1945 collection per WorldCat o[351]

"A collection of three episodes in the life of that fabulous Army mule, Francis, written by Peter Sterling. In real life the author is Captain David Stern 3rd, Production Officer of the Service newspaper, Stars and stripes ..."--Preface.
"Francis and the golden brew and Francis unmasked appeared in the magazine Esquire"--Page [3].


"Sterling"? [352] WP 1946-05-25 p10
[353] NYHT 1946-10-23 p29 Lewis Gannett review with photo portrait of Stern


56-page Honolulu Advertiser o[354]
review by Dickson Terry, SLPD 1948-09-26 p28: "Francis appears ... as his old friend of army days, Peter Stirling, is about to run for Congress. Francis sees at a glance that his naive huan friend is about to be turned into a dupe and party goat and sets out to turn defeat into victory. He writes Peter's campaign speeches."
NYHT 1948-09-26 pE17, Richard Mealand generally dismisses the work, and concludes, "What remains is a mild bit of whimsy, which tells how Peter Stirling, Dope, was elected to Congress by following the advice of a mule. The advice is honest, sound, and occasionally interesting."
NYT 1948-09-26 pBR26, Rex Lardner is moderately positive "... recording the confabulations and machinations of Francis--for that is the mule's name--and one Peter Stirling, who may be the least competent and most obtuse young man in the history of literature."

IMDb reports "Peter Stirling" as the role played by Donald O'Connor in 1950s comedy films.

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About the Authors (W. W. Jacobs: Tales of Terror) and 1684930 --plural, booked with consecutive page numbers
About the Authors ...: C. S. Lewis and others in the same publication
Joan Aiken (About the Author) and others in the same publication (these may be the essay titles literally)
Andre Norton (About the Author: Steel Magic)
About the Author (Edgar Allan Poe) --perhaps in error, cf. 1531599
About the Author (Chris F. Holm)


About the Author (Compass Rose) --booked as by Ursula K. Le Guin, the author of the publication, Compass Rose (Le Guin may be credited thus)
A Note About the Author (Mary Stewart's Merlin Trilogy) --one of its two publications is Mary Stewart's Merlin Trilogy
About the Author (Andre Norton, Ace Books) --exceptionally documented

About the Author --exactly, ~20
About the Authors --exactly, ~30
About the Authors [and/&] ... --several instances

This may be maintained by periodic

Spectator 161.5762 1938-12-02 p955 OUP: "A Long Retrospect" //The Autobiography of "F. Anstey" 5/-


Anstey (0 N, 3 E)
Housman (0 N, 2 E) --Laurence none, Clemence two
Nesbit (3 N, 7 E)
Haggard (12 N, ~40 E)
Lewis Carroll (12 N, 18 E)
George Macdonald (~15 N, ~25 E)
Edgar Allan Poe (13 N, 100+ E)
C. S. Lewis (many more)

"nonfiction" takes precedence over collection or anthology, i understand, so a scholarly book of essays on (the work of) one of these writers should be booked here as NONFICTION. Of course there will be "Essay" titles, some trivial.

Autobiography? of F. Anstey --Laurence Housman is also in nearly finished spring 1936

LC as OUP 1936 LCSH: "Authors--Correspondence, reminiscences, etc."
newspapers (1936, 19, mainly Apr--Aug; 1937, 8; 1938, 7) --later return for May/Aug only!
[355] Observer 1936-05-10 p6 ; forthcoming "OUP on the 21st" "Throughout there is a note of sadness at the neglect of his other books."
15/- almost as subtitle The Autobiography of F. Anstey [356] Spectator 1936-12-04
The Oxford Bookshelf, 5/-, blurb The Autobiography of 'F. Anstey.' Spectator 1938-12-02
WorldCat 1936, 2002 microfilm as vi, 424, [10] 31570155 or [9] 476396287
WorldCat 1938, The Oxford Bookshelf, vi, [2], 424 4401209(best); or viii, 424 42840742 (10 plates) 906290486; vi, 424 o[357]

Haggard, The days of my life, an autobiography (Longmans, 1926)

2vol o[358]

Anstey, A long retrospect (Oxford, 1936) o[359]


(Bobbs-Merrill, c1936) o[360] (c1937; 1st ed.) o[361]
(Cape, 1937)

Seumas O'Kelly
el   Seumas O'Kelly 237506 (11)[] --100th anniversary today
Waysiders: Stories of Connacht (Dublin: The Talbot Press and London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1917) – 10 stories o[362] o[363]
Stokes, 1918 o[364]
The Lady of Deerpark (London: Methuen, 1917) o[365] o[366]
The Golden Barque and The Weaver's Grave (Talbot, 1919) – 2 novellas -hdl
T2062919 The Leprechaun of Killmeen (Dublin: Martin Lester, 1920) – novella
niHDL Wet Clay (Talbot; Unwin, 1922) o[368]
Wet Clay (Stokes, 1923) o[369]

("seumas o'kelly") 1917/1920 (31 hits: 10 3 7 11)

Sat Rev 1917-09-22 "New Books" Lady of Deerpark 5/-
Man Gua 1917-09-27 p3 "Methuen's Popular Novels" 5/-
Spectator 1917-11-17 p542 "The Talbot Press Autumn Announcements" "(Ready)" Waysiders 2/6, "more than ten years since" short stories The Stream of Killmeen ; --one month later as "Perfect delineation of Irish rural life."
[brief obituary Man Gua 1918-11-15 "after a long illness"]
Athenaeum 4672 (1919-11-14) p1199 as "Now ready" 3/6
[370] Man Gua 1919-12-02 p7 "Irish Tales" by St. J. G. E.; The Weaver's Grave is first - genre?
Athenaeum 4679 1920-01-02 p29-32 "List of New Books", brief review p31, "The late Seumas O'Kelly ..." 3/6
The Sphere 80.1046 1920-02-07 p160 -- dateline 1920-01-26, four of O'Kelly's books incl The Leprechaun (1919)--the only hit for that title; also the only hit for killmeen

Dublin, Ireland

"One of Mr. O'Kelly's books before me, The Leprechaun of Killmeen, is published by a new firm, Martin Lester, of Dublin" --from "A Literary Letter" by C.K.S., dateline London 1920-01-26; The Sphere 1920-02-07 p160 This title otherwise not found in 1917/20 newspapers. Later the writer lists it as "The Leprechaun of Killmeen (1919)".

C.K.S. also lists The Stream of Killmeen (coll, 1910) --niHDL
By the stream ... [1906?] o[371]
Waysiders at HDL title page --10 story titles; none suggests spec fic
The Leprechaun at HDL front cover

Martin Lester, Ltd. 44 Dawson Street:: Dublin (t.p. undated); text spans p[3]-120

BL 002700582 as "Dublin : Martin Lester, [1920]"
Fairy Gold (Catholic Truth Society of Ireland, [1926]), 24 pp --from a short story collection?

Philip Allan

A new publishing house has recently come into begin in England--Messrs. Philip Allan and Company of 5, Quality-court, Chancery-lane, London, W.C.2. The head of the firm, Captain P. B. M. Allan, who has recently been demobilized, is a Master of Arts of Cambridge University, and was formerly subeditor and assistant reader in the house of Smith, Elder and Company, and on the staff of "The Cornhill Magazine". --"The Gossip Shop" The Bookman (New York) 49.6 (Aug 1919) p767(?) of 758ff.

Hayden Church "Literary Gossip from London" Los Angeles Times 1919-08-24 pIII32; (London, -07-26) "London's newest publishing firm ... in a 250-year-old house with a 300-year-old book. ... The book with which it will make its debut is Sir Thomas North's "The Diall of Princes", a translation of a work by the Spaniard, Don Anthony of Guevara, who was perhaps the most widely read author of his day." --"the first in our Scholar's Library"; Allan plans to feature, not exclusively, "a mine of good Elizabethan stuff, mainly translations from the French and Spanish".

Philip Allan --earliest books found 2018-11-05 adverts in news/mags

  • 1919-09-13 The Barber of Putney, J. B. Morton, 7/-
  • [372] 1919-10-01; The Barber, 2nd impression; Princess Pirlipatine 6/-; The Treasure 6/-
1919 o[373], 1924 o[374] o[375]

The Bystander; London Vol. 64, Iss. 826, (Oct 1, 1919): 62. Princess "F'cap 4to, with Eight Illustrations in Colour by Violet Dale. 6s. net." Treasure "F'cap 4to, with Six Sepia Illustrations by Somerled Macdonald. 6s. net." --later, "Six Coliotype"

Barber - dull war realism

"one of the first volumes sent out by [Allan]" ("The Monotonous War", AEC, Man Gua 1919-09-26 p5) "It is also the first publication of Messrs. Philip Allan and Co., who most certainly have faith in the book." (The Bystander 1919-10-08 p114 "A New Literary Log // Rolled by Ralph Straus")

EFlsf Alexandre Dumas 2024 (1264)
el   Maurice Hewlett [376] (93) 
 w  .Somerled Macdonald 254833 --niVIAF [2]
el   W. W. Tarn 254832 (21)

The Treasure of the Isle of Mist T2215219 at HDL

one of Philip Allan's first
[377] also Constable & Co., Maurice Hewlett, The Outlaw, the story of Gisli, 6/-
LC 1919 -hdl o[378] o[379] o[380] Gísla saga, 1920 -hdl o[381]
  • Brief review in Children's Books The Saturday Review 128.3345 1919-12-06 p539; "for school boys and girls ... the story of a treasure hunt among the islands of the Hebrides, complicated by the fairy element. These fairies are not convincing, and the reader is inclined to support the practical view of "the Urchin", who only wishes to see ghosts and fairies because "they would be splendid to throw stones at. It wouldn't hurt them."
  • (Earliest listings found 2018-11-05 for any book received from Philip Allan are late September; namely, the first book on these two lists, a realist war novel.)

Detail listings in Bystander and Observer: -- "F'cap 4to, with Six Sepia Illustrations by [SM]" -- "F'cap 4to, with Six Coliotype Illustrations by [SM]" That is, Foolscap quarto, a traditional book size, 6-3/4 x 8-1/2 inches.

  • WorldCat record OCLC 6003625 specifies "[6] leaves of plates".


