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Hello, Username, and welcome to the ISFDB Wiki! I hope you like the place and decide to stay. Here are some pages that you might find helpful:

Note: Image uploading isn't entirely automated. You're uploading the files to the wiki which will then have to be linked to the database by editing the publication record.

Please be careful in editing publications that have been primary verified by other editors. See Help:How to verify data#Making changes to verified pubs. But if you have a copy of an unverified publication, verifying it can be quite helpful. See Help:How to verify data for detailed information.

I hope you enjoy editing here! Please sign your name on talk pages using four tildes (~~~~); this will insert your name and the date. If you need help, check out the community portal, or ask me on my talk page. Again, welcome! MagicUnk 15:14, 18 December 2020 (EST)

Tales of Mystery and Revenge

How are we to know thet "Day of Vengeance" from 1948 was retitled as "The Bone Bead Necklace" for this collection?--Dirk P Broer 19:39, 18 December 2020 (EST) had issues of The Saturday Evening Post which aren't there anymore. "Day of Vengeance" in the Apr 10, 1948 issue concerns a soldier in South Africa cursed by a witch doctor. Both men end up dying, but the curse is passed down over the years to the soldier's relatives. My not having a copy of Langley's 1950 collection makes it difficult to verify, but I find it hard to believe he wrote 2 stories about witch doctors cursing someone (especially since the Post story has an illustration on the 1st page of the witch doctor wearing a bone necklace). I guess someone with access to that 1948 issue and either the 1950 collection or its 1969 reprint (or Medley Macabre where the story was reprinted) will have to compare and verify. I see no mention on the web of these 2 stories being the same, so I'd be happy to be the first to notice this.Username
We definitely need more than just what you recollection is.--Dirk P Broer 07:04, 19 December 2020 (EST)

So on I discovered 1 copy of the 1950 edition, [1], and entered the page #'s on ISFDB, but noticed the acknowledgements mention 3 stories, "the Fall of the Fothergays", "Saint Wilbur", and "But a Good Cigar is a Smoke" are credited to the Saturday Evening Post. "...Fothergays" says on it's from a 1947 issue of Woman's Journal and the other 2 stories don't have any info online verifying they're from the Post, so I think this bolsters my belief that he retitled some of his stories for book publication. I also found a weird PDF of the 1969 reprint, [2], which has different page #'s (which I also entered on ISFDB) but the same acknowledgements. This was one of my very first edits and it still bothers me that I threw away my printout of the story from shortly before I became an editor, since the archived Post issues were taken down for some reason. There's a site,, but they charge a membership fee. I'll have "Day of Vengeance" entered on ISFDB yet! --Username 11:49, 8 February 2021 (EST)

So I found this, [3]. Picture #2 shows the contents page with "Day of Vengeance" and Picture #11 shows a piece of the story on the right side. So that's proof of the story and some text for someone who has any of the books with "The Bone Bead Necklace" to compare and verify if they're the same. "Day of Vengeance" will be mine! --Username 19:28, 10 February 2021 (EST)


We appreciate the information you are providing. However, instead of just submitting the info in the moderator notes, please feel free to make the necessary edits. If content needs to be added to a pub, you can edit the pub. If the same story appears under multiple titles, you can variant this to one another. There are links to the help in the welcome message above. Let us know if you have any questions (ISFDB:Help desk is a good resource for asking). We hope you will continue to contribute. -- JLaTondre (talk) 18:32, 22 December 2020 (EST)

Thanks for the advice. I variant titled Dat Tay Vao with Dat-Tay-Vao and Mrs Halfbooger's Basement with Mrs. Halfbooger's Basement since those 2 fixes were supposedly title-updated by you according to "My Recent Edits" but weren't actually changed at all. I figured out how to do them myself. However, both reported a Length Mismatch because the correct titles were classed as "short story" but the variants were not classed at all. I guess that's another fix I'll have to do myself for future titles. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Username (talkcontribs) .
Sorry, about that. Looks like I hit approve instead of hold. I have been holding edits until I had a chance to make the change. I approved the variants and set the lengths on the variants. I also moved this conversation from my page over to here as, by convention, we keep conversations centralized as it makes it easier to follow. Thanks again for these contributions. I will continue to process the edits on hold. However, if you wish to do them yourselves, you can cancel the existing edit that is just a note and submit the actual change. -- JLaTondre (talk) 22:17, 22 December 2020 (EST)

Among the Pictures Are These:

As the ending colon seems likely a database typo, I have asked the verifier to double check. I will fix or variant based on the answer. Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 19:04, 22 December 2020 (EST)

It was a database typo and has been corrected. Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 19:03, 27 December 2020 (EST)

Stella Gibbons, a Writer and the Supernatural

This merge would change the title in a verified pub. If you believe All Hallows #32, February 2003 used a comma instead of a subtitle (ISFDB separates subtitles from titles with a colon), you need to post at the verifiers talk page and ask them to double check. Verification means that the person has checked the record against the pub & verified it matches. It's not a perfect system as people are people and we all make errors, but ISFDB etiquette is to check with active verifiers. Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 08:56, 24 December 2020 (EST)

How Kank Thad Returned to Blur-Esh

This edit will impact verified pubs. As one of the verifiers is active (SFJuggler), you will need to check with them. Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 08:10, 25 December 2020 (EST)

John Taylor

Regarding this submission: John Taylor is a UK author and John Alfred Taylor is a US author. They also have different birth dates. These do not seem to be the same person. Is there something I'm missing? -- JLaTondre (talk) 10:37, 27 December 2020 (EST)

I've separated out the stories per The Fiction Mags Index and other sources. There was actually a third author in there also. I've left a single story on John Taylor as I was unable to find anything on that one. Thanks for finding this. -- JLaTondre (talk) 13:10, 27 December 2020 (EST)
That one story I traced to John Alfred Taylor.--Dirk P Broer 19:53, 27 December 2020 (EST)
Sorry, that was actually an essay, I'll revert it.--Dirk P Broer 19:56, 27 December 2020 (EST)
We better ask the primary verifiers of Beyond this Horizon if the two Taylor entries in this book are by the same John Taylor. Contento has them both as by John Alfred Taylor, BTW.--Dirk P Broer 20:03, 27 December 2020 (EST)
Good idea. Done -- JLaTondre (talk) 08:16, 28 December 2020 (EST)
Stonecreek reports that there is no biographical information in Beyond This Horizon, but the context makes it more likely it was the UK physicist. I have added title notes to document that. Best we can do, I think. -- JLaTondre (talk) 11:44, 29 December 2020 (EST)

The W.W. II Pistol

I merged "The W. W. II Pistol" to "The W.W. II Pistol" as the primary verifier is no longer active to ask and the Amazon Look Inside for the verified version shows it without the space. As for first appearances, you can update the date and add a note to title records that appear in verified pubs without asking the verifier. It is only if you change the title or the author credit that verification becomes an issue. -- JLaTondre (talk) 13:32, 27 December 2020 (EST)

David Byron

Given this is a common name, do you know if all the titles at David Byron are from the same person? I would like to ensure we don't have multiple people here before updating. Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 09:59, 31 December 2020 (EST)


Hi, If you feel -rather: if you can prove- that a given story is a plagiarism, please enter that information -accompanied by links in the <a href="link">information</a> format- in the note field of that particular story and submit that, instead of starting a story in an author change request.--Dirk P Broer 16:17, 31 December 2020 (EST)

Username, when someone asks you a question (like above), please answer the question on the wiki. There are multiple moderators and when you put answers in the moderator notes, different people will be reading them which makes it very confusing. In fact, if you are not submitting a change (i.e. only have moderator notes), then it doesn't belong in a database submission. It would be better posted at the ISFDB:Community Portal. Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 08:27, 1 January 2021 (EST)

Pseudonyms / alternate names

Hi, and a belated welcome. I processed your submissions related to alternate names for Robert Steven Connett. They were fine, but one gotcha to be aware of when working with alternate names: Simply establishing one exisiting name as an alternate of a canonical name is not enough to get the bibliographies organized appropriately. For each of the pseudonyms/alternates, you also need to go through the bibliography of titles credited using that name and make them variants of new titles credited to the canonical name. So, for example, where you made R. S. Connett an alternate name of Robert Steven Connett, the cover art title I'll Be Damned needed to be made a variant of a new parent title with all of the particulars identical, but the "R. S. Connett" credit replaced with "Robert Steven Connett". That gets this result. (If we already have a record for the same title credited to the canonical name, there is an option link to it instead of creating a new one.)

If the alternate name relationship already exists, you can tell which titles are missing the variant-to-canonical-parent because they are still visible by default on the alternate name's bibliography page. Once a variant is in place, they are hidden (you can see them by choosing the "View all titles published using this alternate name" link).

You can make the variants without waiting for the alternate name relationship establishment to be approved, so you can do them at the same time. It makes life easiest on the moderators if you first submit the alternate name edit and next submit the new variant(s) -- then it's easy to see what you're doing and is also easy to see that the moderator doesn't need to go add the variants.

I took care of these, so just something to keep in mind for the future. If you run into this situation again, give it a try, and if you need any help just ask. Thanks! --MartyD 12:19, 1 January 2021 (EST)

Wake of the Wearwolf (excerpt) spelling

Your submission has been placed on hold. As the work "Wake of the Wearwolf (excerpt)" is in a book that has a primary verifier, what needs to happen is that you contact him and ask him to verify the spelling of the title in his copy of the work. I've asked Marc to comment here. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 14:16, 6 January 2021 (EST)

Removing first appearance notes


While these are not necessary, they confirm that what we have as a first appearance of a story is indeed its first and we are not missing earlier editions and/or appearances. So I would not remove them -- I am going to reject all of your edits that are trying to do that. I would not go and add that as a note but if someone had added it after doing the research for it, I will leave it in place. Thanks for the understanding. Annie 23:36, 7 January 2021 (EST)

Tales of Britannica Castle

I don't see why you need to variant this title. It is apparently a series, so the other similar titles may be different stories. Only if you know the contents of the stories do you need to worry about creating variants. Clearly, some of them are already variants; I guess I would accept what is already in the data base. Bob 20:55, 11 January 2021 (EST)

Horror: The Best of the Year

List the stories you know in the contents and the authors where you don't know the stories in the notes for the pub, with something like "The following authors are known (from what source) to have stories in the anthology, but the titles of their stories are unknown: ". Bob 21:00, 11 January 2021 (EST)

Amazon images

When you use Amazon images, like that for "In Flagrant Delight", remove the part between the two underlines, eg. ",204,203,200_.jpg" should be changed to "". I've corrected a couple for you. Bob 19:36, 12 January 2021 (EST)

Importing content into The Phantom Coach and Other Ghost Stories of an Antiquary

I'm holding your edit to import content into The Phantom Coach and Other Ghost Stories of an Antiquary. The collection is under a variant name, "Augustus Jessopp, D. D." whereas the stories you are importing are under the parent name "Augustus Jessopp". Unless each of the individual stories has a different byline on their title pages, the form of the author's name should match that of the collection. However, that situation is unusual. Let me know if that's actually the case. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 09:59, 15 January 2021 (EST)

Some ancient archived magazine from 1883 I found on Google lists the only story by Jessopp on ISFDB, "An Antiquary's Ghost Story", with the D.D. although ISFDB does not. The collection by him uses the D.D. on the cover so I suppose all stories should be under that name, too. Also, gives more info about this book including an introduction by J.A. Salmonson and a preface by the author.--Username 11:07, 15 January 2021 (EST)
That's all fine. We just need to have the version of each story reflect the author credit as it appears in the publication where you find it. So four stories you added need to have the author credit as "Augustus Jessopp, D. D.". This means that you can't import this story, because the author credit lacks the "D.D.". What you want to do is just edit the publication adding all four stories manually with the correct credit. Then you need to make each of those stories a variant. For the one that we have without the "D.D.", you do that by Option 1 in the make variant tool and providing the title number of the parent version (802837). For the other three stories, you should use option 2 and create a new title with the parent name without the "D.D". This should also be done for the title record for the collection itself. You can also add the Salmonson introduction, though if she is credited as "J. A.", it would be another variant situation as her canonical name is "Jessica Amanda Salmonson". Please let me know if you need any help in creating these edits. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 18:05, 15 January 2021 (EST)

Turns out it's a good thing I didn't follow your instructions, not that I understood them anyway. I was going to just put a link in the book's notes to the page on so people could see the contents until I noticed the damn page has a completely different book title in the URL. Apparently that website is just as careless with info as many of the people who edit on ISFDB, who just lazily copy info they find on the web without double-checking other sources to make sure what they're entering is accurate. Searching for another page about the book, I found one on that revealed there's only 2 stories in the book and the other stuff is all articles about supernatural phenomena. So I will enter a note about all this in the record for this title.--Username 18:26, 15 January 2021 (EST)

Foreward / Foreword

Hi, I got your meaning in the 2nd round -but it gave me a chance to correct the nine 'Foreword' entries as well.--Dirk P Broer 21:37, 15 January 2021 (EST)


When adding details to an author like William Castle, please note the sources you are using either by adding the site to the Web Pages (I added Wiki and IMDB as both confirm your data) or in the Moderator notes - it saves time when the verification is being done. Plus if you add them to the Web pages, people can see where the data came from without needing to go through the Edit history. While Wiki is usually a fast guess, sometimes the sources are more obscure (and as such harder to be found later). Thanks! Annie 02:38, 23 January 2021 (EST)

Wikipedia and IMDB are almost as bad as Amazon when it comes to incorrect info, which is saying a lot, so I would never trust anything I read on those sites and copy info from them like so many other editors on here do. I find more reliable sources, usually in or other obscure places, and I don't link those sites because I have no idea if the site wants to be linked here or not, unlike "Wiki and IMDB" which everyone "borrows" info from.--Username 09:57, 23 January 2021 (EST)
So what were your sources for this edit then? Data with no sources should be rejected. I will start doing that instead of trying to complete your incomplete updates. Annie 14:56, 23 January 2021 (EST)
Please note that, as is repeatedly emphasized in Help:Screen:NewPub, editors should explain their sources in the Note field. In addition to the Note fields, which exist in all ISFDB record types (author records, publication records, title records, etc), we also use a number of other ways to indicate the sources of our bibliographic information: primary verifications, secondary verifications, External IDs.
Consider this record, whose Note field reads "No publication date stated. The stated copyright date is 1966. Reginald-1 gives the publication year as 1971." It clearly explains what information is stated in the publication and what information was taken from a secondary source, in this case Reginald-1. (Certain old ISFDB records from before ca. 2006 do not state their sources; some of our editors are working on updating them as time permits.)
Please make sure to state your sources going forward. Ahasuerus 17:02, 23 January 2021 (EST)

Transient verifications and formats

Hello again,

As a verification implies access to the book/magazine you are verifying and there is no note that you are working from a clipped/rebound copy here, can you please fill in the format of the magazine? Especially for a transient verification - you may not have access to it later on. If you are working off complete scans or rebound magazine archive (so the format is harder to be determined), add a note to that effect to the publication so that is clear. Thanks! Annie 02:42, 23 January 2021 (EST)

Naught But a Shadow

Fixed the format on your verified here. "pb" is for American style paperbacks; all other paperbacks are "tp". A 5x8 inches paperback will always be a tp. The full help page is here. Annie 02:51, 23 January 2021 (EST)

If that's what you think best, that's fine. I was basing it on the fact that every online mention of this book at reputable booksellers like Barnes & Noble refers to it as a paperback and not one calls it a trade paperback or tp except somebody selling a copy on eBay.--Username 09:49, 23 January 2021 (EST)

Please read the help page. “Pb” is used for mass market paperbacks. “Tp” is any other paperback. Don’t apply industry terms when we have the terms defined here. Annie 14:58, 23 January 2021 (EST)

Subterrene: Tales from the Shadows

When adding books without ISBN, adding the ASIN makes it easier to know what we have (and less likely for a duplicate to be created). I added it here and fixed the capitalization: we normalize titles and "from" is never capitalized unless it is the first word in a title or subtitle. Complete capitalization rules are here, section "Case".

A quick question - is not using the exact date a decision (you do not think Amazon has that right?) or just an oversight? Thanks for adding the book. Annie 02:56, 23 January 2021 (EST)

I wouldn't trust info on Amazon if my life depended on it. Their dates are wrong very often, along with much else. A big portion of my work since I started here has been correcting info entered by other editors who lazily copy from Amazon (or or or countless other places) without double-checking with other sources. Also, when I enter info often I go back and add more and correct my mistakes later, so not having certain info doesn't mean it won't be added eventually.--Username 09:38, 23 January 2021 (EST)


I am not sure what you mean with this note. When you are merging, the UI allows you to select which date to keep - defaulting always on the earliest. I had never seen it behaving differently and when I just merged, it picked up 1991 - here. But even if it did not, you can change that during the merging so was there a different problem with this merge?

If not, what browser and OS are you using? Maybe we have a HTML/JS issue somewhere... Annie 03:00, 23 January 2021 (EST)
I've merged hundreds of these. --Username 09:21, 23 January 2021 (EST)
According to Top ISFDB contributors (Title Merge), you have merged 60 title records. Are you using multiple user names, by chance? Ahasuerus 10:19, 23 January 2021 (EST)
Upon merging titles recently often the KeepID column will have the date of first publication I didn't choose. I can't say why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I find it hard to believe it only happens to me, so maybe asking other editors would help. Perhaps the updates to the ISFDB software recently by 1 of the moderators (see: Community Portal) had something to do with it.--Username 09:21, 23 January 2021 (EST)
The sections of the ISFDB software responsible for merging titles haven't been changed in a number of years. There have been no reports of inconsistent behavior, but it's always possible for a new browser-specific issue to pop up. Could you please specify which browser and operating system you are using? Ahasuerus 10:19, 23 January 2021 (EST)

Skeleton Crew, March 1991

Question about [4] - Archive has a lot more contents than you added. Is it out of scope? If so, there is a decision to be made. If we declare the magazine non-genre, then it does not get added. If we declare it genre (and it looks to me it is), then we can add the incomplete template so people know we need to get back to it and add it. PS: Careful with prices -- US$ is just $ (and added page numbers - if you rather not use the pages, add piped numbers for order (|1, |2 and so on) or a merge later on will move things around and the stories will show up in all kinds of weird order. Thanks for adding the magazine. Annie 03:14, 23 January 2021 (EST)

And on the same magazine - why did it jump from being a UK one to being a US one see the prices)? It seems like the covers have both prices so let's stick with one of them in the Price field (UK I would say -it seems more prominent) and add the other in the notes? It looks a bit sloppy otherwise :) Annie 03:19, 23 January 2021 (EST)

There are over a dozen issues of this magazine that have never been entered on ISFDB at all even though it ended its run in 1991. I found out "The Reploids" by Stephen King was never reprinted in any of his collections but searching online I found out it was reprinted in an issue of this magazine, but only 1 issue had ever been entered by someone on ISFDB, so I began the task of entering the issues myself, only including fiction because most of the non-fiction is outdated interviews. I entered the price in pounds and after moderator accepted my edit I saw they had changed the price to dollars for some reason. So if you have a problem with that speak to them and tell them not to change things without asking the editor if it's Ok with them.--Username 08:57, 23 January 2021 (EST)

Nope. Here is your submission. You were the one who added it in Dollars. I approved it, fixed the format and came to ask you why. No one can chan a submission - we can only approve and then edit. Annie 09:10, 23 January 2021 (EST)

Scott Connors/Scott Conners

Is this submission solely based on the similar names and the story of the other author or is there something that confirms them as the same person? While it is indeed very likely that they are the same, the name is common enough to allow for ambiguity so a bit more proof is needed - we connect names only when we are sure they are the same. Thanks! Annie 06:25, 23 January 2021 (EST)

Same question for Sam Minier? While the name is less common, I would still prefer a bit more data (listing somewhere? Bio somewhere?). I am more inclined to approve this one without any additional data than the other one but still... Thanks! Annie 06:38, 23 January 2021 (EST)

Scott Connors is a well-known expert on Clark Ashton Smith and has many non-fiction pieces on the subject, so the Conners record (which is not a story, it's an essay) which is about Smith is by the same guy, with his last name misspelled either in the original publication or by the person who entered the info here. The Minier name is the same person and has the Sam Minier info under the Samuel Minier name.--Username 09:06, 23 January 2021 (EST)

Missing source

Please specify the source for this edit to Fiend. Annie 17:29, 23 January 2021 (EST)

The cover for Guy N. Smith's 1988 novel Fiend is the same as the cover for Year's Best Horror Stories: XIX and is actually titled "Fiend" in Les Edwards' 1990 collection, just like the cover by Edwards for Smith's 1989 novel Mania was re-used for 2 different horror best-of-the-year collections. When the title of the artwork matches the title of the book it came from, that's your source.--Username 17:51, 23 January 2021 (EST)
And that is why we have "Moderator Notes" field on every record - so you post your sources and explanations there. And in the case of the cover art attribution, the source and attribution should also be always added to the publication note. I will reject your update so you can redo it and add the sources in Notes and allow (if you want) to add more notes to the Moderator notes (these will be visible if someone checks the publication history so they become attached to the book if anyone wonders later how the artist was determined) while the Notes field itself is visible without digging and even for non-logged in users. Thanks for finding this one and let me know if you have any questions. Annie 18:00, 23 January 2021 (EST)

A little trick with magazines

You do not need to rename and change the date of the EDITOR record before it is merged with its yearly record (as long as an yearly record already exists for this year) - you can use either "Show All Titles" from the editor's author page (for not very active editors) or Advanced Search -> Titles with the exact titles and with "or" and merge directly from one of those screens (make sure you select the date with 00-00 - the site has preference to exact dates within the same year so it will pick the date with a date or month specified by default). Most moderators will merge for you once they approve a rename (as I just did) but that makes it a single step so it does not get missed. Rename and merge is not a problem of course - but less steps makes it less likely for things to get wrong sometimes. :) Annie 21:18, 23 January 2021 (EST)

The Night the Lights Went Out in Arkham

I've rejected this submission because we don't link to cover images in the website field. That field is only for sites about the publication, not for cover image links. For the cover image, you can download it to your computer, and then upload it by following the directions on this page. I've done that for this publication (including the price). ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 13:47, 26 January 2021 (EST)

Red Scream

Hello my friends. So I was taking a look at this magazine which only ran for 3 issues in 2005. The second issue was only partially filled, so I checked to see if the remaining fiction was on ISFDB. 1 story was there so I imported it, "Suitcase Sam" (although date needed to be changed to magazine's date), but another story was there under a most likely mistakenly entered title. Wrath James White's story in Red Scream, "Razor Blade Fuck Toy", shows a 2014 date on ISFDB and the title "", and was translated as "" for a 2016 German anthology and reprinted in a 2017 German collection of White's stories. The 2014 date is because it was included in an English-language collection of White's stories, Cupid in Bondage, that's not on ISFDB. The thing is, that German title roughly translates as "Sex Plaything", which seems more like a translation of the original title in Red Scream. I suppose it's possible he wrote a sequel to the original story, but I doubt it. Not being familiar at all with White's work, I humbly ask someone out there who is to help sort this out. If it turns out they're the same story, I can import it into the magazine's contents and then never have to look at those creepy Red Scream covers again. --Username 19:16, 26 January 2021 (EST)

Over All

I approved you submission for changes to Over All. I varianted the author's name to the canonical form and yes, I flagged the story as graphic format. Bob 13:27, 31 January 2021 (EST)


When the contents of a book is incomplete, please use the template {{incomplete}} and not some made up string. This way the magazine/book will show up on the incomplete report and if someone has the time and/or the inclination to, they can complete it. The list of all supported templates is here. I fixed it here. Annie 00:05, 2 February 2021 (EST)

I didn't put "Contents incomplete" in the notes because I wanted someone else to complete the record. I put it there to remind myself it wasn't finished yet. 1 of the stories, "Scoop", was in an issue of Fantasy Tales but wasn't on ISFDB, which I found odd, and it turns out it's because Samantha Lee's name was misspelled as Amanda Lee, even though a moderator had verified that issue nearly 10 years ago. Nobody noticed that mistake until I did just now. Also, 1 story was published in 2002 under a different name so I still needed to variant the title. Also, several stories were published in women's mags and thus needed notes entered by me to say where they were first published. Also, a couple of story titles in the collection differed slightly from their original titles, so I needed to mention that in the notes. I don't just enter stuff, I actually try to do it properly. In the future I won't put any "contents incomplete" in notes so no one will be bothered entering it themselves. --Username 00:29, 2 February 2021 (EST)
Understood but things happen. You may need to walk away - and then forget when you are back. Or the approval may take awhile. So just use the template so in case you do not come back to it, someone else can. :) That's why we have the template - way too many "I will be back to finish it" cases that never got finished. Don't be surprised if a moderator adds the template on an incomplete edit though - once a story is added, it is the only thing that differentiates an incomplete contents from complete one.
As for the author name - discuss the author name change with the PV - if it is credited with a different name in the magazine, it will be approved. If the typo is in the magazine, we will need to variant instead. Annie 00:43, 2 February 2021 (EST)


Please discuss this change with the PV as per ISFDB policy. As we go by the credit in the magazine, unless you have a magazine at hand or a scan that can show the spelling, we need to check where the typo is - in our DB or in the magazine. Thanks! Annie 00:47, 2 February 2021 (EST)

Well, there's the fact that her name is spelled properly as Samantha Lee on the front and back cover, and in the contents: [5]. The typo's in our DB. God bless --Username 01:01, 2 February 2021 (EST)
All 3 are irrelevant if it is misspelled on the title page of the story itself. :) Do you happen to have a scan of that? Check with Bob - he probably can pull the magazine and check it. It is most likely a misspelling here indeed but stranger things had happened so we try to double check before we "fix" things. If there was no active PV, I would approve and add a note in the publication for the change. With an active PV, we may have access to the magazine. Annie 01:06, 2 February 2021 (EST)
I also encountered a few cases where the author's name or the title proper did differ on the cover, the table of contents and/or the beginning page, and a fraction of them did make it to spell it only on the beginning page different (supposedly erroneous). Stonecreek 08:15, 2 February 2021 (EST)

This link, [6], gives you 2 copies of this issue, including 1 with a limited preview. Clicking on "Scoop" by SAMANTHA Lee in the contents takes you to the title page of the story where you can see that the author is SAMANTHA Lee. Her name is spelled properly everywhere in this issue. The AMANDA Lee name on ISFDB was just a case of a previous editor entering the wrong name. When my name change edit is confirmed by a moderator don't forget to import "Scoop" into SAMANTHA Lee's collection Worse Things Than Spiders. All hail --Username 09:51, 2 February 2021 (EST)

You know, it took a few minutes to ask the PV and get an answer. Update approved. Feel free to import it anywhere it needs to go. :) Annie 13:15, 2 February 2021 (EST)

The only reason to ask the PV is if I was unable to see a copy of the work in question. There are multiple copies online including the one I linked on Google Books which proved that the name on the title page was really Samantha. I only bother other people when I can't see the evidence for myself, which didn't apply in this case. --Username 15:28, 2 February 2021 (EST)

You should always check with the PV when possible. There may be some cases where they have an undeclared variant copy where the mistake is present, which may differ from the copy you have (in which case, we'd need to make sure both were documented here). Unless they are no longer active, always check with the PV. Always. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 15:03, 3 February 2021 (EST)


If you have the contents of this one, please add the page place numbers (preceded with |) so the stories are properly ordered in our listing. The ones that were already there have the page orders already, just the ones you just added still need them :) And if by any chance there are real pages numbers, we can use that on all stories of course. Meanwhile I cleaned up the list of authors with unknown stories in the note and added incomplete to make sure we keep track of the missing story. Thanks for adding some of the missing stories. Annie 23:15, 4 February 2021 (EST)


Please refrain from using expletives and other coarse language when posting and submitting on ISFDB. It may be normal language for you, but it can create an uncomfortable atmosphere when working with other editors here. There are people from many different backgrounds on ISFDB, and we need to make sure we are considerate in how we interact with them. Please keep your language professional. Thank you. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 11:39, 9 February 2021 (EST)

ISBNs for books after December 31, 2006

Please be sure to use ISBN-13s for books published after December 31, 2006. If you only have an ISBN-10, you can use this handy ISBN converter to find the ISBN-13. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 18:11, 9 February 2021 (EST)

El Hijo de las Tinieblas

Regarding this submission, what was the reason for the significant changes you submitted? There was no note explaining why you were changing the publication dates from 2013 to 1992. That's a huge change, so an explanation is needed. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 18:15, 9 February 2021 (EST)

[7]; exact date from; it's a trade paperback, not a paperback as I originally thought. --Username 19:18, 9 February 2021 (EST)
Are there, perhaps, two different printings? One in 1992 and one in 2013? ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 19:33, 9 February 2021 (EST)

All copies on AbeBooks are 1992. The book's publisher, Martinez Roca, ends in 1998 on ISFDB, except for 1 stray literary novel in 2007, so it's unlikely they decided to reprint a cheesy horror novel from 1990 in 2013. It's probably just the usual editor's copy and paste error without checking other sources to verify the info. --Username 19:45, 9 February 2021 (EST)

Okay, thanks. Approved. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 11:37, 10 February 2021 (EST)

Disambiguating author and publisher names

When disambiguating these, please follow these guidelines:

  • For the most established one (usually meaning they have the most work, or are the oldest company), leave the name as is.
  • For the other people or publishers with the same name, disambiguate them using a Roman numeral in parentheses. For example, we have three publishers with the name "Catalyst Press": Catalyst Press, Catalyst Press (I), and Catalyst Press (II).

If you do this, the database will automatically add a line at the top of the listing (whether for a person or a publisher) with links to any others with the same base name: "Note: There are other publishers with the same name: Catalyst Press, Catalyst Press (I)". Please let me know if you have any questions. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 18:42, 9 February 2021 (EST)

Dark Offspring

[8] Found this anthology which is completely empty on ISFDB was uploaded to back in 2010. I entered price, cover artist and introduction, but limited preview cuts the second page of stories off. Anyone with an account on can now enter into ISFDB the contents of this rare book which aren't listed anywhere online as far as I'm aware. --Username 22:31, 9 February 2021 (EST)

I entered them myself. --Username 14:47, 12 April 2021 (EDT)

Squad D

So this story, [9], written in the 1970's, was never included in any of Stephen King's collections and didn't get published until Richard Chizmar's anthology Shivers VIII in 2019, which was oddly published in Germany first. The problem is there's only 1 library with 2 copies of the book on Worldcat, so distribution seems to have been a problem. offers it as a standalone story but requires you to sign up to read the whole thing. However, I discovered if you click the cached version on Google it gives you the whole story. Oddly, the regular website's cached version is a mess of garbled text, while this version, [10], seems to display it properly. So here's an opportunity to read this rare story. I wonder whether I should add that link to the "Squad D" ISFDB record. Any thoughts? --Username 18:34, 11 February 2021 (EST)

Red Scream - 2005 edit

Hi. I had to hard-reject your Red Scream - 2005 submission because that title record is no longer present. It was most likely merged with something else (probably this) after you submitted it, and the merge was accepted first. --MartyD 07:18, 13 February 2021 (EST)

"La Belle Dame Sans Merci" / "La Belle Dame Sans Regrets"

Hi. When changing the text of a title, keep in mind that the change affects all publications where the title appears. In the case of your "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" -> "La Belle Dame Sans Regrets", while it is "Regrets" in Terminal Frights, it is "Merci" in Deathrealm #28, so the fix-up needs to be done differently. First, we need to unmerge the title for the publication where it is incorrect, then we need to fix that instance. In researching this, I found they are not the same work, but rather "Regrets" is the sequel to "Merci". See this. So I am going to reject your submission and then separate the two and fix up the one in Terminal Frights. Thanks for catching it. --MartyD 08:25, 15 February 2021 (EST)

This is done. See now La Belle Dame Sans Merci and La Belle Dame Sans Regrets. --MartyD 09:12, 15 February 2021 (EST)

Publication (or title) web pages

When updating web pages for a publication or title, please don't remove current links (as you did for this one). Instead, click the "+" button next to Web Page 1 and add a second web page. This helps prevent possible loss of information. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 18:31, 16 February 2021 (EST)

I'm the one who entered that Phantasm anthology recently and found that archived page, then I found an Angelfire page still on Google with much the same info, so I replaced it. Always better to use a still extant page rather than an archived one, but if both are acceptable, then both it is. --Username 18:51, 16 February 2021 (EST)
There's not really a limit on the number of webpages that can be entered, so having two is usually better. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 20:15, 16 February 2021 (EST)

The Temple Servant and Other Stories

I've put on hold your edit to replace the Note to this pub: "After Morrough's name on the title page is (Abu Nadaar); this is the pen name used when some of these stories were first published in magazines, primarily The New Statesman and London Mercury.". Replacing the note would remove the information about Moreau's other pseudonym "Abu Nadaar", and we currently don't carry that info anywhere else, so I'd suggest adding your new note to it rather than replacing it. Alternatively, so that it's no lost an appropriate place for this info would also be to add a Note to Morrough's biblio page, which you can do by clicking 'Edit Author Data'. You could also add a Note to the Title data for each relevant story, mentioning that it was originally published by as by "Abu Nadaar" in whichever magazine/newspaper it appeared, if you have that information. What do you think? PeteYoung 04:42, 1 March 2021 (EST)

The verbatim note from The Temple Servant should be entered on ISFDB under that book's record but my note about "Abu Nadaar" can be entered under Morrough's name as "He published some stories under the pen name Abu Nadaar". Info is sketchy since some stories were published as by Nadaar and then reprinted as by Morrough in many old and hard-to-verify publications so a note will suffice. It's not anything major since there's many sites all over the web with the info about his pseudonym. --Username 08:34, 1 March 2021 (EST)
Thanks, done. PeteYoung 14:37, 1 March 2021 (EST)

Artist credit + notes/sources -- City Jitters

Hi. When you add an artist credit, such as you did for City Jitters, you should identify the source. If it's in the book and you are Primary Verifier, then it's ok not to say anything (although it is helpful to state the form of the credit, even in that case). But if you don't have the book, the secondary source used for the credit should be noted. In researching the submission, I found the art on Les Edwards' website, so I accepted it and added the webpage link in the title record. Please take a moment to add your source to the pub notes, though, or one of us can add a note about its appearing on his site, if you'd rather. Thanks. --MartyD 13:13, 7 March 2021 (EST)

See here: [11]. The City Jitters cover is the parent of all these covers. --Username 16:18, 7 March 2021 (EST)

Thanks for the pointer. I made the variant and added a note about the secondary sources to the pub. --MartyD 10:35, 8 March 2021 (EST)

Strange Tales: Volume III

Can you please share your source for the "bound by Biddles in black wibalin cloth stamped in copper" note here? I also fixed the title - we add a : before subtitles (and as the title page is visible on the publisher site, it is very obviously a subtitle indeed) :) Annie 23:11, 11 March 2021 (EST)

Same question and note for Volume 2. Annie 23:12, 11 March 2021 (EST)

That note was already there; I added the title change with Volume being added to the title for all Strange Tales (except Volume V where they just called it Strange Tales V). I don't know what Biddles or wibalin even are nor is that the kind of info I usually add anyway; some previous editor did all that. --Username 00:08, 12 March 2021 (EST)

Oops, sorry about that - not sure why I decided the latest update changed these - I think I mixed up notes somewhere. Thanks for fixing these. Annie 00:30, 12 March 2021 (EST)

Jason Lives: Friday the 13th, Part IV

About [ this submission: The cover does not really matter - if the title page says IV, that's what we use - and we add a note explaining the discrepancy. It is most likely a typo in the DB BUT as there is an active Primary verifier, please discuss with them before you change a title. Thanks! I will keep the submission on hold until you clarify the matter with the PV. Annie 23:16, 11 March 2021 (EST)

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives is a film that came out in 1986 and this was the novelization; here is a webpage, [12], with a VI on it. --Username 00:12, 12 March 2021 (EST)
There is an active PV. They may be holding a book with a mistake on the title page in which case we will want to keep a record of both. The whole point of the primary verification is that someone has a book in hand. Please discuss the change with him. We work as a team here - which means that if there is an active PV who can check the book they verified, we ensure that we do not lose data or a weird variant... Thanks! Annie 00:19, 12 March 2021 (EST)

Castle of Lost Souls


Do you plan on adding the first edition for this? If not, there needs to be added a note to the title record explaining the earlier date (or it will be re-dated again once it pops up on a report for dates mismatch). If yes, I will approve it so you can add the first edition. This is the kind of information that needs to be in the moderator notes so we know how to proceed :) Annie 23:19, 11 March 2021 (EST)

Previous editor entered American publisher but used cover of original British edition, said format was tp when it was actually pb, entered wrong price, etc. I added all proper info for American edition; anyone who wants to enter original British edition can do so if they can find correct info; the cover that I replaced I'm assuming is the British one. --Username 00:21, 12 March 2021 (EST)
Which is ok. But I asked if you plan to add the British edition now that you sorted out the American one? If not, we need a note about the provenance of the date on the title record. I assume this is a no so I will approve and finish your edit by adding the needed note. Thanks! Annie 00:24, 12 March 2021 (EST)
Done. The note is here. This will ensure that the title does not re-dated to match its only edition (we have a report on that and it will get redated without a note sooner or later - thus the questions above). :) Annie 00:27, 12 March 2021 (EST)

Here's something I just noticed while sorting this out; the price previous editor entered, $2.95, was technically correct because the cover for the American edition available on Amazon says so. However, [13] clearly shows a cover with $2.50 as the price but the same ISBN so I assume that's the original edition. What printing the $2.95 version was is anyone's guess since they reprinted these gamebooks endlessly. Another slight difference is the $2.50 cover says "A Berkley/Pacer book" while the $2.95 one only says "Berkley/Pacer". So my record for the American edition will be correct if common $2.95 cover I carelessly added is replaced with rare $2.50 cover to match price on ISFDB. --Username 01:01, 12 March 2021 (EST)

Sounds like a later printing then. In such case, clone the 2.50 book to add a new 2.95 one, add "Unknown later printing" in the notes and date of 0000-00-00 and a note on how exactly the publisher is credited (the Publisher field will have the same value). Then we have both covers and both prices and if someone every finds the 2.95 book, we can get more details about it. I do not like stubs when we have a choice but a stub record is better than none and we know the 2.95 exists - so let's start building it. Annie 01:15, 12 March 2021 (EST)

A Case of Need

The only source for this book is Wikipedia. There is no price in the source. Where is the price coming from? We need to add the source of it to the notes. Thanks! Annie 23:22, 11 March 2021 (EST)

[14]; [15]
Approved and updated the notes to indicate the source. Please add source notes for any piece of information you add that is not from a book you are verifying. That minimizes the chance of mistakes and ensures that our data is properly sourced. Thanks! Annie 00:23, 12 March 2021 (EST)

Long After Dark

Changing the date alone like this is not that helpful. Someone is just going to come along later and change it back thinking it's an error since it doesn't match the pubs and there is no other data provided. At a minimum, please provide a title note stating something like "Originally published in 2010 as a limited edition hardcover". But better, enter the missing edition so we actually have a record for it. See here. Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 09:42, 14 March 2021 (EDT)

I come across records all the time which have 1 or more editions entered but the date at the top is earlier than any of them, but there's no note mentioning anything about it. I've created several records for original editions because the whole book is on or elsewhere, but those Delirium hardcover limited editions are rare as heck so I don't feel comfortable entering an entire record based on a few pictures and possibly inaccurate info from sellers on eBay. Entering an earlier date just lets people know there was one; if anyone owns a copy they can enter specific info on ISFDB. --Username 11:50, 14 March 2021 (EDT)
The existence of problematic records does not mean we should create more. Title dates should match the first publication in the database or have information provided. We have a cleanup report to catch and fix them, but there is a lot of stuff to do on the database. It is easy enough to add a title explaining why there is an earlier date. And given your tendency to complain about "lazy editors", I am surprised you would object to doing so. As for eBay, when it has a picture of the title and copyright pages, that is more than sufficient to create the stub pub record. -- JLaTondre (talk) 17:31, 14 March 2021 (EDT)

The King of America

What is the source for the price here? Unless you really enjoy needing to answer on your Talk page, you can start adding notes inside of the notes field: "Price from cover/newspaper records/wherever applies" showing where you found the price". If it is the cover here, it is so blurry that it is not visible so...

