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John Anster translation 1835/1864 at HDL

1835 <a href="">Faustus, a Dramatic Mystery: The Bride of Corinth; The First Walpurgis Night (1835)</a>, with March 1840 "New Works and New Editions", p1-16
1864 <a href="">Faustus: The Second Part (1864)</a>
1867 v1 or both? [1]
2013 Calla Editions / Dover Publications also illus. Harry Clarke, transl. John Anster

at Amazon --from the Harrap 1925

Harry Clarke illustration 1925

His editions include Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales (1916 UK), Goethe's Faust (1925 UK), Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Mystery and Imagination (1919 UK), Algernon Swinburne's Selected Poems (1928 UK) and The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault (1922). [RT]

Bayard Taylor translation 1870/71

Formats faust 'bayard taylor' [2] (records #21-40 may be earliest)

Goethe "Bayard Taylor" Formats


His translation of Faust, however, was recognized for its scholarly skill and remained in print through 1969.
[EB 1911] he will be remembered by his poetic and excellent translation of Goethe's Faust (2 vols, Boston, 1870-71) in the original metres.
[Appleton's 1889] His fame rests securely upon his unequalled rendering of Faust in the original metres, of which the first and second parts appeared in 1870 and 1871. His commentary upon Part II for the first time interpreted the motive and allegory of that unique structure.

1888 White and Allen ; LCCN: <a href="">17-1994</a> iv+71+ 10 inclg frontispiece ; Printed in Germany ; o[3]

Goethe's Faust; from the German by John Anster, LL.D., with an introduction by Burdett Mason; illustrated by Frank M. Gregory.
as Goethe's Faust ?
[4] NEW LITERATURE.: A Royal Edition of Goethe's Faust with Drawings in Colors Boston Daily Globe 1888-11-11 p18 ; --extraordinary, primarily on the illustration and production
[5] LITERARY GOSSIP. Detroit Free Press 1888-12-15 p3 ; --similar but less so

1894 Dodd, Mead ; LCCN: <a href="">12-32600</a> o[6] at HDL

" Goethe's Faust. From the German by John Anster, LL.D. With an introduction by Burdett Mason. Illustrated by Frank M. Gregory.
[7] $3.50 NY Times 1994-11-12 p3 "Books Received" SEE OTHER TITLES TOO

date? PG #14591 The World Publishing Company, Cleveland and New York (no date); Translated into English, in the original metres, by Bayard Taylor
Preface // It is twenty years since I first determined to attempt the translation of Faust, in the original metres. At that time, although more than a score of English translations of the First Part, and three or four of the Second Part, were in existence, the experiment had not yet been made.
mentions standard translation by Hayward


Series: Chrestomanci

Charmed Life

ISBN 0-394-82032-0 Goodreads - 1989-09-23 hc; ISFDB - 1989-10 tp $2.95

The Wolves

Series: Wolves Chronicles

see also talk page discussion with Mhhutchins

INTERIORART The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

Note to Moderator: "I suppose there is one artist, Pat Marriott = Patricia Eleanor Howard, who provided extra illustrations for the US edition; sold the first ed. illustrations to publisher but retained copyright for the extra illustrations under her 1963 legal name. One of 9 publication records that now list content <a href="">INTERIORART 1962 Pat Marriott</a> (one of 3 U.S.) includes a Note pertinent to the double illustration <a href="">Publ 274895</a>."

Crossroads Adventure publication series

Publication Series: Crossroads Adventure Pub Series 2663

14 volumes. Sequence 1-9 (all 1987) and 12 fit list in #12 front material; #10 and #11 carry earlier 1988 publication dates. This sequence does not match ISBN.

sequence per ISFDB; publications not titles
# Date Writer LCCN etc PV Contents (need)/done
1 1987-08 Nye -- oclc pv Erikson c Int Rules major data entry user talk
2 1987-08 Randall oclc pv Erikson c artTCH (title)
3 1987-08 Costello -- oclc oclc2 -- c --
4 1987-09 Greenberg -- oclc pv 2012 Rhschu/inactive c --
5 1987-10 Wham lccn oclc pv Erikson c Int Rules artTCH
6 1987-11 Arch. Adv. oclc -- c -- (title)
7 1987 ? Perry oclc -- c -- (tp?! date)
8 1987-12 Nye lccn oclc pv Erikson + Willem H. +1 c Int Rules artTCH
9 1987-12 Kramer oclc pv Erikson + Chavey c artTCH (2)
10 1988-02 Randall oclc pv Erikson cTCH artTCH
11 1988-04 Billias oclc pv Erikson + SFJuggler cCherry Int Rules artUncred (title) fix links LCCN, OCLC
12 1988-07 Nye LCCN pv Erikson c Int Rules major data entry user talk
13 1988-09missing Nye lccn oclc pv 2010 WeAreGray/inactive cCherry Int Rules (title)
14 1988-12 Costello lccn unl oclc pv 2010 Dragoondelight/inactive cCherry intAsimov Rules

EN: Costello, en: Daniel Greenberg (game designer), Nye, Wham

dnf Arch. Adv., Billias, Greenberg, Kramer, Perry, Randall

SFE3: Billias, Kramer-Rolls

Nye & McCaffrey [8]; Nye & Anthony [9]


Wikipedia and LC Catalog credit Daniel Greenberg with one of those --the guidebook for <a href="">Star Control 3</a>.
W places him at Mayfair Games.
Anne McCaffrey in preface to Crossroads Adventures #1 credits the project to Bill Fawcett of Mayfair Games, defunct 1997.

