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Character entity references

E.g. to get 'printer's apostrophe' used in some titles (Patterson's School’s Out Forever), enter


Sometimes it is the only way to enter this character (e.g on my machine ;-)

No, I'm taking this back; just replace 'pretty' apostrophes the with plain ones.

Please do not use “printer’s apostrophes” in ISFDB fields such as the title, author name, publisher, etc. This is because the current search code does not know how to map the various characters so that ' is the same as ‘ or ’ and also that we occasionally run Data Consistency checks for things such as invalid characters in titles.
You may use the various quotes marks in ISFDB comment/description fields and on the wiki side of ISFDB. They are easy to enter from a Windows PC by holding the ALT key down, entering a code on the numeric keypad, and releasing the ALT key.
  • ALT 0145 is left single quote ‘
  • ALT 0146 is right single quote ’
  • ALT 0147 is left double quote “
  • ALT 0148 is right double quote ”
Marc Kupper (talk) 01:59, 22 Jan 2008 (CST)


The To Do list

This page (Contento) lists two different stories The Naming of Names by Bradbury:

  • in The Martian Chronicles: The Naming of Names · vi The Martian Chronicles, Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1950 (the 1-pager)
  • below, in The Stories of Ray Bradbury: 469 · Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed [“The Naming of Names”] · ss Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug ’49

These two stories (the 1-pager and Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed) AFAIK are different (I have both texts in other editions) though related.

Now, this listing in Contento (of Gates to Tomorrow) shows The Naming of Names · Ray Bradbury · ss Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug ’49, which suggests that it is really Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed reprinted with the old title. OTOH our record for Thrilling Wonder Stories, August 1949 has Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed and doesn't mention The Naming of Names.

My text of Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed doesn't state the first publication. The question is: which title was used in Thrilling Wonder Stories, August 1949 and which story is reprinted in Gates to Tomorrow? (Think about it and post it somewhere: Verifications? First verify related pubs and check their copyright info).

My verified Bradbury Stories: 100 of His Most Celebrated Tales. The first publication of 2004-05: The Naming of Names is stated as The Martian Chronicles, 1950.

How to verify data


Who is canonical, who is pseudo?

  • Douglas A. Sirois vs. Douglas Sirois
  • Christopher Nurse vs. Chris Nurse (usually art as Chris, movies as Christopher; but IZ printed him as Christopher (in IZ 216 he is Christopher all over the issue)

Are they the same person?

  • Paul Jenkins vs. Paul S. Jenkins
  • Darren Winter vs. D. W. Winter (both Interzone)
  • Scott M. Azmus vs. S. M. Azmus (Writers of the Future) - yes, according to Locus index
  • Darren Clark Cummings vs. Darren C. Cummings (Writers of the Future) - yes, according to Locus index

Stanisław Lem

Initial discussion: ISFDB:Community_Portal#Lem

Bibliography (ISFDB)

The Collected Works

(under construction)

My old list with data googled from online shops (to do: check sanity; compare with other lists; add vol. numbers; link pubs in ISFDB):

Title Year ISBN Price Pages (approx.) Notes
Wizja lokalna 1998 83-08-02937-X 324
Katar 1998 83-08-02931-0 176
Powrót z gwiazd 1999 83-08-02957-4 38,00 zł
Golem XIV 1999 83-08-02982-5 143
Fiasko 1999 83-08-03008-4 42 zł 368
Summa technologiae 2000 83-08-03089-0 49 zł 510
Pamiętnik znaleziony w wannie 2000 83-08-03061-0 36,00 zł 232
Wysoki Zamek 2000 83-08-03031-9 34,99 zł 152
Przekładaniec 2000 83-08-03047-5 42,00 zł 360
Opowieści o Pilocie Pirxie 2000 83-08-03063-7 44,00 zł 450
Dzienniki gwiazdowe 2001 83-08-03113-7 52,00 zł 522
Pokój na Ziemi 2001 83-08-02969-8 38,00 zł 256
Cyberiada 2001 83-08-03160-9 54 zł 594
Dialogi 2001 83-08-03095-5 49,00 zł 492
Szpital Przemienienia 2001 83-08-03145-5 36,00 zł 222
Śledztwo 2001 83-08-03108-0 34 zł 196
Niezwyciężony 2002 83-08-03277-X 37,00 zł 200
Kongres futurologiczny 2002 83-08-03300-8 32,00 zł 129
Filozofia przypadku 2002 83-08-03228-1 69 zł 656
Solaris 2002 83-08-03188-9 49,99 zł 238
Mój pogląd na literaturę 2003 83-08-03364-4 69,00 zł 510
Eden 2003 83-08-03433-0 27.99 zł 300
Głos Pana 2003 83-08-03318-0 42,00 zł 240
Biblioteka XXI wieku 2003 83-08-03531-0 49,90 zł 408
Fantastyka i futurologia 2003 83-08-03473-X 119,99 zł 1010 Two vols sold together
Moloch 2003 83-08-03524-8 59,90 zł 548
Zagadka 2003 83-08-03391-1 49.99 zł 410
Krótkie zwarcia 2004 83-08-03657-0 49,99 zł 428
Obłok Magellana 2004 83-08-03736-4 49,00 zł 410
Sex Wars 2004 83-08-03581-7 49,99 zł 457
Astronauci 2004 83-08-03642-2 40,00 zł 362
Człowiek z Marsa 2004 83-08-03560-4 34,90 zł 127
Lata czterdzieste/Dyktanda 2005 83-08-03755-0 42,00 zł 416


