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I've been reading and collecting science fiction and fantasy since 1960. As a collector, and a real person with limited space for books, I've focused on specific authors and their first editions in book form. I'll be adding the contents of my library and whatever other useful tidbits I've gleaned in the course of building my collection. I'll also work on verifying the lists of authors I collect. In my non-ISFDB hours, I work in a state environmental regulatory agency as a policy analyst. I also have a background in computer systems analysis and development and database design. (Scott Latham 13:21, 1 Mar 2007 (CST))

The bulk of my collection, except for anthologies (in storage), is now entered and I will begin a confirmatory pass through the shelves. I passed 1,000 primary verifications today. (Scott Latham 21:05, 18 Apr 2007 (CDT))