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Charlee, as she is known to her fans, is the author of the sword & sorcery WindLegends novels.

She was born June 20, 1948 in Sarasota, Florida and adopted at birth by Floyd Carl and Vivian Boyett. She grew up in Colquitt, Georgia and Albany, Georgia and graduated from Albany High School in 1966. Married 42 years to her high school sweetheart, Tom, she is the mother of two grown sons, Pete and Mike, and the proud grandmother of Preston Alexander and Victoria Ashley.

She now lives in the Midwest where she enjoys the changing of the seasons and the ever-blowing wind. She created, designed and maintains her own 500+ page website on which she has an extensive compendium of her novels as well as a large writers' research area.

Her books are award-winning speculative fiction that range in genres from dark fantasy, horror, SF/Futuristic, dark romance, mystery/thriller to post-apocalyptic vampire western.

Her work began with the ten-volume WindLegends Saga (a sword and sorcery romance adventure series):

  • Windkeeper [1]
  • Windseeker [2]
  • Windweeper [3]
  • Windhealer [4]
  • Windreaper [5]
  • Winddreamer [6]
  • Windbeliever [7]
  • Winddeceiver [8]
  • Windretriever [9]

Also in this series are three prequels:

Her creations, the Reapers, are her signature and the novels have garnered high praise from readers and reviewers alike. There are four series of Reaper novels.

The DemonWind Series which includes:

The Western Wind Series of novels which began with WyndRiver Sinner [16] is fast becoming the most popular among her readers. Other books in this series are:

  • Reaper's Revenge [17]
  • Prime Reaper [18]
  • Tears of the Reaper [19]
  • Her Reaper's Arms [20]
  • My Reaper's Daughter [21]
  • Embrace the Wind [22]
  • Black Moon Reaper [23]

The WindVerse Series containing:

  • Ardor's Leveche [24]
  • Pleasure's Foehn [25]
  • Phantom of the Wind [26]
  • Prisoner of the Wind [27]
  • Hunger's Harmattan [28]
  • Craving's Chinook [29]
  • Dancing on the Wind [30]

The BlackWind Series:

  • BlackWind: Sean and Bronwyn [31]
  • BlackWind: Viraiden and Bronwyn [32]

Her other novels include:

From the WindTorn Series:

  • In the Teeth of the Wind [33]
  • In the Heart of the Wind [34]
  • In the Arms of the Wind [35]

From the WindWorld Series:

  • Desire's Sirocco [36]
  • Longing's Levant [37]
  • Rapture's Etesian [38]
  • Lucien's Khamsin [39]
  • DesertWind [40]

The Tropical Winds Series:

The WyndMaster Series:

  • The WyndMaster's Lady [45]
  • The WyndMaster's Son [46]
  • The WyndMaster's Apprentice (forthcoming)

The Stand Alone Novels:

Her short stories include:

  • WindWolf [60]
  • Spring Wind [61]
  • Summer Wind [62]
  • Autumn Wind [63]
  • Winter Wind [64]
  • Seasonal Wind [65]
  • WindSpectre [66]
  • WindStar [67]
  • Wayward Wind [68]
  • TailWind [69]
  • The Windsday Club [70]
  • Secrets of the Wind [71]
  • The Sting of the Wind [72]
  • Wendy's Summer Job [73]
  • Hunger for the Wind [74]
  • Memories of the Wind [75]
  • Wind in the Pines [76]
  • The Winds of Change [77]

The use of wind in all her titles in one fashion or another is a tribute to her being born under the Gemini zodiac sign, representative of the air. She loves the play of the wind against her face, the sound it makes on a cold winter day as it skirls through the eaves, and the sight of it causing the tall prairie grasses to sway. "It is nature's vacuum cleaner," she says.

Charlee writes for Ellora's Cave, Cerridwen Press, New Concepts Publishing, Phaze Books, Twilight Times Publishing, and Samhain Publishing and is currently at work on her 70th novel.