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I am a programmer/web developer/system architect by profession, but reading and collecting books has been a lifelong obsession. I've been a reader/collector of SF, Fantasy and Horror for almost as long as I can remember and have a medium sized collection to integrate/verify. It includes copies of most of Michael Moorcock's output, paperback collections of works featuring the Weird Tales big three: Lovecraft, Smith and Howard, post apocalyptic fiction and new wave/experimental works as well as lots of genre anthologies.

Projects in past have included Michael Moorcock and Clark Ashton Smith bibliographies (the latter was absorbed in The Eldritch Dark CAS website). Both appeared on a website I've maintained since about 1997 called Sweet Despise. Part of my interest in updating the ISFDB is to merge in content from the various bibliographies and point to a central maintained repository rather than maintaining a parallel effort, to allow a shift of emphasis in the site. Another big part is that this is the sort of thing I've been chipping away at for years from a narrower perspective and this all inclusive bibliography with many cross references tied in is definitely the way to go. Specialists on particular authors can then concentrate on making those entries as accurate as possible.

Things to do

  • Finish entering anthologies
  • Continue clean up of Moorcock page. Add and verify as many titles as possible.
  • Tidy up user talk page

Edits to Revisit

  • Try and find a way around Roots of Evil
  • Horror and the Museum (Beagle edition), correct contents list

Working Area

Fixing doubled-up pubs without destroying the verified original: 1) unmerge titles, leaving original (A) and new titles (B) and (C) 2) merge (A) and (B) 3) change (C) to incorrect type (i.e. COLLECTION to NOVEL) 4) edit publication, remove title with incorrect type 5) delete now orphaned (C)