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Quoting the copyright page of the March 1984 Laurel-Leaf edition (from a copy of the 6th printing):
Portions of this book first appeared in a slightly different form as <a href="">"Cockfight"</a> in Dragons of Light edited by Orson Scott Card, Ace Science Fiction Books, 1980.

similar note for novelette "Cockfight" T76103

Baum's Introduction (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) 1900 T1349863 -- composed 2016-01-27 and canceled for multiple PV

(Synopsis) Baum acknowledges "Folk lore, legends, myths, and fairy tales ... the old-time fairy tale". He calls for new "wonder tales" without stereotyped figures, "horrible and bloodcurdling incident", and the moral. ... This book "aspires to be a modernized fairy tale, in which the wonderment and joy are retained and the heart-aches and nightmares are left out."
(Note) heading "Introduction."; signed "L. Frank Baum" over flushleft "Chicago, April, 1900" --so displayed in a copy of the Dover "unabridged and unaltered republication" with original illustrations and background color including this page of front material and original pagination of the novel

original title page appear in this reproduction --faithful in all except insertion of Martin Gardner Introduction pp 1-5 on three sheets *and* reproduction of title page and 23 plates as twelve back-to-back plates inserted in two lots, rather than one-side plates inserted where they fit the narrative

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Dover Publ, 1960) at WorldCat

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Fantastic Fiction: Michael Scott [1]
NEEDs Other World correction

Knight Prisoner T1857330 --write Chavey

Seraillier, Colum, d'Aulaire --ask somewhere


ask about 1960s ISBN Reginald1 and OCLC Apple-Stone 1965 182801, Moons of Meer 1969 570423, Weirdstone 1969 574268
more of these mid-June, especially 1969


[2] NYHT 1951-05-12 p9

15th annual NYHT Children's Book Festival established to encourage Spring publication

Naomi Lewis The Observer review column

ProQuest search Naomi Lewis during 1972, reasonable number of hits includes 10 columns?
1972-11-26 --done --("A further selection of children's books will be reviewed next week")
1966-11-27 p28 "A Touch of the Supernatural" --done


[3] Daltry CSM 1967-08-03 p11
[4] Beck, ed., CTrib 1967-05-07 pN18


[5] CSM 1968-05-02 pB8 "Far back and far out" --includes High King, Taliesin, Gomrath,
Finkel's Watch Fires ; 1st ed. (AU) 1967, Twilight Province --consider Rosemary Sutcliff first
Mayne's Book of Heroes -- Mayne ed., Hamish Hamilton Book of Heroes 1967 68-113325 ; HH Book of Giants 1968 [6]

1st US ed. LCCN: <a href=""></a> and OCLC: <a href=""></a> Publ date from contemporary review by Kirkus (<a href=""></a>)

Google Books: The Writers Directory 1980-1982 (Macmillan, 1979) --certainly useful

Kirkus author search:

EN user space ISFDB, Children's/Illustrators

Publ date from contemporary review by Kirkus (<a href="">undated online</a>)

Google images is one source for identification of cover artist

Fiction Magazines Index (FMI) [7]

Category:Linking templates

Melvil Dewey System (MDS) at Library Thing --great ISFDB inter-relation

log proper

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SFE: Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997)
! use /i>
SFE3 "Encyclopedia of Fantasy, The"

[8] Moonshine

later check newspapers; credit illus. jointly rather than separately?

later do (C.) Kegan Paul & Co., Trench & Co., per NLA (see Wikidata)

ask about ", and,"

illustrating Alice in Wonderland (1930 2012) public domain, not yet available online

"Illustration" at SFE-F --at a glance, excellent!

general resources (destined for top page?)

Publishers Weekly
reference books (2 below)
Victorian Web
Indiana U Wright American Fiction (v2 1851-75)
Wayne State U: Ramsey Collection

Locus1 bibliography 1984-1998



Sea Siege, 1968? ed. PV Chavey --NEED attention to publisher name Harcourt, Brace [& World?]
Seven-Day Magic, 1986 ed. PV MLB P29698 --why link Goodreads? and if so, then report its variant publication date ; --8 interior illustrations?

The Ship That Sailed to Mars T1197221

December 1923 newspaper coverage [9] [10] [11]

The Ant Heap T1062351

reviews [12] [13]

Minton, Balch & Company --NEED eliminate Minton, Balch and Co.

el   Barrett Willoughby 113602 (16)
els  Edward Knoblauch 129722 (62)
el   Paul Jordan-Smith 251988 (20)
 lws Ralph Straus, nf/ed./critic 20396 (29) also pseud., Robert Erstone Forbes [2]
el   L. A. G. Strong, critic 17782 (122)
elwf Gerald Bullett, nf/ed./critic 19971 (78), pseud. Sebastian Fox (0)

Outward Bound (Sutton Vane, 1923/24 play, 1929/30 novel) T2425853 --NEED synopsis

1923 play --[c1924], [1925], 1926
LOmL- [c1929] 
LOm$- 1930 
[14] New Novel Outward Bound --q

later proofread and add synopsize

[15] "Can a Play Make a Novel?"

[16] Review of "Outward Bound", the play

SFE: Encyclopedia of Fantasy, biographical entry by Brian Stableford

EoF: Outward Bound (1930)

User:Pwendt/People/Carlo Collodi --created 2018-01-27


FMI SF and Fantasy Book Review Index --includes Kirkus Reviews from v39 1971 [17]

Mary Frances Story Book P645470 --needs more from HDL, less about date (now certain) and cover (now supported)

e Anne Lindbergh (Feydy) 5379 

LOm.i K Osprey Island (1974) 164p ill Maggie Kaufman Smith-unknown  
LOm$i K The People in Pineapple Place (1982) 153p 
  LOm.i 2003 Candlewick tp 184p
   Nobody's Orphan (1983) NOVELLA? 147p --non-genre apparently [18]
LOd.i - Bailey's Window (1984) NOVELLA 115p ill Kinuko Craft 
   Om$i 1991 Avon Camelot tp
   The Worry Week (1985) NOVELLA ill Hewitt--nidb --non-genre
     2003 127p ill Kevin Hawkes
LOd$i K The Hunky-Dory Dairy (1986) NOVELLA? 147p ill Julie Brinckloe  
   Next Time, Take Care (1987) long-text PICTURE BOOK K as 1998-10 
LOm$i K The Shadow on the Dial (1987) 153p 
LOd$i K The Prisoner of Pineapple Place (1988) 178p  
   Tidy Lady (1989) PICTURE BOOK 
LOm$i K Three Lives to Live (1992) 183p 
LOd$i K Travel Far, Pay No Fare (1992) 199p 
LOm$i K Nick of Time (1994) 204p 
   Local Vertical: Poems (2000)
   The Inside Story on Henry Alcebiades Highfllie (2004), stories privately printed by David R. Godine

Pineapple Place series: Pineapple Place Collection (2003) at Amazon

Wayside School
User talk:MLB#Wayside School

Series Wayside School by Louis Sachar 162874

1. Sideways Stories 1978
LOm.i 1978 1st, ill Hockerman --unlikely price $3.96
-O-.- 1985 Avon Camelot, ill Brinckloe ; 0380-69871-4
LOd.i 1998 Morrow, ill Brinckloe --14th printing price $15.99 ; 0688-16086-7
 lw  .Julie Brinckloe 266521 (18)
 o[19] 1985 Avon Camelot (no ISBN)
 o[20] (c)1985 Avon library ed. 0808-574434
 o[21] (c)1985 Morrow 0688-160867 0380-731487 1990 Knopf --invalid ISBN only
 lw  .Dennis Hockerman 141528 (77)
 0679-90413-1 at Amazon 1990 lib bdg, ill Brinckloe
 0695-80964-4 at Amazon 1978 hc, ill Hockerman
OCLC 3933721 as (c)1978 ill Hockerman: 0695-80964-4 0695-40964-6 0679-90413-1 [all Hockerman maybe, but see above as 1990] (for the 2nd, Amazon blurbs "FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY.")
2. Falling Down P454676 needs LCCN fix
3. Stranger P454690 needs LCCN fix

Wayside School at Amazon

2004 pbk McCauley ill 1 2 3
2004 Sideways Boxed Set at Amazon
Sideways Arithmetic 1994 mmp [22]; 2008 lib bdg at Amazon
More Sideways Arithmetic at Amazon

Wayside 2

41-y6EJvE0L.jpg (show to User:MLB)
UK as Harper Trophy pb
  Look inside Avon Books, first 1998, 9th printing
Kirkus shows the probably-Schick cover image

Wayside 3

done 1st ed. with maybe-later cover design of original cover image (evidently matches the unidentified "Look inside" above)

(I added book 3, 1st ed., with cover image that may be a later design of the original illustration.)

See Graham Hardy at Wikipedia [23]

Brinckloe at WorldCat, maybe in database?

 lw  Nathan Gallizier 188137 (10) 
el  .Troy Kinney 152816 (1+24+20) 
el  .Margaret West Kinney 152817 (34) --Wikipedia redirect
.The Kinneys 188138 VIAF=256812693 The Vatican Library only

User talk:Rtrace#The Sorceress of Rome 2018-01-07

nidb Castel 1905

none linked at HathiTrust

LOm$- Sorceress 1907 ; multiple publs in database "Stephania, the beautiful wife of Crescentius"

Om$i -- 1920 2nd printing The Page Company = Gutenberg Ebook #43938

LOm.- Court 1910

-- 1st, October 1910 -- 2nd, November 1910 -- 3rd, February 1920 (The Page Company, Boston, Publishers; $2.00) --Amazon shows front cover of 1910 2nd

LOm$i Witches 1917 ; 1st ed. = Gutenberg Ebook #44827 o[24] -q

--jacket image reveals this to be the 1920 $2.00 edition (known from list of works in another of The Sorceress, 2nd, in the 1920 set)

HDL 8 novels Gallizier at HDL

(1905-02) =1264 Intro Castel del Monte: A Romance of the Fall of the Hohenstaufen Dynasty in Italy --2nd ????; 3rd 1907-04; 4th 1910-11 ; Intro, Urban IV dying; =1265 lead
[1907-10] =999 lead The Sorceress ; Intro 10th century and millenium --2nd 1920-02
[1910-10] =1500 lead\no-intro The Court --2nd 1910-11; 3rd 1920-02
(1913-03) =1266 lead\no-intro The Hill of Venus at Amazon --2nd, 1913-07
(1915-09) =1201 Prelude The Crimson Gondola: A Tale of Venice and Constantinople at the Beginning of the Thirteenth Century ; =1203 lead --2nd 1920-02
[1917-10] =935 lead\no-intro Under the Witches' Moon
(1920-09) =1355 lead\no-intro The Leopard Prince: A Romance of Venice in the Fourteenth Century, at the Period of the Bosnian Conspiracy
(1922-11) =969 lead\no-intro The Lotus Woman: A Romance of Byzantine Constantinople
(1926) ~1550 The Red Confessor: The Adventures of Guido, Lord of Fiorano and His Friend and Patron, Benvenuto Cellini

Castel del Monte (1905) --nidb one 1st (Harvard), one 4th at HDL; as 1910 4th printing 1910 at HDL (2) --ERROR REPORT --nidb, book 1 of Italian trilogy

original cover red, gold, white, and light green design on green cloth (same design as 4th printing, different color)
title page
Introduction, p.vii-xi
Contents, p.v-vi
List of Illustrations, [unnumbered], lists 6
novel spans p3-[444]
p[445] begins "L. C. Page and Company's Announcement List of New Fiction", numbered [1]-4

NEED Castel in 1905 newspapers

The Sorceress of Rome (1907) T1580701 -HDL(3) -q --NEED 1st and 2nd printings note as for The Court
1907 L. C. Page & Company -HDL-Harvard, California (2 with cover) and Google Books (latterday cover?) --novel spans p3-463 followed by p1-4 publisher's New Fiction list
c1907 Grosset & Dunlap -loc ; evidently identical except t.p., front cover, and lacking one of 4 plates
1920 2nd printing The Page Company -HDL-Cornell (with cover)

NEED Sorceress in 1907 newspapers

The Court of Lucifer: A Tale of the Renaissance (1910) T1984548 -HDL(1) -q
1920 3rd -HDL-Princeton

Lucifer in 1910 newspapers

Under the Witches' Moon: A Romantic Tale of Mediaeval Rome (1917) T1935574 -HDL(2) -q
1917 1st -HDL(2) (with cover)

NEED Witches' Moon in 1917 newspapers

Looking for Alice T2309115
Walter Burges Smith, wri 264995 --unknown
C. Howard, illus 264996 --unknown
not found 1903-01-30 in 1903 or 1905 newspapers
also DFP -11-19 p9 Looking for Alice Walter Burges Smith (London: Gay & Bird o[25]; Boston: Lothrop [26] "Published in October") P648414


Holt, Rinehart and Winston

 el Holt, Rinehart, and Winston inc. (118)
 ee Leypoldt & Holt (0) [5]
 el Henry Holt and Company (73) 
 e Farrar & Rinehart (0) [many]
 ew Rinehart & Company, Inc. (0) [many] 
el John C. Winston Co.(mpany) (70)
p John Clark Winston (1856–1920) (0) [10]
p Dana Estes 1840-1909 (8)
p Charles E. Lauriat, 1842-1920 (3)
l  Estes & Lauriat (15)
ll Dana Estes & Company (25)
- Charles E. Lauriat Co. (1) [15]

L. C. Page

lw Joseph Knight Company  (1) [17] 
el L. C. Page & Company (1897-1914) (40)
l Page Company (30) 
 L. C. Page & Company (1923-) (7)
p Louis Coues Page (1869–1956) EN

December 2017

DON'T FORGET Wikipedia emergency dump

Limited Editions Club Publisher 5168
Puck S44631
[27] The Globe (Toronto) 1871-08-08 p2 --with advert "Forest City" of Rockford (professional) v Maple Leaf of Guelph (Champions of Canada)

SFE3 also uses "nonpictorial" as well as "uncredited" and "" (don't know?)

Harper's Magazine as "pulp"

Is it recommended that we copy contents when it seems likely that they match across editions? and wait for the proverbial verifier to make corrections?

--thinking of The Book of Dragons

T2065727 Irish Fairy Tales, Stephens/Rackham --NEED investigate work by Bluesman

for 2 of 3 eds. OCLC 744161 and 6835250 with list of Contents (10 stories); [16] leaves of plates, 21 and 29 cm
Irish Fairy Tales at HDL?; did i consult it?

Use Wikipedia user space for this investigation

Jacob Grimm (and Wilhelm) --only one title in database with another co-author, Sue Kassirer

 lw   Sue Kassirer 216424 (16) 
. WW  E. E. Ellsworth (Edith Ellen) 263117 (1) --LC reports Edith, 1 record (no LCCN)
:els  Georges Méliès, filmmaker 159343 (21)

:. lw  Jane Eayre Fryer 263502 (25)
Mary Frances series 1912--1921

Edwin j/john Prittie 176365 in magazines 1920 1929 (3 hits only, one spurious, 2 Mary Frances)

2011 100th Anniv o[28] ISBN 9781937564063 at Amazon $21.95 £13.95
The Mary Frances Story Book 100th Anniversary Edition: A Collection of Read Aloud Stories for Children including Fairy Tales, Folk Tales and Selected Classics
Introduction (c) 2011 Linda Wright --nidb

Santa Barbara, Calif. : Classic Bookwrights

el  .C. M. Burd 268855 (10)
[29] The Field, The Country Gentlemen's Newspaper 1923-11-08 p679 "Library: Christmas Books" --this and London Doll
[30] The Bookman (London) 65.387 (Dec 1923) p160 "Christmas 1923", review!
Philadelphia Inquirer 1923-11-11 p44 -- (Snellenburg's) promotions for Children's Book Week ; under heading The Children's Bookshelf at 90c, both Alice and Robin Hood; "many black and white illustrations, four colored plates and cover design in colors by Edwin J. Prittie" (no publisher)
no other 1920s hit even (prittie alice), (prittie wonderland)

Preface, 5 Acknowledgments, 6 Contents, 7-10 Illustrations, 11-12, lists 34 without distinction:

30 b/w and red, full-page included in the pagination;
4 full-color, frontispiece plus 3 plates not included in the pagination (facing pp. 82, 150, 286)

Harrap - UK publisher of the entire series at WorldCat vols 1-3, 6-7 --all printed in USA?

book 7, 1923 o[] [31] Capsule review as Edwin J. Prittie
1912\14 HDL c1912 w cover cook The Mary Frances cook book; or, adventures among the kitchen people uncredited
Easy steps in cooking; or, Mary Francis among the kitchen people 1912 illus Hays, Boyer; 1928 illus Hays, Fitz, Boyer o[32]

[33] US as 175pp printed in US, 175pp; 175pp

1913\14"printed USA" HDL c1913 sewing illus Boyer; 1913 uncredited; 1999 illus Boyer; 2011 illus Boyer
Easy steps in sewing ... 1928 illus Boyer

o[34] US as 280pp; printed in US; 280pp

1914\16\15 HDL c1914 housekeeping uncredited -HDL illus Greene, Mowitz; 1914 housekeeper
1916 first aid -HDL illus Boyer; 2011 illus Boyer
1916 garden
1918\20\19"printed Phila." knitting and crocheting; 2011 illus Boyer

o[35] US as 270pp; 1918? printed in US 270pp; [1919] printed in Phila, 270pp; 1920 270pp

1921\23 HDL (concat w others) story illus Prittie

this title at Amazon

unlike books 1-2 and 6, this "printed in US" differs from the US 1st ed. in page-count

  • Front cover illustration is also that of the 100th Anniversary ed., ISBN 978-1937564063 (viewed at 2017-12-17). UK
  • Some WorldCat records of Mary Frances books 1-2 and 6 report Harrap publications printed in the US or in Philadelphia (where Winston published 1st eds. of the entire series).
    the two magazine sources show "Edwin J. Prittie" and "Edwin John Prittie"
    Booklist reports 'alternative title: "Adventure[sic] Among the Story People" '
    5 hits (1921 1, 1922 1, 1923 3uk)
    [36] Chi. Trib 1921-12-04 pG14 The New Mary Frances Book, as 320 pages, with thumbnail drawing that implies the gold trim
    1922-12-10 pB8 --same advert 1 yr later (inclg "Prettie"), except that "New" heading
    1985-1991 floris "ella young" (1 hit)
    [37] 1985-07-13

    el   .Matt Tavares 37674 (22) Shortest home run in history
    el f  Stephen Mitchell 6636 (69)

    Iron Hans : a Grimm's fairy tale = "Iron John" [38]

    2007 Mitchell & Tavares as "retold by Stephen Mitchell" at Amazon


    Candlewick Iron Hans : a story from Grimm's fairy tales o[40] 9780763621605, 31cm ; Iron Hans o[41] less informative ; Iron Hans : a Grimm's fairy tale o[42] 0763621609 less informative, o[43]
    Walker, same ISBN Iron Hans : a Grimms fairy tale o[44] ; Iron Hans o[45] less informative
    Amazon UK also states Candlewick as of 2012-12-18
    2004 Gilgamesh: A New English Version o[46] "Translated from the Akkadian"

    Mitchell's illustrators listed at Wikipedia: Matt Tavares and others not in Wikipedia:

    l- .Tom Pohrt 122832 (17)
    .Ori Sherman --nidb VIAF=96638862 Getty b. 1934 Jerusalem; VIAF=72921231 (4)
    lw .Bagram Ibatoulline 36240 (28)
    lw .Lou Fancher 1821159 (49)
    lw .Steve Johnson 15643 (55) WD:Q7612951
    Steve Johnson
    much done at Wikidata 2017-12-18

    For his wife and collaborator Lou Fancher, the German national library reports fullname "Fancher, Louise".

    confirmed solo work by this Steve Johnson

    1991 art
    1996 art T143879 at Amazon w "Look" that identifies the cover
    back cover (three lines, quote): "Cover illustration copyright // (c) Steve Johnson, 1996 // Cover design by Deborah Kaplan"; prices $4.99 C$7.50
    Publisher description (from LC and Amazon) "Six short stories ..." but there are 8
    no comma

    Cover Art

    ok   Penelope's Pendant (1991)
    ok   The Foundling, and Other Tales of Prydain (1996)
    ok   The Arkadians (1997) with Lou Fancher
       The Book of the War (2002)
       This Town Will Never Let Us Go (2003)
       Of the City of the Saved... (2004)
       Dead Romance (2004)
       About Time 3: The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who (Seasons 7 to 11) (2004)
       Warlords Of Utopia (2004)
    ok   Star Climbing (2006) with Lou Fancher 
    ok   The Girl Who Could Fly (2008) with Lou Fancher 
       About Time 4: The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who (Seasons 12 To 17) (2008)
       About Time 5: The Unauthorized Guide To Doctor Who (Seasons 18 To 21) (2010) 

    Interior Art (3 including):

    ok   Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom & Wishes (2004) with Lou Fancher 

    A Little Boy Lost, 1905
    elsf  W. H. Hudson 7219 (202) A Little Boy Lost (1905) --novella
    .A. D. McCormick, 1st ed. illus
    1920 Knopf, illus. Lathrop --in queue

    [47] 1920-09 The Writings of WHH

    [48] 1920-12-12 review of Gift Editions --inclg Irish Fairy Tales and two Grimm collections illus. Rackham

    Hudson at LC at SFE3

    A Crystal Age T1010494 #50-55 1887 1913 16 22 49/c50 68 --have 1887 anon LOm 4/6, 1906 UK -O 6/-, 1906 US -O, 1929 ...

    Title note

    The Scotsman 1887-04-11 p3 "Books of the Week" notes dozens of works "published this week". : On this one (in full):
    "Mr. T. Fisher Unwin publishes a book on the plan of The Coming Race, entitled The Crystal Age. It seeks to picture a future when the fittest only will have arrived."
    [49] Next week -04-18 p3 "New Books and New Editions" devotes almost an entire column to this novel using T13448 The Coming Race by the late Lord Lytton as point of entry.
    Green Mansions T23793 #81-107 04 04 16 ... 1998oxford --have 1904 UK LO 6/-, 1904 US LO $1.20, 1946 ... 1997 PG#942, , 2014dover
    A Little Boy Lost (novella) T1103651 #132-36 1905, 1918 -HDL, 23 37 68 --have 1905 1st ed. LO 3/6, 1920 Lathrop -O $6.00 ...
    1916 coll Tales of the Pampas (7) -HDL, 1939
    1930 omni W. H. Hudson's South American Romances (7) 823 pp
    1966 South American Romances xviii+710 pp
    neither story nor collection in database 2017-12-19

    "Of the stories assembled in El Ombú (coll 1902), "Marta Riquelme", a fantasy, is based on a Legend in which those who suffer too deeply in their lives experience a Transformation, becoming Birds. A Little Boy Lost (1905), apparently written some years earlier, invokes a similar structure of longing: a young boy in California, who may have been fathered by a bird, leaves home and is succoured by the Lady of the Hills; but she cannot keep him either, and he takes ship to a mythical England." (underscore represents linked cross-reference) --SFE: Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997), biographical entry by John Clute

    Lytton, The Coming Race T13448
    Edward Bulwer-Lytton 2019

    at HDL (33)

    1. 1800 18-- omni w Leila[, or The Siege of Granada] as "The Coming Race; or, The New Utopia" p[5]-137; Leila p[1]-164; that's all
    2. = Godolphin
    3-5. other works
    1873 Tauchnitz #1318, "title page missing" image 7, and image 5, as "by Edward Bulwer, Lord Lytton" p[7]-296, "July 1895" catalogue p[1]-[16]
    Chavey PV one 1902-11 P434347
    1873 Hinton, 1873 The Puck Novels "by Bulwer Lytton" p[5]-157

    Lord Lytton's Novels

    1874 spine Routledge, Lord Lytton's Novels Knebworth Edition Vol. XV. ; "by The Right Hon. Lord Lytton" London and New York addresses both stated image 17 p[7]-248
    1875 cover Routledge, image 7 p[7]-248 + p[249-56]
    apparently identical except Knebworth front page, title leaf, back pages
    1882 John W. Lovell (see Publishers, below) The Coming Race; The New Utopia "by Lord Lytton"
    --mis-cat as Lovell Brothers ; front cover The Coming Race and Leila p[5]-137 ; Leila (title page) p[1]-164 +p[165-68] --pirate editions
    1883 J.W. Lovell (cover Lord Lytton's Works) = The Caxtons, John W. Lovell; preface [3]-4 signed "E. B. L." p[5]-? --some omni, Caxtons [5]-496; The Coming Race [5]-137; Leila [1]-164 "by Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton, Bart."
    1885? Lovell Brothers & Company The Coming Race "by Lord Lytton" no date 142 144 146 148 Worth St [5]-218 ; + J. M. Barrie (4 stories?) p[158]-193
    1886 Routledge The Coming Race "by Edward Lord Lytton"
    1888 Routledge London and New York The Coming Race [3 others] "by The Right Hon. Lord Lytton"
    1890 189-? Donohue, Henneberry & Co. The Coming Race "by Lord Lytton" p[5]-218 --facsimile copy by U Minnesota Library
    1900 19--? Mershon Co. The Coming Race "by Edward Bulwer, Lord Lytton" p[5]-218 + 8-pages unnumbered adverts, 3-8 by publisher The Premium Library #1-90 (p(221)) paper $0.10

    1871 newspapers

    [50] NY Times 1871-08-11 p4 devotes more than a full newspaper column to this work; ".. The author--whose style is like that of Arthur Helps, but whose politics are those of Lord Lytton ..."
    no other hit found 2017-12-19 ("coming race" lytton)

    Its review in The New York Times observed that the author was a Tory, one "whose style is like that of Arthur Helps, but whose politics are those of Lord Lytton". --NEED more context for Wikipedia

    :el f  Arthur Helps 221975 

    Wikipedia, "Vril" EN

    LC (403) Coming Race #98-111

    1882 John W. Lovell company ; 1886 Routledge ; 1888 Franklin News co.
    1871-08-09 US --Copp Clark
    1871-08 Canada --Francis B. Felt & Co. (0 xieo) [1],namely
    [51] NY Times -08-09 "Published this Day"

    at Amazon (all)

    2009 facsimile (of unknown ed., not 1st), Intro by John Weeks [52] --nidb

    Routledge, 1874 P579072, WorldCat reports "by the Right Hon. Lord Lytton" o[53] 248 pp 20 cm

    same for series Lord Lytton's novels (vol 15?), 1874, o[54] 248 pp 20 cm --identical book?

    newspapers 1874 (9) 1 Times of India

    3 The Observer May/Jun adverts by Blackwood (not this volume) "Cheap Editions // uniform with // Messrs. Blackwood's Library Edition // of // Lord Lytton's Novels"
    5 NYT Feb/Mar Harper's "this day" and Spring Book List includes The Parisians by Lytton, (Harper's ed. Wilkie Collins' Novels)

    1873 (9) including [Lytton died in January; evidently his authorship was generally known only then and a surprise to many]

    [55] The Scotsman 1873-01-23 p5, rumour confirmed re The Coming Race and (current serial) The Parisians
    [56] Globe 0211; London, 0125 "Death of Lord Lytton"; news reached London too late Saturday; "a book popularly ascribed to Laurence Oliphant", as was The Parisians --nidb, Laurence Oliphant (1829–1888) EN
    [57] Man 0215, guarded closely
    [58] Globe 0218, [59] Chi 0406,
    [60]-col2bot Bos 0409, Harper's new ed., "have republished in a cheap form", "as has just transpired, is fromthe pen of the late Lord Lytton. ... Bulwer was not for a moment suspected. ... The discovery of its real author will lend a new interest ..." !
    [61] Globe 0513, review of new ed. Toronto: Adam, Stevenson & Co., "This is a reprint from the American edition, of a work long attributed to Laurence Oliphant, but which is now known to have been written by the late Lord Lytton, ..."
    [62] Atl 0706 review of the novel, no edition

    WorldCat [217] Fo(from 1882) shows numerous "editions":

    1871, 1st ... 5th o[63]
    1872, 6th o[64] as Library edition ; and as Chatto & Windus o[65] iv+280
    1873, (280 pp, anon) 7th o[66] 8th o[67]
    1873 at HDL, Harper o[68], Tauchnitz
    1873 H. L. Hinton o[69] as The Puck novels, no. 1

    WorldCat "Vril" [19] Fo[70] (English language), earliest 1972

    German-language titles among the 217 include (punctuation varies, as does use of sub/subtitle "Roman"; that is, "[A] Novel")
    Das Geschlecht der Zukunft from 1907, [The Gender of the Future ?]
    Vril oder Eine Menschheit der Zukunft from 1922, at HDL [Vril or A Humanity of the Future]
    Das kommende Geschlecht from 1980 [The Coming Sex ?]