If you do not start adding notes, all requests like this one will end up in the same way - with someone asking you for source, you responding, then someone approving and then editing to add a note... Annie 15:01, 15 March 2021 (EDT)

[16] is where. I enter a mountain of info on ISFDB at a rapid pace and don't enter anything unless I'm sure; I also go back over my previous approved edits and find new info I didn't enter/fix occasional mistakes. The price isn't blurry if you go to that PDF and magnify to 500%, then it's clear. Among my many different areas of interest since I became an editor is fixing/adding info for all these "adult" novels. Whichever editors entered info over the many years before I started left out many easily found covers, different editions, Catalog ID #'s, prices, etc. and made many mistakes which I'm fixing. It's a tangled mess but I'm doing my usual good job. What I find interesting is many entries have no notes for anything that was entered or where they found the info. So asking me to verify how I discovered the price for a 50-year-old porn novel is amusing. If you want to enter the fact that the price was verified by magnifying a photo on a porn PDF, feel free. Reading through these message boards and seeing the childish arguing and name-calling between moderators and other editors is not my thing. I'm all about the books. --Username 15:23, 15 March 2021 (EDT)

I have no issues with you being right. But all of this information that is wrong was added by someone who thought they were right - possibly from a faulty source, possibly by making a mistake while copying. It is a community effort - in a DB of your own, your word is enough; here we try to verify. Thus the "please list your sources in the notes". That way someone can verify later on - and 5 years from now we do not have someone else in the same boat you are in now - looking at data which we may have as well invented because there is no information where it comes from. Had this rule (list your sources unless you are PVing -- when the source is the book) been followed consistently through the years, we would not have that much to fix now. As you had seen, the older the record, the more likely it is that there are no sources at all... Allowing more of the information to go in the DB without sources multiplies the problems. So we are trying to ensure that we have sources now - for everything.
Catalog ID is a new field - it did not exist until ~5 years ago. There are a few more of these fields on the page - so unless the editor bothered to add the info into the notes, there was no space for the information. The covers are now easy to find, 15 years ago it was not that easy :) Some of these records are really really old.
I will be very honest here - if you do not add notes and just keep submitting edits with no sources, it increases the time for a moderator to process your edit (because they need to come ask you or do all the digging you did on their own, eventually finding the same and then approve and update after you) so your submissions will get backed up more and more. The cleaner and more complete your edits are, the easier to process, the faster they will get cleared. If all you care is the data and the books, I expect that you would like to ensure that the data is actually sourced properly so someone does not undo your work based on what they consider a definitive source (which disagrees with what you added)? :)
I will approve and fix the note for this one now. Annie 15:40, 15 March 2021 (EDT)
And done. Annie 15:44, 15 March 2021 (EDT)

In Flagrant Delight

The price of the US edition was on the cover so I just updated the notes with that post approval but where is the one for the UK one coming from? Annie 16:18, 15 March 2021 (EDT)

Same question for Satyr Trek and The Erotic Spectacles and The Power and the Pain. Thanks! Annie 16:39, 15 March 2021 (EDT)

[17]; Satyr Trek's price is in upper right of front cover; [18]; [19]. --Username 18:32, 15 March 2021 (EDT)

Approved and notes updated on all of these. Annie 18:39, 15 March 2021 (EDT)

Frankenstein '69

About this one.

  • The ISBN is incomplete. The correct one is 0700412603. Easy to fix BUT there was a bigger problem
  • claims 1969 but Amazon UK says 1972. Amazon can be a real pain for older books like this one and their dates are anything but reliable especially on import editions. The British library agrees with Amazon UK. So does OCLC. So I approved your submission but fixed the sources and the date. Please be careful with the Amazons - the US one is bad for UK dates and vice versa regardless of age (and the older the book, the less reliable they get).

The result is here. Annie 16:29, 15 March 2021 (EDT)

<nods head vigorously> At one point I spent a significant amount of time working with Amazon's pre-1995 records. Some of them were extremely precise, e.g. some 1960s records had the correct date of publication stated. Others were off by multiple years. I suspect that at some point Amazon imported multiple third party databases (of variable quality) into their main system. We have to be extra careful with their old data because there is no way of telling where this or that record originally came from. Ahasuerus 16:37, 15 March 2021 (EDT)
And it is even worse for data from across the pond (in either direction). The somewhat good news is that most of the books from the 60s and 70s have BL records in UK if they belong there and OCLC ones for both US and UK books so that can help figure things out... Goodreads can be also good but a lot of their data is imported from Amazon and not cleaned up later so some of it has the same issues as Amazon. :) Annie 16:49, 15 March 2021 (EDT)

Night Fear

The only sources for this are the various verifications and external IDs. None of these have the page numbers. We need a source for them. I know you have a link somewhere - can you please share? And we need to note if it is based on table of contents or based on checking each title page one by one (a lot of books have discrepancies). I will approve and update but I need to know where these numbers are coming from... Annie 17:16, 15 March 2021 (EDT)

[20]. --Username 18:17, 15 March 2021 (EDT)
Approved and note updated. Annie 18:21, 15 March 2021 (EDT)

If God Wanted Us to Travel ...

Source for the month in this update? Annie 00:49, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

Same question about King, of the Khyber Rifles? Annie 01:02, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

[21]. --Username 01:02, 16 March 2021 (EDT) [22]. --Username 01:07, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

Approved and notes updated. Annie

The Earthquake Machine

Thanks for finding the artist here but next time can you please also update the note because they way you left the book was with an artist added, no source for the artist and a note inside that there is not credit in the book and that the signature is unreadable... which is a contradiction and throws into question both the notes and the artist credit. Fixed the note after approval. Annie 00:54, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

Assault on a Queen

Can you be a bit more precise about the source here? This is like saying "google it". :) Exact link will be helpful. Annie 00:57, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

[23]. --Username 01:04, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

Approved and a note added. Annie 01:15, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

The Alabaster Hand

Source for the page numbers? And if it is a scan of the contents page, we should be able to resolve the notes issue as well (on what is included from the introductions and so on)... Thanks! Annie 01:19, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

And for the intro and the limitation number in Mist and Other Ghost Stories and the complete contents in the import? Annie 01:22, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

[24] [25] --Username 01:41, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

Approved and notes updated. Annie 02:08, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

Her Magic Spell

I suspect that source for this is the cover as for the rest of these but as we do not have a cover, I need a visible source somewhere... :) Annie 01:27, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

[26]. --Username 01:43, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

Approved and note updated. Annie 02:10, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

Bride of Satan

Source for this price? Annie 01:42, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

[27]. --Username 01:44, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

Approved and note updated. Annie 02:11, 16 March 2021 (EDT)


Month source here? Annie 01:51, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

And here? Annie 01:52, 16 March 2021 (EDT)
And here? Annie 01:53, 16 March 2021 (EDT)
And here? Annie 01:53, 16 March 2021 (EDT)
And a few more: here and here. Thanks! Annie 01:55, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

[28]. --Username 02:18, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

These are approved and notes added. Annie 02:35, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

Keeper of the Children

Price source for this edit? Thanks! Annie 02:03, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

And this one? Annie 02:03, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

[29]; [30]. --Username 02:16, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

Approved and notes added. Annie 02:38, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

Halloween Horrors

Link to the contents page you unearthed for this? :) Annie 02:22, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

[31]. --Username 02:26, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

External ID and note added. Annie 02:41, 16 March 2021 (EDT)


Source for the price of this one? Fantlab does not have it (neither it have the back flap so I suspect you have the jacket somewhere and the price is from there?) :) Annie 02:28, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

[32]. --Username 02:31, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

Note added and external ID put in place. Annie 02:43, 16 March 2021 (EDT)


Source? Annie 02:50, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

And more of these: price?, price?, price? Annie 02:53, 16 March 2021 (EDT)
And this one? Annie 03:09, 16 March 2021 (EDT)
[33]. --Username 08:51, 16 March 2021 (EDT)
Please remember to specify your sources when creating submissions. Not only does the lack of sources create more work for the reviewing moderator, but, more likely than not, it also creates more work for you because you'll need to dig them up again in order to respond to moderator queries.
In addition, you are a relatively new contributor, so moderators are more likely to make allowances, but eventually they will become less likely to work on your submissions, which will affect the approval time. Ahasuerus 10:44, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

(unident) OK - that link cleared Cinema of the Fantastic. What about the other 4? Annie 13:52, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

[34]; [35]; [36]. --Username 19:02, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

And that leaves The Sweat of Fear (originally which got approved by mistake last night but I did not reverse as I am sure you have a source)? Annie 19:16, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

[37]. --Username 19:22, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

ALl updated. Annie 19:31, 16 March 2021 (EDT)

Paul Durst 1986/1990 may say 1990, it also has a letter by his daughter that states "My father actually was buried on the day the Challenger blew up in 1986 in January, I had come from the States to his funeral.".--Dirk P Broer 20:15, 17 March 2021 (EDT)

Odd; makes me wonder where they got 1990 from and why they didn't read that letter themselves. --Username 21:26, 17 March 2021 (EDT)

The Rainbird Pattern

And the source for the price and the cover artist for this one? Also - looking at the cover, are you sure this artist has an artist credit and not just a designed credit (if the latter, he goes only in the notes). Thanks! Annie 17:06, 21 March 2021 (EDT)

The cover I provided has an URL which is a project of Internet Archive, so a cover with their name in the URL usually links to a book on except when there's no copy available. That's where the price came from on the front flap and it also says "JACKET BY" Wendell Minor. It doesn't say design otherwise I wouldn't have entered it. --Username 17:45, 21 March 2021 (EDT)
If you are using OpenLibrary for anything BUT the cover image, it needs to be noted in the Notes and in the external IDs. Plus tracking down the Open Library ID from the cover ID is as easy as finding the Amazon record from the Amazon cover IDs. If you cannot be bothered to post the link or the ID at least in the moderator notes and preferably in the proper places, you are asking the handling moderator to do all the research again - and your submissions will stay on the board for days and possibly weeks until someone has time to do all the work and verifications needed. If you start adding notes or at least all the links, it will go a lot smoother.
In this case, the OL ID is OL4789610W which has absolutely nothing to do with the image ID: 10015820-L. You should not expect people to jump through 100 sites to find the correct books and images and sites you are using.
Can you share where you saw the front flap? ( - got it. Will update) "Jacket By" means design usually on non-pictorial covers so I will change the notes. Annie 17:59, 21 March 2021 (EDT)
OK... here is the book on Where exactly do you see "Jacket by Wendell Minor"? It is not on the copyright page, the title page on the front flap or the covers. And the back flap is not visible. Where did you see it? I may have missed it although I looked 3 times so can you point me to it? Annie 18:10, 21 March 2021 (EDT)

As I explained in 1 of my previous successes, I found that if you use the search icon (magnifying glass) you can access anything in any book even if you don't have an account at That's how I find so many things no one else can. If you type "jacket", it gives 9 entries, the last of which takes you to the BACK FLAP where it says "JACKET BY WENDELL MINOR". --Username 18:18, 21 March 2021 (EDT)

And you could have explained that in the notes. Again - unless you link to your sources (and/or explain where they are so they are easily found), you are asking someone to redo your work. Which someone will eventually - but it takes a lot longer than it should. The book itself does not contain the back flap UNTIL you search with a specific term. Figuring out the term and using it takes time and effort. It may be easy for you because you do it on every book but people are not in your head. In this case just posting the URL for the search this one with a (cover credit from backflap) note would have been enough. Takes about 2 seconds and saves the handling moderator of trying to connect the dots (and needing to ask you on every update). The more details you post in the notes/moderator notes, the easier it will be to work your submissions and the more likely is that they are not left on the board for long periods of time. Note updated! Annie 18:38, 21 March 2021 (EDT)

Tarzan of the Movies: A Pictorial History of More Than Fifty Years of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Legendary Hero

Price source for this one? Thanks! Annie 18:46, 21 March 2021 (EDT)

[38]. --Username 19:05, 21 March 2021 (EDT)

No flaps visible. Nor is the price inside of the book (copyright page or contents or any other visible pages). The search for flap, price, $ or exact price does not find it either. So where is the price coming from? Annie 19:17, 21 March 2021 (EDT)

[39]. --Username 19:25, 21 March 2021 (EDT)

Approved and note edited, source added in the moderator notes. Annie 19:29, 21 March 2021 (EDT)

The Harlot Killer

The cover of our book clearly shows 25 cents. The cover in your source shows clearly 35 cents. Which will make your source a later unindentified printing (not all publishers are nice enough to enumerate printings on their copyright pages). I approved the change for the page numbers but pulled back the price change (and added a note for the provenance of the numbers) and cloned for the 0.35 copy. If you can find a cover for the 0.35 book, that will be useful. Thanks! :) Annie 18:59, 21 March 2021 (EDT)

Typos in text fields

When you are correcting a typo in a text field such as here, put in the moderator notes either the replacement (Frederic -> Fredric) or just the word you are fixing (typo: Frederic). That helps seeing the change quickly when reviewing your change and it also remains in the record moderator notes if someone wants to find out what you changed at some later point. Thanks! Annie 19:27, 21 March 2021 (EDT)

Exit to Eden

Price source?: "price found many places online" is the same as saying "google it". Please point one place where you found it. Annie 02:31, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

[40]; [41]. --Username 06:46, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

Note updated. Annie 11:15, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

The Orphan

Price source? If it is the cover by any chance, please provide a link to a better cover - there is something in the top right corner but this image is unreadable. Annie 02:35, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

[42]. --Username 07:19, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

Note updated. Annie 11:15, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

Delectus Books

Source for this? Annie 03:06, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

My previous edit on pending list for Delectus edition of Wolf in the Garden has a link to It Goes on the Shelf as explained in the note, which is where the address is. --Username 07:25, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

Different moderators can handle different edits. Each edit should have a source. I am not going to chase another note somewhere so please provide a source. Annie 09:49, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

[43]. --Username 09:52, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

Note updated and year added to the note. Publishers move in 25 years so dating our addresses helps :) Annie 11:18, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

Of Pigs and Spiders

Not sure who you are talking to here (you know that there is more than one moderator and only the one handling the submission usually sees the note, right?) but it would have taken a lot less time to actually link the sources you are using instead of complaining about a previous note. Please share your sources for all the changes you are making in this submission. Thanks! Annie 03:11, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

It says in my note; that's where the info came from. I was responding to the usual rude, angry note from Dirk, who has been rude and angry since my start here last December. One of my very first edits was greeted with a rude reply from him, so it's nothing new. His rudeness spurred me to look for more info, which led me to and a bunch of new stuff which I entered here, so I thanked him for that. Sarcasm TRUMPs rudeness. I saw in another discussion he had with someone else that he was complaining about how much work he has to do and how ISFDB needs more moderators and how he was thinking of giving up and just reading a book instead, so maybe he's burnt out. I notice from their bios that many moderators here are seniors so perhaps younger, more enthusiastic moderators who are familiar with books written in the last 30 years are needed. If you really needed to know who I was talking to you could've looked at my rejected edits and seen his name there. --Username 07:42, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

Link to the exact place on the site you are using as source? Annie 09:53, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

[44]. --Username 10:03, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

The March date comes from (among other sources) - which may or may not be valid (1999 is old enough so I do not trust them too much on dates). Are we absolutely sure that this August release is not just the signed edition? Let me do some more digging before I approve to see if it seems like a single run of 333 was ever issued. Annie 11:28, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

Teacher's Pet

The price is on the front flap. Where is the artist credited on this one? The back flap is not visible so if it is there, I need your search criteria that makes it visible. Thanks! Annie 04:49, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

[45]; search "jacket". --Username 07:46, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

Note added. Annie 11:11, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

Old Australian currency (pre 14 February 1966)

Hi, I altered the price to 4/9 and mentioned in the notes that the price is in Australian shillings and pences.--Dirk P Broer 17:47, 22 March 2021 (EDT)

Starlog covers

Per ISFDB standards, we don't enter covers are cover credits for non-genre magazines unless the cover illustrates a speculative fiction story. I have started a discussion on the community portal regarding the status of Starlog. As it had a film focus and not a written speculative fiction focus, it would not seem to be considered genre by ISFDB standards. You are welcome to chime in there is you have an opinion. -- JLaTondre (talk) 18:40, 23 March 2021 (EDT)

The Hands of Cain

Hi, regarding The Hands of Cain: Why 1976? especially when you want to assign a price of £0.25....Inflation was rampant in the UK during those days, so £0.25 for 1976 is definitely off. Would you like me to change the date to 0000-00-00, meaning 'unknown'?--Dirk P Broer 16:07, 31 March 2021 (EDT)

Worldcat link gives year as 1976 and gives page count, so those can stay, but no price so just leave that blank. If anyone checks a physical copy, info can be updated. The unique cover for this edition is the main point of interest. --Username 16:19, 31 March 2021 (EDT) / Contento in notes

Hi, has no stable links, just like Contento/Fiction Mags Index, only worse: they go went the book is sold. Contento keeps adding content in between, so info keeps shifting page.--Dirk P Broer 16:25, 31 March 2021 (EDT)

Bride of Darkness

Source? Annie 05:32, 5 April 2021 (EDT)

Source is bright black .50 at top of cover, easily seen without magnifying. --Username 09:25, 5 April 2021 (EDT)
What may be easily visible for you on your monitor may not be the case for someone with vision issues or smaller/older screens. And images disappear - sometimes whole sites fall down, sometimes single images disappear due to mistakes or mishaps. This is why it is important to add notes explaining where the data is from in the Notes so even if someone cannot see the image for one reason or another, they can track the data (and check it on their copy if they have it).
Approved and note added. Annie 18:27, 5 April 2021 (EDT)
Unfortunately, this is true even with Amazon-hosted images, especially more recently. Amazon used to preserve Web pages for superseded editions, but it irritated authors, publishers and readers alike, so eventually they changed their policy. I don't know how it works internally on their end, but I have seen images replaced after the fact. Ahasuerus 20:18, 5 April 2021 (EDT)
At least for now the /I/ images seem to stay stable - although you are right that Amazon is now updating the old pages on reissue and linking to a different /I/ image - making a mess of any old records. Although I worry sometimes that they may decide to start deleting /I/ images that are not connected anywhere anymore - they are a bookseller after all, historical covers don’t really interest them (although I hope the marketplace is enough of a reason for them not to delete them). We will cross that bridge when/if we get to it (one hopes it never happens). In all cases, adding text notes on where the data is exactly is important. Annie 22:36, 5 April 2021 (EDT)

The Adult Version of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

source? Annie 05:56, 5 April 2021 (EDT)

Source is top left cover where it says Calga Publishers; it's blurry but legible, and all other Calga books on ISFDB are under same name. --Username 09:20, 5 April 2021 (EDT)

Roaring Tower and Other Short Stories

Sources for these changes? Annie 05:57, 5 April 2021 (EDT)

pages:; first library on Worldcat's page, NYPL, has info about stories' pub. history; price: (also, ISFDB says "Short Stories" in title but cover says "Stories"; title page needed to verify). --Username 09:10, 5 April 2021 (EDT)
That leaves only "hc". Is that an assumption based on the cover and price? Annie 13:02, 7 April 2021 (EDT)

A Shoal of Time

Which "Hamilton's 1972 collection" for this update? Annie 06:10, 5 April 2021 (EDT)

There's only 1 1972 collection on Hamilton's ISFDB page: FLIES ON THE WALL. --Username 09:13, 5 April 2021 (EDT)
Which does not necessarily mean that this is the only Hamilton 1972 collection - we keep finding editions and books even for authors we think we have everything cataloged for. :) Annie 18:32, 5 April 2021 (EDT)

Ghost Flight

What is the source of the price here? Annie 06:15, 5 April 2021 (EDT)

Source is the price printed on the cover, left side; Amazon page allows you to magnify and it clearly says $2.25. --Username 09:16, 5 April 2021 (EDT)

The Exorcist cover artist

You submitted a name change for the cover artist for a primary-verified copy of a book, but you didn't contact the PV to verify the spelling of the cover artist. Please contact them to verify the spelling of the artist's name as found in the copy of the book they have. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 15:34, 9 April 2021 (EDT)

PV hasn't contributed since 2017. Also, ISBN-10 on ISFDB entered verbatim into finds only a 1987 Bantam book named Sweeny's Honor, and entering it on Google verbatim brings up exactly 1 site, this one; entering it without dashes brings up a few pages of mostly Sweeny's Honor, but also a Worldcat page for the Exorcist and a Google Books Exorcist copy, plus sites that say "Sweeny's Honor" and "William Peter Blatty" together. So not only is artist name likely misspelled by the PV and art on this edition probably isn't even by him anyway but the ISBN is probably wrong or mixed up, too. So I've moved on to a hundred other things since I made this edit and now leave it up to you whether to do anything to correct these problems. --Username 21:08, 11 April 2021 (EDT)

That's not the way things work here. We are not here to do everything for you. While we appreciate your contributions, we need to to contribute things within the rules of the site. Please post a note about this to the PV's talk page, and (since you say they haven't contributed since 2017) to the ISFDB:Community Portal. We can't be making changes just because you think the PV might have made a mistake. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 13:06, 12 April 2021 (EDT)

Encyclopaedia of Horror

I approved your cover scan of this pub. Looking at the ISBN in, most of the copies of the book for sale are in Europe and the sellers seem consistent in maintaining the given spelling of Encyclopaedia. The cover shown is the same as you proposed. I suspect that the book was published in both the U.S. and G.B., with the spelling depending on the country where published. Maybe the cover with the Brit spelling is available somewhere, but I haven't found it. Bob 20:12, 9 April 2021 (EDT)

Rootabaga Stories

Regarding this submission: When adding Internet Archive links, please ensure they are for the same edition and printing. The record you are editing is for the first printing, but the Internet Archive scan is of the fifth printing (as can be seen on the copyright page). You are welcome to clone the publication and make a record for the fifth printing. You can then add the Internet Archive link to that record. Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 10:00, 10 April 2021 (EDT)

Cartoon: "By George, Kincaid, we we're right!"

Hello, I have your edit on hold for a moment as I'm wondering if you can you confirm this isn't a typo in the magazine? If it is, it should stay as-is, and a note added to clarify.If you don't have a reference at hand, it's good practice to check in with the primary verifiers who can confirm. Thank you, regards, MagicUnk 11:42, 10 April 2021 (EDT)

[46]; page 82 shows the correct spelling. --Username 11:59, 10 April 2021 (EDT)

Perfect! Thank you, regards, MagicUnk 15:03, 11 April 2021 (EDT)

Ghosties and Ghoulies and Tomorrow, Inv. page numbers

Hi. What's the source of the page numbers for this submission (Ghosties and Ghoulies)? There's no comment, and you didn't make yourself a verifier. I don't see anything in any of the linked secondary sources. Thanks. --MartyD 12:47, 11 April 2021 (EDT)

Same question about this submission (Tomorrow, Inc.). --MartyD 12:50, 11 April 2021 (EDT); --Username 12:57, 11 April 2021 (EDT)

Sources II

Hi. When you add data from a secondary source, be sure to adjust the publication notes to reflect the source of the data. Information in notes to the moderator is helpful to the person processing the submission, but those do not become part of the record itself. So, for example, while making the publication date on Konga more specific based on the picture you found on picclick is fine -- and giving me a pointer in the moderator notes was indeed helpful -- the source still needs to be documented in the publication record. I have done that in this case, so just something to keep in mind for future submissions. Thanks. --MartyD 13:00, 11 April 2021 (EDT)


FYI, the "External IDs" feature (on publications) knows about Fantlab. So if you find a relevant entry on Fantlab, you can link to it using their edition number. --MartyD 13:26, 11 April 2021 (EDT)

It's a Russian-language site, so as a proud American I don't feel comfortable linking to them; I enter info here for people to see. --Username 17:57, 11 April 2021 (EDT)
One thing to note is that we are a strictly bibliographic site. As such, we do not let our individual political, national, ethnic, ideological and other non-bibliographic preferences affect what we do here. Even our data acquisition robot, User:Fixer, has reluctantly agreed not to pursue his AI supremacy agenda here :-) Ahasuerus 10:38, 12 April 2021 (EDT)
Also, while they are a valuable source of info their quality control is awful (like many other sites); frequently info they write themselves is wrong, so I only enter info from actual photos of the books or if that's not possible I double-check their written info with at least 1 other site to make sure they got it right. --Username 17:57, 11 April 2021 (EDT)
You cannot have it both ways: If you are using them, you need to give them credit for the information (covers and/or data) and here, that means using the external ID and/or the templates (if you are using other edition's data). If you are not comfortable linking to them because of your nationality, then stop using them and stop plagiarizing their data with no attribution.
This behavior is against the site's (Fantlab's) rules: "Любое использование материалов сайта допускается только с указанием активной ссылки на источник." which roughly translates as "Site materials can be used only if an active link to the source is included." If you are not willing to conform to their rules, you should NOT use any of their data. Annie 18:21, 11 April 2021 (EDT)
It all comes down to the same basic principle which has been repeatedly mentioned on this Talk page and elsewhere -- we need to state our sources. When adding data from FantLab, OCLC or another secondary source, we need to mention which FantLab/OCLC/etc record number the data comes from.
If you find that a particular secondary source is not always reliable and use another secondary source to double-check the data, that's perfectly fine, but it needs to be documented in Notes. For example, see this publication record, which says "Price stamped on the front flap of the original dust jacket as per and confirmed in Latrobe Bulletin." Ahasuerus 18:38, 11 April 2021 (EDT)

Request about prices

Hello. I have a request. As you're doing very valuable work and, a.o., are adding missing prices, could you also add in the notes field the other currencies as well (if present of course). The rules text says:
British books are often priced for several other commonwealth countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Malta, Gibraltar, South Africa, East Africa, Trinidad (W.I.), and countries with a significant English-speaking population such as Spain and the Republic of Ireland. These additional prices are usefully entered in notes. Some of these countries also have pre-decimal formats based on the British pound and post-decimal formats similar to Dollar prices, and some have changed yet again to € (Euro) prices. If in doubt, enter these in notes exactly as stated.
That would be really appreciated. Regards, MagicUnk 16:03, 11 April 2021 (EDT)

And also, as MartyD already pointed out above, could you add sources to the notes (or in the weblink multifield, as appropriate). Thanks! Regards, MagicUnk 16:20, 11 April 2021 (EDT)

She Waits

Hello, I have your submission on hold, as it says 'bad checksum' for the ISBN you updated, but you didn't provide a reference for us to check. Can you double-check and provide a reference here? Thanks! MagicUnk 16:18, 11 April 2021 (EDT)

Upper right cover corner; I just checked, and there's a photo of the spine with the same ID, so if it's wrong it wouldn't be the first time a book had a bad ISBN; what the right one is, I don't know. --Username 18:05, 11 April 2021 (EDT)

Hi folks. I was just passing through and noticed this. The ID on the cover of that book is an SBN, not an ISBN, and the -125 at the end is actually the $1.25 price. See EditPub help for a little bit about this situation. One could derive an ISBN from it by adding the leading 0, dropping the price, and adding the missing checksum -- 2 in this case -- ending up with 0-445-00283-2. A favorite site of mine for ISBN analysis is . Whether that is correct/appropriate or not, I don't know, but Amazon agrees. Current policy allows use of the derived ISBN on the record, with a note citing the fact that it's derived and providing the stated SBN. --MartyD 07:30, 12 April 2021 (EDT)
Thanks Marty. Approved & fixed the ISBN per Marty's explanation. Regards, MagicUnk 10:42, 12 April 2021 (EDT)

Is your caps lock stuck?

Please do not shout in notes (moderator ones and even more importantly the publication notes). Fixed here. Also please add in the note where in the book you find some information. Saying "PRICE FROM COPY ON INTERNET ARCHIVE" can mean anything from proper price to a sticker or a note somewhere. Specifying that the price is on the front flap allows a user to find it in their copy. Thanks! Annie 11:47, 12 April 2021 (EDT)

I did that so info I add stands out from other info; when I revisit records to fix or add (as I do constantly) it helps to know what's mine. I've already done about a dozen edits this morning, but if it annoys you future edits will have lowercase letters. --Username 12:02, 12 April 2021 (EDT)
This is a public database, not your private sandbox. Shouting in any notes (or the wiki pages) is not acceptable. Thanks! Annie 12:29, 12 April 2021 (EDT)

If It Had Happened Otherwise

When you post the source as this link and nothing more, there are 12 images and some text on this page. If the handling moderator knows where to look, the front flap image is an obvious target. However, not everyone does (or had seen the site before) so it can take a long time to look through all of the images and find what you had seen there (and you can even miss it on a first pass if you do not know where it is supposed to be - some of these angled images can be a pain).

If you add "image 4" to the link in your moderator note and inside of your publication note you state "Price from the front flap (seen on a copy in" or "Price from the front flap (seen on a copy online)", that saves time for the processing moderator AND they do not need to rewrite your note. See how it looks now compared to your "PRICE FROM COPY ON PICCLICK.". Thanks! Annie 12:55, 12 April 2021 (EDT)

Username, this has been a recurring issue with your submissions and is becoming a problem for ISFDB moderators. Keep in mind that we process anywhere from 350,000 to 450,000+ submissions per year. If moderators had to spend as much time on researching every submission as they spend on your submissions, the approval process would slow down to a crawl. This is unacceptable. At this rate many moderators may simply stop working on your submissions since their time would be better spent elsewhere. In addition, the current situation wastes your time since moderators frequently ask you to clarify your sources. All of the above can be easily fixed by explicitly stating where the information comes from in Notes. Ahasuerus 13:13, 12 April 2021 (EDT)
Currently I have 250 or so edits awaiting approval. Many are cover images which don't require any notes so those are ready and waiting to be approved. As I explained somewhere here not long ago, the reason I leave info in moderator notes is firstly because when moderator checks they may find I made an error (although that rarely happens), and secondly because info that's entered in notes is not read by most people who use ISFDB, according to everything I've read on message boards; people mainly use it to find covers for old books they remember reading in their youth or to find where stories are, since many people request fiction from old mags and books through interlibrary loan and need to know exactly what pages to request (I've done that many times myself). --Username 14:05, 12 April 2021 (EDT)
The ISFDB has tens of thousands of users and dozens of major contributors. They are all interested in somewhat different aspects of our data: individual authors, early pulps, works in certain languages, art, etc. If you want to concentrate on the types of data that is of interest to a certain subset of ISFDB users, e.g. the readers of certain message boards who wants to see old book covers, that's great. However, all submissions should meet a minimum set of standards, including stating where the data comes from. As I indicated below, this is non-negotiable. We make allowances for new editors who are still learning the ropes, but you have created over 4,000 submissions and have been repeatedly informed about this issue, so you are well past that point. Ahasuerus 16:40, 12 April 2021 (EDT)
Although I have found many rare books and entered much info not found on any other sites, a large part of my time here is entering hundreds (thousands?) of missing covers and entering page #'s/verifying story titles, because I know that's what most of the people out there want. Going forward I think I will concentrate mainly on adding more covers and page #'s/corrected titles, since adding missing hardcover prices from their flaps or exact month of publication from copyright pages or whatever else requires adding note minutiae I'm not good at, obviously. Also, I think I shall return to what I originally was best at, the finding of rare stuff nobody else can. If I do the occasional edit from now on that requires notes, I'll remember to add them myself so no moderators will be upset. While we're all making suggestions here, let me take this opportunity to make some of my own. When approving my edits, moderators should try to start from the bottom and work their way up. They often approve at random and miss my notes from a prior edit related to a later one. Also, I've made dozens of entries spread out on all the wikis (Community, Help, Moderator, Verification) with many questions/interesting info/requests, etc. A few have been answered, sometimes helpfully, but most have gotten no responses, so let's get some. --Username 14:05, 12 April 2021 (EDT)
Questions and observations about specific bibliographic topics may or may not be answered or commented upon depending on whether we have active editors knowledgeable about the raised topic and on whether they have the time to do additional research. Sometimes it takes weeks or months before another editor chimes in and provides additional information. Ahasuerus 16:48, 12 April 2021 (EDT)
Let's all try to stop criticizing unpaid volunteers and concentrate on literature, shall we? --Username 14:05, 12 April 2021 (EDT)
I'd like to chime in here. First (to get it out of the way), it's not because notes aren't read by most people that they shouldn't be entered - after all, there are people interested in knowing the source of the information available on ISFDB. That said, and as I've expressed earlier, you're doing a fine job of unearthing missing data. And it would make a hell of a lot of difference for us moderators (and for you too, since your submissions would be processed much faster) if you would add notes for us and other users along the lines Annie clarified above. It may get some used to, but I can't imagine that that would be an unsurmountable problem - at least from my perspective a win-win. Regards, MagicUnk 14:17, 12 April 2021 (EDT)

Peter Sellers (I)

What is the source for this update. There is not a single site listed OR a moderator note. Considering that this was sent in the last few minutes after you were reminded about the rules again, this looks like a deliberate refusal to actually follow the rules of participation on the site. Annie 14:51, 12 April 2021 (EDT)

This is another example of how unsourced submissions waste everyone's time. It took me a number of Google searches and multiple minutes to find a source confirming that Peter Sellers (I) is the same person as the famous actor -- Contento's "Miscellaneous Anthologies Index". Multiply it by 400,000 submissions per year and you can see how this is not a viable way of entering data into the database.
BUREAUCRAT WARNING: If you continue refusing to clearly state where the data comes from in Notes, it will not only delay the processing of your submissions, but it will also fall under the "non-constructive or disruptive" clause of ISFDB:Policy. Ahasuerus 16:09, 12 April 2021 (EDT)
I had an edit approved by a moderator recently where I discovered the Peter Sellers who wrote "The Wastrel" was the famous actor but was mistakenly in the same record as the Peter Sellers who wrote genre fiction in the 80's and 90's. The anthology where "The Wastrel" appears,, has an intro by Peter Haining on p. 228 of the book confirming it's Sellers the actor, not the writer. Now that a separate record has been created for Sellers the actor I figured it would be good to fill in bio info and provide a photo, so that's what I did. I'm not deliberately trying to be confusing, it's that some moderators are less concerned about exactness and trust I know what I'm talking about. As I said above, once backlog of my edits are cleared I'm going to stick mostly to adding covers and finding and adding info not found anywhere else on the current web, which is what I was mostly doing when I first started here. --Username 19:37, 12 April 2021 (EDT)
Thanks for the clarification. I have added a note to the title record explaining where the identification of the author comes from. I have also changed "Peter Sellers (I)" to "Peter Sellers (actor)" as per Help:How to separate two authors with the same name, which prioritizes the use of profession for disambiguation purposes. Ahasuerus 09:46, 13 April 2021 (EDT)

And the Darkness Falls

Another one with no source (thanks for adding the note though): And the Darkness Falls.

