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Thank you for visiting.

Though not a science fiction fanatic I am interested in bibliographic information and think the ISFDb is a great resource, better organized and with more dedicated contributors than other book database sites. Therefore I would like to contribute where I can. Books of all genres pass through my hands frequently so I'll edit information as it comes, time permitting.

A short story lover, I read science fiction more often in the short form. As a pre-teen I used to read those Alfred Hitchcok anthologies and that really set me off on this course. The first science fiction anthology I remember really enjoying is the Damon Knight, et al title First Voyages. I collect anthologies and do own a number older, funky science fiction titles in my collection. The collection is "pseudo-serious" as I am involved in a number of interests and do not always have the time to pursue any of them seriously. For anthologies I like the older, pre-1950 literary books that often contain out-of-print stories/authors, and I like British horror fiction titles as well.

Other than collecting I am a writer, film buff (the lack of time kills me on this as I am always so behind in my viewing) avid badminton player, cyclist and some other less interesting stuff. I've recently started a blog on obscure or little-known fiction that I call Casual Debris. Frustrating, though, that I am averaging only one new entry about every two weeks.