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Data deletion request

Welcome to the ISFDB! Regarding your data deletion request, here is what the ISFDB Data Deletion Policy currently says:

Like other major bibliographic sites, the ISFDB doesn't delete publications/titles that are known to have been published.
To the extent that the ISFDB collects biographical data, only publicly available sources are used. This means, among other things:
  • The ISFDB does not identify publicly undisclosed pseudonyms even if individual editors are aware of them
  • The ISFDB does not record e-mail addresses if they are intentionally obscured or spam-protected
If a living author (or their authorized representative) requests that the ISFDB remove the author's detailed biographical information, the ISFDB will comply after confirming the requester's identity. The ISFDB will remove as much biographical data as needed in order to accommodate legitimate privacy concerns while preserving, to the extent possible, the work of the editors who have compiled the data. A note will be added to the author's record explaining what type of information has been removed and why.

At this time your author record doesn't contain any biographical data (place of birth, date of birth, etc), so there is nothing to delete. If you would like to make sure that no biographical data gets added to your record in the future, you can confirm your identity, at which point a note will be added to your record. Hope this explains our policy! Ahasuerus 16:57, 1 November 2019 (EDT)