1919, 1920 -hdl, c1934

The earliest notice of any book received from Philip Allan, and the only one reported during September, The Field -09-13

this one not found at Amazon US/UK


  • 1920 Putnam's o[388] [6] leaves of plates; o[389] frontispiece, plates --q

WorldCat record OCLC 317449011 reports a frontispiece; the e-copy at HathiTrust contains none

  • 8 hits 1921) 1921 Allan 2nd o[390] --with subtitle; o[391]
Price from "Philip Allan & Co.'s New Books" The Field 1921-10-15 p502: 2nd ed, demy 8vo, 7/6, "A new edition of this exquisite tale, which bids fair to become one of our minor classics." --"exquisite" used in both Toronto Globe and by ACM
[392] Gift-books" specifies Small Demy 8voj (8-1/2 x 5-3/34), suggests subtitle --include Wonder Tales of Ancient Wales, BLK Henderson & Stephen Jones, illus. Doris Williamson
.Doris Williamson --nidb (0)[2+mistakes]
  • 4 hits 1922 ) [1922] Putnam's 2nd o[393]
[394] The Bookman 54.3 (1921-11) p242-47 "High Lights in Children's Books // 1921 // by Annie Carroll Moore"
"I visited Quality Court to ask Philip Allan if we might expect another book from Mr. Tarn whose "Treasure of the Isle of Mist" is greatly loved by girls of the library reading clubs. But Mr. Tarn gives no hope of another fantasy." (p246)
[395] The Bookman 56.3 (1922-11) p366-67 "One Hundred Story Books for Children // Between the Ages of [8 and 14]"
[396] LA Times 1922-11-12 pIII39, The Broadway Department Store (the only advert; for Children's Book Week); this one $1.90 --check some others against ISFDB publ records
[397] The Bookman 56.4 (1922-12) p465-69, Marian Cutter, "For the Children's Bookshelf"
  • 6 hits 1934 ) 1934 Putnam's o[398], (c)1934 JLGuild o[399] 1 leaf of plates; (c)1934 o[400] multiple plates
[401] MLB "Books for Young People" (Spring) NYHT 1934-04-08 pF9 $2.00
Parents' Magazine 9.6 (1934-06) p79 "June Book Club Selections of the Junior Literary Guild"; Putnams $2.00
[402] MLB "Books for Young People" NYHT 1934-07-01 pF7 --full review
[403] unsigned full review, NYT 1934-07-08 pBR11; $2.00
[404] (Putnam's) Honor Roll of Books ...
  • 7 uk hits) 1938 Oxford 1st o[405] 22 leaves of plates, o[406] 24 leaves
Irish Times -06-04 p7 "Books Received" OUP 5/- (no mention of illus.)
Scotsman -06-09 p13 " " Milford 5/-
Man Gua -07-15 p6 "Books for the Young: A Batch for All Ages" Mary Stocks; "a summer publication season is likely to breed traditions of its own"
four novels, this one OUP 5/- "a fairy story of the Isle of Skye by W. W. Tarn, who knows his ground and has collected some charming photographs of it"
Observer -11-06 p10 "Oxford Books for Christmas" 5/- "Illustrated with photographs taken in the Isle of Skye"
  • 4 uk hits) 1950 Oxford 2nd, illus. Margery Gill o[407]
Scotsman 1950-10-19 p4 "Some Autumn Books from Oxford", this one "Illustrated by Margery Gill" 8/6 "A tale of Skye for Girls"
[408] New Statesman and Nation 40.1030 (1950-12-02) p547/49 Naomi Lewis "Under the Mountain" reviews of 12 "magic, or at any rate fancy"
  1. Mitchison ok
  2. Tarn ok
  3. Lynch --nidb The Seventh Pig
  4. O'Faolain --nidb
  5. Guinness --nidb
  6. Uttley --nidb The Cobbler's Shop
  7. Knowland --nidb
  8. P. du Bois --Hale 10/6
  9. Stuart --nidb
  10. Reeves --nidb The Wandering Moon
  11. Warner --nidb edition 1950 10/6 [as 1951 collection] Men and Gods
  12. Selincourt --nidb
  • 5 uk hits) 1959 Oxford 3rd (Oxford Children's Library) o[409] as #18, o[410] with ISBN

 ? Treasure of the Isle of Mist ? ----

1920 reviews of US ed., no early advertisement

[411] The Outlook v125 1920-06-16 p333
[412] enthusiastic review NYT 1920-08-15 p49 (no price) --as "by no means a 'children's book' "
[413] ACM (as "Annie") The Bookman 1920-11 p255-62; this one p259/60
$1.50 N-Y T 1920-11-12 p11

1920 Canada ed.?

[414] The Globe (Toronto)


[415] NYT -05-04 pBR41, "For Younger Readers" w Buell review 21 balloons
[416] NYHT -05-11 pE10, Becker "Prize Books"
[417] NYT 1947-11-16 pBR4, Buell "Children's Book Issue"
[418] Viking Junior Books for 1947


[419] NYT -11-12 p222, "For Ages 8-12:Tales of Fantasy"
[420] CT -11-12 pJ15, rvw Peter Graves
[421] NYHT -11-12 pE12, rvws Elmer and Peter and Pippi, et al. --NEED only UK eds./prices if any
noted somewhere

"This year's Rackham" from Heinemann --Cinderella fleshed out without loss of the traditional story, 7/6

The Royal Book of Oz (1921) --illustrative example for statistical analysis of texts [422]

[423] Baum literary obituary NYT 1919-05-11 p35

1920/21 advertisements --Teenie Weenies

[424] includes Tennie Weenie Books (3, two new) $2.00 each; The Outline of History, 3rd ed. revised
[425] Stern Bros. 1920-11-17, assembled for Children's Book Week
Peter and the Princess mentioned LA Times 1920-12-20 pIII11
[426] CT, McClurg 1920-12-18 --includes The Outline, 4th
Peter and the Princess mentioned during Children's Book Week, Atl Const 1921-11-13
[427] CT, McClurg 1921-12-02 --numerous Gift Books for children

HDL holds a copy (c)1920

E. Everett Evans --1945/46
Everett & Co. --shdbe canonical, successor to R. A. Everett & Co. ~1906
Everett & Company --shd eliminate
Everett and Co. --shd eliminate
L. Everett and Co. --attested somewhere, Dirk Broer finds
R. A. Everett and Co. --shdbe "&"


Recall, HathiTrust holds more US publications

  • Everett & Co. [428](6) 1907 09 12 14

need LC search: (Jack London and M.P. Shiel works niLC)

 lws Henry Curties 151883 (3)[many] 
 ls  Charles Foley (Foleÿ) 173685 (47)
 lws W. Holt-White 129025 (7)[14] 
  1909 The man who stole the earth (T. Fisher Unwin, 1909)
-O.£-- 07 6/- Jack London T578478 (Grosset & Dunlap at HDL as 1907) --BL holds only 3 other eds. 1907 NY:Macm, 1928 Mills, 1936 Laurie --niLC
-O 09 - Captain Henry Curties (2 others at HDL) BL 000840241 &
-O 09 - Charles Foley (French only at HDL) BL 001262016 & (1985 micro)
-O 09 - M. P. Shiel (many others at HDL) BL 003369419 & --niLC
BLOm£i- 10 6/- C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne (9 other records at HDL) ; [1914] BL 001785329 & ; 1975
BLO£-- 15 -/7 Emperor of the World: A Tale of an Anglo-German War --subtitle SFE3 lists for both 1910 and 1915 main titles
-O 12 - W. Holt-White, World SS (2 others at HDL) BL 003909368 &
B- 14 - W. Holt-White, Woman WStW &
  • Everett & Company [429](3) 1909 11 12

need LC:

 ws  Martin H. Potter 195573 (0)[3] 
Pym --niLC,%20herbert/ [1 only]
 lw  Herbert Pym = Pim 283439 (3 non-genre)[many] 
-O 09 q Herbert Pym (dnf HDL) BL 003013071 & --q
BOy£-- 11 2/- Martin H. Potter (dnf HDL)
BOm£-- 12 6/- Martin H. Potter " "
"Kingston, Surrey : Printed at the Chapel River Press"
  • Everett and Co. [430](4) 1908 10 14

need LC: (George Griffith, Sommerfeld works niLC); Sommerfeld in progress at HDL

Sommerfeld --niLC
BOm£i- 08 6/- George Griffith "George Chetwynd Griffith JONES, afterwards GRIFFITH" --niLC
BLOm£i- 10 6/- W. Holt-White, Man WDR (2 others at HDL)
[431] The Observer 1910-12-04 p6 --another review, as featuring Mr Wymans
1911 US 1911 Mitchell Kennerley's railroad novels o[432]
1914? uk
1914 us

1911 newspapers

The Dial (Chicago) Mar16 and Sep16
[433] NYT 1911-04-09 pBR220 "New Books of the Spring Season" --this one Cloth $1.00 (end of fiction list), de la Mare The Return $1.35

"The story of the possession of a commonplace, easy-going man by the furtive, restless spirit of a French suicide, a sort of low conjuror and adventurer dead several centuries."
--entire blurb in section Fiction IV, "New Books of the Spring Season: An Annotated List of Recent and Forthcoming [US] Publications [...]", NY Times 1911-04-09 pBR220-26

section Fiction IV, "New Books of the Spring Season: An Annotated List of Recent and Forthcoming Publications in All Branches of Literature, Classified [...]", NY Times 1911-04-09 pBR220-26 (covering US publishers, January to June)

[ Bell's Indian and Colonial Library

Man WDR o[434] as Holt-White

-O 14 - Adolf Sommerfeld -- Le partage de la France -- "How Germany crushed France" BL 003439843 &

The Sacred Skull

[435] The Scotsman 1908-06-01 (review, moderately negative)

1st of several
publisher advertisements show footer
"London: Everett & Co., 42 Essex Street, W.C."
--same address as earlier publisher R. A. Everett & Co.--
"& Co.", already the most common form here, gradually replaces the others

  • L. Everett and Co. (1) unknown source --SFE3 lists "L Everett and Co"

need LC: Carter

-O 10 - Justin L. Carter (J. L. J. is likely) (dnf HDL) BL 000619946 & --niLC
  • R. A. Everett and Co. [at WorldCat only as "R. A. Everett & Co.", 1900 o[436] NEED cite that one ; 1903 o[437] ; 1905 BL 000556448 ; 2 others must be from Reginald
 ws  Henry Byatt 191172 (0)[12]
 ws  Aston Forrest 127477 --niVIAF [1] 
 lws (J B) Harris Burland 29442 (13)[many] 
 Thora 1904 -several LC records of these two works, not the 1903
 Gold 1906
 ws  C.(harles) Dudley Lampen 191465 --niLCCat [10] 
BOy£-- 00 6/- C. Dudley Lampen (1 other at HDL)
-O 03 - Aston Forrest (dnf HDL) BL 001271089 &
3/6 Publication date (inferred) and price from listing in "Publications This Week", The Spectator 90.3891 (1903-01-24) p138; and two in weeklies one week later (The Athenaeum p146 "List of New Books", The Field p166 "Books of the Week"; despite that in "This Week's Books" Saturday Review -03-07 p304
The Extraordinary Islanders, 2 copies new in the library, The Globe and Mail (Toronto) 1903-08-14 p10 (no publisher or price).
BOm£i- 03 3/6 Harris Burland (9 others at HDL)
BOm£-- 05 6/- Henry Byatt (1 other at HDL)