I suppose that paper-and-pencil role-playing-game guide is a publication outside the scope of ISFDB (please notify me if wrong).

LC gives birthdate 1962-01-01, thus about 24-26 yrs old during Crossroads Adventures project, which fits work for hire with Bill Fawcett and Associates

Daniel Greenberg seems to claim credit for the 1993 uncredited anthology in which two of the three shortfiction were published -- as the fourth of seven (print) "fiction" publications in small print at the foot of <a href="">his (video) Game Resume</a>. That does not fit our Notes on the anthology <a href="">Publ 420675</a>.

Same for the latest, 1998 fiction in that list.

Other editions: #3 Majipoor only Futura, 1990 (searched all at WorldCat)

2016-01-08 done #6 Dzurlord (no PV)

unify treatment of the book titles across the series, discussed with the primary verifier of half the volumes (all single-publication) <a href="">here</a>

Mary Poppins

Series: Mary Poppins

2016-04-02 Mary Poppins from A to Z T197213 --quote Boston Globe 1962-12-02

1962-09-30 short review "New Titles for [...] NYTimes,/i> pBR15
1962-11-11 (during Children's Book Week): Chicago Daily Tribune advertised by the publisher among "New Books" and reviewed (Linda Crawford, quoting Travers); NY Times advert by publisher and listed among "[100] Outstanding Books for Young Readers" (Ellen Lewis Buell); LA Times notice

library binding Mary Poppins in Cherry Tree Lane P89071 --needs re-exam and clone?

YouTube: Book look review of: A Game of Thrones - Library Binding xianthesane 2014-02-08 (also hardcover and softcover)

2016-01-26 several notes lost with internet connection, including Google Books links to some PL Travers coverage; "Mary Poppins, She Wrote" chapter 16 informs re Travers and US/UK publisher/agents --switch to Delacorte Press among other things

Revised to fit the chapter "Bad Tuesday" as revised by writer P.L. Travers, first publication 1981 US

Clute & Grant, eds., Encyclopedia of Fantasy

gives US publication years for OMNI, book 1 revised, book 3, AtoZ, HND

Watson & Willison, eds. "Travers" gives earlier New York publ OMNI, book 3, AtoZ [coverage evidently terminates 1970s or so]

newspaper notices and reviews

MP -

NYHT n 1934-11-27 Tu "next Monday [1203]. The first American edition of 5,000 copies has already been exhausted." r -12-02
NYT r-pos 1934-12-03 ; r-vnegative -12-09 BR10
CT pic 1934-12-08
LAT 1934-12-16

numerous articles presum. including best seller info

MPCB -- five -11-17 to -12-29 (-10-20 notice WP that P is for Pamela)

NYHT r 1935-11-24 F4
NYT r-med 1935-11-17 BR20
WP 1935-10-20 ; r -12-29 B6 "airy touches punctuate too frequently" ; 10-20 "P. Travers ... of the female persuasion. P. is for Pamela--so says Eugene Reynal, of [R&H], who has been visiting her in England." so we know what personal pronoun to use
LAT r-pos 1935-11-24 C7

MPOtD -- seven -11-29 to 12-19

CSM (by MKMcEl) joint 1943-11-29 12 $1.75
NYT r 1943-12-12 BR7 as Illus. Shepard and Sims; r 1943-12-18 13 (-09-01 p17 [MP] will be on the scene again this autumn in [MPOD])
NYHT "Fall Books for Y. P." 1943-12-05 E12 ; r 1943-12-12 E8
CT pic 1943-12-19 C10
WP r 1943-12-05
"Illus. Mary Shepard and Agnes Sims $1.75" --NYT, NYHT both identify both illustrators

originating there editorially 1944

Irish Times n 1944-04-29 2 Peter Davies, 8/6 net, Books in Brief ("Mr. Travers")
The Observer n 1944-08-27 3 Peter Davies, 8s 6d, Holiday Shelf

MPitP -- six -10-16 to -12-07

NYHT r 1952-10-16 29 (Charlotte's Web barely reviewed almost as afterthought); r 1952-11-16 F1 (illus. for Charlotte's Web; reviewed side-by-side by PLTravers!)
CSM r 1952-11-13 18 235 pp. $2.50
NYT 1952-11-16 BRA36
CT joint 1952-11-16 B4 (with Doctor Dolittle's Puddleby Adventures)
LAT n 1952-12-07 D9
The Observer (UK) r 1952-10-12 10


CT 1962-11-11 G5 Linda Crawford, a recent interview in the Algonquin Hotel HBW $2.95 September publication
LAT n 1962-11-11 A16

tendency for review mid-November during Children's Book Week, perhaps including book that will have next year publication dates


NYT r 1975-11-12 54; n 1975-11-16 by Lisa Hammel covers "a rather unusual publication party: a baking session in the kitchen of Maurice Moore-Betty ..." (gives no publ data or party date)
WP 1975-12-26 B1 by Judith Martin "Traversing the Poppins Myth: P.L. Travers: Traversing The Poppins Myth" covering her appearance in Washington
LAT 1975-12-18 K45 (AP)
HC 1975-012-28 4E (AP--shorter)

