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The Story of Wan and the Remarkable Shrub (shortfiction as 1927) [1]
[The Story of Wan ... (chapbook as 1927) [2]

New eds. of 1926

Laughter \MacKinstry $1 --P739079 NEEDS MORE 2019-10-15 (abridged?)

Tales of Laughter ECSK T2630761 --q 2019-10-15
A truncated version of 1908 anthology Tales of Laughter: A Third Fairy Book (<a href="">Library of Fairy Literature</a>, 3) must be expected, from the examples of undated Every Child Should Know anthologies Fairy Stories [ECSK] and Tales of Wonder [ECSK], which are truncated versions of the first and fourth Library of Fairy Literature anthologies. The known edition may contain the corresponding interior illustrations by Elizabeth MacKinstry, for Tales of Laughter in its 1926 edition, as does Fairy Stories [ECSK] in relation to the first LFL anthology.

--not likely if the 1926 is re-paginated

to be continued (not today) 2019-10-14/15 --Title and Publication records

The Fairy Ring, 1910 illus. ed. [3] --NEED coordination of all publication records
Tales of Laughter, 1926 illus. ed. [4] --truncated? subtitle?

affil. Series, Publ Series, INTERIORART records

to be continued in relation to other publication records --The Fairy Ring (4) 2019-10-19

1927 The Magic Pawnshop --title

Amazon as Author: [KDW and NAS]

  1. 1967 w cover --q New Anthology
  2. 1909 w cover --q ; 1939 ECSK w cover ASIN: B002J7VAK6 as 369pp "Doubleday, doran and Company Inc. (1939)" --spine matches 1941 3rd series 6-spine image

now incorporate Amazon title search 2019-10-16

Fairy Ring (2012 Kindle w Look) ASIN: B008QPXBD4 --complete anth, as seen elsewhere, to p440-odd

Magic Casements

Tales of Laughter (Kindle from Gutenberg w Crimson cover) ASIN: B0711WH5FK

Tales of Wonder

Talking Beasts

Laughter ECSK 1939 hc ASIN: B002J7VAK6 w cover ; ASIN: B0012N4ALO w cover

Tales of Wonder ECSK Amazon US w Look (40 stories, manual count) 2017 indep ISBN-1521972206

Contents 2-3, "I Wonder" (poem) 4, Intro 5-6, "I Wonder" (story) 7-9
compare with 1909 contents = first 25 (skip 1) next 13 (skip 1) next 2 (cut last 7)
Gutenberg Tales of Wonder ECSK = first 42 of 49 stories (which cuts the last 4 acknowledged publishers) = xiii+ p3-364 of xiii+ 440 (cut 76 pages, 38 leaves)
Contents list lacks #26 Steelpacha (Russian); #40 The Princes Fire-Flash and Fire-Fade (Japanese) --at least Steelpacha is probably missing from the Contents list, page numbers imply

Fairy Stories ECSK (2016 Kindle w Look) ASIN: B01JA5SKWK --truncated as expected, no page numbers

More Fairy Stories ECSK

[5] ASIN: B00404VDV2 (no cover) as KDW 1907 = Magic Casements?
as Keep-Worthy Books/Parents' (1943) ASIN: B002K56E58 (no cover)

Fairy Tales ECSK Mabie\Frye 1994 Martino Fine Books ASIN: B00BTFFU0U (cover, no page count)

Fairy Tales ECSK Annotated ed. J.R. Seuss, 2019 indep ISBN-1096433257 w Look --dnf WorldCat
'Introduction to "Fairies [sic] Every Child Should Know"'
--Contents list ends "Beauty and the Beast 352", thus indicates no Notes
as 229 pages (wrong!)
blurb dnmention Notes or Seuss

What Every Child Should Know Library Third Series 6 Volumes Hardcover – 1930 [latest of six; actually 1941-11]

Doubleday for The Parents' Institute (1930)
ASIN: B01M8IVPT6 w 6-spine image --WONDER, Good Cheer, Bible, Dog, Great Explorers, Champions of Freedom; (base of spine) "What Every Child Should Know Library"
"6-volume set includes Tales of Wonder (1909), Good Cheer Stories (1915), Bible Stories (1922), Dog Stories (1922), Great Explorers (1928), and Champions of Freedom (1930)." --copyright dates all

Every Child Should Know' series, 5 volumes [1905--1909] --inclg Fairy Tales, Heroes, Heroines

ASIN: B01G0QL0KQ w 5-cover image



Fairy Stories ECSK : [6] as Fourth Series 1910,
More Fairy Stories ECSK [7] as Seventh Series 1943 Magic Casements,

with cover

Tales of Wonder ECSK : 2007 Dodo Press ISBN-1406577812
Talking Animals : Dodo Press
Fairy Ring : 1922 [8]
1967 [9] --new anthology
2000 Fredonia Books [10] (Fredonia Books, 2000) = Print on Demand ISBN- 1589630092 (two dealers as 2000-12-20 and -01) --one copy only $3.49 ! --o[11] "Reprinted from the 1910 edition." but page count xviii, 444 implies 1917 or later printing

WorldCat also reports Doubleday eds. years 1996 54^ 49^(23 leaves) 46^ 43^ 40^ 38 34 31[null] 30^(46 leaves!) (some as "Doubleday") 1927^[Page](9 leaves) 22^ 17^ 16 13 10