BL search

"R. A. Everett & Co" (129) 1900-(9, 10, 26, 39, 25, 12, 3)-1906
"London : Everett & Co" (268) 1906-(12, 26, 25, 38 ... #264)-1918, plus 1920, 1922(2), 2009

newspapers 1899/1900

[438] The Spectator 1899-10-07 --classified advertisement, identical except typog/markup to that published same day in The Athenaeum:
To Authors.--Publishing under a new and safe system, as recommended by the Authors' Society.--see September issue of The Author.
Mr. R. A. Everett (late Manager, W. Thacker & Co.) has commenced business on his own account, and will be glad to hear from Authors with MSS. ready. Specialite'--Sport, Travel, and Technical Works.
42, Essex Street, Strand, W.C.
[439] The Bookman Nov 1899 "New Publisher"
[440] Athenaeum 1899-11-18 "Publishing on Commission"
[441] re W. A. C. Blew, Racing --another author from Thacker to Everett?
[442] The Athenaeum 3776 (1900-03-10) p304 ; identical list of 13
[443] "Spring Announcements Second Series", The Academy 1459 (1900-04-21) p340

13 listings 9 sporting, horse culture and veterinary 4 fiction and poetry --one is Ethel Hynam, The New Illustrated Fairy Book for 1900 6/0

[444] The Academy 1900-10-13, Barcali "Just Published" ; previous week covered in Notes on the Week's Fiction (not necessarily final)

Barcali "is notable among the endless series of stories about pirates in the Southern Seas for the invenntion of a Roman colony in the Pacific, dating from the second century A.D. Marcus Tertius and his mery men suffer sadly from the mutineers' weapons of precision, but finally contribute in no small measure to the triumph of marine morality and connubial love." --"Christmas Books", The Athenaeum 3812 (1900-11-17) p643

[445] (ProQuest)

Probably the section "R. A. Everett & Co." (13 listings) is Everett's spring list, or the second part of it; and includes some books not yet published --perhaps even never published

LCCN W. Thacker (0)[many] from 1851?
LCCN R. A. Everett --dnfVIAF
LCCN Everett & Co (0)[5]

Everett publications by year

1900 03 03 05 (4)
07 08 09 09 09 09 10 10 10 11 12 12 14 14 (14)

The Lost Continent

BOm£i- 1900 1st ; BL 1974 Pan 001785349
LOm$-- 1900 1st US ; LC 1972 Ballantine\Carter ; 1974 O. Train\de Camp

Victorian Research: The Database of Victorian Fiction, 1837-1901

publisher spans

  • 1837 1847 Darton and Clark
  • 1849 1862 Darton and Co.
  • 1835 1860 Darton and Harvey
  • 1862 1865 Darton and Hodge
  • 1839 1841 Harvey and Darton
  • 1835 1844 William Darton and Son
  • 1882 1901 Alexander Gardner (HDL, 30 from 1880 to 1920) (HDL A. Gardner, 269 from 1830 ; spot check 1830 Alex. Gardner , 1892 Alexander Gardner)

  Alexander Gardner,   Paisley ; and 12 Paternoster Row, London.   1886 [*]

  Alexander Gardner   Paisley ; and Paternoster Row, London   1888 [*] [*] under a short horizontal line

  Paisley: Alexander Gardner   Publisher by Appointment to the late Queen Victoria   1920 [and 1904 identically]

  • 1893 1897 Wells Gardner, Darton
  • 1869 ---- William Wells Gardner
  • 1870 1900 Wells, Gardner, Darton


  • (1) A. Gardner = Alexander Gardner ; Books Received listings in 3 newspapers/magazines -04-09 to -04-16
  • (1) A. M. Gardner & Co.
  • (1) Gardner & Co. ; front cover: (all caps) "Gardner & Co., 26, Henrietta St., Covent Garden."
A Vampire of Souls

"Mr Alexander Gardner, Paisley, has published a shilling story ... "It is a rather crudely imagined eschatological horror, in which the reader is invited to follow a young man who dies and is buried and goes to hell, and has Satan show him round the place and explain the machinery for catching mortals." --The Scotsman 1904-04-07 p2 "Minor Books"

also listing in "New Books Received" The Academy and Literature 1666 (1904-04-09) p404
The Man with Thirty Lives

listing under Six-Shilling Novels (one of 10) in "A Selection from Everett & Co.'s Autumn List" ; earliest of several, The Academy 1952 (1909-10-02) p597

listing in "Publications of the Week" The Spectator 103.4242 (1909-10-16) p612 "cr 8vo"

London 1900 to 1905 approximately

Succeeded in the database by Template:Publisher at the same street address.   R. A. Everett & Co.   42, ...   London   1900 --title page, ... Fox-Hunting (viewed at HathiTrust)

HathiTrust Digital Library search "R. A. Everett" hits catalog records of 30 titles all published 1900 to 1905

The Database of Victorian Fiction shows 7 works (novels?) all published 1901

British Library (BL) {{{1}}} B0000CKPJF

BL [{{{1}}} {{{1}}}

  1. 1985855437 as CreateSpace; Look shows (c)Hailey Edwards, 2017
  2. 1985856107 as CreateSpace; Look shows (c)Hailey Edwards, 2017
  3. 1987461738 as CreateSpace; Look shows (c)BDB LLC, 2018
  4. 172593325X as CreateSpace; Look shows (c)BDB LLC, 2018

As of 2018-10-17, ISBN 1-72593 and 1-987461 are unique in the database.

As of 2018-10-17, reports publisher CreateSpace, this publication date, and provides "Look inside" without the title page. -- copyright page: (c)2018, Black Dog Books LLC -- back cover: no publisher or printer data The first two books of the series are copyright by the author. ISBN 1-987461 is unique in the database.

If correctly hyphenated, these ISBN are not series; that is "1-987461" is unique in the database. That may be true of

For our records as published by CreateSpace, late 2017 and 2018, the first word of the ISBN is long and apparently unique.

We have the first two books of this series in the database as self-published (no publisher). Amazon reports CreateSpace and provides "Look inside" that shows the writer is copyright holder.

The Beginner's Guide to Necromancy

Publisher may be named on the title page. As of 2018-10-24 provides "Look inside" that omits title page; displays t.p. verso that states "Copyright (c)2018 Black Dog Books, LLC" and back cover without relevant data. Amazon reports publisher "CreateSpace ...", an Amazon service.

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For the paperback (in the database as from Black Dog Books, P686164), Amazon "Look inside" omits the title page (today, and last week), includes copyright page with statement quoted above.

"Black Dog Books, LLC" holds the copyright (c)2018. --from "Look inside" that omits the title page, 2018-11-01 (From another "Look inside", the Kindle ebook title page/screen names the author, no publisher or location. The print and ebook copyright statements are identical.)

Kindle ed. same as for book 4.


Print books 1 and 3

"Look inside" now omits the title page, shows t.p. verso where Black Dog Books appears in the copyright statement alone, "Copyright (c)2018 Black Dog Books, LLC" (no location). Some information about production services that publishing companies traditionally provide (quote four lines)

  • Edited by Sasha Knight
  • Proofread by Lillie's Literary Services
  • Cover by Gene Mollica
  • Tree of Life medallion drawn by Leah Farrow

The latter data are identical for paperback eds. 1 and 3. The former states "Copyright (c)2017 by Hailey Edwards"

(as "Book 4" correctly; no publisher reported): "Look inside" displays title page/screen that names the work and author only; as above, "Copyright (c)2018 Black Dog Books, LLC".

For Book/Volume 3 in the same series, print and ebook, Amazon "Look inside" is identical in all respects noted here. But Amazon reports both print publisher CreateSpace and ebook Template:ASIN publisher "Publisher: Black Dog Books, LLC (March 30, 2018)".

(ISFDB records show Books 1 and 2 published by the author Hailey Edwards, who is also their stated copyright holder.)


"Foreword. "

Amazon, CreateSpace, Fixer

Book 2: Print "Copyright (c)2017 by Hailey Edwards"; CreateSpace reported // Kindle shows "Copyright (c)2017 Black Dog Books, LLC"; no publisher reported

Book 1: Print states "Copyright (c)2017 by Hailey Edwards"; CreateSpace reported // Kindle shows "Copyright (c)2017 Black Dog Books, LLC"; no publisher reported

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For all four print books: Amazon reports publisher CreateSpace and provides cover image that omits title page, displays t.p. verso and back cover. Amazon reports ISBN, which Look inside shows displayed on the back cover, not on t.p. verso.

Copyright statements name author Hailey Edwards (books 1-2) and Black Dog Books, LLC (books 3-4)

For all four Kindle editions: Amazon provides Look inside that displays title page/screen, which names the work and author only, and copyright screen, which states copyright Black Dog Books, LLC.

These ISBN are unique to the main word (978-1-main-)

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Foreword (Skullcrusher): "Primal Dreamer" Primal Dreamer (Foreword: Skullcrusher)

Foreword. [2]
Foreword: [276]
(Foreword: [0]
Introduction. [8, 7] --[6, 6] excluding unspaced ellipses
Introduction: [1775]
(Introduction: [10, 3 in 1 publication]

Concerning this publisher/imprint sequence:

  • George Allen (from 1871)
  • George Allen & Sons
  • George Allen & Unwin (1914 to 1986)
  • Unwin Hyman (1986 to 1990)
  • Allen & Unwin = Allen & Unwin (Australia) (from 1990)

1. We have two anachronistic publication records, both primary verified

see evidence for "Allen & Unwin" below

2. Publishers Allen & Unwin and Allen & Unwin (Australia) appear to be identical, with hundreds of publication records.

Guy Gavriel Kay, The Wandering Fire

t.p. simply "Allen & Unwin"
Fionavar trilogy from scholarly bibliography as 1985/86/87 GA&U, A&U, U&H

o[450] lists ISBN 0048233315 0048233625 ; o[451] o[452] the former alone

1987 Unwin paperbacks o[453] as the latter alone ; o[454] as four ISBN-13 0451458265 0048233625 0007217250 0586215239

  • Fawcett --nearly eliminated
els  Bill Fawcett 2409 (47) 
elsf Chelsea Quinn Yarbro 360 (79) 

colophon, vignette

publishers --how widely should/do we add to Magazine records?

DCB: William James Gage [455] --Inc., 1893 --check 1921 newspapers
owner of the Evening Star 1893 to 1895, for publisher and religious purposes

Thomson Gale Thomson Corporation => Thomson Reuters from 2008 --Canadian with US hq Thomas Nelson (and Sons) EN --Edinburgh with US descendant or Canada Nelson Education; Nelson Canada --identity?

  • Prentice Hall [US] (mid 20th century, Englewood Cliffs NJ)

1960 Man Into Space as Fawcett P591048 PV Don Erikson o[456] -- A Fawcett How-To Book, 436 -- front cover: 75c HOW TO BOOK 436

Bill Fawcett & Associates at Jabberwocky Literary Agency Inc. est. 1994 (

Book packager Bill Fawcett & Associates created the Tor Books publication series Crossroads Adventure and The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern reference book, for instance.