NYT 1982-03-20 27 "Mary Poppins Against Gravity" by PLT


NYT 1982-12-19 BR26 91pp $9.95 Jean Fritz
BaltSun joint 1982-11-28 53 90pp $9.95
The Guardian r 1982-07-17 13

"Travers has performed what she calls a heart transplant on the reissue next month of the first, 1934, book, gracefully bowing before the prevailing wind of minority sensitivity. Originally ... Eskimo, Chinese mandarin, Indian chief, and a beaded and feathered black family. When at bedtime Michael, after a day of deliberate naughtiness, against strict orders tries out the compass for himself, they reappear, huge and threatening, to punish him. // Librarians in California decided that this was 'racialist' and put the book on the Restricted List. ...

... Travers turned the people into animals -- polar bear, macaw, panda and dolphin. ...

PRINT done 2016-01-25


1988 not found
NYT r 1989-08-27 BR29 "Mary Poppins, Force of Nature" by Humphrey Carpenter, series review ... book 1 "edited by Peter Llewelyn Davies [Lost Boys]" ... "really ends with MPCTL (1982) ... this latest is a lightweight encore ..."; considers the series not English, it "has never been particularly popular in England", "Mary Poppins is not a real English nanny"
per Goodreads: Collins 1988-09-19 96, Delacorte 1989-06-01 93

MP House Next Door --now a novel, should be chapbook/SF novelette; at GoodReads 96pp, matching Cherry Tree; first publ 1988 (Collins, 1988-09-19); earliest dated US ed. Delacorte Books for Young Readers, hc, 1989-06-01, ISBN 0385297491

Kirkus reviews (p publication date; r review date)

  • r 1943-12-01 MP3 [10] starred
  • no date MP4 [11] starred
  • p 1975-11-01 MPKitchen [12]
  • p 1989-07-01 MP6 [13]

MP5 Cherry Tree not found; MP books 1-2 not found; MP A to Z not found



G.Howe 1934 "xii, 206 p., [1] leaf of plates : ill. ; 19 cm." ; Illustrated lining-papers. LCCN 35-1059 --presum. frontispiece
r&H c1934 "3 p. l., ix-xii, 206 p. incl. front., illus. 19 1/2 cm." ; Illustrated lining-papers. LCCN 34-28306


c1935 "xi p., 1 l., 268 p. incl. front., illus. 20 cm." ; Illustrated lining-papers. LCCN 36-27038

1943 spanish 1947 c1962


c1937 "ix, 349 p. col. front., illus., col. plates. 24 cm." ; Lining-papers illustrated in colors. LCCN 37-38860
1964/63 LCCN 64-6824

NYT 1937-12-12 57 --one of 200 gift volumes presented to Pres. Roosevelt for the White House Library by cmte publ auth libr; head Lewis B. Traver pres. ABA ("The book trade presented the original collection of 500 books to the White House in 1929 when Pres Hoover moved in and the absence of a home library was noted.") 200 in 1933 publ 1929-33; now 200 in 1937 publ 1933-37; chosen "to represent the judges' ideas of an enjoyable human library'

Tales of Magic / Eager

Series: Tales of Magic

Half Magic first ed. 1954; LCCN 54-5153

Kirkus Reviews Magic series

  1. 1954 p0615 r0615 Half Magic (50th Anniv. Ed. data) [14]*
  2. 1955 p0201 r0201 Knight's [15]
  3. 1957 p0401 r0401 Lake [16]
  4. 1958 p0409 Time Garden [17]
  5. 1958 p0201 r0218 Magic or Not? [18]
  6. 1960 p0301 r0301 Well-Wishers [19] *
  7. 1962 p1024 r1001 Seven-Day [20] *

LCCN catalogs ; 1999 w publisher description

  1. lc54 82lc 99lc 04
  2. lc56 84 99lccn; first ed. "Harcourt, Brace & World"; A Voyager book; AVB 5
  3. lc57 85 99lccn "1st Harcourt Brace Young Classics ed.", Harcourt Brace; two ISBN, "An Odyssey/Harcourt Brace young classic."
  4. lc58 85 99lc
  5. lc59 79 99lc
  6. lc60 85 99lc
  7. lc62 86 99lc
GoodReads earliest publ dates
  1. 1 1954----- ; #2 1956-06-28 ; #3 1957-06-01 ; 4 1958----- ; #5 1959-02-28 ; 6 1960----- ; 7 1962-----

2016-03-27 import from /PV

0115 63136 Half Magic update submitted w Note to Moderator "to be continued ..." [21]

problem is Pub series, Publisher

Superb site:
  1. "Bibliographic Description" [22] (first ed., detailed table)
  1. "Publication History" [23] (no date; cites several websites accessed Oct 2012; one Dec 2012)
Sales and Editions
no sales numbers are available; continuously in print from 1954; It was initially distributed not just in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa."
Advertising and Honors
"Half Magic was pushed as one of Harcourt’s prominent spring titles when it was released in 1954. In May of 1954, when it was released in the United States, ads appeared alongside reviews of the book in the New York Herald Tribune, the Saturday Review, and in Library Journal. In the UK, where Macmillan released Half Magic in October,"
... Publisher Collections and Special Editions
In 1955, Harcourt, Brace and Company released Half Magic as part of their Weekly Reader Children’s Book Club series. Half Magic was published under Harcourt’s Odyssey Children’s Classics imprint beginning in 1990 and then jointly with the Harcourt Young Classics imprint where it remains to this day. In 2004, Harcourt released a 50th Anniversary edition in hardcover restoring the original cover art by N. M. Bodecker. This special edition included a new introduction written by Jack Gantos. Today Half Magic is available both in paperback as part of the Harcourt Young Classics and Odyssey Children’s Classics series and in hardback for the 50th anniversary edition.