Official Lem's Webpage: English - Polish

Wikipedia (PL): Bibliography (First editions)

Another bibliography: The Scriptorium Lem in English

And another bibliography in English, with link to other pages (and other languages).

Lem: Bibliography 1990-1995 PL - Almost EN - translations included

Polish National Library: Stanisław Lem

A private collection: Lem - notes on books, incl. year, edition, format. No covers. Books may be in binding different from original.

Fantasta (a SF books database) Stanisław Lem

Recent PL editions (year, publisher, ISBN) has back covers of Polish ed. (ISBN, barcode) Lem stories in English (Contento) Lem stories in English 1967-1998 (Locus)

German translations

German bibliography - included German originals.

Collected Works 33 vols.


Lem in Science Fiction Studies


A partial checklist of Polish editions: with the exception of omnibuses and reprint collections, these contain works for the first time published in a book.


  • Człowiek z Marsa (publ. mag. 1946, books 1994, 1996)
  • Astronauci (1951,)
  • Obłok Magellana (1955, )
  • Eden (1959, )
  • Śledztwo (1959, )
  • Pamiętnik znaleziony w wannie (1961, )
  • Powrót z gwiazd (1961, 1968, 1970 (DW), 1972, 1975, 1981, 1985, 1986, 1994 (Interart), 1999 (WL-DZ))
  • Solaris (1961, )
  • Wysoki Zamek (1966, )
  • Głos Pana (1968, )
  • Katar (1976, )
  • --Niezwyciężony (short novel 1964), publ. stand-alone 1982, 2003?
  • Wizja lokalna (1982, 1983, )
  • Fiasko (1987, )
  • Pokój na Ziemi (1987, )
  • --Maska (novella?) publ. mag. 1974, coll. 1976, stand-alone in 1988
  • --Kongres futurologiczny (a short novel) publ. stand-alone ?


  • --- trilogy „Czas nieutracony” (Szpital Przemienienia, Wśród umarłych, Powrót) (1955)
  • Szpital Przemienienia (1975)

Non-fiction (philosophy):

  • Dialogi (1957)
  • Summa Technologiae (1964)
  • Filozofia przypadku (1968)
  • Fantastyka i futurologia (1970)


Book-size interview collections:

  • Rozmowy ze Stanisławem Lemem (1987) with Stanislaw Beres
  • Świat na krawędzi: Ze Stanisławem Lemem rozmawia Tomasz Fiałkowski (2000) with Tomasz Fialkowski
  • Tako rzecze... Lem (2002) with Stanislaw Beres

?Autobiography for New Yorker? (1987 ?)

Individual stories:

  • Profesor A. Donda (1974) - anthology Kroki w nieznane vol. 5 (Ijon Tichy series)
  • Pan F. (first ed. German 1977)
  • Czarne i biale (first ed. German 1984)

Reprint collections:

  • Ratujmy Kosmos i inne opowiadania (1966)
  • Opowiadania (1969)
  • Opowiadania wybrane (1973)
  • Odruch warunkowy (mag. 1962/chapbook 1975) – a single story
  • Suplement (1976)
  • Kongres futurologiczny • Maska (1983) – or is it an omnibus?


  • Przekładaniec (1968)
  • Noc księżycowa (1979)
  • other included in Noc księżycowa (1963)
  • collected in Przekładaniec in Dzieła zebrane 2000

Radio Plays:

  • Godzina przyjęć profesora Tarantogi (1979)

Omnibus editions:

  • Solaris • Niezwyciężony (1968)
  • Głos Pana • Kongres futurologiczny (1973)
  • Doskonała próżnia • Wielkość urojona (1974)
  • Śledztwo • Katar (1982)
  • Solaris • Niezwyciężony (1986) (Niezwyciężony was publ. as a book in 1982)