Google hits bookstores "Black Dog Books, LLC" in Zionsville IN (rare books); (no comma) in Skaneateles NY; (no LCC) in Newton NJ

Black Dog Books (US publisher), EN

Black Dog Books (Australian publisher) EN

publisher Black Dog Books (disambiguation recommended)

series (The) Surgeon of Souls; "Dr. Zarkov, the Surgeon of Souls, phantasmagorically appears to those who find themselves at a moral crossroads, offering an alternative ethical and healthy course of action." 2018-10-17 on the 2009 collection

2018-10-19 resume work on User:Pwendt/Series#Miss Pickerell --rump material that is not Miss Pickerell

2018-10-18 Howard, The Bishop of the Ozarks (1923 story, screen/play, movie, novel)

Chicago Defender 1923-02-24 p7 [457], 1923-03-03 p6 [458]
el    Milford W. Howard 221869 (4) 
----  Tom Roberts, publisher 24025 --niVIAF --probably among several Tom Roberts undifferentiated at WorldCat
 lw  .Dean Jones 192825 (4)
el    Carole Wilkinson 33781 (19)
el   Hesketh Pearson 206290 (88) --actor/businessman, biographer

Conan Doyle: His Life and Art 1943 , 1946 o[459], [1943] o[460] ; 1961 o[461]

EDls  Wolfgang Jeschke 5561 (6)
els  Robert Cromie 114352 (3)[12] 
els  J. Francis McComas 454 (6)[16], founding co-editor The Magazine of FSF 

Crime fiction critics

Mycroft Holmes, Bos Globe --nidb
els  Dorothy B. Hughes, LA Times 111436 (26) 
NYT obit: "After working as a reporter and women's editor in the 1920's, she began reviewing crime fiction for The Albuquerque Tribune, The Los Angeles News, The Los Angeles Mirror and The New York Herald Tribune. In 1961 she began reviewing for The Los Angeles Times."
Alice Cromie, Chi Trib --nidb, Chi. Tribune, "Crime on My Hands" 

ALICE HAMILTON CROMIE, 86, WRITER Chicago Tribune obituary 2000-08-12 ; yesterday (born 1913/1914)

"Alice Hamilton Cromie, 86, a onetime reviewer of mystery novels for the Chicago Tribune, the wife of the paper's longtime books editor, Robert [A.] Cromie, and a best-selling mystery novelist and intrepid travel writer in her own right ..."
b. Chariton, Iowa
Mort Vivian, Chi Trib --nidb niVIAF
Newgate Callendar, NYT (succeeded Allen J. Hubin 1971-03-07) --niVIAF 
Flw  Allen J. Hubin, NYT 121220 (7)[many] --bibliography Crime Fiction, 1749[varies], multiple eds. 
  ... 1749-1975 o[462] 
elsf Anthony Boucher, NYT 449 (60) (d. April 28, succeeded by Allen J. Hubin 1968-05-26)

 lw  William Katz 5527 (7)[12+transl] 
1979 Death Dreams ; 1979 Ballantine Arrow, 1980 Severn
1980? Ghost Flight ; 1980(?) Dell, 1981 Arrow Severn
1981 Visions of Terror ; 1981 Arrow Warner, 1982 Severn
1988 After Dark ; US Warner

User talk:Auric#Ghost Flight

7701023 18cm, 044013269X (no image) Amazon US as Paperback (16.3cm) and "Dell Publishing (May 1980)"
16537552 18cm, 0099272504 (no image) as Paperback (no size reported) and "Arrow Bks.; n.e. edition (16 Nov. 1981)" --2nd ed., apparent 1st printing (no numberline)?
12274796 21cm, 0727805460 (no image) as Hardcover and "Severn House Publishers Ltd (29 May 1981)" --q

found at British Library Template:BNB Template:BLIC 010661369

"Identifier: ISBN 0099272504 (pbk) : £1.75; BNB GB8206571; System number 010661369"

User talk: Auric

any info about the author?
any report of 1st ed.? (if 1980 that should be entered in the title record along with the publication data)
clearly 1981 publication and tp size? mass market paperback (pb format) is expected in 1981

no hits in newspapers

("death dreams" katz) 1979
("ghost flight" katz) 1979/81

Fairy Tales

and the Juvenile issue


The Golden Key, 2016, now as juvenile edition P575652 --anyway NEEDs some cleanup and attention to LC projected pub date, now "1111"
[218] or [219]-[234] and [235]-[236]


Probably this edition includes all of the original prefaces and footnotes. Advance notice of the series (NY Times 1959-08-15 p15) reports "original unabridged text and fifteen to 300 black-and-white line drawings within the text".

What is a US edition?

t.p. More Celtic Fairy Tales (Putnam's; Nutt; 1895) P596611

More English Fairy Tales --HDL: Nutt; 1894 (t.p. "Fairy Tales", two words red)

this copy UCalifornia without original cover

-- Preface, p[vii]-xii -- Contents, [xiii]-xiv (finally, "Notes and References [...] 215") -- Full Page Illustrations, [xv], lists 8 (with production note (quote): From "process" blocks ...) -- stories span p1-214 -- (Batten's cartoon Warning to Readers, facing p214) -- p[215]-243 "Notes and References"

p217/218 is corrupt; some text evidently missing
probably those are pages 215, 218; p216-17 entirely missing (but those two do not make a leaf)

-- p[245-46] "By the Same Author" (books 1-3)

More Celtic Fairy Tales --HDL: Putnam's; Nutt; 1895 -- Preface, p[vii]-x -- Contents, [xi]-xii (finally, "Notes and References [...] 219") -- Full-page Illustrations, [xiii] lists 8 (with production note "Full-page illustrations, initials, ...") -- stories span p[1]-[217] (not 216; last page unnumbered) -- p[217] "The Tail." (the last story) -- (Batten's cartoon Warning to Readers, facing p[218]) -- p[219]-234 "Notes and References" -- p[235-36] "By the Same Author" (books 1-3)

self-published: use author name thus P634022? or blank as Hailey Edwards?

Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales, later edition (Ginn, 1914 or later) --source text for Gutenberg Ebook 32571 P411895 (c)1886, 1914 J. H. Stickney, ed. --not identical to the 1886 "Edited for school

.Edna F. Hart (0)[4] --LC cites 2017 ed.
.Florence Liley Young (3)[many]
el  .Vilhelm Pedersen 220065 (13)[many] 

earliest illustrator of HCA (1849, Leipzig)

HDL [463] (B. G. Teubner, 1873) --45 stories, 125 ill. "after" Pedersen, woodcuts by Kre?schmar
HDL [464] (Leipzig: Ed. Wartig, 1882) --112 stories? 67 in-text and frontispiece ill. Petersen and Hutschenreuter
HDL [465] (Leipzig: Ed. Wartig, 1886) --112 stories? 65+ 12 ill. Petersen and Hutschenreuter (identical pagination)
HDL [466] --20 stories (Ginn, 1886) --new sequence by J. H. Stickney
Gutenberg (Ginn, N.D.) -- later ed. by J. H. Stickney, illus. Edna F. Hart
J. H. Stickney, editor (25)

--beside readers and instructional books, editions 1884,1916 Water Babies [HDL: 1896 abridged]; 1885 Swiss Family Robinson; 1886 Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales: Edited for school and home use (2 vols) -hdl (few illustrations, uncredited; entered 1886) [HDL: also 1899 reprint]; 1886 Aesop's Fables

Oxford series

/Oxford --subpage created 2019-03-29

L. G. Redmond-Howard

User talk:Stonecreek#Hindenburgs Einmarsch in London

Hindenburgs Einmarsch ABEbooks --only German-language ed.

BL 000268045 Hindenburg's mis-cat as by Hindenburg

BL 003439843 "How Germany Crushed France"

L. G. Redmond-Howard
Dws  Paul Georg Münch 151887 --niLC [many] 
 lws Adolf Sommerfeld 151368 (1)[many] VIAF
 lw  L. G. Redmond-Howard 278420 (10)[many] --Louis George
Logan Marshall --nidb EN
Frankreichs Ende im Jahre 19?? \ "How Germany Crushed France"

"How Germany Crushed France" (German, 1912, rev 1914)

"How Germany Crushed France" T1615733 --parent T1615746 Adolf Sommerfeld[t]? Louis G. Redmont[!]

Verlag Continent, c1912 o[467] o[468]
London: Everett & Co, 1914(?) title page
Preface p7-38; p38 closes LGRH // Lincoln's Inn // October 1914
Paris: E'ditions & Librairie [1913] Le partage de la France (ce qu'on verra un jour) [1913] front cover, back cover; p[3]-76 + adverts

HDL does not hold a 1915 Hodder & Stoughton ed., if that is genuine. It does hold

"London, Everett & Co., Ltd. [pref. 1914]"

front cover; undated title page; Preface by LGRH closes, "October, 1914."


newspapers (5, 1914/15)

The Athenaeum 4544 (1914-11-28) p562-65 "Books Published This Week"
p563 "1/ net   Everett"
"Translated from the German, with a Preface by Mr. L. G. Redmond-Howard."
The Sketch 88.1142 (1914-12-16) p256, review, "A translation from the German, with a Preface, by [LGRH]"

Hindenburg's Einmarsch \ Hindenburg's March Into London

Hindenburg's March Into London T1080668 --parent T1909877 --some libraries credit Hindenburg!

Winston, 1916 title page
p215, "from the pen of an unknown poet of the Fatherland" (Introduction by LGH p213-20)
p220 closes [LGRH] // London: Lincoln's Inn
Leipzig: c1915 catalog record

HDL holds these three, with original front covers

"Leipzig : Grethlein & Co., c1915" undated title page; 260+[4]
o[470] o[471]
1916 Long title page; Preface by LGRH, p11-19, closes "1915."
(U Wisconsin copy of 3rd impression differs in publisher advertisements.)
Fo[472](5) o[473] o[474] ; o[475] "Translation of Hindenburg's 'Einmarsch in London.' " ; o[476]
1916 Winston title page
Fo[477](15, some oop) o[478] o[479] long title
1916 Winston, German language o[480] o[481]
2018 hc Amazon UK
2018 tp Amazon UK o[482]

newspapers (42, 1916/17)

[483] The Field 1916-01-29 p187; John Long 2/6
The Graphic (same day listing in "Books About the Great War") 2/6 cloth, 1/3 paper
Athenaeum 4602 (Feb) -02-16 p58 "Third huge impression now in the Press"; "Translated from the German. // By L. G. Redmond Howard" ; cloth on superior paper 2/6, paper 1/3 (in German 4,000,000 copies at 2 marks)
The Globe 1916-02-28 p16 Eaton's Tuesday Bargain List; in paper cover, 30 cents
N-Y Tribune 1916-04-08 p12 : "211 Pages. Ogontz Cover, Colored Jacket. Price 50 Cents. // Cloth Binding, 75 Cents" ; same NYT -04-09 pBR130
new for the week at SL public library, -05-20 p5
[484] review, SF Chron -06-18 p23
[485] 1917-05-06 p7, lengthy account "Best Seller in Germany"

Composed 1915 Redmond-Williams may be the translator of the work introduced (see the English-language novel record).