"the interior illustrations never changed hands" as the cover art did; "In 2004 however, the 50th Anniversary edition restored the original cover art by N. M. Bodecker" (dubitable info Odyssey, Harcourt Young)

Amazon Seven-Day Magic

[24] Hardcover: 208 pages Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers (August 16, 1999)

[25] Paperback: 156 pages Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World; 1 edition (August 16, 1999)

TO DO 2016-02-02, perhaps at Amy's before departure

Odyssey Classics

undated second printing
clone/modify August 1999 first printing


by BB aka DWP


The Little Grey Men Series 22525

The Little Grey Men NOVEL 153198 / 1022168 INTERIORART

1st ed. 1942

LCCN: <a href="">43-4863</a>

1st US ed.

LCCN: <a href="">49-11210</a>, OCLC: <a href="">1485431</a> "includes songs with music"
Charles Scribner's Sons, original text and illus. without subtitle
Publ date 1949-02-28 per contemporary review by Kirkus (not worth a link i think)
Down the Bright Stream, 2nd ed. 1969 LCCN: <a href="">71-529947</a>

OCLC formats[26]

The Forest of the Boland Light Railway, 1955 --not in LC

OCLC formats[27][28]

The Forest of the Railway, 1957, by DWP, illus DWP 127p Dodd, Mead and Company $2.50 NY Herald Tribune 1957-11-17 pF24

OCLC: <a href="">1728168</a>[29] [30]

"Wizard of Boland series" at fantastic fiction [31]

  1. The Forest ...
  2. The Wizard of Boland 1959[32] [33] [34]

Boland not in LC

other DWP not in Kirkus

Forest of BLR, 1955 capsules 8/6

[35] Manchester Guardian 1955-10-07 p9 as "This successor to The Little Grey Men is about a colony of gnomes who build a railway to transport metal from their mines and are attacked by a gang of leprechauns."
[36] Irish Times 1955-12-03 p6

Forest of tR 1957 $2.50

[37] NYHT 1957-11-17 pF24 "disappointing to look at in comparision with the author's first book The Little Grey Men ... Having gained an interest in [DWP]'s gnomes we hope they will try the longer story ... BB, the pen name of the author, puts some of Kenneth Grahame's feeling for the countryside in his books, and his little creatures are as carefully though not as elaborately realized as Mr. Tolkien's hobbits."

Wizard of B 1959

--not in newspapers



Series: Rootabaga

[38] Rootabaga Country 1929

in progress; later check subtitles in WorldCat records

4 WorldCat records [39]

also at WorldCat: 1988/Hague part one with contents [40] part two [41]

1922 P567277

ask about verification from HDL as without dustjacket

NYTimes 1922-10-08 p100 Book News "Two books that might be catalogued as for children, but which will find as much favor with adults, are on the Fall list of Harcourt, Brace & Co.

More Rootabaga 2003 P263513

later return for more data from copyright page

Look Inside! at UK [42]

Rootabaga 2003 P263514

later return for more data from copyright page

Look Inside! at UK [43]

2016-04-15 at LCCN

Vol1: 1922 23 36 74 76o 88hague 90 94 98 03 (o= omnibus Stories and Pigeons)

Ulan Press ed. at Amazon as 2012-08-31
Nabu Press ed. at Amazon as 2013-10-19

Vol2: 1923 2003

Applewood ed. at Amazon as 2001-07-01 $12.95 at Amazon; cover image [44]

1929 selections Rootabaga Country LCCN: 29-22258 Selections, illus. Peggy Bacon, 1929

Rootabaga Country at ABEbooks
at Amazon; cover image[45]

$2.50 per cover image 1930 at Amazon

Price per adverts by the publisher Nov/Dec 1929; 28 stories from the two Rootabaga books 1929-09 publ date inferred from Books of the Week, NYHT 1929-09-22 reviewed ACM The Three Owls NYHT 1929-10-13 pK8

the first was "authentic piece of Americana, except for the pictures"
now "Bacon's drawings make it distinctly American"; "it is good to know that these stories ... HAVE TAKEN ROOT IN aMERICAN SOIL"; calls for "a well printed, complete edition in one volume without pictures"


at Amazon; cover image[46] -- apparently shows prices $2 $2 $2.50 for 1922/23/29 books but this no price this vol

advert by the publisher NY Herald Tribune 1930-04-13 "a whole new series of delightful Rootabaga stories--for grownups" Second printing. $1.50 (listed at $2.00, same issue pJ12 "Selected List of Important Spring Books"