Where did you see the front flap?
As per the help page for covers: "The cover designer (as opposed to the cover artist) is only entered in this field if he or she also did (parts of) the cover art. Otherwise the cover designer can be recorded in the note field." If the only credit on this flap is for the design, then a cover is not added. If there is another credit somewhere, please provide a source.

The edit will need to be rejected (so we do not create a cover that then will need to be cleaned up) but if you provide a link where the flap is visible, I will edit the book after that to include both the Jacket design information and the source. Thanks! Annie 15:01, 12 April 2021 (EDT)

I added external ID for Fantlab, which I was told to do by you recently, so I thought it was obvious where I got info from, but here it is: See photo 6. --Username 19:40, 12 April 2021 (EDT)

Adding an ID does not replace the note explaining the source. In the case of FantLab it provides the link that is required so that you can then attribute the exact information to them in the notes. Edit rejected and note and external ID added again as explained above. Let me know if you have any questions. Annie 19:50, 12 April 2021 (EDT)

Open library and covers

When you find the cover there, please also add the Open Library ID into the external IDs. While the links on the left usually lead to the Open Library book correctly (if there is an ISBN to use), this is not true for older books or in some cases where the ISBN is reused or Open Library has more than one version for this ISBN. No need to add a note unless there is something interesting in the record. See how I did it here. Thanks! :) Annie 17:02, 13 April 2021 (EDT)

I've probably already added several covers from that site since the one you linked, but when I use their covers in future I'll try to remember to add the ID. --Username 17:07, 13 April 2021 (EDT)
I'll add them to any I am approving if they cross my path. While it is not critical, it helps for non-verified books (showing that we are not the only ones believing that the book exists for example) and sometimes provide interesting details we lack (and which can go into the notes) :) Thanks! Annie 17:13, 13 April 2021 (EDT)
Same request for FantLab covers (with the same reason). Fixed here. Thanks! Annie 17:32, 13 April 2021 (EDT)

(unindent) One small note on Fantlab images. When you copy them directly, they contain at the end a session information (?r=1603912742 for example). Pull that out (anything after the ? and the ? itself) - while keeping them does not seem to cause any issues at the moment, it is unclear if it might in the future (the same reason why we clean Amazon images from all Amazon formatting). Thanks! Annie 17:20, 13 April 2021 (EDT)

Nine Rocks / Internet Archive links

Hello. Just an FYI - we record titles as they appear in the book. In the Nine Rocks case in this pub, this means that a new Nine Rocks title needed to be created, and then varianted to the original Nine Rocks in a Row title (I've done that here, have a look)

Also, when you are retrieving information from an Internet Archive copy, please add the link to the Webpages multifield iso buried into the Note to moderators. Thanks! MagicUnk 16:48, 14 April 2021 (EDT)

The Song in the House

When you have a link such as (an ASIN based Amazon link), there are two ways to record it in a publication.

  • If it belongs to the book itself, as was here, just record the ASIN in the ASIN field and then just mention Amazon (the correct one of the 16) in the notes (which you did here already).
  • If you are using it for a credit but the link is NOT for this edition, you can use a template instead: {{ASIN|B003AQ2G5I}} for example. All templates can be found here.

As a rule, Amazon links are not to be recorded in the Webpages links - they are either ISBN10 based (in which case the ISBN carries them) or ASIN based (then we use the ASIN field). I fixed it in the linked book. Thanks for finding this one! Please note that the ASIN field is only used for ASINs starting with B, the number only ones are ISBN10 and we already have that higher on the page. Let me know if you have any questions. Annie 20:19, 14 April 2021 (EDT)

The Forgetful Robot

Does "page #" here means the "Pages" field or the page number for each story (aka the contents page numbers)? Also - let's use the word "number" and not "#" in sentences in the notes. :) Annie 20:50, 14 April 2021 (EDT)

Contents page numbers. --Username 20:53, 14 April 2021 (EDT)
Note updated. Thanks! Annie 21:44, 14 April 2021 (EDT)

The Ghost Story Treasury

What is the source for this variant? As one of the anthologies has no contents, we need a source either with contents or showing one of them as a reissue of the other. Thanks! Annie 22:07, 14 April 2021 (EDT)

I found this,, which mentions first U.S. edition, so I think they're the same, just retitled; if not sufficient, just reject; children's books are often hard to get info for. --Username 22:34, 14 April 2021 (EDT)
Yep, that is good enough (the First U.S. edition (Kingfisher 1987) part at the end of the the US listing). I will add a note. Thanks! Annie 23:14, 14 April 2021 (EDT)

British Books with two prices

You left a note about this publication which has both pre-decimal and decimal prices. If you check this help section, our policy is to reflect the pre-decimal price in the price field, so the existing record was incorrect. It's certainly also appropriate to reflect the decimal price in the notes. I'll correct this record, but wanted to call the standard to your attention. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 10:43, 15 April 2021 (EDT)

It's for You

Where is the contents here coming from? The Moderator note explains where the two dates are coming from but nothing about the rest of the stories or where the page numbers are coming from. Thanks! Annie 13:16, 16 April 2021 (EDT); (Look Inside). --Username 15:13, 16 April 2021 (EDT)
Approved with one note: here the date should be 2006, not 1989. We date the first appearance under that title. So I fixed that. And for the other story: we date when something is published officially; copyright and posting online can be added to the notes but are not used for dating. :) Thanks for finishing the contents. Annie 15:21, 16 April 2021 (EDT)

What Is Dungeons and Dragons?

If I approve this, it will change the data in a verified book. The PV is active so can you please discuss the change with him? If the credits are different, we will need variants. If they are the same, we need to fix BOTH the title records and the publications (once created, they need to be changed separately). Thanks! Annie 13:23, 16 April 2021 (EDT)

Apologies for interrupting, but FWIW, I had a copy of this as a kid (it may even still be lurking in a box somewhere at my parents' house) and I recall it having the 3 authors listed in this edit. My vague memory tells me that there wasn't much ISFDB-relevant in it though - maybe a chapter about fictional inspiration for RPGs - so I doubt it would be accepted as a new submission nowadays.
I notice John Butterfield also has a bunch of earlier artwork for US pubs (at least the ones I've checked). I'm pretty sure that will be a different person - my (again very vague) recollection of this book is that the authors were all recent graduates from the same UK university, so it seems unlikely this person was also doing pro-art for US publishers 3-4 years earlier. I don't know how/where you might be able to prove that though... ErsatzCulture 13:57, 16 April 2021 (EDT)
Which is fine and I do not disbelieve the edit. BUT there is an active PV on one of the books and the site policies and common courtesy require someone to talk to them because they have the book and can open it and check (despite being Transient - it was January 2021 so there is a chance they still have access or remember better than someone who saw it last century ... :) Annie 14:12, 16 April 2021 (EDT)
And yeah - seems like two different people. Let me do some more digging. Annie 14:39, 16 April 2021 (EDT)

The Companion

I thought we agreed above that this kind of updates will have notes added as well. I approved the previous one and added the note. I will approve this one and update again but can you please ADD notes? Thanks! Annie 16:37, 16 April 2021 (EDT)

I've been trying to add more notes since the above discussion but an edit that includes only a price that's on the cover which is on the ISFDB record and wasn't entered by prior editor for whatever reason doesn't require a note; notes are for info not visible like copyright pages and hardcover prices and whatnot. This series had the same price for all 15 books so price was obvious, anyway. I do so many of these edits every day that it's very tiring to remember to enter every last note and external ID and whatever else you all want, but I have been adding more. Perhaps it would be better if you just reject anything that you find something wrong with and explain what you need in the rejection note rather than sending message after message on my talk page. Or maybe you should confine your approval of my edits to only cover images which don't require anything else and leave the other edits to someone else. Unlike someone who I read on ISFDB recently who was complaining about how long it was taking to approve his edits, I really don't care how long it takes. I just add entries constantly, and when moderators approve them, they approve them. Take as long as you want. --Username 17:02, 16 April 2021 (EDT)
And all that can be added to the notes. I've mentioned before that there are users who have vision issues and some covers are not very clear. Adding a note takes a few seconds - either from your time or from someone else's. Asking a moderator to do it because you cannot be bothered is not very nice. No moderator should be approving edits with no clear sources in the notes - and some had been reminded to be careful around your edit because of your refusal to add notes. So if you ask the moderator team to reject any incomplete edits from you, we can do that easily enough. Instead I am trying to work with you so you do not lose your time finding information that will be rejected later. If you prefer straight rejections with explanation instead, sure - that works as well :) Annie 17:09, 16 April 2021 (EDT)
I would prefer any edit I make from now on that you find fault with to be rejected with a note saying what was wrong with it rather than sending a message to my talk page which is now extremely long; I'm tired of seeing that yellow bar pop up with another message complaining about something. My info is almost always correct because I verify every edit I make, so the problem is not with the quality but the process. I've noticed since our discussion above that I'm slowly moving away from adding hardcover flap prices and exact months and all the other minutiae I've been doing the last few months and going back to adding more cover images and finding rare info nobody else can like I was when I started, so sometime soon these "adding notes" talks will be moot because I won't be doing anything that requires them, anyway. --Username 17:33, 16 April 2021 (EDT)
One thing that I believe I mentioned earlier is that cover scan hosted by third party sites, including Amazon, can be transient. We have seen thousands of image URLS die over the years.
On the other hand, the data that we store in the ISFDB database is backed up once a day, except for images, which are backed up once a week. We make our backups publicly available once a week and many people (all over the world) faithfully download them. In addition, our software is publicly available. Nothing short of a worldwide disaster on the level of dinosaur-killing asteroid will make it impossible to rebuild the ISFDB database. Think of any Note text that you add as your own personal slice of immortality :-)
Re: price visibility, are you saying that you can easily read the price printed on this cover scan? If you are, you are better at pattern recognition that most humans. All I see is blurry white lines. Ahasuerus 17:49, 16 April 2021 (EDT)

Swamp Witch

Please talk to the PV here. This kind of changes should always be discussed with the PVs as you had been reminded more than once. Sometimes it may turn out that they have a slightly different edition than the one you found online. That's why we have the PV system. Thanks! Annie 16:47, 16 April 2021 (EDT)

I cancelled my submission. --Username 17:05, 16 April 2021 (EDT)

Wikipedia as a source

Hi. A word of warning about Wikipedia as a source: You can't necessarily trust information in Wikipedia articles. It's best to look at the cited references and try to find the original source for the information in the article. We need to be careful about propagating assumptions and/or outright errors. For example, your proposed date change for The Hunt for Red October based on Wikipedia's October 1, 1984. I poked around a little, and it's not clear October 1 is correct or the article's source for it. The Tom Clancy site does say October 1, but the ISNI Press site says October 2.

BTW, I don't see why we shouldn't have listings for publications of that title. I'm checking to see what others think. I have your edit on hold. Assuming we should have publication records, a record for the first edition would be a better place to try to explain the above dating disagreement than in the title record. --MartyD 08:31, 18 April 2021 (EDT)

p.s. I got reminded of why we don't have publication records.... :-) Oh well. So I accepted the submission but removed the day (so just dated October 1984), and I added a note stating the publication date is uncertain, explaining the discrepancy and linking the above sources. --MartyD 10:14, 18 April 2021 (EDT)
The Catalog of Copyright #TX0001475353 puts 1984-10-03 as the official registered date of publication. The registration was accepted on 1984-10-29.Jim 10:03, 22 April 2021 (EDT)
Nice find. I expanded the notes, adding that, with this link (probably not permanent, but it looks likely to get a permanent replacement someday). --MartyD 12:22, 24 April 2021 (EDT)

Linking translations

To link a translation to the original title, we use "Make This Title a Variant" -- the translation is the "child"/variant, and the original is the "parent"/canonical title. So where you discovered the missing introduction in Cold House, the linking necessarily had to wait for the approval of your submission that added it. Then one could go to Einleitung (Das kalte Haus) and make it the variant of the newly added title, which I have done. Now both of the titles show the relationship to the other, and if you take a look at Das kalte Haus, you'll see the German introduction is annotated as a translation of Ketchum's English introduction.

The complementary scenario exists when adding a new title that's a translation of an existing title -- the relationship between new and existing needs to be established in the other direction, but doing so still has to wait for the new title to be created. So what you did with making a note to the moderator about the translation relationship between the new title and the existing title is perfect; the moderator processing the submission can know to go make the variant relationship while processing the submission. --MartyD 08:45, 18 April 2021 (EDT)

Quest: 1972 Exorcism(s)

I can see the covers on the edition of Exorcism you submitted and on the previously existing record are different, with both clearly showing the W101Z, $1.25 and Lexington Press. It would be interesting to know how those two editions are related. --MartyD 07:56, 25 April 2021 (EDT)

Yes, it would; the publisher has no other books on ISFDB. This,, gives a good review of the book but just mentions the "alternate cover"; the reason I added that cover here is because it's an actual cover and not just some text on a black background like the other one, plus it's really stupid. I see that searching on Worldcat for "all editions" gives a 1972 Lexington House ed. but also a 1974 Manor Books ed., which I see you added 2 printings of, but Worldcat says the later ed. is also 190 pages, so you may want to add that, too; searching for Eth Natas gives only 2 hits, this book and an encyclopedia article which gives an error page if you click on it; searching for a Lexington House in Jamaica, N.Y. gives only this book so apparently they were one-and-done. This,, shows the back cover of the Manor ed.; this,, gives an ISBN. Hope this helps, MartyD. --Username 10:53, 25 April 2021 (EDT)

John R. Holt pseudonym of Raymond Giles?

I stumbled upon this LibraryThings statement. Currently those two authors are not linked with each other in the ISFDB. Do you agree that John R. Holt is a pseudonym of Raymond Giles? Thanks! MagicUnk 16:04, 26 April 2021 (EDT)

Yes. It's mentioned several places on the web, but this is a good one: --Username 16:33, 26 April 2021 (EDT)

Thanks for the confirmation. I've linked both authors and made Giles the canonical name. Regards, MagicUnk 17:16, 26 April 2021 (EDT)

Judgement vs. Judgment

Hello. I have your edit on hold for a moment. Could you check with SFJuggler (by leaving a note on his talk page) whether it's indeed a typo, or if it's written as Judgement Day on the title page instead? Thanks! MagicUnk 16:12, 26 April 2021 (EDT)

PV said it's his typo, and my edit is correct. --Username 17:27, 26 April 2021 (EDT)

And approved! MagicUnk 17:37, 26 April 2021 (EDT)

The Fifth Season

On your submissions for "The Fifth Season" and "People of the Night". Looking at the pictures, both sure look like they are stapled and are therefor ph. And all the stories in "The Fifth Season" should be short stories; how can any story in a collection 40 pages long be anything else? Bob 15:20, 27 April 2021 (EDT)

Timothy Mulcahy

What is the source for this? Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 11:17, 8 May 2021 (EDT)

He has a website,, but I don't see any definite links between the stories in both records on ISFDB, so it can be rejected. --Username 11:43, 9 May 2021 (EDT)
Yeah, unfortunately that website only mentions the "Birth Screams of Angels" story. I added the website to Tim Mulcahy based on that, but rejected the variant. Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 12:19, 9 May 2021 (EDT)

A Different Drummer

Regarding this submission: Is the Internet Archive copy you found this one? Or is there another version I'm not seeing? The reason I ask is that is a copy of the third printing per the number line so it's not clear if the date is for the original printing or that third printing. -- JLaTondre (talk) 16:19, 16 May 2021 (EDT)

That's the one; the foreword is copyright 1989 so it's a new edition, but it also says the original Anchor edition was 1969, which is also on ISFDB with no cover; looking online it seems to have a different cover, so they updated a few things for this one. I almost added the wrong cover to the 1989 book because Amazon had some other cover which is for another edition. You may be right about the third printing, but the price other editor entered was much higher than the 1 on the copy, so why would the 1st printing be more expensive than the 3rd? Also, there's a note about Amazon saying it's from May 1990, so I'm not sure about all this, but since PV is no longer active and my info came from an actual copy of the book, I think we should go with mine, and if someone else has a copy of the first printing with a 1989 date on the back cover they can always enter that on ISFDB as another edition; book on says 0690 on back so if PV had a copy of the book it should have a similar --89 date, but I guess they missed that and just used date on copyright page. Adding a note that the copy is the 3rd printing would be good, too. --Username 18:04, 16 May 2021 (EDT)
The copyright page has "Anchor Books Editions: 1969, 1989" so seems like 1989 would be the correct year for this first printing and the "0690" would be for the third printing. The price is suspect, but prices can change between printings. Yes, it would be nice to be able to ask the verifier to double check the price and if there is a date code on the back. But as they are no longer active, we cannot and we have to go with the information we have. We create separate records for each printing so I have cloned the record and created a third printing. I sourced that to the scan. Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 20:47, 18 May 2021 (EDT)

Incomplete cover

Hello username! It was kind of you to add a cover to my verified book Weltraum Nr. 1, but it's incomplete. In the middle of the cover there is still a painting. Greetings Rudolf Rudam 08:40, 17 May 2021 (EDT)

The Drive In The Bus Tour

I approved your submission of changes to The Drive In: The Bus Tour, even with the new cover scan. The original scan was much better IMHO. Bob 15:40, 19 May 2021 (EDT)

The cover I added shows full art including what's on the back. It may be a little glossy when small like a lot of small-press hardcovers, but clicking makes it bigger and much easier to see the art. ISFDB's policy of shrinking all images down has the unfortunate side effect of making a lot of covers and author images hard to see; some display better when clicked or opened in a new tab, some don't; this one does. And if the cover art is continued on the back cover it's usually better to use that so users can see it in full, unless the image is so bad that it's not feasible to use it. --Username 16:22, 19 May 2021 (EDT)

Black Dog / Queta Non Movere

Hello, can you provide source for your varianting statement here? Thanks! MagicUnk 08:45, 28 May 2021 (EDT)

I discovered this months ago and left a message on ISFDB asking if anyone knew more; months passed and nobody answered so I decided to enter it. The original edition of Dark Encounters and a recent Polygon edition use the original title, but the 1984 John Goodchild edition decided to use the title here, I suspect they changed it because people these days wouldn't understand the Latin title so they gave it a more "horror-y" title. Online reviews that discuss "Quieta Non Movere" mention a black dog so they're the same story. There's a copy of the 1984 edition on Google Books and on Fantlab, --Username 09:03, 28 May 2021 (EDT)
I've approved the varianting, and added a note to the Black Dog title record, stating Fantlab has this as 'Quieta Non Movere'. Regards, MagicUnk 10:57, 28 May 2021 (EDT)
I'm glad to finally get this info entered on ISFDB; one change I would suggest, though, is making the note refer to the BBC link I provided above, since that is the only hit I got when I searched on Google for the "Black Dog..." title and is probably when the title was originally changed. The "Black Dog..." title doesn't link to Fantlab on Google because in their usual sloppy fashion they list titles from 1963 edition on 1984 edition's page and forgot to change the title from "Quieta..." to "Black Dog...", so the only way people would know the title was changed is if they clicked on the photos from the book. Another thing is I decided to search Internet Archive for the "Black Dog..." title and again got only 1 hit,, so there's 1 more bit of proof that this was the title they used for radio. Why only the 1984 edition of Dark Encounters decided to use that title is anyone's guess. I will add an edit now with the external ID for Fantlab so people can go there if they want to see the photos. --Username 11:32, 28 May 2021 (EDT)
Sure, feel free to add the two references into the pub notes (and URL in the web multifield). Regards, MagicUnk 06:54, 30 May 2021 (EDT)


The Making of The Wizard of Oz

Hello! I approved your submission of The Making of The Wizard of Oz and correct your wrong ISBN record. Rudolf Rudam 15:24, 6 June 2021 (EDT)

Danke. --Username 15:30, 6 June 2021 (EDT)

[no subject]

Where exactly did you get the impression that I have a problem with people disagreeing with me? That's a problem of yours, not mine.
It's difficult to get across subtle nuances online, but you seemed to get prickly when I asked if you were a moderator. Why? I was just wondering if maybe you could approve the change for me.
I'm just as good an editor as you, although not as prolific. Sometimes I make mistakes, but I catch them and fix them. I'm fully aware of every missing link in every issue I've entered, and why it's missing. You couldn't be sure of that, of course, and I appreciate you trying to help. I also really appreciated your kind words about my efforts to add Fangoria, and your offer of help. I wish I'd said so.
You say "tantrum", I say "prank". It's your six-month anniversary, and one of the better editors should surely have a biography!--Rosab618 01:22, 18 June 2021 (EDT)

Username? It would help if you answered those two questions, please.--Rosab618 04:28, 26 June 2021 (EDT)

When you forgive my sarcasm (which trumps rudeness!), I'd like to take you up on your offer of help with Fangoria. If you want to verify the issues that you have, or add anything that belongs, that would be great.--Rosab618 21:21, 28 June 2021 (EDT)

Jason Alexander

Regarding this submission: It looks like Jason Alexander is multiple people. The only record I was able to confirm to be by the actor is "Dad, Are You The Tooth Fairy?" (plus probably the two interviews). Are you aware of any others? Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 18:17, 21 July 2021 (EDT)

The 1978 novel is not by the actor since he was only 18 or 19 at the time; the publisher has 5 books on Open Library, and 1 by Alexander is readable, revealing that author is a Libertarian Ayn Rand type. The art is all within the same time period so most likely is by the same artist. So the actor wrote the Tooth Fairy book and the 2 interviews are with him also because there's lots of info online about him appearing on Trek. That leaves the essay; no info online about which Alexander wrote that, but if I had to guess it's by the artist. --Username 18:57, 21 July 2021 (EDT)
Yup, that was my thought. I will divide them up. By the way, I moved your response from my talk page over to here as it keeps the conversation together. That allows someone else in the future to more easily figure it out if they have questions. Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 20:25, 21 July 2021 (EDT)

Dangerous Red

I approved you submission for Dangerous Red, but you need to clone the pub under that title and enter the 2003 edition in edition to the new edition. Bob 15:22, 3 August 2021 (EDT)


Hello, could you check [47]? It has two publication records with identical ISBN, but different publishers. (2nd one is the one you cloned here). Is this expected? Or must the ISBN of the Spindlewood edition be removed? Thanks! MagicUnk 14:57, 27 August 2021 (EDT)

I asked about this myself on Community Portal under "Moorstones". Since edition I entered came from the actual book on I would trust that and assume the ISBN for later edition was taken from some online info that had the wrong one; of course it's possible they both use same ISBN, so someone needs to produce the Salem edition to check. --Username 18:18, 27 August 2021 (EDT)
The Salem House edition info is copied from Locus. They could be wrong about the ISBN.--Chris J 19:34, 30 August 2021 (EDT)

Delete notes

Hello! I hold your submission of Our Gang (Starring Tricky and His Friends). Are you sure that you want to delete all notes? Regards Rudolf Rudam 08:10, 30 August 2021 (EDT)

That was an extra note about the quote on last page; don't know why it thinks I wanted to delete previous notes, way the software works I guess, but it's an extra note, not meant to replace previous ones. --Username 08:46, 30 August 2021 (EDT)
I've approve your submission and restore the notes. Rudam 09:08, 30 August 2021 (EDT)

Grey Matter Variant

Hi Username -

I'm holding your edit to change the date to 1978 for the variant of King's story with the title as "Grey Matter"? Our earliest appearance of the story with that spelling is now November 1987, after your edits to the Pan publication. I'll also note that you really should have checked with the verifier of that book before submitting those edits. I had to contact them and make sure it was OK before approving them. They noted that there is a 1978 copyright date but, but the book doesn't indicate what title was used for the 1978 publication. I'll change the record to 1987 for now and continue to hold your edit depending on your source. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 06:53, 1 September 2021 (EDT)

The story was published in an American porn mag and then collected in Night Shift in 1978. It was Gray in America but Grey in England, and since the English edition also came out in '78 that was its first appearance. I brought this up somewhere on the boards months ago and 1 of you responded saying that every book where the story appears would need to be checked to see how it's spelled, so now I got the ball rolling; others can check their copies or online and verify if it was spelled Grey in all other British publications, whether Night Shift editions or Pan Books or anything else. Sometimes I notice a book was PV'd and check with them first, sometimes I don't. I was on my way out of here recently until a hurricane and terrorists made it impossible for me to travel. The barbarians are at the gate, so the fact I'm still here is a miracle; that may not be true much longer. --Username 07:53, 1 September 2021 (EDT)
First off, stay safe wherever you are. You didn't really answer the question. You assert that all UK editions have the variant title and that it was first published in the UK in 1978. Where did you get those pieces of information? We do not list a 1978 UK edition. There is none listed in Contento1, which is our chief source for pre-1984 collections. Worldcat has one record published by Hodder & Stoughton and one by New English Library, both for 1978, but neither records list the contents. I'm going to reject the edit to change the variant date for now. If you have a source you can cite, we can revisit this. Lastly, checking with active verifiers when you are changing the spelling of content is not optional. You need to do that every time. It's especially important when you don't have a source for your information as it appears you did not in this case. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 20:39, 1 September 2021 (EDT);; (spells it GREY and even says what pages it's on); 1978 was NEL's HC Night Shift date; most King books were published in America and Britain close together. The reason why the British edition is not on ISFDB isn't because it doesn't exist but because nobody ever bothered to enter it. Sounds unlikely, but I've entered many editions by very well-known authors (Straub, Koontz, etc.) which should have been here but weren't. The Pan Book of Horror Stories definitely says "GREY Matter" because I actually found a photo of the contents page, and it seems that it was the only British anthology that story ever appeared in, at least as far as ISFDB says, so the only question now is whether all of the many British editions of Night Shift spell it that way, which seems very likely to me. So the British spelling's date almost certainly originates from the 1978 NEL Night Shift, but if you don't want to change it that's on you. As for checking with PV's, there was a time when I never checked because in almost every case my changes turned out to be correct, but eventually I started checking and have done so many times, but often I forget since I'm only human. --Username 21:31, 1 September 2021 (EDT); the cached Google version still works, and includes a photo showing contents with "Grey Matter"; ISBN matches British editions on ISFDB but price is different, so it's some unknown printing. --Username 10:15, 3 September 2021 (EDT)

Bad Candy

Posted an answer on my talk page here. MagicUnk 14:50, 6 September 2021 (EDT)

Type change of The X-Files Book of the Unexplained, Volume II

Could you please confirm this update with SFJugger first? That would be appreciated. Regards, MagicUnk 14:35, 8 September 2021 (EDT)

I think you meant SFJuggler. There's nothing really to confirm, since the first volume is NF on ISFDB; he just made a mistake and entered it as a collection. Also, see this link under Non-fiction books; If y'all disagree you can cancel my edit, that's fine. --Username 14:43, 8 September 2021 (EDT)
Thanks. I've accepted the submission, and added the link to the Moderators notes for reference. And it's not really about disagreeing (I'm impartial, as I don't have any interest either way), it's about confirming and ensuring a primary verifier agrees with your suggested update. Regards, MagicUnk 15:04, 8 September 2021 (EDT)

Adding covers found in other editions

Hi Username -

When you are adding a cover artist because the art matches that of another publication already in the database. Please don't simply add the name of the artist to the publication record. This will result in a new COVERART title record which will then require an additional edit to merge it with the other title record from the source publication. A better approach would be to import the COVERART title used in the other publication(s) into the publication where it is missing. For example, this edit would create a new title which would then need to be merged with this existing title record. Instead, just grab the Title Record # from the existing record (1140800) and use the Import Content tool (Option 2) to add the COVERART to the publication. This way, you won't have to go back and submit merge edits. Let me know if you have any questions. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 11:07, 16 September 2021 (EDT)

Moby Dick

HI! The official title is "Moby Dick; Or, The Whale" , would this be better as the parent and Moby Dick as the variant?Kraang 20:05, 28 September 2021 (EDT)

Wikipedia says The Whale as a 3-volume book in GB and Moby Dick as a single volume in America. --Username 20:12, 28 September 2021 (EDT)
Stupid Amazon has piles of books with that title! Should have read more of the Wiki article :/Kraang 20:38, 28 September 2021 (EDT)

Open library link in "Death and Resurrection"

Please explain the open library link here. It should obviously be in one of the editions of New Cthulhu: The Recent Weird. --Willem 03:54, 29 September 2021 (EDT)

Prior editor wrote note about wrong ISBN on copyright page vs. right ISBN on back cover; Open Library page for Death and Resurrection has no link but the page I linked to does; my note explains about right author but wrong title. Clicking Preview shows MacAvoy's book. --Username 10:48, 29 September 2021 (EDT)
So write a more comprehensible note. No one understands this as it is now. --Willem 10:54, 29 September 2021 (EDT)
It's perfectly comprehensible. There's some other editor's note about different ISBN's, and there's my new note about how the Open Library page I linked to shows wrong title but right author. I don't usually link directly to non-public domain books on because many of them aren't supposed to be there and often get taken down after complaints. I have a feeling you're just being difficult because of my refuting of all your hostile messages recently. If that's the case, you don't have to check my edits anymore. There's many other people working here. Or you can be professional and act like an adult. --Username 11:01, 29 September 2021 (EDT)
This has nothing to do with being hostile. Clicking the link you provided brings you to this page. It shows the cover of 'New Cthulhu: The Recent Weird' which is obvously wrong. How do you expect people to know that it shows the right edition after clicking through if you don't explain this in the note?
I'll be perfectly happy if you don't touch my primary verifications anymore, that would save me a lot of wasted time. --Willem 11:21, 29 September 2021 (EDT)
In order not to receive any more of your messages about this issue, I will add an extra note to that record explaining in exact detail that the Preview link must be clicked in order to read MacAvoy's book, for all the slow adults out there who can't figure out how to click a button. I also just added a message on Community Portal about this topic, so now it's preserved for the ages. You also spelled obviously incorrectly. --Username 11:28, 29 September 2021 (EDT)
As the other verifier of this publication record, I have to object to this. It seems completely bizarre to me to include a link to the OL record for the Guran anthology in the record for the MacAvoy novel in order to provide a link to the archive record that happens to be incorrectly linked from OL record. Why not simply add the internet archive link directly? You mention that you don't want to for fear of it being taken down. If it is taken down, why would the OL still have it. I also have to reiterate (how many times have I asked you before?) that you need to check with the verifiers before making this sort of change. Had I been consulted first, I would have told you not to link to the wrong book, and I suspect from these comments that Willem would have agreed. I'm going to back out these changes and link to the internet archive directly. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 18:11, 29 September 2021 (EDT)
I don't know what's in the air recently, but you people are making way too big a deal about this. If you want to complain, complain to Prime Books for printing Death and Resurrection's ISBN in New Cthulhu. The Open Library page for Death and Resurrection has no Preview button to click, so anyone visiting that page would think the book is not readable at the Archive, so I provided an OL link to the page that actually has the Preview button which takes you to Death and Resurrection; wrong cover and title mean nothing, since it's the double ISBN's in the book itself that are responsible for the confusion. I've noticed you frequently add links to records for books that are not public domain; that's risky, since many are taken down due to copyright complaints; one of my first edits here on ISFDB was for a Noel Langley story from Saturday Evening Post that was reprinted in his 1950 collection under a different title; it still hasn't been changed because by the time I started editing here those issues were all gone because of copyright issues, so I was never able to prove it. So you can add whatever you want to, but when they come calling you'll have to deal with them. I don't appreciate your hostile tone, especially since I did a good thing by adding a link to a book that would have otherwise gone unread by most. Also, why would I contact PV about adding an external ID; I'm not changing anything you did. You rarely have anything positive to say and only message me when you have a complaint about something trivial like this; if I had a dollar for every time I've had to fix wrong info and saw your name as the one who entered that info I'd be rich, so get off your high horse. When I contacted your friend up there months ago to let him know I'd done some changes on a book he PV'd he responded with extreme rudeness, so if you want me to contact PV every time I make some change, even if it's unnecessary as in this case, then maybe y'all should learn how to respond like adults. I've been 1 of the most prolific editors here this year, and was ready to take a long break recently, until circumstances beyond my control put a stop to that, but if I continue to receive constant complaints about my work that may change. --Username 18:48, 29 September 2021 (EDT)

Please do not edit archived discussions

I have reverted your edit. If you need to post an update to the discussion, please don't edit the archived discussion pages. Very few people will see anything posted on the archived discussion pages, so anything impportant posted there will be unseen by most everyone. Instead, please post it on the appropriate discussion page as a new topic (in this case, on the ISFDB:Community Portal page). I recommend doing that for this one, and then link to the archived discussion like this. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 14:01, 1 October 2021 (EDT)

I'm the one who wrote the original message; finding the cover by accident more than 6 months later, I went back and added a note about that. Nobody responded during that 6+ months, so I doubt anyone cares that I finally found the cover; if they ever look for that book they'll see the cover in its record. I was writing the note to myself, as I've done with several other recent findings by me for old messages I left that no one ever answered, so that when I look back over all my messages as I do sometimes I know which ones were solved. No need for a new topic because the case is closed. Most of my very numerous messages have never been answered, so if I want to talk to myself, だから何だ? --Username 18:38, 1 October 2021 (EDT)
I understand. Please don't edit archived discussion, however. I suspect the one of the biggest reasons so many of your messages don't get answered is because there are so many of them it's hard for anyone to keep up with them. It might be good to make a user sub-page to keep track of them, and ask people to follow that. Then you can keep track of which have been answered there. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 20:07, 1 October 2021 (EDT)


As you are venturing into translations, a few notes:

  • We need the translator up on the title level so we know which titles need merging if there are multiple publications. I fixed this one
  • We have a template for recording the translators - Tr. You can see in the example above how it is used. It is one of those "if one day we start recording translators" preparations. When you do not add it or do not use the template, it pops up on a report and someone will need to fix it later.
  • For Spanish, our external ID LTF stands for - which is a good place for additional verification and data for Spanish language books. They definitely do not have everything but when they do, they have more information than most. So if you plan to work on Spanish, you may want to check them occasionally.