The essay is published as pp. 11-[19] of the UK and pp. 213-20 of the US edition, identically except for footnotes on the opening page, and the final word. (quotation with modified typography)


[1] This Introduction is printed here to show how Englishmen viewed the appearance of this remarkable book.
[2] How Germany Crushed France, by Adolf Sommerfeldt. 
[closing]  L. G. Redmond-Howard.
London: Lincoln's Inn.


[1] How Germany Crushed France, by Adolf Sommerfeldt. 
A translation, edited with a Preface, by L. G. Redmond-Howard.
[closing]  L. G. Redmond-Howard.
London: Lincoln's Inn, 1915.

In the second line of the UK note, LGRH seems to identify himself as the earlier book's translator, editor, and author of a Preface ("Introduction", called "Preface" on the title pages).


[inline] (1912; rev 1914 trans Louis G Redmont as How Germany Crushed France: (The Story of the Greatest Conspiracy in History) 1915)
[listing] How Germany Crushed France: (The Story of the Greatest Conspiracy in History) (London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1915) [trans by Louis G Redmont of the above: hb/]
[inline] (1915; trans Louis G Redmond-Howard as Hindenburg's March into London: Being a Translation from the German Original 1916)
[listing] Hindenburg's March into London: Being a Translation from the German Original (London: John Long, 1916) [trans by Louis G Redmond-Howard of the above: hb/]

"Louis G. Redmont" is "Louis G Redmond-Howard" must be "L. G. Redmond-Howard", as he is credited at least for the "Preface" on both title pages.

The 1915 Hodder & Stoughton edition of Hindenburg's is spurious, evidently.

Library records do not clearly credit LGRH as translator but that is correct, probably. Some library records credit Hindenburg --that is, Hindenburg's Einmarsch as Hindenburg's Einmarsch; cf. Andersen's Fairy Tales.

London publisher Everett shows the main title in quotation marks on both half-title and title pages. The front cover wording "Translated ..." and spacing imply that LGRH is the translator, more strongly than the title page. The Preface credited on title page is indeed "Preface", pp. 7-38. Its closing "October, 1914", is the only date.

LGRH cites "the Star of 15th October" on page 11
"Frankriech's Ende" --misspelling casts doubt on someone's knowledge of German, but I don't know that that is LGRH
page 29, "All this I can myself bear out from my own observations while living the life of a German university student, first at Mu"nster in Westphalia, and later on at Bonn on the Rhine, whither I sent to complete my literary and legal studies after Trinity, Dublin, and Lincoln's Inn."
No indications in the preface that its author is the translator.

Earliest coverage of the translated work I find in automated search of numerous contemporary newspapers and magazines today, is a listing of the Everett edition in "Books Published This Week", The Athenaeum 4544 (1914-11-28) p562-65. Viewing all 1914/15 hits for this title, I find no mention of a Hodder & Stoughton.

Stephen Daye (Press)

Publisher Stephen Daye Press

3. The Legion of the Lost

1944-11-15(?), $2.50 Publication date from brief contemporary review by Kirkus


Price from publisher notice NY Herald Tribune -11-19 pD31, as "Just published." STEPHEN DAYE, Inc. 48 E. 43 St. New York 17 and listing in "Books Published Today" NY Times -11-22 p17

"Stephen Daye Press" -- wikipedia citations of books published span 1931 to 1941 -- publisher's [Catalogue] inaugurated 1932

1945 (publisher arrested for fraud)
[486] NYT -04-28 p13 "Publisher Seized ..."; [487] NYHT -04-28 p13 "Publisher Held ..." --with recent history of the publishing company
publication reviewed as brattleboro John Wallace, Village Down East) WP 1943-07-25 pL5
Rory Gallagher, Lady in Waiting (NY: Daye, $2.50) review HC 1943-07-11 pSM15
[488] NYT 1944-09-20 p23 --Brattleboro obituary, 1931-41 president Ephraim H. Crane (Vermont Printing Company)
1946 (classified ads early and mid-year)
Display Ad, NYT 1946-12-01 pBR32 (one Christmas gift book)

Stephen Daye Press 105 East 24th St., New York 10, N. Y.

WorldCat ('stephen daye' brattleboro YYYY) shows decreasing numbers of records 1941 to 1944(1) --transition probably during 1943 can be inferred from increasing numbers 1943(3) to 1945

historical Stephen Daye (Press)

o[489] "Vrest Orton" --"Career: Founder, general manager, editor, Stephen Daye Press, Brattleboro, Vermont, 1931"
o[490] (1930?) A historical sketch of the Stephen Daye Press ... 1638 to 1658
[491] BG 1931-06-28
[492] 1639, p127 ;

new Stephen Daye Press

[493] NYT 1931-04-12
[494] NYHT -06-20
[495] NYT 1931-07-12 "Books of the Week", listing the first 4 Green Mountain series ; one more Salt of Vermont poetry listed -08-02 reviewed -08-09 (and NYHT -08-23) ;
[496] NYT -08-16, Uffington Valentine, The Green Mountain Series (4 vols only)
NYT 1931-12-20 "Books Received" --poetry again, Hymn to Chaos, Harold Vinai/l

(In the meantime, owner-publisher John Gainfort was arrested for fraud 1945-04-28, as he was leaving Federal court proceedings on involuntary bankruptcy of the Stephen Daye Press Corporation.)

Mark Twain, [The Diary/ies of] Adam and Eve 160 --shdbe series? why or why not?

Hutchinson Arrow Century

Hutchinson Arrow Books Century

Century Hutchinson, March 1985

[497] The Guardian 1985-03-16 p21 "LWT merges Hutchinson with newcomer" --publisher Hutchinson => Century Hutchinson (1985 to 1989 apparently)

"Snatch of the year: how a toddler carried a nonagenarian over the threshold" Bookseller (Mar 23, 1985): 1254-1255

Century publishers (all)

21st Century Books
Century  [needs disambiguation after 2001 probably]
Century 21 Books
Century House Americana Publishers
Century Publications
Century Publishing
Christianity in the 21st Century
First Century Ltd.
New Century Books
New Century Press
The Century Press
The XX. Century Pub. Co.

related to The Century Company, founded/renamed 1881 (3)

D. Appleton-Century Company
The Century Co.

related to Century Publishing, 1982 to 1985 (8)

   Arrow / Century Hutchinson
   Arrow / Random Century
Century  [needs disambiguation after 2001 probably]
   Century / Random House
   Century Hutchinson Australia  [see also Hutchinson (Australia)]
   Julia MacRae / Random Century (UK)
   Legend / Century
   Red Fox / Random Century

Frank R. Stockton, The Vizier T1869336

1898/1899 serial
LOm$i 1899 1st --NEED fix serial and copyright dates
Om 1899 UK
O.$ 1899 Canada --NEED fix two dates, two formats

Canada edition, hardcover format Canada edition, paper format

W. J. Gage & Company (Toronto) o[498] W.J. Gage & Co. Limited : A Story of [65] Successful Years, 1844-1909 29pp

Stockton's novelette [1899 serial] "The hero, born centuries ago, having drunk of the spring of immortality, is alive today to recount his meetings with Samson, Petrarch, Napoleon, etc. He acted as gardener to both Nebuchadnezzar and Miss Edgeworth."

"the story of a man who accidentally drank the contents of the Fountain of Youth many centuries ago, and is now living in New York at the permanent age of 53." The Book Buyer 19.2 (1899-09) p148 "The Century Co.'s New Books. Ready October 7."
[499] The Athenaeum 3754 (1899-10-07) p499 "Cassell & Company's First List of New and Forthcoming Volumes"
[500] The Academy 1431 1899-10-07 p391-410 Autumn Announcements Supplement "The Autumn Lists" (Saturday) --covers Allen & Son; Arnold; etc.
NYT 1899-09-23 pBR633 "Books Received" (advanced sheets)

1898/1899 serial

The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine

The Century Co. New York
Macmillan & Co. Ltd., London

As of 1899 The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine was published in London by Macmillan & Co.

Volume 21

Scribner's Monthly, An Illustrated Magazine For the People.
Conducted by J. G. Holland
publishers Scribner & Co.; F. Warne & Co. ; Copyright, 1881, by Scribner & Co.

Volume 1 (1870/71)

title matches vol 22
elaborate title page as bound, with Contents pp. iii-iv

Volume 10

title matches vol 22
elaborate title page as bound, with Contents pp. iii-iv
publisher Scribner & Co. [only]
Entered ... Scribner & Co. ...

Volume 14 (mid 1877)

elaborate title page matches vol 1

Vol 21, Scribner; F. Warne

Volume 22

Scribner's Monthly, An Illustrated Magazine For the People.
Conducted by J. G. Holland
publisher The Century Co. [only] ; Copyright, 1881, by The Century Co.

Volume 23, n.s. 1 (Nov 1881 to Apr 1882)

The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine.
title page as bound, with Index pp. iii-viii
no Conductor
publishers Century and F. Warne & Co.

Vol 90 (mid 1915); no title page or index from U Michigan, nor U Illinois; May cover by Arthur Rackham ; 960pp

Volume 104, n.s. 82 (mid 1922)

publisher The Century Co. [only] ; (c)1922 Century

London: F. Warne & Co. --vol 21 and vol 23 to 32

vols 21 (1880/81) to 32 (mid 1886), F. Warne & Co., London.
vol 33 (1886/87) to 50 (mid 1895) T. Fisher Unwin, London.
vol 51 (1895/96) to 80 (mid 1910), Macmillan & Co. Ltd., London
vol 81 (1910/11) to 87 (1913/14), Hodder & Stoughton, London
Index, pp. iii-viii, bound at back
1914[#88], 15, 18, 19, 20[#100] no title/index ; U Michigan copies with covers and sometimes front material
#101, 104 with title page as usual, The Century Co. [only]

Briefly, published in London 1880 [as Scribner's] to 1914 by F. Warne & Co. (1880/86), T. Fisher Unwin (1886/95), Macmillan & Co. Ltd. (1895/1910), Hodder & Stoughton (1910/14)

The Century Magazine (or C. I. M.) 58.5 Sep 1899 p746-49 [tVotTHA by FRS "with a picture by R. B. Birch"; "Conclusion" [part 7?]