  • Apokryfy (1998) -- all 4 collections in the Apocryphs series (Znak)
  • Biblioteka XXI wieku (2003) -- the same as Apokryfy; different publisher (WL)
  • Moloch (2003) -- 'Tajemnica chińskiego pokoju' together with 'Bomba megabitowa'

Later books:

Series on philosophy (a follow-up to Dialogi and Summa Technologiae):

  • Sex Wars (1996 (Nowa), 2004 (WL)) – collection (essays)
  • Tajemnica chińskiego pokoju (1996, ?) – collection (essays)
  • Bomba megabitowa (1999, ?) – collection (essays)
  • Okamgnienie (2000, ?) – collection (essays)

Series on modern times:

  • Lube czasy (1995) – collection (essays)
  • Dziury w calym (1997) – collection (essays)

? other essay collections:

  • DyLEMaty (2003)
  • Krótkie zwarcia (2004)
  • Rasa drapieżców: Teksty ostatnie (2006)

Philip K. Dick

SF Site

Collected stories:

Underwood/Miller (like in ISFDB) has listing of Underwood/Miller 1st edition.

Citadel - note that some of the volume titles are repeated, even though they are titles of different collections!

E.g. it looks like:

  • Citadel's vol. 1 The Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford and Other Stories is close to (the same as?) Underwood/Miller vol. 1 Beyond Lies the Wub
  • Citadel's vol. 2 We can remember it for you wholesale is close to the Underwood/Miller vol. 2 Second Variety
  • Citadel's vol. 3 'Second Variety is close to Uderwood/Miller vol. 3 The Father-Thing
  • Citadel's vol. 4 The Minority Report and Other Stories is close to Uderwood/Miller vol. 4 The Days of Perky Pat reprinted luckily as Minority Report (Millennium)
  • Citadel's vol. 5 The Eye of the Sibyl and Other Stories is close to Uderwood/Miller vol. 5 The Little Black Box reprinted as We can remember it for you wholesale (Millennium)

Good: Amazon has 'Search inside'.

The Polish edition (Prószyński i S-ka) seems to be based on the Citadel's edition.

Links Secondary texts on PKD (incl. Lem's essays)

Books edited substantially by me

(Stanisław Lem not included)

Books I have or have daily access to

The Hard SF Renaissance tp

Dark Benediction pb should be tp?

Black Sun Rising tp

Cyber-Killers ed. Ric Alexander

The Solaris Book of New Fantasy pb

A Second Chance at Eden by Peter F. Hamilton

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke

Dreamsongs: GRRM: A RRetrospective by George R. R. Martin

More Than Human by Theodore Sturgeon (SF Masters new cover)

Second Variety by Philip K. Dick (vol. 2)

The Father-Thing by Philip K. Dick (vol. 3)

Bradbury Stories (something to compare contents)

I Am Legend (movie tie-in collection)

Books from a Library

(usually not available on request)

Report on Probability A by Brian Aldiss

Best SF of the Year 16 ed. Terry Carr

Books based on online sources

(usually reviewed in Interzone, or required by other reviews, or just interesting)

The Ephemera by Neil Williamson

A Serious Life by D. M. Mitchell

New Worlds 2 ed. David Garnett

J. R. R. Tolkien: Architect of Middle Earth by Daniel Grotta

The Swarm (UK) by Frank Schätzing

To the High Castle, Philip K. Dick: A Life 1928-1962 by Gregg Rickman

The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters by G. W. Dahlquist

The British Fantasy Society: A Celebration incomplete

Words of Birth and Death by Hannu Rajaniemi

Prador Moon by Neal Asher

A Science Fiction Omnibus ed. by Brian Aldiss

Selected Stories by Theodore Sturgeon (from existing record)

Visions of Wonder ed. by David G. Hartwell and Milton T. Wolf

The Dog Said Bow-Wow by Michael Swanwick

The Starry Rift: Tales of New Tomorrows ed. by Jonathan Strahan

The Eagle and the Crow: Modern Polish Short Stories (incomplete on purpose)

Earth Is But a Star ed. Damien Broderick

Altair, August 1999 (magazine)

Orion series

Was it Orion? Yellow Gollancz Classics

SF Masterworks (paperbacks)

The series at SF Site

Wikipedia has up-to-date info

The series at Orion (not quite up-to-date)

Search at Orion

Notice that this series was initially published by Millennium, an imprint of Victor Gollancz and later by Gollancz, an imprint of the Orion Publishing Group.

Note that the titles from Millennium were later republished as by Gollancz, an imprint. There are some problems with More Than Human: I've seen the Millennium 2000 version listed as 28 More Than Human Theodore Sturgeon ISBN 0-575-60207-4 (not just Wikipedia), listed at WorldCat as Millennium 2000 with ISBN 1857988523 (and fantasticfiction adds this cover) and I have a Gollancz 2003 reprint with ISBN 1857988523 and this cover. And 0-575-60207-4 is ISBN of Gollancz/Vista 1997 edition with this cover.

