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Prydain only as of 2015-12-16
Alexander, uncredited, and credited artists
cut and paste from ISFDB update submitted 2015-12-11
  • Publication month not stated, source Locus
  • Copyright page credits and dates the novel, the map, and the Pronunciation Guide (c) 1999 Henry Holt; provides Cataloging in Publication data for LCCN <a href="">98040897</a>
  • 1st printing per number line
  • Back inside flap credits jacket illustration 1966 Evaline Ness
  • Front inside flap $17.95; $26.95 CAN
  • two-page b/w map internally titled "Isle of Mona" follows p ix
  • "About the Author" runs to completion of The Foundling and Other Tales of Prydain (1973); prepends to that version in The Foundling, Revised and Expanded <a href="">(1999)</a> one paragraph pertinent to the novel at hand

Primary verify done as of 2015-12-16: all 8 publications covered below re map and essay content --all those on the library shelf today but these go in and out.

Lloyd Alexander interview with students
2006-08-27 citation updated at Wikipedia The Chronicles of Prydain -- evidently the source for "Retrieved 2009-04-17" citations in other Wikipedia articles, eg The Book of Three Time Cat Lloyd Alexander)
  • 2006-09-17 [3]: that citation added to The Chronicles of Prydain

1807 URL archived at*/*

Monica Hughes (2000) --first of dozens papers/speeches archived by the Phoenix Award 2000 to 2010 [4]

Internet Archive display of (teachers?) pages includes (c) 2015-1996

Lloyd Alexander biography at 2006 [5]


Editions examined (usu. one of multiple printings

2 3 4 6 --1999 Revised hc Henry Holt (Ness cover art)
1 3 5 --2006 Wyatt cover art
1 --2014 and later 50th anniversary edition (two vols extant)

The novels carry five distinct maps (c) Evaline Ness 1964 to 1968. Book 6 carries map 5.

In the database all 5 maps under 6 titles are attributed to Evaline Ness with 1964 to 1968 dates (as contents of those 8 of 14 "recent" editions examined).

1 2 3 4 5 6

5 maps are attributed to uncredited with 1964 to 1968 dates (as contents of the 1991 Prydain omnibus).

1 2 3 4 5

By retaining distinct records until the maps are examined and judged to be identical (same artwork), we guard against such problems as [a] existence of two maps with 1964 copyright used in later editions of The Book of Three and [b] error by the omnibus compiler in claiming 1964 copyright for the map that illustrates The Book of Three in that volume.

About the Author

Evidently there are seven variants of one closing ESSAY "About the Author". The basic appears in 1999 book 6 and in the Square Fish edition (some?) of the 2006 Wyatt cover art set. Books 1-5 in the 1999 set prepend one or two pertinent paragraphs to the basic. Book 1 in the 50th anniversary inserts Alexander's lifespan in the lead, "Lloyd Alexander (1924-2007)". In the 2006 David Wyatt cover art Henry Holt paperback ed. (rather than Square Fish ed.), the novel-specific 1999 About the Author appears.

Close examination of the Wyatt set 1 3 5 shows that only The Book of Three "First Square Fish Edition June 2011" omits the first paragraph of About the Author and thus matches 1999 book 6 rather than 1999 book 1. The Henry Holt ppb ed. book 3 printed September 2010 and the "First Square Fish Edition August 2011" book 5 both include such a prefix and are identical to About the Author in those volumes of the 1999 set.

8 of 14 extant examined (and primary verified) as of 2015-12-16.

The Book of Three
Henry Holt
hc [?]
0-8050-6132-0 [?]

CIP data for 978-0-8050-8048-3 (pb?) ... 98-40901

and below that line
two ISBN -613201/0
Revised Edition--1999
First Henry Holt paperback edition, 2006
Printed in July 2010 ...
13 15 17 19 20 18 16 14
  • Data from library copy without dustjacket
  • Copyright page credits and dates the novel, map, and Pronunciation Guide (c) 1999 Henry Holt; provides Cataloging in Publication data for LCCN <a href="">98040901</a>
  • "Printed in July 2010"; 13th printing per number line
  • two-page b/w map internally titled "The Land of Prydain" follows p ix
  • "About the Author" runs to completion of The Foundling and Other Tales of Prydain (1973) and is identical to that in The Foundling, Revised and Expanded <a href="">(1999)</a>

Size seems to be hc Ness cover rather than tp Wyatt cover but how to interpret those ISBN?