    Vril, the AND ", T" ": t" ": T"

    The Three Mulla-Mulgars (1910)

    T1783475 --de la Mare's best known (only? earliest?) children's novel

    J. R. Monsell
    Dorothy P. Lathrop (38) illus.
    J. A. Shepherd
    1910 Duckworth, illus. Monsell P558778
    frontispiece, title page (Internet Archive)
    at HDL 1 w cover; Preface vii, novel 1-312; p312 closes, all caps under horizontal line "Billing and Sons, Ltd., Printers, Guildford"; + publisher catalogue "Duckworth & Co.'s Libraries and Series" [1]-[16]
    1919 A. A. Knopf, illus. Lathrop P645506 o[71] -HDL 4 --2 scans of UCalifornia 2nd printing, no cover; NYPL 1st, no cover; UMichigan 2nd printing with original cover (paste-on right-half of that facing p232 "They feasted ...")
    1921 Duckworth\Lathrop limited/special ed. o[72] at HDL 2 --apparently identical, 11-275, 12 plates (front + 11 not included in the pagination) + small b/w illus
    1924 Selwyn Popular Edition, illus. Shepherd at Amazon w cover
    19/20 cm 6/- o[73] o[74]
    23 cm limited o[75] o[76]
    1925 Knopf\Lathrop, 2nd printing o[77] --q
    1927 Faber and Gwyer\Shepherd P558779 at Amazon w cover --q
    at HDL 1 no view 2017-12-23
    1928 Faber & Faber (?)
    (SUDOC: J. A. Shepherd): "The three royal monkeys or The three mulla-mulgars / by Walter De La Mare ; with illustrations by J. A. Shepherd / London : Faber and Faber , 1928"
    1935 Faber The ... or The ..., illus. Shepherd
    at HDL 1 no view 2017-12-23
    1948 Knopf The Three royal monkeys, illus. Mildred E. Eldridge
    at HDL, full view! copyright page "This is a Borzoi Book", after 5 printings of the 1919; no Illustrations list (reproduction of 3 permitted in review; some full-page, numerous small, some b/w/red [78]), p[3]-277 , back inside flap and dustjacket "Borzoi Books for Young People"
    1993 R. Clark The three royal monkeys, intro Richard Adams, illus Lathrop
    at HDL 1 no view
    1996 Texas Bookman at Amazon w cover
    2010 Gutenberg\Lathrop P485358 Ebook 32620, illus. Lathrop, source 2nd printing 1925 ; frontispiece plus 11 --no other Gutenberg edition --q
    2013 Dover\Lathrop --nidb --q
    o[79], 2013 e o[80]
    2013 tp at Amazon
    2011 Kindle at Amazon source ISBN 1505580315; and 2013 Kindle "The Three Mulla-Mulgars (The Three Royal Monkeys) ... is an unabridged republication of the work originally published as The Three Mulla-Mulgars by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., New York, in 1919. The color plates have been reproduced in black and white for this edition."
    but the novel was published in 1910, and the Dover source is 2nd printing, 1925
    LCCN 2013-028951 (reported in both pbk and Kindle eds., viewed as "Look"); states "276 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 22 cm"

    pbk back cover shows $12.95; "Dover (2013) republication of the edition published by Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1925."

    story spans p1-?? (compare 11?-275)
    2017 MIT\Lathrop [huh? 60th Anniv] Kindle at Amazon w cover

    check newspapers: 1919 (0) 1920 (0) 1921 (2); 1919-1927 (9; 21 21 23 24 24 25 25 25 26)

    [81] NY Times 1921-05-22 p47 notice of new price $4.00 (two by Lathrop) Alfred A. Knopf Borzai Books
    [82] Irish Times -10-28 p2 review as new work
    [83] The Observer -12-04 p5 21/-
    1923 retail advert $4.00
    1924 Selwyn & Blount, illus J. A. Shepherd, [84] Christmas is upon us! -12-10 p14, 6/-
    Shepherd 225843 (1) [many] 

    1901 -LOC [7403536]

    other 1924-1926 hits are mentions in coverage of WDLM or another of his books

    Editions at recent work

    £LOi 1910--- P558778 --with newspaper data
    m.LO 1919-12 P645506 --price >$4.00; coverart done with linked Title note ; not found 1919/1920
    .. O 1925--- P645563 --NEEDs 1925-02; NEEDs more from HathiTrust (same as 1919); coverart done with linked Title note
    m. OA 1927-04 P558779 --NEED write to Chris J
    2010-05 P485358 --NEED write JLaTondre [85]
    2013--- P[86] --New tp in queue

    some Green Mansions at Amazon: 1916 1944 both Modern Library

    Green Mansions & The Purple Land (as 1904)

    Flower Fairies

    Series 34472

    check newspapers 1927 (7, only the 1 US), 1928 (0)

    magazines 1927 (1)

    On the first three books in their 1st US edition:

    "Cicely Mary Barker has also written and illustrated verses contained in three little books called [short titles Spring, Summer, Autumn] (Macmillan, 60c each)"

    That is the entire coverage (p. 331) in Mary Graham Bonner, "Experiments in Children's Books" The Bookman (New York) 66.3 (Nov 1927) p. 331

    User:Pwendt/People/Lewis Carroll --new page 2017-12-12


    "Frank Adams" alice wonderland not found 2017-12-07 in newspapers 1910 1930; nor 2017-12-09 in magazines 1910 1929

    check newspapers 1920 1925 -- 0 hits "edwin j./john prittie"; alice prittie (spurious); prittie (7 1923 inclg) --later CHECK MAGAZINES

    [87] Man Gua 1923-10-26 p7 Books Received; from Harrap, 3 inclg The Mary Frances Story Book 7/6, Memoirs of a London Doll 2/6 (no illus credit)

    --q Miss Mulock; Dinah Maria Mulock Craik, Mrs. Craik 125079 (186)
    The little lame prince and the adventures of a brownie ; "omni" (c) 1928 o[88]^ o[89] o[90]
    Publisher McLoughlin Bros, as 189? o[91] as 191? o[92]

     l   "Maude Lesseuer Howard" 229994 (2)
     lw  .J. N. Marchand 157432 (10) 
     ls  W. J. Colville 203831 (59)

    Colville, Onesimus (1898?), sole Edward Lovell publication --HDL 2, as 190? and 1912? one with original cover apparently

    --later check newspapers
    Boston: Banner of Light Publishing Company --one WorldCat record reports of the front cover; SFE3 reports of Colville's next book The Throne of Eden

    de Laboulaye
    el   Édouard René Lefèvre de Laboulaye 111311 (109)
     lw  Walter Taylor Field 264005 (19) --1910 adaptor

    Abdallah T2022485

    el  .Charles Copeland (1858-1945) 227110 (32) 
    1914 Gulliver page 9 at HDL
    1910 adapted by Field --no hits 1910 (abdallah laboulaye) ("quest for the four-leaved clover")
    Illustrations not credited. title page
    compare signed and credited illus. Gulliver's Travels (Ginn and Company, 1914) pp. 9, 19. --and also Life in the Greenwood: Robin Hood Tales (Ginn, c1909) pp. viii, 9
    All 3 eds. viewed at HathiTrust.

    WorldCat: Once Upon A Time series --in which Copeland also illustrated the c1904 Pinocchioo[93] o[94] P510822 (perhaps in series Once Upon a Time at later date)

    Abdallah at HDL, other eds/printings, all transl. Booth

    Mary (L/ouise) Booth --nidb EN (36)

    1867 in L's Fairy Book p[208]-363 HDL ; 1889 181p HDL ; 1890 232p HDL 3 ; 1892 232p HDL ; 1910 232p HDL [95] ; 1910 251p HDL

    Early Booth eds. of Laboulaye

    l 1867 Fairy Tales, coll. transl. Booth "With Engravings" --nidb Fo#7-11 o[96]-Baldwin o[97]-HDL (no Contents) -HDL [4042560] Abdallah ... An Arabian Tale as p208-363 title page, entered 1866, Translator's Preface [ix]-x, stories #1-11 p13-207 --should ADD; check newspapers
    w 1920 o[98] Canterbury Classics ?
    l 1868 Abdallah Fo[99] --check newspapers
    l 188-
    w 1869us Scribner, Wilford & Co. o[100] --should ADD; check newspapers
    l 1925 L's Fairy Tales

    Abdallah at LC #31-33

    1868 ; 188- 7th ; c1905 -HDL;

    L's Fairy Book LC #60-63

    1867 363p above ; c1920 illus. McCandlish 198p [4305750] ; 1927? illus Peck 198p [595006] ; 1976 363p

    Last Fairy Tales #65-66

    1925 1976


    draft to JLaTondre or ISFDB:Moderator noticeboard#publishers to merge, 2017-08-27

    We have about 100 publications by D. Appleton, of which 3 and 1 are entered under "proliferous" versions of what is our canonical name in effect.

    D. Appleton and Company (3), & Company (numerous), & Co. (1)

    The stray publisher records have no Notes yet.

    The numbers 3 and 1 are small enough to unify the versions by manual publication updates. Many times in two years I have done such, routinely with a Note to Moderator such as "this eliminates XXX from the database", "this eliminates short name from database", etc.

    el  American Book Company, 1890- (13 corp)

    Daniel Appleton (1785–1849), New York publisher from 1831 EN

    5 sons including William Henry Appleton (1814–1899)
    D. Appleton and Company (3), & Company (numerous), & Co. (1)

    Alfred Smith Barnes [ EN] (1); Alfred Cutler Barnes, eldest of five sons VIAF=53696449 (3)

    el A. S. Barnes (19 corp)
    1893 title page with space "A. S. Barnes & Co." at HDL
    The Sun (New York) 1904-11-29 p2 "Gen. Alfred Cutler Barnes, head of the publishing house of A. S. Barnes & Co., and vice-president of the American Book Company died yesterday at his home, 114 Pierrepont street, Brooklyn, aged 63." [101]
     l   Copp Clark  (16)

    Edwin Ginn, person EN --nidb (17)

    Publisher search Ginn:

    Ginn and Company --WorldCat shows "&" 1904, "and" others
    LC: Ginn and Company (26 corp) Ginn & Co. (5 corp)
    ISFDB 'and' 7, '&' 5, "Ginn" 3
    el Ginn & Company one 1885 front cover shows "GINN, & COMPANY" and title page thus (all caps as represented by Gutenberg Ebook 33673):

    Published by Ginn & Company.

    libraries show "&" 1912, "and" 1917
    1900 title page at HDL shows
    Boston, U.S.A., and London

    Ginn & Company, Publishers

    The Atheneum Press

    (no date; copyright page states "Copyright, 1900 // By GINN & COMPANY"

    1910 t.p. "GINN AND COMPANY" at HDL (WorldCat series Once Upon a Time)
    VIAF Ginn & Heath [102] (1 corp),namely a globe --1879 or earlier per EN
    VIAF Silver Burdett [103] (24 corp)
    VIAF Silver Burdett & Ginn [104] SB&G (0 corp) ; SBG (1 corp)

    Daniel Collamore Heath EN VIAF=260422020 (3)

    eel D. C. Heath & Co. EN VIAF=150603076 (21 corp)

    Henry L. Hinton --nidb (1840 1913) (8)

    Corporate (0)

    Franklin News --niVIAF

    John Wurtele Lovell, person 
    ... publisher [105] --niVIAF (1 corp) c1912 at HDL
    John Wurtele Lovell (1852-1932) at "the son of one of Canada's best known printer/publishers"
    John Lovell (1810-1893) at, Canadian publisher (father?)
    John W. Lovell Company (1878-1893) at --Henry Altemus Company
    llLu John W. Lovell Company (2 corp), 1882 , absorbed 1891 by US Book
    lLu F. F. Lovell Frank F. Lovell & Company (11), subsidiary 1894 to 1891
     Lu Edward Lovell 
    United States Book Co.mpany (14)
    (ntbc American Book Company (13)

    USBOOKCO at Lucille

    July 1890 "the Lovell brothers were milking every part of the book business on which they could lay their entrepreneurial hands, in a bewildering complex of interlocking companies that took up page after page of advertising in an issue of the American Bookseller occupied entirely by the display of Lovell wares."
    lLu Lovell, Coryell & Co (0) ; JWL, Vincent M. Coryell --niVIAF <<USBC
     LU Lovell, Gestefeld & Co --niVIAF ; JWL, Ursula Gestefeld, person (20) <<USBC

    l  Selwyn &/and Blount

    LC reports that WorldCat records show dates from 1887 to 1952 but search (selwyn blount) at HDL returns records with uncertain date or none, 1916 and later; search "selwyn & blount" and "selwyn and blount" at LC both return records with uncertain date or none, 1918 or later

    146, no t.p. date, 1916, and later (HDL: selwyn blount)
    175, no date, 1918, and later (&)
    29, no date, 1918 and later (and)

    Faber and Gwyer (0) (neither "&" nor "and") ; Faber and Faber (4)

    Maurice L. Gwyer EN (6)
    G. C. Faber (Geoffrey Cust) EN (14)

    Earliest hits found 2017-12-19 in automated search (faber gwyer) of 1924/1925 newspapers: about 15 from October to December 1925. The Observer 1925-10-04 p4 (earliest) announces "Faber & Gwyer Ltd. will publish during October and November", above a list of five, "Etc. Also Children's Books and Fiction."

    Fall 2017

    "Ruth Chrisman Gannett Papers: Finding Aid Written By: Jim Eyer" --NEED ASK at WP:Children's Lit

    el    Ruth Stiles Gannett 33759 (14)
     l   .Ruth Chrisman Gannett [106] (16)
     w    Harry Gervais 146094 [1]
    els   Stephen Baxter 102 (59)
    elsf  R. Chetwynd-Hayes 1694 (7+1)
    el   .Ionicus, illus. pseud. 81253 (6)

    Gutenberg Ebook #501 [107] (Dolittle)

    Dolittle "Afterword" by Walpole P581403 as 1920

    compare 1922 Introduction T1024848
    Ebook #501 P295210 source is cpage-listed 11th printing 1923-04-02

    Heirloom Library

    WorldCat [108] chron acquired by W&N?
    Publisher Chanticleer Press as 1947 only ; 1951 LCCN (0, no data)
    Publisher Heirloom Library as 1922 only ; no LCCN (3 hits)

    newspapers 1945 1965: Heirloom (10, one 1950, eight 1955 [American Heritage magazine promotion, one 1959)

    Huckleberry Finn, illustrated, "is included in the Heirloom Library (Chanticleer Press, $2.), a series designed for boys and girls." NY Times 1950-11-19 pE29 [intro T. S. Eliot]
    [109] 1959-06-07 E12, massive panel "Marboro Inventory Sale"
    "The Heirloom Library" #9619 to 9629 including 9619 Pinocchio; 9621 20,000 Leagues; 9627 Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass; 9628 Andersen's Fairy Tales; "Classics ... profusely illustrated in color and black and white ... Each, Special 1.00" --Marboro Bookshops retail (remainder?) catalog

    Chanticleer (168) - mainly arts and crafts inclg their history

    1950-03-07 p25 "Books Published Today": 4 Chanticleer including Lewis Carroll, Photographer (one review 1949-12-18, one -03-05); Charles Dickens and Early Victorian England
    NYHT 1940-12-17 pF13 Huckleberry Finn, intro T. S. Eliot
    NYHT 1951-02-04 pE16 The Book of the Thousand and One Nights, selection of about 30 by P. H. Newby

    User:Pwendt/People/Rudyard Kipling#Puck


    T2161124 --should such joint INTERIORART titles disappear as individual works are credited? ; compare one illustrator of omnibus, eg Tenniel or Mary Shepard

    dots and spaces

    R.I. (2) R. I. (1)

    Claude A. Shepperson, R.I.

    Title Note (10, all mine)
    Publ Note (0)

    Claude A. Shepperson, R. I.

    Title Note (1, mine) T39140
    Publ Note (1) P266472 which also notes "Christine E. Haycock, M.D." (no space), but credits "Christine Haycock"

    Kipling contents "Mr", "St", "VII."

    Correspondence that should be tracked on, or linked from, this page.

    FictionMags: wgcontento(at) and gcp(at)
    in part see User:Pwendt/People/E. Nesbit#at FictionMags (Oct 2017)
    in part see User:Pwendt/People/Rudyard Kipling#As Easy as ABC
    HathiTrust ? "Feedback" via bottom margin
    KiplingSociety ? John Radcliffe
    ForgottenFutures ? Marcus Rowland ( My School-Days) --perhaps the source of one print edition

    re ForgottenFutures

    Kipling, "With The Night Mail and As Easy As A.B.C." at Forgotten Futures [110]

    already in the 1909 collection Actions and Reactions there is some variation in typography and wording --although one variation not introduced is quoting prices in US$ or C$.
    "McLure's Magazine" is McClure's Magazine, founded and sometimes published or edited by "S. S. McClure" (at Wikipedia)

    Nesbit, "My School[-]Days" at Forgotten Futures [111]

    The Online Books Page has catalogued your edition [112]
    There are several print editions from 2006 to date (ISBN ...)

    More important, the 1966 nonfiction book Long Ago When I Was Young is an edition of the My School Days serial. It was covered as such in review of the 1st US ed., Kirkus Reviews 1966-10-01 It was then illustrated by Edward Ardizzone, later supplemented with watercolours by one George Buchanan.

    This week I have corrected and expanded coverage of the memoir; see My School Days at ISFDB


    el   M. Thomas Inge 145076 (49)
     w   Brook Haley, ed. [113] (0)  (J. Brook Haley, UCI? at linked in)
    el  .Rex Whistler 170251 (29)
    el  .Dan Beard 110214 (188) [older]
     lw .Robert Broomfield 261810 (11) 
     lw .A. D. McCormick 202753 (2) 
    A. M. Trotter --illus. edition nidb (1)
    els  John Buchan, ed. 3627 (208)
    el f John Bunyan 34400 (189 + dozens) --LC is down 2017-11-16
    1898 -HDL 37x29cm (2)] [114] "Forewords, // By The Rev H. R. Haweis." p.vii-x ; evidently identical -p184 "THE END." ; none cover
    bowdlerized? illus. Cruikshank 1932/1904 -HDL [115]
    el   (Hugh Reginald) H. R. Haweis 236025 (26) 
    Routledge books at WorldCat (20 records) --also Pilgrim's Progress 1898 o[116], >120 illus. George Wolliscroft Rhead, Frederick Rhead, Louis Rhead ; 1898, 1898, 1912
    1866 Ballads o[117], 1866 Tales of M and I
    title page The // Pilgrim's // Progress // from // This World to That Which Is To Come
    By // John Bunyan
    With an introduction by // :: The·Rev·H·R·Haweis
    Embellished with over One // Hundred and Twenty Designs // Done by Three Brothers
    George Woolliscroft Rhead [Jr.]
    Frederick Rhead [EN]
    Louis Rhead
    New York: The Century Co.
    Mary Eliza Haweis (13) [EN], "Mrs. H. R. Haweis" wife/mother (13)
     w  .Stephen Haweis 229137 (3) 
    el  .Louis Rhead 160706 EN (80)  --King Arthur needs much P422176 PV Chavey
    King Arthur

    Twain, A Connecticut Yankee
    1889 us (have 1891 printing at HDL)
    1889 uk
    1896 us Harper's (have probably three at HDL: one as 1896, two as c1889)

    1891 Webster title page -- Illustrations, ix-xiv, list includes initial letters and other decorations as well as plates *included* in the pagination -- Preface, xv, closes "Mark Twain."; "Hartford, July 21, 1889." -- text spans p17-575

    Contents does not list section headings, eg "The Tale of the Lost Land", p. 25

    -- p[577-80] four-page publisher's "Standard Publications"

    publisher and page-count imply identical to the 1st US ed.

    how many full-page b/w illustrations?

    25 31 41 51 59^ 69 81
    93 99^ 105 115 125 131^ 139 146[!]^ 149 163 169^ 173
    187 199^ 213 229 233^ 237 249 267 273^ 283 297 313 ==32 in the first half of the book, not all full-page in size but no text on the page
    319 331 345 359 367 377 393 403 405 413 417 435 440 ==47
    453 465 473 485 489 493 501 509 521 525 529 547 ==59
    555 567 ==61

    where to find those below (^ = full-page in the 1st ed.; * = not)

    Fr^ 59^ 84* 99^ 131^ 146^ ; 169^ 194* 199^ 233^ 273^ 302* --some signed "Daniel Beard"
    319 337* 343* 393 413 417 ; 489 501 517* 529 555 559*

    seven (*) of 24 not full-page plates in the 1st ed.

    61(?) full-page plates included in the pagination, both between and within chapters; about twice so many smaller illustrations of the narrative that share the page with text, titled and often captioned; and 46 initial capitals, some of which are pictorial

    24 of them all, including 17(?) of the full-page are reproduced in the Harper's edition as 24 full-page plates not included in the pagination

    44 50* 60 80* 90* ; 106 124[m] 126 156 188[m] 212* --missing plate, but listed in Illustrations
    228 242 250 292 304 310 ; 364 374 388 398 416 420

    1896 Harper front leaves missing; p[435-36] publisher adverts, first Mark Twains' Joan of Arc ["an 1896 novel by Mark Twain that recounts the life of Joan of Arc. It is Twain's last completed novel, published when he was 61 years old." --Wikipedia; serial from April 1995, book May 1896]

    perhaps identical to the two cat as Harper c1889, namely:

    HDL --unknown edition (some printing of the 1896 ed. evidently) provides full view of two copies without original cover, apparently identical -- t.p. no date -- t.p. verso: (c) 1889 by S. L. Clemens --below boxed list "Uniform Edition of Mark Twain's Works", red cloth, crown 8vo., --this is some later edition -- Contents: Preface, A Word of Explanation, Chapters I-XLIV, A Postscript by Clarence, Final P. S. by M. T. [the last included in 1st ed. but not listed there]

    section headings do not appear, eg "The Tale of the Lost Land" above I. Camelot, p9

    -- Illustrations, [vii]-viii, lists 24 (frontispiece plus 23 b/w plates not included in the pagination), nowhere credited -- Preface, [ix]-x -- text spans p1-433

    Diana Stanley The Borrowers Omnibus

    1990 4-novel movie tie-in, 632 pp

    ISBN 0460881981 (1990), 185881166X (1995), 0460880446 (1995?)
    OCLC o[118], o[119], o[120]

    (4-novel) at Amazon as 1977 BCE, Stanley cover (UK and US differ)

    (2+2-novel) The Borrowers Omnibus

    1 (v1-2) as Amazon as 1966 hc
    2 (v3-4) at Amazon

    The Borrowers cover art, by Diana Stanley mainly

    1970 box (UK)
    1970 box (US)
    2003 Puffin Modern Classics, w Look 35th printing
    1993 Puffin Modern Classics P270325, unidentified printing (as Stanley citing Phil Baines)
    1993 " " P460213, " " (as Kearney citing Baines)
    YYYY " " P270326, 7th printing (as Kearney) PV BLongley

    (all 3 as illus. Sian Bailey) (compare P626887 PV Divinov)

    o[121] --The complete adventures, Sandpiper [2011]

    later ADD the 2011-09, with boxed set image that shows Sandpiper clearly 51vShPkHi0L._AC_SX60_CR,0,0,60,60_.jpg

     lw .Phil Baines 205313 (4) --Penguin/Puffin by Design/ers


    NEED followup, records created/updated -11-01/02

    Morning of Time

    P601818 (not found in 1919 newspapers, see below) --NEED also identification of other illustrators
    Gutenberg ebook #28936, Stokes c1922 --nidb

    [REPORTED 2017-11-10] The Strand Magazine at HathiTrust (catalog record)

    I am a heavy user of the Digital Library at a bricks-and-mortar university library. Do you welcome error reports on the HDL catalog records? Here is one for The Strand Magazine.

    At least two listings in ~/Record/000642318 are incorrect, namely

    vol.21 (Feb.1901-Jan.1902) (original from Princeton University)
    vol.23 (Feb.-Jul.1902) (original from Princeton University)

    Both of the linked files actually contain images of 2 volumes, 12 monthly issues. The contents of both files are paginated 1-724, and 1-724 again. The listings should be revised thus

    vol.21-22 (Feb.1901-Jan.1902) (original from Princeton University)
    vol.23-24 (Feb.1902-Jan.1903) (original from Princeton University)

    P.S. Evidently this is the US edition of The Strand Magazine, dated one month later than the regular edition.

    Paul Wendt 2017-11-10

    els  C. H. Charles Howard Hinton 128957 (15)

    An Episode of Flatland [: ... : ...] T1054458

    1st and only?
    2009 General Books, ISBN 9781150796272 o[122] --not found at Amazon UK/US
    2010 Kessinger, no ISBN, at Amazon DE

    The Fourth Dimension NONFIC T103204

    1904 uk Sonnenschein
    Amazon lacks useful cover image B00B695EFA, B0032YJQ2O
    1904 us (Sonnenschein;) Lane
    1906 uk Sonnenschein, enlarged 2nd ed.

    newspapers ('the fourth dimension' hinton) (1904 to 1906, 8 hits

    1906 india (1) -07-07 p4 "New Books" listed as 8/6 Rs/a
    1906 Allen & Unwin o[123]
    1921-05 (as 1912) Allen & Unwin with 1st ed. 2nd ed. dates o[124]
    "First published in April 1904. Second edition May 1906 ... reprinted, May 1921."
    1934 Allen & Unwin [at HDL, no view] 2nd ed., 5th printing o[125]

    User:Pwendt/People/E. Nesbit#My School Days
    .George Buchanan 142338 (11) --in queue

    The Metropolitan S32511

    Even-number volumes evidently begin

    Aug 1895, 1897 (vols 2, 6)
    Jul 1898, 1899, 1900
    Apr 1904, 1908 (vols 20, 28)
    May 1914
    Jun 1917, 1918 (vols 46, 48)

     lw  W. A. Fraser 227295 at FictionMags (18) 
    1899 The Eye of a God -HDL o[6611215] (2, U California with original cover; frontispiece only)
    1900 Mooswa -HDL o[1977918] (5, mixed eds., 1 Harvard Scribner's 1900 w original cover; illus. Heming)
    1905 The Sa'-zada Tales -HDL o[6261210] (3, Min and Ind w original cover but color difference; illus. Heming) Intro + 12
    The Metropolitan 19:1 (October 1903) "The Sa'-Zada Tales", W.A. Fraser, illus. Arthur Heming, 19:1, pp. 11-26 : First Night: Tales of White, Yellow, and Black Leopards" == Intro and ch.1 as book Contents
    ch.12 == 20:6 Sep 1904 pp. 767-75, w 3 drawing and 2 photo
    el  .Arthur Heming 167425 (9) at FictionMags
     lw .Lester Ralph 155827 (12)


    ISFDB:Community Portal#Mr(.) Skelmersdale in Fairyland

    "Mr." and "Mr" --now as two unrelated SHORTFICTION
    first published when?
    Max Cowper --nidb (0)

    God the Invisible King T699373 --PERHAPS ADD Canada, May 1917, and 4th US, June 1917

    1917 uk Cassell (some library records as "London and New York")
    1917 us Macmillan ; we cite 1988 microfilm o[126] --in queue 11-09
    at HDL catalogued as xx+174, 11 copies of multiple printings whose roman-numbering varies, see below
    [127] The Globe -05-26 p9, "God, the Invisible King", $1.25 "Canada is fighting for this God" --TitleUpdate in queue

    furthermore "MR. BRITLING SPEAKS AGAIN // IN MR. H. G. WELLS'S NEW BOOK // God, the Invisible King"

    1. UWis with cover (nonpictorial) - 1st, ix-xx; p174 "THE END"; adverts as below
    2. UWis with cover - 4th, June 1917 [128], v-xvi, xvii; p174 footer under horizontal line "Printed in the United States of America"; p[177-83] By the Same Author (same content as 1st)
    3. NYPL with cover - 6th, June; same as 4th
    4. UCal no cover - 8th, September; same as 4th except no adverts
    5. Corn with cover - (at greater magnification) 7th, August; same as 4th
    6. Harv with cover - 1st
    7. Yale no cover - 6th, June (with adverts)
    8. UMich with cover - 1st (" ")
    9. UCal with cover - 1st (excellent quality)
    10. Harv with cover - (Dep, brittle) 5th, May; same as 4th
    11. Yale no cover - 3rd, May; pagination same as 4th; p174 "THE END", no adverts

    HDL provides full view of 11 copies, most with original cover, including 4 copies of the 1st printing with original cover; that from U Michigan may be recommended. (Examination shows that eight May to September printings are represented by all except the 2nd and 5th, May and June. Beginning with the 3rd or the missing 2nd, Preface and Contents are numbered v-xvi and xvii rather than ix-xx and unnumbered. Beginning with the 4th, p174 shows a footer: horizontal line above "Printed in the United States of America". List of other works by Wells in the front pages, and advertisements of same in 7 back pages, show no update.)

    2006 Gutenberg ebook #1046 --indb --identifies no source, nor source pagination; states title "God The Invisible King"; shows "GOD THE INVISIBLE KING" on one line rather than GOD on the line above as do both UK and US 1st eds.; shows no footer or other content after "THE END", no cover image

    Twelve Stories and a Dream T38377

    uk 1903-10 --in queue

    1st printing back pages advertise among other things, p[380-81] "Novels by F. Marion Crawford" 1903 List (32 listings)

    includes Cecilia, 1 of 3 listed atop at 6/-
    4 others in database, all older, among 27 listed at 3/6; plus two at 2/-

    ARE THOSE THE THREE MOST RECENT, listed at 6/- ?

