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For major contributors, moderators, verifiers, taggers and voters since May 2006, see the ISFDB Statistics and Top Lists page.

What follows is a list of major contributors to the ISFDB until May 2006. This is a rough order rounded to nearest 5000 titles:

Contributions User Notes
50,000 Al von Ruff These were entries from various encyclopedias that were pounded in via keyboard.
50,000 Dissembler This was a webbot that cruised numerous sites and populated the database. Dissembler entered about 95% of all the data entered in the ISFDB in 2003–2006.
20,000 NESFA database The NESFA database is also part of the Locus Index through 1989. This was the first major database merged with the ISFDB.
15,000 Michael J. Cross database Mike's database was the 3rd major database to be integrated. Mike also contributed a ton of UK magazines, and probably 40% of all the review data.
15,000 David G. Grubbs The ISFDB started as an awards database, and our initial release was heavily populated with titles from David's award database.
15,000 User Submissions These were entered primarily in 1996–1999.
10,000 John Boston database John's database was the 2nd major database to be integrated. John also entered a ton of books as forthcoming books editor.
5,000 Cary Thomas Cary supplied 15–20 years worth of Analog and Astounding magazine data.