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How to handle non-responsive verifiers

The official FAQ: "If you want to change or remove information, please ask the verifier first. If the verifier doesn't respond in a week or so, post a note on the Moderator noticeboard and someone will help you."

Post on the Moderator board for posterity and submit them with a reference in the moderator note of each submission to both the Moderator board note and the notification on the unresponsive user talk page and the fact that you did not get a response from the PV.

22:22, 11 March 2022 (EST)

Handling excerpts

Don't worry about minor presentation differences. If both titles show the same chapter(s) and are the same length, merge. Add a title note. For example "The excerpt comprises the first 2 chapters, approximately 4,000 words." If one of the excerpts is just a portion of the same chapter(s), then we don't merge. Beware, we do not disambiguate. We add a merge warning to our description. I don't believe this is specifically addressed in the help section, perhaps it should be. It would surely facilitate merge decisions. P.S. When I don't know anything about the excerpt, I add a note like this.John Scifibones 08:39, 31 May 2023 (EDT)

Creating serials for novellas

1. Create a CHAPBOOK pub. The regular title in it should be type SERIAL.
2. Make the new SERIAL title a variant of the pub title.

Barcode price info

The smaller 5 digit barcode is the supplementary section of the barcode and contains a EAN-5 code. The first of the five digits is a currency code. If the first digit is 9, that means the supplementary section does not contain price information. It's explained in this Wikipedia article.

EAN-5 codes first digits:

  • 0 and 1 -- UK
  • 3 - Australia
  • 4 - New Zealand
  • 5 - US
  • 6 - Canada
Special pseudo-price values, i.e. that "9999" means "100.00 or more" while "90000" means "no price given".