New Books Received Hartford Courant 1930-03-30 $1.50
brief review NYHT 1930-04-02 p17 (no price)
full reviewed Chi Tribune 1930-04-05 p13 (no price)
full review NYHT 1930-04-06 pJ3 ($1.50)
full reviewed The CSM 1930-06-20 p13 $1.50


More Rootabagas at ABEbooks
More Rootabagas at Amazon as 1993-09-21; cover image[47]
1993-10-01 per Kirkus -10-15 extra-positive review, espy illus

[48] review NYTimes 1993-11-14 p421 $18.00 -- "10 of some 'many dozens' of unpublished Rootabaga Stories" quoting George Hendrick, Sandburg scholar and professor of English at UIll Urbana-Champaign

"terrific illustrations by Michael Hague" 1988 (parts 1 and 2)

Space, Moon

2016-03-16 to -04-03

First Men to the Moon T1985132

NYTimes 1960-08-28 BR24 review by Henry W. Hubbard of First Men to the Moon: "Then comes the story, which appeared as a serial in This Week magazine."; "Running alongside the story is a set of excellent marginal notes."

John Sisson, Dreams of Space -- Books and Ephemera: Non-fiction children's space flight stuff 1945-1975


2015-03-22 (part 2)

On First Men:

Adapted from a 1958-1960 serial story written for "This Week" magazine. See 1961 UK reprint and a "condensed version for children" as part of the anthology "Treasury for young readers" (1961).
I blogged about the first of these "This Week" issues here back in 2013:


This Week 1958-10-05 "which could be fact by 1968!" (blogger has only part 1)

... We're living off our batteries!"
includes p36-37 "Timetable" with diagram in WvB handwriting
Next week: Landing on the Moon!

evidently planned as a serial to run in consecutive issues, probably not 1958-59-60


about previous work in same genre, with contrib both von Braun and Freeman: "Man will conquer space soon!" Collier's 1952-03-22, first of 8-part

Doctor Dolittle

Series: Doctor Dolittle

[49] NYHT, obituary Helen D. Fish, 3rd children's book editor (for US publisher?), namely Stokes 1922?

Mopsa the Fairy, 1st ed. UK P601464 o[50] --dnf newspapers

records shd quote the plate=count and artist credit

Bambi, 1st UK ed. from US o[51] "First British edition, from American sheets with cancel title leaf." --in time for the August holidays

Wikipedia Bambi may have the wrong US ed. as 293pp o[52]

Series 22969
User talk:Cary (with MartyD as mentor)

New-York Tribune EN

later search ProQuest: THE ADVENTURES OF DOCTOR DOLITTLE: Continuing the History

[53] NY Trib 1922-11-05 p22, first instalment found by search "The Story" 1920 to 1922 ; opens with "In Previous Chapters" one-par synopsis
US serial Adventures [54]
e LOHyp$ (O p) The Story of DD (1920) T157767  ; false Lipp --5 printings at HDL, earliest 14th 
e LOyp$ (Oyp£) The Voyages of DD (1922) T25151 ; false Lipp --1 at HDL 
eiLO p$ (Oyp£, false Lipp) DD Post Office (1923) T1025942  ; false Lipp --dnf UK in newspapers; dnf US publ date 
e LOyp$ (Oyp£) DD Circus (1924) T1025944 
e LOyp$ (Oyp£) DD Zoo (1925) T1354271 
e LOyp$ (Oyp£) DD Caravan (1926) T1024861 ; 1st pass done EN 
eiLOyp$ (Oyp£) DD Garden (1927) T1354262 
eiLOyp$ (O p "Dr." specious?) DD in the Moon (1928) T1354261 + variant "Dr." that is specious
e^LOyp$ (iO p£) DD Return (1933) T1354272 ; 1st pass done EN
eiLO p (O p) DD and the Secret Lake (1948) T1354279 
e LO p (O p) DD and the Green Canary (1950) T28192 
eiLOyp (--) DD Puddleby Adventures (1952) T1354275 
^ description of front cover Noted
Gub Gub's Book: An Encyclopedia of Food (1932) ; 1st pass done EN
Birthday Book (1935) (day book) --no new content per

Some Amazon pages with cover images

1948 Lippincott Story as 1st [55] ; 54th printing, with 10th intro, 366p !
Cary?) Dell Yearling Garden (as 1988) [56]
1989 Delacorte Green Canary [57]
1966 Cape Adventures [58]
Cary?) Lippincott Treasury (as 1967, 2nd ed.) [59]
1967 Lippincott boxed set (6) [60]

DD# 1. The Story (1920)

The Story of Doctor Dolittle --cover image at Wikipedia and elsewhere APPARENTLY THE COVER DIFFERED FROM PRINTING TO PRINTING AS DID OTHER FEATURES

J.B. Lippincott P295562 P295563 1920 by DES, with intro 10th as "Introduction"; P368451 1948 cover image from Amazon

Heirloom Library P295564 1922

Walpole's Introduction

"Afterword" in Bluesman PV 2nd Dell ed. 1968 P581404
"Introduction: T1024848
"Introduction to the Tenth Printing" T1436921 1922-11-28 per printing history in 14th or Gutenberg 11th printing 1923-04-02

-- all five publ records support the longer title

10th o[61] o[62]
1922 Heirloom o[63] o[64]
1923 McClelland & Stewart o[65] xvi+180 with Intro 10th
41st ~1930 Lippincott o[66]
(c)1948 Lippincott o[67] 172p
1948 Garden City NJ Book Club ed o[68] xi+143 ill Tinkleman
1948 Book Club Ed. Lippincott o[69] 144p better
1988/1920 Delacorte Centenary o[70] 0385296622 156p

Amazon Delacorte 1988 [71] (no dustjacket? see Yearling 1968/88 [72])

DD# 2. Voyages (1922)

Amazon Delacorte 1988 [73]
1988 Delacorte revised ;
P295531 as Turtleback Books (but cited OCLC record identifies Dell Yearling cent. ed.), pagination matches Delacorte rev. ed.