Prydain reviews, etc

2016-03-26/27 import from /later

  1. publ date 1966-04-27 per starred review ... [6] 64-18250
  2. publ date 1965-04-12 per starred review ... [7] 65-13868
  3. publ date 1966-04-11 per starred review ... [8] 66-13461
  4. publ date 1967-04-03 per contemporary review by Kirkus [9] 67-2847
  5. publ date 1968-03-01 per review by Kirkus same date [10] (posted 2011 with later cover image, illustrator, page-count, ISBN) 68-11833
Coll 65-21540;
Truthful 67-19058

h library 2016-01-27

HCL FARNS PS3551.L35698

The Book of Three -- in library binding 13th printing of 1999 hc


The Black Cauldron 2010-01-00 pb --PV done 2016-01-27

ClonePub 2006-05-00 P[11] (nearly empty) with Note to M

an experiment perhaps not to be repeated: Clone nearly empty P record of presumable first printing; replace ISBN-10 with ISBN-13 that appears here (back cover only); copy-and-paste with modification my long Note from a P record of the hc edition; add 1 content not yet in database; later Import 3 other contents from the latter record [P551383 0000-00-00]


B vii+182+[12] => viii --the "date unknown" record may need same crxn

add content Title records from the latter P

B [183] "Turn the page for a sneak peak ...", from [185] 10pp maybe all of chapter one

Author's Note T1942487 --currently one of two ESSAY records both 1965

From the lead of this two-page Author's Note: "intended, hopefully, to do somewhat more than continue the Chronicles of Prydain. "What happens next is always an urgent question, and this volume attempt to answer it, at least partially. Nevertheless, The Black Cauldron should stand as a chronicle in its own right."

Lloyd Alexander ESSAY records for Prydain Author's Notes need attention


0518 [and 0324/25, 0416]

later if/when ambitious, compare About the Author essays

Taran Wanderer check for and consider About the Author p[257]?
High King check for and consider About the Author p[287-88]

check reviews User:Pwendt#Prydain reviews, etc

2016-04-16 later ask about implementation of The High King

minimal notes on first printing P41500
clone and expand as printing in hand P564170

alternative would be to clone more of the notes and insert a statement atop the list of notes (i would put it outside the bullet list in line 1) that some Notes are based on examination of the 10th printing

2016-04-16 later reconsider treatment of Square Fish Publisher: Square Fish and Publisher: Square Fish / Macmillan

"Printed in August 2011"; 8th printing per number line 10 9 8
"First Square Fish Edition: August 2011"

book dates the logo?, credits the logo artist and logo rights holder (Macmillan)



Square Fish is only a brand name and logo but i don't rock that boat now

2016-0518 --print/check as appropriate

  • Coll verified
  • [13] TW clone/augment/verified
  • [14] HK (prev verified) augmented
  • [15] Foundling re-ordered and augmented

expand notes, now in better order i hope, prior to proofread and verify

The Black Cauldron DO book 2, 50th Anniversary Ed. 2015 P528444

parallel book 1, 50th, 2014 P463528

Prydain covers

data as of 2016-07-07, if i understand the record correctly -Pwendt 2016-11-11

Evaline Ness, 1911-86 26784 : lccn EN ; Prydain plus

HRW 1960s --

Don Maitz, 1953- 421 : ? ? SFE EN ; prolific

Dell 1970s[1969?] --

Jean-Leon Huens, 1921-82 122574 : FR ; 4 covers

Laurel-Leaf --now attribute books 1, 2 [both PV]

Jody Lee, 1958- 25602 : o SFE EN ; nearly all covers

1990s --

David Wyatt 26054 : o ; mainly covers

Square Fish 2000s --

Jody Lee and Dell seem to be the center of most problems

  1. mismtach: Lee T143244 is Huens illus. (no PV, simply remove image)
  2. mismatch: Lee T1717339 is Huens illus. (no PV, simply remove image)
  3. mismatch: Lee T143321 is Huens illus. (no PV, simply remove image)
  4. mismatch: Lee T142920 is Huens illus. (one is PV Dragoondelight, inactive, no credible source P295118)
  5. mismatch: Lee T1441906 two are Huens illus.; Maitz T1357220 is Huens illus.;

images we have

  1. Ness, Maitz, Huens, --, Wyatt
  2. Ness, Maitz, Huens, Lee, Wyatt
  3. Ness, --, Huens Lee Wyatt
  4. Ness, --, Huens Lee, Wyatt
  5. Ness, --, Huens Lee, Wyatt

bold: none correctly attributed; we have the image only where it is the wrong image


  1. P275119 something wrong as this shows the illustration by Huens not 1990 Lee (T143244, Lee image missing)
  2. (T[16])
  3. PV Mike Christie, no image (T143321, Lee image missing)
  4. P295118 image shows correct cover illustration; should be attributed to Huens not 1990 Lee (T142920)
  5. no PV (T144106); DD pv Huens image--illus and price--without attribution P199389