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See the Newbie Guide at, Moorcock's Web site, for reading order suggestions and series ordering discussions. Ahasuerus 14:34, 30 Jan 2007 (CST)

Have made an initial attempt at rationalizing the series and linking the various variant titles to their parents. Most relationships should now be in place. --Unapersson 13:14, 7 Mar 2007 (CST)

Between The Wars

Colonel Pyat tetralogy. Strictly non-genre but with elements of speculative fiction.


There are two mini-series of books. The original quartet and the concluding trilogy.


Need some way of representing the original quartet, to seperate them out from the supporting volumes. Also change series ordering to match Cornelis Quartet/Calendar.

Eternal Champion

The three John Daker novels, not really a trilogy but connected. To Rescue Tanelorn... is also listed, but I'm not sure if the other EC short stories should go here. Perhaps rename series to John Daker?

Karl Glogauer

The two Karl Glogauer novels.

Oona Von Bek

Strictly these are new Elric novels, but he is not really the main character, especially in the final volume. These books also feature Oswald Bastable and Hawkmoon, amongst others. One potential project might be to tag titles with EC incarnations who appear.

Oswald Bastable

The trilogy of alternate history/steampunk novels featuring Oswald Bastable.

Second Ether Trilogy

Trilogy providing an alternate view of the multiverse and a new ending. Maybe it should just be Second Ether so Multiverse graphic novel can be included.

Sojan the Swordsman

Juvenile fiction by Moorcock, in the style of Conan.

Dancers at the End of Time

Like the Cornelius books, there is a main trilogy and a number of supporting volumes with the same characters. Have tried to show that split.


Two trilogies featuring Corum.

The Elric Saga

Lots of books and short stories, published at different times that have gradually been brought into a chronology.

The Tale of the Eternal Champion (Millennium)

A series of omnibus volumes covering all the incarnations of the Eternal Champion. Intended to be a comprehensive and definitive collection of the novels and stories set in the Multiverse. Millennium made the decision not to publish all volumes, and others, notably the Cornelius novels, were already contracted to another publisher.

Hard Cover and Trade Paperback editions were simultaneously published between 1992 and 1993. Mass market paperback re-issues were issued between 1995 and 1997, some volumes featured modified content.

* These printings featured the first chapter only of Constant Fire by mistake.

The Tale of the Eternal Champion (White Wolf)

The US version of the Millennium volumes. Different books and slightly different ordering. Millennium did not want to publish some volumes, and White Wolf skipped the Jerry Cornlius book.

Von Bek

A series of novels following different generations of a family responsible for guarding the Holy Grail.

Warrior of Mars

A trilogy of novels that are a tribute to Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars books.


Hollow Lands / End of All Songs (Avon) - Are these variant titles, or a typo?