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Hello, JosHil, and welcome to the ISFDB Wiki! I hope you like the place and decide to stay. Here are some pages that you might find helpful:

Please be careful in editing publications that have been primary verified by other editors. See Help:How to verify data#Making changes to verified pubs. But if you have a copy of an unverified publication, verifying it can be quite helpful. See Help:How to verify data for detailed information.

I hope you enjoy editing here! Please sign your name on talk pages using four tildes (~~~~); this will insert your name and the date. If you need help, check out the community portal, or ask me on my talk page. Again, welcome! Ahasuerus 04:08, 31 August 2009 (UTC)

Salvation in Death

I accepted the submission for a new publication of this title, but had to change the binding from "softcover" to "pb", which is the standard entry for mass-market sized paperbacks. (Larger paperbacks are entered as "tp".) Does the paperback give a month of publication? If so you can update the pub while adding the cover image that you just uploaded. Thanks. MHHutchins 04:08, 7 September 2009 (UTC)

For more specifics on entering pubs, here's the link to the help page. MHHutchins 04:09, 7 September 2009 (UTC)
The link you added to the record was to the Wiki page, and not the image itself. Go to the page, click on the image, and its URL will appear in your browser's address bar. Copy this URL and place it in the record's image field. MHHutchins 04:17, 7 September 2009 (UTC)
I see that you chose the smaller of the two files that you uploaded. Perhaps the larger one would be better, because the system automatically thumbnails it for the publication record page, but allows a user to click on it to see a larger version. Also, if you have any questions, or responses, you can do so on this Wiki page which is your personal talk page. See the link in the Welcome about Wiki editing help. Thanks. MHHutchins 04:25, 7 September 2009 (UTC)


I see that you uploaded Image:DOTDJAJPBF.gif, a cover for Day of the Dead by J. A. Jance. However, it does not appear that you supplied any of the standard Image License Tags for this image, nor have you yet linked the iamge to the publication record. (See Help:How to upload images to the ISFDB wiki for more information.)

However, in this cane, you need not bother, because Day of the Dead is a mystery with no speculative fiction aspects, and I plan to delete it from the database entirely in the near future.

If you know of any reason why we ought not to delete Day of the Dead from the database, please do mention it here.

I thank you for your contributions, and I am sorry that this one may be deleted. I do hope you will make many more contributions to the ISFDB. -DES Talk 08:18, 7 September 2009 (UTC)

Making it "NONGENRE" might be more appropriate, as it was reviewed in a Spec-Fic magazine. I wouldn't encourage more editions of such though - we seem to have the first printing (to justify title date), and the edition that was most likely reviewed. I'd say that's plenty. (I am not adding the first British publication for instance.) BLongley 17:55, 7 September 2009 (UTC)
I have added the license tags, and linked the image in case it is decided to make it "NONGENRE"--JosHil 19:17, 7 September 2009 (UTC)
Approved, but please don't put too much effort into Non-Genre publications - as suggested above, we are only suffering this title as it was reviewed, it's not part of our core speciality and we do try and keep focused on Speculative Fic - ooh look, a butterfly! ;-) BLongley 19:39, 7 September 2009 (UTC)


I approved your addition of this publication but what's the source of the data? Thanks! --Marc Kupper|talk 23:27, 12 September 2009 (UTC)

-I don't understand, what data are you talking about (I'm new)--JosHil 23:32, 12 September 2009 (UTC)

What caught my eye is you provided a lot of detail as though you have a copy in hand but stated the price as "unk" implying you don't have a copy in hand. Thus I'm wondering where you got the data you entered into ISFDB from. Here's what you added:
  • Title: Dune
  • Authors: Frank Herbert
  • Year: 2007-00-00
  • ISBN-10: 0-7927-4866-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7927-4866-3
  • Publisher: BBC Audiobooks America
  • Price: unk
  • Binding: Audio CD
  • Type: NOVEL
  • Title Reference: Dune
  • Cover: Margo Goody
--Marc Kupper|talk 23:50, 12 September 2009 (UTC)

-I have looked back at the copy and I have not found a price. It appears to be a special library edition, with a unlisted price. It does have a library sticker that says "replacement cost $130.00" This may have been the original price.--JosHil 23:24, 23 September 2009 (UTC)

Dune hc

I also approved an update to this publication but am a little bit confused by the note you added which is "Some Later editions have a price of $29.95." What's the source of this information? Generally if we have evidence of the publication at a different price than the ones in ISFDB then we'd add a new publication record and cite the sources if it's not directly from the publication. For example, at the moment for ISBN 044100590X has

  • On sale for a list of $29.95.
  • A Look Inside that has the 10th printing at $27.95 (the price is on the back cover in the barcode area as "52795>").

Looking at the Dune title record I that the only Ace hardcover is the one this note is about meaning we can clone the $25.95 record to create versions at $27.95 and $29.95 citing the source for each of those. For both of these I set the date to 0000-00-00 as we don't know what it is. --Marc Kupper|talk 23:47, 12 September 2009 (UTC)

I canceled your update to add the printing date to the $29.95 hardcover. We do not know when it was printed and so use 0000-00-00. The Oct-1999 date is date of the first printing. --Marc Kupper|talk 02:25, 13 September 2009 (UTC)

Dune pb

I approved your update to this edition of Dune but it'll have the same issues as the hardcover record you updated. You added the note "Some later printings have a $6.99 price tag."

I'm not sure if you are going through your books adding data or are entering information from other sources. --Marc Kupper|talk 23:53, 12 September 2009 (UTC)

-I just got back online to read your note, I'll will not do that again.--JosHil 23:55, 12 September 2009 (UTC)

-I confused this pub with a later one. I have removed my previous comment.--JosHil 00:01, 13 September 2009 (UTC)

Thanks - that's taken care of. If you have a copy that has $6.99 and we don't have that price then the usual practice is to take the publication record that seems closest to what we want and to clone it. Cloning looks like editing a publication except that it saves it as a new publication. In the notes section we note the printing number. Sometimes you'll see that there's a record for $6.99 already but the printing # is different than yours. You would clone that and document the printing # for your copy. --Marc Kupper|talk 02:22, 13 September 2009 (UTC)

National Geographic

I accepted the submission for National Geographic, July 1976, but have a question or two. Are you certain this is a short story? It appears to be a speculative article, and not fiction, according to many sites based on a Google search. Also, do all of the interior art pieces illustrate the Asimov story? If so, it's best to title them as "The Next Frontier?". Because you've chosen to create a record for each piece the second record would be titled "The Next Frontier? [2]", etc. Where do the titles you gave them come from? Also, any artwork that spreads over two pages should only be given the page number of the first page. Thanks for contributing. MHHutchins 01:46, 25 September 2009 (UTC)

It is a short story, but written as an "Article" for a magazine in the future, but is most certainly fiction (It is written from a character's POV). the story is rather similar in concept to his short story For the Birds which details life on a space station in the near future. The story also does not "break out of character" at the end like most of his speculative articles. The Illustrations are for the Asimov story, the titles are from the painting captions. If you would like I will replace them with what you suggested above.--JosHil 03:10, 25 September 2009 (UTC)

Proposed Asimov Merge for Issac Asimov and Isaac Asimov

Actually there was a much easier way to to this. All I had to do was change the name in the title record. Author merges should be avoided whenever there is a simpler method. They require a lot more database processing and can every once in a while not work as expected. I also placed a link to the National Geographic in the General Interest Magazine Page. Thanks.--swfritter 13:25, 25 September 2009 (UTC)

Whipping Star

Added a better cover scan and more precise date to Whipping Star.SFJuggler 20:37, 20 December 2015 (UTC)