    1904 Macmillan, 3/6 and -/6 Editions o[129]
    The Scotsman 1905-01-23 p2 "SixPenny Edition Now Ready"
    1904 Tauchnitz, 272pp
    1905 Scribner's, 331pp
    1909 Scribner's at HDL

    Adam and Eve
     lw .F. Strothmann 245086 (5)

    Martha Finley EN (157)

    1898 Twiddledetwit[: ...] , illus Strothmann --niHDL
    publisher advert NYT 1898-10-01 pBR653; 16mo, cloth, $1.00 "Twiddledetwit. A Child's Story." "a fanciful story for very little people"
    [130] Chi. Tribune -12-10 p11 soft review (positive, no mention of illus., no price)
    evidently a variation on the "Rumplestiltskin" theme

    The Metropolitan Mag. --CATALOG ERROR AT HATHITRUST

    1905 v23 U Virginia is 23:1 only
    1905 v23:1-6 U Michigan is the volume 23:1, p1; 23:2, p129

    The Ladies' Home Journal
    LHJ - vols 1-2 span 34 months, if vol 1 does begin with a first issue dated February 1883

    The Ladies' Home Journal, now at HDL v3-36 (Oct/Nov/Dec 1885 and 1886-1919)

    7:1, p1
    indicia? 28:2 (1911-01-15)
    28:1 (1911-01-01), noting that the "Twice-a-Month" publication is in its fifth month --from September 1910 implicitly ; $1.50 for 24 issues (10c each, formerly $1.50 and 15c)
    27:16 1910-12-01
    [131] The Ladies' Home Journal : The Paris Fashion Number ; 1910-09-15, 10c, v27 n11 --implies
    17 numbers spanning 13 months, December to December, with "Twice-a-Month" introduced in September ; 27:10 pp1-80, 27:11 pp1-52 ; that is, a shorter mid-month number without identical features
    v31 1914, once-a-month ; p1 The Contents of This Number, pp1-56 ; 31:2(Feb) 1-74 ; 31:3(Mar) pp1-104 ; 31:4(Apr) 1-108=back cover; 31:5(May) 1-92; 31:6(Jun) pp1-76; 31:7, 1-62; 31:8, 1-54; 31:9(Sep) 1-82; 31:10(Oct) pp1-114 Contents at back; 31:11(Nov) 1-84; 31:12(Dec) 1-80
    no recognizable stories Jan to Dec
    Contents list at the front except Oct and Dec on the last numbered page; Pagination variable, highest number 54 (Aug) to 114 (Oct

    Contents examined for recognizable stories and story writers --only issues noted here

    1911 v28: #1 #2 (no stories), #3 ; #11 June return to once-a-month at 15c ; #17 Dec numbers again in this volume
    1912 v29: Jan (1 of 12)
    1913 v30: Jan (1 of 12)
    1914 v31: Jan to June (1-6 of 12)
     lw .F. Walter Taylor 183325 (41, inclg 37 single works) --all those in WorldCat top 20 evidently non-genre
    One of his four "The House Surgeon" illustrations --the third, facing p722-- is reproduced in the collection Actions and Reactions (facing p314)
    el   F. M. Mayor 122123 (8)
    EFl .André Castaigne 122512 (59) 
    H. Reuterdahl; see User:Pwendt/People/Rudyard Kipling#With the Night Mail

    Credited in The London Magazine of 1912 as "F. Gardner" for the 2-part serial by Kipling, ' "As Easy as A•B•C": A Story of 2150 A.D.' (Mar--Apr) --part one as cover story-- ; and as "Frederick Gardner" for the series of 6 stories by Roberts, "In the Morning of Time" (May--Oct), extended as In the Morning of Time (1919).

    ----.Frederick Gardner 261407 --niLC niWD The English Character (1912) --niLC o[132] "The List of Illustrations ..." (16)
    at HDL another he illustrated [133] and another [134] (1913; 1924)

    els  Upton Sinclair 20435 (520)

    Prince Hagen T156023

    1903 us L. C. Page --ASIN doubtful
    1903 uk Chatto & Windus --NEEDs reformat

    US reviews

    Chi Trib -07-04 p14
    NY Times -07-04 pBR7
    [135] DFP -07-18 p11 as Tammany Hall!
    LA -08-01
    SF -08-02
    1907 Heinemann o[136] Colonial Library, o[137] ordinary; cover and interior images at Amazon as 1903 Page --ASIN doubtful

    (1907, 1 hit) Man Gua 1907-04-10 p5 "New Novels" by A.N.M., 249pp, 6/-

    1909 drama in 4 acts HDL

    no copyright statement concerning the revised text, only LCPage 1903 and Valencia Theatre 1909
    Characters, 14 named and multiple Nibelungs
    Acts I to IV span p1-104

    P614334 as a publication of the novel --in queue

    check newspapers 1909, 14 hits

    13 SF Chronicle, January
    WP -01-31 note that "Sherlock Holmes" recently followed "Prince Hagen" in SF

    1910-1921, 5 hits

    Bos 1910-04-02 p11 notice of Kerr edition; same The Sun -07-17 p6

    1912 collection of four plays (c)1911 Plays of Protest Fo[138]

    [139] NYT 1912-02-18 pBR83 "Unreal Plays, False to Life", review of Plays of Protest (NY: Mitchell Kenne[???] $1.50 [$7.50?] The Naturewoman, The Machine, The Second-Story Man, Prince Hagen

    some more 1912 hits that title

    review HC 1912-03-04 p8 - Mitchell Kennerly $1.50 (as didactic bludgeonings); publisher advert NYT -04-07 pBR209 "Mitchell Kennerly's New Publications"

    Published as "Prince Hagen" in the 1912 collection of four, Plays of Protest (NY: Mitchell Kennerley; (c)1911), pp. 155-226; with Preface, p.(i)-vi. The collected text is identical to that of the undated Prince Hagen: A Drama in Four Acts (Privately printed; (c)1903, 1909), [2]+p[1]-104; with preliminary author's note. (both viewed at HathiTrust)

    1910 Kerr HDL(4), HDL(mis-cat as LCPage)
    1920 pamphlet at Amazon

    Date uncertain; 123 or later as Little Blue Book o[140] o[141] o[142] --the latter, which gives year 1925, also specifies "A drama in four acts"; the first specifies "a play" and "Other Little blue books': p. 94-96."

    Image from 2017-11-08 as "Pamphlet – 1920", but reliable source date the "LBB" series name from 1923; ASIN: B00I0AIWNE

    2017 Forgotten Books [143]

    Little Blue Book S3349

    Worldcat search se:"Little Blue Book"

    The Millenium P614326 problem record as Little Blue Book #592 to 594, hc format

    o[144], o[145], o[146] part 1/590, o[147] part 3/592

    Plays of Protest as Little Blue Book #630 to 633 o[148], 1 volume, various pagings

    CGD Roberts, In the Morning of Time

    els  Charles G. D. Roberts [149] (93) 


    series: "The Morning of Time" alone, which needs rename "In The Morning of Time"
    • Overlords of Earth, (ss) The Yellow Magazine Apr 18 1924 [#68]
    • Overlords of Earth. The Guardian of the Cave Mouth, (ss) The Yellow Magazine May 30 1924 [#71]

    missing #73-75 late Jun thru Jul; #78-84 Sep--Nov

    • Overlords of Earth. The Stooping Men, (ss) The Yellow Magazine Mar 20 1925 [#92]
    • Overlords of Earth. Vengeance, (ss) The Yellow Magazine Apr 17 1925 [#94]

    missing #97-105 late May thru Sep

    fully catalogued: #68-72, 76-77, 85-96 (19 issues; 19 missing)

    Earth's Enigmas T1954641 --NEEDs more and less Title information, perhaps some offsite at the "Author's Note" and "Prefatory Note" Titles

    1896 Earth's Enigmas - ISFDB, LC 1896 -HDL [150]; 1903 o[151]; 1969
    we show 15 stories each, perhaps 18 stories in all with 3 replaced

    "This edition is enlarged by the inclusion of three new stories entitled "The house at Stony Lonesome' [15. Stony---Lonesome], 'The hill of chastisement' [11.] and 'On the Tantramar dyke' [10.].".

    our contents show that the collection is no longer; three stories are not listed as 1903 contents, namely A Tragedy of the Tides, An Experience of Jabez Batterpole, The Eye of Gluskâp

    (1896) HathiTrust Digital Library (catalog record) provides full view of two copies, including one from Harvard U with original cover (ISFDB cover image of the 1903 ed. shows same design with color variation) -- with personal inscription signed by the writer April 1897-04 (Harvard U); signed by the writer 1898-10-25 (U Michigan) -- unillustrated -- stories span p1-[291] (last page unnumbered)

    (1903) HDL (catalog record) provides full view of 3 copies, all with original cover, apparently identical; its second copy from Harvard U (id=hvd.32044106202591) is best quality -- (front cover) illustration is that ISFDB shows, but design differs -- t.p. verso: "Published May, 1903.", also identifies printer -- Contents, 15 stories (same number as the 1896 ed.) -- Illustrations, lists 10 (frontispiece and 9 plates not included in the pagination) -- stories span p11-285

    Prefatory Note, p3-4 in the digital presentation, notes "This edition is enlarged by inclusion of three new stories", named, but the number of stories is unchanged, with three dropped from the 1896 collection. The note closes,   C. G. D. R.   New York, April, 1903.

    Gutenberg #20231 [152] --title update in queue

    1896 (3 hits)

    Publ date inferred from brief positive review NY Times 1896-03-28 p3, under "Some Minor Books": "Messrs. Lamson, Wolffe & Co. of Boston publish [this one]."
    Price $1.25 from listing NY Times -04-01 p10 "Books Received"

    1903 (21 hits!) --first 3 only redd 2017-11-06

    Stephenson Browne NY Times 1903-03-07 pBR11 "Boston Ideas"
    A new volume of poems by [CGDR] is announced ... "and there is to be a new edition of his "Earth's Enigmas," his first volume of fictipon, printed in 1892, and since pirated at least once. Three new stories will nearly double the size of the book, which will have ten illustrations by Charles Livingson Bull."
    Publ date from listing Chi. Tribune 1903-05-23 p10 "Books Published This Week"
    Price $1.50 from listing N-Y Tribune -05-23 p16 "L. C. Page & Co."
    This is a reprint of Mr. Roberts's first volume of fiction published in 1892 [sic] and out of print for several years. It will have added matter, and like "The Kindred of the Wild" is largely made up of stories of nature and animal life."
    (next listing) The Kindred of the Wild. "Illustrated with 56 full page plates and many decorations from drawings by Charles Livingston Bull. $2."

    A Tragedy of the Tides (1896)

    "Tragedy of the Tides" as July 1900 [153]

    Stony—Lonesome (1896-11)

    "Stony Lonesome: A Story of the Provinces" as November 1896 [154] = "Stony-Lonesome: A Story of the Provinces", pp. 665-72, closes "Charles G. D. Roberts"
    1903 preface names "The house at Stony Lonesome"

    FictionMags CORRECTION

    • 665- 673 · Stony Lonesome: A Story of the Provinces · Charles G. D. Roberts · ??
    • 665- 672 · Stony-Lonesome: A Story of the Provinces · Charles G. D. Roberts · (ss) ~5600 words

    1902 The Kindred of the Wild --nidb SFE3, LC -HDL o[155]

    In the Morning of Time T2120490

    Cosmopolitan v 54 (1912/1913) - Roberts, p34

    Dent, 1923, unidentified illustrator --in queue

    Price 6/- from brief review The New Statesman 1923-11-03 p124 (The Spectator one week later)
    Price 6/- from probable publisher advert MG -10-18 p7
    "This Week's Books" The Nation & The Athenaeum -10-13 p74

    "The King of the Triple Horn"

    ISFDB as 1916 SHORTFICTION T1663452 --NEEDs note, at least
    FictionMags "King of Triple Horn" by Roberts, The Canadian Magazine 73:1 (Jan 1930), p19ff

    Prehistoric Fiction

    ( "1922 saw the publication of Sir [CGDR] In the Morning of Time ...". US and Canada eds. of the book were published in 1922; yesterday I added them to the database (not yet approved). The 1st ed. is Hutchinson, 1919, which is available online at HathiTrust. Six stories (chapters 1-6, probably, altho the second title does not match) were published in The London Magazine May to October 1912.

    Paul Bransom chronology

    1912, Kipling Just So Stories cover and end sheet --mistake? about the Gleeson ed.
    C. G. D. Roberts, “With His Back to the Wall,” Cosmopolitan, v. 54, December, 1912, pp. 35 ff.
    Publications of each story without regard to title/foretitle/subtitle
    London Pall Mall Sunset Cosmo.
    Gardner Ver Beck Bransom Bransom
    1 '1205 The World Without Man
    (uk) ItMoT: I. (?)
    2 '1206 The King of the Triple-Horn
    (uk) ItMoT: II. Man Makes a Beginning (?)
    (us) In the Morning of Time [Foreword]
    2a '1309 Foreword, illus. Egbert Norman Clark
    3 '1207 '1310 The Finding of Fire
    (uk) ItMoT: III. (?)
    (us) ItMoT:
    4 '1208 '1311 The Children of the Shining One
    (uk) ItMoT: IV. (?)
    (us) ItMoT:
    5 '1209 '1312 The Puller-Down of Trees
    (uk) ItMoT: V. ...
    (us) ItMoT:
    6 '1210 '1401 The Battle of the Brands
    (uk) ItMoT: VI. ...
    (us) ItMoT:
    7 '1403 '1404 The Rescue of A-ya
    (uk) WEWY: I. Tree Man and Cave Girl
    (us) ItMoT: The Cave Girl and the Tree Men
    8 '1404 '1412 The Bending of the Bow
    (uk) WEWY: ...
    (us) ItMoT:
    9 '1405 '1501 The Destroying Spendour
    (uk) ...: ASoWEWY
    (us) ItMoT:
    10 '1406 '1502 The Terrors of the Dark
    (uk) ...: ACSoWEWY
    (us) ItMoT:
    11 '1407 '1503 The Feasting of the Cave Folk
    (uk) (simple)
    (us) ItMoT:
    12 '1408* '1510 On the Face of the Waters
    (uk) ...: ASoWEWY
    (us) (simple) ^
    13 '1511 The Fear
    (us) (simple) ^
    14 '1806
    The Lake of Long Sleep
    (us) (simple)
    sequel "Overlords of Earth" published only in The Yellow Magazine 1924 --SFE3
    FictionMags shows 4 Overlords of Earth stories in its incomplete record of The Yellow Magazine Apr 1924 to May 1925 (after which no record at all)
    • The Pall Mall now merged with Nash's, as Nash's Pall Mall Magazine from September 1914 ('1409), not in the HathiTrust collection (nor indexed at FictionMags)
    The Irish Times 1914-07-18 p11 announcement of the merger [156]
    elsewhere 1914-07, W. W. Astor recently sold Pall Mall Magazine; Pall Mall Gazette and The Observer [157]; purchased by W. R. Hearst
    The Irish Times reviews "Nash's and Pall Mall Magazine", October issue 1914-10-03 p7; November issue -10-31 p10; January issue -12-26 p2 --no mention of any Roberts fiction in those three issues

    ^ In The Cosmopolitan, #13 is advanced as "a new story of The People of the Caves" and #14 as "the next People of the Caves story" (at the close of #12 and #13). #12 begins with a one-paragraph preface apparently by the editor and, after the bylines, "The People of the Caves were running short of arrows." #14 begins, "Driven from their homes ... the Cave Folk had escaped ...", and it ends without fanfare, neither "THE END" nor any signature. (#11 refers to "the Cave Folk" in its title. #7 refers to "Cave Girl".)

    Chapters 7--12 were published March to August 1914 in The Pall Mall Magazine 53:3-8 --which then merged to create Nash's Pall Mall Magazine, not in the HathiTrust collection as of 2017-10. MOST OR ALL with illustrations by Frank Ver Beck (sometimes as "Verbeck")

    the outbreak of war in Europe may have terminated both Pall Mall and the publication of When Earth Was Young, which is the general title in Pall Mall, if any

    Following a short prologue September 1913, chapters 3--11 were published between October 1913 and March 1915 in Sunset, illus. Paul Bransom, all with foretitle In the Morning of Time

    Chapters 12 to 14 were published October--November 1915 (illus. Bransom) and June 1918 in Cosmopolitan (unillustrated).

    Sunset: The Magazine of the Pacific (from 1898) --nidb

    at Wikipedia
    Sunset : The magazine of the Pacific and of all the far West. at HDL : v6-24, 26-32, 34-38, 44-49 ; ie missing 1-5, 25, 33, 39-43 (12 of 49)
    Sunset at HDL : v1-5?; 6-49
    v1-5 bound together, maybe complete Index to Volume II (from 1898-11)
    v6 to v49 complete?
    v33 (1914b) ~1200pp with Index; CGDR "The Bending of the Bow", pp. 1156-65, w 2+ illus.
    baseball pp. 269-75 on Pacific Coast League

    vols 22-49 (1909-1922) begin January and June ; v21 May--Dec; previously November and May

    6:1 (Nov 1900) Sunset Magazine: A Magazine of the Border 6:1, front cover
    21:1 (May 1908) Sunset: The Magazine of the Pacific and of All the Far West 22:1, p(1)
    31:1 (Jul 1913) Sunset: The Pacific Monthly
    34:1 (Jan 1915) Sunset Magazine (includes "The Destroying Splendor", p115-) --Contents continue on page 5! :-(

    The first is indicia, the others not --right?

    Much of In the Morning of Time is published in this monthly magazine late 1913 to early 1915.

    September, "In the Morning of Time", 31:3 p483-85, illus. Egbert Norman Clark --short version of The King of the Triple-Horn ?
    [3] C. G. D. Roberts, “In the Morning of Time: The Finding of Fire,” Sunset: the Magazine of the Pacific, v. 31, October, 1913, pp. 686 ff. [vol 31] p686-96, w 2+ illus by Paul Bransom (PB)
    See All Unplanned, p. 134-135: illustrated this story while PB lived near Saratoga Springs. His friend, Miles Standish, served as a model for the series. The series was begun in Sunset and continued a couple of years later in Cosmopolitan. "Practically all of the originals have found a permanent home at Weber State College."
    [4] C. G. D. Roberts, "In the Morning of Time: The Children of the Shining One,” Sunset: The Magazine of the Pacific, v. 31, November, 1913, pp. 908ff. [vol 31] p908-18, w 2+ illus PB
    [5] C. G. D. Roberts, “In the Morning of Time: The Puller-Down of Trees,” Sunset: the Magazine of the Pacific, v. 31, December, 1913, pp. 1204 ff. [vol 31] 31:6 p1204-14, w 2+ illus PB
    [6] C. D. G. Roberts, “The Battle of the Brands,” Sunset: The Magazine of the Pacific, January, 1914, pp. 129ff. [vol 32] p129-39, w 2+ illus PB
    p139, the next announced for February (not published until April)
    February 25, 1914 letter (no. 3) from the editor (Charles Field) of Sunset Magazine: “I have told Beth Moyle that I will use four more stories of the Morning of Time series by Mr. Roberts ...
    C. D. G. Roberts, “Runners of the High Peaks,” Cosmopolitan, v. 56, March, 1914, pp. 521 ff.
    [=7?] C. D. G. Roberts, “The Cave Girl and the Tree Men,” Sunset: The Magazine of the Pacific, April, 1914, pp. 821 ff. [vol 32] 32:4 p821-32, w 3+ illus PB
    [8] C. D. G. Roberts, “In the Morning of Time: The Bending of the Bow," Sunset: The Magazine of the Pacific, v. 33, December, 1914, pp. 1156 ff. [vol 33] --missing at HDL


    pp. 1156-65, w 2+ illus PB
    subheading: "(Further events in the primitive lives of Grôm and A-ya, finders of fire, and founders of a new race.)"
    [9] C. D. G. Roberts, “The Destroying Splendor,” Sunset: The Magazine of the Pacific, January, 1915, p. 115 ff. [vol 34] 34:1 p115-23, w 2+ illus PB
    ItMoT ... subh. "(Grôm and A-ya, prehistoric lovers, encounter peril in strange and radiant winged guise.)"
    [10] C. D. G. Roberts, “The Terrors of the Dark,” Sunset: The Magazine of the Pacific, February, 1915, pp. 271 ff. [vol 34] p271-81, w 2+ illus PB
    ItMoT ... subh. "Grôm and A-ya seek fresh adventures in subterranean depths."
    [11] C. D. G. Roberts, “The Feasting of the Cave Folk,” Sunset: The Magazine of the Pacific, March, 1915, pp. 455ff. [vol 34] p455-62, w 2+ illus PB
    ItMoT ... subh. "Grôm and A-ya revel in their first cooked meal."

    ITMOT: all those three with foretitle In the Morning of Time (omitted in the PB Chronology)

    The Cosmopolitan at HDL

    [12] Charles G. D. Roberts, “On the Face of the Waters,” Cosmopolitan,v. 59, October, 1915, p. 647 59:5 p647-56, w 3+ illus PB
    one-paragraph editorial preface, "It is fascinating indeed to speculate ..."
    closes "The Fear', a new story of The People of the Caves, will appear in the November issue."
    [13] C. D. G. Roberts, “The Fear,” Cosmopolitan, v. 59, November, 1915, pp. 742 ff. p742-51, w 5 illus PB
    new one-paragraph preface
    closes "The next People of the Caves story will be The Lake of Long Sleep." (no date given)

    59:6 701-844pp

    not found v60:1 1-148pp, 149-300, 301-460, 461-620, 621-780, 781-926 (not found v60)

    Whoa! 1918

    C. G. D. Roberts, “The Lake of Long Sleep,” Cosmopolitan, v. 65, June, 1918, p. 69 p69-73 and 116, w 3+ illus PB

    Evidently, then, Paul Bransom illustrated stories/chapters 3-6, 7, 8-11, 12-13, and 14 --not 1-2-- as published in five spurts

    Chapters 3 to 11 were published 1913 to 1915 in Sunset with illustrations by Paul Bransom. Following an introduction 31:3 (Sep 1913), 31:4 to 32:1; 32:4 (Apr 1914); 33:6 (Dec 1914) to 34:3 (Mar 1915) ... chapters 3-6, 7, 8-11

    Chapters 12 and 13 were published Oct--Nov 1915 in Cosmopolitan v59 n5-6, with illustrations by Bransom. The latter closes "The next People of the Caves story will be The Lake of the Long Sleep" (59:6, p751) --not found in vol 60

    Sunset : The magazine of the Pacific and of all the far West. at HDL, inclg v6-38 (1900-1917) except v25 (late 1910), 33 (late 1914)

    • SFE3: In the Morning of Time (London: Hutchinson, 1919) [coll of linked stories: first story appeared May 1912 The London Magazine as "The World Without Man": three further stories followed in 1912: hb/]

    A sequence of Prehistoric SF stories beginning with "The World Without Man" (May 1912 The London Magazine) was assembled as In the Morning of Time (coll of linked stories 1919), which romantically presents the first stages of humanity's ascent to civilization (see Evolution); a sequel, "Overlords of Earth" (1924 Yellow Magazine), did not reach book form. Early, sapient ape-men are anachronistically shown as coexisting with inimical dinosaurs.

    1912 - magazine


    1919 collection/novel In the Morning of Time (sequel published only in Yellow Magazine 1924)
    us Stokes 1919 -HDL o[160] o[161] (c)1919
    uk Hutchinson (indb) 1919 -HDL
    ca McClelland and Stewart 1922 o[162]
    us Stokes (c)1922 o[163]
    uk Dent vii+320 [6] o[164]
    us Dutton 1924 King's Treasuries of Literature o[165]

    HDL shows 14 chapters, of which the first 6 apparently match publications in The London Magazine v28-29, #19-24 New Series

    FictionMags #19-22 [166]
    HDL #23
    v28, not at HDL
    v29 #23, "V. The Puller-Down of Trees: A Complete Short Story", illus. by Frederick Gardner ; "In this short series of complete stories the author has drawn, in a succession of vivid pictures, the evolution of primitive man. ..." pp. 41-52, illus. 44 49; p52 closes Next Month: "The Battle of the Brands."
    #24, "VI. The Battle of the Brands", pp. 235-246,

    illus. 238-239 245; p246 closes "The End" where the illustration 245 is frontispiece of the 1919 Hutchinson ed. (signed "F. Gardner", credited as "Frederick Gardner"

    The Pall Mall Magazine at HDL, v53 (8 numbers, Jan to Aug, then merger with Nash's Magazine); U Michigan copy

    1-142pp "January No 249 Vol 53"
    [7] pp. 303- "When Earth Was Young" by CGDR, w 3 illus FVB, "I. Tree Man and Cave Girl: A Complete Short Story"
    411-542pp (excludes cover, etc)
    [8] pp. 482-93, "When Earth Was Young: The Bending of the Bow: A Complete Short Story", ... Frank Verbeck, 3 full-page color illus
    543-680pp, May 1914(543 is front cover; p546 "Some Landmarks ...", chron table of highlights; pp. 569-80 "Coming of Age: Twenty-One Years of the Pall Mall Magazine"; The Seven Deadly Sins: VI, p581-92)
    [9] pp. 603-11, "The Destroying Spendour: A Story of When Earth Was Young", ... Verbeck, 2 illus (one color)
    (unknown genre) "The Mermaid" p615-21
    681-814pp ("The Seven Deadly Sins" to p782)
    [10] pp. 710-18, "The Terrors of the Dark: A Complete Story of When Earth Was Young", w 2 illus FVB
    "The Elect" 877-88
    [11] pp. 901-08, "The Feasting of the Cave Folk" ... Verbeck, w 1 illus
    951-1086pp, August 1914 (Announcement pp. 1009-1012) (Contents, p.iii-iv at back)
    [12] pp. 1055-61, "On the Face of The Waters: A Story of When Earth Was Young" by CGDR, unillustrated --except small headpiece, commonly by an artist other than the credited illustrator

    last issue as The Pall Mall, merger with Nash's as Nash's Pall Mall from Sep 1914 --Nash's Pall Mall not in the HathiTrust collection apparently

    ? The Pall Mall general title is "When Earth Was Young" if anything

    FictionMags *also* shows series "Morning of Time, The"

       Morning of Time, The
           Charles G. D. Roberts:

    The following issues are The Pall Mall, v53, n3-8

    7  Tree Man and Cave Girl (ss) The Pall Mall Magazine Mar 1914 = The Cave Girl and the Tree Men (Sunset, April 1914, stated in January to follow in February ; Sunset issued #3-6 Oct13--Jan14)
    8  The Bending of the Bow (ss) The Pall Mall Magazine Apr 1914 = Sunset Dec 1914
    9  The Destroying Splendour (ss) The Pall Mall Magazine May 1914 = Sunset Jan 1915
       May ends p680, June begins p681, HDL shows covers but no Contents
    10  The Terrors of the Dark (ss) The Pall Mall Magazine Jun 1914 = Sunset Feb 1915
    11  The Feasting of the Cave Folk (ss) The Pall Mall Magazine Jul 1914 = Sunset Mar 1915
    12  On the Face of the Waters (ss) The Pall Mall Magazine Aug 1914 = Cosmo Oct 1915
    13  The Fear (ss) Cosmopolitan Nov 1915 
    14  The Lake of Long Sleep (ss) Cosmopolitan Jun 1918
    dupl   The Feasting of the Cave Folk (ss) The Pall Mall Magazine Jul 1914
    dupl   The Terrors of the Dark (ss) The Pall Mall Magazine Jun 1914 

    SFE3 says three more stories were published in 1912 but there were five more, all as Parts I to VI, May to October

    v29 indicia? p3 p147

    US ed. with original cover apparently, unillustrated, no notice of previous publication Contents, us at HDL

    II. The King of the Triple Horn [triceratops]
    VI. The Battle of Brands, p123-48 US, ends same as 6th instalment

    1st ed. with 8 illustrations, some signed "Frank Ver Beck"

    VI. The Battle of the Brands, p125-51 UK
    frontispiece (cites p149, F. Gardner)
    namely, facing p60 (ch3)
    facing p174* (7); 180*, 198, 202* (8); 220* (9) -- (at least four by FVB, Frank Ver Beck)
    308 (ch 14) --same as p60 probably
    All 8 illustrations found here; only 5 known as by FG and FVB

    check newspapers

    1912; 1919/1920 --'morning of time' none but 4 spurious 1919 hits (poetry, Bible) found in Proquest historical newspapers; same for 1919 at Newspaper Archive, 3 spurious

    later search magazines

    1922, in the morning of time (12)

    advert N-Y Trib -03-12 pD8 "Just published" $1.90;
    reviews DFP -03-25 p4 (Among the New Books, brief), NYT -03-26 p56\19 (mid, unsigned), [167] Hartford -04-09 pSM12, $1.90 (or $1.00)
    Cin -05-07, p14 N-Y Trib -06-11 pD4, SLPD -07-26 p11
    [168] review The Globe 1922-06-17 p23, C$2.00

    later add some note of the 1922 US newspaper reviews (and search 1919 magazines)

    His Pseudoic Majesty, 1903 us at HDL another --Watts ed. not found

    WorldCat records show "Watts & Co." both 1891, 1903

    publisher Donohue [no hits for Donahue]

    P401453 as 1890 o[169] "[18--]" [1872?] Paull translation 579pp
     l   Mrs. H. B. Paull 181601 (7) --translator of Andersen, Grimm, Wyss
    P77123 as 1896 o[170] "[1896]"
    Olive Schreiner, Dreams (1888?, 1890 per Wikipedia)
    T197749 A New Wonderland as "Surprizing" indb as 1903 by Rtrace o[171] --as 336pp "pictures by Frank Verberk" (rather than 236, Verbeck)

    ISFDB:Community Portal

    1. ISFDB:Community Portal#Roadmap 2017 (initiated January, not archived)
    36. ISFDB:Community Portal#OCLC as External Identifier vs. OCLC as Secondary Verification
    46. ISFDB:Community Portal#Date issue in one-line title summaries
    47. ISFDB:Community Portal#Poe canonical titles
    48. ISFDB:Community Portal#Documenting Verne translations.