DD# 3. Post Office (1923)

Amazon Delacorte 1988 [74]

newspapers 2017-01-12: US publ date not evident; UK not found

DD# 4. Circus (1924)

Amazon Delacorte 1988 [75]
[76] NYT 1924-11-09 pG7

"With 81 drawings by Mr. Lofting" NYT

  1. "With 34 illustrations and decorative initials by Mr. Lofting. Introduction by Hugh Walpole. $2.00. Popular Edition, with no color illustrations, $1.50."
  2. "With 20 illustrations by Mr. Lofting. $2.50."
  3. "With 77 illustrations by Hugh Lofting. $2.50."

THE STORY OF MRS. TUBBS Mr. Lofting originates a delightful new character in this little story for little folk. ... With inimitable illustrations in color and black-and-white by Mr. Lofting. $1.25."

5 Zoo
6 Caravan Amazon Delacorte 1988 [77]
7 Garden
8 in the Moon

DD# 9. Return (1933) T1354272

DD# 10. Secret Lake (1948)

--dnf 1st UK newspapers -01-14
[78] NYT 1948-10-03 review by Ellen Lewis Buell
[79] NYHT 1948-11-14 pE14 review by May Lamberton Becker

DD# 11. Green Canary (1950)

--dnf 1st UK newspapers -01-14
[80] Longman C$3.50 The Globe and Mail 1951-01-13 p7
Amazon Delacorte 1989 [81]

Reviews Sun 1950-11-12 for Children's Book Week

[82] Chi. Crane; [83] NYT Buell; [84] NYHT (Becker?)

DD# 12. Puddleby Adventures (1952)

--dnf 1st UK newspapers -01-14
User talk:Cary#Doctor Dolittle Treasury


[85] NYT Cobb
[86] NYHT Bechtel
[87] Chi Crane [also Mary Poppins in the Park, by P.G.]

1953 uk o[88] as 256p; o[89] as 254p, with ISBN, probably a later printing (1966?)
For same ISBN Amazon shows 1966-10 Jonathan Cape 256pp, with cover image --submitted 2017-01-15
Weekly Reader as 1970? o[90]

Amazon covers - useless

ABEbooks with bookseller images jacket book book

DD# 8-1/2. Gub Gub's Book (1932)

Gub Gub Amazon 1992 [91]
Price stated, publ date inferred from advertisement by the publisher The Observer 1932-11-13 p4 "from Jonathan Cape's list" (this book, first of three weekly listings found)

the object of allusion in Doctor Dolittle novels, as History of Eating or History of Food --implied by brief reviews The Scotsman 1932-11-24 p3, Manchester Guardian -12-01 p16 (both positive)

Publ date (inferred) and price from listings NYHT -10-09 "Books of the Week", NYT -10-16 "Books Received", [92] review by MLB [May Lamberton Becker] NYHT -10-30 p18 "frankly derivative ... [The pig] rewrites portions of history, folklore and fiction ... The tales [told by the pig] trot on with friendly criticism from the other animals; the main thing is that an old friend is telling them."

1st ed. LCCN: <a href="">32-29908</a> and OCLC: <a href="">2601168</a> $2.00 Gub Gub's Book: An Encyclopedia of Food in Twenty Volumes

1st UK ASIN: B00MKIP69U at Amazon UK 2016-12-15 [93] OCLC: <a href="">8522669</a> OCLC: <a href="">62500622</a>, Opie Collection 2000 microfiche -- "Note: Prof. Gub Gub announces that owing to the high cost of living the other 19 volumes of this great work have been temporarily postponed." (quoting the book)

1974 reissue o[94] "On a succession of evenings, the animals settle into Doctor Dolittle's kitchen to hear Gub-Gub the pig read parts of his book on food."

COLLECTION? Gub Gub's Book (1932) --said to be a collection of 10 tales; with explanation of "bowdlerized edition"
dnf list of Contents

1992 Simon & Schuster ISBN 0671783556 as "Gub-Gub's Book" reportedly o[95]

The Borrowers

Series: The Borrowers

previously done at Wikipedia, which now shows all five 1st ed. cover art

  1. LO.£ (LKd$) ; iL 50th anniv ed
  2. OO.£ (icLOKd$) ; later US PV Nihonjoe needs publisher fix P518183; see OCLC 429575844, stated 1st ed. 1955 ;;
  3. O.£ (LKd$)
  4. cLO. (LOKd$) starred
  5. icLd (iLKm$)
Omnibus LBO p