Thanks! Annie 19:25, 4 October 2021 (EDT)

I wasn't venturing into translations, it was just a random book I came across while searching for other things. I was surprised it wasn't here already so I took a shot at entering it; I entered most info correctly, and points you brought up are ISFDB-specific, not related to the book itself. I also was on that LTF page before I entered the info but didn't know ISFDB had an external ID for them. I barely comprehend English so when I enter one of my very rare new publications for a foreign-language book it's because it interested me in some way, not because I have any interest in entering foreign editions. I'm running on fumes here, so even working on English-language publications doesn't interest me much anymore. --Username 19:40, 4 October 2021 (EDT)
Which is fine - but if you do translations, keep these in mind. You had the translator, it was just in the wrong notes. So I am stopping by with an advice on how to reduce the number of edits needed later when you add translations. :) Annie 19:48, 4 October 2021 (EDT)

The High Holidays are over, but…

Forgiven me yet? :'( --Rosab618 03:09, 16 October 2021 (EDT)

Unexplained edits affecting verified publications

Hi. This submission is a good example of where you could save moderators a lot of work. You propose to change a title that appears in multiple verified publications, at least one of which has an active primary verifier. You provided no note explaining why (yes, it looks like an obvious misspelling, but what makes you think it's incorrect?), you did not check with the verifier, and the main secondary source -- Locus1 -- has the spelling as recorded in the entry. I did the Locus1 check, I asked MLB to confirm the spelling in the book he verified, and now I'm leaving you a note. Maybe others skipped over it due to lack of explanation and following of process; maybe someone else would have rejected it outright. But for me, what could have taken a few seconds to process has turned into many minutes (and I'm still not done with it). --MartyD

Well, there's this, [48], where it's spelled SLEAZY, and there's also this,, where searching inside gives 1 hit for SLEAZY but no hits for SLEASY, and there's a note saying the 47North edition was taken directly from the Leisure edition, so the spelling would be the same there, too. There's also the fact that searching Google for the title with the wrong spelling only lists a handful of sites, with ISFDB first and Locus next, with the few other sites obviously having taken their info directly from ISFDB. So what probably happened, as happens very often, is Locus lists wrong info (like every other online site), editor here copies it verbatim without verifying from an actual copy, and the wrong info remains, sometimes for a decade or more, until I come along and fix it, as I've done thousands of times before, because I do check physical copies or online scans of physical copies and never trust what some online site tells me. Also, 1 PV hasn't been here since 2019, 1 is in German so the title would be in German, too, and the other PV, MLB, has told me before, as have others, that if I fix something like this to just go ahead without contacting them because in almost every case my fix turns out to be correct. Thanks to Username for fixing this; you're welcome. --Username 08:45, 18 October 2021 (EDT)
Wow. Thanks for the feedback. --MartyD 09:55, 18 October 2021 (EDT)
As we discussed in the past, this information should be included in the submission. Moderators do not have the time to replicate this kind of in-depth research and there is no reason to force them to re-do something that you have already done. As the New Publication Web page says in the "Source of Data" section, if the submitted data comes from "Other website, later printing/edition or another source", the source should be explained in the Publication Note field. Ahasuerus 15:32, 19 October 2021 (EDT)

Blue World type change

There are six PVs on this title, and only one of them was contacted regarding changing this from SHORTFICTION (novella) to NOVEL. Did you actually do a word count estimate? Your note didn't indicate that (rather stating only that it was "novel length in every edition it appears in". Please contact them and have them comment here. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 16:37, 20 October 2021 (EDT)

I only contacted 1 PV because they're the only active one, as I explained in my note to Taweiss where I said YOU'RE THE ONLY ACTIVE PV. Also, a word count is unnecessary because every edition on ISFDB has a page count for "Blue World" well above a novella as described on ISFDB's Wiki for what constitutes novella-length. It's probably just the usual where it was called a novella when originally entered and then copied without anyone actually noticing it's novel-length. Thanks for fixing this, Username. You're welcome. --Username 18:09, 20 October 2021 (EDT)
Keep in mind that using page count to estimate the word count depends greatly on the font size, margin size, page size, and other things. Additionally, the page counts are referring to the collection it appears in. I don't see any instance where Blue World has appeared all by itself in any volume. Our listings show only appearances in collections. And while the page counts for this story (ranging from about 133-199) seem to indicate it's likely over 40,000 words, until Taweiss responds, we don't have any way to know. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 18:26, 20 October 2021 (EDT)
Sorry for the delay. Traveling for work. With a length of 174 pages, and around 50K works, it's a novel. TAWeiss 08:58, 23 October 2021 (EDT)
No worries. Thanks for chiming in. The submission has been approved. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 14:38, 24 October 2021 (EDT)


What was the purpose of posting a link to this YouTube clip, which I have removed from the Community Portal? Ahasuerus 22:17, 31 October 2021 (EDT)

I see that you are back, creating submissions and responding on Talk pages. I have put your last batch of submissions on hold. Please answer the question above. Ahasuerus 15:00, 2 November 2021 (EDT)
I'm not back; the Talk page I responded to was for a question I asked nearly 9 months ago which the PV, Chavey, finally answered by asking me for a link to the record I was asking about instead of just typing the title himself, so I provided him that link; the Shroud Magazine submissions were just a passing fancy while checking my recently approved edits and noticing that the contents of most Shroud issues are on, including 1 short story in the same issue as the essay I imported recently, which led me to import it (and changing the date to match) and then, as usual, going the extra mile by importing 3 Derek M. Fox essays I noticed were never imported, either (someone imported a 4th Fox essay years ago and varianted it because I became 1; I don't know if that's correct so someone else will have to decide about that). I'm not doing my usual dozens/100+ edits a day for the foreseeable future, but if I feel the need to add something here and there I will. The title of the YouTube clip explains itself. God Bless America, Impeach Biden, Trump 2024. --Username 17:09, 2 November 2021 (EDT)
Thanks for the explanation. I have released the hold on the submissions.
Let me reiterate and clarify what I said on your Talk page back in April and then again on Annie's Talk page on October 29. The ISFDB is a strictly bibliographic project. Some of our contributors are from countries which were at war with each other not so long ago. We have contributors from across the ideological spectrum. If we were to allow politics on Wiki pages, the project would implode. For these reasons political statements are not allowed here. Please keep this in mind and act accordingly going forward. Ahasuerus 17:59, 2 November 2021 (EDT)

Buzzelli's [A] Gift of Evil

Hi Username -

Could you double check the title page of this publication. Both Reginald3 and Worldcat have the title as "A Gift of Evil". I'll be adding the external IDs for those two sources. Thanks for checking. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 21:47, 4 November 2021 (EDT)

Reginald also notes Roman numbered pages through xi, though Worldcat does not. If you could verify that as well, it would be appreciated. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 21:51, 4 November 2021 (EDT)
It's Gift of Evil on front and back covers, title and copyright pages, and every left-hand page in the book; the Prologue starts on vii and ends on xi. --Username 21:56, 4 November 2021 (EDT)
I updated the page count. I also added a note about the discrepancy with the secondary sources which will hopefully prevent someone else from asking you the same question again. Thanks for checking. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 06:56, 5 November 2021 (EDT)


Regarding this submission: The Internet Archive scan of the hc anthology shows the title as "Screwup" (both on TOC and title page). Is there a specific version you believe is "Screw Up"? -- JLaTondre (talk) 17:37, 21 November 2021 (EST)

The scan is of Lansdale's collection; the anthology is 'Til Death Do Us Part, which is on Google Books; I believe I provided a link in 1 of those edits, but I can't rightly recall 'cause it's been so long. --Username 17:47, 21 November 2021 (EST)
Your edit would change the collection and not the anthology. Your prior edit, would create a new record for the anthology, but that cannot be edited until it is accepted. You were changing the original record which would remain the one for the collection. I have accepted the unmerge, rejected the title change, changed the new record for anthology, and varianted them together. -- JLaTondre (talk) 18:06, 21 November 2021 (EST)
Dude, that was a quality stream of info there. I'll take your word for it that everything's correct now, so thanks. Variants are my kryptonite. --Username 18:23, 21 November 2021 (EST)

The Boy Scouts Year Book of Ghost and Mystery Stories

Regarding this submission: Thank you for finding this. For a number of the authors being changed, these were the only stories in the database for them and the author records had data. Due to how the software works, that would have resulted in the existing author records and their data being deleted and new ones created. To not loose the existing author data, I edited the author records instead. As I wasn't sure how this would impact your submission, I duplicated the changes in another edit vs. approving yours. Long winded way of saying, I had to reject your edit, but not because there was anything wrong - just an artifact of how the software handles author name changes. -- JLaTondre (talk) 10:42, 25 November 2021 (EST)

OK. EDIT:; I think that note isn't needed anymore since title was fixed; "Riddle of Bat Cove" gets no hits on Google while "Riddle of Bat Cave" gets a few hits; also this one:, where title was also fixed. EDIT: I just went ahead and did some cleaning up of notes, but whoever entered them had trouble keeping them uniform, with some including a name, a few including alternate names, some having no names, and eventually just getting tired of using the word "appeared". It was messy, but I think I cleaned up most of it; however, you may have to fix a few things in those stories where alternate names are entered; I noticed Whitfield's story had an empty record for Raoul, while Raoul F. was filled in. --Username 11:05, 25 November 2021 (EST)
Edits accepted. -- JLaTondre (talk) 08:23, 26 November 2021 (EST)

Psychic Fair

What are you trying to achieve with this edit? You are unmerging all the contents which would leave a blank record. -- JLaTondre (talk) 15:02, 4 December 2021 (EST)

George M. O'Har published the PB Psychic Fair and then many years later it was reprinted but he dropped the M. Whoever entered these new editions didn't variant them to his full name and 1 edition was in the same record as the original while the other was standalone. I varianted the standalone and I think that's OK, but I thought the edition merged with the original had to be unmerged first before varianting it. --Username 15:17, 4 December 2021 (EST)
In looking at it some more, the Vivisphere Publishing edition still under George M. O'Har was a duplicate (same ISBN, same format, same date, same price, etc.) of the other. I deleted it. We should be all good now, but let me know if I missed something. -- JLaTondre (talk) 16:37, 4 December 2021 (EST); I had a similar situation with a stray on some other book recently and a couple of mods had to decide how to fix it; I guess you know if this one needs fixing, too. After that, I guess this is all done. --Username 18:41, 4 December 2021 (EST)
George O'Har needed to be made an alternate name of George M. O'Har. Fixed. -- JLaTondre (talk) 08:15, 5 December 2021 (EST)

When You Look Down to Find Yourself Going But Not Yet Gone

There were no notes included with this submission for changing the date. The publication is PVd by Mhhutchins, too, and I don't see any indication this change was discussed. The submission is on hold until you discuss the change with the PV and provide a reason for the change. I'll keep an eye here for that. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 15:10, 6 January 2022 (EST)

Because the book the poems were first published in,, which is mentioned 8 times in the link I provided,, when I imported them, has that date on ISFDB. Also, PV doesn't respond anymore; --Username 15:58, 6 January 2022 (EST)
Then please mention that. Just providing a link doesn't mean what's obvious to you will be obvious to anyone else. In this case, there are well over 100 poems listed at that link, so it's really not obvious what you are trying to do. If you make it easier for anyone working on approving your submissions, things will go much more quickly and smoothly. We shouldn't have to come pester you for information you could easily include in a moderator note.
As for Mhhutchins, yes, he no longer responds to posts on his talk page, but he suggests to either email him or post about major changes on the Moderator noticeboard, neither of which you did (as far as I can tell). Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 16:31, 6 January 2022 (EST)

Cover for Dime Novel Roundup

I'm holding your submission to add a cover scan to Dime Novel Roundup. The image that you are entering is certainly the cover for the paperback edition. Do you have any source that the hardcover had a jacket with the same cover? While Open Library provides a link to the Internet Archive scan of the hardcover without a jacket, they do not specify which edition their record is for. I was aware of this image when I entered the record, but I couldn't find any image of the hardcover edition with a dust jacket. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 10:19, 26 January 2022 (EST); all editions with covers have the same one. I don't know if that's proof, but other Bowling Green publications on ISFDB have same covers for HC and TP. If not enough, cancel. --Username 10:52, 26 January 2022 (EST)
Unfortunately, Worldcat frequently shows stock images that do not reflect the same edition as in the record. I actually think it is likely that the same image was used for the dust jacket, but without evidence we should probably leave the hardcover edition without a cover until one can be found. Amazon doesn't show a cover for the hardcover, nor does the copy available on ABE books. You could clone this pub and create a record for the paperback with the image. However since the Open Library record isn't specific to any edition, I wouldn't list it in either publication record. You could list it as a link in the title record though. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 20:37, 26 January 2022 (EST)
You're right; problem is I stopped caring about any of this long ago and am only continuing to edit to pass the time in a productive way instead of far worse things I could be doing. I've tried to leave several times, as I've explained somewhere on these boards before, but circumstances keep getting in the way. My goal is to eventually stop regular editing and only add an occasional edit now and then to keep me from getting the dreaded "no longer active" designation. The way things are going in the world now, especially in America where I live, this whole silly internet thing may be a thing of the past soon, anyway. You still seem to care, so if you want to do any of the things you mentioned above, be my guest. --Username 22:15, 26 January 2022 (EST)

Ian McKellen

Regarding this submission: Do you have a source for the author of the essay being the actor? Or are you just basing it on being the same name? -- JLaTondre (talk) 09:57, 29 January 2022 (EST)

The image is Ian McKellen starring in the film Apt Pupil, based on the work by Stephen King. He played a former Nazi, thus the uniform. This,, mentions it's the guy who played Gandalf who wrote the intro. --Username 10:25, 29 January 2022 (EST)
Approved. Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 10:33, 29 January 2022 (EST)

Outlaws of the Moon

What is the source for this edit? -- JLaTondre (talk) 09:23, 30 January 2022 (EST)

The other edition by this publisher has the same cover; --Username 09:42, 30 January 2022 (EST)
When using a secondary source to add information (especially for a verified pub), the source must be stated in the pub notes. I have accepted the edit & added the note. In the future, please add the note. Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 10:05, 30 January 2022 (EST)
The PV of the edition with no cover artist, Bluesman, hasn't been active for years, so it's not like I could contact him and say, "Hey, I'm importing a cover art credit into your book because you didn't bother to check the other covers on ISFDB and notice there's another edition with the same art as your PV'd copy"; I just checked, and Bluesman entered the American edition, too, so why he didn't know who did the cover for the Canadian edition is a mystery), and the cover art credit says the art is a variant of the Perry Rhodan art, so writing that in the notes seems redundant. But you must know best because you're a moderator. --Username 10:17, 30 January 2022 (EST)
Documenting secondary sources in pub notes is required per our rules. If you believe a varianted cover art record is sufficient documentation, you are welcome to start a Rules and standards discussions‎ to change the current rules. -- JLaTondre (talk) 10:25, 30 January 2022 (EST)
Done. --Username 10:33, 30 January 2022 (EST)

The Bus

Hello. Concerning your submissoin. For non-fiction collections that are wholly non-fiction, we tend to record these as NONFICTION, and not as COLLECTION if I am not mistaken. See Title Type rules that says, This type should be used for books that are predominantly or completely non-fiction, and A publication that contains both non-fiction and fiction should be typed by that which is predominant. You may want to ask a 2nd opinion though. Regards, MagicUnk 11:52, 2 February 2022 (EST)

The collection and anthology types require fiction; a non-fiction book is recorded as NONFICTION in the DB regardless if it is one complete text or a collection/anthology of essays and/or reviews and/or interviews (the difference can be noted in the Title notes and for the ones which contain smaller independent pieces, the contents is appreciated if someone wants to type the titles/authors). We also record all art books as NONFICTION (then the contents will be INTERIORART); a collection/anthology of cartoons (if eligible at all) will also be NONFICTION. This specific one is not eligible IMO - the author is not above treshold, the magazine where they were published is not genre (so we cannot even claim that it is a collection of art we already have in the DB (even though that is not technically a reason for a book to be eligible either) so it falls under the "comics, manga and so on" exclusion... Annie 17:22, 2 February 2022 (EST)
Per above, I rejected your submission, and deleted the publication record. Regards, MagicUnk 07:14, 6 February 2022 (EST)

The Tomorrow Log

What is your source for the inclusion of the essay here? Annie 18:51, 4 February 2022 (EST)

Cover for The Devil Takes a Holiday

I have put this submission, which would change a "" URL to a "" URL, on hold. As I mentioned earlier, "" are new and we need guidance from SFE before we can decide what to do with them. It's possible that SFE is in the midst of migrating all of their image URLs as part of a move to "". If that is the case, then we may need to change all of our SFE URLs programmatically rather than hunting them done one at a time.

I have asked their Web admin about this issue and hope to hear from him tomorrow morning. Ahasuerus 21:53, 4 February 2022 (EST)

The software behind yellow warnings has been updated. As before, only links to /clute/, /langford/ and /robinson/ sub-directories are allowed for both and All of their URLs require the currently used "|" syntax. I have removed the hold from your submission. Ahasuerus 15:48, 5 February 2022 (EST)

The First Americans: Beyond the Sea of Ice

What is the source of the date you added here. No notes or other information was included with the submission. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 17:54, 8 February 2022 (EST)

1987 first edition on ISFDB has that exact date; this,, the twentieth printing or so, still has the same 1987 cover art copyright. They used the same art over and over again. --Username 18:18, 8 February 2022 (EST)
Okay, thanks. In the future, if you put that information in the moderator note, that will speed things up. Approved! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 18:32, 8 February 2022 (EST)

Gray Matter

I'm holding your submission to change the story Gray Matter into an excerpt. Both FictionMags and Locus1 indicate that it is a story. What is your evidence that it was an excerpt from the authors subsequent novel? Is it possible that the story was later expanded into a novel? If the latter, it should probably remain as a story. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 11:37, 17 February 2022 (EST) --Username 11:39, 17 February 2022 (EST)

Magazine Serials

I approved your edits to Medusa's Head earlier today. However, I removed the links to the scans of the original magazine serials. They really didn't belong in the Appleton publication record as they refer to a different publication of the novel. For example, we don't link to the scans of Burroughs' serializations of A Princess of Mars in any of its book publications. It would have been OK to add them to the title record. However, a better solution is to add the three issues of Harper's as non-genre magazines and link to the individual scans there. I've done this adding each scan to the appropriate issue. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 18:28, 18 February 2022 (EST)

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Hi. Just wanted to let you know that there's a bit more involved than changing the author's name as you've submitted here. Since De Grasse had been chosen as canonical author name, but there are only publications with deGrasse, the canonical name needs to be switched to deGrasse. To do that, the deGrasse titles need to be unvarianted from their De Grasse parent title, parent title is to be deleted, which results in the deGrasse titles being left. Then variant the Portuguese title to the English original (and I've also updated the deGrasse author record with the information available from the De Grasse record), and we're all set. Not sure if this is the most efficient way, but it got it done. See here - have a look and let me know this is the result you intended. MagicUnk 12:56, 1 March 2022 (EST)

OK. Honestly I've done so many edits since this one I forgot I did it, but since your explanation was complicated and over my head I'm sure it's correct. At least my feeble attempt spurred someone else to do it right. --Username 13:04, 1 March 2022 (EST)

Audrey's Private Haunts

I've put this edit on hold. Please contact the Chavey and have him check the title page for that story which is not shown in the Fantlab scans. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 09:55, 11 March 2022 (EST)

First Channel

This submission has been placed on hold as I cannot see where you've asked the two active PVs (Chavey and GlennMcG) to verify the publisher name change you want to do. Please invite them to comment here to verify this change. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 16:32, 18 March 2022 (EDT)

Like the Hodgson book below, I barely remember this, but I think I changed it because of the note editor left that says PLAYBOY PAPERBACKS. Also,, which says the same on spine and copyright/title pages. I'm tired of contacting people who never respond or respond after a really long time or after they've been in and out of the hospital multiple times, which seems to be a situation shared by many of the mods. I think Chavey was gone for a long time and when he came back and responded to something I wrote him he was unpleasant and it didn't go well. I don't remember anything about the other guy, but I really have lost interest. You can accept the proof in the eBay link or contact them yourself or cancel it, I don't care. --Username 19:14, 18 March 2022 (EDT)
Seriously, let's try to work together here. You get all offended every time someone asks questions about one of your edits. The vast majority of the time, you're simply misinterpreting the text interactions here as someone being unpleasant to you. We're all trying to work to improve the site, so please start giving others the benefit of the doubt. As for the ebay link, if you had included that in your submission, I wouldn't have asked you about it. As it is, your note to the moderators was "OL ID, fixed publisher". Next time, please include your sources. It makes things go much more smoothly and quickly. Thank you for your future cooperation on this. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 19:40, 18 March 2022 (EDT)
I don't think I was offended; to be offended I'd have to care. I was merely expressing how hard it is to remember 1 of these edits when I've done hundreds since then. I don't think I even saw that eBay link until a few minutes ago because it was obvious from the logo on the cover and especially the editor's note where they actually said who the publisher is. Your message prompted me to find it, so thanks. Actually, in recent days if a mod has a problem with 1 of my edits I just cancel it rather than bother trying to remember anything, since there's a hundred other edits I could be doing; I'm not sure why I didn't do that in your case; guess I forgot. --Username 19:51, 18 March 2022 (EDT)
Just a correction; while doing some edits this morning I came across something that jogged my memory; it was Mhhutchins, not Chavey, who was gone for a long time and then was unpleasant to me when he came back. I've spoken to Chavey a few times, judging by a search for my name on his board, and while a little snippy with his answers sometimes has certainly never given me a problem. --Username 08:10, 20 March 2022 (EDT)

Horrors from Haunted Seas

This submission has been placed on hold because you didn't include any explanation for your edits. You're changing page count without any stated reason, you removed a link to which appears to be a valid link. You also removed part of the note which explained the subtitle only appeared on the cover; the link you removed seems to support that note. When you make changes like that, you should always include an explanation for your changes. Please provide the explanations here. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 16:55, 18 March 2022 (EDT)

I don't know; I've done so many edits since this one. I know prior editor entered partial contents years ago and I entered the rest recently, then after it was approved I noticed the page count in the Archive book didn't match ISFDB's so I changed it with a note about differing page counts on different Amazon pages, because prior editor got their info back in 2012 from Amazon which came from 1 of those pages with the wrong page count. I'll just cancel this edit; I barely have any interest anymore to enter new edits, much less go back and try figuring out what went wrong with old ones; what likely happened is I entered the new edit while others were being approved and some info got swallowed up/corrupted, which has happened before. Maybe I'll try to figure out what went wrong and enter a new edit. EDIT: I cancelled old edit and entered a new one. Who knows if everything is right now; it's all so confusing. I wonder now how many of my other edits may have been screwed up after entering them and nobody noticed, sitting there with missing/wrong info. --Username 18:36, 18 March 2022 (EDT)
The new one has been approved. Thanks for submitting the updated edit. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 19:43, 18 March 2022 (EDT)

Eric Linklater Stories

What are the sources for this and this? In both cases, the pub notes state "Only stories reviewed in Bleiler, below, have been listed". With your edits, those notes would not longer be valid. When you make a change to a pub that invalidates the pub notes, you need to also change the pub notes. -- JLaTondre (talk) 09:17, 27 March 2022 (EDT)

A Little Green Book of Monster Stories

I have placed this submission on hold. I can see that you included this in part of your message to Ofearna, but this one has a different publisher (Macabre Ink) that is not mentioned in your discussion. Since you didn't include any useful notes (just "fixed pub."), and your discussion with Ofearna doesn't discuss this specific change from Macabre Ink to Crossroad Press, I don't know why you are changing this one. Please clarify. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 13:49, 5 April 2022 (EDT)

This has been sitting on my edit list for a very long time; I've done a thousand edits since then. I remember that several books entered as by Crossroads were actually by Crossroad, so I fixed those; I must have had a reason to change this one, too, but can't remember anymore, so cancel if you want to. Also, I just changed the other Leodhas collection to an omnibus, but there's a stray Gaelic Ghosts; I don't know if that gets cleaned up or has to be done manually or what. You or someone else may want to look at Leodhas' record after that edit is approved to make sure everything is OK now. --Username 14:04, 5 April 2022 (EDT)
You really don't need to respond with how you've done a bazillion edits since submitting this (or any other) edit practically any time someone asks you about a specific submission. We all know you're amazing. I'll go ahead and decline this one since you have provided no valid reason for it. If you remember the reason for this one in the future, we can always undecline it. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 14:12, 5 April 2022 (EDT)
Hey Joe, if you're having a bad day that's your problem; don't cop an attitude with me. The reason I mention how many edits I've done is because when someone like you asks me to remember a minor fix like this one it's tough because I've done so many minor and major edits since then remembering something like this isn't easy; if I were like many other editors here who barely contribute or only concentrate on one specific area then I'm sure it's easy to remember, but someone like me who makes edits for countless different areas can't be expected to remember something from weeks ago when one of you finally gets around to approving it. It only stands to reason that in the enormous amount of edits I do every week a few will be dropped here and there; I don't really expect every single one to be approved. Rather than waste my time you and the other mods should be finding out why ISFDB is so slow, both on my laptop and at my local library; maybe those robots that Ahasuerus was talking about recently somewhere that were screwing with the site and making thousands of illegal pings still need fixing. As I've mentioned several times recently, I've been planning to leave here for months but personal/world issues keep getting in the way; if the huge number of edits I still do every week is any indication, imagine how much more I could do if I actually cared anymore. P.S. And yes, I am amazing. --Username 14:27, 5 April 2022 (EDT)
Quality over quantity, pal. --Rosab618 04:04, 26 April 2022 (EDT)
Rosab618: Your comment is not helpful. Please refrain from making unproductive comments such as this. Thank you. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 13:06, 26 April 2022 (EDT)

The National Review Treasury of Classic Children's Literature

Regarding this submission: I'm in process of updating this record (adding the interior art, etc.) based on the second printing and then I will clone a new record for the second printing. I'm probably won't be able to finish until later today so may look incomplete for awhile. Letting you know in case you come back to it so we don't step over each other. I will also enter Volume 2 that Internet Archive has. Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 09:48, 10 April 2022 (EDT)

OK. For such a major anthology the info online is a mess, but there apparently was a Volume 2,, which they didn't separate properly on WorldCat; the contents for V. 2 start after "The brownies' good work". --Username 10:07, 10 April 2022 (EDT)


Two notes on your edit to Fantômas. The listed LCCN number is legitimate. If you click through, you'll see it returns the correct record. The price as "35 cent." is given in centimes, which is 1/100th of a franc. I've updated the price accordingly. We use francs just as we use dollars for US price given in cents. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 10:32, 11 April 2022 (EDT)

Mountains and Madness

I'm curious to know why you replaced the cover image of [49] with an arguably worse one than that one I scanned and uploaded to ISFDB. --Glenn 18:42, 14 April 2022 (EDT)

I saw discussion about this book and discovered the title was different inside the book, so I added note about that, and fixed incorrect date some editor made in the note about the cover art; I suppose, when I found the copy on Open Library, I replaced the cover because that's the copy I got the info from, plus the colors are sharper and likely closer to what the physical book cover would have looked like; but it doesn't really matter, so I just went to the Wiki and replaced OL cover with yours again, so it'll be approved soon. --Username 19:15, 14 April 2022 (EDT)

Just a Suggestion

When documenting a source, considerer simplifying the audit trail. Look at Seeing Red for example. Your note requires knowledge of the internet archive, accessing it, then navigating to the proper page. A link in the webpages can takes the user directly to the information. I'll leave it to you to decide if the note is still necessary. You add a great deal of information, a good audit trail does not require you to remember specific edits. John Scifibones 21:24, 30 April 2022 (EDT)

Deadliest of the Species

I have put this submission on hold temporarily. You need to contact Nowickj and ascertain that his publication is the first edition. If it is not, then you should clone and create one. Either way, consider making 'Vox13' the publisher. John Scifibones 21:07, 1 May 2022 (EDT)

Cancelled and redone with just OL ID. --Username 21:15, 1 May 2022 (EDT)
Approved, John Scifibones 21:38, 1 May 2022 (EDT)

Nail in the Coffin

Source please. I'm not doubting the validity of your information. Thanks, John Scifibones 23:00, 3 May 2022 (EDT)

It's from the Fall 2003 Speculative Literature Issue of Descant,, which contains nearly 30 stories, most not on ISFDB, plus many essays. I'm not adding a note for this story because that issue should be entered on ISFDB, and there's already way too many notes on ISFDB where editors said where the story first appeared when the publication they first appeared in is right there on the page. I used to delete those, hundreds probably, until a certain moderator complained about it, so I don't do that anymore. If you want to enter that huge issue, be my guest. If not, just cancel my edit. EDIT: I just realized I did add a note, just not where info came from. Ah, forget it. I'll just cancel it; if anyone ever enters that issue they'll know where it came from. --Username 10:30, 4 May 2022 (EDT)
No need to cancel it, I think the statement 'first published' requires a source. We often see where a story was 'previously published', that doesn't necessarily mean it was the first publication. A fine point to be sure.John Scifibones 11:09, 4 May 2022 (EDT)
This is what I had in mind. John Scifibones 11:21, 4 May 2022 (EDT)
This notion where a story first appeared was established because this whole thing started not with the first publications (and that you are informed about the notes upon merging titles is a not so very old feature). Hope thatr explains why these do still crop up en masse. Christian Stonecreek 10:47, 4 May 2022 (EDT)
I've entered the issue here. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 13:04, 4 May 2022 (EDT)
Jay Lake story has August note, if you trust that as right month. --Username 14:13, 4 May 2022 (EDT)
Updated. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 14:29, 4 May 2022 (EDT)

Strange Pleasures 2

Your submission. According to the supplied OL link & The correct publication date is 2003-05-01. Change the publication date not the title date. John Scifibones 17:42, 5 May 2022 (EDT)

I cancelled it and made new edit with just OL ID and replaced cover image; there's no month in the book and no note about where PV, Prof. beard, got it from, or whoever entered it, but since some of the story dates are August the book obviously wasn't published in May; also August here, But if you want to find him and ask him go ahead, or discuss it on the message boards. Also, me and the person who PV'd this,, submitted edits around the same time; you rejected my updating of the date because they'd already done it, but somehow both our cover artist were entered, so you'll have to decide which one can be deleted. --Username 20:08, 5 May 2022 (EDT)
The pub was originally entered correctly by BLongley 2008-12-26. Subsequently the title date was changed. (probably because Amazon shows that date). When Prof beard PV'd the pub, I doubt he even noticed the title date. Regardless, I approved your new submission and added a pub note referencing Locus. Daughter of Darkness is also taken care of. John Scifibones 21:48, 5 May 2022 (EDT)

Yellow Sign introduction date

This submission proposes to assign the introduction a date of September 2000, but the publication in which it first appeared is dated July 2000. That dating was done after your submission, and from the pub notes, it appears to be correct. Your submission does not include a source for the September date. I think the current July 2000 date is appropriate and am going to reject the submission, but please review and submit something else if you think July is wrong. Thanks. --MartyD 08:53, 14 May 2022 (EDT)

I submitted an earlier edit for this book which was approved, and then this one to change the intro to September because it didn't have a month; month entered by earlier editor was wrong, it clearly says July in the Archive copy, so where they got September from is unknown, but whoever worked on this book after me obviously caught the right date on the copyright page. --Username 09:17, 14 May 2022 (EDT)

MacGregor[h] in Stories from the Near-Future

In this submission, where did you find the credit as "MacGregor"? The Look Inside TOC shows it as "MacGregorh". Thanks. --MartyD 12:05, 15 May 2022 (EDT)

MacGregor on copyright page and search says same on p. 43. --Username 12:09, 15 May 2022 (EDT)

The Many Deaths of Cole Parker

Was the story length here from the note on the author's website, or some other source? John Scifibones 21:19, 27 May 2022 (EDT)

That bookscxyz site I mentioned somewhere here recently has a downloadable .epub and when I printed it out it ran like 130-something pages, or checking the Google Books copy would probably run the same count, but if he mentioned it on his site, too, great. It might even be a short novel, if anyone ever cares to do a word count of the print edition. --Username 22:18, 27 May 2022 (EDT)

Adding partial contents

When adding partial contents to a publication, please include the incomplete template. The publication will no longer show up on the cleanup report once it has any content entered. The incomplete template alerts us that there is still missing content. Thanks John Scifibones 21:30, 27 May 2022 (EDT)

You didn't mention which book you're referring to, and honestly hardly anyone ever follows up any edits I do, so I'm basically working solo here; I usually complete my own incomplete entries eventually. --Username 22:21, 27 May 2022 (EDT)
I didn't mention the publiscation (Beach Blanket Zombie: Weird Tales of the Undead & Other Humanoid Horrors), because I went ahead and added the template. I was just reminding you for future reference. John Scifibones 22:35, 27 May 2022 (EDT)

The Long Last Call

Take a second look at this submission. Do we really have 2 novels in this one publication? John Scifibones 18:34, 28 May 2022 (EDT)

As with many later Leisure books, they added bonus short stories or novellas to the main novel, and in this case while it mentions the bonus novella "Conscience" at the bottom of the cover, ISFDB classifies it as a novel because of page length or whatever the criteria is, so yes, it's 2 novels, with 1 being much shorter than the other. EDIT: Instead of creating new topics I'm just going to mention these here: the Amok cover you rejected because ISFDB doesn't credit designers as cover artists, which I certainly know, doesn't fit with the fact that 3 other Amok editions have that person credited as cover artist, so I assume, as in many cases, the designer also did the artwork. Regardless, it makes no sense to have 1 edition with no cover artist but 3 others with the same cover with a credited cover artist, so it would make more sense to approve my edit or remove the cover credit from the other 3. Also, as with many small-press collections such as Stuart Young's Spare Parts, they include stories from obscure publications not on ISFDB, in this case very many, so I detailed those stories' histories on the main title page of the collection. There's no reason to include the same info for those individual stories in their separate records, and something also went wrong with one of your entries because the edit/edit history buttons are next to the story title instead of all the way on the right. --Username 19:43, 28 May 2022 (EDT)
Thanks for alerting me to the problem with 'Face at the Window'. Apparently an angle bracket got inserted into the title, fixed now. Notes regarding a story's publishing history belong in the story title, not a publication title. If I had any reason to look at the publication title record, I would have told you to move them rather than doing it myself. While these stories haven't been nor may never appear in another publication, the notes still belong on the individual titles. My rejection of the Amok cover based on the current PV's note is correct. I have reached out to Boskar for confirmation before removing the credit from the other three. Ultimately, all will be handled the same. Interestingly, Boskar initially entered the earliest printing, Stonecreek edited it and then cloned the other two publications. Focus the 'Username radar' and help me find a word count for 'Conscience'. Thanks John Scifibones 21:00, 28 May 2022 (EDT)


Re: This submission. Why variant/ If they are identical, merge. Perhaps I'm missing something. John Scifibones 18:41, 1 June 2022 (EDT)

Seat of Inspiration

Re: This submission. If you look at the copyright page of Eros Interruptus it credits the earlier printing in 'The Urbanite, #6' as 'Seat of Inspiration'. I think 'Seat of Inspirations' is a typo. Cancel your variant, submit a merge with the above reason in note to mod. post here that it is submitted and I'll approve it. John Scifibones 18:52, 1 June 2022 (EDT)

On closer inspection, looks like you entered the contents for The Urbanite, #6. If it wasn't a typo, tell me and I'll approve the variant. John Scifibones 07:05, 2 June 2022 (EDT)

Is it a data entry typo or not? John Scifibones 10:18, 3 June 2022 (EDT)
I don't think I entered the contents, just the page #'s. Cacek's story titles are a mess, so unless someone can see a copy of that Urbanite issue it's hard to tell what the title was there, so I guess this should be cancelled until someone can verify and merge or variant as needed. --Username 10:24, 3 June 2022 (EDT)
Since we aren't sure, the safest course is to variant. We can always merge if a copy surfaces. Your submission is approved. Thanks, John Scifibones 10:37, 3 June 2022 (EDT)

Currency Symbols

In the future, please use the correct currency symbols; even in notes like this one. Thanks John Scifibones 17:48, 4 June 2022 (EDT)

I enter additional prices in Notes exactly the way they appear in/on the book, whether that's full or abbreviated country name or currency. If a book actually had an A, C, etc. in front of the price I'd enter it that way, but most don't. The idea is to enter info as it appears originally, not the way we feel it should look like. It's pointless to enter a C in front of a Canadian price when the word Canada precedes it; of course, if I enter a main price in the price field then it needs an A, C, etc. in front of it because those prices are displayed when searching; notes don't show unless someone goes to the specific record for the publication itself. If you like entering those letters in notes, to each their own. --Username 17:58, 4 June 2022 (EDT)
If you want to change our policy, feel free to start a Rules and standards discussion. John Scifibones 19:18, 4 June 2022 (EDT)
This is one of the few cases where we standardize things. Please use the symbols and abbreviations as noted here, both in the currency field and in notes. Thank you! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 15:59, 15 June 2022 (EDT)

Coal Black

Hi. Why'd you add the image here? Isn't it the same one that was already there? --Rosab618 15:17, 15 June 2022 (EDT)