    Re 47 consider "The 'Just-So' Stories" as series title and original title of the first story [172]

    Concerning the first story T998497 "How the Whale Got His Tiny Throat", some title Notes need migration or replication as Series notes
    What of the essay and the contained story? User talk:Stonecreek#Introduction (Just So Stories)
    for a better example consider Crofton, eg "The Bunworth Banshee"
    also SHORTFICTION "Robin Goodfellow--His Friends" (prologue) T2270500

    Also Tanglewood Tales and A Wonder[-]Book

    The Wind in the Willows, ill Nancy Barnhart interior T1875174

    1922-10 Methuen 12th ed
    [173] The Scotsman 1922-10-26, emph new illus.
    Methuen 1922 at Amazon, with cover different from HDL
    (both eds.) As of 2017-10-27 Amazon US (ASIN: B000XGD1SE, below) provides image of front cover (Toad, Mole, and Rat vignettes gold-stamped on blue cloth cover); summary "Illustrated hardback children's book. 312 pages"; and states also "Unknown Binding: 351 pages //

    Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons (1922)"

    That is likely to be an image of the 312-page 1922 Methuen UK edition rather than the 351-page 1923 Scribner's US edition
    and (ASIN: B00AB80LUU), below) an image of front dustjacket (certainly by Barnhart) as Scribner's 1913, which may be the 1923 dustjacket
    and (ASIN: B00K6M4R38, below) images of both front cover (gold and black on light blue cloth) and frontispiece (certainly by Barnhart) and title page (Methuen, no date, 16th ed.) for which it reports 1925 publication and copyright date
    The front cover as 1913 and frontispiece as 1925 are two different color paintings(?) by Barnhart

    1923 Scribner's
    Kenneth Graham Society dates Scribner's 351-page ed. as 1922 [174] and at Amazon

    1925 Methuen 16th ed. at Amazon
    at HDL (Scribner's 1929) as c1913; illustrations lists 12 (front. plus 11) --NEED ADD; plain cover
    Scribner's 1913 at Amazon
    (PV Nihonjoe) 2012 reprint Barnes & Noble at Amazon, with cover
    2016 at Amazon with cover and look inside

    TWitW, ill Shepard interior T670105

    1931 Methuen Fo[175]
    1933 Scribner's Fo[176]
    1933 Dutton, $1, [177] NYT 1933-11-12 pBR10 "This Year's Books for Children" Anne T. Eaton --1st US?

    Ghosts and Goblins


    NSGray, A Wind From Nowhere P182833 --9 stories all as 0000-00-00

     lw .Lowell Houser 200863 (0) 
    Leland, folklore
    el  .Kurt Werth 188227 (39)
     l Jane Werner Watson, ed. 114823 (164) plus pseudonyms ; dnf newspapers 2002/2004 (obit) --see also (Big/Great/Little) Golden Book(s), below
    el   Katherine B. Shippen 89661
    el   Olivia Coolidge, Olivia E. 224003
    el f.Garth Williams 7320
    el   Gwyn Jones 109290 (47) ; Welsh legends and folk-tales (Oxford, 1955)
    el f Stephen Jones, ed. (42) Horror: 100, Another 100
    els .Jody Lee 25602 (3)
     l   Helen Hoke 10830 m. Franklin Watts 1990 obituary
    Franklin Watts, publisher, sometime editor (?)
     lw  Margaret Baker, 1928- --nidb (18) --folklore
    el f.Cicely Mary Barker 139279 1895- illustrator (36) --known for flower fairies

    A. Thatcher --nidb?,%20a/ C(onstance) J. Hogarth --nidb,%20c%20j/

    1923 Jane the Tortoise, or The Transformation of Uncle Parker o[179] 1926 o[180]
    1925 The Happy Dragon, ill Constance E Rowlands o[181]

    Coatsworth, The Cat Who Went to Heaven, 1930 --nidb ; Buddhist fiction?

    [182] Reviewed also Anne T. Eaton NY Times 1929-11-30 pBR6 "
    ASIN: B0006AKPHM (no cover image)

     William Wiesner 254417 (32, from 1944) 
    "The Gunniwolf" c1918 huh? ; Fo[183] 1st ed. ill. Seredy 1936 o[184] with list of Contents (17 stories); Harrap 1937 o[185], o[186] 1998 micro

     l   Wilhelmina Harper, ed. 160910 (37)
    1935 The Selfish Giant ...

    Ghosts and Goblins [2 anthologies]

    1936 Stories For Hallowe'en and Other Times T1317407 ; o[187], with list of Contents (30) titles only ; --T NEEDs revisit
    1942 reprint o[188] --NEEDs explicit use for 1936 first ed. -- done for Witch-Dance-Place only
    1965 Stories for Halloween [revised] --NEED much more ; at Amazon as 1965 ASIN: B0007DVZL8

    The Supernatural Index (TSI)

    story title search ==> intermittent hits in TSI at google books

    TSI p803 (not found 2017-06-19) confirms all 1936 page numbers, all Author/Title except

    TSI p804 (no preview at google) continues contents from p200, next entry probably 1964

    o[189] as [1936], 271pp, illus Jones

    R.M. Alden
    ... Witch-Dance People
    Wishing Well

    o[190] as 1942/36, 271pp, illus Wiesner[wrong]

    ... Witch-Dance-Place

    TSI, p803

    Raymond M. Alden
    ... Witch-Dance-Place (vi) = vignette, <1000 words

    Library Thing

    Raymond W. Alden

    Ghosts and Goblins
    v1 v2 year (POEM) Title Author done? work note
    1 1 1936
    Molly Capes --identity? T note 34-line 8@4+2 text orig. London Evening Standard --in queue
    2 1925 The Ghost of the Great White Stag Arthur C. Parker T note OCLC
    (American Indian)-Seneca
    3 3 1924 The hungry old witch Charles J. Finger in db
    (South American)
    4 4 1921 The conjure wives Frances G. Wickes T note (HDL)
    5 5 1913 POEM
    Walter de la Mare T note "Some one came knocking at my wee small door" illus. W. Heath Robinson
    6 18 1925 Ah Tcha the sleeper Arthur B.(?)
    Arthur Bowie Chrisman
    T note OCLC
    7 6 1936 v17 The woodman and the goblins J. B. J. Berg Esenwein
    Marietta Stockard --Stockard identity? --Stockard TSI no data nor other work
    parent (HDL)
    8 7 1894 The king o' the cats Joseph Jacobs T note
    9 8 1931 The enchanted cow Mary G.
    Mary Gould Davis
    T note adapted from Leland 1895
    10 9 1936) Peter and the witch of the wood Anna Wahlenberg --
    11 14 1936) The goblin of the pitcher Alida S. Malkus shdbe Alida Sims -- (Mayan folk tale)
    12 11 1894 Tamlane 2 jacobs T note
    13 15 1922 The ghosts of Forefathers' Hill Raymond M.(?)
    Raymond Macdonald Alden
    T note (HDL) unlinked -fm
    14 16 1917 POEM
    The shadow people
    Francis Ledwidge T note
    15 1936 v30 The Black Cat of the Witch-Dance-Place
    probably "Walpurgis Witch-Night (Hexentanzplatz)"
    Frances J.
    Frances Jenkins Olcott
    T 1930
    T 1936

    16 17 1936 v29 Tomson's Halloween Margaret Baker
    Mary Baker
    in db
    --wri and ill
    17 1936) So-Beé-Yit Maynard Dixon --identity? T note T note concerns uncertainty identity of Maynard Dixon(s)
    (American Indian)
    18 19 1899 The old hag of the forest Seumas MacManus T note (HDL)
    19 13 1936) The ghost wife Charles A. Eastman --orig. co-author Elaine Goodale Eastman -- --1913?
    20 10 1894 The old witch 3 jacobs T note
    21 24 1936) Wait Till Martin Comes 2 wickes T note (HDL)
    22 20 1918 The wishing-well Maud Lindsay
    Emilie Poulsson
    T note Lindsay alone, probably
    (HDL 2)
    23 23 1929 The witch's shoes 2 olcott T 1929
    24 1936 v11 Old Man Gully's Hant Sarah J.
    Sarah Johnson Cocke
    parent (HDL)
    25 28 1936) POEM
    A Hallowe'en story
    Margaret Widdemer -- Hallowe[']en variant as 1982
    26 22 1929 The witch of Lok Island Elsie Masson T note (OCLC)
    27 26 1915 non-genre
    The great white bear
    2 lindsay T note (HDL)
    28 33 1936) The ghosts of Kahlberg Bernard Henderson --orig. co-author C. Calvert -- 1924 or 1925?
    29 29 1930 The wonderful lamb Nándor Pogány --no info T note
    30 31 1890 Teeny-tiny 4 jacobs T note
    2 1934 The giant ghost Elizabeth H.
    Elizabeth Hough Sechrist
    T note
    12 1950 POEM
    The witch of Willowby Wood
    Rowena Bennett T note snippet
    21 1949 anth POEM
    The witch in the wintry wood
    Aileen Fisher in db before 1949 probably
    25 1949 POEM
    Witch cat
    2 bennett T note
    27 1965) Schippeitaro unknown T note probably Anonymous or that ilk
    30 1959 Here we go! Maria Leach in db
    (English? boggart)
    32 1957 The witches' ride Lupe de Osma --no info in db w Contents incomplete
    (Costa Rica)
    34 1916 POEM non-genre
    Theme in yellow
    Carl Sandburg T note (HDL) nolink


    1922 The Boy Who Found the King -HDL o[191] ; 1922 at HDL --illus Lohse

    reissued 1946 Once There Was a King o[192] (9 stories told on three nights to fill the position of royal Story-teller), illus. Copelman (uncredited) ; 1946 at HDL

    newspaper search 1922/23 1/0 hit, not useful

    .Evelyn Copelman (7)

    .Katharine Hayward Greenland ()

    other works at LC

    1908 Why the chimes rang --1906?
    1924 Why the chimes rang and other stories
    1906 The knights of the silver shield o[193]; 1923 o[194] -- illus Greenland and Lohse

    Summary: A collection of highly imaginative modern fairy tales which inspire children to right behavior. Includes two Christmas stories --"Why the Chimes Rang" and "In the Great Walled Country"-- and a variety of other stories suitable for the different seasons of the year. Best known from the collection are the title story, "Why the Chimes Rang" and the highly-acclaimed "The Knights of the Silver Shield", both of which have been published in separate editions and included in numerous anthologies


    Margaret Baker stories credited to Margaret and Mary

    iLO.$ (uk ) 1927 The Lost Merbaby T2217414 --done T fiction
    LO.$ (uk icLO. ) 1929 Tomson's Hallowe'en T2217417 --done T fiction
    1927 Merbaby [195] 1927-03-20
    1980 collection at Amazon

    dnf UK newspapers Laurie 1927 o[196]

    1929 Tomson's Hallowe'en

    1942? Wishing-Nut Tree ; Blackwell o[197] as 1941, o[198] as 1942 ; collection of two Fo[199]
    dnf newspapers 1941 42

    Book of Elves and Fairies Random House, 2008
    User:Chavey#Big Golden Book of Elves and Fairies

    FWIW WorldCat libraries catalog editions of this book (I suppose) under all these titles:

    • Big Golden Book ... o[200] (1 record)
    • Giant Golden Book ... Fo[201]
    • Great Golden Story Book ... Fo[202]
    • Elves and Fairies Book Fo[203]
    • Elves and Fairies; series Giant Golden Books o[204] (1 record)


    Rowena Bennett (17) (stories) (her works chiefly poems and plays) : o[205]


    1925 coll. Shen of the Sea "Chrisman's original stories are written in the style of humorous Chinese folk tales. T" o[206]

    ISBN 0525392440 (Dutton, 1968?) at Amazon

    ISBN-same? 9780525392446 (Penguin, 1968?) --in queue

    Else Hasselriis --nidb (1)(1968 ed. this work)
    1927 Chrisman/Hasselriis o[207]
    1930 Dumas, The Nutcracker of Nuremberg o[208]

    24 "Old Man Gully's Hant [Haunt]" by Sarah J. Cocke Cocke (tale told by African-American women of the USA's Old South)

    I don't know if they still tell this story. It's written in dialect, has one use of the "N" word, and a racist portrayal of the African-American hired hand. The best I can say about it is that the white master and mistress don't come off well, either.

    biography Xlibris Corp 2003-02-28 ISBN 1401079334 at Amazon ; Sarah Cobb Johnson, Mrs. Lucian H. Cocke ; From Hoopskirts to Airplanes ; (4) o[209]
    Online Books

    title page Introduction 7-13 "Harry Stillwell Edwards // Macon, Ga. // April 10, 1911" Contents, 15 Illustrations, 17 (half-title) Old Man Gully's Hant, p37-53 ... -p[317] Bypaths in Dixie: Folk Tales of the Old South (Dutton, 1911)

    Davis (10)
    el f.Charles Godfrey Leland 120572 (186) --EN lists 1896: Legends of Florence Collected from the People, LC shows 5 eds. of Algonquin Legends of New England --in queue
    1931 The Truce of the Wolf and Other Tales of Old Italy (Harcourt, Brace), illus. Jay Van Everen; LCCN: <a href="">31-28014</a> and OCLC o[210] as ISBN 9997489144 ; this one last of seven, adapted from "Legends of Florence" by C.G. Leland [First Series or v1, 1895,

    adapted from "Legends of Florence" by C.G. Leland 1895 Nutt "First series" 1896 Macmillan "Second series" HDL title page with original cover p[ii] "By the same author and publisher // Legends of Florence // First Series Contents v-vii (about 50 -no match for Davis story titles); text p[1]-278 printed in UK, p[279] 3 books publ by Nutt

    HDL shows 6 catalog pages, 4 as 1895, 2 as 1896; Princeton as v1-2; First 1896, rev enl First 1895 Preface, v-xii Contents xiii- includes

    The Bronze Boar ...; 47[-50]
    The Goblin of the Tower Della Trinita, or the Porta San Niccolo; 54[-58]
    The Enchanted Cow of La Via Vacchereccia; 109[-113]
    The Mysterious Fig-Tree; 205[-210]

    -p271, 4-page Nutt catalog [273-76]

    List of Publicatoins, p3 Joseph Jacobs series, now 6 annual vols 6/- lates The Fairy Tales of the British Empire]

    Preface to the 1st ed., v-xii; Contents, xiii-xiv now ends "Appendix 273-75, Index 277-80

    Contents (7) from Booklist Books, a Selection, ALA 1922?! viewed at google; 1921 to 1933 publication years in one volume? The Booklist Books 1921, p3-68, index p69-76; The Booklist, May Massee, ed.

    The Truce of the Wolf : 'retold from the "Fioretti" of St. Francis of Assisi'
    The Tale of Nanni
    The Signora Lupa and the Fig Tree
    Calandrino and the Pig : '"Calandrino and the pig" is from the "Decameron" of Boccaccio '
    The Boar Who Was a Man : 'The last three stories are adapted from "Legends of Florence" by C.G. Leland.'
    The Goblin and the Rose
    The Enchanted Cow

    Davis, "supervisor of storytelling in the NYPL, has retold these stories"; 125p, $2

    1936 Spanish OCLC o[211] --1947 story also from this source?
    1946 African

    also miscellaneous collections

    de la Mare

    Someone came knocking [commonly online as "Some One" with first line "Some One Came Knocking"]

    Silver Pennies

    o[212] 1925, with 6 Contents
    [5238207] o[213] (The Little Library, 1926, 1929 printing)

    de Osma (dnf)
    ic. 1957 T2219764 The Witches' Ride and Other Tales from Costa Rica (William Morrow, 1957), "told into English and illustrated by Lupe de Osma", OCLC: <a href="">1406296</a> with list of Contents (12) ; k[214] --done with 2 stories only --check newspapers

    google[215] ;

    at Amazon


    Springfield, Mass.: The Home Correspondence School; The Writers Library, series editor J. Berg Esenwein, Litt. D.

    1912 Short Story Masterpieces, 4 vols (2 Fr, 2 Ru) at HDL, 1 story each by about 20 writers, each with Introduction by Esenwein ;; v3 1971 reprint o[216]
    1917 Children's Stories ...


    See #Bernard Henderson

    (Japan) --in queue

    TSI: 1964 Schippeitaro (ss), TSI under "ANON."

    The Soup Stone
    1956 The Beginning k[217]
    1958 Rainbow American k[218]

    1959 collection The Thing T1986203

    LO.$ 1959
    id$ 2016


    World 1959 o[219]
    World reprint 299185982 824602912
    World as ISBN 0529035456 9418069
    Collins-World 865191681
    Collins-World as ISBN 503225128 974872710

    [?] also indexed NYHT same date 6:4 part D

    Amazon reports ISBN 0440487730 as Yearling 1981 7.7in and also ASIN: B002G9N0UA as Yearling 1984 hc 8.5in

    ABEbooks lists several copies at high prices as ISBN 0529035456 Putnam 1959; also

    Collins 1959, same ISBN
    Collins World 1976, same ISBN o[220]
    World 1970
    Philomel 1987, ISBN 0399214968 (WorldCat as (c)1987, four, of wh [1982], two; o[221] with list of Contents) --also 126 pp ;; at Amazon UK as 1987-10
    Yearling, ISBN 0440487730 o[222] as 1978 printing; [ at Amazon] as 1981-06

    27 * "The Great White Bear" by Maud Lindsay

    Two boasters get caught out.

    Maud Lindsay, The Story-Teller, 1915, p78-83 Boston: Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Company, 1915, 117 pp

    The Story-Teller, Introduction 7-9; stories (12) 11-117

    The Joyous Travelers (June 1919), "Contents // Verses by [EP] // Stories by [ML]", 1. Introduction (35 = 16 stories, 19 verses?) 37. Farewell HDL: The Wishing-Well, p15-21

    St. Nicholas 45.3 (Jan 1918)
    TOC "The Joyous Travelers: Verses and Stories"
    p200 "The Joyous Travelers: Verses by [EP] and Stories by [ML]"
    p202-04 "The Nurse's Tale: The Wishing-Well" p202

    So the story is by Lindsay alone probably

    W. M. Berger, William Merritt, W. Merritt --nidb (2)

    The Joyous Travelers, p15-21, Boston: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Company, 1919 - Great Britain (viewed at Google Books) "The Wishing-Well: Tale Told by the Nurse" 157 pp; stories span p11-157 "The Nurse's Tale: The Wishing-Well"

    MacManus (51)

    we list one 1899 story (from two collections?), all 20 from two 1900 collections, one 1903, one 1905

    Illustrators (LC states Chminey only); HDL shows

    1898 : 2nd ed. (alone at HDL) companion to sequel A Lad of the O'Friel's 'signed' S. MacM. // Donegal, Summer, 1906."; 15-chapter novel? 15 + Introduction, p[vii]-xv
    1899t : unillustrated : 15 + To My American Readers, p[9]-10, 'signed' MAC. // New York, Oichdhe Brighde, 1899.
    1899c Pamela Colman Smith : Our Folk-Tales, p.ix-xii, 'signed' Seumas Macmanus.
    1900b : unillustrated : 10 + Apologia, p.vii-viii, 'signed' Seumas Macmanus. // Dun·na·nGall, Eire.
    1900d : 10 + Our Tales, p.ix-xi, 'signed' Seumas Macmanus. // Donegal, Old Lammas Day, 1900.
    1903 : unillustrated : 27-chapter novel (c)1901, published 1903

    1898 The Bend : niLC -- o[223] 1898; o[224] at HDL ; no Contents
    1899 Through the Turf Smoke : LC -HDL 99, 69 -- 1969 o[225] 12 stories ISBN 0836930258
    HDL (5) 99, 99 Toronto --none in database?
    1899 In Chimney Corners : LC -HDL 99, 35 -- o[226] essay + 15 ; Fo[227]
    HDL 1899 Indiana w cover 04 17 19 --"The Old Hag of the Forest"
    1900 Bewitched T1618312 : LC -HDL 00, 35 -- o[228], lists 10 stories (indb) ; o[229] uk 1900 "empty"
    HDL (2 w cover) Apologia + 10
    1900 Donegal : LC 00, 68, 2003 -- o[230], lists 10 stories, illus (not indb) ; o[231] uk 1902
    HDL 3rd impression 1901-10-00
    o[232] 1968, for which we list 10 stories, illus, essay
    2013 data from Amazon, same contents --check 2003/2013 newspapers
    publisher page NOW shows same ISBN, $8.95
    o[233]o[234] 2003 xi+148 ; 095445300X, 23cm

    HDL: Table of Contents, 1900

    Joseph A. Greenleaf, ed. --nidb (1) (same 1)
    J.A. Greenleaf,%20j%20a/ (1)
    Amazon: J.A. Greenleaf

    1903 A Lad : LC -HDL 03 27 chapters --Fo[235]
    HDL no cover 03 06 06

    1919 Lo, and Behold Ye! --"The Tinker of Tamlacht"

    Lo, And Behold Ye! at HathiTrust title page, c1919 Stokes --1917 at google books may be the latest story copyright date

    Hark Ye!, p[v]-vi, signed "Seumas MacManus of Donegal." Contents, vii, lists chapters I to XVII Illustrations, [ix], lists 8 (frontispiece plus 7 plates not included in the pagination stories span p1-280

    Macmanus at Kirkus

    1939 coll Dark Patrick k[236]
    1962 coll Hibernian Nights k[237] "MacManus' final and definitive collection of Irish folk tales"

    1931 The spindle imp and other tales of Maya myth and folk lore --dnf Contents at Amazon (no data) as pbk 1931
    rvw The Saturday Review 1932-01-02 p432 $2.00 ; by Harriett Hammond [238]
    Publishers Weekly v119 1931 p2967 (google)

    ? another version in Farjeon, The Silver Curlew, perhaps "The Spindle-Imp" --evidently The Spindle Imp of the Witching Wood is a character in that novelztn, per Horn Book v30 1954 p169 (google); also in Over the Garden Wall ?

    Folk tales of Brittany (1929) OCLC o[239], with Contents (15); all inclg Foreword at


    Seneca and Scots-English Writer of Seneca nation and Iroquois confederation nonfiction and folklore collections

    Skunny Wundy, multiple paginations and subtitles

    c1926 OCLC o[240] -- xi+262 (p251ff) [1970, c1926] -- 224 1994 -- xx+224 (p213ff)

    1926 at Google p213-16ff (states ISBN 0815602928 215pp); [ another as p251 of 248pp!)

    Published in Parker, Skunny Wundy and Other Indian Tales (Doran, 1926), illus. Will Crawford, p213ff

    (last of 32 stories listed, ch 34 per google snippet)

    re-issued by Syracuse UP in the series The Iroquois and their neighbors as Skunny Wundy: Seneca Indian Tales

    LCCN: --in queue OCLC:

    1926 Skunny Wundy and Other Indian Tales o[241]
    1970 A. Whitman ; Skunny Wundy: Seneca Indian Tales o[242] o[243] 0807574058
    1994 Syracuse U P, xx+224 ; Skunny Wundy : Seneca Indian Tales o[244] 0815602928 Arthur C. Parker ; illustrated by George Armstrong ; with a foreword by Joseph Bruchac ; with an introduction by George R. Hamell

    "by Arthur C. Parker [Gawaso Wanneh] ; illustrated by Will Crawford."

    .Will Crawford 140784 WD (51)
    .George Armstrong --nidb (27) --inclg 2 FFM picture books by Gerry Armstrong

    Pogány, Nándor
    29 "The Wonderful Lamb" by Nandor Pogany (Old Hungarian legend)

    If a princess doesn't laugh, she'll die.

    NP not found; Pogány, Nándor (2) o[245], with list of Contents (21) --distinct from

    Magyar Fairytales, from Old Hungarian Legends [?]y Button $2.00

    1913 The Hungarian Fairy Book (26) o[246] o[247], both with Contents; o[248] as Unwin / Stokes, o[249] notes preface
    1930 Magyar Fairy Tales from Old Hungarian Legends o[250]
    1940 Hungarian Folk Stories o[251]


    TSI p37

    Terribly Strange Tales 1967,
    Thirteen Ghostly Tales 1932 ; 1942 variant with Contents

    ofullname Contents ; 1948

    Heigh-ho, illus. Guy Fry
    13 Ghostly Yarns, newly illus. Albert Michini --nidb [168394]
    1932 1942 Thirteen Fo[252] --1963 yet another version?
    1967 Terribly Strange

    Published 1934 in Sechrist, A Little Book of Hallowe'en, illus. Guy Edgar Fry (Lippincott, 1934), and OCLC o[253] --dnf Contents

    1948 anthology and OCLC o[254], OCLC o[255] w Summary --dnf Contents

    another work: Once in the first times; folk tales from the Philippines (OCLC is down)

    Old Swedish Fairy Tales o[256] 1925 w Contents (Preface + 18)
    The Diamond Bird and Other Tales o[257] 1969 w Contents (14) k[258]

    Great Swedish Fairy Tales (1974), Introduction + 15 (8 wahlenberg, 4 smedberg) --new translation? by Holger Lundbergh

    19 • The Magician's Cape • (1974) • short story by Anna Wahlenberg
    29 • The Barrel Bung • short story by Anna Wahlenberg
    50 • The King's Choice • short story by Anna Wahlenberg
    78 • The Troll Ride • short story by Anna Wahlenberg
    114 • The Old Troll of Big Mountain • short story by Anna Wahlenberg
    136 • The Magpie with Salt on Her Tail • short story by Anna Wahlenberg
    195 • Linda-Gold and the Old King • short story by Anna Wahlenberg
    230 • The Queen • short story by Anna Wahlenberg 

    Among the 8 stories by Wahlenberg, at least the last 4 are in the posthumous collection Diamantfågeln och andra sagor (Albert Bonniers Forlag, 1958) o[259];

    --inferred from English-language story titles in the 1969 translation by Annabelle Macmillan o[260] 1969 transl.

    The diamond bird --
    x The queen --
    x Linda-gull and the old king --
    x The old troll in the big mountain --
    The jewel field --
    x The magpie with salt on its tail --
    King Puttilutt --
    Jan-the Lame's apple tree --
    The sunshine tree --
    The golden goats --
    The butter tub --
    The golden purses --
    The wondrous ball --
    The golden hen


    one free audio states: "The Conjure Wives" - An Old Southern Halloween Tale. Published in Frances G. Wickes' "Happy Holidays" 1921

    1921 at Google books Happy Holidays shows Hallowe'en [section title] : The Conjure Wives : Old Southern Tale, p46-53

    also p54-59 Shippeitaro : A Japanese Fairy Tale : Teresa Peirce Williston
    p59-62 Wait Till Martin Comes : Frances G. Wickes

    Table of Contents shows --all in "Hallowe'en" (3rd of 17 sections),

    The Conjure Wives. Old Southern Tale // Adapted by [FGW] 46[-49]
    Shippeitaro. A Japanese Fairy Tale // Teresa Peirce Williston 54[-58]
    Wait Till Martin Comes // Adapted from an Old Tale by [FGW] 59[-62]

    Interior headings show

    Hallowe'en (3rd of 17 sections) // The Conjure Wives // Old Southern Tale
    Shippeitaro // A Japanese Fairy Tale // Teresa Peirce Williston
    Wait Till Martin Comes // [FGW]

    Acknowledgements, in turn, say nothing about the two by Wickes

    Ship: Teresa Peirce Williston, Japanese Fairy Tales (Rand McNally)

    (viewed at Google Books with original cover)

    contributors (except Harper, ed.; Jones, ill.; Wiesner, ill.)

     el  Raymond Macdonald Alden 168287 (52)
     lw  Margaret Baker 168334 (30)
     lw .Mary Baker 168335 (18)
     lw ~Rowena Bennett 168508 (17)
     lw  C(harles) Vincent Calvert 168410 --Henderson co-author unnamed in Harper anthologies 
    --  ~Molly Capes, poet 162061 --dnf,%20molly/ [1 only]
    el   Arthur Bowie Chrisman 121716 (4)
     l   Sarah Johnson Cocke 254971 (4)
     l   Mary Gould Davis 112255 (10)
    el f Walter de la Mare 11634 (274)
    --   Lupe de Osma 140312 --dnf,%20lupe/ [1 only]
    el  .Maynard Dixon 168336 (30) --uncertain identity as the writer/poet --1936 ss T note 
    el   Charles A. Eastman 164772 (42) ; orig credit also Elaine Goodale Eastman
    els  J. Berg Esenwein 998 (20)
    els  Charles J. Finger 112828 (75)
    el  ~Aileen Fisher 166897 (103)
     lw  Bernard Henderson 167374 (14) --B. L. K.
    el   Joseph Jacobs 17634 (129)
    el   Maria Leach 99569 (21) 
    el  ~Francis Ledwidge 168332 (13)
     l   Maud Lindsay 254567 (18)
    el   Seumas MacManus 20196 (51)
    els  Alida S(ims) Malkus 168331 (39) 
    --   Elsie Masson 168471 --mis-identity Author:Elsie Masson 
    el   Frances Jenkins Olcott 168470 (48)
    el   Arthur C. Parker 168328 (38)
    --   Nándor Pogány 254745 --dnf,%20nandor/ [4 only]
    el   Emilie Poulsson 254568 (32) --spurious co-author maybe
    e   ~Carl Sandburg 22681 (276)
     l   Elizabeth Hough Sechrist, ed. 160997 (28) children's librarian,
    --   Marietta Stockard 123124 --dnf
    Slw  Anna Wahlenberg 168330 (2) 
    IEl  Frances G. Wickes 134950 (18)
    el  ~Margaret Widdemer, poet 120925 (74)

    Bernard Henderson

    Katherine B. Shippen
    Olivia Coolidge, Olivia E.
    Garth Williams
    Gwyn Jones
    Stephen Jones
 1901 England Census shows one "Constance E Rowlands" ; George, Charlotte L ; abt 1876 (age 25); Gloucestershire (resid.)

