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Wim Lewis, Seattle, Washington.

You can reach me at, if you like. The time I spend on ISFDb varies a lot in both amount and frequency, so if I don't respond to a note on the wiki, it's probably a good idea to try emailing me.

My main activities:

  • I've been entering data from a few sources:
    • books I physically have (my collection and the occasional library book)
    • collections and anthologies sold by Amazon, when the "Look Inside the Book" feature lets me read the scanned copyright page and table of contents
    • occasionally from authors' or publishers' web pages, especially when they contain tables-of-contents for collections or anthologies already known to ISFDb.
  • I've also been spending some time looking for inconsistencies and oddities in the database (sometimes using the MySQL dump) and straightening them out using either web searches or the raw power of my mind to visualize the Cosmic All.
  • I've been working on getting familiar enough with the ISFDb code to fix bugs or add pet features, but this is a slow project.