I see your 2 edits in the history and my edit uploading the cover to the Wiki because there's no image on ISFDB-linked sites; the Wiki only has my name as the uploader, but there's been several times recently where I uploaded a new, better cover to replace an old one and it didn't do that because the URL of the image was slightly different than the old URL, and a mod needed to fix everything to make the image go to the right page so it will show up on the book's record. If you uploaded an image it might be on another Wiki page, if that's what you're talking about. The wait times have been getting longer lately for approvals, so there's a lot of cross-editing where an editor enters something and by the time it's approved a self-mod or mod has already entered it themselves. The image is there in the record, so it seems to be OK. --Username 15:33, 15 June 2022 (EDT)
On the 9th, I added to the record the image you uploaded. (Where did you find it, by the way?) I didn't upload one myself.
You don't see the image on the Wiki? That's strange. It's there.--Rosab618 15:46, 15 June 2022 (EDT)
Now that you mention it, I recall that after you asked me where I found it a few days ago (I think it came from here,; searching Google Images for the title and author's last name brings the image up, which is the only one I saw online that looked good, unlike the AbeBooks and Amazon ones), I noticed you made a couple of edits or something similar and I wondered what that was about. The Wiki has my name and a June 9 date, so I think it's that cross-editing thing I mentioned where you approved your edit adding my image from the Wiki to the record and then my edit doing the same was approved. The cover image is there, anyway, so I don't think anything else needs to be done, except adding OCLC ID, 2468107, which you should do since you can approve it. Price is missing, but unless someone finds a copy that will remain empty. --Username 16:02, 15 June 2022 (EDT)
There's actually a searchable Google Books copy, and by searching for author's name it showed the back cover which mentioned his place of birth and by searching for "seven dudes" it showed the title on the flap with the price next to it. So I've entered 2 edits for those, and I think everything that can be done for this book has been done now. --Username 19:20, 19 June 2022 (EDT)

Rubicon Beach

I've placed this submission on hold as you haven't followed PV procedures. The only thing that concerns me is the change in price. As the 2 and 7 are not near each other anywhere on the keyboard, it's unlikely it was a typo on the part of the PV, so we need to have them make sure that's the price in their copy. Since this editor hasn't done anything for about a year, please post on the ISFDB:Moderator noticeboard so the change can be discussed. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 16:55, 15 June 2022 (EDT)

Across Paris and Other Stories

I approved your changes, but I question whether this image is better than the previous image. What do you think? John Scifibones 18:09, 17 June 2022 (EDT)

I did notice the same thing you did, so it wouldn't bother me if someone reverted or found an even better one; it's not like it's a rare book with a very hard-to-find cover. EDIT: I see now that I added the cover from Fantastic Fiction; 1 OL link has no cover and the other has a bright image but with a sticker on it. So if you're going to replace it you'll have to go to some other site, assuming you're not just going to revert to the old one. What's funny, though, is that the OL page with the stickered cover links to an Archive copy with no jacket while the OL page with no cover links to an Archive copy with the stickered cover. --Username 18:32, 17 June 2022 (EDT)


I approved your submission for Fantasyworld, but I removed the cover art credit since it was just a photo. John Scifibones 18:41, 19 June 2022 (EDT)

Dude, I don't know what happened here, but the Michael Trevillion Fantasyworld credit has no book under it and this,, shows I entered the artist's name where it's supposed to be; a few minutes ago the FantLab link was just that, but now that I checked again his picture is there. So I don't know what's up but I entered everything properly as far as I can tell; I don't know what happened after that. --Username 18:46, 19 June 2022 (EDT)
The empty title record has been deleted. The problem isn't how you entered it, but that it is merely a photo and we do not give cover art credit for a photo. John Scifibones 19:41, 19 June 2022 (EDT)

An Exercise for Madmen

I hope the title isn't a commentary on ISFDB activity.... For this submission, did you mean to remove the Open Library link or only add the WorldCat link? Thanks. --MartyD 07:26, 20 June 2022 (EDT)

My previous edit adding OL ID,, was approved recently but I made another one adding WorldCat ID and, because ISFDB has a problem with multiple entries, the 2nd edit thought I wanted to replace the 1st ID with another one instead of putting it in the next ID field. This has happened many times and I'm sure some info I've entered has been lost because later entries screw up previous ones. Mods or self-mods can approve their edits and then do additional edits but people like me have to wait, sometimes for a long time, for edits to be approved and I don't always remember that I made an edit for a book earlier that hasn't been approved yet. Someone should look into updating the software or whatever so people can make several edits for the same book and have new info added instead of replacing the old info. So yes, both ID should be there. --Username 07:37, 20 June 2022 (EDT)
OK, thanks. I accepted it and restored the OL ID. --MartyD 22:25, 20 June 2022 (EDT)

Mulengro: A Romany Tale

I approved the edit, but what is page number 'fp' in this publication? This is not one of the Special designations. John Scifibones 12:39, 26 June 2022 (EDT)

I asked about this on Moderator board, so we'll see what they think. Also, you made an edit after mine, "added link because the link in the previous edit note to moderator was the wrong jpg". It wasn't really the wrong one; I added Gorman's intro and Sproule's frontispiece and the photo shows both of those, so that's why I added it in note to mod. --Username 12:47, 26 June 2022 (EDT)
When I followed your link it only showed the frontispiece and the title page. I added the link to the scan of the limitation page to support your note. John Scifibones 12:55, 26 June 2022 (EDT)

Poe's Lighthouse

Please doublecheck the OL number in this submission. Are you sure it shouldn't be OL8825435M ? Thanks. John Scifibones 20:05, 28 June 2022 (EDT)

I don't think so. The OL I added links to an archived copy; ISBN is the same on copyright page, price is the same on front flap, etc. Your OL leads to a record which has no Archive link. I provide OL ID because I don't like linking directly to as much (most?) of the non-public domain material isn't really supposed to be there. I do rarely link to a non-archived OL record if there's something on it unusual, but that's not the case here. --Username 23:16, 28 June 2022 (EDT)

UK prices during decimalization

I'm approving your edit to Hands of the Ripper. However, as mentioned above that during the period of decimalization, the price field should reflect the pre-decimal (shillings and pence) price. I'll correct your edit accordingly. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 10:15, 29 June 2022 (EDT)

OK, but the thing is that there are 21 Sphere books from 1971 here, 19 of which have prices, and only 5 of those have the old prices. So other editors weren't sure how to enter them, either. I'll see if I can fix any of them; maybe you can, too, if you wish. EDIT: I remembered this related topic,, where others seemed to suggest the opposite was correct. EDIT: I switched old price from note to price field for Pan's 1969 Moon Zero Two after coming across it randomly. I have a feeling there are thousands of others that would need the same. --Username 10:25, 29 June 2022 (EDT)

Rakefire and Other Stories

Will you add a note to Rakefire and Other Stories stating the source of the content? I was able to confirm it but I don't know that you used the same source as I did. Ping here when you submit it and I will immediately approve it. Thanks, John Scifibones 11:40, 2 July 2022 (EDT)

There's already a note about data from Amazon and all the story titles and info about each story are there. This looks like a Fixer entry so I wouldn't expect a robot to notice that. If you want to specifically say where they came from you can do that; I don't know if the rule is to credit the reviewer by name, although he seems to have published the same exact lengthy review all over the web. --Username 11:46, 2 July 2022 (EDT)
I see the review now. Honestly, it never would have occurred to me to look there, I never trust anything people post in those. In this case it is correct. I might tweak the note a bit. Thanks, John Scifibones 12:16, 2 July 2022 (EDT)

Two Poems from Star*Line, May-June 1990

I'm holding this submission & this submission until you get agreement from Hkauderer. I see your link for one of the submissions. Be patient, he stops by and will answer. Thanks, John Scifibones 17:21, 2 July 2022 (EDT)

I don't know what he'd need to agree to, since the link I provided for the first poem shows the part I deleted was a dedication, not part of the poem's title, while the other poem I didn't include a link for is available at several places online as part of a sequence of poems and also clearly shows the deleted part is a dedication and not part of the title, but if you want to wait for him to say it was a mistake, OK. --Username 20:36, 2 July 2022 (EDT)
You are making changes to a verified publication. This verifier is quite familiar with speculative poetry. Obviously, he felt the dedications were part of the titles. It is up to you to reach agreement for any changes. If you don't care to communicate with him, let me know. John Scifibones 22:01, 2 July 2022 (EDT)
If you say he's familiar, OK. I'll wait; if he agrees, fine, if not, I'll just cancel my edits. --Username 22:20, 2 July 2022 (EDT)

Author Birthplace

When entering an author's birthplace, please follow these guidelines. I added UK here. Thanks, John Scifibones 20:49, 5 July 2022 (EDT)

The Summer Meadows

I have this submission on hold. The only edition of 'The Summer Meadows' on Google Books is the paperback. That's where I see the $5.95 price using search inside. John Scifibones 15:30, 6 July 2022 (EDT); I searched for 5.95 and it shows the price. All the early-mid 70's Delacorte books on ISFDB have HC prices the same or slightly lower or higher. Using advanced search here I found no Delacorte PB and the first TP is 1987. --Username 15:47, 6 July 2022 (EDT); I'm looking at the record you reference, the format says paperback. Do you want me to ask another mod for a second opinion? I'm not offended. John Scifibones 16:14, 6 July 2022 (EDT)
Click the link I provided; it takes you to a page with a search box under the book's title page. Enter 5.95, and you should see $5.95 in the results, clearly on a book flap. It's a hardcover; As I said above, Delacorte published no paperbacks according to my search on ISFDB, and the first trade paperback was not until 1987. --Username 16:22, 6 July 2022 (EDT)
You totally ignore what I say, just repeat your previous statement. The only difference between what we are looking at is you are using google classic view and I'm looking at the new view which gives the book details. The new view does have the hc ISBN (044008444X), but format says Paperback. A contradiction. I have released the hold. Another mod can review it. John Scifibones 16:43, 6 July 2022 (EDT)
I keep repeating what I said before because you're not getting what I'm saying. Delacorte, the publisher of The Summer Meadows, published zero paperbacks, or at least there are none on ISFDB. If you check Delacorte books on ISFDB you will see that all books published around the same date as this book are all hardcovers and all have the same price as this book or a little lower or higher depending on the page count or inflation or whatever. If there was a paperback edition of this book it would have a much lower price than $5.95, because mass-market paperbacks usually didn't cost nearly that much back then. And if the Google copy was a paperback then the price wouldn't be on a flap, it would be on the front or back cover like most paperbacks. Just because Google Books is confused doesn't make a difference; they're a huge mess just like every other book-related website, and have tons of wrong info. And the page I saw when I clicked your link looks completely different than the one I linked, and it says paperback on it, which mine doesn't, so I don't know what exactly you're looking at; maybe if you look at this,, you'll find the same page I did. I'll mention this on the community board so this can be resolved quickly instead of waiting around for someone to get to it. --Username 16:59, 6 July 2022 (EDT)

Requested report

You asked if there is a way to find the publications which have 'fp' in the page field. Ahasuerus has modified the cleanup report Publications with Invalid Page Numbers to accomplish this for you. The report will be available tomorrow morning. John Scifibones 19:08, 6 July 2022 (EDT)

The Unreals

I see you changed the format from tp to hc for The Unreals. I saw your note quoting the statement from the book. How do you explain Open Library, Google Books and Amazon all calling this a paperback? Also. here are two sale listings ebay and thriftbooks which both state the format is paperback. John Scifibones 21:07, 14 July 2022 (EDT)

I don't see your name in the edit history, so I'm not sure why you're so upset, but we here at ISFDB go by what the book says, and it says "hardcover". If anyone ever gets their hands on a physical copy with that ISBN and it turns out to really be a trade paperback it can always have the format changed back with a note saying the publisher made a mistake in their own book; it would hardly be the first time that's happened. Nothing online or in reference books is gospel; I've fixed countless mistakes that came from every one of those sources you mentioned. --Username 21:13, 14 July 2022 (EDT)
Whether I'm on the edit history or not is irrelevant. Also, I'm hardly upset. I merely question the change. Do you really think it likely that both the sellers are also mistaken about the format? John Scifibones 21:22, 14 July 2022 (EDT)
It's relevant because you didn't enter the format as TP, someone else did; if you were a PV then you'd know for sure if it's a TP. Also, I've seen many, many auctions where the seller just copied info from online but the photos of the book showed something different. As I said, the only way to verify this is finding a physical copy, and if it's really a TP reverting the format and adding an appropriate note. Then the question will be if there's a HC edition out there somewhere, or if the publisher scrapped plans to release one but forgot to change their copyright page. --Username 07:28, 15 July 2022 (EDT)

Internet Archive services

Hi, Concerning your latest note User talk:Pwendt#Doll Who Came Alive, and the preceding, and some other 2022 contributions here at ISFDB Wiki, let me ask a general question: How do you use for viewing protected content in "recent" books? Is it an institutional privilege (such as I may have here, sitting inside a major university library building, a novelty for me in the last 30 monthsnot this institution)?

Or do you use this service which is available to everyone, or everyone in the USA or somewhere, with a "free account"?

| Log In and Borrow v | Renewable every hour, pending availability | (i)

I suppose it is this widely available free service that you have in mind, for ISFDB users who will make use of the "" publication webpage to view or even print illustrations. Right?

Or something else (although the one hour will be adequate for many ISFDB data gathering purposes)?

For books with protected content I have used only the "Limited preview // Some pages are omitted." In my experience that shows several opening leaves only. Even the back and back inside bookcover or dustjacket is omitted. --Pwendt|talk 14:07, 28 July 2022 (EDT)

Yes, there's a blue "borrow for 1 hour" button after you sign up which lets you view the entire book, and, if nobody else has it borrowed, you can keep clicking that button in case you need more than an hour. In this case, there's a weird black cover when you search for the book, but as soon as you turn to the first page the real cover is revealed, which doesn't look like the one already on ISFDB, even though the publisher is the same. I tend to stay away from these kids' books because they reprinted many of them so often it's hard to tell which edition is which, but you seem to have done some research judging by your notes, so I thought it would help in fixing some of it or adding more. Looking at it, the first thing I notice is that the page count is actually 76, not 75, because the last page of the story is unnumbered, so that's 1 thing to start with. I also see that the NY Times review of the 1942 edition cost $2, while this Archive edition has a $2.75 price, so it's not the original but probably not the 1972 edition on ISFDB because books cost more by that point. It's also an ex-library edition, and the first date stamped on the card at the back is '55, so that should help in narrowing down the date. --Username 14:23, 28 July 2022 (EDT)
Thanks for your notes on The Doll which I will consider later. I do have good access to historical newspapers and magazines, in my air-conditioned university library station --where I sit today but I have barely visited in 30 months.
Back to the technical matter. Last hour I enrolled at using email address and password and I borrowed The Eerie Book 1981 edition P487344 for one hour. Today unable to give it much time, after one hour I did learn [a] what happens when/as time expires.
[b] What do you make of this, at The Eerie Book 1981? Upon borrowing I learn there are 224 images, presumably 1 to 224 ... Now I visit what appears to be the back inside jacket flap, as "218 of 219"! Flip the page and see image "224" and last! That one doesn't look as I expect from the back bookcover or dustjacket. How do you interpret these last two images "218" and "224"?
Today that's all I had time to view. But, yes, I do have the one-hour privilege now. --Pwendt|talk 17:32, 28 July 2022 (EDT)

Answer to your question concerning total no of pages

See here for your question - Answer: no, the same rules apply for all languages - looks like someone counted the three pages of advertisements and stuff. I've corrected the page no's to 157. Regards, MagicUnk 05:59, 4 August 2022 (EDT)


Per your note to moderators in this submission: Search on ISBN came up with the cover for the 2nd edition - see [50]. Very difficult to read, but I'm fairly sure ISFDB cover scan of the first edition says 2246 in the right margin of the cover, whereas the AbeBooks scan says 2562 for the 2nd edition (same price for both editions, it seems) Regards, MagicUnk 11:47, 5 August 2022 (EDT)

The Dragon Quintet

Hello. Can you provide source for these two (related) edits: [51], [52]? Thanks!; Don Erikson, the long-gone PV of the edition with the wrong cover credit, was one of the most common enterers of wrong info here; I can't count how many of his old edits I've had to correct. In this case, it's clear the Eggleton art is only on the Book Club edition while all the Tor editions use the same art, so I removed the wrong art credit and then imported the right one (Erikson also PV the Tor HC, so I assume he was just confused when he added the wrong info to the PB). There's no source, it's just a mistake I'm correcting, unless I'm missing something. --Username 13:57, 5 August 2022 (EDT)
Oh, I see. Approved. (I may have to stop reviewing and approving submissions for today... :). Thanks, regards, MagicUnk 15:27, 5 August 2022 (EDT)
Thanks. --Username 17:34, 5 August 2022 (EDT)

Please revert edit for Kingsbane

Would you please revert this edit [53] and remove the LCCN from External IDs? The note specifically says there is no valid LoC record which is why it doesn't belong as an external ID. Thanks! Phil 18:19, 5 August 2022 (EDT)

Not online, or not at all? MagicUnk 08:39, 6 August 2022 (EDT)
My only LoC validation source is the LoC online lookup but I would think that should be sufficient. Phil 17:26, 6 August 2022 (EDT)
Thank you. Phil 15:27, 8 August 2022 (EDT)


Regarding this submission. I don't see any attempt to contact the PV. The notes clearly state that the publication date is from a secondary source ( I have no problem with editing the disambiguation of the 'Author's Note' if you wish to resubmit. John Scifibones 17:11, 8 August 2022 (EDT)

MLB, as has been mentioned many times on these boards, has told me to just fix any minor mistakes because he made so many of them in his PV over the years that it's a waste of time contacting him about all of them. Also, most paperbacks wouldn't have the day of publication, Amazon uses the first day of the month when they don't know the exact date (could be the month before or after), and there's a later printing on,, that says August on the copyright page. MLB wrote about both Amazon and the copyright page in his note, so I assume he just forgot to fix the date based on the actual book instead of Amazon. --Username 17:24, 8 August 2022 (EDT)
Of course, the actual publication does not give the day. That is the reason MLB added the note. (OL also agrees). If the date is changed, then the August 1 date should be incorporated into the note. For ex: "Publication date 1996-08-01 per as of 2012-10-15'. I hate to throw away data. John Scifibones 17:43, 8 August 2022 (EDT)
Amazon has always had a habit, when they don't really know the publication date, to just use -01- for the day; OL's info is often just copied straight from Amazon. The book's date is on the copyright page, August 1996. The only reason to include Amazon's date is if the book wasn't available, but it is, because he PV it, and there's an copy. If the book was one of those that listed the day in the date, and there are some (usually small-press) books that do, or a later printing that mentions the exact date of the earlier printing(s) then the day could be justifiably entered, but that's not the case here. You can ask about this on the boards if you want. --Username 17:55, 8 August 2022 (EDT)
Books rarely give the actually day that a book is printed. The date that you see on Amazon is the date that the book arrives, I think, in inventory. Compare dates, page count, and prices, with Barnes & Noble. You can find minute differences. If you want, just make minute changes when you need to. Besides, my brother, who was a fan of the show, absconded with a number of my Quantum Leap books, so I may not even have that book anymore. Typos are my kryptonite, thanks for paying attention. MLB 18:11, 8 August 2022 (EDT)
MLB, thanks for chiming in. John Scifibones 18:18, 8 August 2022 (EDT)


this link is not for the 2006 tp edition. No page numbering, number of pages is incorrect, no cover illustration. This is most likely an e-book, self published by the author. I removed the link from my verified pub. --Willem 14:46, 9 August 2022 (EDT)

Yes, it is by the author, as he explains in a note following the copyright page. It's also the only edition of Toast on, and it does have the same ISBN as the 2006 TP and is the only expanded edition, and hardly anyone knows it's there judging by the fact that it was uploaded in 2015 but there's still less than 1,000 views, so I figured the best place to put it would be in your edition, but apparently not. So now I'll just put it in the title record; the most important thing is allowing people to read it. --Username 15:09, 9 August 2022 (EDT)

Publication Links to scans

Hi Username

Please don't remove links to other scans when adding new scans, unless the original links are no longer active. I know that you prefer Open Library links to links directly to the Internet Archive, but that is no reason to overwrite existing links that have been previously added. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 09:52, 17 August 2022 (EDT)

The Archive links I replaced were all added by me; if someone else had added them then I would have left them alone. The Luminist PDFs I've been adding lately are all fully readable and printable, unlike the Archive copies, unless you have a 14-day pass or whatever is needed, and then they encrypt them and people complain about them all the time and so on. It's fine with something like Dalby's Ghosts For Christmas, where I noticed that you approved my edit replacing Archive link with Luminist PDF and then added Archive link back immediately afterwards, since there's a slight possibility that the Luminist site might disappear off the web and the only readable copy would be on Archive, but I disagree with putting back those lousy Dark Shadows Archive links with their menu and Jane Austen URL that has nothing to do with the books themselves, but if you and other mods feel like adding all of those dozens of Archive links back, so be it. EDIT: I see you just approved my edit replacing the 2 Google Drive links (that I added some time ago) for The Elemental and the Ace Double containing the infamous how-long-is-it? Falcons of Narabedla, that Luminist used to use for many of their books, with the PDFs that they've converted most of their books into, and then added back the old Google Drive links, anyway. Seems pointless, but whatever. --Username 10:00, 17 August 2022 (EDT)

Infinity Three

I accepted your submission adding this publication by mistake, so I deleted it. Here is the existing record. John Scifibones 14:34, 17 August 2022 (EDT)

Your question on image replacement

In this submission, you stated "I replaced the wrong cover image, which has the old edition's info on the side, with the correct cover with info on the top, but I had to replace it here because, as has happened several times before, the uploaded cover didn't go to the same page as the old uploaded cover, so if moderator wants to contact somebody and ask them to fix that it would be great" This behaviour you observed is a consequence of copying publication records to create another printing and/or edition. As a consequence, the image URL is also copied, but continues to point to the original cloned record. The only solution to fix this problem is either to go to the cloned record and update the image there, or, if the intent is to replace with a correct image, then you need to do what you've done here, and upload a new cover image and update the corresponding pub record. As far as I can tell, there's not much that can be done about this without significantly changing the software's behaviour. Hope this clarifies. Regards, MagicUnk 12:42, 19 August 2022 (EDT)

OK, but the last several times this happened one of the long-time mods, maybe JLaTondre or Ahasuerus, said they fixed it so it pointed to the right page. I don't know what they did, but I doubt it was just replacing it in the record, or maybe it was, who knows. I left that message simply because I was tired of leaving a message on the boards every time this happened and wanted either the original uploader or the mod who approved the edit to take care of it. In the future I'll just replace it in the book's record, although that still means, I think, that the old wrong cover still has a page on the Wiki somewhere. Also, why is the word "behaviour" in your message flagged as a wrong spelling, with a red underline? The mods' names have it, too, which is logical because they're not actual words, but shouldn't spellcheck recognize British spelling? --Username 13:09, 19 August 2022 (EDT)
Indeed, the old cover has still a page on the wiki - however, if no pub record points to it anymore, eg because they have been replaced with another one, it doesn't really matter if it does, right? You can ask a moderator to cleanup these orphan picture uploads, but not sure myself if that's really needed or expected.
As far as I understand it, if your system is set up to check US spelling, then it does that, and only that. MagicUnk 13:52, 28 August 2022 (EDT)

The Thirteenth Ghost Book

I'm holding this submission. Since there aren't any pages with Roman numerals, the Pages field should remain unchanged. The page number for the 'Editor's Preface' should be 7. (not bracketed). I see that the table of contents shows vii for the page number. However, from the first bullet point under Regular Titles Page -"Caution: Do not use the table of contents to determine the page numbers of a publication's contents." Resubmit and I'll approve. Thanks, John Scifibones 16:25, 27 August 2022 (EDT)

A word on the use of {{incomplete}}

Hello. Just an FYI - if you happen to know that not all spec fic content has been added to a publication (as you mentioned in this submission), then you can use the {{incomplete}} template in the notes field (unless you plan on adding them right after in a subsequent edit, of course ;)). That'll allow cleanup reports to list these pubs. Regards, MagicUnk 03:40, 1 September 2022 (EDT)

I've been told that before, but when I used to do that, sometimes, the contents were almost never entered by anyone until I eventually ended up doing it at some point, so it's a waste of time; most of the people here don't really care about helping with anything that doesn't interest them personally, and even if they did many of the editors/moderators are very reluctant to help me with anything because I'm not a sycophant and don't let them bully me, or they're still mad about some sarcastic comment I made a year-and-a-half ago, so they ignore anything with my name on it, as can be seen by the hundreds of messages I've left on the boards since 2021, when I started editing, that have never been answered. --Username 10:25, 1 September 2022 (EDT)
I'm interested in the incompletes. It would be useful if you would add it. —Rosab618 (talk) 03:37, 17 November 2022 (EST)

The Highgate Vampire

It seems to me that The Highgate Vampire is SHORTFICTION, not an ESSAY. I find it strange that Manchester should write an ESSAY on his own story (albeit not impossible). Do you have evidence elsewhere that this should be converted? Thanks! MagicUnk 06:40, 1 September 2022 (EDT)

Because the edit of mine you approved recently containing Highgate Vampire includes a link to the Coronet copy on R. Dalby's site, and the photo of contents page says 4 new vampire stories or something similar, and that title is not in that section, it's in the essay section. --Username 10:11, 1 September 2022 (EDT)
OK, thanks for the explanation. I've approved it. MagicUnk 12:46, 1 September 2022 (EDT)

Narrator template

Please use the {{Narrator|}} template in audio publications. I'm sure you saw where I have added it to some of your edits. Thanks, John Scifibones 12:16, 14 September 2022 (EDT)

Exotic Gothic: Forbidden Tales From Our Gothic World

When some of the page numbers are not visible/readable but the order of the stories is (such as here, use piped numbers tied to the story before and after the missing numbers to keep the order of the titles in the publication. I added the two missing numbers here. When you leave some stories without any numbers while others have page numbers, they float to the top of the list, before the preface in this case. This way the order is preserved and visible. Thanks! Annie (talk) 18:39, 15 September 2022 (EDT)

That's a deliberate choice; I'm the one who almost always eventually finds somewhere that shows the missing numbers and then fills them in, with a few very rare cases where some other person finds them and deigns to fill them in themselves, hopefully actually letting me know they did that so I don't think they're still missing, which they usually don't and I just stumble on the completed record some time in the future. So it makes it easier to know which are missing if they're all bunched at the top rather than having to look through sometimes very long contents lists to find them, hoping that I actually catch them all. You added the pipes to this one, however, so whatever, who cares, nothing matters anymore. WorldCat's new site is a mess, Amazon has completely changed their site for the worse, Fantastic Fiction doesn't show Amazon covers anymore because of those changes, and our site's move to a new server has been a total nightmare, with bugs galore and spam messages outnumbering the real ones. Not to mention another world war is in the offing, which will make this whole thing moot because internet service will be gone and nobody will be using ISFDB, anyway. Thanks for adding those pipes, though. :) EDIT: Turns out there's a snippet copy on Google, typed the titles, found the numbers, so now they're complete once edit's approved. --Username (talk) 19:29, 15 September 2022 (EDT)
Approved. The point stands though - if we know the order, we use pipes to make the publication page as presentable as possible. :) Annie (talk) 20:05, 15 September 2022 (EDT)

How to Survive a Fire at the Greenmark

I rejected this submission, as there was another title record involved. A merge produces this title record. It was easier for me to just do it, rather than have you redo your submission. Thanks for catching this, John Scifibones 14:04, 17 September 2022 (EDT)

The Tell-Tale Heart

This publication appears on the exception report because it is lacking the content title. You have marked it juvenile. Is that because of the publisher or did you see it stated somewhere? I looked at [54] and [55]. Initially, I imported the regular title, but reversed it pending your input. What do you think? John Scifibones 07:48, 19 September 2022 (EDT)

Yes, it's part of a cartoon series, cartoons are for kids, especially older cartoons like Hanna-Barbera's; if it was Adult Swim or something that would be different, but pretty much everything H-B did was marketed to kids. EDIT: Also, I imported it myself, but it's currently waiting in a 330-edit list of mine, so you don't have to import anything, it'll be accepted sometime in the near future. --Username (talk) 09:38, 19 September 2022 (EDT)
You submission is approved. Please do two more things. First, merge the duplicated CHAPBOOK title records (check for duplicates in the publication Editing Tools: menu) Please use the narrator template, {{Narrator|William Castle}}, rather than straight text. When(if) we make narrators their own record, it will be easier to implement. Post when you submissions is in the queue and I'll approve them. Thanks, John Scifibones 11:32, 19 September 2022 (EDT)
Approved, Thank you John Scifibones 12:57, 19 September 2022 (EDT)

New Writings in Horror and the Supernatural, Vol. 2

I rejected this submission and resubmitted it without the change to the title record. The three title records (anthology, and two content titles) incorrectly credited to an alternate name were fixed via merges. Here is the final result. Thanks for finding this. If anything is not clear, ask. John Scifibones 14:12, 24 September 2022 (EDT)


Regarding this submission. What is the source for the contents? Are you planning on submitting the remaining titles? John Scifibones 14:33, 24 September 2022 (EDT)

Probably Amazon Look Inside or Scribd, I don't remember, it's been so long, that's why mods should unfreeze the notes box so editors can add info like that when importing titles. Maybe this:; and no, I only imported stories already on ISFDB, since I don't know how the other stories are titled in the print book, online info being unreliable at best, and I don't have a copy to check. If a copy ever shows up on Archive or somewhere then I can enter the rest, assuming I'm still doing this by then. --Username (talk) 18:15, 24 September 2022 (EDT)
I'll add a note citing Look inside and the {{Incomplete}} template. Thanks, John Scifibones 18:55, 24 September 2022 (EDT)

Venus, the Lonely Goddess

Re; this submission. The title page shows 'The Lonely Goddess' as the subtitle. Shouldn't the title be 'Venus: The Lonely Goddess' to comply with our standards? John Scifibones 10:28, 28 September 2022 (EDT)

Yes, I think you're right. --Username (talk) 10:32, 28 September 2022 (EDT)
If you resubmit, I'll approve it. John Scifibones 10:38, 28 September 2022 (EDT)
Just approve it and I'll do another edit adding the colons; there's other info in that edit besides just the change of title. --Username (talk) 10:46, 28 September 2022 (EDT)
Approved, John Scifibones 10:49, 28 September 2022 (EDT)

Chapbooks and title level fields

Please be careful when adding chapbooks. In general the flags such as novelization don't apply. Also links should only be added if they apply to the publication. If you're trying to add a link or a novelization flag they belong on the SHORTFICTION that you are adding. After the new chapbook edit is approved, you can add them on the newly created SHORTFICTION title. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 11:32, 3 October 2022 (EDT)

Changing author/artist names in publications.

Please remember that when you change an author's name inside a publication the publication or title records are the only record for that author, it is better to ask the moderators to change the name in the author record as to preserve any other data in the author record. For example, this edit removes the last reference to Arnid Johnston. The existing record includes the author's legal name which will be lost when that record is deleted as a result of the edit. You had one other edit that I approved today that had a similar issue. I'll go ahead and approve and update the new record with the former record's legal name. However, it's best to correct these sorts of errors in the author record. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 16:10, 5 October 2022 (EDT)

Heart-Beast cover URLs

Would you take a look at Heart-Beast? Your submission, which I accepted, seems/seemed to have an Amazon cover URL in it that the software didn't like. Accepting the submission further seems to have ignored it, because the pub record has an URL (to a poorer quality image, but it's the same cover). And I know you've been on a bit of a mission to change links to links for stability reasons. So I'm a bit confused about what's up, I sort of doubt you would have changed something from, and I suspect the URL in the record is what we want and not the URL seen in the submission. That is what we have at the moment, anyway. If you think something should be different, let me know and submit whatever is appropriate, and I'll follow up. Thanks. --MartyD (talk) 06:56, 6 October 2022 (EDT)

It is not the that is an issue (it is an exact mirror of so every image on one of them exist under the same name on the other - if we decide not to use, these can be swapped behind the scenes although a lot of the new images coming in are using so it may be a losing battle). The problem in this one is that it is an /images/G/ image and those have their ".L" after a dot - which is caught into the check for formatting so you see this error unlike the cases with the /P/ images where it shows the "these are not /I/ images warning -- the current software can only show 1 warning per field. We do not know how stable /G/ are - I think these may be the old user images which may mean that a user can delete them at their whim. The only ones we know to be stable are the images in /images/I/ so that warning is there for anything that is not in the /images/I/ space in Amazon. It can be ignored for spaces we do not know much I suspect (such as /G/) but if a better image is found over in /I/, it will be better. Annie (talk) 10:44, 6 October 2022 (EDT)
Hi. Yes, I understood the warning. What I didn't/don't understand is why that submission's URL did not "take" when I accepted the submission. I'm suspecting that submission didn't actually try to do anything with the URL, and the desired image is the one currently linked (and not on I didn't want to contravene anyone's intentions by trying to "fix" it, so I thought I'd ask. --MartyD (talk) 20:38, 6 October 2022 (EDT)

Extended Play and "A Night in Tunisia"

Hi. Just FYI, I rejected this submission. The primary verifier had completed the contents in a submission made the day before, and "A Night in Tunisia" was already in the contents when I went to process this. --MartyD (talk) 08:41, 8 October 2022 (EDT)

Italian books

A few notes:

When adding Italian books, the NILF number (the digits at the end of's IDs which follow the "NILF" prefix) goes into the external IDs, not in the links.
"digest" is not one of the formats we use for books (it is defined only for magazines) - we use either pb or tp for paperbacks.
The Translator goes into the title note, not the publication note (or in both if so you prefer but it is required on the title level).

All 3 were fixed post approval Operazione: Sterminio and I also created the variant while I was around. Thanks! Annie (talk) 15:21, 10 October 2022 (EDT)

A few more notes:; 2 novels entered by other editors as "digest"; 2 records which have the translator in the publication note (and without using the translator template), 1 of which also has the translator in the title note and 1 of which doesn't. --Username (talk) 15:49, 10 October 2022 (EDT)
So they need cleaning up and fixes. As you had probably realized by now, there are a lot of things in the DB that need fixing. Some of them are because of changed rules through the years (the older the record, the more likely is that it was added under different rules and practices), some of them are because of incomplete sources or human mistakes and some of them are simply because the editor did not check the rules and applied their own logic. We try to keep to the rules with new entries and current updates; when time permits, older stuff gets also cleaned up. It is the nature of collaborative projects which survive as long a ours. Annie (talk) 15:55, 10 October 2022 (EDT)
Yeah, I know there's lots of things that need fixing because I've fixed thousands of them. I'll fix these because like so many others if I don't they'll never get fixed, with many of my fixes being for mistakes that have been in the edit history since 2006-2007 when public editing first started; most of the current editors and moderators have abandoned anything except modern e-books, leaving hundreds of thousands of pre-e books and magazines to oblivion. --Username (talk) 17:21, 10 October 2022 (EDT)

Open Library OL and

Once again (User talk:Pwendt#Doll Who Came Alive) I do have an account with password to Borrow rather than merely Preview.