    Doris Williamson (0)
    Constance E. Rowlands (0)
    el f Stephen Jones, ed. mainly 6277
    --   Stephen Jones (I) 255122 --no info
     lw  C. Calvert, Charles Vincent 168410 (8) --indb only as Henderson co-author
     lw  Bernard Henderson, B.L.K. (14) 

    Henderson stories indb (1 Jones, 3 Calvert)

    Wyvern T1367520
    Ghosts of Kahlberg

    Published in Bernard Henderson and C. Calvert, Wonder Tales of Alsace-Lorraine (Philip Allan, 1924), illustrated by Constance E. Rowlands;

    presumably by both writers

    1921 Ancient Wales Fo[261]16 at HDL, o[262] co Stephen Jones, ill Doris Williamson

    1922 us Small at HDL
    1924 2nd ed., ill Williamson and Rowlands at Madoc Books 8 col plates (Rowlands?), 48 illus (Wmson?)

    publisher advert (Small, Maynard and Company) NY Herald, NY Tribune 1924-09-24 pG7 Wonder Tales of Ancient Wales $3.00

    Wonder Tales series not found 2017-06-15 in title search of UK/US newspapers 1924 25

    British Books in Print 2.1 (Whitaker, 1928), Philip Allan & Co., Ltd. listings

    Wonder Tales Series [p23 listing] by "BLK, S. Jones, and C. Calvert. 6/- "Large post 8vo, each with 8 coloured plates and 48 drawings in the text, 6s. net per volume."

    1924 Alsace-Lorraine [as Bernard]

    1925 Alsace-Lorraine Fo[263]5 o[264] co C. Calvert, ill Constance E. Rowlands

    1924 Ancient Spain [as Bernard] Fo[265]5 o[266] co C. Calvert, ill Constance E. Rowlands

    ancient Spain (237 pp, no preview); this and Japan "Books of the Week" NYH,NYT 1925-09-06 pD10 (no price); as $2.50 each NY Times 1925-09-06 pBR29 "Latest Books" Stokes

    1924 old Japan [as B.L.K.] Fo[267]7 o[268] Allan, o[269] (NY: Stokes, 1924?) co C. Calvert, ill Constance E. Rowlands

    old Japan Google snippet, Allan 1924
    (uk 24, us 25) 6/- Irish Times 1924-09-26 p2 "Publications Received"; 6/- brief review The Scotsman 1924-12-11 p2; brief review Irish Times 1924-12-09 p3 simply "Dr. Henderson and Mr. Calvert"

    old Japan (Allan 1924 as "BLK") snippet shows

    Kurage p26 (2nd of 16 Contents) 3 of 15 at p256 (III Kurage) 41 45, evidently p26-45
    Tokutaro at pp206 210 212 --running titles?

    1924 old Tyrol [as B.L.K.] Google snippet, Stokes 1925 ; Stokes 1925 "Bernard"

    1925 old Tyrol Fo[270]7 Calvert, illus at Google Books

    1930 Folk Tales of the Nations o[271]

    1934 many lands o[272] o[273] Calvert, illus

    Other Lands (1934; no preview, page-count, nor Calvert)
    5/- Man Gua 1934-10-02 p5 "Books Received" (Bernard); no price "books appearing this week" Observer -09-23 p6 "Diary of the Week" ("other chief books appearing this week")
    [274] review by Evelyn Sharp Man Gua 1934-12-06 pX "Magic Immortal" ; also 6/ [quoting SFE] " The Death of the Dragon: New Fairy Tales (London: Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1932) [coll: hb/George Morrow] " ; also Jim at the Corner

    1934 [275] Manchester Guardian 1934-11-29 p7, including Turf-Cutter 1st and Orchestra Land 1st UK P577279

    Turf-Cutter, 1st US P569320

    Cover image from Amazon US 2017-06-15 as Hardcover, 1939, "Publisher: E P Dutton & Co., Inc.; First Edition edition (1939)", ASIN: B000LRJ260
    Amazon as 1939

    productive search: [ keywords=turf+cutter%27s+donkey Amazon US], Amazon UK


    User:Pwendt/Series#The Borrowers
    User:Pwendt/Series#Magic Shop

    User:Pwendt/save#Newspaper search

    2017-0414 User:Pwendt/People/George Macdonald
    2017-0424 User:Pwendt/People/Shakespeare

    LCCN: <a href=""></a> OCLC: <a href=""></a>

    (underscore represents linked cross-reference) --SFE: Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997), p

    {a|}} [Robyn Tallis shared pseudonym]

    slice of some contents, The Supernatural Index, p833

    Walter R. Brooks ss
    24 The Woodman and the Goblins, JBE & MS ss
    32 The Wonderful Cat ol Cobbie Bean, Barbee Oliver Carleton ss
    69 Teeny-Tiny, JJ vi
    72 The Conjure Wives, fgw

    Fantasy Stories T34639

    us Random House Fantasy Stories 257838 1997 tp ; o[276] 1996 hc

    Random House Science Fiction Stories Fo[277]

    Kurt Maschler Award --done?

    Title Notes search ('kurt maschler') hits 5 titles, 3 awards (1982, 1985, 1999)
    1982 Harriet and the Crocodiles Fo[278] ; US
    1984 Harriet and the Haunted School Fo[279]; US
    1985 Harriet and the Robot ; o[280] ; US o[281] o[282] k[283]

    4. Harriet and the Flying Teachers

    ACM 1930 [284]-09-28, -11-30, [285]-12-07

    els  .Jody Lee 25602 (3)
 2017 pbk at Amazon

    LCCN and OCLC state: -- "A Byron Preiss book"

    merge A Wizard of London (cover)

    underway 2017-05-25: clone/export some of Angela Carter's Fairy Tales

    underway Sleeping Beauty and Other Favourite Fairy Tales Carter/Foreman T178701

    User:Pwendt/rtfm#2017 --Shakespeare/Grimm/Macdonald, chapbook/shortfiction/series, etc

    Reeves, A Cold Light, retells Grimm

    Nesbit Pussy and Doggy Tales. Illus D. Kempwelch 12mo Dutton / Dent "Books Received" 1900-01-27 pBR14 (no price)

    The Observer 1900-12-02 p7 "Christmas Books--I"

    • The Book of Dragons (Harper) "... Mr. Nesbit gives us a series of fairy stories about dragons modernised."; "... quaint illustrations by H. R. Miller"


    Virginia Hamilton, Dies Dear --SFE3 does not mention this one
    Sutcliff, Aquila
    Creech, Ruby Holler
    Hunter, The Stronghold (and others)
    Nesbit, Bastables; Doggy Tales

    P194189 PV Mhhutchins, LCCN ambiguously on subtitle (Toward/s Infinity); with note on trade and library prices

    [286] Strange Things , softcover
    Ruskin's King User:Pwendt/FFM
    .Mary Lott Seaman, ill --nidb
    Fouque's Sintram and Undine
    Angela Carter
    elB  Marina Warner 10634 (59)
     lw .Corinna Sargood 116666 (2)
    els  Janice Elliott 1512 (23)
    el  .Errol Le Cain 253040 (41)
    John Christopher
    el  .Jacob Landau 133029 (17) ; Sebastian cover illustrator
     l   Carl Withers, folklorist 146900 (17), aka Robert North (1 nonfic), James West (3 nonfic) 
    el f Rosemary Harris 16228 (33)

    els  Janice Elliott 1512 (23) -- 1970 (Gollancz announce, 18/-) birthday unicorn o[287] 79p

    at Kirkus mainly non-genre, deleted here

    1970 Birthday Unicorn p.b. 79p
    1973 Alexander p.b.? 96p
    1980 Summer People 188p o[288] ISBN 0340251727 at Amazon US
    i 1993-09-15 City of Gates k[289] ; no cover image at Amazon ; no US ed. found at Amazon ; not found in newspapers 1992 1993
    1995-06-15 Figures in the Sand k[290]

    Hodder & Stoughton/Trafalgar (US?) 1993 0-340-57115-2 and 1995 0-340-61846-9

    WorldCat gives 1992 0-340-57115-2 *, 034057979X (Sceptre tp) and 1994 0-340-61846-9 *, 1995 0340646934 (Sceptre tp)

    * dated one year later at Amazon US

    Trafalgar US distributor

    el f Rosemary Harris 16228 (33)
    Reuben trilogy
    1. iLO.£ (LOd$) both
    2. iLO.£ (LOKd$) both
    3. iLO.£ (LOKm$) both
    LO. (LO.$) 1971 Seal --Amazon UK/US both eds. 1971-06, no cover image, US ISBN 0027426807 (not found at WorldCat); 1974 ppb also no cover
    iLOd£ 1974 The Lotus and the Grail (UK, 18 stories)
    iOKm$ 1974 Sea Magic (US, 10 stories)

    Velveteen Rabbit

    1st ed. London at ABEbooks

    newspaper search ("how toys become real") 1922, 0 hits

    ('velveteen rabbit') 1922 (6) only! 3 uk, 3 us

    Doran/Heinemann 1922 at Wayne State 19p with printer statement p[20] ; List of Illustrations (7) as facing 1 3 6 9 12 16 19

    3-line title T // VR // Or How Toys Become Real Doran/Heinemann Printed in Great Britain

    4-line title T // VR // or // HTBR

    o[291]-WayneSt as "1 online resource (33 pages color plates (part double) 21 cm)"

    U Penn Women Writers shows Doubleday ed.

    Project Gutenberg Release Date: March 29, 2004 [eBook #11757] == courtesy U Penn Women Writers

    1922 Heinemann o[292] o[293]-e ; with ISBN as 35p o[294]
    Price 7/6 from publisher advert "Heinemann's List" Manchester Guardian 1922-10-12 p4; "with 7 colour plates, end-papers, and jacket by William Nicholson", Crown quarto
    and "Heinemann's Christmas Books" The Scotsman -12-07 p3
    cO.$ 1922 Doran o[295]
    1922? Doubleday o[296]-HDL specious

    -- illustrated cover (same as jacket, from dealer images) and endpapers -- title page, p[3], shows Garden City, etc, no date -- List of Illustrations, p[7] (7), including double plates (two leaves) not included in the pagination (facing p11, betw p12/13, 16, 18/19, 25, 29, 30/31 -- text spans p11-33

    at Amazon Kindle restoration as 1st ed (incorrect)
    original cover at HDL

    [297] Hart Cour 1923-12-16 p5B (as new work) Whitefriars Press ..

    1926 Doran new ed. $1.25

    [298] NYHT 1926-10-24 pF16 "Doran Books"; this one "A new edition of Mrs. Bianco's famous story"

    [299] NYHT -12-05 pF10 "Children's Books 1926"; this one as Margery Williams see also next week The Three Owls for middle-age and older children

    o[300] 1926 Doran 19p 21cm

    o[301] 1926 Doubleday 19p 24cm o[302] [new ed. 1927?] Doran 33p 26cm

    icOOd£ 1970 Heinemann
    icLOd$ 2011 Dover --NEED original cover documentation or image
    2012/2013 Santore p.b.
    2013-02-19 at Amazon with Look Inside
    icLOd$ 2014 Doubleday
    --nidb 2015 ; 2015

    el  .William Nicholson (artist) 168536 (11) 
    aka W. Beggarstaff, one of Beggarstaff Brother (1) 
    el  .Charles Santore 89213 (32)
    el   Margery Williams 30904 (109)
    el f Mollie Hunter 5600 (37) User:Pwendt/People
    el  .Ruth Reeves 227475  (4)
    el   Paul Fenimore Cooper [Sr.] 227474  (6), grandson of James 
    elsf Angela Carter 1172 (55) User:Pwendt/FFM#Perrault User:Pwendt/FFM#Angela Carter
     lw .Max Barsis 252721 (7)
    el   Maria Tatar 9070 (20)
    elsf John Gardner [Jr.] 3087 (61)
    el   Doris Orgel 212247 (63) User:Pwendt/People
     l   Carl Withers, folklorist 146900 (17), aka Robert North (1 nonfic), James West (3 nonfic) 

    1969 The Man in the Moon x+131
    1970 p.b. Grindstone of God
    1970 p.b. Painting the Moon

    Gertrude C. Schwebell

    1957 publication P617607

    1. The story of Little Mook / Wilhelm Hauff -- Die Geschichte von dem kleinen Muck T1590283
    2. Undine / Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué -- Undine: Eine Erzählung T1579581 ; this retelling as co-written T1819380
    3. Rain Trudy / Theodor Storm 96121 -- T[303]
    4. The cold heart / Wilhelm Hauff -- Das kalte Herz T1589112
    5. The peasant and his son / Eduard Mörike 96129 -- T[304]
    6. The man who lost his shadow / Adelbert von Chamisso -- Peter Schlemihls wundersame Geschichte T1566992 novel
    7. The new melusine / Johann Wolfgang von Goethe -- Die neue Melusine T1261334
    8. The invisible kingdom / Richard Lander (nidb) -- T[305]
    9. The spendthrift / Ferdinand Raimund (nidb) -- T[306]
    10. Nutcracker and Mouseking / E. T. A. Hoffman -- Nußknacker und Mausekönig T1227833

    Afterword. --nidb

    Schwebell writers not in database (2)

    Richard Lander
    Ferdinand Raimund (35)

    LC Schwebell

    icLO.$ 1957, ill Max Barsis at Amazon --COLL or ANTH ?
    iLOm$ 1974/57 Dover at NLA
    icOd$ 1971 p.b. Undine -- OCLC (c)1971, "[c1957]"

    Stephen Daye Press

    Dl   Gertrude C. Schwebell 212248 (6)
     l  .Eros Keith 112279 (25)

    LC Keith

    1969 coll Russian
    1973 coll Celts at Amazon
    nidb 1969 p.b. 57pp, coll Russian, Tolstoy o[307]
    i 1970 p.b. 32pp, Miss Z o[308]
    i 1970 p.b. 40pp, The Donkey Prince o[309] ; k[310] not reviewed as an adaptation of Grimm, contrast 1977 M. Jean Craig and Barbara Cooney k[311]
    nidb 1973 coll Celts o[312]
    i 1973 novel In a Blue Velvet Dress o[313] --in queue
    i 1978 coll 223/255pp, The Faithless Lollybird o[314] --Bluesman trouble
    i 1978 novel Dies Dear o[315]

    M. Jean Craig (19) ; 48p, 48p

    el  .Mary Grabhorn, daughter 205878 (3 from 1953) (9 Shakespeare 1951 to 1961, birthday party invitation 1936 o[316])
    iO. 1951 The Tempest


    Outhwaite User:Pwendt/People#Illustrators
     lw  Annie R. Rentoul 226418 (1) 
     w   Grenbry Outhwaite 185213 (1) 
    ew  .Ida Rentoul Outhwaite 33576 EN (2) o[317] Fairyland (1929) by Annie except "Serana, the Bush Fairy" and verses A Bunch of Flowers 48p
     l  Paul M. Allen 251668 (9) --associated w Rudolf Steiner, Rudolf Steiner Publications (wh may be 2017 SteinerBooks and/or Rudolf Steiner Press)
    Bulwer-Lytton (406)
    Pisistratus (19)

     lw  L. A. Knight 231893 (4)
    DEls Paul Tabori 85229 (43)
    els  Fenner Brockway 192470 (34)
    el   Charlotte Smith 217501 (37) mainly as Smith, Charlotte Turner
    elw  Davide Sernicoli 243858 (1)
    1947? o[318] 1948 [37301726] 1947, both v+218 19cm
    1948 from a Desert series? vii+216 19cm

    (getty).A. W. van Deusen 202295 --no LCCN other works o[319] o[320] o[321] --Robert Bonner's Sons (Dillingham may be 1st ed.)
    els  G. H. Putnam, George Haven 127627 (51) -HDL o[322]
    ews  Frank West Rollins 132473 (4 nonfic)

    [323] The Artificial Mother --later visit HDL (and clone?)

      s  C. H. Robinson (Charles Henry, 1843); Charles Henry 211253 (3 known; no LCCN) Author:C. H. Robinson 1908 pamphlet
    FictionMags [324] -- 2 National Magazine (Bos) 1901 1902; 1 Redbook 1903
    Cumulative Book Index 16 LCCN(?) 13-20584 and 13-17063
    1897 article with immediately preceding photo portrait frontispiece p[160][325]

    • The Seeing Stone T735221. 2000 Canada price C$21.99 per review by Deirdre Baker Toronto Star 2000-11-26 pC15 ("Orion, 324 pages", no ISBN)
    • Elsie Piddock T1989601. 2000 Canada price C$22.99 per review by Deirdre Baker Toronto Star 2000-11-26 pC14 ("Candlewick, 44 pages", ages 5-9, no ISBN)

    The Notary's Nose and Other Stories P44753 o[326] o[327] problem collection: transl? contents? wrong e-copy

    (Dell) (Yearling) P48642 disaster at Amazon]; P416250 cannot be both 1974 and 1991 Jody Lee

    03-12 recent NewPub, ClonePub and PubUpdate examined back to 03-08

    User:Pwendt/Covers#F. Anstey
    ISFDB:Community Portal#Charles Robinson, Charles Robinson

    The Brass Bottle (Anstey)

    US --still NEEDs illustrator credit // check elsewhere first

    LCCat correction -- 2017-04-11

    Evidently you credit the wrong Charles Robinson (b. 1931). The famous British book illustrator (b. 1870) illustrated a 1911 Everyman's Library edition of The Secret Garden. :

    Probably the same is true of LCCN 93003384 and 93007320, where you credit illustrations by this Charles Robinson and Jessie Willcox Smith (b. 1865).

    no reply as of 2017-04-29

    Mellops picture book series Reviews by Kirkus do not cover 1960, Les Mellops fêtent Noël (Christmas Eve at the Mellops), nor does its June 1963 review of the next book count that one in the series

    Kirkus Go Flying (starred); Go Diving for Treasure; Strike Oil; Go Spelunking

    20,000 Leagues, illus W. J. Aylward [328] Scribner's "have just published" panel advert NYT 1925-09-27

    20,000 Leagues 1920/1925
    1920 o[329] vi+427 illus 20cm The Scribner series for young people
    1925 o[330] vii+407 color Aylward 23cm, o[331] vi+403 color Aylward 23cm
    (c)1925 o[332] 207 illus Aylward 24cm The Scribner illustrated classics

    P400854 reprint of selections from Aylward 1925


    el  .Nora S. Unwin 250465 (44)
    elw  Enys Tregarthen 250464 (5) w=Nellie Cornwall, second pseudonym
    el  .Louis Darling 111877 (42)
    EFlb Tomi Ungerer 10062 (148)
    el  .W. J. Aylward 138746 (6)
     l  .Omar Rayyan 25805 (33) VIAF=26280835
     l  .Katherine Coville 9602 (46) [333] only hit 1982/89 -- review by Anne Jordan NY Times 1982-10-31 pBR27 "(Ages 8 to 11)"
     l  .Gary A. Lippincott 25951 (22) 
    els  Bruce Coville 1453 (134)
    el   R. Thurston Hopkins 112162 (39) 

    James McNeill --no title hits in UK newspapers 1959 or 1960s

    [334] Toronto 1964-11-14 pB17, reviews 3 collections/anthologies inclg HH Book of Princes

    Amazon UK [337] hc 1959 OUP, [338] pp 1964 Scholastic First Printing (shows TX 616)
    Amazon US [339] pp 1965 Scholastic (shows TX 616), [340] hc 1964 OUP 3rd printing
    Amazon CA [341] hc 1964 OUP, [342] pp 1964 -- (shows TX 616)
    • Double knights
    Amazon UK [343] hc 1965 OUP as ISBN 0192712454 (no cover), [344] unk 1965 OUP (no cover)
    Amazon US [345] hc 1964 Walck (no cover), [346] hc import 1965 OUP as ISBN 0192712454 (no cover)

    Sutcliff at Kirkus

    Farjeon at Kirkus; many more via Google

    Willard at Kirkus

    picture book
    Pish, Posh, Said Hieronymus Bosch (1991) 32p -- Title + minimal Kirkus
    The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1993) 30p
    The Magic Cornfield 1997-04-01 48p --minimal kirkus done
    Sweep Dreams 2005-06-01 32p picture book --nidb
    starred) The Flying Bed 2007-03-01 48p --nidb
    Little Tom Drum 2015-02-10 48p --minimal kirkus done

    Georgess McHargue --see Groton's list of books at Wikipedia External links; list of works NEEDs work

    nonfiction or editor
    Beasts of Never 1968-06-20  :: favorable comment in reviews of related books [347] 1969 ; [348] 1975 ; [349] 1982 ;
    Impossible People (no date; capsule) --inclg Yearling $0.95 1974/1975 --in queue
    Facts, Frauds 1972-05-05 --nidb
    Hot & Cold Running Cities 1974 P17357 pv chavey
    Best of Both Worlds 1968 P422830
    picture books?
    The Baker and the Basilisk --nidb 1970-04-20 picture book? 31p
    Beastie 1992-04-01 --nidb 179p (Nessie)
     l  .Isobel Morton-Sale 226790 (1) VIAF=161516067 --DNB and Oxford Reference give 1904-1992 but LC cites obituary
     l  .John Morton-Sale 226791 (3) VIAF=116336928
     l  .Frank Bozzo 109545 (17)
    ew  .Theo Dimson 249708 no LCCN; VIAF= SUDOC, BNF, LAC, Quebec all as graphic artiste 
     d   James M[a]cNeill, 1925- 168444 no LCCN (2) [350] conflates multiple people ; VIAF=95634878 NTA=112259987 
     lw  James A. MacNeill, ed. 225782 (4), western Canada, poetry and shortstories, teacher? --1 work indb o[351]; VIAF=16261132 LAC=0103G5936 "Canadian"
     l   Helen Hoke, ed. mainly 10830 (88) (no97058140 as Sterling 0, as no97058141 Watts 0)
    EFls Edmond About 267 (124)
    el   Georgess McHargue, nf 10967 (25)
    el f Nancy Willard 2319 (75) 
     w  .Lee Dillon 21430 (1) Kirkus 1993-11-15 as 1993-10-01 does not mention Lee Dillon, as it does for Pish, Posh 1991 and Wind-Child 1999
     l f Margaret J. Anderson 6186 (30) Bio:Margaret J. Anderson‎ (several notes) Light in the mountain
     l f Shirley Rousseau Murphy 3157 (50)
     l  .Al Carlson 222702 (5)
    el   Miriam Young 227859 (41) Bio:Miriam Young (DoB)
     l  .Michael Garland 27827 (64)
    elsf Patricia A. McKillip 1022 (33)
     ls  Dale Carlson 14418 (56) The Human Apes --NEED kirkus; The Plant People --pv Don Erikson inadequate
     l  .Carol Nicklaus 109979 (119) 
    el f Frances Hodgson Burnett 4178 (324)
    els .Tim Kirk 23019 (22)
    elsf William Morris 305 (342)
     l  .Charles Robinson (I) 248725 ()
    el f Jane Louise Curry 3266 (38)

    The Hollow Land (1856) T53423 --dnf C.H. Robinson ed.

    1900 96p Mosher 425 copies
    1908 97p Mosher 3rd ed
    1905-10-02 Goudy 67p 220 copies

    Curry (many with Robinson)

    1. James, a biracial American almost 13 years old, is the only child of two professional musicians. He is unhappy with their focus on music, which includes hopes for his future. During a visit to London, he travels back to 1600/1601 where he gets a part in a Ben Jonson play and a place in the Children of the Chapel Royal choir. Meanwhile some Londoners maneuver with and against the Earl of Essex, who probably plots against Queen Elizabeth I.
    2. book 3 at Kirkus as 1971-10-13, too late [352]

    Wolves; Shadow -- Agro/Argo and McElderry

    el  .W. H. Margetson 248562 (2)
    el  .J. Bernard Partridge 112621 (14)
    el  .Sidney Paget 123835 (10)
    Dl  .Wal Paget 192008 (14) --Arabian Nights 1907, ed. Rouse, 7/6
    el   W. H. D. Rouse 124061 (63)
    el f Norton Juster 5534 (25)

    [353] 1907 Rouse/Paget Arabian Nights 7/6

    Kirkus 'norton juster' [354]

    Phantom Tollbooth T17229 both

    User talk:Chris J#The phantom tollbooth

    OCLC: <a href="">18680321</a> -- ISBN 0394820371 0394821998

    For the alternative ISBN 0394821998

    Both with Look Inside! "This view is of the Paperback edition (1988) from Bullseye Books." --erroneous, one use of the alternative ISBN 0394820371 but the Look includes cover images that clearly identify a later ed., Yearling, with known-1996 appreciation by Maurice Sendak for the 35th anniv. edition

    both with cover image evidently Random House, tp format, $2.99 --not plausible 1970 or 1972

    0223 outstanding user talk

    1. Don Erikson - aside
    2. Rtrace - Frederic[k] Dorr Steele
    3. Chavey - Charles Brock
    4. Clarkmci - aside
    5. User talk:Marc Kupper‎#The Complete ... H.G. Wells --Her[r]ing
    el f.H. M. Brock 62371 (23), younger brother of C.E. and another Strand illustrator
    el f.C. E. Brock 37686 (60)

    Gulliver's Travels --WorldCat search Brock Formats[356]

    1974 326p Charles Edmund Brock
    1979? 72p Charles E. Brock ; in color for this edition by Martina Selway.
    2008 xxiii+322 Original Illustrations by C.E. [Charles] Brock

    PV Don Erikson unillustrated? Signet Classic P291840

    see also User talk: Chavey#Gulliver's Travels

    Moonblight, by Dan Beard (chiefly ill.) --NEED unmerge of annotate Forewords 1892, 1904

    el  .Dan Beard, ill Daniel Carter 110214 (188)
    e s  Mark Twain 160 (1536)


    Magazines 201702

    Series 40129 The Delineator (NY: Butterick)


    Series 26630 (The) London Magazine -- serial The Railway Children 1905

    Home Chimes was a London magazine 1884-1894 EN --nidb

    these three all at User:Pwendt/Magazines

    The Strand Magazine 1891 [357] start, done 1900
    The Century 1870/1881 [358] much; done 1886 89
    The Cosmopolitan 1886 [359] much; done 1889
    1901 Subscription price apparently $3.00, 1891

    Cosmopolitan Mar 1908 $0.15 Is Mars Inhabited? "Read Prof. David Todd and H.G. Wells. In This Issue." cover, p[333] Wells, illus. Leigh, p[336]-44 Todd, leader of the Mars Expedition (to Andes observatory), p345-51

    pp. ~112 "Christmas" Dec, "Holiday" Jan


    search Title Note Maclean's [360] (10, 1924 and 1948/56)
    search Publ Note Maclean's [361] (3, 1955/77)

    The Churchman at HDL (1 of 2), most of vols 36-100, 1877-1909

    --nidb; weekly 10c, $3.50/yr postpaid in advance, 32 pages of which i-ii, iii-iv wrap 28 pages in the volume pagination

    2017-01/02 Van Ingen & Snyder at WorldCat

     l  Mary D. Nauman; Robinson, Mary Dummett Nauman 242876 (8) (4!) --1872 novella e-copy at HDL
     lw Clara F. Guernsey 186967 (2) 
    [362] A
    [363] B

    1871 as The Merman and the Figure-Head: A Christmas Story

    [364] OMNI --to be continued

    U Florida Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature BLHCL

    o[365] "2 volumes in 1"

    plates 2 and A-32a 52a 112a 146a scraperboard signed "B" (perhaps Bensell); some clearly signed VanIngen-Snyder (A-112a engraving not scraperboard)

    A-170 and B-40a (plain EBB) 54a 86a 104a

    1872 Nauman The Enchanted Princess --niLC

    "Enchanted Princess ..." as 1869 o[366]

    Champney 2017-0129 tbctd --check newspapers --in queue 3 Title 3 Publ

    (Ox$) US-only? T2115987 1876 as 1877 Sky-Garden --continue 1st ed. from HDL

    Bos. Globe 1876-12-22 p2 [367] "for sale by Little, Brown & Co., 254 Washington Street.
    The above are published and sold by (large) Lockwood, Brooks & Co., // 381 Washington and 10 Bromfield Sts., // head of Franklin." elsewhere same page "D. Lothrop & Co's // Bookstore // 32 Franklin St."