4.5 Poor Stainless (1966) Formats[96]

icOm (icOd$) both --US ed. evidently 1st

Magic Shop

Series: Magic Shop

  1. LO. 1st --NEED Amazon work, see below
  2. icLOm$ 1st +T + 2002 ed. 1st + PV undated 25th printing
  3. icLKm$ 1st +T
  4. icLm$ 1st --cover image apparently later
  5. m$ 1st --in queue

The Monster's Ring ISBN at Amazon

  • 0394853202 Pantheon Books (1982) o[97] this and next, 22 cm
  • 0394953207 Knopf Books for Young Readers (August 12, 1982) o[98] lib bdg?
  • 0671659650 A Minstrel Book/ Pocket Books (1987) o[99] 19cm
  • 0671644416 Pocket Classics; First Edition edition (October 1987) o[100] this and next, 19 cm
  • 0671693891 as 1989-07-15, with "Look Inside!" itself (ed. date 1987-10)
  • 9780152064426 HMH Books for Young Readers; 1 edition (October 1, 2008)

--in queue T --more ISBN 0152046186 0544635426 [niAmazon] 20th, 2014-11-04 tp Boxed Set 0544339088

google books book 1, p108 advert (6th printing, of 2002?)
978-0-15-204618-7 hc 978-0-15-206442-6 paperback

Jacobs/Batten Fairy Tales

Series: Fairy Tales of the British Empire

[101] The Academy 1895-09-21

David Nutt Autumn/Winter list ... [1] Illustrated Children's and Gift Books (7 listings) Fairy Tales of the British Empire

Vols I-IV. "A cheap edition will be used of these popular volumes ... The cheap edition will contain the same tales and illustrations as in the original edition, but will omit the Preface, Notes, References, and Parallels whichi have made these volumes indispensable to the student of popular literature. The cheap edition will be sold at 3s. 6d. per volume instead of 6s. per volume, price of the original edition. This latter will be kept on sale and reprinted, as required, in the original sumptuous and beautiful form."

[2] Works on Folk-Lore and Allied Subjects (11 listings) --and half of [1] may be termed such

In the Autumn 1895 list of works Under heading "Illustrated Children's and Gift Books", it was announced under "Fairy Tales of the British Empire. Collected and Edited by Joseph Jacobs. Illustrated by J. D. Batten. Vols. I-IV."

  1. xiv+253 English 1895 popular o[102] Opie 014:206 vii+227 ; 1895 AEBurt evidently complete; 1891/92 Putnams's o[103] o[104] ; 2nd revised 1892 o[105] ; 3rd revised 1898 o[106] as Putnam's o[107]
  2. xiv+243 More English 1895 popular o[108], o[109] Opie 014:208
  3. xiv+267 Celtic 1895 popular o[110], o[111] Wayne State U [1892 ed. is Opie 014:204]
  4. vi+216 (popular?) More Celtic 1895 o[112] Opie 014:207

Opie Collection (~15,000) 1890s (859) at WorldCat

The Fables of Aesop 1894 o[113] 009:092
1950 illus Kurt Wiese o[114]

Jacobs fairy tales, illus. John D. Batten
FTBE Nutt Gut.
English 1
Celtic 3
More English 2
More Celtic 4 34453 (Nutt, 1895) vii-xiv(blank?) 1-234, 235-36
Wonder Voyages
Europa's [1916]
database publications 2018-08-12

E T2074718 Fo[115]207

LOm. 1890-10 (1889 per Jacobs mid-1890s)
; 2013

ME T2074720 Fo[116]62

L. 1894 (LCCN links HDL)

C T1564404 Fo[117]148

2005g P500957 #7885 - unidentified source
1968d ; 2007 07 09 10 12d 12 14 14

MC T1132825 Fo[118]46

L. 1895 (cites Gutenberg #34453)
Hn$ 1895us (1894-11)
2010g P499614 #34453
1968d ; 2009 11p

I T1949811 Fo[119]83

LOHm. 1892
H. 1892us
; 2009 09 11d 13d

WV T2075290 Fo[120]27

O. 1896
LO-$ 1896us

Eur T1762970 Fo[121]12 "European FFT" Fo[122]8

L. 1916putnam (LCCN links HDL)
2008g P502734
1967 ; 09 12 14

g Gutenberg, C MC Eur

d Dover, C(2) MC I(2)

p Pook, MC

Joseph Jacobs

at Gutenberg
at HathiTrust -- for most titles one among multiple catalog records -- Aesop 1889; E 1890; I 1892; C 1892; ME 1894; MC 1894; Aesop 1894; WV 1896; Eur 1916

at LC (127) - pre 1900 only

(110) Ae Nutt 1889, E Nutt 1890, C Nutt 1892, I Put 1892, Ae 1894, ME Nutt 1894, MC Nutt 1895, WV MacM 1896, Eur Put 1916, WV Put 1919, ME Put 1922 ;; Dover E 1967, ME 1967, C 1968, MC 1968, I 1969
old catalog (17) I Nutt 1892 ; E Nutt 1898rev

Miss Pickerell

Series: Miss Pickerell

2018-10-18 relegated in part to new subpage ./Miss Pickerell

re communications with moderator Ahasuerus

some Miss Pickerell retained here because that series is beside the point

Ahasuerus cites EN: Paper size

[2018-10-19: who is Garrett Oppenheim?]