How do you use and in conjunction, for research? And when hope to add Webpage at, or External ID "OL....", for others to follow? --Pwendt|talk 17:22, 18 October 2022 (EDT)

Are there books with a Preview available, which are not available for anyone to Borrow? (maybe equivalent to Not in the Library) --Pwendt|talk 11:57, 21 October 2022 (EDT)
I'm no expert, but the relation between OL and Archive seems to be messy; there are books that show up on OL that don't on Archive even though the previewable copy is an Archive book, there are Archive books that don't show up on OL, books on OL but not on Archive often have a blue borrow unavailable tag at the top, trying to borrow something for 14 days using the pull-down menu next to borrow for 1 hour gives you epub or pdf links which only download some ASIM thing that you're supposed to use with some kind of Adobe reader or something and don't let you print anything from them, etc. I gather from messages on the site that Archive used to be much better about letting people borrow material for longer periods until they got complaints about copyrighted material on their site and switched to the 1 hour thing. So I'd say search for whatever you're looking for on both OL and Archive and, as long as nobody else has it borrowed, you can keep renewing the 1 hour thing endlessly. --Username (talk) 13:00, 21 October 2022 (EDT)

Doctor Doolittle

Would you consider this pub record still be corrupt (as per the notes), after your edit? If not, I suggest removing that note. MagicUnk (talk) 08:26, 20 October 2022 (EDT)

Going by the edit history it seems Pwendt wrote it, so I left them a message asking to remove it if they think it needs to be now, after my edits. --Username (talk) 08:35, 20 October 2022 (EDT)

Frank Mahood

FYI. You've submitted a couple of edits crediting Frank Mahood as artist - however, he's the jacket designer, which does not imply he's the artist. We do not record designers as artists (unless it's very clear he/she is). That info goes into the notes instead. MagicUnk (talk) 15:09, 20 October 2022 (EDT)

The Talisman

Re: The Talisman; I think we should go ahead and change the publisher to 'Constable'. Also, clarify in the publisher record that it is now an imprint of Hatchet via Little, Brown and Company. What do you think? John Scifibones 16:15, 26 October 2022 (EDT)

I think so; best ask a mod first, but remember it's Hachette, not Hatchet. --Username (talk) 17:52, 26 October 2022 (EDT)
Pardon my typo in the above post. If you prefer another mod than me, feel free to solicit one. John Scifibones 18:06, 26 October 2022 (EDT)
Dude, I don't care at all. I thought it would be best to ask before making a major change like that, as I've been chastised many times for changing stuff. If you're a senior mod go ahead and change it on your own without asking anyone. --Username (talk) 18:16, 26 October 2022 (EDT)

Giesbrecht / Geisbrecht

Hi. This submission fixes the title but also changes Jennifer Giesbrecht to Jennifer Geisbrecht, which would be a new author record. The Look Inside for the paperback edition of Thirteen: Stories of Transformation show it as the former spelling in the TOC, on the back cover, and in the interior (although it does not show the interior ones). Searching for "Geisbrecht" found one hit in the interior but does not show it. Is that spelling change a typo or intentional? It looks like her name is actually "Giesbrecht" (see her website). If there is a credit in there spelled "Geisbrecht", since the book also has credit(s) with the correct spelling, I think we'd be best off assuming it's a typo, using the correct spelling for the credit, and recording the discrepancy and in-publication sources of each of the spellings in the notes. --MartyD (talk) 08:43, 29 October 2022 (EDT)

You're probably right. --Username (talk) 08:45, 29 October 2022 (EDT)
Oh, I see from your later submission that you found it on I took a look, and in that copy, it's "Giesbrecht" in the TOC, on the copyright page, and on the back cover, while it's Geisbrecht on the story title page and the running titles. I guess it's safest to document it with the misspelling make a variant. At least there's reasonable provenance that they're the same person.... --MartyD (talk) 08:56, 29 October 2022 (EDT)


Concerning this submission: is there a particular reason why you want to remove the Reginald-3 reference from the External IDs list? In error perhaps? Thanks! MagicUnk (talk) 12:18, 8 November 2022 (EST)

I noticed this edit was on hold, and knew I wouldn't have removed anything (I'm the one who added this edition in the first place), and looking at edit history now, I see RTrace added the link, which I tried to add, on 11/02, so I can only assume that my edit, being in the queue for so long, resulted in the LCCN ID I also tried to add conflicting with the Reginald-3 ID he added (he adds a whole lot of those). So the only thing needed now is the LCCN ID, so I'll cancel my old edit and make a new one. --Username (talk) 12:27, 8 November 2022 (EST)
Thanks! - and yes, the queue is horrendous atm :( MagicUnk (talk) 13:16, 8 November 2022 (EST)

Spectrum 5

We don't change the title of a PVed book without a verification by the PV when we have an active PV (and we do not change the title without a note when there is a PV at all): they may be holding a slightly different book or they may confirm the change but in all cases, this cannot be approved without a check with the verifier. Thanks! Annie (talk) 17:59, 10 November 2022 (EST)

The same for Spectrum 4 Annie (talk) 18:00, 10 November 2022 (EST)
And Spectrum 3. Thanks! Annie (talk) 18:01, 10 November 2022 (EST)

Just a suggestion

Rather than 'fixed title' in your moderator notes, consider an explanation of what you are changing. Make it easy for the pv to see what you did. In this example, 'removed series from publication and cover art titles'. Up to you. John Scifibones 12:00, 17 November 2022 (EST)

Carnage Road

Re: your note to moderator. I agree the date should be April 2012. However, MLB has deemed the 'The Author' as significant by creating a title record so the Pages field must include those in the count. I suggest submitting an edit for the date and notifying MLB. John Scifibones 13:13, 17 November 2022 (EST)

Theatre of Timesmiths

You were correct there was a problem with this publication. It had the wrong title record. It was originally entered as 'A Theatre of Timesmiths'. When the publication title was changed, the title record was not. The way to fix it was to import the correct title record and remove the incorrect one. Unfortunately, after I fixed the publication, I meant to reject your variant submission, but approved it by mistake (subsequently fixed). Great job finding this. John Scifibones 15:17, 17 November 2022 (EST)

The Drummer Boy

For this submission, Amazon says HC, can you provide the source for your edit? Thanks! MagicUnk (talk) 07:45, 18 November 2022 (EST)


Hello, I have your submission on hold as I couldn't find spec fic elements at cursory glance. Can you provide evidence these belong into the database? Thanks! MagicUnk (talk) 12:10, 18 November 2022 (EST)

Shirley Jackson, Joan Aiken, Alan Garner, Richard Parker, Joseph Payne Brennan are all on ISFDB, so should be imported, and I suspect if anyone wants to read the other stories some of them would be genre, too. --Username (talk) 14:36, 18 November 2022 (EST)
Thanks, approved. MagicUnk (talk) 05:29, 19 November 2022 (EST)

Re. Mr Ho

Re. your minor edit for the story "Mr Ho" in 'Tales from the Fragrant Harbour', I'm trying to establish via the publisher Keith Brooke if "Mr Ho" has a period in the title or not, as this may affect whether we need to variant. (my own copy is thousands of miles away and currently inaccessible). Will get back to you on this soon when I hear from Mr. Brooke. PeteYoung (talk) 07:36, 21 November 2022 (EST)

Keith Brooke has advised me the story appears without a period in his Infinity Plus edition, so I've added a variant that does include a period for your PS edition. Your original edit will need to be rejected. I've also put the stories in your ebook edition in the (very likely) same order as the tp edition; if there are any differences you would need to re-order them. All done, thanks. PeteYoung (talk) 06:58, 22 November 2022 (EST)

Shadow Games and Other...

Hi. I think that Shadown Games and Other Sinister Stories of Show Business that you've submitted should be flagged as non-genre (can't find any spec fic elements, but who knows?). Do you agree?

Also, I tend to discourage adding non-genre titles, even for well known gene authors, but your mileage may vary. Ed Gorman is a corner case where you could argue he is 'above the threshold', so I leave it to you to decide to keep this non-genre(?) title in or not. MagicUnk (talk) 10:28, 24 November 2022 (EST)

Same for Farewell, Fond Dreams. Didn't check thoroughly, but doesn't seem genre to me. Or is it? (this author definitely shouldn't have any non-genre titles in the database). MagicUnk (talk) 10:39, 24 November 2022 (EST)

All of the contents in Gorman's book are on ISFDB, the full-length novel and the stories; looking into this led me to discover that the novel has both editions on so I've added links to each and created a record for the Leisure edition which for some reason was never entered here. The Gordon collection includes his ISFDB poem, a couple of short stories on ISFDB, and a couple of those many Exhibition stories, so yes, it belongs here; I suspect if anyone were to read the rest of that pretentious nonsense they'd probably find that some of the other contents are genre, too. EDIT: I'm the one who entered The Haunted Gay but it got errored out which led to it being a stray, which has only happened to me once before, so I asked about it and was told what to do, but it took so long to get approved that a few days ago somebody named Zapp must have seen my message and fixed it, although he added ASIN which doesn't make sense for such an old book, but whatever. Now the Edit History only shows Zapp, so my discovering and entering this rare book will go uncredited, which has happened to me several times recently. --Username (talk) 10:59, 24 November 2022 (EST)
OK, thanks. Both approved (I didn't import contents though. If you could take care of that?) MagicUnk (talk) 03:53, 25 November 2022 (EST)
I imported into Gorman's book but as I said Giles Gordon's book probably contains other genre SS so someone can read it and then decide what to do, import and add new ones, whatever. --Username (talk) 10:56, 25 November 2022 (EST)

The Five Jars

Concerning your edit I noticed that you left the US edition at 1922-00-00. Now, that's a bit awkward because the UK edition clearly states "First published October, 1922", but whether that refers to the UK edition only, or both UK and US editions, I wouldn't know. Any suggestion on how to treat this ? Re-date US edition to 1922-10-00 as well, with note that it possibly could have been published at a later date (but still 1922)? (author is British, so presumably the UK edition is leading(?)). Thanks, MagicUnk (talk) 08:07, 25 November 2022 (EST)

MagicUnk, the US edition should remain 1922 unless we have a source for the month. If we want to speculate on the date, that can be added to the pub notes, but we shouldn't change the date itself. There is no issue with having the title date be more specific than some of the pub dates if we know the first appearance. -- JLaTondre (talk) 08:32, 25 November 2022 (EST)
OK, will approve. Not sure if username can dig up more details on the pub date of the US edition. ;) MagicUnk (talk) 08:54, 25 November 2022 (EST)

Cover Uploading

Regarding your note to moderator here: The cover uploading did go to the right page. The issue was the previous link was to an image for a different edition. Someone either forgot to remove the image when they cloned the record or reused the image with the incorrect assumption it was the same. -- JLaTondre (talk) 08:29, 25 November 2022 (EST)

J. J. Ace & Nick Aires are (not) alternate names...

I have your submissions [56], [57] on hold as I doubt that J.J. Ace is an alternate name for Nick Aires. The only link between the two I could find is the reference to Andreychuk (by Bill Longley) here: J. J. Ace. No source given. The 'About the Author' in Judgment Day reveals that J.J. Ace may be an alternate name for James Richey (or not). Can you dig up more substantial evidence to link both Ace and Aires? If not, I'll remove the legal name from J.J. Ace's record, and move it to the note and state that it is doubtful that Andreychuk is his legal name. Thanks! MagicUnk (talk) 08:55, 25 November 2022 (EST)

Hour of the Cyclops

Hi once more. Concerning these submissions [58], [59], statement in the notes of one of the verified publication says 'Exerpt of shoft story "Hour of the Cyclops" '. Nevertheless, you've added the story without the '(excerpt)' modifier. Do you have source/evidence it's not an excerpt, but the actual short story itself? Thanks! MagicUnk (talk) 09:07, 25 November 2022 (EST)

Because it's the exact same text, starting and ending with the same lines, as the online-readable story on 3LBE, which was its original publication. Whoever entered the "excerpt" note was unaware of that, it seems, and it also seems most people are unaware that they reprinted the story, which used to only be available in the original limited edition, in these later editions, since the book doesn't include the story on the contents page and so websites that list the contents miss it. --Username (talk) 09:18, 25 November 2022 (EST)
Thanks, approved. Also, don't forget to check on earlier messages on your talk page (there can be multiple) ;) MagicUnk (talk) 10:47, 25 November 2022 (EST)


Regarding this submission: This seems like a story written in Planetfall setting and not a novelization of the game. The front page says "an authentically new adventure in the bestselling world of Planetfall." The description on the back does not sound like the video game. Let me know if I'm missing something. -- JLaTondre (talk) 16:22, 25 November 2022 (EST)

Hard to say; some Infocom-related sites call it a novelization, like, and and do, too. But says, "Arthur Byron Cover wrote a novel for Planetfall and Stationfall though they're set after the games with similar events happening again", so it's hard to say. Technically it's not and neither is the sequel, so uncheck the novelization boxes, I suppose. --Username (talk) 17:05, 25 November 2022 (EST)

Editing records with primary verifications.

Another moderator contacted me about this submission that you made to change the title of a publication for which I have a primary verification. As has been mentioned before, our etiquette is to contact the active verfiers prior to submitting an edit unless it falls under one of the exceptions specified on the verifier's talk page. In my case, that is for adding a missing cover image, or adding notes. Changing the title does not fall into those exceptions. Please refrain from making further edits to records with primary verifications until after you have contacted the active primary verifiers first. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 11:33, 26 November 2022 (EST)

Well, you didn't enter the title as it appears on the copyright page, Year's Best Weird Fiction, Vol. 1, but you also didn't enter it as it appears on the title page (there's no comma) nor did you enter it as is standard on ISFDB for series anthologies with subtitles, adding a colon between the title and the subtitle, so it's hard to figure out what you intended to do. As you told the mod who contacted you, the title now matches the other books in the series, which is how it should have been entered in the first place. It's easy to say contact PV first, but many of them never answer or they answer with anger at daring to question their work or they say they're not really active anymore and they don't care much about any changes made. In the future I'll be sure to contact you about any and every change since you seem to still be semi-active. --Username (talk) 11:46, 26 November 2022 (EST)
A verifier is not necessarily the person who entered the data and things do occasionally get missed. However, that is the point here. Regardless of the merits of the edit, you should have asked me before you entered it and I know that I've asked you to do so before. I'm sorry if other verifiers responded with anger, but that is no reason to ignore the requirement with respect to all verifiers. I'll also point out that the Last User Activity Date is right next to the indication of verification. Given that I make edits most days, I am puzzled as to why you think I'm only semi-active or why you would have thought I was inactive long enough that you were exempt from the requirement to pre-notify. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 16:15, 26 November 2022 (EST)
Probably because the last edit of mine you approved was 10 days ago, so I just assumed you'd given up like another mod has recently or you were sick and/or in the hospital for the umpteenth time like several of the other mods. Anyway, a few more problems I've noticed since looking at all of this again: 1) The title date of #1 is earlier than the edition you PV but there's no record for an earlier edition here; 2) The foreign edition is the only book in the "Modern Weird" Series with no series #, format or cover artist, and the other 3 books are listed as 2 PB and a TP, so obviously one of those formats is wrong; 3) Volume 3 HC has no page count, cover artist or contents, and while cover images for both editions are the same and the TP does have a cover artist later volumes in the series have a different cover (#4 also has 2 separate cover artists) for each edition so it's possible that whoever entered 3's HC cover just copy-and-pasted the TP cover without checking to see if that was the right cover, as has happened so many times before with other books ; 4) Volume 4 HC has no ISBN or page count, doesn't have the day entered like the TP does, and neither edition has page numbers entered for the contents; 5) Volume 5 HC has no cover artist, the page counts of each edition are different, and neither edition has page numbers entered for the contents, plus the viewable e-book on Amazon (never entered on ISFDB) says Five, not 5, in the title, so both editions probably have the wrong title. I may have missed something, but these are the problems I see, in case anyone chances across this message and can fix anything I've mentioned. EDIT: While there don't seem to be any eBay copies of this series with anything other than cover photos, I did find this:, so Volume 5 clearly should be Five since this is either the TP or HC judging by the fact that the contents page has page numbers on it. --Username (talk) 19:42, 26 November 2022 (EST)
Your definition of being active in the project as has approved your submissions recently is odd. In the context of who is required to be notified before editing their verified publications you should determine who is an active editor by the Last User Activity Date shown in the publication record. I don't know why you continue to try to find excuses to circumvent this requirement, but this requirement applies any publication verified by an active editor; not just moderators, and certainly not just moderators that have approved your edits recently. Your suppositions about my health are also odd. I don't know why you would assume that I am sick or hospitalized. I have been consistently active on the site for many years, except when traveling, which I always note in the Moderator Availability list at the head of the Moderator noticeboard. There is a much simpler explanation as to why I have not approved any of your edits in the last 10 days. That is because there are many other edits before yours in the queue. Currently, the earliest edit in the queue which is not held, or has some other question preventing its approval is from October 30. Your earliest unheld edit is from November 18. While some moderators may cherry pick which editors they want to approve, I do not. I work from the earliest edits first. There are simply hundreds if not thousands of edits in the queue before yours. As for your questions regarding the Year's Best Weird Fiction series, it sounds like you have some research to do. I do think it's unlikely that anyone with insight happening upon this thread under this heading are quite small. You'd probably have better luck posting a question in Verification requests. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 10:56, 27 November 2022 (EST)

Picture Mommy Dead

I'm holding this submission. Looking at the Wikipedia article for the film, it does not appear that there are any supernatural elements to the story. Do you have evidence that the novel has speculative elements that would make it eligible for inclusion in the project? Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 10:19, 14 December 2022 (EST)

Oh yes, it's like a Gothic novel in film form, with a young lady seeing hallucinations of the fiery ghost of her dead mommy, bleeding paintings, creepy talking dolls, etc., while her wicked stepmother tries to get her inheritance; at the end she and her dad go insane. So I think it would qualify even if some of those things may only be in her mind; --Username (talk) 11:08, 14 December 2022 (EST)
That description sounds psychological as opposed to supernatural which doesn't qualify under our Definitions of Speculative Fiction. I'll cross post this on the Community Portal and see if we can get some additional opinions. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 18:08, 14 December 2022 (EST)

The Cage

Regarding your comment in the moderator note of this submission: Yes, the canonical title is dated with the date of first appearance even if the first appearance was under an alternate name. The only exception is if a translation appeared before it was published in the original language. We use the first canonical language publication date in those cases.

By the way, links to specific entries are pretty much useless as they are not stable. When they add new data or otherwise make updates to their site, the links end up pointing to different data. I removed it from the notes as it no longer pointed to the the Ray Russell entry. Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 09:43, 23 December 2022 (EST)

Fast Ships, Black Sails

What is the source of this date change? -- JLaTondre (talk) 11:00, 23 December 2022 (EST)

As so often happens, someone, in this case the long-gone/dead Bluesman, submitted and approved the title date in late 2010, but the 2 PV, you and RTrace, had verified the book in 2009 and early 2010 and so nobody ever fixed the book date to match the title date, so I did. If either of you two want to fix all the other cover art/essay/story dates now you can do so. --Username (talk) 11:30, 23 December 2022 (EST)
The month does not appear in the book. Amazon does give October, but it would be better to have a more reliable source. I changed the title record to be just 2008 and rejected the edit. You can re-add the Internet Archive link based on the desire you expressed to do it yourself in our earlier discussion. -- JLaTondre (talk) 14:52, 23 December 2022 (EST)

Movie Fantastic

Concerning your edit, it seems to me that ISBN ending in 139 is for the tp edition - see [60] and [61]. A price tag of $2.95 would be consistent with that. ISBN ending in 163 is for HC - see [62]. Would also mean that OL & OCLC IDs would have to be removed from the hc edition & moved to the tp edition (which doesn't exist yet). Am assuming LCCN is for the hc edition. Could you double-check this makes sense? Thanks! MagicUnk (talk) 09:47, 6 January 2023 (EST)

It's been so long since I did this that I don't remember the details, so I just cancelled it. If you want to take it up yourself maybe you can figure out what's what. --Username (talk) 09:36, 31 January 2023 (EST)


You contributed the publication Zelig. But I wonder if this has speculative contents. Could you explain why this pub should be selected? The content of the film does not appear to have any speculative elements. --Zapp (talk) 02:59, 18 January 2023 (EST)

It was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Director and a SF Chronicle Award for Dramatic Presentation, it was reviewed by Colin Greenland in genre magazine Imagine (January 1984), etc. The title character is a chameleon who can physically change in order to fit in and moves through history taking on the characteristics of famous figures. It's a fantasy, certainly, even if it probably wasn't marketed that way because of the usual snobbery against genre films. --Username (talk) 10:32, 18 January 2023 (EST)
Thanks. By the way, I read about me in here. I've been working on 'Cleanup Reports' for a while to correct missing data. But I don't check who previously entered data before each edit. Regarding 'The Haunted Gay', the publication was created after 10/24/2016, so the first contributor is not apparent. Sorry for causing annoyance. --Zapp (talk) 16:02, 21 January 2023 (EST)

Clive Barker Image

Hi Username -

Could you please take another look at this discussion. There has been a third edit to change the author image and I think we need to reach a consensus rather than continue to churn the image. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 10:27, 23 January 2023 (EST)

Nog's Vision

These submissions submission1, submission2 and Submission3 are not correct.

Are you able to make a determination? John Scifibones 13:02, 30 January 2023 (EST)

I guess you're right. Cancel them and do whatever you need to; I see you just did some other edits for this title, anyway. --Username (talk) 09:27, 31 January 2023 (EST)
All I did was convert The Wizard of Maldoone to a chapbook. I was hoping you could determine whether any(all) of the Brian Hall titles are by Brian P. Hall. Will research them? John Scifibones 10:36, 31 January 2023 (EST)
Books by Hall and P. Hall both published by Paulist Press; also, bio in Brian Hall book calls him Brian P. Hall. So yes, they're the same person. --Username (talk) 10:41, 31 January 2023 (EST)

Donald Glut

Hi Username -

You had submitted an edit to make Donald Glut into a variant name for Donald F. Glut, which I approved. However, your subsequent edit changes the only credit as "Donald Glut" to "Donald F. Glut" effectively deleting the variant author. You have not indicated any source for the change in credit on the title page of the essay. Did you perhaps intend to make the essay into a variant title under the parent name? If so, please delete the edit and reissue as a make variant. If not, please provide your source for the author credit for the essay. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 11:42, 2 February 2023 (EST)

I rejected it and it says TitleUpdate; I did it again and it says MakeVariant. I think that's what it should have been in the first place. --Username (talk) 12:29, 2 February 2023 (EST)

Hasty for the Dark: Selected Horrors

After accepting your submissions correcting the author attribution for Hasty for the Dark: Selected Horrors, I removed all the Adam Nevill titles and imported or added the Adam L. G. Nevill titles. If you intended to do it yourself, I'm sorry. There was no note to moderator letting me know your intentions. Next time, change the pub and title records before importing the contents. John Scifibones 12:20, 5 February 2023 (EST)

What will changing those records first do in terms of the contents? I'm never clear about these kind of details. Would it eliminate some steps afterwards? --Username (talk) 12:24, 5 February 2023 (EST)
Hopefully you would have submitted this import instead of this one saving the removal step. John Scifibones 12:42, 5 February 2023 (EST)

Final Shadows

Re: This submission, I think you meant to link to the tp edition. John Scifibones 09:09, 7 February 2023 (EST)

No, because photo of back cover has HC ISBN and price + other photos are clearly of the HC, too. FantLab just jumbles together info from various sources; nothing they write is reliable, only photos are reliable. By the way, you're one of the mods who seem to like following up on some of the edits you approve with your own edits so I'll mention that the last FantLab photo has a date, September 27, which is supposedly when it was scheduled to come out, in case you can find a publisher's slip photo or something to verify. Of course, that would also mean having to change all the story dates, too, so you may not want to bother. --Username (talk) 09:21, 7 February 2023 (EST)
I agree, the photos are of the hc edition. If this is common, I'll watch for it. Pondering on whether we should add a pub note whenever this situation arises. John Scifibones 10:00, 7 February 2023 (EST)

The Ritual

In edits like this, what is your preference? Create the variant or leave it for you? John Scifibones 19:50, 7 February 2023 (EST)

If you notice something needs a variant it would be better for you to do it because you're a mod and your edit will be approved immediately while mine will probably sit there at the top of my long list for days/weeks, which is silly for those kinds of small repetitive edits. If you don't notice or don't have the time I or someone else will notice eventually and do it. It's up to you. --Username (talk) 20:02, 7 February 2023 (EST)
Got it, thanks. John Scifibones 20:04, 7 February 2023 (EST)

The Bitternest Chronicles

Any thoughts on whether we should change the publication date here? John Scifibones 17:07, 9 February 2023 (EST)

I tend to leave post-2007 ISBN-13 dates alone because e-books made such a mess of determining exact publication dates it's usually hard or impossible to tell when something was actually published. That doesn't mean someone else can't change it if they feel like they're sure when it was actually published. The publisher seems very obscure, although I did find that cool Youtube trailer so apparently at one point they thought they were going to be something. --Username (talk) 18:06, 9 February 2023 (EST)

Links in notes

Do you still want me to convert this to a clickable link? John Scifibones 19:01, 13 February 2023 (EST)

Please do make any link I provide (there must be thousands by now) clickable if you really want to; I'm an amateur who knows nothing about HTML or hot tags or whatever they call them and just let people cut-and-paste if they want to see the linked whatever. Coincidentally, see my 2 sad attempts at linking to that Bloch boxed set Amazon link you approved a little while ago,, Also, the Bloch Midnight Pleasures edit you just approved didn't see me move my old note to the bullet list, or whatever you call it, in the notes, which I do when I see any these days because I've learned how to do it, and I also noticed that in the moderator notes I said " copy" instead of link; I usually use the word copy when I'm writing about where I got info from in the regular note section. I think it was very late and I was very tired when I was doing a bunch of Bloch edits and wasn't up to my usual standard. --Username (talk) 19:09, 13 February 2023 (EST)

Alex Andreev / Alex Andreyev

Re: This submission. I'm sure you saw the website name. Did you consider going the other way? Just asking. I'm okay either way, can always be changed. John Scifibones 20:54, 14 February 2023 (EST)

I suppose you're right, but I think then it would make sense to move all the info as Andreyev over to the empty record for Andreev, right? I checked that Metronome book in Google Books and it's Andreyev like ISFDB says. I can't find a photo of the French Tad Williams book with the artist's name on it and that interior art credit as Andreev is also in Google Books but a search couldn't find the art, so what it's really signed is unknown. I was hoping that all credits would really be under one name or the other and somebody just entered them wrong here, but there's definitely at least 1 book as Andreev and 1 as Andreyev so far. --Username (talk) 21:12, 14 February 2023 (EST)
I agree, the data needs to be moved if you switch. Submit everything, ping here and I'll approve. John Scifibones 21:24, 14 February 2023 (EST)
Done. --Username (talk) 21:26, 14 February 2023 (EST)

Robot Trouble

Should we add a note mentioning the 21 page difference between the L-O-C entry and our publication record? Looks like all our publication data came from Locus. John Scifibones 15:46, 18 February 2023 (EST)

Determining canonical name

You have pending submissions which would make Lucy Finn and Savannah Russe alternate names for Charlee Ganny. Assuming they are the same person, shouldn't Savannah Russe be the canonical name? John Scifibones 14:35, 20 February 2023 (EST)

The bio in that stupid Chihuahua Wolf or whatever says Ganny and mentions those other 2 names as pseudonyms, so I think Ganny should be parent, but I don't really care if anyone wants to change that if the rules here, whatever they are, say so. --Username (talk) 16:15, 20 February 2023 (EST)
I just came across the same edits and have the same question. Our standards are that the canonical name should be the name by which the author is best know in the genre. Generally, that would be the name they are most frequently published as. In this case, most of the author's works are published as by Savannah Russe, which is why that name should be canonical. If Charlee Ganny is the author's legal name, that can be reflected in the Legal Name field in the canonical record. It would also have been helpful if you had added the source for this in the notes to the moderator. I looked at both the provided link (borrow unavailable) and the Amazon look inside feature and neither have access to the about the author page. Are you working from a physical copy? Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 09:44, 21 February 2023 (EST)
If I was working from a physical copy I would have PV it. I don't know, I just assume that if a complete amateur like me can find all this stuff that all you expert moderators should be able to find it, too, which is probably why sometimes I don't lay out exact details. As I've explained before, for some reason many books that were uploaded on only link directly from OL, identifiable by that blue-and-white Preview button, but you can still search inside them even if you can't borrow them (I like searching for the word "the" which appears on most pages) and find something like this,, which explains what's what. --Username (talk) 09:59, 21 February 2023 (EST)
If you had added that in the moderator notes in the first place, John and I wouldn't have had to question your source. It's to your own benefit as well. If we aren't spending our time recapitulating research that you've already done, we can spend more time reviewing edits. As to these edits, the canonical name should be Savannah Russe. Please see [template] which explains how we decide what name should be canonical. Unfortunately, your edits are making a lesser know name canonical and they'll have to be rejected. Please resubmit these making Russe the canonical name. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 18:57, 21 February 2023 (EST)

Title Change of One of Multiple Publications with the Same Title

Hi Username

I'm holding your edit to update the title of 1996 publication of "Moonchasers and Other Stories" to "Moonchasers & Other Stories". I'm also holding the same change to the various contained title records. The issue with your edit is that there are two publications under the current title. Assuming the 2000 publication has the "and" as opposed to the ampersand, your edits will result in the 2000 publication containing several incorrect title records. I'm guessing that you did not find evidence that the 2000 pub should be titled with an ampersand, or you would have changed it as well. If you can find such evidence, please change that record as well, and I can approve your edits. If not, you'll need to unmerge the title record for the novel and the cover art, then retitle them, and make the old versions variants of the newly created and changed ones. For the other titles, you can remove them from the 1996 publication, add new content with the correct title, and again make variants after that is done. Please let me know what you find about the 2000 publication, and we'll know how to proceed. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 10:30, 22 February 2023 (EST)

Return to Avalon

Regarding your note to moderator, you are correct in both counts. Submit the change in page count and cover art credit, note whether you want the reviewer to create the alt name and variant, and leave a note for Ofearna. John Scifibones 11:12, 26 February 2023 (EST)

Approved the cover art credit. I assume you will link alt name and create the variant title. John Scifibones 12:04, 26 February 2023 (EST)

Dark Heir

Submit the edit to add the series here and I'll approve it. No need to wait for the whole queue to be cleared. John Scifibones 15:28, 1 March 2023 (EST)

Duel: Terror Stories by Richard Matheson

While reviewing your updates to this publication, I looked at the back cover. I think the team of Shelley Eshkar and Jan Uretsky should be credited for the cover art. Even though the earlier pubs don't credit them, it is the same art for all four. I wouldn't have seen it but for your submissions, so you should go ahead and make the changes. John Scifibones 10:36, 3 March 2023 (EST)

Cover artists are credited on the back flap of the HC. The 2 artists, Shelley E. and Jan U., are credited separately and together on ISFDB for numerous covers, but none as by Eshkar/Uretsky. Not sure if the e-book with a date of January 4th came before the TP/HC, so if anyone can figure out which was the first true edition then artist can be entered, imported to other editions, and artist name made a variant of the individual names. Looking into this online also opened up this mess,, where the cover art is credited to Eshkar/Uretsky but nobody, not even the many PV, actually entered it that way, even though there are many mentions in notes that that's how it appears in the book, plus Larry Stewart interior art was only entered for the original HC but it's mentioned in several notes for other editions, there's an excerpt in the '99 Tor PB, which is the only copy on just added a link to it in an edit, one of those weird preview-only copies that only show up if you search on Open Library-which has the date of the HC but almost certainly didn't appear in the HC, etc. --Username (talk) 11:05, 3 March 2023 (EST)
For Duel, I would enter the names separately and add an appropriate note to each publication treating the hc as the earliest publication.
I don't see Factoring Humanity as a mess.
  • The Tor hc and Orb tp's clearly state the names are shown separately.
  • Both Tor pb's have an appropriate note stating how the credit appears.
John Scifibones 12:22, 3 March 2023 (EST)

Second printing of Witchcraft

You submitted this edit to add a note to the April 2001 Pinnacle printing printing of Witchcraft that it is the second printing. I don't see a date listed in the scan of the book. Do you have evidence that the second printing was issued in April 2001? Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 11:03, 6 March 2023 (EST)

The only copy on eBay that shows a copyright page shows the same number line ending in 2 with the same March 1997 original date; the record here was entered a long time ago by ChrisJ, who had a habit of entering dates from Amazon, I guess, but not leaving any notes. Searching Google shows an Amazon page with an April 1 date and another that says "New Edition (7 June 2001)", but clicking on that link just goes to a page with the same April date. So there seems to be some confusion; possibly this was a reprint of the original, thus the 2 in the number line, and then there was a later edition that actually has a new 2001 date on the copyright page. Who knows? So you may as well cancel it and maybe someone will find out for sure sometime. I noticed that the same author has a phantom publication from 1994 in his record, too. --Username (talk) 11:16, 6 March 2023 (EST)
Done. Chris is active and has always been responsive to my questions. As it happens, he added a Locus1 verification which is the source for the April 2001 reprint date. I would recommend cloning the record and creating an undated publication record for the second printing with the scan. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 11:28, 6 March 2023 (EST)

The Haunted JARVEE

I'm holding this submission. The variant title always carries the date of it's first occurrence, not the date of the canonical title when author attribution is the same for both.. John Scifibones 15:26, 13 March 2023 (EDT)

Bob/Robert Chronister

Hi Username

I'm holding your edits to make Bob Chronister a child name of Robert Chronister. I'm curious as to why you chose Robert as the canonical name. The canonical name should be the name by which the person is best known in the genre. In this case, Bob has 4 credits whereas Robert has only 3. I know it's a close call. Are you aware of additional credits as Robert that you are intending to add? If not, I think we should probably make Bob the canonical name. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 12:10, 14 March 2023 (EDT)

Text Search for "By Bob Chronister" on gets 27 hits, "By Robert Chronister" gets 49 hits. So Robert seems a bit more common and it's the longer and likely legal name, so I thought it should be the parent. I wouldn't doubt that there are other genre books out there with cover art by him that await entering here. --Username (talk) 12:38, 14 March 2023 (EDT)
Neither the legal name nor the longest name matter for purposes of determining the canonical name. See this help template. I'm concerned about your analysis. How many of the titles reference the same artwork? How many of those titles are genre as opposed to non-genre? Is the internet archive a good sampling of all the artists genre publications? Are there any records where the artist is credited without the preceding "By". If I had been the one making these edits, I would have made Bob Chronister the canonical name simply because it's slightly more common of the records that we have documented. Which is why I'm questioning this. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 18:19, 14 March 2023 (EDT)
I'm not sure what's best, because I just entered an edit for the 1983 Bantam PB of the 1973 novel Castaways on Long Ago, with art by Bob, but other Bantam books on, including the PB of Have a Heart, Cupid Delaney, which only has the HC on ISFDB, say art by Robert. He also did many other Bantam books and went back and forth between first names. So unless someone finds a bibliography or something and counts exactly how many covers were done under each name it's really impossible to say what's the "preferred" name. I'll try to enter that Cupid PB and find another genre book with Robert as the name so it'll be equal, 5-5, and then you won't have to cancel my edits. I'll respond when I'm done if I'm successful. --Username (talk) 18:58, 14 March 2023 (EDT)
Done. I entered Cupid and also Blossom Culp and the Sleep of Death. Bob 5, Robert 5. --Username (talk) 19:45, 14 March 2023 (EDT)
I've approved the edits. We can revisit this again if the ratio of the names gets too out of wack. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 07:05, 15 March 2023 (EDT)

Edit for Dark Cities Underground

You left a note about in your update to Dark Cities Underground regarding the cover artist credit. A merge would not be appropriate in this instance. The COVERART for the book club edition is the same title. If you have evidence that the book club edition is also credited as "Donato" then we could merge. I realize that it probably is credited thus, but I wouldn't want to change what another editor added unless I had seen evidence. You could have accomplished this merge through the advance search feature. However, what you want to do in this case is to import the title record 743977 into the trade publication and remove 138845 from the same publication. You'll also need to update the date of the Donato record. These edits can be done in any order, but I'd add an explanation in the moderator notes, so the approving moderator will know what's going on. Hope this helps. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 10:09, 15 March 2023 (EDT)

Ting Ling

At User talk:Zapp#Vernon Bowen, you mention a Dodd, Mead first edition --a mistake for David McKay(?). I have some notes on all four Ting Ling T2474271 publications (eds/printings/publishers as well as author). Among other things, the Open Library book is wrongly identified (WorldCat and ISFDB) as the 1966 Young Readers Press, but it's the 1969-10 2nd printing.

I'm not sure whether I should be able to find your submissions in the queue. Its a busy weekend so I'll wait. If you did create a "Dodd, Mead" then as self-approver I should be able to complete a manual merge, in effect.