Published 1898/1899 in The Century Magazine "with pictures by R. B. Birch" (small captioned b/w drawings, 21, as in the book; later credited as Reginald B. Birch)

November to December 1898, vol 57:1-2, as a complete two-part novelette, identical to chapters I-II in the book; each with 6 drawings [finally 58 pages text]; from <a href="">p. 52</a> (viewed at HathiTrust; see also the volume index)
May to September 1899 vol 58: 1-5, as Parts III to VII, without explanation of the continuation; with 9 drawings, total [finally 137 pages text]; from <a href="">p. 10</a> (viewed at HathiTrust; see also the volume index)

RESUMED May 1899 --barely advertised, not found except in the April 1899 issue of the magazine, 57.6 p2 "... THE MAY CENTURY ..."; (footer) "The other contents will include: [first listed] A continuation of the story of 'The Vizier ... by Frank R. Stockton"

v57 p52, 179 [Nov, Dec?] "Pictures by R. B. Birch."
v58 p10 203 452 630 746 [May to Sep]
  1. 52-61 (six small b/w drawings, captioned) "(To be concluded.)"
  2. 179-88 (six) "IN TWO PARTS. PART II." --evidently complete, "It is now three years since I became acquainted with Mr. Crowder, and he has consented that I should publish his story. I am still waiting,and his wife is still waiting, for the time to come when we shall know that we ought not to believe it."
  3. 10-17 (three) "(To be continued.)" "PART III." (no explanation here) "About four months after my first acquaintance .... "... I hope that you will become my biographer."
  4. 203-08 (two)
  5. 452-60 (two) "PART V. Including Mr. Crowder's acquaintance with Napoleon Bonaparte, Miss Edgeworth, and Nebuchadnezzar, and some account of his experiences as the ruler of all the Russias."
  6. 630-38 (one) "PART VI. Including Mr. Crowder's meeting with Moses, his curing Joshua of rheumatism, and his attempts to break up the friendship between Petrarch and Laura." "(To be concluded in the next number.)"
  7. 746-49 (one) "CONCLUSION. Mr. Crowder studies Art under Apelles, and Medicine and Surgery under Hippocrates and Galen."

(56 pages) (21 pictures by R. B. Birch)

  1. I. 1-39 (five) : 29 = 39 -10
  2. II. 40-80 (six) : 29 = 41 -12 [begins with four paragraphs from end Part I; ends one paragraph early, the final paragraph of Part II deleted]
  3. III. 81-116 (three) : 30 = 36 -6 [ends with one page revised/expanded re Delilah]
  4. IV. 117-41 (two) : 21 = 25 -4 [lacks El Khoudr preface and first paragraph amended]
  5. V. 142-180 (two) : 35 = 39 -4 [unrevised]
  6. VI. 181-219 (one) : 37 = 39 -2 [unrevised]
  7. VII. 220-35 (one) : 14 = 16 -2 [unrevised; abrupt]

sum 1-235 (20) : 195 = 235 -40 pages ; close to 40,000 at 200 words per full page (204, page 2) That is, relocated chapter break I/II; revised end ch II, end ch III, start ch IV

Grove Atlantic

Grove/Atlantic, Inc. (homepage) Archived 2010-06-15

  • Grove Press, Atlantic Monthly Press, Black Cat - 3 sublistings with logos, known Grove Atlantic imprints
  • Open City, Granta, Atlantic Books, Ltd. - 3 sublistings without logos, presumably not GA imprints (the Open City homepage explains, its books are covered in the GA catalog and distributed by Publications West)
( Open City magazine; Open City Magazine & Books Archived 2010-07-03; and About Open City archived
EN: Open City (magazine) 1991 to 2011
( Granta: The Magazine of New Writing ; About Granta Magazine Archived 2010-06-08 (successor to The Granta, Cambridge U, 1889 to 1970s)
EN: Granta
( Granta Books about, evident book publishing arm

Wikipedia 2018-11-01 names former GA imprints Canongate US and Open City

also, "Since 2010, the British publishing house Atlantic Books has been publishing a selection of books on behalf of Grove/Atlantic, Inc. in the United Kingdom, using the Grove Press UK imprint."

Atlantic Monthly (Press) is an imprint of Grove Atlantic, which was established by merger in 1993. As of 2018-10-24

apparent 1914 at HathiTrust [501]
apparent 1917-09/10 at HathiTrust [502] o[503]
(c)1917 collected reprints from The Atlantic Monthly o[504]
WorldCat false alarm 1917-06/10 at HathiTrust [505] o[506] (from U California HDL also shows the 1st printing)
1942 copyright page note on "Atlantic--Little, Brown Books" [507]
1918 title page at HathiTrust [508]

5 reported publications as Grove P / Atlantic M P

  1. Witches on the Road Tonight --hc and ebook as Atlantic Monthly Press
  2. UK, "Grove Press / Atlantic Monthly Press (31 May 2012)" --no Look
  3. UK, "Grove Press / Atlantic Monthly Press (18 Oct. 2012)" --t.p. Grove Press // New York ; c.p. Grove Press an imprint of Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
  4. US, "Mysterious Press (February 2, 2016)" --ebook "The Mysterious Press // an imprint of Grove Atlantic"
  5. UK, -- ebook "Grove Press UK, an imprint of Grove/Atlantic Inc."
1. Witches on the Road Tonight T2001185
2. The Treatment T1356613

2. Mo Hayder, non-genre thriller [509] by non-genre writer ?

3. Junkie

3. Junky; Junkie; etc T110506

From "Look inside" 1st printing per numberline

[logo] // Grove Press // New York // t.p. verso [in small part]: "This edition with material by Allen Ginsberg and edited with an introduction by Oliver Harris published by arrangement with Penguin Classics, an imprint of Penguin Books"

o[510] 2002, New edition
014118700X o[511] 2002, 176 --Penguin Classics


o[512] ebook as "Grove/Atlantic, Inc., 2012"

"Junkie" at WorldCat Fo[513]

1953 o[514] Ace Books, 149
1966 o[515] New English Library, Traveller's companion series. no. 114.
1973 o[516] Ace, 3rd printing, 157
1977 0140043519 0140282696 o[517] xvi, 158; o[518] with publication history
1977 0140043519 o[519] o[520] originally published...
1979 0140043519 o[521] complete..., XVI 158
1981\77 o[522]
2003 0142003166 0141189827 o[523] 50th, xli, 166
2012 o[524] the definitive

Junky: The definitive Fo[525](37)

--NEED search

[526] 2012 tp --NEEDs imprint name

later proofread, check WorldCat; replicate for US price if available?

4. The Cellar
A Novel T1842163

another ebook as both: Publisher: Mysterious Press (February 2, 2016) Publication Date: April 1, 2018

hc and tp both as The Mysterious Press

ebook title leaf/screens

full title, The Cellar: A Novel
[logo] // The Mysterious Press // New York
"First published in Great Britain by Arrow Books ...
stated First Edition
"The Mysterious Press // an imprint of Grove Atlantic // 154 West 14th Street // New York, NY 10011"
numberline 16 to 19 ; 10 to 1

1st ed. LCCN

Data from Amazon UK as of 2015-04-02.

Page count from Library of Congress (LCCN, below), with LC Subject headings "Suspense fiction" alone.

As of 2018-10-29 provides "Look inside" the

UK 2015 hc Amazon UK

Title page imprint is a graphic element only, evidently two components "A" and "Hammer".
T.p. verso displays numberline "1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2" (1st printing) over "Arrow Books in association with Hammer 2015" over street address.
And below states, "First published in Great Britain by Arrow Books in association with Hammer in 2015". 

UK 2016 trade paperback ed. Amazon UK also "Look inside" shows much the same except "Arrow Books in association with Hammer 2015"

5. NK3 T2110766

5. apparently US 0-8021, UK 1-61185

el   Minette Waters 214228 (21) 
Mo Hayder 165938 (13) --non-genre? 
el   Sheri Holman 208141 (5) --NEED 2012 paperback
elsf William S. Burroughs 338 (142) 

Probably this publisher/imprint is spurious, from the publisher field of Amazon product pages only. There it may represent publisher Grove Atlantic, Inc. (not itself in the database October 2018), formerly styled "Grove/Atlantic, Inc.", which was established in 1993 by merger of Grove Press and Atlantic Monthly Press. That is, an expansion of "Grove/Atlantic".

Grove Atlantic imprints "include Template:Publisher, Template:Publisher, Template:Publisher, and Template:Publisher" (quoting Wikipedia as of 2018-10-24; supported by the Grove Atlantic website footer, which displays these four names, all under logos).

Probably all publication records as from "Grove Press / Atlantic Monthly Press" are those of books from one of those four Grove Atlantic imprints.

ISFDB title records suggest also that this is a preliminary designation, in the sense "Grove or Atlantic", for works published as by Grove in one country and Atlantic in another, or Grove in one format and Atlantic in another.

  • Atlantic hc/ebook; later Grove paperback

Creation of Grove[/]Atlantic perhaps as direct successor to Grove Weidenfeld or Grove Nicolson, on the Grove side, for Grove was owned by George Weidenfeld 1985 to 1991/93?

ISBN as Grove Press before 1986 --all 0-394 except as noted

0-8021 (one 1976)

ISBN as Grove Press as 1986 to 1999 (at ISFDB) --all 0-8021 except as noted

0-394 (4 of 4, 1986)
0-394 (1 of 4, 1987)
1-55584 (one 1989)

ISBN as Evergreen --see also publication series Evergreen Black Cat

0-394 (two 1982), 0-8021 (one 1994)

ISBN as Grove Press / Atlantic Monthly Press [misleading]

0-8021 (three remain)
1-61185 (one 2018)

"In 1985 Rosset sold Grove Press to Ann Getty, Getty Oil, and Sir George Weidenfeld, a British Publisher. Rosset was fired a year later." --Wikipedia

publisher Grove Weidenfeld (9; all 1989 to 1991, 0-8021, $)

EN: George Weidenfeld, Baron Weidenfeld [527]

In 1985, Weidenfeld's publishing interests expanded to the United States, when he acquired the Grove Press in partnership with Ann Getty (wife of Gordon Getty). Grove later merged with the New York division of Weidenfeld & Nicolson to form Grove Nicolson. In 1991 Weidenfeld & Nicolson's UK branch was sold to the Orion Publishing Group[3] and became Orion's main non-fiction imprint, with Weidenfeld as non-executive chairman.
In 1993, the American company, Grove Nicolson, merged with the Atlantic Monthly Press to form Grove/Atlantic Inc.

EN: Weidenfeld & Nicolson [528]

Weidenfeld was one of Orion's first acquisitions after the group's founding in 1991, and formed the core of its offerings. At that time Weidenfeld imprints included Phoenix, its own establishment much earlier; and J. M. Dent, acquired in 1988, and thus its Everyman series.

newspapers (grove weidenfeld) 1985-1993 (1129 hits!, earliest 1989-05-04)

[529] NYT 1985-10-04 pC28, Dan Green named publisher at W&N New York, and CEO of Wheatland, containing Grove Press acquired last March 1984? ; Barney Rosset remains at Grove
first W&N list next Fall, later about 60/yr
[530] NYT 1989-05-04 pD19 --announce merging the two "publishing arms" "under one roof" of Wheatland Corporation, est. 1985; refl Weidenfeld & Nicolson disappointment in US market; now publ 150 books/year
PW 1989-05-19 p14 --Dan Green departed, firms merged
The Sun 1989-05-22 p2B --two lists this fall, only one next 1990
July 1989 advertisement A 'Weidenfeld & Nicolson' Book "Grove Weidenfeld"
[531] WP 1990-02-28 pC1 --Pantheon 100/yr cut back by Random House, 18 mos after acquisition; Grove Weidenfeld for sale
NYT 1990-03-10 p33 rosset is one hoping to buy it (as he did in 1986)
NYT 1990-05-09 pD20 getty decides not to sell
[532] NYT 1991-05-08 pC18 "The Future of Atlantic Monthly Press"
North Point "is issuing its final list this spring"
[533] WSJ 1993-02-11 pB2 "Grove Press Will Merge with Atlantic Monthly"
PW 1993-02-11 pD1 and -02-15 p9 --merger has finally occurred
[534] WSJ 1993-02-11 pD1 --ann. Turtle Bay shutdown, Grove/Atlantic merger
Entrekin of Atlantic Monthly (owned by the magazine to 1986) leads; about 50 hc/yr planned after Grove 70, Atlantic 20
Atlantic acquired by senior editor Morgan Entrekin, with silent backers, in 1991
NYT 1993-02-24 pC19 --heads roll at Grove
Atlantic "lost the rights to its own substantial backlist when it severed all its ties to Little, Brown in 1989"; purch. by Entrekin 1991-08; now almost everyone fired

"Grove Weidenfeld" 1993, 110 hits, mainly academic journals and theses ; 19 news/mag, mainly spring, no advertisements(?)

