What's New from 2008

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What's New from 2008

What's New - 14 June 2008

  • Editors now have the ability to export content from one publication record to another, and import as well. This can be used to copy magazine contents (UK vs US editions) or to copy collection/anthology content from one publication to another. Unlike cloning, both publications must exist before the import/export occurs, and no editing of the metadata is allowed while importing/exporting (makes the applications far too complex). You may still add content and page number information as you can with cloning. Look for the "Import Content"/"Export Content" links on the publication bibliography. Alvonruff 16:02, 14 June 2008 (UTC)

What's New - 25 May 2008

  • The ability to link reviews directly to the reviewed title is now online. If you see any problems related to reviews, leave a note on my talk page. Alvonruff 10:45, 25 May 2008 (UTC)

What's New - 15 May 2008

What's New - 11 May 2008

  • Made the first version of the ISFDB Web API available for public use. See Web_API for more details.
  • User:Roglo check in a change to fix author's chronological bibliography.
  • I've created a script that trims old wiki pages from the database. The database is rather large now (about 2.3 gig) and the process of doing an SQL dump, gzipping the data, transferring the data to another host, unzipping the data, and loading it into another SQL database to create the backup files takes around 5 hours. Some of the pages have nearly a thousand revisions. The new script save the last 20 revisions for a given page, and deletes the rest. The revision history is still present, but the text associated with older revisions will be missing. We have the older versions backed up, so if there is some reason you need access to the text of an old revision, send me a note. The new database size is about 700 Meg, about 30% of the old size. Alvonruff 16:48, 11 May 2008 (UTC)

What's New - 3 May 2008

  • Added rudimentary publisher editing. This allows the ability to associate a Wikipedia entry, a web site page, and notes to a particular publisher, and have them displayed on the publisher page. This also allows the sweeping ability to change the publisher name across all publications that are associated with that particular publisher; as such the tool only shows up in the navbar if you are a moderator. Alvonruff 22:22, 3 May 2008 (UTC)

What's New - 1 May 2008

  • Added ability to search for a particular user tag. Alvonruff 01:33, 2 May 2008 (UTC)

What's New - 24 April 2008

  • Our ISP indicates that there will be some maintenance downtime April 25 at 10pm CDT. Their notice reminds of 2001 for some reason: "Engineering has been notified by internal monitoring systems of a RAM module failure in this system. We have scheduled a maintenance window on 4/25/2008 to replace the faulty RAM modules." Hope the pod bay doors open after they're done.
  • Currently working on getting the ISFDB source code uploaded to Sourceforge, and to complete the creation of a website to archive daily data snapshots of the ISFDB. Alvonruff 11:55, 24 April 2008 (UTC)

What's New - 12 April 2008

  • The ISFDB has moved from Texas A&M University to a commercial hosting service. I'd like to thank TAMU for 5 years of hosting the ISFDB.
  • The wiki has been upgraded to the latest version of MediaWiki. One of the associated changes will be the use of a captcha while logging in to reduce spambot activity.
  • There were a few changes need to move to the latest version of MySQL, Python, and MySQLdb. If you see any busted pages, leave me a note on my talk page. Alvonruff 00:31, 13 April 2008 (UTC)

What's New - 2 March 2008

  • Namespaces should be working now. All wiki pages have had their namespace id and titles modified via SQL queries. There are still a handful of Publisher pages that have unneeded redirect pages that still need to be cleaned up. ISFDB apps should also know about namespaces now as well. Alvonruff 13:27, 2 Mar 2008 (CST)

What's New - 24 February 2008

  • Exceeded 275,000 titles Ahasuerus 09:03, 25 Feb 2008 (CST)

What's New - 20 February 2008

  • Editing is now back online. Alvonruff 18:52, 20 Feb 2008 (CST)

What's New - 17 February 2008

  • ISBN searching is now available from the main navigation bar. Alvonruff 06:48, 17 Feb 2008 (CST)

What's New - 15 February 2008

  • Since Advanced Search is still hopelessly messed up (until it's redone), publisher searching is now available from the main navigation bar, and some new publisher bibliography pages are also available.
  • Awards editing functionality is now operational, although the navigation bar links only show up for myself at present. I plan on taking the tools on a shakedown cruise for a couple of weeks before turning the links on for everyone. Should happen around the end of the month.
  • Will start working on publisher bibliographies and editing tools next. Alvonruff 21:26, 15 Feb 2008 (CST)