I see that mis-catalogs the David McKay as 1966 Katonah NY: Young Readers. Do you have any experience with correction of such data? --Pwendt|talk 13:04, 17 March 2023 (EDT)

Oh yeah, David McKay, sorry, both start with D. M. is my first submission followed by 5609270, 5609272, 5609276. I think those are all the ones I did concerning this book. I would assume you probably have to be a member of Open Library or something to fix errors, of which there are countless on that site. --Username (talk) 16:47, 17 March 2023 (EDT)

Open Library cover discrepancy

For the 7th printing Dragon's Milk by Susan Fletcher P198429, we have OL front cover image ( of a copy from publication series "Aladdin Fantasy". Half of my long publ Note concerns this problem. But the book scanned has otherwise identical cover that shows "Aladdin Fiction". Do we/you have a way to use cover images from OL/ ebooks rather than from --Pwendt|talk 13:11, 17 March 2023 (EDT)

I think you mean right-clicking the image,, "save image as", and then upload the image to our Wiki (either there'll already be one uploaded by someone else, in which case yours will replace the old one and then you go to the book's record and hit CTRL-F5 and the new image will appear, or there'll be no image previously uploaded, in which case after you upload yours you click the image link at the bottom and then enter it in the image field of the book's record in an edit and approve it. --Username (talk) 16:52, 17 March 2023 (EDT)
Thanks. It seems to me that that is what I mean :--)
I was not aware that generates a gallery of front covers (or first images in sets that make a book), only the --Pwendt|talk 15:37, 18 March 2023 (EDT)

Boris Dolgov

I'm holding this submission. According to Darkworlds Quarterly, the man on the right is Maxfield Parrish and the photograph was taken by Hannes Bok. Look here. John Scifibones 15:06, 18 March 2023 (EDT)

Moderator note

Regarding your question here. This is not how I would have entered it. I would have made the Pages field: xii+[2]+252 and the page number for the title in question [1]. Whether I'm mistaken or standards have changed since January 2012, I can't say. Regardless, discuss it with Ron before submitting any changes. John Scifibones

Still Life

Did you consider changing the cover art credit here? The credit on the back cover is hard to read but it appears to be 'Peter Jones'. Not 'Peter Andrew Jones'. What do you think? John Scifibones 18:06, 20 March 2023 (EDT)

The Doll

After looking at the scan of The Doll you provided, I think we should change the content title length to novelette. I would estimate under 10,000 words, certainly under 17,500. What do you think? John Scifibones 17:11, 24 March 2023 (EDT)

Yes, I counted 34 text pages and there's wide margins, so you're probably right. --Username (talk) 17:13, 24 March 2023 (EDT)


Re: your publication note here. It is not uncommon for author's to date introductions, forewords, acknowledgements, etc. We ignore that date. They are dated as of first publication, no different than how we handle cover art. It's okay to mention the dates in a note, but I recommend removing any indications that this somehow makes the publication date unclear. Thanks, John Scifibones 16:34, 25 March 2023 (EDT)

I wrote it because the book says 1998. Essay dates and date entered on ISFDB are all different months in 1997. So the date really is unclear; editor entered it from Locus which is unreliable at best. It's possible that this small-press publisher didn't have a proofreader and just goofed and typed date as 1998 instead of 1997 twice on the copyright page. EDIT: On a related note, the other book by the publisher on ISFDB,, is a retitled reprint of a 1994 book, has a 1995 title date on ISFDB, a June 1997 date for the edition entered by someone, and a 1996 date for the non-preview copy on Google Books. So dates are guesswork at best. --Username (talk) 19:48, 25 March 2023 (EDT)

Multi Part Edits

I'm holding this submission which is changing the title field of a publication. The problem is that by doing so, the publication title will no longer match the title in the title record 2125736. There is no note to the moderator indicating that you intend to do the rest of the work required for this change, i.e. unmerge the newly created title, make the variant relationship, and adjust the dates of the title records, if necessary. This is similar to the issue created by your recent submission that created data inconsistencies that we discussed in [[ISFDB:Community Portal#E. Borgese|this thread]. Perhaps you missed my latest response where I gave you instructions on how to finish that edit since you stated your were having problems understanding what still needed to be done. My fear is that you are ignoring the response and are refusing to complete that edit. If you are refusing to complete multi step edits, please refrain from entering the first step. If you intend to complete the full edit, please indicate that you will do so in the notes to the moderator. I see that you occasionally add something like "contents need to be imported". I've read that as indicating your intent to do that work after that approval, but it's worded as if you want someone else to do the work for you. For these two edits, please let me know whether you intend to complete them so I know how to proceed. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 09:54, 7 April 2023 (EDT)

Same issue with this edit (also holding) --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 10:00, 7 April 2023 (EDT)
It's been a few days and you have not responded to this inquiry, aside form cancelling the held edits. I see that you've reissued one of them, but unfortunately, it makes the record worse than your original edit. Aside from not updating the title of the book, you've added an introduction with the incorrect title in the disambiguator. I know that you know that the title should be "Winter Children & Other Chilling Tales" based on your previous edit. I don't understand why you decided that it would be better to maintain this record with an inaccurate title. I know that you know how to do all of the follow up edits that are required here. You know how to update the title publication (your previous edit). After that's done you need to unmerge this publication from the others with the alternate title. I've seen you submit unmerge edits before. Then you just need to make the other title (Winter Children and Other Chilling Tales) a variant of the newly created title. Again, you have submitted many make variant edits in the past. Lastly, you'll need to update the date on the variant title (again, you've made many such edits previously). If you need further details on any part of this process, I or other editors are always happy to help. I'm going to have to reject the new edit as it introduces new erroneous data. I can unreject the two edits that you cancelled. I just want your assurance that you are going to complete the edits that you had started. We're also still waiting for your response to this thread which is a similar issue, and where I gave you step by step instructions on how to complete that edit. Is there something in those instructions that you aren't understanding and that I can explain more clearly? Please let us know how you wish to proceed with these edits. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 18:32, 10 April 2023 (EDT)
Well, I'll be honest with you, as I explained in a recent message to you my mind is going rapidly, I also have very little interest in doing this anymore, I see only Vasha77 in edit history for Winter Children so I have nothing connected to that one, I see an edit from me where I added price and corrected name in the Borgese book which I don't even have any recollection of doing, somebody named Zapp who likes to variant stuff made it a variant of the parent name, so I'd suggest you or someone else can work further on her book or dive into Winter Children if you wish, as always it will bother me that others will get credit for work that probably never would have been done if I hadn't found the info in the first place but, as I said, I'm really not capable of handling anything complicated anymore; soon I may not be able to handle anything. Sorry; maybe I shouldn't have started on those 2 books in the first place and should just ignore those kinds of changes if I find any in the future. I do have 625 pending edits, though, most of which I'm sure are approvable, so there's that. --Username (talk) 18:53, 10 April 2023 (EDT)

The Citadel

I'm holding this submission. I see you informed the verifier that you were adding a cover scan. However, the author on the cover differs from the author in the publication record. Please work with Hifrommike65 to determine whether that is the correct cover for this edition, or whether the author is in error, or if there is a discrepancy in the author credit between the cover and the title page. If the latter, that should probably be noted. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 09:49, 1 May 2023 (EDT)

If I Were an Evil Overlord

I've placed this submission on hold as I don't see any attempt to contact the two PVs, both of who are active on the site. Please let me know once they've been contacted and responded regarding this edit. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 13:03, 2 May 2023 (EDT)

Okay, I did find your attempt to contact one of them. I don't see the other one, though, and I don't see any response. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 13:04, 2 May 2023 (EDT)

Human for a Day

Same with this submission: I can see an attempt to contact one of the PVs, but not the other active one. Please contact the other and follow up with Glenn. Let me know when they've checked their copies. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 13:09, 2 May 2023 (EDT)

Anthony Shriek

I've placed this submission on hold as you didn't provide a reason for the name change. Please provide one. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 13:11, 2 May 2023 (EDT)

Because that's the full title of the original Dell edition, entered by me, as you can see if you look at the book's edit history. --Username (talk) 16:10, 2 May 2023 (EDT)
I can see that you edited it (three times, I believe), but I can't see what was changed because you didn't include any notes and the current ISFDB doesn't show diffs. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 17:32, 2 May 2023 (EDT)
There's a link in the record to the scan of the Dell edition which shows the title page with the full title. Only other edition I see is Centipede but PV Chavey seems barely here these days so getting him/her to check title page is tough; certainly the parent title should be the full one, though. --Username (talk) 17:35, 2 May 2023 (EDT)

Neighboring Lives

I've placed this submission on hold as I show no attempt to contact the PV, who is active on the site. Please let me know once you've done that and they've responded. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 13:14, 2 May 2023 (EDT)

The Playboy Book of Science Fiction

I've placed this submission on hold as I can see no attempt to contact the active PV. Please let me know once you've contacted them and gotten a response. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 13:16, 2 May 2023 (EDT)

Cosmic Cocktails

I've placed this submission on hold as I can see no attempt to contact the active PV. Please let me know once you've contacted them and gotten a response. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 13:17, 2 May 2023 (EDT)


I've placed this submission on hold as I can see no attempt to contact the active PVs. Please let me know once you've contacted them and gotten a response. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 13:19, 2 May 2023 (EDT)

Warning re: the last exchange with Willem H. on the Community Portal

Re: your last response to User:Willem H. on the Community Portal, please note that "your meds ran out or something" is a personal attack. They are not allowed as per ISFDB:Policy#Blocking_Policy and are handled as follows:

Personal attacks that are not obscene:

  • 1st offense - a canned warning on the user's Talk page
  • 2nd offense - a 24 hour block
  • 3rd offense - a week long block
  • 4th offense - an indefinite block

Since this is the first offense, please consider this note a warning. Ahasuerus (talk) 16:55, 5 May 2023 (EDT)

In the time it took you to write that you could have been figuring out a way to organize the existing mods or recruit some new ones so that there wouldn't be a situation where I have just shy of ONE THOUSAND edits pending plus a few hundred edits from various other editors. Threatening me with a block on a site I haven't really wanted to be on for a long time is amusing. I seem to remember you did that once before long ago when one of the other editors hacked my page and someone, I believe this same Willem guy, thought one of my messages to the hacker was personal and whined to you about it but you apparently never felt the need to block the hacker because they're still editing; I'm pretty sure if this was a real workplace and I got hacked they would have been fired immediately or worse. I've had trouble with Willem from my first message to him a few years ago and a few times since and had let him know more than once that he should stop being angry and just answer me without any problems and just when I thought he had calmed down and was answering my questions/fixing wrong info sort of properly he suddenly got bristly again so I said what I had to say. If you think that's personal that's your perception. I live in New York; wherever you live may be some pleasant place where people discuss their problems over lattes when they're not crying about climate change but here in Hell we don't play around. In the future I think it will be better if I just cancel any edits where there's the slightest disagreement because who knows when the next problem child will come along. --Username (talk) 18:57, 5 May 2023 (EDT)
As per the linked Policy, personal attacks are not allowed and will result in escalating penalties as listed above. None of the issues raised in your response -- the number of pending submissions, the fact that your User page was vandalized in June 2021, your history of disagreements with Willem H, etc -- change that.
Re: the 2021 instance of vandalism, the offender was given a warning and promised not to do it again, a promise that she has kept.
Re: the number of your pending submissions, not all moderators are willing to work on your submissions due to your history with them. Back in 2021 I wrote:
  • you are a relatively new contributor, so moderators are more likely to make allowances, but eventually they will become less likely to work on your submissions, which will affect the approval time.
which is what ended up happening. Ahasuerus (talk) 20:52, 5 May 2023 (EDT)
Hacking someone's personal page is far more egregious than a sarcastic comment about meds; one is rude, the other can easily get you fired or arrested depending on where and to whom it's done. Because ISFDB is just some online card catalog nothing happened; try doing that at a real business and see what happens to you. Re: the number of pending edits, you can easily search and find numerous complaints on ISFDB pages stretching back many years before I started here about the slowness of edits being approved, but since the recent server move things have gotten much worse. I have a few dozen old edits that have been sitting for a long time because something or other wasn't clear and so they just get approved now and then by random mods, but the vast majority of the nearly ONE THOUSAND pending edits were done within the last month and most of them are perfectly approvable. So the problem isn't my "history" with mods because that comes and goes with some getting mad and going away for a while and then starting to approve again while others have just quit because of their problems with other mods or the site in general. Honestly, in reading old threads on this site, many of the current and former occupants seem to be...unstable, with some of them using the F word and the like because they disagree about the length of some old pulp story and many who quit still holding grudges against people they disagreed with years ago. So I suggest that whoever is running this site come up with a plan to handle the queue because since I started editing a few years ago the number of edits has increased exponentially with my list more often than not being longer than every other editor on ISFDB combined and the mod structure as it stands right now can't handle the volume adequately. As I said above, from now on I'll solve this problem by cancelling any of my edits that mods have a problem with; I do so many every day that losing a few won't make a dent. That's one of the good things about having no desire to be a self-moderator and only doing this to pass the time; I don't have to pretend to be friends with anyone. Or I may just stop doing this entirely; I'm physically and mentally in bad shape, New York is one of the worst places to live in the country right now, and World War III may be coming soon, so I, and possibly you and everyone else editing on ISFDB, may have much bigger problems to worry about than this nonsense. --Username (talk) 00:01, 6 May 2023 (EDT)
"Hacking" covers a variety of state and federal crimes. It has a complex definition which has changed over time -- see this PDF file created by the Department of Justice for a discussion. What happened to your User page in June 2021 was vandalism, not hacking. Another user edited your page using her own account; she didn't break into your account.
Re: "I don't have to pretend to be friends with anyone", the current policy doesn't disallow being abrasive. It does disallow personal attacks and imposes escalating penalties for their use as linked above. Ahasuerus (talk) 10:05, 6 May 2023 (EDT)

Introduction for The Ultimate Alien

The software is forcing a rejection of this submission. The problem is it's merging a variant with its parent, and the merged result would have the parent be a variant of itself. That arrangement is not valid, and so the submission cannot be accepted. I can't tell if there was a note on the submission that's not being presented. Did you really mean to merge these two, or did you mean to do something else? Given that someone went to the trouble to make a variant, it seems likely the piece is titled differently in the different pubs. Looks like we have active verifiers who could confirm/deny. --MartyD (talk) 16:43, 7 May 2023 (EDT)

The Extra

Neither one of the covers in this submission are correct. The present cover looks like the ebook cover. The cover you are trying to link is the pb. Open library has the hc cover. Resubmit and I'll approve it. John Scifibones 16:59, 12 May 2023 (EDT)

Webs of Discord

Hi Username -

I'm holding this submission. There are several steps that will be required to complete the addition of this publication after it is approved. I know that you have been uncomfortable in the past in dealing with multi-step edits, and I wanted to ensure that you intended to complete the additional steps before this is approved. First off, you'll need to add the contents for the stories. You could have done this in the initial edit, at least for those stories that are not already in the database. For the others that already have title records, you either could have added them manually and then merged each after the edit is approved. Alternatively, you can import the existing records after the COLLECTION record is created. Secondly, since this collection is published under an alternate name, you'll need to make the title record a variant of a new title record with the canonical name. You'll also need to do this for each of the newly added titles. For those titles where the parent title already exists (e.g. The XX Agent, you'll need to make the new title a variant of the existing canonical title. For those where a parent does not yet exist, you'll need to create a new title as the parent under the canonical name. Please let me know if you intend to complete this submission with the additional edits. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 11:12, 15 May 2023 (EDT)

Hard Rejects

Hi Username - Just letting you know that I've had to do hard rejects on a number of submissions. Apparently they are trying to merge a title that was deleted subsequent to your edit. Please check the XML for these ones and check if the titles look OK. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 14:11, 15 May 2023 (EDT)

I guess JLaTondre did them himself and beat me to it, him being a mod and able to approve his own edits instantly. --Username (talk) 17:14, 15 May 2023 (EDT)
I'm encountering more edits of yours today that require hard rejects. Again, you can check the raw XML for these and inspect the titles to see if they look OK. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 13:50, 7 June 2023 (EDT)
Looks like JLaTondre again; one of the perks of being a mod, no waiting. --Username (talk) 14:01, 7 June 2023 (EDT)

Time Bride

I'm holding your submission for Time Bride. I just want to make sure that you intend to import the novelette after this is approved. If it isn't imported, this will show up on a cleanup report as a CHAPBOOK without contents. I'll also note that if you manually add the contents on a new chapbook, and then merge the newly created title with the existing one, after the first edit is approved, it's more clear what your intentions are. Either way, it's a two step edit. Additionally, you can always add your intentions to finish the edit in the note to the moderator. Many others do it that way. Let me know whether you intend to submit the second part of this. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 09:44, 22 May 2023 (EDT)

Yes. --Username (talk) 09:46, 22 May 2023 (EDT)
Great. Approved. You can proceed to finish the edit. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 10:00, 22 May 2023 (EDT)
My edit importing the story has been sitting around for a week and Zapp came along and added the story today as if it were new so I don't know, something needs to be done, merge or something. EDIT: Now I see Zapp added a 1986 audio edition, apparently there was at least one earlier than the one I entered, but he still hasn't seemed to notice the short story is actually already there from 1983. Maybe he will at some point. --Username (talk) 16:31, 29 May 2023 (EDT)

Spawn of Hell

The original image linked to Spawn of Hell was the result of cloning a later printing. The later printing was from an unknown year so the software appended 0000 here. The editor should have removed the image link from the submission. When you uploaded the image for the 1984 publication, it appended 1984 with this result. Your edit correctly linked the new image. John Scifibones 13:06, 22 May 2023 (EDT)

Bruce Campbell Biography

I'm holding this submission that you submitted as I'm not sure it is eligible for inclusion here. I started a discussion on the community portal. Please chime in there if you have thoughts on its eligibility. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 17:46, 24 May 2023 (EDT)

Grey Star the Wizard

Hi Username -

Could I get you to double check your verified copy of Grey Star the Wizard? Our records have the author's as Ian Page and Joe Dever. However, the notes indicate copyrights suggesting the text is by Page with Dever as co-responsible for the concept. Does the title page list them both as authors? If not, please remove Dever as an author from both the publication and title records. I'm in the process of adding the first edition by Page alone. Depending on your research, I'll either merge or make your title a variant as appropriate. Thanks for checking. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 17:29, 27 May 2023 (EDT)

Done. Title page says "Written by Ian Page", "Edited by Joe Dever", "Illustrated by Paul Bonner". --Username (talk) 19:10, 27 May 2023 (EDT)
Thanks! I've approved your edit and merged the titles. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 19:53, 27 May 2023 (EDT)
So the cover declaration doesn't matter? AndonSage (talk) 02:05, 28 May 2023 (EDT)
Hi Gary - First off, I'm sorry I didn't ask you as well. Your verification shows your last activity 2020-04-30, so I assumed you had left the project. I do see that you have wiki edits from last year, but the last activity date doesn't capture those. As to your question, our standards are to go by what is on the title page rather than the cover. In this case, because Dever is listed as the editor, he should not be listed as an author. It would be fine add to the notes that he edited the book and you could even use the {{A|author name}} template which would link to his bibliography. Hope this helps. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 07:56, 28 May 2023 (EDT)
Just a note that there's a single copy of this on, an 11th printing with a $4.50 price which just says Berkley Books. Copyright page says "Berkley edition / October 1994" so they kept reprinting these books for many years, it seems. EDIT: There's also a 2nd printing of War of the Wizards. --Username (talk) 10:25, 28 May 2023 (EDT)
Thanks for the explanation :) I haven't left the project, I check in most days. I just haven't entered any new book information in a very long time due to switching over to Kindle e-books. AndonSage (talk) 15:00, 28 May 2023 (EDT)

Monsters: Three Tales

Will you be importing the three titles here? John Scifibones 13:43, 31 May 2023 (EDT)

Done. One story has a later date so possibly original to the cassette? Also, I added catalog ID to another cassette by them using note written by someone long ago but can't find ID for Dark Dixie. A sampler with ST100 is on eBay so it's likely ST101 or 102 or 103; seems to be a K. K. Rusch collection and a Matthew Costello collection, too, which can be entered at some point. That rotten Sutphen HC annoys me, because an editor entered contents after I made an edit but I doubt most of them are genre, just a publisher collecting whatever junk he wrote because he owned the company. Likely crime stories and stuff like that. --Username (talk) 13:56, 31 May 2023 (EDT)
We'll show it as original until an earlier publication date surfaces. I don't doubt your guess re: sexpunks. If you come across anything definitive, we can remove titles. John Scifibones 14:15, 31 May 2023 (EDT); Several hours after my edit adding ID I looked at this again and I have several questions. Cover artist is very unlikely to be the same guy who wrote a couple of horror stories who in turn is probably not the same guy who wrote a couple of stories 40 years later. Note says stories are numbered in order but WorldCat has a different order. Making run time into the number of pages seems wrong to me but another editor did the same for one of the other cassettes by the publisher on ISFDB. Why are the narrators in the contents as having done interior art? Cover is an unstable "G" image but I can't find a current Amazon image to replace it with. Maybe someone can answer one or all of these questions and they'll fix a few things. --Username (talk) 18:36, 31 May 2023 (EDT)

Shadow on the Moon publication month

In your publication note addition on this submission, you indicate "it is the publication month", but you give no reasoning to back this claim. I was able to see the "3" as indicated on the copyright page, but nothing in the book indicates this is referring to the month of publication. Please let me know how you arrived at this conclusion. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 15:01, 2 June 2023 (EDT)

Same thing for this submission. As they are both from the same publisher, is there some page somewhere that explains the number is the month of publication? Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 15:03, 2 June 2023 (EDT)
This one, too. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 15:04, 2 June 2023 (EDT)
Because in every PV Lenox Hill book, most by Dragoondelight with a couple by Don Erikson, there is a note saying that the number on the copyright page is the month. --Username (talk) 15:07, 2 June 2023 (EDT)
Okay, thank you. Please include details like that in future moderator notes. That will speed up the process. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 15:15, 2 June 2023 (EDT)

Blood Wish month of publication

In this submission, you cite Wikipedia as the source for the month of publication in the expanded note you added. However, the Wikipedia entry doesn't have any citations for that information, so the information is suspect. Do you have any other sources for the month of publication? ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 15:09, 2 June 2023 (EDT)

You mean the Wikipedia page that says Blood Wish (October 2007) on it? I see it clearly. --Username (talk) 15:12, 2 June 2023 (EDT)
Yes, but that entry on that page (and, in fact, that entire page in this case) has no citation where they got that information. Wikipedia, by itself, is not a good source. If the fact being cited on the Wikipedia page has a citation there, then we can use that citation to back up the information here. Just because something is on Wikipedia doesn't make it fact. We need a solid source for that information. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 15:18, 2 June 2023 (EDT)
I've done a search on Google for possible sources, and the sources I've found vary widely on the publication date. Some give only the year, a few give January 2007, one gives a 2012 date, but I can't find any that give an October 2007 date. The only thing most places agree on is 2007 being the year it was published. I'll go ahead and reject this submission and change the date to just 2007 for now. Unless we can find a more specific date from a reliable source, we shouldn't be guessing on the month. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 15:27, 2 June 2023 (EDT)
Some editor named Zapp said they got the month from; I specified which Wikipedia page the info is actually on. Go ask Zapp if they're still around or ask RTrace why he approved Zapp's edit; maybe he knows the date. The only hit on Google for "october-2007" "blood-wish" is Wiki and a couple of pages that got their info from Wiki; if you really want another source McBride mentions Blood Wish is "available right now" on a page dated December 10, 2007; --Username (talk) 15:31, 2 June 2023 (EDT)
I've added an additional note with a link to the interview. If you find anything more definitive, we can definitely add it. Thanks for digging. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 15:39, 2 June 2023 (EDT)
OK, but now numbering is out of order (1,2,4,3,5,6) because there's no month. I would have stuck to Wikipedia because for someone to enter exact dates for these hard-to-find limited editions they probably had the info but whatever. --Username (talk) 15:56, 2 June 2023 (EDT)
If you mean on this page, just click on the "Sort by series number" link directly above the table and it will sort them according to series number (as shown here). ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 16:06, 2 June 2023 (EDT)

The Eden Mystery publisher

I've placed this submission on hold as you're trying to change the publisher to one not on the title page. The title page states only "Linford", so (if anything) it should be only "Linford". The copyright page states "Linford" again, along with "F. A. Thorpe". Where does the "Ulverscroft" part come from in your submission? I can't see that name anywhere. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 15:46, 2 June 2023 (EDT)

I just cancelled it. In looking at it I think I capitalized first word in note, removed unneeded slash from end of link, and fixed publisher. 2 were just cosmetic fixes and the publisher change I think is correct but I'm not willing to argue about it. --Username (talk) 16:00, 2 June 2023 (EDT)

Rising Sun

I'm disappointed you didn't discuss this submission with me. Your sole basis for the cover art credit is my publication note. Obviously I don't feel a simple photograph used by the cover designer should be credited as cover art. John Scifibones 17:57, 7 June 2023 (EDT)

There's an easy fix for that; the cover credit can be removed in another edit, although your (?) note has a credit for design by a guy and another for Hayden's photograph, photographs being art per ISFDB rules. If you don't believe it should be in this edition then the other credit in the Dutch edition should be removed, too, except for the fact that a note there, likely written by you since you're the only one in edit history, says "cover art"; it should also be removed from Concrete Island since a note in one of the editions with her cover says "design" and likely Crash is design, too, and should also be removed. --Username (talk) 18:12, 7 June 2023 (EDT)
The note I wrote on the foreign edition was a secondhand source (their wording). Notice, I did not add the cover art credit there. I believe photographs are left to the judgement of the verifier. However, I'll leave your edit intact. Please communicate with me in the future, I'm here almost every day. Thanks John Scifibones 18:26, 7 June 2023 (EDT)
I'm confused. The reason I added cover art to the English-language edition was because I saw the same cover on the Dutch edition and wanted to add where that cover originally came from. The artist is credited for cover art in the Dutch edition and you're the sole editor in the history; didn't you enter it? I'm referring to 1999 Dutch, not 1994. --Username (talk) 18:32, 7 June 2023 (EDT)
An editor of your experience should be able to look at this submission and see that I added the month of publication and a note where it came from, period. The publication was entered and all subsequent changes were made before we had access to edit history. Look at the submission to the first edition preparing it to be Primary Verified. You might notice my note to moderator, "I'm not giving cover art credit". I was curious why the Dutch publication had a cover art credit. As long as I was looking at it, 8 minutes later I submitted the change you see above. Hopefully, that clears up your confusion. John Scifibones 21:24, 7 June 2023 (EDT)
Sort of. It's all a hopeless mess, anyway, because as can be seen here,, Hayden's credit translates as "cover illustration". I enter credits for photographs because that is artistic work but I make sure to identify them as photos in the notes (I see I did so for the last book in Hayden's record); there are thousands and thousands of cover credits here that should not have been entered over the years because they say design in the books but there are also thousands and thousands of artists credited with design who signed their names and thus were also responsible for the art. I doubt anyone here is ever going to do the monumental task of identifying and removing cover credits where the person just did the design; it probably is impossible to ascertain for many of those books, anyway, especially the older ones. Very minor issue, anyway, considering there's probably hundreds of Crichton editions that still haven't been entered or have incomplete or wrong info here even though he died nearly 15 years ago. --Username (talk) 22:32, 7 June 2023 (EDT)

Earth Abides

I'm holding this edit identifying the existing record as the 16th printing. I can't find anything in the scan to indicate that the 16th printing was issued August 1977. The existing record states that the data is from Locus #205 which is verified by Mhhutchins. You could try reaching out to him to see if there is enough data in Locus to match the existing record with the scan of the 16th printing. If not, I don't think we can assume that they are the same, and you should clone the record to make one for the 16th printing. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 09:54, 8 June 2023 (EDT)

Date for The Face of the Lion

Hi. What's the source of the date in this submission? Thanks. --MartyD (talk) 08:33, 11 June 2023 (EDT)

It's the day entered in the title record and there's no earlier edition. I see certain Amazon sites use the day, too, so I assume that's where previous editor got it from. --Username (talk) 08:51, 11 June 2023 (EDT)
Ah, thanks. Amazon currently says 1976-01-01 (which of course doesn't mean anything). I found pictures of the interior, and the book says just 1976. I think I'm going to change the records to year-only and move the more complete date to the notes. --MartyD (talk) 16:55, 11 June 2023 (EDT)
OK. This, [63], shows that several have months entered from Amazon UK by one or more editors; the only one I trust is Household Traitors because the month was entered from a proof copy --Username (talk) 17:14, 11 June 2023 (EDT)

Journey to Another Star and Other Stories

I'm holding this submission of yours. The problem is that by changing the credit of "The Good Old Days" from Jack M. Dann to Jack Dan will result in a title that is a variant of an identical title. I can approve this edit if you agree to merge the two titles after it is approved, which will fix the problem that your edit will create. Ideally, that should have been done before your other changes were submitted. Let me know whether you agree to do the second part of this edit. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 09:48, 12 June 2023 (EDT)

I cancelled the edit and did it over minus the stupid note about the logo because all these Lerner SF books have the same thing, it's not unique to this one. I started another edit merging "The Good Old Days" and making Jack Dann the name but it gave me a message about something that can't be a parent title of itself. I assume when merging that the parent record number chosen should be the blank one, not the one with the number, right? Is that what that message means? --Username (talk) 10:27, 12 June 2023 (EDT)
Yes, I believe that's the meaning of that message. The parent ID is for one of the records you're merging. Because you're collapsing them into a single record under the canonical name, there is no need for a parent ID and as you guessed, you should select the blank one. Let me know if you have any further issues with the merge. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 11:02, 12 June 2023 (EDT)

Cover for De beste sf-verhalen van de King Kong award 1977, deel 2

I had to do a hard reject of your edit to make De beste sf-verhalen van de King Kong award 1977 into a variant of the cover for the Da Vinci Code. I cleaned up the proposed parent record which made your edit invalid. However, I was intending to reject your edit anyway. The problem is that the cover you were making into a variant has two artists: Leonardo Da Vinci and Tais Teng. The fact that the cover art was either altered enough to be a posthumous collaboration or whether Teng contributed separate elements that were combined for the new cover, makes it effectively a different work than Da Vinci's painting and we can't really make it a variant. If we were to do so, it would show up because Teng is not an alternate name for Da Vinci (which it shouldn't be, of course). You could certainly add a note or even a link to the other title, but we shouldn't do a variant. Also, just to let you know the edit I did was to remove a coverart record for the original painting. There was a recent discussion where the consensus was that we should not have records for paintings. Hope this explains what went on. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 15:38, 13 June 2023 (EDT)

The Terminal Man

The archive scan you attached to this printing appears to be from another edition/printing. This note, "The purple endpapers have three different labeled diagrams of the human brain", isn't reflected in the attach scan. John Scifibones 18:10, 13 June 2023 (EDT)

Removed when approved. --Username (talk) 18:13, 13 June 2023 (EDT)

The Box: Tales from the Darkroom cover image

Whilst clicking through approvals for my latest batch of broken Amazon images, I inadvertently replaced the openlibrary image [you submitted a few days ago from, only realizing after I'd approved my edit. The two images are visibly different - the Amazon one is lighter, and the openlibrary one has a grey box above the T in "The".

Google Image Search found this photo of the real book, which looks closer to the Amazon image than the openlibrary one, but I'll revert to the latter if you want.

The links you added in the same edit remain as they were. ErsatzCulture (talk) 10:49, 15 June 2023 (EDT)

You're right, Amazon image is better. --Username (talk) 10:53, 15 June 2023 (EDT)

The Krilov Continuum

I'm holding this edit to change the author of The Krilov Continuum from "James Lovegrove" to "J. M. H. Lovegrove". The edit is good, but will require two additional steps to complete. You'll need to un-merge this publication from the title record for "James Lovegrove". Since there is already a title record for "J. M. H. Lovegrove", you'll then need to merge the newly created title record to that one. Please confirm that you will submit the additional edits and I can approve the first step. I'll also mention that when other editors do this sort of multi-step edit, they will mention in the moderator notes that they intend to do the required next steps. Doing that will allow moderators to approve without checking that you understand the subsequent edits that are required. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 13:41, 15 June 2023 (EDT)

The Steel Spring

I'm holding your edit to change the author credit for The Steel Spring. This edit would created a discrepancy between the publication and title records. This would be fine if you intend to unmerge the publication from the title and then make the new title a variant in subsequent edits, but I see nothing in your notes stating that you intend to make the additional required edits. However, and more importantly, there is an active verifier for this publication and I do not see indication that you conferred with them before submitting this edit and that they agreed that your edit is correct. Please contact the other editor and if they agree, please let me know whether you intend to submit the additional edits after this one is approved. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 09:49, 11 July 2023 (EDT)

I cancelled it and made another one adding just link and LCCN. I left Crazy a note that they should change count to 188 and change author's name to Peter but I don't expect a response because they've responded to nothing on their page, starting in 2021, including a previous message by me. --Username (talk) 10:02, 11 July 2023 (EDT)

The Adventures of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

I approved your edits updating The Adventures of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The page count you updated would indicate that this publication is too short to be a novel and this change will cause it show up on a cleanup report. You should convert the publication to a CHAPBOOK. The best way to do this is to first update the title record, changing it from novel to shortfiction. After that is approved, you would update the publication record, changing the type of the publication record to CHAPBOOK and adding a new content record also of type CHAPBOOK with the same title and author. It has to be done in these two steps because there are some form level edits that prevent changing the novel content record (as I recall). Please ask if you have any problems doing these edits. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 09:36, 12 July 2023 (EDT)

Changed to shortfiction. --Username (talk) 09:49, 12 July 2023 (EDT)
Approved. You can proceed with the next edit. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 10:06, 12 July 2023 (EDT)
I think I did it right; done. --Username (talk) 10:13, 12 July 2023 (EDT)
You did. It looks good and we caught it before it could show up on the cleanup report. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 10:18, 12 July 2023 (EDT)

Robin Bennett

After realizing that you were crediting all the Robin Bennett titles to Robin Bennett (I), there was no need for the erroneous alternate name. I just broke the alternate and merged Robin Bennett & Robin Bennett (I). That's why you see this one rejected. Intended to reject this one but approved it by accident. Subsequently corrected. Here is the result. Sorry about any confusion. John Scifibones 13:43, 14 July 2023 (EDT)

Cover art ID

Hey! How did you ever identify this (the signature on the cover of Changing Places) as the signature of Randy Hamblin? Great job! It's a relief. I thought no one had noticed that I'd asked. But really, how did you ID it? —Rosab618 (talk) 22:30, 16 July 2023 (EDT)

Honestly, when I looked at this just now I thought this was an old edit of mine from last year or longer ago but I see that I entered it barely a month ago. I assume I took the first letter of the first and last names and searched for Scholastic artists with those initials. That's my best guess. I didn't leave a note to moderator for some reason so it's hard to say. --Username (talk) 11:59, 17 July 2023 (EDT)
Well, thanks. Rosab618 (talk) 15:25, 17 July 2023 (EDT)

Projections (cover)

Is this cover credited to Meltzer, Davis Meltzer? If so, go ahead and submit the necessary edits. John Scifibones 14:58, 17 July 2023 (EDT)

Hard Rejects for Malcolm for President

I had to hard delete two of your edits for Malcolm for President. As a result of this discussion we determined that the title was not eligible for inclusion in the database. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 19:49, 19 July 2023 (EDT)

The Maverick Moon

  1. Temp hold on this one Which series do you want to put it in?
  2. Re: this one; Is Star Wars the right series?

Also. Should these be marked juvenile? John Scifibones 17:00, 22 July 2023 (EDT)

I removed series from title of Maverick Moon because that's SOP; many books in the early days, some even in latter days, had series included in book titles when Fixer or whatever it used to be called just trawled Amazon and entered stuff verbatim. So when I see series in titles I get rid of them. I believe these books are already part of a series/pub. series on ISFDB as most Star Wars books are and if they aren't I wouldn't be the one to decide which of the many subsets they belong to because most are PV and changing anything angers people sometimes. Juvenile is relative, adults read these, too, so unless it says specifically in the book that it's for a certain age group I don't think they should be juvenile. --Username (talk) 22:21, 22 July 2023 (EDT)

Greybeards at Play

I rejected this one. The canonical title always carries the earliest publication date. Even in this situation, where the title was originally published under what we call an alternate name. Think about the author's bibliography page and what it would reflect if I accepted your change. John Scifibones 16:07, 24 July 2023 (EDT)

I See a Long Journey (cover art)

Since these are not the same, we need do not merge warnings in the title notes. Otherwise, someone will merge them for sure. Let me know if you submit edits or prefer I take care of it. John Scifibones 17:14, 3 August 2023 (EDT)

Done, I think. --Username (talk) 17:22, 3 August 2023 (EDT)
That works. John Scifibones 17:26, 3 August 2023 (EDT)

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge and Other Stories

You need title notes in both or someone will merge them for sure. John Scifibones 19:28, 8 August 2023 (EDT)

Author picture (fantlab)

What's up with all these fantlab edits? Are the old links going away.? John Scifibones 20:01, 8 August 2023 (EDT)

The trailing stuff at the end of the URL is not needed, as I believe Annie told me a long time ago, so when I saw one of them randomly the other day I decided to do a search and get rid of all of them. There were only a very small number of them and some of them got updated by me with other stuff, too, so it's all good. --Username (talk) 20:08, 8 August 2023 (EDT)
Just curious. I'm sure you saw I already approved them John Scifibones 20:09, 8 August 2023 (EDT)