1992, 157 news/mag, no advert?
1992 "Grove Press", 82 hits, some single-book adverts

Publisher Weidenfeld & Nicolson --in the database this may include some W&N New York publications from 1985/86 to 1989 or even 1993 (W&N and Grove Press were Grove Weidenfeld imprints 1989 to perhaps 1993)

ISBN 0-297 all except
1-55584 (four, 1987/89)
1-78022 and others from 2014 only
P2371 PV Mhhutchins ; o[535]"New York : Weidenfeld & Nicolson, ©1987"
P32996 ; o[536] "New York: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1987"
P34791 WorldCat "New York : Weidenfeld & Nicholson, ©1988"
P496119 LC reports "New York : Weidenfeld & Nicolson, c1989"
WorldCat "New York : Weidenfeld & Nicolson" (181) (#20-95 as "Publisher: New York : Weidenfeld & Nicolson" years 1986 to 1989)

check newspapers "Grove Weidenfeld" and Nicolson

Canongate Myths

Hurricane Party #12 (#15 per Amazon?) Amazon US

Canongate Myths at ISFDB as Canongate and Canongate U.S. publication series

Canongate U.S. was a joint venture of Canongate and Grove Atlantic during the timespan represented here.

"The series launched on 21st October 2005 and is the most ambitious simultaneous worldwide publication ever undertaken." --homepage ( archived 2014-12-25

1 + 2005-10, two ISBN Armstrong A Short History of Myth archived 2016-03-25 (1)
2 + 2005-10, " " Atwood The Penelopiad archived 2016-03-15 (9)
3 + 2005-10, " " Winterson Weight archived 2016-03-25 (10)
4@ o 2006-03, " " Pelevin The Helmet of Horror archived 2016-03-25 (11)
5@ + 2006-06, " " Grossman [537] archived 2016-03-25 (12)
[6] o 2006-10, " " A McC Smith Dream Angus archived 2016-03-25 (13)
--nidb [7] 2007-11, " " Vickers Where Three Roads Meet archived 2016-03-12 (14)
--nidb [8] 2007-11, " " Ali Smith Girl Meets Boy archived 2016-03-26 (15)
9@ + 2007-11, " " Tong Binu and the Great Wall archived 2016-03-25 (16)
[10] + 2008-11, " " Faber The Fire Gospel archived 2016-03-12 (23)
[11] + 2009-05, " " Ugrešić Baba Yaga Laid an Egg archived 2016-03-25 (36)
[12]15 + 2009-08, " " Östergren The Hurricane Party archived 2016-03-25 (48)
[13] + 2010-02 hc; mmp 2011 Hatoum Orphans of Eldorado archived 2016-03-25 (73)
[14] + 2010-04, " " Pullman The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ archived 2016-03-25
[15] + 2011-09-01 hc, mmp 2012-06 Byatt Ragnarok archived 2016-04-03
@ 2014-01\2013-11 tp Kinno The Goddess Chronicle
--nidb @ 2013-11 Alai The Song of King Gesar --Wikipedia, final listing
--nidb PL 2006 Tokarczuk Anna In and the Tombs of the World --Wikipedia (not translated)

The Goddess Chronicle Fo[538](10) published 2012 officially, released 2013-01-03; "Look inside" 1st printing at Amazon UK 2018-11-02 shows

title page undated
"First published in Great Britain in 2012 by Canongate Books Ltd, // [street address]"
"First published as Joshinki in Japanese in 2008 by // Kadokawa Shoken ..."
copyright statements undated!
978184767-301-5 (ISBN-10 ...301-5 ! identical
978184767-302-2 Export ISBN (unexpected arithmetic difference 7; Amazon shows ISBN-10 ...302-3)
p2 complete list = All the Myths ; only those 15 published by Canongate
p7 publishers = International publishers — The Myths ; 38 countries, 47 publishers (plus UK, Canongate)
The Myths (2018) - 6 in print now(?), imprint The Canons, #1-3 5 8 14 as numbered above

2018-10-04 Hell: Dante's Divine Trilogy Part One, Decorated and Englished in Prosaic Verse by Alasdair Gray

Canongate Books (1)[8 from 2013]

publisher Jamie Byng, employee from 1994, arranged 1996 buyout at age 26

The Myths

elsf Mircea Eliade 97217 (199) 
el   Joseph Campbell 84505 (116) 
Walter Burkert (1993–2015) --nidb
el f Jack Zipes (75)
el f Marina Warner (59)

[539] PW 250.9 (2003-03-03) S2-S24 "U.K. publishers are soldiering on"
Jamie Byng's "little company (which opened a small U.S. office last year)" Canongate (now publisher of the year p.4)
from the abstract, "Grove Atlantic also shares its office space with Marion Brown of Canongate U.S."
(2nd to 4th hits are October/November 2004 on particular books)
[540] PW 253.19 (2006-05-08) p18 "Canongate Gets a Footing in U.S." --
Grove/Atlantic two years ago "included Canongate's boks in his catalogue but wasn't involved much beyond that"
"The partnership with Grove/Atlantic has resulted in solid growth each year. ..." --with VITAL EXPLANATION
[541] The Writer 120.5 (May 2007) p12 "Myths make a comeback"
Abstract (in full): "IN A PUBLISHING venture of epic proportions, 34 publishers around the world have teamed up to launch The Myths series."
IN A PUBLISHING venture of epic proportions, 34 publishers around the world have teamed up to launch The Myths series. As the name suggests, each of the titles in the series is a retelling of one of the world's myths. Well-known writers will be penning the tales, which could exceed 40 titles by the projects completion date of 2038.
project founder, Canongate publisher Jamie Byng

The cooperating publishers including Canongate US and Knopf Canada inaugurated the series with vols 1 to 3 jointly. Right?

el   Karen Armstrong 140575 (47) 

2005/2006 A Short History of Myth T1151853

2008\2005 at BL [542]
Identifier: ISBN 9781847673886 (electronic bk.); ISBN 1847673880 (electronic bk.); BNB GBB883181; System number: 018848742

[543] - CBC 2005-10-21 (Friday) "The first five books of the series were released at the Frankfurt Book Fair Friday."

only books 1 2 3 per other sources
"Their works are being issued simultaneously in 33 countries and 28 languages, including English, Portuguese, Chinese and Italian, in what publishers say is an unprecedented co-ordinated release."


mainly Warner, Popular, Paperback

unrelated? Publishers ?

Blondie, Katzenjammer Kids, Phantom

related Publishers

  • Paperback Library ...

1969-02 The Tormented P

"Price determined by the catalog number." --evidently WorldCat is the source for page count 160, no more.
Warner Books

Prior to 1975 it's likely that "Warner Books" publications are spurious, probably from the copyright statement, or another on that page, whereas "Warner Paperback Library" is specified on the front cover (with price and catalog ID) if not on the title page.

Mid 1970s to 2006, as a Time Warner property
Successor to Warner Paperback Library, from 1970 or so (1972 to 1975?)
Succeeded 2007 as a name, by Grand Central Publishing
 lw  Dorothy Daniels 178797 (6)
els  Norman A. Daniels 14848 (7)

Four Square Books

4 hits 1956 to 1959 (two 1957, four 1958)

The Observer 1957-06-16 p5 "Table Talk by Pendennis" > "Tobacco Books" Phillips tobacco's new venture, with Four Square (tobacco brand?) logo
[544] The Observer 1957-06-16 --Phillips launches Four Square Books
[545] The Observer 1958-11-23 pA7 "The Paper-back Industry" (UK)

1960 notices

Disc 1960-01-09 p13 Just Jazz No. 3 (3/6) [or No. 2? reprint or next volume?]
(Blackpool) Tribune 1960-09-09 p10 Asher Lee, Blitz on Britain (2/6)

1961, acquired by Times Mirror

[546] LAT 1961-03-03 pB1
[547] LAT 1961-05-05 pC9 purchase completed

James H. Neal --niLC?

Jungle Magic T1322162 --NOT NOVEL but NONFICTION; probably not 1959

o[548] o[549] o[550] Harrap, 1966 Harrap travel and exploration books James Henry Neal foreword by Dame Isobel Cripps 190/91 pages 8 plates Monograph Magic; Ghana Religious experience; Offenses and sanctions US title: Jungle magic, my life among the witch doctors of West Africa

Jungle magic: subtitle

o[551] (1st US; D. McKay Co. [1966]; 190 pp) Amazon US
o[552] (NY: Paperback Library, 1969, ©1966; 160 pp) ABE UK

Autobiographical London ed. (Harrap)--has title: Ju-ju in my life

Jungle magic

o[553] (London: Four Square Book, 1966; 158 pp)
Google --Four Square reported, title page McKay
cover image An eye-witness account of the unholy world of voodoo ("NEL", New English Library?)

Wikipedia: "Contrary to common belief, Vodun is not related to juju, despite the linguistic and spiritual similarities." But the book is received/promoted in 1960s as voodoo.

Jungle Magic o[554]

Ju Ju in My Life

reviewed in March? [555]
The Observer 1966-05-15 p26 (no title) JU-JU in my life // James H. Neal // fw by DIC // "The author, who was Chief Investigations Officer for the Government of Ghana provides new evidence of the power of native witchcraft. 21s." ... "All for May 26 // Harrap Books" (2nd of 3)
The Observer 1966-08-14 p18 "Holiday Reading" "An absorbing book ... should set the most confirmed cynic wondering." --Natal Mercury. 21s.

Jungle Magic: ...

McKay $4.50 from listing in "Books Today" NY Times 1966-09-30 p44
display ad by the publisher, with cover-and-spine image, 1966-10-16 p331 (footer includes "DAVID McKAY COMPANY, INC. • New York 10017")

no hits under either title 1967 to 1970

75c Paperback Library 64-066 OCCULT

cover: An amazing true account of the occult in Africa, full of Ju-ju spells and fantastic feats of "magic"


Writers for the Seventies > Vonnegut T897442

1972-09 --q
1974-03 reprint ABEbooks o[556] o[557]
Crowell as 1972 o[558] 0690010486 0690010494 ; o[559] 49-4 only ;
1976 (c)1972 o[560] (none reports ISBN)
Amazon US states Lib Bdg 1976-02
Amazon US states paperback 1975-06

Two WorldCat report "Crowell, 1972" (no brackets), which implies stated publication year.