    [368] review -12-11

    only those 3 hits (garden champney) Nov/Dec
    (cOx$) US-only? T2116341 1877 as 1878 Palette --continue 1st ed. from HDL ABE 1878 ; reported HathiTrust 1878 and 1883

    [369] Bos. Globe -12-05 p3 review ; review The Unitarian Review and Religious Magazine (1874-1886); Boston9.1 (Jan 1878): 116. as "illustrated by J. Wells Champney" (Four Bright Books all received [370]) (advert also Bourbon Lilies among three books by Champney [371])

    O.£ (O.$) US 1st T2109371 1886 Bubbling (UK ed. 1887 as 1888) ABEbooks w cover(as 1887) -- 1893 ed. at Baldwin done

    these 6 belong somewhere below

    e s  Frank Atkins 122730 (5+2) as pseudonyms Frank Aubrey, Fenton Ash
    el   Henry Lawson 164409 (70)
    ell  Sorche Nic Leodhas 94293 (18)
    el   Naomi Lewis, NF 8378 (42) --not inclg Eleanor Farjeon
    el   George Lathrop 20307 (43) --Hawthorne son-in-law and editor, primarily
    el f Cynthia Asquith, NF 14887 (47)
    elsf Roger Lancelyn Green, NF 10828 (93)
    el   Richard Lancelyn Green, NF 110992 (13)
    el  .Maud Gonne, ill (14)
      Gonne illustrations of Young, unprocessed ; clipping Life magazine 1948
    ew  .Townley Green, ill Townley Green (0)
     l  .Vera Bock, ill 94485 (30)
    el f Ella Young 783 (20)
    1910 Celtic Wonder-Tales, several eds in LCCat (none early) 1995 Dover 1st, 1995
    Fionn 1929 ; 1991

    SFE-F: "In her own writing she focused on Celtic Fantasy. The Wonder Smith and His Son (coll 1927) and The Tangle-Coated Horse and Other Tales: Episodes from the Fionn Saga (coll 1929) are Twice-Told tales based on Irish material. The Unicorn with Silver Shoes (1932) illus Robert Lawson is an original tale, though resembling both [Kenneth] Morris and James Stephens in its telling of the trip of an Irish hero to the Afterlife, where he meets Angus, the laughing god and others. [JC]

    Fair Delight OMNIBUS T1359685

    icOOO.£ (O.$) 1st 1960 omnibus(anth?) as uncredited P1359685
    1st US ed.
    original Mopsa illus. Macgregor, Hunt, Eden; engravers Dalziel
    .Jessie Macgregor --nidb EN (19)
    .Alfred W. Hunt, Alfred William --nidb EN (0)
    .W. Eden, Sir William --nidb niW DE (0)
    .Arthur Hughes, ill 102925 (20)=several post-1960 editions of George Macdonald; no original eds 

    ISFDB search: Dalziel [372]

    signature appears to be DALZIEL(s?)
    *lw  Ursula Jones 176846 (5?); mistaken identity Author:Ursula Jones *EN The Witch's Children and the Queen
     lw .Alan Wright 231886 (0)
     lw .Rita Fava 146514 (1)
    el   Mary Chase 20449 (32) ; Kirkus 2014 feature Loretta Mason Potts 

    2014 feature

     l   Edward Fenton 221844 (23)
    Fl  .Jacqueline Duhème 221827  (10)
    EFlf Maurice Druon 214116 (117)
    el  .Harold Berson 154830 (68)
    el f Mrs. Molesworth 124751 (65) --SHDBE canonical name Mrs. Molesworth

     w  .Dorothy Furniss, ill (1879–1944), daughter of Harry 244118 --dnf LCCN
    el f.Harry Furniss, ill 113861 (41) Travels in the Interior (1887) by L T Courtenay; and Edward Abbott Parry's Gamble Gold (1907)
    els  G. E. Farrow 166910 (3)
    el f Eleanor Farjeon 112169 (148)

    The Fair of St. James[: A Fantasia] T1978301 T2176008 --MERGE or VARIANT?

    LOm£ (LOm$) 1932, only the latter illustrated?

    Martin Pippin Series 41519 User:Pwendt/save#Newspaper links

    1965 A Cavalcade of Queens 424744
    1966 The Eleanor Farjeon Book B66-7558 UK with list of Contents ; US
    el  .Phillida Gili, ill 243938 (11)
    el f.Charles Keeping, ill 78341 (70)
    el   Barbara Willard 243794 (69) Spell Me a Witch T2119704 --dnf newspapers 1979 1981  both
    el f James Reeves 82345 (125)
     l  .J. C. Kocsis 243793 VIAF=50650299 (5) ; no more at WorldCat
    el  .Lynton Lamb 208434 (14) 
    el f Jean Ingelow 73761 (71) 
     lw .Dora Curtis 227622 (0) VIAF=576145857931023020324 VIAF=310755056 sudoc=
     lw .Maria L. Kirk 125232 (18)
    -WD-.Diana Stanley, ill 102989
    el   John Charles Dent 137464 (5) ; The Gerrard Street Mystery P558834 --dnf newspapers 1888 ; Gutenberg 6917 --nidb
    el   Laura Miller, NF 125542 (2)
    el  .J. Wells Champney  243294 (13)

    ;People, shdbe complete back to 12-18


    el  .Jessie Willcox Smith 136378 (89) 
    elsf Dennis Wheatley 4379 (119)
    el f.Harry Clarke 121981 (10)
    el   C. R. L. Fletcher, NF 242737 (20)
    elw .John Anster Fitzgerald 59091 (0)
     lw .Frank M. Gregory 242721 (13) GND=1072834111
    el  Douglas A. Anderson, NF 11127 (5)
    elsf J.B. Priestley 1261 (338) --Harper cleanup 
    el f E. A. Wyke-Smith 3208 (1) --SFE-F: "born Smith, he later took on the fuller name by deed poll"
     l   Melanie Keene, NF 179046 (1)
    elsf.Charles Robinson 88489 (?)
    elsf.W. Heath Robinson 81073 (65)
    el f.George Morrow 14108 (18)
    el  .H. M. Brock 62371 (23)
    el  .Mabel Lucie Attwell 226763 (6)
    el  .E. B. Bensell, ill 112285 (5)
    el   Charles Edward Carryl, wri 112354 (15)
    el  .Charles Howard Johnson, ill 233056 (7)
    el  .Walter Satterlee, ill 242531 (9)
    el f Horace Walpole 629 (192)
    el   Hugh Walpole 30570 (174)
    el   Elizabeth W. Champney; (Mrs.) Lizzie W. 112353 (46)
    EDlf Wilhelm Hauff 2025 (153)
    el  .Lois Lenski 221897 (186) --illustrator only in database as of 2017-01-03
    elsf Hugh Lofting 5360 (89)
     w   Christopher Lofting, NF 126272 

     l  .Krystyna Turska, ill 33253 (27) VIAF=112263431 GND=1089472935 NUKAT=n99023132 NLP=a10982139  
    2002 obituary --newspapers-0119

    27 inclg Reeves, The Trojan Horse 1969/68 p.b. ; many inclg most in-genre are picture books but see Tales from Central Russia 285p (2 vols); also Czech; also the "Cavalcade of" and "Author's choice" collections

    Reeves, English fables and fairy stories 1954 o[373] ill Joan Kiddell-Monroe

    Frank M. Gregory, ill 242721 --see also Faust User:Pwendt/Series

    at Goodreads
    some ed. Memoirs of a London Doll o[374]; also its Nabu Press edition as Lady Seraphina (the doll's name)

    Douglas A. Anderson, nonfic 11127

    1993 1993 bibliog; price not found as stated by PV Ldb001

    at Amazon; o[375], o[376], and Formats[377]

    2002 Hobbit // Rev. and expanded ed. / annotated by Douglas A. Anderson (PV Rtrace)
    2003 TBTolkien (tp PV Rtrace)

    T875456 should not be "Excerpt", nor dated 1927 T929866 should not be short title variant of T987380, nor dated 2002 (apparent composition date iiuc) T929867 and T987381 should not be distinct, nor the former considered uncredited, nor dated 2002 (apparent composition date iiuc) P73041 and P274429 should not be; delete the former after merge

    2008 TBNarnia (PV Don Erikson)

    lib binding 978-1439573709 at Amazon

    2014 HM 4-volume Tolkien


    toward PV

    not done e s  Zamyatin 2879 (58)
    .Hal Siegel 26498 
    els  Mirra Ginsburg 8784 (61)
    el   Douglas Gresham 107825 (5)
    elsf C. S. Lewis 301 (392)
    elsf Roger Zelazny 69 (81)
    elsf J. R. R. Tolkien 302 (227)
    el f Christopher T 2328 (49)
     w   Michael T 177702 (0)
    el   Wayne G. Hammond 21458 n82035669 (15)
    el   Christina Scull 21459  no96002006 (10)
     lw .Alton Raible, ill 116195 (17) VIAF=114088110 
     lw .Gene Holtan, ill 155393 (7)
    el f Zilpha Keatley Snyder
    el   Denis Mackail (Asquith affiliate, cont mid-December work)
    el   Walter Hooper
    el   W. H. Lewis

    We (Мы) P598283 --printing uncertain

    T1232995 --now distinguished 6 Engl-lang transl (1 Eugene, 5 Yevgeny) Formats[378]

    1924 Dutton --LC done ; 1959 Dutton o[379] 1959 PV User:Dragoondelight retired
    1970 Guerney --LC done
    1972 Ginsburg T7135

    at Amazon no cover o[380]

    1993 Brown T2067143 states xxxii+221
    2006 Randall T2103374 --LCCN 2006-42032 not found --done
    2008/2009 Alpin PV User: Mavmaramis

    Contemporary review by Kirkus (<a href="">undated online</a>, with later cover image and ISBN) and Amazon as of 2016-12-21 both give publ date 1972-05-01 (1) VIAF=307453041

    Frost and Fire --PV multiple

    T28710 --PV ok

    Kirkus search Zilpha Snyder [381] (several) including The Gypsy Game [382]

    cLOd$ T14745 The Changeling, Snyder -- both, 1976 UK with doubtful data from Amazon
    Below the Root, Green-Sky #1, Tor, April 1985 P3990

    T3576 --1st done except date discrepancy

    Black and Blue Magic, 1966; Aladdin, no date (early) --nidb

    T14746 ; NewPL shows 1st ed.

    1st ed. --submitted -12-18

    Black and Blue Magic 1994 1st Atheneum --done except format; 2nd Aladdin Formats[383]

    1967 hc at Amazon
    purported Aladdin 1966 at Amazon
    2nd Aladdin 1994 P4586 --done exc date

    three Holtan cover illus. found online-12-18 are those from p90, 109, 153

    Smith & Farmer, 1984 SFBC P296933 issues include book title, dual/none title page

    Smith T1049016 chap; T4228 nv ; Giles T1021726 chap; T4227 nv --none of 4 links Wikipedia

    OCLC:">11257889</a> "[1976?]" -- "Smith of Wootton Major. Farmer Giles of Ham ..." (no 'and' or &), notes spine title -- "ill. by Pauline Diana Baynes" but the middle name does not appear in the book, nor on the jacket; no title page except apparent reproduction of the originals, both credit Pauline Baynes -- this title ampersand jacket front and front flap (blurb identifies them only separately), "and" half title page (2) -- endpapers two-color Baynes

    -- unknown source for date

    -- copyright page claims Smith (c) 1967, 1975; Giles (c) 1976

    Kirkus --no hits for Wootton/Giles

    Boxen, 1985/86 as C.S. issues concern merges, series Boxen, joint credit


    Boxen, 2008 as C.S. and W.H. --NEED work toward merge

    T1076385 ; CamPL shows 2008 --examined

    1985 Boxen: The Imaginary World of the Young C. S. Lewis T194149-4

    "In fact the only differences in Lewis content are that the latter includes [a] three more Boxen "novels" (reportedly all of those extant, 6 rather than 3) and [b] more and better-reproduced images of original materials. ; [b] more and better-reproduced images of original materials (ms. pages by CSL and illustrations); [c] a new two-page introduction by CSL stepson Douglas Gresham.

    2008 Boxen: Childhood Chronicles Before Narnia T1076385-3

    Introduction/History by Hooper 2102997-5
    Introduction by Gresham 1029394-3
    Animal-Land as CSL-2 2102998, 1029395 as both-3
    Boxen as CSL-2 2102999, 1029396 as both-3
    Encyclopedia as CSL-2 2103000 SHORTFICTION, ESSAY 1029397 as both-3
    Illus. as CSL as both -0
    COVER - none merged, UK 1985/86 not credited to CSL
    INTERIOR - no records 2016-12-21

    1st UK (one ISBN) OCLC: <a href="">226988328</a>

    1st UK (two ISBN, one as "includes index"--not plausible) OCLC: <a href="">12502006</a> "includes index", OCLC: <a href="">906462348</a> "23cm"

    all as 206 pages

    1st US --nearly done

    Neither 1985 nor 2008 publishers credit W.H. "Warnie" (three years older) or C.S. "Jack" with particular contents. Merely the earlier collection names C.S. in the book title, where the later collection names Narnia, and the later credits both brothers on the cover and title page, where the earlier credits neither.

    What to say where?

    2013 HarperCollins (November 5, 2013) at Amazon $32.99 The Chronicles of Narnia Complete 7-Book Collection with Bonus Book: Boxen Kindle Edition OCLC: <a href="">877989183</a>

    EN [384]
    LC 1st US; 2008 "Includes all the [extant] Boxen stories, some previously unpublished, together with the authors' illustrations."
    publisher 2008 [385] "This new landmark edition marks the centenary of the very first Boxen manuscript. Here are all the stories, some never before seen, sensitively edited and arranged to make the most of the fabulous and inventive fantasy while retaining all the vigour of a child’s imaginative writing. Lavishly and charmingly illustrated by the author, and published for the very first time in colour, together with facsimile pages from the original notebooks" (from transcript of back cover image?)
    B&N [386] with back cover image

    Formats 2008 [387]

    Roverandom 1998 1st US 1st P28546 : PV User talk:Nowickj#Roverandom 2016-12-20; other publ records NEED work too --submitted coverart, interior and introduction

    -- ix -- 3-[88] -- 91-106

    o[388] two ISBN hc and tp, list of Illustrations

    1998-04-01 Publ date from contemporary review by Kirkus <a href="">posted 2010</a>)

    1st UK at Amazon with Look Inside! 2013 hc Series: Thorndike Speculative Fiction Hardcover: 214 pages Publisher: G. K. Hall & Company; Lrg edition (Sept. 1998)

    2016-12-20 bold ISBN are in db

    0-7838-0299-4 1998 as large print ed. 190pp 22cm o[389] --lk submitted
    0754034852 UK 1998 another large print 186 23cm
    0-261-10354-7 UK 1998 as o[390]--lk
    0261103539 UK 1998 as limited ed. xxii+106+5 o[391] ; same no mention of limited o[392]
    0-395-89871-4 US 1998 o[393] (both ISBN) -PV(2)
    0-395-95799-0 US 1998 o[394] -PV
    US 1998 braille o[395]
    German 2001 -PV
    978-1-4395-7978-7 2008 Paw Prints (no page-count) o[396](useless?)
    978-0-00-752328-3 2013 as 192pp 16cm o[397]--lk --started "later proofread, rearrange"
    978-0-00-737810-4 2013 e-book (as 144pp) o[398]--lk




    [400] brief review Jacobs/Batten The Wonder Voyages, gives provenance

    .Julia Noonan, ill 7278 (28) VIAF=39632337

    Drowned Ammet P333150 pv Chavey "1st American ed edition (February 1978)

    Amazon[401] gives month and cover image

    --submitted 2016-12-05 ; should credit cover art

     ls  Gilson Gardner 203601 (3)

    David Frankland VIAF=15108267 (fr nl us) 311294139 (pl no) 106701401 (ca) 85104124 (cz) (4)
    inclg 49-page Alice in Wonderland retold by Joan Collins ! o[402]

    Tim Vicary VIAF=85399380 (16, one 1992 and 2007 to date)

    aka Megan Stark (0)

    el f Zilpha Keatley Snyder, wri (58)

    The Bronze Pen P1281626 ; check also The Gypsy Game

    2010 Scholastic o[403]

    verified P596716 with wrong cover image, mis-spelled "David McFarland", and should be some printing?

    12:1   10:15/0
    Printed in the U.S.A.   40

     ws James William Barlow 124625 - error at LCCN n85 something --report submitted 2016-12-06
    els Jane Barlow 203691

    LH ill. only : End of Elfintown by Jane Barlow (16) 1894 -HDL

    fairy poetry 77p o[404] and large-paper o[405]

    Jane & James William Barlow as Antares Skorpios
    erroneous record of 1891 o[406]
    correct record of 1891 o[407]
    record of 1909 o[408]
    record of erroneous 2010 o[409]

    el  Kate Klise, wri 160124 EN done Template:VIAF
     l .M. Sarah Klise, ill 160125 WD
     l  Thomas S. Klise, wri 184737 (father) VIAF=68536464

    Thomas S. Klise Company VIAF=150611213

    EN: The Last Western (1974)

    WorldCat series 43 Old Cemetery Road

    LA Times review

    book 2

    old hardcover image without sidestrip 51Rk-F8zeYL.jpg
    new hard and soft cover images




    Brothers Dalziel, or Dalziel Brothers (eventually 5 siblings) WD VIAF=149459475 (29; lists 5 members) --'dalziel' nidb as publisher

    Edward Dalziel (1817 1905) 227352 WD (32)
    George Dalziel (1815-1902) 227351 WD (38)

    Illustrated with engravings by Dalziel brothers. Fables and tales which appeared weekly in "Fun." OCLC 3212521

    Dalziels may be credits as BD, DB, and simply Dalziel.

    Publication Notes search Dalziel [410]

    at HathiTrust: Author George 67, Edward 59, Dalziel Brothers 22

    1861 Reynard (illus. same as 1851) [411]
    Cinderella [1865 to 1889] [412]



    Much mid-November, including notes on crucial writers, moved to

    User:Pwendt/Publishers#Griffith etc
    User:Pwendt/Publishers#Frowde etc


    [413] The Academy no. 1013 1891-10-03 p296 advertisement by the publisher "Griffith Farran & Co.'s // Announcement of Books for the Young for Christmas, 1891" "4to, cloth elegant, gilt edges, price 6s"
    reviewed as inane [414] The Speaker 1891-12-26 p788
    listed as from G, F, O & W "Christmas Books" The Saturday Review of [PLSA] 72.1887 1891-12-26 p734. --advertisement from the publisher?

    Merrywink creators

    lw  Christina Gowans Whyte, wri 189818 VIAF=287606009
    lw .M. V. Wheelhouse, ill., Mary V. 189819 VIAF=21500613 VIAF=291080550 SUDOC=147888492 (numerous records, linked to Mary V. identified by SUDOC)


    Doyle's Fairyland T1426590 --some data submitted and notes here deleted 2016-11-17

    In Fairyland--Pictures from the Elf World; 16 colored plates, 36 designs; "folio, cloth, gilt. $7 50" NYT 1874-12-16 p5

    more hits 'fairy land doyle

    Allingham/Doyle mentioned in "Irish Fairy-Land" The Globe (Tor) 1873-06-26 p3

    Humphrey Milford, publisher, OUP imprint EN (15) Sir Humphrey Sumner Milford
    Milford (1877–1952) -- "publisher to the University of Oxford and head of the London operations of Oxford University Press (OUP)"; Clarendon Press was the Oxford operation specifically ~1900 ~1970 ;; "noteworthy books, music, and educational material for the general public,[1] complementing the scholarly work of the Clarendon Press in Oxford"

    A. Crowquill 207849 Alfred Crowquill 186970, joint and/or separate pseud. probably with unknown scope
    Aunt Mavor, house pseud. 205879

    Nursery Tales T1772547

    Nursery Tales, reported 1856 ed. with puzzling note, o[415]

    the tales include Aladdin; T1772543 aka Aladdin, T1772517

    "Nursery Tales" may be one of the contents sometimes, rather than "Nursery Alphabet"

    some editions number the stories



    George Cruikshank

    1853-64 Bogue "1st ed, 1st issue"
    1854 Cinderella
    1854 Jack
    1853-64 (four)
    1865 (four)
    186- Bell and Daldy
    1870 Bell and Daldy, Cruikshank Perrault
    1885 Bell
    1911 Putnam
    1877 Munchausen xii+268, 23 plates

    Cruikshank at HathiTrust

    (1853-64) Fairy-book
    1885 Bell George Cruikshank's Fairy Library [416], one of 500 copies
    1. Half-title Fairy Library; t.p. GK's Fairy Library: ...
    2. [v]-vi- Editor's Note "It is unnecessary to reprint the "Address ..."
    3. List of Illustrations, numbered 9 8 10 11 (not included in the pagination)
    4. 1-24, Hop
    5. 27-54, Jack
    6. 57-77, Cinderella
    7. 81-101, Puss ; p101 footer Chiswick Press ...
    1897 Putnam 8, 216, plates

    with original cover ; frontispiece Jack ; 40 illus by GK ; The Knickerbocker Press ; Puss in Boots courtesy George Bell & Sons ; Illustrations 11 8 9 10 (=38) ; no preface/intro

    1911 Putnam viii+216, plates

    t.p. The Cruikshank Fairy Book: Four Famous Stories: ... // with 40 // no date ;; no pref/intro "viii" merely paginates the front material

    1. 1,3,5 Puss
    2. 47/49/51 Jack
    3. 105,7,9 Hop
    4. 155,7,9 Cinderella
    5. 201-03 An Address to Little Boys and Girls
    6. 204-05 To The Public
    7. 206-16 [417] To Parents, Guardians, and all Persons Intrusted with the Care of Children (concerning Dickens "Frauds on the Fairies" 185? answered by Hop-o'-my-Thumb; now answered by Cruikshank)
    8. (1897) [217-18] advertisements by the publisher; this one as vol 7(?) Fairy Tales of the Nations; $1.75/$1.25 [recall #5,6 were 1893,94 Joseph Jacobs]; this one $2.00
    9. (1911) [217-20] advertisements (incl Oscar Wilde); this one "8vo ... $1.25"

    NYT 1897-09-11 pBR8 "Among the many important books announced for publication this Fall by the Messrs. G. P. Putnam's Sons ..."

    M.F. Mansfield fall 1897 list (either a short list or Mansfield is passed over as a minor publisher) includes Humors of Cycling, short stories by Jerome, Wells, Pain, and Ridge; A Batch of Golfing Papers by Lang

    NYT 1897-10-30 pBR11 "Revival of Trade in Books and Art" --"The November list is quite large ..."

    The Sun 1897-12-08 p8 "Holiday Editions" (no price)

    NYT 1897-12-04 pBR7 "Books Received" this one 8vo $2.00

    SLPD 1897-12-12 "rewritten by the famous artist who felt compelled to eliminate certain immoralities in the original stories, they are full of new interest" (no price)

    Edmund Dulac's Fairy-Books: Fairy Tales of the Allied Nations(!) Doran; also Edmund Dvalac (one cover)

    Fairy Tales from All Nations, Anthony R. Montalba, Forgotten Books; also illus. ed., Echo Library;

    Laboulaye's Fairy Book: Fairy Tales of All Nations, Edouard Laboulaye, Forgotten Books; also transl. Booth, Harper, 1870

    Fairy Tales of All Nations, ed. Marshall, Winston 1910; at the Rosetta Museum Store

    Chinese Nights' Entertainment: 40 ..., Adele M. Fielde, Putnam's, 1893 internet archive


    P477907 NEEDs adjustment A.Crowquill (1855), Alfred Crowquill (1858)

    P547739 A. Crowquill wri-ill, engraved by H. Robinson

    P494081 NEED strip at least one OCLC citation, which needs separate entry, (251pp, ill Crowquill) (cf. o[418] 285pp)

    A. Crowquill 207849
    Alfred Crowquill 186970

    1827 o[419]

    Aunt Mavor, wri 205879 George Routledge?

    1856 second series? as Alfred? o[420]
    Aunt Mavor's series (0)
    Aunt Mavor's toy books (0)
    Aunt Mavor's little library (0)

    Alfred Crowquill, pseud., sometimes joint 186970

    includes 1845 Beauty 16-5957 "With: Bayley, F.W.N. Jack the giant killer. New York: Burgess, Stringer & Co., 1845.", 1857 Fairy Tales Routledge 15-27763, 1923/185960 Tyll Owlglass 23-12326
    A H Forrester, ill wri 207848 EN

    C R Forrester, wri --nidb EN (brother with multiple pseudonyms himself, others without works in LCCat)
 (1) 07-23657

    Griffith, Farran and Co.‏ (0) VIAF=139920122
    Griffith, Farran, Okeden & Welsh‏ (0) VIAF=157540634 London and Sydney NSW


    Griffith, Farran, Browne & Co. (0) VIAF=138745342

    35 Bow Street, Covent Garden

    "Successors to Newbery and Harris" (from one 1868 publication, OCLC: <a href="">8998107</a>)

    Preceded by • (John) Newbery; established by John Newbery (1713–1767) • John Harris, J. Harris, or Harris; after 1801 purchase by John Harris (1756–1846) per Wikipedia • Griffith & Farran from 1843 or 1865 --from Wikipedia biographies with clashing dates in "John Harris (publisher)" and "Francis Newbery (publisher)"

    el Frances Browne, wri. EN (Granny's, 1857)
    e .Kenny Meadows, ill. EN (11, none of interest?)
    els Thomas Erskine 1984, EN (77)

    Armata series

    ADD NOTE judging by full view of interior material HathiTrust e-copies (all London: John Murray, 1817) are 1st ed.

    1. T21112 --nominally have 1st ed., 1st and 4th printings
    1818 6th (no page-count, unknown scope)
    1817 4th, which links e-copy at HDL (no page-count, unknown scope)
    2. T21113

    deleted Webpage is e-copy of both volumes together, which is sure to be confusing here and is redundant given the submitted cross-reference

    A Fragment o[421]

    35 including one 2012
    as 6th 1818/17 (one 1818 6th & 4th); 5th 1817; 4th 1817; 3rd 1817; 2nd 1817; none 1817
    of which 6 records 2nd ed from Eastburn, chiefly with additions New York 40005644 15461512 425994769 843169368; 17635455 (2nd ed); 264937316 (London, 2nd ed) -- all 210pp?

    The Second Part o[422]

    as 5th 1819; 4th 1817 1818; 2nd 1817; none 1817 ;; all London: Murray


    A [423] catalogues as "1817-18" and "4th ed." both one copy of volume 1, with title page 1817 and without interior identification of the edition/printing

    and one copy of vols 1-2 together (bound perhaps by Duke University), both with title page 1817 and without interior identification of the edition/printing

    p[1]-209; p[i]-viii, [1]-209

    full view of one copy from U Minnesota

    two copies, catalogued as 4th ed. of this work, but they differ

    U Minn, vol 1 (except original cover?)
    Duke U, both
    Introduction. p[1]-3
    p4 CHAPTER I. In which ...
    narrative interrupted mid-p206; p207 "I cannot describe my mortification at being here obliged ... submitting to them what is now published in so unsatisfactory and mutilated a state."
    Postscript, 208-209; p209 FINIS; p210 footer London: Printed by C. Roworth, Bell-yard, Temple-bar.
    Preface to the Second Part. p[i? missing ii-iii?]-viii, [1]-209; p209 footer London: Printed by C. Roworth, Bell-yard, Temple-bar.
    p[1], Armata.: (continued.)
    p3 Chapter I.: Containing almost nothing. (begins with the interrupted paragraph)

    B [424]
    catalogued as The Second Part of Armata, viii+209

    both volumes

    C [425] as New York : J. Eastburn & Co., 1817 ; 2nd ed.,
    t.p. Second edition, with additions
    Introduction [3]-5; Chapter 1 p[6]-208; Postscript [209]-210; [211] Note (US ed.?)

    v1 only

    differences 2016-11-12

    1. page numbers greater by two (at start) --word-counts extremely close
    2. no continuation words in LR corners
    3. lacks footnote p8, parallax --this gains one line
    4. at p71/70 CHAPTER VII two pages
    5. at p94/93 CHAPTER VIII one page behind
    6. at p198/197 "Morven" only about one-half page behind; same at p207/206 interruption
    7. postscript 209-10 rather than 208-09
    8. p[211] NOTE --new concerning p85 l7 /mid-p83
    not evident there are additions other than the Note, so we may not have 1st ed.

    early November compiled at User:Pwendt/FFM#Andrew Lang
    l Chad Arment 114963 (5) VIAF=14475833 VIAF=315735405 SUDOC=185145736
    lw Mrs. W. J. Hays ; Helen Ashe Hays 239841 (7) VIAF=78437113 
    1879/80 LCCN: <a href="">12-34160</a> as 1880; HDL Entered 1879
    [1879] o[426] o[427](HDL); 1880 (c)1879 o[428] "Publisher's advertisements follow text."
    1884/85 as 1885; HDL with "original" cover (c)1884,1912 Hays,Butler,Hays; first illus. signed R.E.

    also 1884 Mrs. W. T. Hays Prince Lazybones (sequel Princess Idleways?) [429] SF Chronicle 1884-12-14 p6 "Holiday Juveniles"

    1 W. J. Hays at Amazon [430] Lazybones, Filiquarian Publishing, L.L.C./Qontro Classic Books, 2012; as by Helen Ashe Hays (cover)

    " in a high quality paperback edition. This popular classic work by Helen Ashe Hays is in the English language, and may not include graphics or images from the original edition."