SF Masterworks (hardcover)

(A series of 10 titles published Oct 2001)

Wikipedia has up-to-date info

Gollancz SF

Bi-coloured covers, rounded corners paperback editions with covers by Marc Adams (a series of 10 titles published 2006).

Fantasy Masterworks

The series at SF Site (50 titles?)


Listing: Interzone

Interzone covers at philsp (few but good quality)

BBR Catalogue


Locus checklist of Interzone

Issues added to ISFDB:

Interzone Sep/Oct 2006


Interzone 213, Dec 2007

Currently, old Interzone issues are titled as:

  • Interzone, Spring 1982
  • Interzone Vol1, No2, Summer 1982 ... up to No4
  • Interzone, Autumn 1983 up to Spring 1984
  • Interzone No. 8, Summer 1984
  • Interzone #9, Autumn 1984 ... up to #24, Summer 1988
  • Interzone #25, Sep/Oct 1988 ... up to #34, Mar/Apr 1990
  • Interzone #35, May 1990 ... #36, June 1990
  • Interzone, July 1990 ... June 1994
  • Interzone #85, July 1994 ... #96, Jun 1995
  • Interzone Science Fiction and Fantasy, Jul 1995 ... Jan 1996
  • Interzone, February 1996 ... November/December 2005 (long months again)

John Clute's 2005-07 reviews bibliography has issues 198-207 listed as:

  • Interzone (#198) (May 2005)
  • Interzone (#199) (July 2005)
  • Interzone (#200) (September 2005)
  • Interzone (#201) (November 2005)
  • Interzone (#202) (January 2006)
  • Interzone (#203) February 2006
  • Interzone (#204)
  • Interzone (#205)
  • Interzone (October 2006 #206) (this matches other records)
  • Interzone (December 2006 #207) (again, OK)

Link to large Interzone #200 cover, with the date visible (October 2005).

Interzone 200 review: SciFi UK (includes contents)

BestSF.Net Interzone Reviews

Interzone reviews at SFSite

Visco Interzone covers

Cover art

If Coverart of a magazine illustrates a particular story, add in the Note field: Cover illustrates Story's title. Also, it is possible to go to the artist's Summary Biography, click on the Cover: Magazine Issue and edit the title to become something like: Cover: Story's title (Magazine Issue), though it won't be displayed on the publication's page. See ISFDB:Community_Portal#Tracking_relationship_of_magazine_cover_art_to_interior_story


Tips and hints

Based on my (fresh) experience, so perhaps not very reliable.

Creating variants

To add an edition of a collection/anthology with new title variant, you have to (assuming the original, old title was the canonical title):

1) add a new publication of the existing work (open the best matching existing publication having Contents; clone it, modifying the title and if needed the page numbers). See Help:How_to_clone_a_publication

2) unmerge the clone with modified title, i.e.: go to the screen called Bibliography: THE OLD TITLE, click Unmerge Titles, select carefully the new publication and submit; this will create a new title for the pub's author.

3) go to this new title, i.e. screen called Bibliography: THE NEW TITLE, and click Make This Title a Variant Title or Pseudonymous Work; paste Parent #: (from canonical OLD TITLE's URL) and submit.

The variant title will be displayed on the author's/editor's Summary Bibliography page; the publication will be displayed on the Bibliography pages of the individual works.

Variant names

Sometimes works are published in different editions under different variants of authors names; this variants are registered as Pseudonyms. Such works are displayed with as by... comment; however while on the Contents page of a Publication as by X. Y means that this work was published under pseudonym X. Y in this edition, as by... on the author's Summary Bibliography is used also for works which were published under both the canonical name and the pseudonym.

Variant title dates

How to scale images

Noticed on feature list: Feature:90144_Check_for_and_use_Amazon_images

Add _SLnnn_ to scale to nnn pixels (height?): 51EKB0D30YL._SL100_.jpg

New books

Dagger Key and Other Stories hc review in Interzone 213, Dec 2007

ISFDB tools

Bug Tracker



Cool things

Cover of the old UK edition of Neal Asher's Brass Man. Here both front and back covers.

Tolkien guide - covers, ISBNs. Biographical books.

Various online sources

Editions and Printings

Information on books and works:


Index to Science Fiction Contento, up to 1983

Locus index from 1984

Library of Congress


Ray Bradbury

Bradbury story finder

Charles de Lint's Bibliography

Neil Gaiman Visual Bibliography

Mike Resnick's Science Fiction Bibliography

Short Stories of Clifford D. Simak


Ace's Paperbacks

Dynamic Pulps - magazines incl. Interzone