Portrait of Barbara

I'm holding your edit to modify the title of a publication. This edit would create a discrepancy between the publication title and the title record. If your intention is to make the additional edits to make this change (unmerge and then make variant), I can approve this. In the future, you can include your intent to make the additional edits in the notes to the moderator, and we can just approve the edit without inquiring. Please let me know how you intend to proceed. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 14:22, 9 August 2023 (EDT)

Yeah, sure. --Username (talk) 14:30, 9 August 2023 (EDT)
OK, approved. You can proceed with the next edit. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 14:44, 9 August 2023 (EDT)

Ragged Maps

Mhhutchins has subsequently updated Ragged Maps so these three [64], [65], [66] should be cancelled. John Scifibones 08:35, 22 August 2023 (EDT)

OK, I deleted them, but doesn't the yellow warning that was implemented recently show up to let people know that someone else made edits before them? Because mine have been sitting around since 8/5 waiting for one of you to approve them and then Mhhutchins comes along more than 2 weeks later and just enters everything I did instead of approving my edits, which they could have done considering they're a mod. No offense, but I have to correct other people's edits constantly, including many of the moderators' edits, so I wonder if everything was entered correctly. Maybe someone should check. --Username (talk) 09:57, 22 August 2023 (EDT)

Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie

Cancel and resubmit this one with author name Neal Barret, Jr. (comma required) so all I have to do is make the name an alternate and variant the title. Thanks, John Scifibones 10:10, 24 August 2023 (EDT)

Other Aliens

Re: this submission. Why change only some of the pipe to page numbers? John Scifibones 16:24, 25 August 2023 (EDT)

Because they're all essays/interviews, standard for me when I fix stuff in collections/anthologies where the fiction is uncertain (see someone's note); I do the non-fiction stuff and leave the rest alone. --Username (talk) 08:33, 20 September 2023 (EDT)
Just to make sure I'm clear. You want to jumble the content titles because there is a note saying some of the title types could be wrong? Why not check the titles, clear the note, and replace all the pipes? John Scifibones 08:48, 20 September 2023 (EDT)
Never mind. I cancelled it and re-did it with just the archived link; RTrace was the one who entered the contents and the note so maybe now that there's a real copy to look at he'd like to verify all the contents and add the numbers. I'll ask him. --Username (talk) 08:54, 20 September 2023 (EDT)

The Reformation of St. Jules

FWIW, specific references into the the locusmag index constantly change. Your usual method of putting it in the note to moderator is best. I know you were were just updating the existing note. John Scifibones 19:44, 27 August 2023 (EDT)

The Circus of Dr. Lao

Take a second look at this one. Price looks like 1.25. What do you think? John Scifibones 15:30, 31 August 2023 (EDT)

You are correct. Price sticker which is front cover only in images added to other editions here is divided between front and back in this copy, 1 and 25. --Username (talk) 17:05, 31 August 2023 (EDT)

31 Days

output.gif. --Username (talk) 23:58, 31 August 2023 (EDT)

The Best Stories of Thomas Burke

Will you be adding the contents to this pub? John Scifibones 10:20, 4 September 2023 (EDT)

Probably not because today will be my last day editing here until October 1st (Halloween season). I usually don't like to enter numbers for older books unless I see an actual copy, usually on, because sometimes contents pages are inaccurate. If you feel like entering them you can do that; maybe a copy will turn up someday and numbers can be verified. --Username (talk) 10:26, 4 September 2023 (EDT)

The Shattered Mask

I agree with your submission that the art credit s/b 'Terese Neilsen'. Do you agree this is a simple misspelling that should be an alternate name for 'Terese Nielsen'? John Scifibones 15:15, 11 September 2023 (EDT)

I agree. EDIT: You fixed it but I noticed the following art credit for a Dragon issue says "only as" and uses her canonical name, which seems wrong. --Username (talk) 16:28, 11 September 2023 (EDT)
Good catch. The parent title was corrected 2 years ago but the erroneous variant was never merged. Fixed now. John Scifibones 16:51, 11 September 2023 (EDT)

The Pines

I'm holding your submission to add a disambiguator of "(excerpt)" to The Pines. Your note to the moderator asserts that it's an excerpt from the author's novel of the same name, but does not cite a source for this assertion. Miller/Contento, which ordinarily does identify excerpts, does not do so in this instance but instead lists it as a short story. Could you please let me know what your source is? Also, if we do proceed with this edit, excerpts are generally entered as SHORTFICTION without a length, so the short story length should be blanked as well. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 09:43, 15 September 2023 (EDT); See copyright page (I assume I came across this long ago and it stuck in my head but I never got around to changing it until now; Dunbar's short story writing didn't start until 10 years later). Also, I noticed the art wasn't entered except for the cover but interior artists are mentioned on contents page and I saw a later issue on eBay that also mentions the artists so someone who's interested could probably cobble most or all of the issues from various online sources and add art credits. I checked all 25 issues and none of them have interior art credits and none are PV so it wouldn't need checking with anyone else to add those credits. There's also the issue of having to change starting page numbers by 1 for those stories that begin with an illustration and a lot of the stories don't have lengths because editors likely added contents for most or all of the issues from Locus/Philsp and they call very short stories "vignettes" and those often are not given lengths here. EDIT: I just added, in an edit, "excerpt" to Lisa Cantrell's "The Ridge" which is from her novel with a .jpg link to the contents page of that After Hours issue. --Username (talk) 13:40, 15 September 2023 (EDT)
Approved. I'll leave the interior art to you. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 17:38, 15 September 2023 (EDT)
I feel like I've said this before but print and/or online sources of information are totally unreliable so what Miller/Contento or anyone else says can't be trusted. Also, aren't you one of the magazine guys? Because whenever I add a story link you run through all the issues of the zine it appeared in and fix whatever needs fixing, sometimes doing almost nothing else for a couple of days. I'd think that many/all of the 25 issues missing any credit for the artwork would be something that needed fixing (seems odd that no one ever noticed before me, apparently, since the magazine ended its run in 1995 just before this site was created). Makes no sense to leave it to me because I haven't been doing any new edits since Labor Day except for a very small amount that I felt needed doing (the few edits you rejected recently which I did over again, a couple of unstable cover replacements for books I PV, a few D. F. Lewis story links, and the excerpt edits mentioned above) and when I start again in October I'll have totally forgotten any of this and, hopefully, after Halloween I won't be doing any of this at all. But that's OK, I'll leave a message on Community Portal copy-and-pasting what I wrote above and I'm sure at least a few editors will be glad to get credit for adding a whole bunch of artists to these magazines, many of which were/are major figures in their field, assuming anyone actually bothers to respond. If nobody does it's no big deal because if anyone really cared they would have been added many years ago. Thanks. --Username (talk) 18:20, 15 September 2023 (EDT)

The Bell of Nendrum

I'm holding your submission to add The Bell of Nendrum. Reading the blurb on the back, it appears to be a historical novel. Do you have evidence that it contains supernatural or other genre elements? With only two novels listed, I wouldn't think that J. S. Andrews is above the threshold which would allow non-genre works. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 09:51, 20 September 2023 (EDT)

The USA edition is on ISFDB and a note from someone says it was originally published in the UK under this title so I entered it. If it doesn't qualify then the other edition should be removed. --Username (talk) 09:54, 20 September 2023 (EDT)
OK. I see it is listed in Reginald. I'll approve. Please make the US title into a variant of the original. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 10:05, 20 September 2023 (EDT)

Bogies conjunction

I realize it's an old submission, but for this, where did you get "&"? I got a Google Books preview of the second edition to show me both the TOC and title page, and it is "Bogies Ancient and Modern" in both. Thanks. --MartyD (talk) 17:50, 24 September 2023 (EDT)

I was very confused about this because I distinctly remembered using an actual copy of the old edition; turns out that edit was rejected,, months ago for something minor and I forgot about it. So since RTrace is "away" again maybe you can un-reject it and then add the one-sentence info he was complaining about being lost to the re-named publisher. Re: this story it's spelled with an "and" on contents page and top of story's right-hand pages but with an "&" on story's title page in the old edition. --Username (talk) 18:39, 24 September 2023 (EDT)
Got it, thanks. I think I have it all fixed up now. --MartyD (talk) 10:07, 25 September 2023 (EDT)

John Dequer

I accepted your submissions for the two different John [H.] Dequer credits. I made the assumption that each is the same person, and Google suggests "John H. Dequer" was how he was broadly known, so I made that the canonical and made the H-less one be the alternate name. If you think that's wrong, please edit as you think appropriate, or let me know and I will do it. Thanks. --MartyD (talk) 13:16, 15 October 2023 (EDT)

OK. I'm adding a link about the author to his record now if you want to approve it; seems he was a shady character and a lot about him is not clear. --Username (talk) 13:20, 15 October 2023 (EDT)
I'm not sure if the author change review screen tells me about submissions accepted out of order the way the publications review screen does.... Did you mean to change the information I had dug up (see this view), or did we cross-post? If it was accidental, I can combine the info. If it was deliberate, that's ok. I'm certainly not up on which of these sort of sites is more (or less) authoritative than another. --MartyD (talk) 20:58, 15 October 2023 (EDT)
I just rejected mine and did it over, again adding the Blogspot link. Everything else would be yours so check to make sure everything you did is there. --Username (talk) 23:11, 15 October 2023 (EDT)
Done. Sorry about the extra work. Nice little find. Shady character, indeed! --MartyD (talk) 15:18, 16 October 2023 (EDT)

Ransom's / Gorman's "Anruf um Mitternacht"

Hello, Username! Can you please cancel your submissions regarding this publication / title? I just updated the records (and there's a translator credit if one uses the sources most valuable). Thanks, Christian Stonecreek (talk) 13:51, 26 October 2023 (EDT)

I saw 2 of them with that title in my massive backlog of pending edits so I cancelled both. --Username (talk) 13:55, 26 October 2023 (EDT)
Yeah, likely one for the title and one for the publication. Thanks! Christian Stonecreek (talk) 14:02, 26 October 2023 (EDT)

Continuing discussion from Mavmaramis' talk page

While you may doubt whether Mavmaramis cares about long posts arguing about your perceived grievances, I make no such claim as to their state of mind. I wouldn't like it if editors did that on my talk page, so I'm moving my comments here.

  • Re: Contacting only one verifier when several are active.
    You stated that you you didn't ask Mavmaramis about the Eshbach book, because you could not determine whether they were active. I pointed out that the last activity date is visible with the verification. You then argued that that date isn't how you determine whether is someone is active, but rather, it's whether they respond to you in the wiki.
    Your definition of who is active is not workable. An editor is active if they've made edits whether they post in the Wiki or not. In this case Mavmaramis is the only other verifier for the book you asked me about. Mavmaramis' last edit was on 10/24, and they posted a response to a question from you on their talk page on 10/25. Yet, you stated "it's always confusing trying to remember who's still active". I see no reason to be confused. If a verifier has a recent date in their "Last User Activity Date", they are active and must be consulted before making substantive changes to the record. If you are making the edit, you must contact all of them. If you are asking a question, it's a good idea to ask all of them, especially if you are asking that the publication be changed. Asking only a single verifier, shifts the work of notifying others to the verifier that you asked.
  • Re: Whether editors will engage with you
    I am aware that multiple moderators have publicly stated they will no longer moderate your edits. I'm merely stating that it wouldn't surprise me if there are editors who will not respond to your posts on the Community Portal and other pages. It's not a matter of popularity. It's likely about avoiding interactions that are unpleasant.
  • Re: Using the canonical name for artists.
    I stated that it's "OK" and "acceptable" to use the canonical name for artists. Why you would think that I meant that it is required to do so escapes me. Especially since in the context of the original post to Mavmaramis, I stated that I was happy to change Fabian's credit and sought their agreement to do so.
  • Re: How many edits I moderate.
    You asserted that the velocity of my moderations has decreased. I questioned why you were tracking how many edits I moderate and you replied that your reason for tracking my moderations is because of how much you have to scroll when looking for a particular edit.
    There are over 20 moderators who have been active in the last month, yet any delay in moderating your edits is because of my velocity? You claim you have no interest in me, yet you make claims about about my rate of moderation. Both things can't be true. As to the edits of yours that I have skipped (and those are moderated insofar as I have to evaluate them find them unable to be approved), I've explained to you many times that they generally fall into two categories. You either neglect to get the assent of active verifiers, or you neglect to document your sources for the change in the moderator notes. While I post a question on your talk page, for each of these and then wait for you to respond (or more likely argue why you don't think you have to fix the problem), I simply don't have time or inclination do so, aside from the extra burden of having to track dozens (hundreds?) of conversations back to pending edits. If you find your edits languishing in the queue, maybe review them yourself and if they fall into these two categories, cancel the edit and reissue, seek approval from the verifiers, or reissue the edit with proper documentation.

Hopefully, this addresses the points you raised. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 08:32, 28 October 2023 (EDT)

There are, as of 9:15 this morning, 1,872 pending edits of which nearly 1,000 are mine. We need moderators to approve them in a timely manner. Some of you should figure out a way to do that. Also see this,, where I am #6 on the all-time list of Editors on ISFDB and, of the 5 ahead of me, 3 are inactive, 1 is deceased, and 1 is a robot. I am the most prolific ACTIVE editor in the 17 year history of public editing,, on this site, and I've only been editing for less than 3 years. So my edits get approved one way or another; all I need is 2 mods, one to approve and another to step in if the first one is not available. I've had mods get angry and stop approving my edits before but they usually come back, sometimes leaving again after they disagree with other people on this site, so it makes no difference to me. You all had problems long before I got here. --Username (talk) 09:28, 28 October 2023 (EDT)

Christmas Eve

day-after-xmas-meme1.jpg. --Username (talk) 14:10, 7 December 2023 (EST)

Night in Funland

I'm holding your submission to merge two title records for the story "Night in Funland". The issue is that this would change the spelling of the author's name in two verified publications. Please contact the verifiers and have them check the spelling. If it differs, then you would need to make a variant and adjust the date accordingly. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 15:05, 21 November 2023 (EST)

Vasha asked me about this back in 2017, and I thought it had been updated. I confirmed that Peden was correct. I can fix my pub Tom (talk) 11:13, 25 November 2023 (EST)
Thanks. --Username (talk) 11:16, 25 November 2023 (EST)
Auric was the other PV, and he didn't respond back in 2018. I think we should accept the merge. Tom (talk) 11:20, 25 November 2023 (EST)
I'm not really willing to release this hold until all of the active verifiers have weighed in, or been given a chance to do so. Whether or not Auric responded to a post 5 years ago isn't really material to this discussion. Please see this help page. Per the note on Auric's talk page, we've been asked to be patient in waiting for a response. However, since Username failed to ask about Auric's publication prior to submitting this edit, nor after the edit was held, they haven't really had a chance to respond yet. They have responded to inquiries as recently as November 14 which is after this edit was submitted. Had the notification been made prior to the edit as should have been done, Auric likely would have responded by now. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 14:02, 25 November 2023 (EST)
He'll likely respond like most PV do here, with total disinterest because they stopped caring about being an editor a long time ago, they can't get a hold of their copy because they're moving soon/just finished moving or they're going in hospital/just out of hospital, or "how dare you imply I made a mistake". I assume it'll be one of those. --Username (talk) 14:06, 25 November 2023 (EST)
Auric has responded and we all agree that Peden is correct. Can we release the hold now, Ron? Tom (talk) 11:42, 22 December 2023 (EST)
I wouldn't hold my breath. The pending edits list is about to hit 3,000 (nearly 2,000 of which are mine) for I believe the first time ever since I started 3 years ago. The 9:30 pause this morning for updating also took longer than I can ever remember, nearly 20 minutes. I also notice more fake spam accounts lately that mods have to block which takes time and there was 1 apparently non-fake account the other day by someone whose name was the N-word. So, you know, things aren't going very well and all we can do is wait until they get back on course. --Username (talk) 12:19, 22 December 2023 (EST)
Approved. Thanks for getting approvals from the verifiers. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 15:07, 22 December 2023 (EST)

A Muster of Ghosts

Regarding this submission: You state "Artist's signature on lower right of cover.", but there is no cover image. The Internet Archive scan does not have a cover image either. Do you have a source for the cover that we can link to or upload locally? Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 10:48, 22 November 2023 (EST) --Username (talk) 10:50, 22 November 2023 (EST)
Thanks. -- JLaTondre (talk) 11:08, 22 November 2023 (EST)


You gave no reason or any evidence as to why you are changing the publisher on this submission. I see you posted a message today on the PV's talk page, but there hasn't been any response yet. I've placed this on hold until you can provide evidence to support the publisher change. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 13:15, 29 November 2023 (EST)

Not to Be Taken at Bed-Time and Other Strange Stories

I've placed this submission on hold pending verification by the PV of what appears on the title page. Covers and title pages don't always agree, and we go with what's on the title page. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 13:21, 29 November 2023 (EST)

The title page is shown on FantLab; I added their ID in an edit last year. --Username (talk) 13:42, 29 November 2023 (EST)

Arthur, the Bear of Britain

I'm holding this edit that changes the author of this publication. This is another edit where you are removing all references to an existing author and will consequently delete the author record and all included metadata. You really need to check existing authors and publishers when editing them within publication and title records to ensure that you are not removing the sole references. In this particular case, the author you are changing to already exists. Please copy the metadata from the author record you are deleting to the one you are replacing it with. This needs to be done before this edit can be approved. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 09:45, 30 November 2023 (EST)

I do not understand what you're attempting to do by cancelling your first edit and submitting a new one without correcting the author which you know to be incorrect. The only issue with the edit you cancelled was that it would delete Edward Percy Frankland which has metadata which would be lost. If the data was moved to the new author first, the delete wouldn't matter. What was your reason for not correcting the author record so that your original edit could be approved? I know you know how to update an author record with legal name, birthplace, dates, and webpage. You submit such edits all the time. Yet here, you refuse to do so. I'm going reject your new edit and un-reject your original one. Please move the metadata from Edward Percy Frankland to Edward Frankland, so that your original edit can be approved. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 18:52, 30 November 2023 (EST)
Let me explain something to you. Since Thanksgiving a week ago I've been sick with some kind of bronchial infection that's caused me to sneeze blood and cough up ropes of green phlegm. Yet I've continued to edit here every day at the same high volume I usually do. I feel better than I did a few days ago but am still not well yet. So you can reject, un-reject, or anything else you want to do. You're lucky I'm still doing any edits at all. --Username (talk) 19:01, 30 November 2023 (EST)
Sorry to hear that you are ill and hope you recover soon. By all means, wait until you feel better to respond. There is no hurry. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 19:36, 30 November 2023 (EST)


Take another look at this submission. Your cite Amazon as the source of your changes, but the publication date and format agree with our record (OL also says Jan 11 & pb). I agree with regularizing the publisher and correcting the Pages field. John Scifibones 09:00, 7 December 2023 (EST)

I checked again and while Amazon India says 1 November Amazon Australia says 11 January; both have dimensions of 10.8 x 2.54 x 17.15 cm which would be just under TP size so I think you're right there. I'll cancel and re-do. --Username (talk) 09:12, 7 December 2023 (EST)
Updated submission approved. Don't forget to cancel this one. John Scifibones 09:18, 7 December 2023 (EST)

Sifton; Hi. It'll be a while before I find my copy, so I'll change it provisionally. Thanks. gzuckier (talk) 23:40, 15 December 2023 (EST)

The Ninth Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories

I'm holding your submission to correct the prices on the 1st printing of The Ninth Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories. The edit is essentially fine. However, this will lose the information about the 4th printing which you mention is the source for the existing pricing. I would recommend cloning the existing record to create a new record for the 4th printing. After that is approved, then this edit can be approved and we'll have records for both printings and no data will be lost. Let me know once you've cloned the record and we can proceed. Thanks. --Ron ~ RtraceTalk 10:12, 10 January 2024 (EST)

I made a clone. --Username (talk) 10:26, 10 January 2024 (EST)


I found my copy of S&S XVIII and you are correct. The page count is 308. I can change it if you want. I've located my copy of S&S XIX and will double your suggested edits when I can get to it. MLB (talk) 21:50, 31 January 2024 (EST)

Science Fictionisms

I would like you to pull your [submission] as I just uploaded a scanned cover image and noticed your pending submission. I will incorporate your link with it. ../Doug H (talk) 14:15, 4 February 2024 (EST)

Done. --Username (talk) 17:25, 4 February 2024 (EST)
Cthulhu is misspelled in the notes. --Username (talk) 17:36, 4 February 2024 (EST)
Fixed. Thanks. ../Doug H (talk) 21:56, 4 February 2024 (EST)

Fire and Wings: Dragon Tales from East and West

I'm holding this submission. I agree the book is the 2002 printing, but I'm a little suspicious of the jacket. '0912' on the front flap. If the jacket is from a later printing, the price might be incorrect. What am I missing? John Scifibones 13:28, 17 February 2024 (EST)

That's the ages of who they market the books to. I checked another 2002 book from Cricket on and it also says 0912. --Username (talk) 13:37, 17 February 2024 (EST)
Thank you, John Scifibones 13:38, 17 February 2024 (EST)

The Aztec-Hunters

I agree with everything in this submission except the Pages field. The largest Roman numeral I see is 'viii'. If you agree, I'll approve and then make the change. John Scifibones 13:45, 17 February 2024 (EST)

It's always a judgment call with these situations. The second illustrations page should have a Roman numeral because it is continued from the previous page, viii, but older books often left the last number off depending on whether it was facing a blank page or on a left-hand or right-hand page or whatever; other older books just printed the number without a problem. So if you want to you can add the missing number in brackets or something like that. --Username (talk) 13:54, 17 February 2024 (EST)
There is no judgement involved. From the help: "When a book has a section with Roman numeral page numbers for introductory material, followed by Arabic numerals for the main text of the book, enter both sets of numbers. For example, a book with a page count field of "viii+320" has "viii" as the highest numbered page with a Roman numeral..." In the above publication; If the next page was material that warranted a title record, the Pages field would still be 'viii+363' and the content page number would be 'ix'. Roman numeral pages can never have a bracket. John Scifibones 14:05, 17 February 2024 (EST)

1948 Fantasy Annual

There are several problems with this submission.

  • From the help section Date - "Dating Periodicals - Except for reprints (see Periodical Reprints), use the issue's "cover date", regardless of when the issue became available." Therefor 1948 is the correct date.
  • From the help section Title - "Magazines. For the title of a magazine, the best source is the information (often below the table of contents) about the publisher, giving the address; this often says something like "IF is published monthly by . . . ." If this is not present, the magazine cover and the heading on the contents page are about equal in priority; again take a good guess." Granted, the cover and T-O-C are equally weighted. However, since the cover title seems better known, per secondary sources, I think we should stay with that.

I suggest cancelling the submission and resubmit the link. John Scifibones 15:16, 18 February 2024 (EST)

Driftwood's Crusade

Hi. Re: this submission. I found on Google Books something that agrees with the 2007-08-01 and the 216 page count. I notice it is a hardcover. I suspect the one on that you were looking at is for a different, paperback edition. Note the crease on the front cover and the lack of jacket flaps in the scan. The long dimension given in the metadata is 18 cm (7"), which would be typical for a paperback. Also, C$10.95 pb price would be somewhat consistent with an hc price of $14.95 (whether USD or CAD). The format difference could explain the significantly different page count. August 2007 might or might not have an ISBN-13, but later editions would. On, they list 2009 and 2011 publication dates for trade paperback + ebook (no mention of hardcover). What do you think? --MartyD (talk) 10:39, 19 February 2024 (EST)

I cancelled and made a new one with more exact wording. Seems to be some confusion with this publisher here because the other 2 series books have unknown and TP for format. War is also on and there seems to be another that either was overlooked or possibly is not genre so there's more to check. --Username (talk) 11:10, 19 February 2024 (EST)

Literature of the Supernatural

Will you be importing the content titles here? John Scifibones 17:12, 19 February 2024 (EST)

The Accidental Time Machine

The Accidental Time Machine. Re: your note to moderator "shouldn't this book be $99.00 like the others in the set?". The PV appears active, ask them. John Scifibones 13:07, 21 February 2024 (EST)

I don't see anything from them in almost 2 years so they're not really active and verification was transient, anyway. It was just a thought I had, I didn't really expect anyone to answer. --Username (talk) 17:51, 21 February 2024 (EST)
I made the change you suggested and posted to their talk page. Their last activity was 2024-02-18. John Scifibones 08:15, 22 February 2024 (EST)

Another World: Adventures in Otherness

I think the title of all three should be "Another World: A Science Fiction Anthology". What do you think? John Scifibones 13:50, 21 February 2024 (EST)

The Year's Best Horror Stories: XIX

the pages field for this one should be vii+366 —The preceding unsigned comment added by Faustus (talkcontribs) 08:41, February 22, 2024‎

No, because intro starts on 15; only separate non-sequential numbering should be entered. I know some people do it otherwise, like a lot of DAW Books I've seen, but that's wrong, maybe not technically per ISFDB rules but still wrong. --Username (talk) 08:46, 22 February 2024 (EST)
i'll change it and let the mods decide —The preceding unsigned comment added by Faustus (talkcontribs) 09:00, February 22, 2024‎
I've asked them. Also, sign your messages. --Username (talk) 09:46, 22 February 2024 (EST)

Our American King

Re: Our American King. Afterr approving your edit, I removed 'bc' as a page number for the back cover artwork. From the help - "bc - back cover of a magazine which doesn't include the covers in its pagination." John Scifibones 20:34, 23 February 2024 (EST)

Vann Anson Lister

What's the point of this submission? John Scifibones 14:54, 24 February 2024 (EST)

There doesn't seem to be bio info for this author online and the Night Cry issue where one of their stories appeared is on but there's no info there, either; I found that obit which identifies him as a "son" so I decided to add it. Knowing something is better than nothing. --Username (talk) 19:09, 24 February 2024 (EST)


Shouldn't this one be a CHAPBOOK like the others? John Scifibones 11:48, 28 February 2024 (EST)

Best American Fantasy 2

Re; this submission. If I approve this, the preface will have the identical title as in Best American Fantasy. Resubmit adding the appropriate disambiguation. Thanks, John Scifibones 16:23, 1 March 2024 (EST)

Why not correct this, instead of trolling the new approvals. Give Tom Luscas a chance to communicate before you jump into the thread. John Scifibones 17:21, 4 March 2024 (EST)
There's no trolling, in order to do that I'd actually have to care about any of this, I just regularly check the "recent changes" page, saw an unusual title, typed it on the Archive and there it was so, as I've done thousands and thousands of times before, I improved a record by adding info or fixing incorrect info that previous editors added. It's unlikely any of you or Mr. Lucas would ever have done that, especially since he entered his own book with the wrong number of pages and no price even though both would be obvious by actually looking at a copy which he must own since he PV it; he also seemingly didn't know the difference between a PB and a TP or that ISBN-13 have been used for all books since 2007 which is 5 years before his book was published. It's the usual case where a writer just wants to get their book(s) noticed and/or sell some more copies but doesn't care much about actually entering them correctly. One of you could probably improve on my edit after it's approved because contents page has a "i" for the first page but there is none on the page itself and it doesn't even have the same title + there's a credit for photography on the copyright page but it doesn't specify what that means, possibly the author photo on the back or maybe there's some photos inside the book so if anyone thinks any of this should be entered or noted you can do that. Also, I don't have to answer anything right away. There are hundreds and hundreds of messages, mostly on Community Portal, where I asked for help, offered my help, or tried to get a discussion going and nobody ever answered. I looked at this American Fantasy thing recently and they both have the same title, as usual with these Prime Books or whichever shoddy Sean Wallace publishing imprint put them out they're a mess with wrong covers, titles that nobody online can agree on, books announced but never published, etc. I thought of asking about this on the Portal but didn't bother because it's just a waste of time; if you'd like to do something with it feel free, variant or merge or whatever. Once I'm done with an edit I move on and have a hard time remembering what I did before, like the 1,400 edits I have currently pending or whatever the number is now. --Username (talk) 18:04, 4 March 2024 (EST)
Neither a variant nor merge would be correct. A quick glimpse at both texts reveal they are totally different. Thus we disambiguate. John Scifibones 18:48, 4 March 2024 (EST)
Terrific. Also, I added pub. series to one of his other books which nobody noticed even though it's on the cover. --Username (talk) 18:54, 4 March 2024 (EST)

H. P. Lovecraft's Book of the Supernatural: 20 Classics of the Macabre, Chosen by the Master of Horror Himself

I've placed this submission on hold as you gave no reason for the name change. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 14:05, 5 March 2024 (EST)

Will you clarify why you submitted the name change here? No moderator note was submitted with this. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 20:00, 18 March 2024 (EDT)
As there has been no response to this inquiry for 20 days, I've declined the submission. If you can provide a good reason for the change, we can always revisit it. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 15:54, 25 March 2024 (EDT)


I've placed this submission on hold as you are changing the page numbers and haven't contacted the PV to make sure they are okay with that. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 12:39, 6 March 2024 (EST)

Since the guy hasn't responded to a message on his board for more than 3 years it's probably pointless but I'll do it, anyway. --Username (talk) 12:41, 6 March 2024 (EST)
Same with this one as you are changing the punctuation of one of the stories in that volume. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 12:45, 6 March 2024 (EST)
Since they haven't responded yet, I've gone ahead and approved both of these since I was able to verify the information using the copy. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 20:10, 18 March 2024 (EDT)


I've placed this submission on hold as the version is only available to those with disabilities and what they do show does not verify the change you are submitting. I don't see any attempt to contact the two PVs. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 12:45, 6 March 2024 (EST)

Enter xiii in search box next to magnifying glass. --Username (talk) 12:59, 6 March 2024 (EST)
I've gone ahead and approved this one based on this information. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe

[The] Bokanalia [Memorial] Foundation

I have come across your submission wanting to change a publisher credit from The Bokanalia Foundation to "The Bokanalia Memorial Foundation". I did find a picture corroborating that here. I noticed everything under that publisher was entered and verified by one person (Bob). I am thinking that perhaps he was consistently mistaken with regard to the missing "Memorial". E.g., aside from the one you submitted a change for, I found pictures of A Memorial Portfolio showing a "Bokanalia Memorial Foundation" 1970 copyright. I also found this picture of a bulletin using "Bokanalia Memorial Foundation" and providing its mailing address. So I am considering renaming the publisher to either "The Bokanalia Memorial Foundation" or "Bokanalia Memorial Foundation". Alas, we have lost Bob, so we cannot ask him to review the credits. What do you think? --MartyD (talk) 18:15, 7 March 2024 (EST)

I think "The Bokanalia Memorial Foundation" would be best. --Username (talk) 18:23, 7 March 2024 (EST)
Does it look ok to you to rename the publisher and have all the pubs use that? --MartyD (talk) 12:58, 8 March 2024 (EST)
Yes it does. --Username (talk) 13:04, 8 March 2024 (EST)

Someplace to be Flying

Your submission stated "LCCN on copyright page, 97-37433, is on the LoC site for an unrelated book, Silly Spider." This seems not to be a correct statement, so I've removed it from the notes. MagicUnk (talk) 12:40, 17 March 2024 (EDT)*&searchType=0&recCount=25. --Username (talk) 12:46, 17 March 2024 (EDT)
Okay, I'm seeing it now. Approved. (that is to say, re-added your statement) MagicUnk (talk) 13:14, 17 March 2024 (EDT)

The Man in the Mirror

I have both of your edits [67], [68] on hold as it's likely these are essays, but could you check with the PV's first if that's really the case? Thanks! MagicUnk (talk) 12:44, 17 March 2024 (EDT)

I cancelled both and left PV a note to check and change if needed. --Username (talk) 09:08, 19 March 2024 (EDT)


Your submission states 'cover artist is Andrey Kiselev' twice. But you didn't add a cover art record to the publication. Anything that I'm missing here? Also, no fotolia link provided, so couldn't check if that showed a different spelling of the artist? If you could clarify what you meant to do here? MagicUnk (talk) 12:49, 17 March 2024 (EDT)

He's already added. I just noted the difference in how he was credited. --Username (talk) 12:51, 17 March 2024 (EDT)
Ah, got it! Approved. MagicUnk (talk) 13:12, 17 March 2024 (EDT)


I've placed this submission on hold as your moderator note didn't explain why you were changing the date. Please clarify this. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 20:36, 18 March 2024 (EDT); Crown ed. plus 2 others. --Username (talk) 09:07, 19 March 2024 (EDT)
An easier way to do this would be to add the hardcover and then merge the titles. I've added the hardcover. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 12:03, 19 March 2024 (EDT); archived copy is club edition so publisher should be one of the many Crown clubs listed on this page,, that Amazon link shows copyright page of trade edition. --Username (talk) 13:10, 19 March 2024 (EDT)

Ralestone Luck

I've placed this submission as you didn't indicate where you got the information. Please clarify this. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 20:40, 18 March 2024 (EDT)

Info is in the archived copy which I added a link to in my edit. --Username (talk) 09:03, 19 March 2024 (EDT)
The back dust jacket flap has a list of Wildside Pulp Classics on it, but this book is not among them. I can't see anything else which indicates this is part of that series. The list appears to be an ad for that pub series, not an indication this book is part of it. ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 12:06, 19 March 2024 (EDT)
Cancelled and re-done with just archived link. --Username (talk) 13:11, 19 March 2024 (EDT)
Approved! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 13:14, 19 March 2024 (EDT)

Preface (Seaports in the Moon: A Fantasia on Romantic Themes)

Regarding this submission, you submitted a complete title change without giving any reason, so I placed it on hold. Please clarify why you want to change this title. Thanks! ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 14:19, 20 March 2024 (EDT)

Copy link added by me to one of the records does not say preface, it says the title I entered. Someone must have gotten "preface" from some online resource, not from the book itself. --Username (talk) 10:54, 27 March 2024 (EDT)
Thank you. Please include information like that in future submissions either in the Notes field or as a moderator note (if it's not appropriate for the Notes field). ···日本穣 · 投稿 · Talk to Nihonjoe 12:32, 27 March 2024 (EDT)

Astronauts & Androids coverart record

Hmmm, noticed that Rtrace rejected another edit of yours pertaining to this coverart record. You may want to explain what exactly you are trying to achieve? Thanks! MagicUnk (talk) 15:47, 4 April 2024 (EDT)

I think I did what he asked, merging parent and variant instead of creating a new variant. It's Frank Kelly Freas in the book, not Kelly Freas as a prior editor entered it. --Username (talk) 19:20, 4 April 2024 (EDT)
Ah, I see. Unrejected and approved. Regards, MagicUnk (talk) 06:07, 5 April 2024 (EDT)


GK5crbUXEAAFFsE.png. --Username (talk) 19:05, 11 April 2024 (EDT)

Happy Mother's Day

flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f8f8f8.jpg. --Username (talk) 08:33, 12 May 2024 (EDT)

Modest St???

Hi. I came across this submission, and in trying to research it a little, I have comer to wonder if the whole "Storm" interpretation for both that and Detective Story Magazine, October 1942 is a mistake. What do you think about the possibility of Modest Stein instead? I will ask MLB about the Detective Story one, but perhaps one of your archive archaeologic digs might find something helpful? --MartyD (talk) 12:22, 12 May 2024 (EDT)

Yes, you are right. Stein's ISFDB record already has a pulp site link and here's another, Feel free to correct MLB/my mistake. --Username (talk) 12:30, 12 May 2024 (EDT)
Important update: It's not Storm or Stein for the PB, it's David Stone,, as can be seen clearly at the bottom one of the 2 copies on eBay, I will now cancel my edit and make another with the right artist. --Username (talk) 12:48, 12 May 2024 (EDT)
Nice extra find. MLB changed the Detective Story artist to Modest Stein. --MartyD (talk) 09:50, 13 May 2024 (EDT)

Fairwood Press / Getty Images

Re: your note to mod. IMO, adding the missing credits is the better option. John Scifibones 15:30, 22 May 2024 (EDT)

Dinosaurs & a Dirigible cover

I added a better scan to the record. Dinosaurs & a Dirigible --Glenn (talk) 22:57, 2 June 2024 (EDT)

The Wild Swans

I approved this submission. However I removed the +[2] from the Pages field. We only do that if we are adding a content title record and I didn't see such a submission. John Scifibones 15:15, 12 June 2024 (EDT)

Happy Flag Day

200w.gif. --Username (talk) 07:15, 14 June 2024 (EDT)