    2 Hays at PGutenberg, author 5926 [431]

    [432] Princess Idleways

    to be continued, not today; not found 2011-11-06 in newspapers 1879/1880; earliest hits 1884/1885 re Prince Lazybones by the author of 'Princess Idleways'

    illustrations b/w drawings signed "A.F" Arthur Frost?


    EN: "In 1876, Frost joined the art department at the publisher Harper & Brothers"
    list of works egregious

    Prince Lazybones - viewed at PGutenberg 4 b/w illustrations not credited, not evidently signed

    did she self-illustrate (Idleways=A.F; Lazybones=?)

    Thure de Thulstrup --nidb EN (39)

    Perriton Maxwell, "A Painter in Black and White" (Thulstrup), The Quarterly Illustrator 1.1-2 p48-55 --as credited as T. de Thulstrup, including in pages of Harper's Google Books

    ws David Ker 129521 (7) VIAF=53706423
    • The Westminster Review, July 1874, review of The Road to Khiva (Ker's "apology" some say) [433]
    • note 2 in Laurence Kitzan Victorian Writers and the Image of Empire: The Rose-colored Vision Greenwood Publishing Group, 2001; 031331778X "a war correspondent and served in the Russian Army in Central Asia"
    • Charles Marvin, Reconnoitring Central Asia: Pioneering Adventures in the Region Lying ... [434] Ch IV. J. A. MacGahan's Chase of General Kaufmann's Army -- Ker under US passport to evade Russian prohibition of Englishmen in the newly conquered territories, 1873-03-08 left London for Central Asia, arrived too late for the fall of Khiva; p124 summaries the Ker scandal

    3 Lost Race stories per SFE3 --none of 3 at HDL 2016-11, Google, internet archive, PGutenberg

    1884/83 The Lost City; Or, the Boy Explorers in Central Asia (New York: Harper and Brothers, 1884) [hb/]
    1886/85 Lost Among White Africans: A Boy's Adventures on the Upper Congo (London: Cassell, 1886) [hb/]

    2016-11-09 only 1 hit foretitle 1886

    1886 Into Unknown Seas; Or, the Cruise of Two Sailor-Boys (New York: Harper and Brothers, 1886) [hb/]

    LCCN: 12-36077 states 1996, which conflicts --Note submitted 2016-11-12 P592654

    Harper's Young People

    1883: The Lost City IV #207 p785 806 817 and V #210 6 20 33 52 71 85 IX/X 123 139 XII/XIII #218 (none in Christmas Number #216 -12-18)
    Synopsis update, pending Note update 2016-11-10
    • One of Ker's three Lost Race tales; this one "in which an ancient Greek city is found in Tashkent" --SFE3
    • "Mr. Ker carries his readers into the strange cities and mountain districts of Afghanistan during the terrible days that preceded the late war between Afghanistan and England. The story abounds in adventure, and the scenes and incidents are as varied and thrilling as the land is strange and the people singular." --unattributed quotation by the publisher NY Times 1884-12-20 p5, this one of three listings under "Published This Day"
    • "This work gives an interesting account of the discovery of a lost city in the Tartar steppes, and discloses interesting habits of life of the desert people who roam in North-eastern Asia." --Cincinnati Enquirer 1884-12-28 p12 "New Books"
    VI 1884/85: Into Unknown Seas p481-83 507-09 Chapter II. 514-17[ii] 529 549 566 577 599 613 625 652 661-62 Chapter XIII. (12); that is from No. 292 1885-06-02 (title page story, ill. Thulstrup) ; 12-part serial to 1885-06-02 to 1885-08-18
    VII 1885/86: Ker's, David, Stories p10 103 199 230 246 303 311 351 378 431 566; Boys Who Became Famous 521 622 662 686 730 790 814 -- non-genre all 2016-11-10
    VIII Ker not found

    IUS "a wild and extravagant tale of pirates, buried treasure, and a lordly shipmaster who goes about the world rescuing small boys from ill treatment" --N-Y Trib 1886-12-10 p6

    D.K. in UK. For this Christmas season Messrs. Griffith and Farran republish

    Wild Horseman of the Pampas; both crown 8vo., cloth elegant, 2s 6d

    noted, blurbed, etc also in The Observer, The Scotsman Griffith, Farran, Okeden, and Welsh (Griffith and Farran)'s New Books for Christmas Presents The Observer 1884-12-14 p8

    The Boy Slave in Bokhara

    exotic adventure! "The regions traversed in this romance are out of the track of ordinary tales of adventure, and the author uses his advantages to the full, making his readers feel before they close the book that they too have been wandering in the steppes of Central Asia. The hero, a young Cossack, tells his own tale. He is taken prisoner from one of the Russian border forts, and sold as a slave into Bokhara. He gains the favour of the Emir, and is set to drill his forces. He witnesses Asiatic tyranny and cruelty to its fullest extent, but contrives to keep his own skin entire, and gradually develops the purpose of leading Bokhara to its destruction at the hands of the Russians. ... has the pleasure of entering Bokhara with the victorious army. ... writes from the standpoint of an enthusiastic Russian, with a corresponding hatred of and contempt for Asiatics in general." --review of its reissue The Manchester Guardian 1884-11-19 p7 "Christmas Books: III"

    [435] The Manchester Guardian 1884-11-19 p7 "Christmas Books: III",

    Amazon cover images

    as 1st ed. 1884-01-01 ASIN: B001DK197E
    as 1885 ASIN: B000877N2S

    51iunGLEFcL.jpg 41GDFCpFtPL.jpg

    Harper's Young People for 1886. viii+832 nearly 1000, illustrations, $3.50 vols IV-VII, vols I-III out of print

    meanwhile Franklin-Square Library vols 20c-30c

    [436] NYT 1884-12-12 p5 "[H&B] Latest Holiday Books: 1884" includes

    1. Harper's Young People for 1884, Vol V pp viii+832 about 700 illustrations and an index 4to. ornamental cloth $3.50; vols II-IV same; Vol I out of print --NY Times 1884-12-23 p5
    2. Laboulaye's 111311 Last Fairy Tales; transl Mary L Booth

    Édouard Laboulaye (109)

    Mary Louise Booth EN, founding ed. Harper's Bazaar 1867-89 "She also translated Laboulaye's Fairy Book, Jean Macé's Fairy Tales and Blaise Pascal's Lettres provinciales (Provincial Letters)."

    several eds. earliest 1867, links HDL; 1920 ill. McCandlish; 1927? ill. Peck

    George Parsons Lathrop 20307

    ed., Complete works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, with introductory notes by George Parsons Lathrop and illustrated with etchings by Blum, Church, Dielman, Gifford, Shirlaw, and Turner.

    "Behind Time" (Cassell & Co.), ill. Herford

    1886 ed (LCCN is down) o[437]

    HDL one copy with original cover (exc. quality)

    Richard Doyle (Dicky), ill 157832

    In Fairyland

    1870 --submitted
    [438] The Princess Nobody

    "Fairy Land" both LCCN and title page image; "Fairyland" cover image alone; later maybe check 1870 publication;

    el William Allingham, poe 118550 EN (39)
    1870 --see Doyle
    1850 ; 1989 newly illus., 88-28474
       The fairies : a poem / by William Allingham ; illustrated by Michael Hague.
       1st ed.
       New York : H. Holt and Co., c1989
    el .Michael Hague, ill 7731 EN (108)

    The Scotsman "Christmas Books", skim weekly series of such articles

    1884-11-11 p3 The Wonder Book for Girls and Boys, rare praise for this ed. illus. FSChurch


    The Devil, Molnar et al.

    User talk:ChrisJ theater program, 1908?

    (below) HDL 167-page drama Oliver Herford 233241 3v. book (3-vol or 3-act?), c1908 110-page 3-act play German, c1908

    (below) HDL 189-page novel Joseph O'Brien 239397

    209360 Franz Molnár (127) (label of photo portrait: Molnár Ferenc)

    LCCN: <a href="">08-28991</a> and OCLC: <a href="">3825494</a>

    -- "Responsibility: by Ferenc Molnar ; novelized by Joseph O'Brien from Henry W. Savage's great play"
    Translation of Az ördög
    "The illustrations used in this book are reproduced from scenes of Henry W. Savage's production of "The Devil", the only version approved by the author"--p. [7].

    HDL O'Brien (1 of 2) Title page shows top to bottom

    Novelized by Joseph O'Brien from // Henry W. Savage's great play
    by Ferenc Molnar
    New York // J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Company // 57 Rose Street

    Copyright page

    (c) 1908 both by American-Journal-Examiner and by the publisher

    List of Illustrations (8, frontispiece and 7 plates not included in the pagination)

    "... reproduced from scenes in [HWS]'s production"

    novel spans p9-174

    One of 300 novels at 45 cents, advertisement by Stewart & Co. (department store?) The Sun (Baltimore) 1908-11-19 p6

    HDL Herford (1 of 4) Title

    The Devil
    by Ferenc Molnar
    adapted by Oliver Herford by exclusive arrangement with the author
    New York // Mitchell Kennerley


    (c) Henry W. Savage (at Wikipedia)

    drama spans p7-167

    els  Norton Hughes Jonathan (3) VIAF=71115657
    EHDl Franz Molnár
    el   Olive Schreiner
     ls  Robert D. Braine
     lB  Rosemary Jackson Bio:Rosemary Jackson (Encyclopedia of Fantasy conflates)
     wB  R. E. Jackson Bio:R. E. Jackson 

    [439] Leon Harold Tebbets "Edgar Rice Burroughs ..." The Hartford Courant 1934-02-25 pD3



    Price $1.25 per listing The Sun 1904-11-30 p8 "Picture Books", this one as "The Scarecrow and the Tinman and Other Stories" "(8-1/2x11-1/4, pp 74, illus., $1.25.)"

    Is Bienvenue reliable to list the title from the title page? I see the cover image as "Denslow's ..." and

    The Scarecrow and the Tinman and Other Stories


    OCLC 300140 shows "Scarecrow and the tin-man and other stories"

    It appears to me that "Denslow's" titles are from Fisher Unwin and M.A. Donohue, or for the single-story picture book rather than the collection, eg



    not to endorse the title of the single-story picture book, either, I added price $0.25 to that one


    Publisher: Donahue Larry Hannon --should we ever follow SFE "; Or,"

    3 WorldCat records, nominally two 1934 editions: o[443] " : or," as Goldsmith; o[444] and

    o[445] microfilm as ", or," as Donahue

    Eagle Scout series (0) (Work: Eagle Scout series) "Chicago New York Donahue"

    Mary Crosson UMKC lists 3 [446] "Donohue; Goldsmith"
    Amazon image copyright page lists 3 [447]

    TO DO SOON, revisit and cleanup some leftovers

    User talk:Ahasuerus
    User talk:Chavey done?
    User talk:Don Erikson

    Publication Series 1. publisher series only if there are multiple creators (writers/editors, altho frequently one series editor whom we don't credit at all)

    both content series (short fiction) and publication series (chapbook)

    that is in this case (if complete in the database), should the publication series be deleted or should it coincide with the content series?

    should a publication series have multiple creators or may it have only one creator (anthology)

    in this case (if complete in the database), should it be a content series rather than publication series?

    ps1134 ed. Belinda Gallagher, Miles Kelly Publishing Help:Screen:PublicationSeries examples "share" editor Lin Carter and presenter Frederick Pohl, but Carter and Pohl are not credited writers/editors of single publications in the series

    {ps} {s}

    Fairy Tales (FT)

    Seriously Silly Scary FT [448]; Orchard
    Scary FT [449]; Miles Kelly

    publication series name tends to be coined by the publisher, used by the publisher for designation or promotion

    Scary Fairy Tales

    Seriously Silly Scary s37357 Laurence Anholt; Orchard Books (UK) --from Amazon (created by Amazon alone) ps4409


    el   Thomas Crofton Croker
    el  .John D. Batten 135431
    el   Joseph Jacobs 17634
    els  Leon Lewis
     lws Michael Rustoff (Forbes Edward Winslow)
    el   May Agnes Fleming
     l   Celia E. Gardner
     ls  H. B. Salisbury
    el   Margaret Sidney
         George W. Owen Author:George W. Owen

    mid-October see also ./Publishers#Kerr


    Forbes E. Winslow, Edward VIAF=41714384 (1) = Michael Rustoff 205561 VIAF=310595179 (in database only as Rustoff)

    The Children's Fairy Geography

    p.x, In the spirit of modern times (when we spoil children too much) this book "an attempt to make the study of geography interesting as well as instructive. // Some may take exception to the fairy element, others may say that the jokes are weak ..." second-person, father to daughter, visits to the countries of Europe mainly, nominally by "wishing-carpet" borderline spec-fic despite the frontispiece at HDL and page 0 at HDL; two of perhaps 100 illustrations, these signed E J W... R & E Taylor

    Title page engraved; other illustrations engraved by Taylor, EJW, Swain, Pannemaker and Ettling.

    o[450] James L Taylor; Elias James Whitney; George F Swain; Adolphe François Pannemaker; Theodor Ettling o[451] James L Taylor; George F Swain; Perrichon.; Adolphe François Pannemaker; Theodor Ettling

    The Children's Fairy History of England


    Leon Lewis, Julius Warren EN 130451 (7)

    1891 links
    [453] submitted without use of e-copy at [454]
    1899 links HDL

    o[455] -- Reprint. Originally published: The Press Publishing Company, New York World, 1898.

    o[456] book, o[457] at HathiTrust -- [Dillingham's metropolitan library, no. 48]

    (a) received, paperbound, no price, Det. Free Press 1899-04-03 p7 (b) one of several cloth-bound books of good quality, list prices $0.75 to $2.00, advertised by Brooklyn retailer Frederick Loeser & Co. NY Times 1891-09-03 p22

    [458] NYT 1899-04-01 pBR212 listing as history & biography, 12mo 50c; also The Fairy Land of Science as science; A Voyage to the Moon by de Bergerac, 18mo 50c

    de Bergerac T21081

    o[459] A Voyage to the Moon

    o[460] Google Books [2013] 1899

    HDL "of the World of the Moon" [461]


    May Agnes Fleming, EN 227088 (31)

    Celia E. Gardner 227483 VIAF=63039641 (13)

    Her Last Lover at HDL with original cover apparently black with gold lettering [462] (as Cloth 50cents per front page [463])

    front page lists Gardner novels
    back pages list novels by some other women

    H. B. Salisbury, Henry Barnard 205649 (2) 1 work only; --dnfWorldCat VIAF=11155642

    The Nationalist (Boston, 1889-05 to 1891-04; 3 vols span 24 months)

    The Nationalist at HDL (2)
    The Nationalist: A Monthly Magazine (volume title, 1968 Greenwood Reprint) at HDL

    Volume 3 (copyright 1891), 576

    3.4 (Nov 1890) to 3.8/9 (Mar/Apr 1891), from p217 296 380 439 511
    The Nationalist,
    a monthly magazine
    devoted to the advocacy of
    The Nationalization of Industry, and thereby the Promotion of the Brotherhood of Humanity.

    $2.00/yr or 20c/issue

    HDL catalog record bound (U Michigan and NYPL), original covers (Harvard U)


    o[464] Rice Mills 1891 with list of Contents

    WorldCat se:"Unity Library" (80)

    Last War
    Port Mystery 1891 #8 [465] [466]
    Auroraphone #1? 4 hits; promoted as UL#1 50c, in context UL#2 ready June 15, The Publishers' Weekly 1005 (1891-05-02) p637 ; p1-7 Kerr Catalog 1891-08 in which Unity Library seems to be cheaper paperback eds ; The Inter-Ocean 1891-04-25 "in their new series No. I of Unity Library, "The Auroraphone

    WorldCat se:"Library of Progress" (27)

    Black Ocean, Port Mystery, Earth's Center, President John Smith, Co-opolitan

    [467] Springfield

    later proofread and rearrange

    Lost Utopias publ series

    Appleton's Journal at HDL 1 of ?


    Tales T183814
    Looking Backward T1424130
    el   Franklin Rosemont, (16)
     lw .Hal Rammel  (2) VIAF=55474285
    elw  Ron Sakolsky, (3) VIAF=21359001 
     lw  William Furry (1) VIAF=35684684 

    Lindsay A22813 --major publication comments today

    Formats [468]
    as Lost Utopias (paperback) o[469]

    1st ed Price $2.50 as listed in "Two Hundred Leading Books of the Season" NY Times 1920-10-17 pBRM13 Price $3.00 as advertised by Carson Pirie Scott "The Convenient Christmas Bookstore" Chi. Tribune 1920-12-01 p14 (where list price or a discount may be expected)

    LCCN: 20-19074 with e-copy at HathiTrust Digital Library (HDL) HDL 1 from LC without cover list of Prog Club members, p.iv no list of illustrations text spans p3-329

    HDL another 3

    that Harvard U with poor-quality original cover

    1909 map, 1926 ed.

    els  Vachel Lindsay (80)
    els  Edward Bellamy (85)


    The Nameless City; Formats A; B

    P586263 links both records

    P586412 links B3 and covers A1 A3 discrepancies

    • 1894 uk (2nd issue) o21494749 B2 "Responsibility: by Fergus Hume (Stephen Grail)"; o223773384 B1 "Responsibility: by Fergus Hume."

    National Library of Australia also credits the publisher as "Osgood, McIlvaine & Co.", as does bookseller (Reginald3 may state "James R. Osgood, McIlvaine & Co.")

    L.W. Currey now shows [470] only the 1893 first ed., with a description that states "Reginald 37863 (citing the second issue of the UK edition)". The cover image reportedly originates

    Past use of Reginald3 implies that that source states James R. Osgood, McIlvaine & Co. and states no price.

    Do we take cover images from L.W. Currey, as a previous editor reports for If so, note that the other cover image is available too

    Currey tags "Fergu Hume" [sic] and "Ferguson Wright Hume" respectively

    As I understand Currey, this issue credits

    • Hume, Fergus[on Wright] --writer as "Fergus Hume"
    • Osgood, McIlvaine & Co. --publisher as "Osgood, McIlvaine & Co."

    Does the record imply that "London", that publisher name (perhaps followed by a comma), and "1894" all appear on the title page?

    Per previous editor(s)

    Details from Reginald3.
    Cover image from book dealer L. W. Currey's website listing.


    Dragons by Peter Hogarth (Allen Lane, 1979) PV Rtrace P284543

    ISBN 0713912731
    elsf Peter Dickinson, wri (95)
    -lw  Val Clery (7)
    -l   Peter Hogarth (7) 
    el   Christopher Logue, wri (49)
     l   Helen Ward, wri-ill (31) VIAF=90718178
    -l  .Wayne Anderson 8377 (30)

    VIAF=100302029 dnf The Flight of Dragons; titles do include

    also 2007 Pearce The Squirrel Wife Kirkus, as pict 7-9 Canada "evergreen" The Eaton Centre C$19.95 The Globe 1979-09-25 pC5

    1979 The Flight of Dragons, 1st US ed. P268554 Bluesman

    LCCN 78-22450 [not found in LC Online Catalog 2016-10-02]

    CIP data quoted on copyright page? LC catalog records for this title, found online 2016-10-02: only the 1st UK ed.

    (namely) LCCN: <a href="">79-322462</a> (not) LCCN: <a href="">78-022450</a>


    Hubble series

    Amazon US

    [473] states "Hardcover – 1965", publisher unknown, and displays


    [474] states "Hardcover – Import, 1965" ---and also "WW Norton & Company; First Edition edition (1965)" with ISBN; yet Norton is the US publisher--- and displays 519nxmbu32L._AC_SX60_CR,0,0,60,60_.jpg

    Frank Wilson, Lt. Col.; Frank Holmes Wilson, born 1901 VIAF=119045526

    el   Stephen Potter (35)
    els  Ian Fleming (109)
    el f.Robin Jacques (53)
    el f Brian Jacques (56)
    e?   Robin Jarvis (9)
    el f Tove Jansson (91) [book 7 should be re-class COLLECTION]
    ews  Elaine Horseman --dnf LCCN (3 LCCat hits)
        .John Sergeant, ill. --dnf VIAF
     l  .Joseph Schindelman 82661 (9)
    el f Elizabeth Goudge (100)
    e*sf Jorge Luis Borges
    -w-f Seamus Cullen VIAF=1625082 VIAF=301748396
    elsf Roald Dahl (155)
    elsf John Grant (23+1+1)
    elsf Susan Cooper (47)


    Poppy Seed Cakes, 1951 ed. P460837 - Chavey

    Twice-Told Tales, 1852 ed. P{{p| - Rtrace

    The Private Life, T1602430 and 1893 publ. - Rtrace

    The Road Goes Ever On P287675 - Rtrace $2.95 several Nov/Dec 1967 many newspaper advertisements and reviews state $3.95; one retailer ad states "published at $3.95, now $3.16" (20% off)

    User talk:NrjPure 1st ed. Smith of WM P381037 1967-11 inferred from The Guardian 1967-11-29 p8 "Lord of the royalties"; as "published ... a couple of weeks ago"

    With over 25000 gone already, it's A&U's biggest seller for decades ... begin used as the newest trend in opulently arty Christmas cards."

    7/6 per advertisement by the publisher The Guardian 1967-11-24 p11 and brief review by Robert Nye, same -12-01 p11

    done 0924 --about 15 URL update @ (not recorded here, nothing but URL)

    EDITORS - how should we use this?

    Jambon VIAF=235534005 o[475] Amazon[476]


    American Folk and Fairy Tales. Selected by Rachel Field. Scribner. Indian and negro and backwoods inventions. NYHT 1929-11-17 pK32 "Books of the Week" With drawings by Margaret Freeman. Charles Scribner's Sons. $3. Well chosen Indian legends, Negro stories, Paul Bunyan stories and Southern Mountain tales. ACM NYHT -12-01 pK10 "The Three Owls: Children's Books of 1929" Elisabeth E. Poe Was. Post 1929-12-15 pSM10 "We almost feel as if American could take its place as an old nation ... ; 8 in color; "This is a most notable book, as it is probably the first collection that has been made of the folk tales of our own country. // slightly longer description of greater variety inclg Louisiana and colonial tales


    Carove 173470 (10) Formats[477]

    1834 UK;
    companion book 1836?
    sequel 1842 (genre?)
    1836 US

    J. R. R. Tolkien 302 (227)

    The Hobbit T1772

    [old] Tolkien nonfiction at bookstore
    Rateliff, The History of the Hobbit (HMH, 2007) [478]
    Atherton, There and Back Again: J. R. R. Tolkien and the Origins of The Hobbit (Tauris, 2012; pb2014) [479] [480]

    First Edition 1937/38


    [481] The Observer 1938-01-16 p8, letter inquiry signed "Habit" [482] The Observer 1938-02-20 p9, long letter from Tolkien


    text reproduced photographically from the British 1st ed. (p322)

    Second Edition 1951


    This publication is the earliest that incorporates a version of the revision Tolkien prepared in 1947, reflecting the development of the sequel, The Lord of the Rings. Quoting from The Annotated Hobbit (1st ed., 1988), Appendix A:

    In 1947, [...]

    Third Edition 1966/67/68

    292601 (Ballantine cover illustration also revised)

    (*) The[This] February 1966 US paperback revised edition is the earliest edition whose text ("1966-A") incorporates a version of the revision Tolkien prepared in 1965, the last that he prepared. Slightly different versions of the same revision were incorporated in other editions and all of them introduced new typesetting errors. --The Annotated Hobbit (1st ed., 1988), Appendix A

    302774 302776

    The Third Edition represented first by this book and the contemporary Longmans hardcover contains the second resetting of the text that incorporates a version of the revision Tolkien prepared in 1965, the last that he prepared. Slightly different versions of the same revision were incorporated in other revised editions and all of them introduced new typesetting errors. --The Annotated Hobbit (1st ed., 1988), Appendix A

    The Third Edition represented first by this book and the contemporary Unwin Books paperback contains the second resetting of the text that incorporates a version of the revision Tolkien prepared in 1965, the last that he prepared. Slightly different versions of the same revision were incorporated in other revised editions and all of them introduced new typesetting errors. --The Annotated Hobbit (1st ed., 1988), Appendix A


    The 24th or 25th printing is the first US hardcover book whose text ("1966-B") incorporates a version of the revision Tolkien prepared in 1965, the last that he prepared. Slightly different versions of the same revision were incorporated in other revised editions and all of them introduced new typesetting errors. --The Annotated Hobbit (1st ed., 1988), Appendix A

    The 24th or 25th printing is the first US hardcover book whose text ("1966-B") incorporates a version of the revision Tolkien prepared in 1965, the last that he prepared. And the third resetting that incorporates a version, following the US paperback (Houghton Mifflin, February 1966) and the Third Edition (identically UK paperback Unwin Books and hardcover Longmans, 1966). Slightly different versions of the same revision were incorporated in other revised editions and all of them introduced new typesetting errors. --The Annotated Hobbit (1st ed., 1988), Appendix A

    Annotated Hobbit, page numbers of JRRT color illustrations

    3, 39 "The Hill: Hobbiton-across-the-Water" (two versions, or 3)
    57, 64 "Rivendell" (and "Rivendell looking East")
    122 "Bilbo woke with the early sun in his eyes"
    198-99 "Bilbo comes to the Huts of the Raft-elves"
    3, 234 "Conversation with Smaug"

    full-page b/w illus. (A-B and 1-8 all used in 1st ed. 1st printing; thereafter 8; 1st US ed. reportedly 9)

    A 39 The Hill
    1 48, 51 The Trolls
    2 67 The Mountain-path
    3 121sm The Misty Mountains looking West
    4 130 Beorn's Hall
    B 153 Mirkwood (orig destined for endpapers)
    5 184-85 The Elvenking's Gate
    6 202 Lake Town
    cover 261 Death of Smaug
    7 215 The Front Gate (218, 230)
    8 315 The Hall at Bag-End


    Charles Doyle, ill

    Blunderland T2060901

    Spine title "To Blundertown and Back" per OCLC
    Half-title page "Our Trip to Blunderland" from online image (see below)

    Illustrations may be signed Dalziel, or some variant thereof, by the engravers/woodcutters.

    not mentioned in the book? nor is the printer?


    Cobwebs From an Empty Skull -- Project Gutenberg #12793 --includes list of Contents [483]







    Ambrose Bierce 1960 (143)

    Brothers Dalziel (29)

    lists 5 members by name, some with individual credits

    EAT ME!

    1. Geo 27+11
    2. Edw 27+5
    3. Marg 0
    4. John 1
    5. Tho 2

    Baynes 96 A map of Middle-Earth 2005 Questionable creatures : a bestiary o[484] (20) 47pp

    Baynes "revived twenty medieval and mischievous beasts, basing her tongue-in-cheek descriptions on various English bestiaries. Her delightful recreations of these fabulous beasts -- from phoenix to manticore, from bonnacon to yale -- hop, swoop, and gallop through the pages in antique splendor and will charm today's readers as readily as they astounded audiences centuries ago." 70 A dictionary of chivalry 74 A dictionary of chivalry, 1st o[485] -352pp 74 The observer's book of European costume 79 A companion to world mythology o[486]

    1981 The Dragon of Og -60pp Rumer Godden o[487]; 1st US o[488]


    Publisher search

    Houghton publishers, such as Bobbs-Merrill

    User:Pwendt/Publishers NEEDs update --and why two Winstons?


    "Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature" (University of Florida) Caldecott

    12 User:Pwendt/People#John Kendrick Bangs
    1.9 User:Pwendt/People#Herford . Thimblefinger, etc --much JCHarris
    User:Pwendt/Magazines#Harper's Weekly --much Bangs
    4.1 [[User:Pwendt/Magazines#JCH Remus again
    4.2 [[User:Pwendt/Magazines#Publishers Osgood etc
    4.3 [[User:Pwendt/Magazines#misc


    Dewey classifies the Dragonlover's Guide T835969 as fiction

    our records lack illustrations
    89-6715 97-92989

    also both Atlases by Fonstad A5941

    e*sf Borges (451)

    Horace E. Scudder 112351

    1862 (1 title hit) "received and for sale" 75c bookseller The Sun
    1864 (1 title hit) new magazine from Ticknor and Fields, not named

    joint/separate illustrators of Stoker?