NEED modify this statement (for Tolkien, below) as for Vonnegut

OCLC 785787858 and 251412167 state "Crowell, 1972"; that implies publication year from the title page. One lists this ISBN alone, the other as first of two beside 0-690-01053-2. For the two ISBN as of 2018-10-21, reports 1976-01-01 (likely 1976 default date) Hardcover and 1980-02 Paperback [w cover "$2.95"].

Pynchon 1974 o[561] o[562] "Cover illustration by Elias Dominguez." o[563] as #5 18cm 0446785237

Writers writers

 l   Robley Evans 9189 (3)[2]
  #4 Tolkien

OCLC 785787858 and 251412167 state "Crowell, 1972"; that implies publication year from the title page. One lists this ISBN alone, the other as first of two beside 0-690-01053-2. For the two ISBN as of 2018-10-21, reports 1976-01-01 (likely 1976 default date) Hardcover and 1980-02 Paperback [w cover "$2.95"].

 lw  Peter J. Reed 114207 (5)[6] 
  #1 Vonnegut
Joseph W. Slade [565] --nidb (6)[many] Slade wrote the Thomas Pynchon volume in <a href="">Writers for the Seventies</a> (1974).

.Elias Dominguez 75771
  Pynchon 1974 1989 WPI Studies #5


[1?] Vonnegut - 68-923 0-446-68923-8 ; 0-690-01048-6 +9-4 [NEEDs isbn and more info about ISBN]
2. Brautigan o[566] - 68-942 0-446-68942-4 ; --
[3?] Hesse - [68-965] 0-446-68965-3 ; 0-690-01050-8 +1-6
1973 reprint o[567]
4. Tolkien - 68-988 0-446-68988-2 ; 0-690-01052-4 +3-2
[5?] Pynchon - [78-523] 0-446-78523-7 ; -- (1990, WPI #5)
 w   Terence Malley 186288 (1)[1] --niLCCN --now credited with Foreword to the Tolkien volume
  #2 Brautigan 1972 0-446-68942-4
 lw  Edwin F. Casebeer 183822 (1)[7] 
  #3 Hesse 1976\72 o[568] 0690010516 ; [1968] ms. o[569]
 lw  Robert D. Spector (16)[many] --mentor of Malley and Joe Dorinson


publisher: Looking Glass Library

/Looking Glass Library --created by export 2019-03-11 (from 11K section above, and this 5K section)
Two subsections remain here, on works with LGL edition not in the database 2019-03-11:

2. Blue Fairy Book

series: Coloured Fairy Books

and Red and Green, 1960, also illus. Lonette

and illus. Reisie Lonette, and thus Paul Gallico

Lang Fairy Books at HDL

Blue 1889 91 92 --01 03 05 20 21 21
Red 1890 90 91 95 98 --01 22
Green 1892 95 95 99 06
Yellow 1894 95 97 99 --03 06
Pink 1897
Grey 1900
Violet 1901
Crimson 1903 03
Brown 1904 14
Orange 1906
Olive 1907
Lilac 1910 22
elsf Paul Gallico 19834 (103) 

Gallico at Kirkus

N.D. Snow Goose K
1952-09-18 Small Miracle K
1953-10-08 Snowflake K
1957-12-05 Thomasina K
1959-07-23 Ludmila K
1966-03-11 Three Legends K

Reisie Lonette

  Blue 35 --q 2018-11-10 LGL #2
  Green 42 with list of Contents (42) o[570]
  Red 37, with list of Contents (37) o[571]
  The Haunted Birdhouse [1970]
  Three Legends (1966) ; 1964 t.p. image suggests Three Stories by Paul Gallico: Snow Goose; Small Miracle; Ludmilla
   1966 1st US [572] as ISBN 1111494444
   1969 mmp US
   The Small Miracle (1963) Amazon US

Lonette at

Blue [573](unlikely), [574](yes)
Red [575]
Small Miracle [576] o[577], "Appeared in Good housekeeping magazine under the title 'Never take no for an answer.'"
Snowflake [578] o[579]
Ludmila [580], [581] --early edition not found at WorldCat

The Blue Fairy Book --Project Gutenberg Ebook stories uncredited? No, here are the last footnotes to the last six stories:

(1) Swift.
(1) Asbjornsen and Moe.
(1) Arabian Nights.
(1) Old Chapbook. 
(1) Chambers, Popular Traditions of Scotland. 
(1) Chambers, Popular Traditions of Scotland. 

Does the LGL text include footnotes?

4. Men and Gods

 w  .Elizabeth Corsellis 283605 (0*)[7] --(*) none, but Men and Gods is in the catalog
elsf Rex Warner 169878 (87)

Men and Gods T2462641 Fo[582]

LC 1951 FSY o[583], 1959 LGL o[584], 2008 NYRB with Contents o[585] "Originally published: New York : Farrar, Straus and Young, 1951"
[586] The Observer 1950-06-25 p7 "Metamorphoses" by Harold Nicolson, review as a translation
[587] Man Gua 1950-07-21 p4, H.H.H. "Ovid Up to Date" ; [588] The Scotsman -07-13 p9


NYHT 1951-04-17 p23 "Books Out Today" (Tuesday) $3 ; -04-22 pE22 "Books Received"
[589] NYT 1951-04-22 p212 "The Apples Still Shine" Roger Pippett ill Corsellis 223pp $3
[590] CSM 1952-10-11 p9 "The Myths of Greece" by Joseph G. Harrison, review of two
The Globe and Mail (Toronto) 1951-06-16 p10 C$2.25 McC and S 223pp
1952 mmp Penguin Amazon UK (no image)
1968 Anthology of Rex Warner [591]
1968 New Windmills Amazon UK as 1968-01-01, US as 1969-12-31 --subt Stories from Greek Mythology
1969 Avon Camelot at eBay [592]
2008 NYRB [593] Fo[594]
1951 Heinemann as Ovid transl by Warner Fo[595]
Google Books [596]
1996 Heinemann New Windmills o[597] ; same as 1951 o[598] ; same as 1961? o[599]
Amazon US as 1969
1952 Penguin Fo[600]
1959 LGL Fo[601]
"two versions", LGL #4 Warner, Rex. Men and Gods. c1959 and [196?]. Two versions. Illustrations by Edward Gorey.
283pp as c1959 o[602], as [196-] o[603]
287pp o[604]

1959 ver 2 [605]
FSG as 1959 [606]
1963 MacG & Kee [607] (no image)
1963 New Windmill / Heinemann [608]
1968 New Windmills / Heinemann (several records, no image)
1969 Avon Camelot [609]

title search 1960/1969 (12 hits: 4 0 0 0 3 1 0 3 1 0)

1964 available again MacG & K 18/- The Observer 1964-03-15 p26 ; same in Tribune (Blackpool) Vol. 28, Iss. 10, (Mar 6, 1964): 12.
1968 The Stories of the Greeks (MacG & K, 63/-) The Observer 1968-07-28 p22
1963 MacGibbon & Kee o[610]
mixed Fo[611](44)
Greeks & Trojans illus. Edward Bawden 15/- publisher advertisement The Spectator 187.6437 (1951-11-09 p609
Macgibbon & Kee, 2, Guilford Place, W.C.1 [London]
  • 2010 Nabu Press o[612] ISBN-1177174944
  • 2010 Gutenberg 34410 --q
1967 collection o[613]

Men and Gods at ABEbooks with seller cover image

MacGibbon & Kee 1950 ,1950 (multiple images)
Heinemann (Educational)
purple blue N.D. school ,1961 reprint ,1963 ,1973 16mo (very small)
yellow-brown 1974 ,1981
LGL version 1(?) --not clearly represented; no one reports 287pp ; "black spine" "pp 285" "First Edition" 1959
Looking Glass Library version 2, 283pp (jacket) (cover) ; (no image) 283pp, 23 LGL titles
NYRB 2007

The Stories of the Greeks

[614] HC 1967-10-15 p13F The Stories of the Greeks, FSG, $8.50 ; also Boston Globe [615]
MacG & K 63/-

[616] "G is for Gorey—C is for Chicago: The Collection of Thomas Michalak", Loyola University Chicago Digital Special Collections

Men and Gods, versions 1 and 2
ver 1 with front cover subtitle, ver 2 not
both full-cover images online with citations #1152 1153; may they be linked?
BL catalogue search
Rex Warner
Men and Gods 1950 B50-5930 006972316 as "mainly translations" and Dewey 292.1, 1952 007651968, 1952 BL 002735611 as Transl. of Ovid, 1996 Heinemann BL 015120571, 2007 NYRB BL 014342184,
Greeks and Trojans 1952, 1953(2)
The Vengeance of the Gods 1954
The Stories of the Greeks 1967 BL 009935678,

also: Encyclopedia of world mythology / foreword by Rex Warner. // London : Octopus Books : Phoebus Publishing Co., 1975.



Lovell's Library

/Lovell --created by export 2019-03-11 (as 15K)

Flame Tree

imprints and "series" inaugurated and renamed?

Fantastic Tales Fantastic Fiction

Fantastic Tales series

Flame Tree Publishing EN

Flame Tree 451 publ series Fantastic Fiction (sic)

lw Judith John, ed. 2013 206119 (7)[many]
Jake Jackson, ed. 2014-?? {{a}225248}} 

WorldCat search 2019-06-02

"Flame Tree"; se:"Fantastic Fiction" (17)
judith john 0, jake jackson 1
"Flame Tree"; se:"Fantastic Tales" (21)
judith john 17, jake jackson 4


  1. -- Collins, Moonstone o[617]
  2. -- Conan Doyle, Lost World 2012 o[618] 224p
  3. -- De la Mare, The Return o[619]
  4. -- Dickens, Bleak House o[620] genre?
  5. 13 Hawthorne, Seven Gables o[621]
  6. 13 Kerruish, Undying Monster o[622]
  7. 13 Lewis, The Monk o[623]
  8. 13 Radcliffe, Udolpho o[624] --PV Gzuckier (only PV)
  9. 13 Shelley, The Last Man o[625]
  10. 13 Stoker, Dracula o[626]
  11. 13 Stoker, White Worm o[627]
  12. 13 Verne, Journey to the Center P411236 o[ --done from Look inside by Rtrace
  13. 13 Verne, Master of the World o[628]
  14. 13 Verne, 20000 --indb
  15. 13 Wells, Invisible o[629]
  16. 13 Wells, Time Machine o[630]
  17. 13 Wells, War of the Worlds --indb (13 as year 2013)
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WorldCat (OCLC, below) reports series "Fantastic Tales" (probably not from the book, as page count and size are not reported)

WorldCat (OCLC, below) reports series "Fantastic Fiction" (probably not from the book, as page count and size are not reported)

Jake Jackson (2014)

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