ProQuest, News & Newspapers, Advanced Search

"garrett oppenheim" 32 hits (1930 1981) inclg 12 (1936:38 4, 1954:59 8) catalogued as (author) "Oppenheim, Garrett"

Miss Pickerell Tackles the Energy Crisis -- 1980 1st P296577, Archway # P678124

submissions (approved simply) [123], [124], [125]

Mr HUM, Arch

subm [[

Bull, Arch #4 P678183

subm [126]

Arctic, Arch #11

subm [127]

1895 The Little Green Man P362069

subm [128] --radically revised by Aha, partly by misinterpretation

not Miss Pickerell
els  L. T. Meade 15678 (77), founding editor Atalanta (January or?) October 1887-93? ; editor to 1891, complete departure in 1893 --from the COVE timeline

HDL Vols 2-6, Vols 1, 7-10 ; Atalanta 4:3 (no 39, Dec 1890), 800 pages, or 64pp except Dec 96pp p129-224 interior 131-222 ;

The Were-wolf p. 132-56 ; illus. p132 136* 141* 151* 154* 155 = 25pp, ~20 full pages 16,000 or more words

.Everard Hopkins --nidb (0)[16]
(COVE) Timeline for Clemence Housman's The Were-Wolf [1839 to 1959]
Created by Lorraine Janzen Kooistra on Wed, 03/07/2018 - 13:18 == see also section "Teach Transformation", and digital ed. annotated from COVE
  • Atalanta, December 1890, p132-56, with four full-page (and other?) illus. by Everard Hopkins
  • People, 1890-12-21, Conan Doyle, "A Pastoral Horror"
  • The Were-Wolf, The Bodley Head, Jan 1896 ; engraved by Clemence after Laurence drawings ;; "cover design, title page, and six illustrations by LH, engraved on wood by CH"
  • SFExaminer 1897-10-17 Bierce "The Eyes of the Panther"
  • 1898 LH, The Field of Clover, wr-ill LH, engraved by CH
  • 1898 CH, The Unknown Sea
  • 1904 LH, The Blue Moon, wr-ill LH, engraved by CH


The Were-wolf [129](1), [130](3)
The Unknown Sea [131](1)

G. Bancks 278679 (0)[10] --q

A World Beneath the Waters --nidb HDL Fo[132] ; illustrated by "Crow" --q

[133] Man Gua 1895-05-07 (very negative)

Some of the drawings are good, but they are not generally good, nor generally fit the story.

full-page illus (plates included in the pagination)

front*, 3*, 13, 29*, 37*, 57*, 91*, 105*, 115*, 125*, 129, 149* (12 listed here)


5, 11, 12, 16, 17*, 18, 21, 24*, 33, 41, 52, 62, 64, 70, 77, 84*, 87, 89, 98, 110cover, 121, 131, 134, 135, 136, 137, 141, 145, 156, 158 (30 listed here)

Cover illustration (gold stamped on red cloth) is that of page 110

back pages 1-4

2 King Solomon's Mines in "Treasure Island" Series, cheap Illustrated Editions, Cloth 3/6
3 Fairy Tales in Other Lands, Julia Goddard 3/6

T2416604 --synopsis needs re-format? and proofread

NEEDs note on the author's manuscript note contained in the linked HDL e-copy.

 lw  Ernest R. Suffling 82693 (9 art only)[many]

The Story Hunter --somewhere (Man Gua?) noted as 10 stories

F. M. Allen

1895 The Little Green Man T1328301 The Little Green Man (1895) --one mid-Dec version of the advert expands, "Imperial 16mo, fancy cloth, gilt top, 3s. 6d."

Clemence Housman 7108 --sister of Laurence who illustrated some of her writings

The Were Wolf, 1st ed. 1896 from title page P339401 --PV Rtrace

Illustrations, 6 (frontispiece and 5 plates)

The plates are included in the pagination as 4 pages. For instance, the illustration title "White Fell's Escape" and the full-page b/w illustration it names represent unnumbered pages 61-64. (text spans p1-123, or 103 pages; est. 144x103 = 15,000 words)


"Acknowledgment is due from the Author // to the Editor of "Atalanta" for his con- // sent to the republication of this story." Printer's colophon above "Printed by W. H. White and Co., // Edinburgh Riverside Press."

price 3/6 from adverts

[134] The Sketch 1895-11-20 p176 "John Lane's New Books in Belles Lettres"

[135] Man Gua 1895-12-18 p7 "Christmas Books, VII"

Joseph Jacobs 17634, 4 collections in new low-price ed. from David Nutt --see above #Jacobs/Batten Fairy Tales of the British Empire

[136] The Graphic -12-21 "Our Christmas Bookshelf" p778

[137] The Academy 48:1234 (Dec 21, 1895): 541 -- The Little Green Man full review

Prince Prigio P577057 6/-

advert [138] The Athenaeum 1895-06-15 p786

The Watcher 3/6 --Le Fanu, The Watcher P420017 1894? or 1895? --PV Rtrace
Preface closes "Brinsley Le Fanu." "London, November, 1894."
The Evil Guest 5/- --nidb
 w   Forbes Dawson 225778 [5] --uncertain identity as late Victorian writer-performer 

[139] review of Forbes Dawson, The Sensational Trance

[140] as one germ of War of the Worlds
delayed to July? [141] -06-29 "In a few days."