    Shannon & Ricketts
    Crane & Jacomb ?

    compare Dalziel Brothers corporate illustrators; also Billings and engraver

    (Hammatt) Billings and (William Jay) Baker

    (Hammatt) Billings and (John) Andrew

    OCLC 48064358 o[489] : with illustrations by Billings; Illustrations engraved and signed by John Andrew.


    vol 88

    p[1]-[972] =6@162
    p[352-363]. Trilby. Part Eighth (two stanzas, French) "Svengali had died from heart disease." "Svengali is a Jewish man who seduces, dominates and exploits Trilby, a young English girl, and makes her a famous singer." --Wikipedia lead as of 2016-09-24

    (Trilby) New York: Harper & Brothers Publishers 1894 (Harper's v88 bound) New York: Harper & Brothers, Publishers, 325 to 337 Pearl Street, Franklin Square. 1894. Harper's New Monthly Magazine vol 88 Trilby. A Novel. (With [75] Illustrations) 168 329 567 721 825

    vol 89 not bound, no Contents(?)

    NYTimes 1894-01-07 p13 Du Maurier's eyesight is rapidly failing; "readers ... of the first chapters of "Trilby" --begun in this month's Harper's-- must regret that Du Maurier did not make the pen, rather than the pencil, his first love."

    Harper's for April advertises in newspapers "TRILBY. A Story. By [GdM]. Part III. With 15 illustrations by the author."

    Harper's 1894-09-07 per NYT 1894-08-25 p3 $1.35 from multiple advertisements Hartford Courant Aug/Sep 1894

    [490] Detroit Free Press 1894-09-02 p14 "just finished its serial course in Harper's Magazine" (Jan to Sep?)

    [491] Harper's advertisement (and Harvard Law School admissions!) -09-08

    Hi, Ron. Concerning the US 1st edition. Trilby was published as a serial in Harper's, concluding August 1894.

    N-Y Tribune 1894-09-08 p8 (quotation in which "//" represents newline)

    New Publications // Harper & Brothers // Have Just Published // I. [1st of 5] // Trilby. // A Novel. By George Du Maurier. Author of "Peter Ibbetson". With 120 illustrations by the Author. Post 8vo, Cloth, Ornamental, $1 75.

    NY Times 1894-08-25 p3 says the book will be published September 7.

    Hartford Courant, perhaps daily advertisements at the turn of September, one bookstore says that it will be received about September 7, price $1.35

    said to be published September 7 (NYT 1894-08-25) and on hand about September 7 (Hartford Courant, advertisements by a local bookstore, perhaps daily during the preceding week, price $1.35)

    serial Part Fourth, p583


    2019-05-11 User:Pwendt/People/Bram Stoker


    Oscar Wilde 1599 ()

    Complete Fairy Tales 1990 o[492] (2007 trade hc with contents sequence o[493], evidently unillus.) 2008 o[494] o[495] 2008 e o[496] 2014 ebook with Summary, etc o[497]

    House of Pomegranates, same story concerning separate illustrations "by Oscar Wilde ; the design & decoration of this book by C. Ricketts & C.H. Shannon" o[498] Christie's[499]; credit as Charles [H. or Haslewood] Shannon perhaps only by auction house, "Mason", etc

    Charles Haslewood Shannon ; Charles H., Charles, C.H. 117083
    Charles Ricketts ; C. 299788

    HDL (three copies, two with original cover): faithful reprint [500] no plates; 3-[158] "This First Edition on Van Gelder paper consists of 925 copies." ;

    also 2nd ed., 925, 1908
    also Methuen 3rd, 4th, 7th 1909/11/15; no decorations at all

    A House of Pomegranates The Happy Prince and Other Tales

    HDL ; no decorations ; original pagination
    Illustrations lists 4, one each story, 23 91HDL (xxxx R Bacon?) [Hacon?]; 179 208 (R G Norburgh?); all (c) 1907 Keller

    Gutenberg edition P416163 at WorldCat o[501]

    Release Date: October 26, 2014 [eBook #873] ?
    [This file was first posted on April 8, 1997] ?

    The Happy Prince

    Gut 902 (Crane/Hood from 1910 issue)
    Gut 30120 (as "Stories" per cover) (from 1920 issue?) ; at Internet Archive (Charles Robinson)

    The Sphinx, 1894 poem, illus. Ricketts o[502]

    Ricketts & Shannon primarily book designers, WorldCat search hits suggests to me

    EN: "Ricketts painted, in the style of Clouet, the hero of Wilde's short story, 'The Portrait of Mr. W. H."


    Joel Chandler Harris and A. B. Frost HDL search


    Robert Howard Russell, publisher 57012 ; (8, two as writer)

    Frank Walter Cheshire, publisher 55287 (b1896-06-06); (1 as subject LCCN 2003-467966) NLA=000035663660

    Francis Miltoun ? partner of Wessels

    Michael Everson, publisher as Evertype

    H. M. Caldwell, publisher

    Bert Leston Taylor

    The Well in the Wood

    [503] LA Times 1904-10-16 pC12 reviews also Fantasma-Land [sic] immed following and comparatively
    [504] Chi Trib 1904-11-08 p6, negative review of The Well
    Taylor & Gibson, ill. Glackens
    1. 1905 The Good Ship Lithia T1073954 o[505]
    2. 1906 Extra Dry T1986501 o[506] HDL

    W. C. Gibson, wri 130944 0

    Louis M. Glackens

    ill 227684 204(no books)

    1902 Glackens, Noah's Ark o[507]

    Taylor, Gibson, and Glackens all worked for Puck (Wikipedia; Atl. Constitution 1905-08-13 notice of book 1)

    book 2 - Title record

    NEED newspaper source

    (quote)" further adventures of the passengers and crew of that stanch craft [The Water Wagon] after it was wrecked in the dust storm which formed the climax of [book 1]. "Extra Dry" is the name of the sequel, the lively contents of which enforce the moral, "Drink in Moderation and Keep Off the Water Wagon".


    Folly in Fairyland T2007514 o[508]; London o[509]

    1st US
    [510] Folly in Fairyland

    Wallace Morgan, ill 235179 (21)

    obits 1948-04-25 [511] NYHT ; [512] NYT

    Carolyn Wells, wri 144715 (186)

    A Phenomenal Fauna, ill Herford (verse) o[513]


    Phantasmagoria and Other Poems, 1869 Coll. T1217005

    59 11 98

    Rhyme& and Reason?, 1883 Coll. -- includes also "The Hunting of the Snark" (1876) T924464

    83 84 -HDL 76
    84 (6) 09

    Carroll poems (except Snark)

       The Pig-Tale (1893)
       Solitude (1856)
       Father William (1865)
       How the Story Was Told (1865)
       Introduction (Alice in Wonderland) (1865)
       The Lobster-Quadrille (1865) only appeared as:
           Variant Title: The Lobster Quadrille (1865) 
       Tis the Voice of the Sluggard (1865)
       Phantasmagoria (1869)
       Puzzles from Wonderland (1870)
       A Lovely Riddle (1871)
       Jabberwocky (1871)
       The Walrus and the Carpenter (1871) also appeared as:
           Variant Title: Walrus and the Carpenter (1871) 
       Introduction (Through The Looking Glass and What Alice Found There) (1872)
       The Lion and the Unicorn (1872)
       Christmas Greetings (From a Fairy to a Child) (1884) also appeared as:
           Variant Title: Christmas Greetings [From a Fairy to a Child] (1994) 
       Christmas Greetings From a Fairy to a Child (1886)
       Beatrice (1898)
       Far Away (1898)
       Stolen Waters (1898)
       The Path of Roses (1898)
       The Three Sunsets (1898)
       The Valley of the Shadow of Death (1898)
       Yet What Are All... (1958)
       A Secret (unknown)
       He Thought He Saw... (unknown)
       How Doth... (unknown)
       In Winter... (unknown)
       Little Birds (unknown)
       Peter and Paul (unknown)
       Sitting on a Gate (unknown)
       Soup of the Evening (unknown)
       Speak Roughly... (unknown)
       The Voice of the Lobster (unknown) 

    1234 - originate in Alice books or Sylvie and Bruno

    p r - collected in Phantasmagoria and Other Poems or Rhyme? and Reason?

    Carroll/Newell (3)

    1. HDL [516]


    Peter Newell ed. The Hunting of the Snark

    40 illustrations: by part 27, 2, 2, 9

    part 1 (Rhyme and Reason, 1/3-157)

    27 illustrations including 8 (frontispiece plus 7) for The Hunting of the Snark

    part 2 (Wonderland, 159/61-75)

    f. p. 164 Father William[165-66] "You are old, Father William", the young man said, "and your hair has become very white"
    f. p. 170 Turtle Soup[171] "Beau--ootiful Soo--oop! Beau--ootiful Soo--oop!"

    part 3 (Looking-Glass, 177/79-200)

    f. p. 190 In Winter, When the Fields are White[190-92] "And when I found the door was locked, I pulled and pushed and kicked and knocked"
    f. p. 198 The Riddle of the Fishes[198] " 'First, the fish must be caught' // That is easy; a baby, I think, could have caught it"

    part 3 (Sylvie and Bruno, 201/03-48)

    9 illustrations

    p190 is a new illustration of the poem; was 1902 f.p.124 " 'I said it very loud and clear; I went and shouted in his ear' " [517]

    p198 is a new illustration; poem not illustrated in 1902


    Grahame, The Reluctant Dragon - specious 1930 edition; where published 1898?

    1938 Shepard 1st ed?
    (as 1898) 1959 Fortnum o[518]

    LC shows 1934 unexplained and 1935 three-act play by other writers; 1938 earliest Reluctant Dragon by Grahame

    Author:Frank Ver Beck - more work in progress

    Alice eds. recently entered

    1: 99^ McManus 01! Newell 07* Sowerby 17^ Woodward 17^ Herford 99^ Oxenbury
    2: 99! McManus 02! Newell [05 Oxenbury --in]
    O: 00 McManus
    * merged with 150th Anniversary unnumbered single illustration
    ^ not in The Annotated Alice
    ! in but not merged (McManus as 1889, diff title; "Bessie Pease" will be another, maybe "F. Y. Cory")

    Daniel O'Connor (I), wri ed 216260

    Through the Earth, compare 1898 version at HDL

    serial part 1 p179-84 (6pp)
    novel ch 1-8 p1-57 (57pp) including 2 plates (p39-40, 53-54)

    probably short of 17,500 (but the novel may be short of 40,000) 210 nearly full pages at perhaps 200 words (p2 only 177 but much dialog)

    User:Pwendt/People/little people#Wiki pages
    User:Pwendt/Publishers#Publisher pages
    Author:W. A. Mackay 134685 --niW, dnf VIAF/LC/WorldCat
    Author:William A. Mackay xref

    Clement Fezandié, wri 1767 niW WD (3)


    M. Urquhart, wri 159106 niW --dnf VIAF, LC, WorldCat

    Bio:M. Urquhart
    1909 The Modelling of the Clay o[519] ; listings Guard/Obs 0401/0404 Eveleigh Nash 6s. (dnf otherwise)



    Edgar Jepson, wri 1910 EN No. 19 (33)


    Marie Seymour Lucas, ill Granny's EN (0)

    OCLC shows numerous records dated 188? 189?, etc

    c1891 us o[520] ; 94+[16] (as some others 1890s)
    1900 us o[521] o[522]; uk o[523] (as F. Browne, M. S. Lucas); 192p


    Darrell C. Richardson, ed. 16387 EN


    Jim Harbridge, ill. Jack London 1902 magazine; unknown --dnf VIAF

    Kevin Hawkes, ill. 27103 niW (63)

    Snorri Sturluson, wri 233058 EN



    Catalyst pv Chavey, Stoecker Catacombs P332484 PV Stoecker

    1. LCCN: <a href="">2009-36820</a>
    2. LCCN <a href=""">2010-38150</a>
    ISBN also 9780345524782

    front inside flap USA $26.00 Canada $C30.00; back bar code "52600"

    cp credits book design

    back inside flap credits jacket design; (c) 2011 by Random House, Inc.

    OCLC states also 9780345524782 (hits Kindle edition on search at Amazon US 2016-07-18)

    Amazon now shows the second of these two cover images (no diff except "Copyrighted material")

    51GKFSGDfkL.jpg 51UM8RLaMhL.jpg

    Publ date [and new cover image] from Amazon US 2016-07-18 with "Look Inside!" 2012 pbk (with p[239] including photos of the two writers)

    [524] The Web of the Golden Spider

    [1st ed. needs extension] Illustrations comprise perhaps 15 full-page line drawings, unnumbered but included in pagination LCCN?

    US ed. -- "Colored frontispiece and plates facing p. 46, 278 and 304." by Fisher and Relyea respectively bookseller claims that original dustjacket is frontispiece illustration by Fisher

    • Can 1909

    OCLC: McLeod & Allen -- Microfiche, national library of Canada -- ISBN 0665715730 evidently identical to the US ed.

    • UK 1912 dnf newspapers

    OCLC: -- viii, 352 pages, [4] leaves of plates : illustrations (1 color) -- "Colored frontispiece and plates facing p. 46, 276 and 300" [compare 46 278 304]

    infer replacement of Fisher frontispiece with Blampied frontispiece


    Street of Mars, R. E. Jackson Peter Warner

    English literature, children's fiction --library and bookseller data is no more specific

    BNB, OBNB both lack The Witch of Castlekerry, 1965 [525] as "Chatto,B.& O.; Reprint edition (25 Mar. 1971)"


    William Dixon Bell, wri 2978

    The Moon Colony, 1st ed.

    listed in "Books Received" NY Herald Tribune 1938-05-08 pH16 (no price)

    Cloth bound, to retail at 23 cents[!]; with distributing houses in UK, Canada, Australia. "They have to count on a first printing--and sale--of 25,000 copies". --paraphrase and quotation of Bell, a local writer, by Lee Shippey LA Times 1938-04-23 pA4

    Frank Ver Beck, ill; Verbeck A130668 EN

    FV, ill

    The Sketch Books; Knickerbocker's ... o[526]
    Knickerbocker's New York o[527] [528]


    Norton Hughes Jonathan, wri 190860 --niW --1 non-genre Kirkus (3)

    [529] In the Fairyland of America

    later return to reviews for some synopsis

    Cabell, wri 341

    Eagle's Shadow, 1st ed. as a book
    [530] review/biographical note Atl Const 1904-10-30 pE2 "The Making of Books" conducted by R. W. McAdam, under heading "The Eagle's Shadow" : "sparkling Virginia novel ... stamping the author as a decided addition to the bright galaxy of southern writers"
    [531] review, anon "More Fiction ..." NYT 1904-11-05 pBR750 under heading "Under the Shadow of a Fortune."
    [532] letter, NYT 1904-11-26 pBR812 under heading "The Eagle's Shadow"; signed OLD FASHIONED // St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 18, 1904.
    multiple letters weekly from 12-10, perhaps 15 to 1905-01-14
    no hit in UK newspapers
    1923 revised to fit the Biography, PV Rtrace P285872
    $2.00 net per advert by the publisher N-Y Tribune 1923-10-14 pSM22 "McBride Books for Autumn" (selections)

    Rene Thevenin, wri (17)

    Barnabé Tignol et sa baleine 1922 22-18846 ; Barnabe and His Whale (McBride 1923) 23-13729 links HDL search only, OCLC 4553124

    both Eagle and Barnabe - Price $2.00 net from advertisement by the publisher N-Y Tribune 1923-10-14 pSM22 "McBride Books for Autumn"


    E. W. Deming, ill A164773 ; Deming, Edwin Willard; Edwin W.; E. W. (21)

    1901 o[533] George Bird Grinnell, The Punishment of the Stingy and other Indian Tales ; Sep 1901 ; ix+234+[17] color front., 16 b/w ; with list of Contents (16 stories)
    1901 see Quick
    1909 09-26010 with HDL ; o[534] ; Sep 1909 ; xvi+253+[1]
    Wigwam Evenings at HDL (1930 printing)
    Dover, 2000 o[535] with Google Preview; Wigwam Evenings: 27 Sioux Folk Tales c.p. entire contents of 1909 except illustrations 00-031574 ISBN 0-486-41309-9 (pbk)
    1990 90-35728
    1910? T1348403
    Smoky Day's Wigwam Evenings at HDL (1926 printing)

    -- probably different o[536] "Indian stories retold for children. The stories have been adapted and simplified to be told in an American school, where the original stories would not have been successful." "Dakota Indians -- Legends"

    Charles Eastman

    Smoky Days 10-23212 Smoky Day's wigwam evenings; Indian stories retold
    subject headings include "Dakota Indians--Folklore"

    George Bird Grinnell, wri A34037

    1889 Pawnee at HDL
    $2.00 Cin Enq 1889-12-07 5, long title
    P25-207, TALES; 2nd half nonfiction
    1892 04-4056 with HDL ; and 1962 o[537] o[538]-micro with Contents
    p3-173, TALES, limited spec-fic; 2nd half, nonfiction and legendary history
    1901 punishment stingy 01-25669 with HDL and Contents ; and 1982 o[539] --1st ed. submitted
    1913 Blackfeet 13-19165 with HDL and Internet Archive o[540] --1st ed. submitted
    1982 whistling skeleton, coll. by o8176662
    1993 Blackfeet facsimile of 1913; Amazon 1993-03-01 with "Look Inside!"; facsimile of 1926 printing (t.p.) (c) 1913 with Wyeth cover (1913) "Spring" by NCWyeth LCCN n79-054878 (127; Andrew 39)

    -- p.vii paginated Contents -- 189 The Ancient Blackfeet (essay, nonfiction) $15.95

    Amazon Look Inside 1926 printing shows no frontispiece


    The Book of Arthur T2024738 --verified one but year is doubtful

    Vega, k[541] as 2003 (publisher not stated)
    Amazon US, Vega [542] as 2003
    Amazon UK, same ISBN [543] as "Robson Books Ltd (20 Oct. 2002)"
    Goodreads "Published May 28th 2003 by Robson Books Ltd (first published May 28th 2002)" --with extralong title

    none found in newspapers, nor dated Publishers Weekly review


    The Crock of Gold 1922

    clone 1922 US, 1st illustrated ed.

    more information to follow, from digital copy and probably 1922 newspapers In progress following exchange with verifier of that Oct 1922 edition in the database User talk:Thomas conneely#The Crock of Gold. His book is the London edition despite stating "The Macmillan Company" (and mis-spelling the artist name). I will get back to him, including advice re publisher name, after more progress here.

    Stephens, The Crock of Gold T1249229 Formats[544]

    Toronto The Globe 1922-12-02 p25

    The Macmillan Company of Canada $2.50 advertisement by the publisher of Christmas Books, illustrated new edition (illus. not named)

    London P557329

    0629 User talk:Thomas conneely#The Crock of Gold need 1922 illustrations Wilfred Jones

    Macmillan and Co. 12/- Price from The Scotsman 1922-11-23 p2, advertisement of five books "with plates in colour"; Manchester Guardian 1922-11-30 p7 "Books Received" The Observer 1922-12-03 p4 "Macmillan's List" (earliest hits online)

    1926 Mackenzie ill. --done 3 publications

    Charles Kingsley (272)

    Stephen King (221)

    George MacDonald (363)

    Godden The Dolls' House

    done: --both 1st eds.; 1962 Tudor as of 2016-06-24 gives front cover image and ISBN for this edition, with text review of the 1st US ed. from Kirkus Reviews 1948 (<a href="">undated online</a>, "Full cloth binding, not Singer sewed"!) The front cover shows title The Doll's House (doll, singular).

    1962 Tasha Tudor (UK 1963)
    1983 Jamieson o[545] 0140316752
    1990 Tasha Tudor with cover illustration/design as "The Doll's House" o[546] 014030942X (but WorldCat library records show thumbnail images of this cover for earlier printings of same ISBN)
    2005 Christian Birmingham o[547] 0333766792
    2015 Jane Ray o[548] 9781447288282



    User:Pwendt/People#Prydain covers


    The Leftover Elf $2.00 "a freshly imagined tale of the last elf in Ireland" who searches for "the one Believer who was responsible for his being"; "some wise and witty observations on people and on life" review by Ellen Lewis Buell NY Times 1952-03-16 pBR24

    also Louise S. Bechtel NY Herald Tribune 1952-06-15 pE8 "Though the book has charm, we doubt its appeal to younger children."

    1952-03-22 Publ date from contemporary review by Kirkus (<a href="">undated online</a>) (mediocre)

    1st ed. (only ed. at WorldCat 2016-06-23) LCCN: <a href="">52-5473</a> and OCLC: <a href="">470574</a>

    [549] Seon Manley NY Times 1977-11-13 pBR11 "Children's Books: Bump in the Night"
    $6.95 Encounters with the Invisible World, "refurbished" and illus. Marilynne K. Roach, Thomas Y. Crowell --New England legends
    $6.95 Escape If You Can: 13 Tales of the Preternatural, Eva-Lisanne? Wuorio, Viking --"Canadian citizen of Finnish decent now living in Finland"
    $7.95 A Host of Ghosts, retold by Christine Bernard, Lippincott


    The Globe and Mail 1977-12-17 p37 Michele Landsberg

    C$6.75 FSG Duffy and the Devil for middle readers(!) 0722660499 : £1.90

    A Dictionary of Mythical Places

    variant title Demons Monsters and the Abode of the Dead EN user space

    [550] School of Wizardry

    this COVERART is in the database as by Steven Dolce (presumably per User:Dragoondelight) and by Shi Chen; here i replace the former name with the latter


    revisit Hitty

    • rejected by Mhhutchins 2016-0318 [551]
    User talk:Chris J#Hitty and other dolls


    2016-05-21 approved by Chavey, add Kirkus Review and publ date to several Wrightson novels, NEED more info

    The Nargun and the Stars T13793

    Wrightson in 1988 newspapers

    review Moon Dark [552] Christian Science Monitor 1988-06-13 p23 "Awesome Aussie adventures, animals" Diane Manuel special to CSM
    Wrightson has won [...] and two of her prizewinning titles have recently appeared in affordable paperback editions in the United States.
    The Nargun and the Stars (Viking Kestrel, New York, 184 pp., $3.95, ages 12 and up) ... [capsule]
    A Little Fear (Viking Penguin, New York, 111 pp., $3.95, ages 12 and up) ... [capsule]

    Locus1 Index: Wrightson

    ChrisJ entered two of three Nargun editions
    * _The Nargun and the Stars (Viking Puffin 0-14-030780-X, May ’88 [Jul ’88], $3.95, 184pp, pb) [Book of Wirrun] Reprint (Penguin UK 1970) young-adult fantasy novel with elements of Aborigine mythology.

    Mary Poppins omnibus ebook P546716

    ebook 2014? 978-0-547-54194-5 HMH whey do we give 2007 date and print list price

    [553] Mary Poppins 4, AVB 102

    fix up other PV records for this title

    AVB 5 Knight's Castle; many others; 102-103 MP 4-3

    [554] clone Down to Earth

    contrast our copy with that verified by Clarkmci

    2016-0513 20:44 User talk:Clarkmci#An Older Kind of Magic
    2016-0524 User:Pwendt/Covers#Wrightson, An Older Kind of Magic


    [555] The Story of Mona Sheehy Lord Dunsany Heinemann 7/6 The Observer 1939-09-24 p5 "New Novels"

    A fairy tale except that it isn't. Father believes that mother was a fairy queen, girl raised to believe she is half-fairy and understood as such by villagers.

    [556] Munchausen 2012

    "Pages 197-204 are not included ..." --i suppose they are numbered

    to self: later clone and modify Everyman UK co-edition (citing if available)

    [557] Northanger Abbey / Persuasion

    in progress expecting to find it at HathiTrust; having newspaper source for original Everyman's Library later re-date the Intro

    to self: later inform Linguist re Brimsley/Brimley; investigate pagination

    2016-04-13 done User talk:Linguist#Introduction (Northanger Abbey / Persuasion)

    Digital copy at HathiTrust Digital Library, Everyman's Library 1st edition, 7th printing vii+206+216

    vii, no title page for Northanger Abbey, [1]-206, title page for Persuasion which then spans [1]-216

    in four styles of binding: cloth, flat cak, coloured top; leather, round corners, gilt top; library binding in cloth, & quarter pigskin half-title: Everyman's Library Edited by Ernest Rhys Fiction Northanger Abbey and Persuasion with an Introduction by R. Brimley Johnson title: Northanger Abbey & Persuasion by Jane Austen London & Toronto J.M.Dent & Sons Ltd. New York E.P.Dutton & Co

    First Issue of this Edition: February 1906 Reprinted [7th printing per list of dates 1906-04 1910-03 1913-01 1914-09 1916-11 1919-10] Introduction vii Bibliography vii (prose bibliography covering six novel including the two contained here) The introduction, one paragraph each novel, little more than one-half page, is not spec-fic related

    Introduction The 1919 and 1946 printings imply that there were, 1906 to 1946 inclusive, two editions as Everyman's Library #25.

    • 1906, one-page Introduction (p. vii only) HDL copy of Introduction
    • 1932, reset with new and longer Introduction (p. vii-xv?)

    "HDL copy of Introduction" includes, on the same page vii, prose bibliograpy of six novels first published 1811 to 1818. Those were the six Austen novels published in 1906, all in the inaugural Everyman's Library, subsequently numbered 21 to 25.

    "Everyman's Library contains 100 of the world's best books" from advertisement NYTimes 1906-06-02. But the List of Volumes --organized as Biography, Children's, ; issued or promoted perhaps in four lots of 25?-- includes 101 by my count. Two years later in what is said to be a complete list of 340 volumes, organized alphabetically by primary author, these 101 volumes are numbered

    1 to 101 except 61, 68, 92
    153 to 155 (Shakespeare's Works, v1-3, numbered with more Shakespeare?

    [558] A Wonder Book and Tanglewood Tales

    (unknown whether the first printing sold out at original prices or price cut pertained to unsold copies of the first printing) later note Publication series Everyman's Library database Everyman's Library


    Title: A Wonder Book and Tanglewood Tales T1244644

    now COLLECTION, not series

    2016-04-02 OMBNIBUS(?) A Wonder Book and Tanglewood Tales 1881 seems to include also Grandfather's Chair OCLC from #121. 1880

    OCLC from #331. 1906

    -03-23 [559] Mr. Parham

    later verify? but copy lacks dustjacket


    SFE: Wells --gives subtitle, lists among "scientific romances and others"; above "non-fantastic novels (selected)"

    newsppr reviews: as predicting WW2

    p121-317? romance; 318-28

    meta-psychic experiments, finally one in which the Master Visitant arrives and incorporates Parham

    -03-17 All About Satellites

    inform Don Erickson / ask about George Wilde (see ABOVE)

    -03-12 [560] "A Note from Rick Riordan"

    [might be fashioned "Son of Magic (Introduction)"]

    perhaps add to the Demigod contents (both) the "Letter from Camp Half-Blood" (I) (II) ? -- as "Introduction" ?

    -03-04 [561] Good-Natured Bear

    The story is in the database (under a variant title) as by R.H. Horne T1430326 (1856) and under this title as by R.H. Horne in one library record of maybe its first US publication (1854). Credited as R. Hengist Horne and as Richard Henry Horne in two early 20th century US eds.

    [562] Z for Zachariah

    User:Pwendt#Robert C. O'Brien (pseud.)

    [563] Seven-Day Magic

    later clone and modify for joint hc Harcourt Young Classics, delete current record for 1st printing that edition/publseries; modify for undated 2nd printing tp Odyssey Classics, verify this one primary transient

    Publisher: Yearling -- Mhhutchins requests "Dell Yearling"

    Aiken Wolves,
    Travers Poppins

    User talk:Pwendt#Dell and Yearling

    Concerning very early February work, see also Mary Poppins discussions in user space Pwendt and Mhhutchins

    but book 4 is NOVEL rather than collection by tradition

    complete back to 2016-01-29 (as dated in "My Recent Edits", as of 0406)

    Novel classifications

    No outstanding issue except classification of the work as a NOVEL, or as part of a SERIES, perhaps to be revisited upon reading it or finding a definitive review.

    Through the Earth 1972 facsimile P250762
    [564] The Dream Coach

    perhaps novella or collection

    User:Pwendt/People#Bedard; [565] The Painted Wall

    should be COLLECTION, probably, as the original Series: Strange Tales from Liaozhai is a series of collections here

    Colum, more than one title; see User:Pwendt/People

    novel or collection?

    [566] NY Tribune 1923-12-02 pSM24 review Grasshopper (and Colum's Arabian Nights)

    [567] "Introductory" (chapter one), Granny's Wonderful Chair

    novel or collection?

    [568] Miss Hickory

    not likely a novel but never mind

    -02-21 [569] Solario the Tailor

    novel or collection?

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    prior to 2016-11-20

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