--and 1926 (c)1910 illustrated o[12]
2008 Yesterday's Classics o[13] as unabridged reprint of first-1911 w Contents list ; as "63 fairy tales" (Yesterday's Classics, 2008-12-02)
Amazon w Look --w back cover image (no price) "numerous" b/w illustrations (not credited)
uncertain contents: Acknowledgments, poem, Illustrations list and number
first two illustrations viewed as p[12] and p[19] (included in the pagination)
first three stories begin pp. 1, 17, 28
Tales of Laughter : 1938 Garden City (no subtitle?) [14], [15]; (no cover) [16] "Colour frntsp., over 100 black & white illusts." ... "Garden City Children's Books series"

Arabian Nights UK, 230 copies (US also 230)

1909 "no Published October 1909 mention" 12 plates [17]
1930 [18](10 of 12 plates with explanation)
reported numbers of plates: 1912 12, 1925 9+title, 1930 9+title, 1933 9 9, 1935 9 [19]; 1936 9 [20]; 1941 9, 1942 9, 1947 9,
2019 Atheneum BYR [21]

1967 The Fairy Ring --selection from LFL Not found 2019-10-18 in automated search of 1967 newspapers. Search reports 4 hits, all in US monthly School Library Journal, March and October 1967. Evidently the 4 items are Doubleday advertisements (March and October), coverage in "Books to Come: Preschool--Grade 3" (March), listing in "Reprints & New Editions" (October) 13:7 16-17, 14:2 22-27 13:7 p151-89, "Books to Come: Preschool--Grade 3" 14:2 p224

The Fairy Ring, or Elsie and Frances Fool the World By Mary Losure middle grade picture book Oct 14, 2014 ISBN 9780763674953

prices six books for

$7/6.50 -- 1932-12 ... 1942-11(in error?) == $1.08 (0 and 1st to 3rd series)
$8/7.00 -- 1942-12 ... 1946-06 == $1.16 (4th 5th 6th)
$9/8.00 -- 1946-12 ... 1949-06 == $1.33 (best-of-36)


el   Kate Douglas Wiggin 131705 (146) [22] obituary N-Y Tribune 1923-08-25 p7
el   Nora A. Smith 131706 (55) [23] obituary NYHT 1934-02-02 p19

McClure's Library of Children's Classics [as of 1908]; later (The)(Children's) Crimson Classics ?

  • Golden Numbers: a book of verse for youth, eds. (1902) --other Crimson Classics, etc ; BL 1970 1902-HDL
  • The Posy Ring: a book of verse for children, eds. (1903) --other Crimson Classics, etc 1903-HDL
  • Pinafore Palace: a book of rhymes for the nursery, eds. (1907) --other Crimson Classics, etc
  • (also 3 Library of Children's Literature)

other children's stories by KDW/NAS

  • The Story Hour: a book for the home and kindergarten (1890) --BL 1895 2nd 1890-HDL
  • The Arabian Nights: Their Best-Known Tales (1909), xiii 339 T1924845
  • An Hour with the Fairies (1911) --59 pp
  • Twilight stories, more tales for the story hour, eds. (1925) --anth? KDW NAS 1925 xii 228

more children's stories by NAS alone

other by NAS alone

Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature

no ISFDB candidate works (all works: 3 Wiggin, 0 Smith)

British Library

(1) probable ISFDB work

1909 Arabian Nights BL 000101978 (as Abridgements, Selections, etc.)

Project Gutenberg (KDW 49, NAS 11, Maxfield Parrish 10) --ISFDB candidate other than Library of Fairy Literature

  1. Arabian #20916 1909-10 Scribner \Parrish, Preface by KDW, linked story and illustration titles

11 by NAS include from The Crimson Classics 3 poetry, 3 LFL; also Tales of Wonder ECSK; The Story Hour; Children's Rights

Children's Rights (1892) as by Wiggin alone --10 essays

7 KDW --3 prev publ, 4 new (inclg "What Shall Children Read?), all "originally talks given before members of societies interested in the training of children"
3 NAS, all new (inclg "Children's Stories)

Anthology series

McClure's Library of Children's Classics --ISFDB publication series coincident?

(The) (Children's) Crimson Classics --simple name change by Doubleday, Page?

WorldCat se:"Crimson Classics"(14)

Library of Fairy Literature --ISFDB story anthology series

User talk:Dirk P Broer#Fairy tales anthologies/collections 2019-10-05, -10-11
User talk:Loviatar#The Fairy Ring 2019-10-11

Loviatar [and Dirk]
1. The Fairy Ring. What is the status of those stories currently listed as Contents of the 1909 publication (and 1931, 1934)? Are those the subset of stories already in the database? Similarly, are the notes that Dirk has moved to the anthology record limited to those stories not added to the database? Or does the scope of Contents and Notes follow your progress in identifying mistaken credits, genuine sources, etc?

Project Gutenberg: Kate Douglas Wiggin ebooks (49) include (bold = 1st ed.)

  1. Fairy Ring #40359 1934 D, Doran \MacKinstry, linked page# to p434, Intro by KDW --last page [445] + Transcriber's Note
  2. (no edition of Magic Casements)
  3. Tales of Laughter #54734 1908 McClure, linked page# to p463 (no Introduction!) --last page + Transcriber's Note
  4. Tales of Wonder --ECSK edition only #Every Child Should Know
  5. Talking Beasts #13815 1922 no publisher \Harold Nelson, Contents I-XII no links, Intro by KDW
ISFDB (cf. #Every Child Should Know)

Fairy Ring T2628264

LOm$ 1906-11 --lacks "McClure's Library ..." (CHECK for that)
-.$ 1907 --lacks "McClure's Library ..."
HI. 1909 --PV Loviatar (but Contents list is incomplete, albeit inclg (untitled) poem by Smith)
-.$ 1910, newly illus. MacKinstry --NEED libraries
OH..c 1913 \MacKinstry w cover at HDL
OH.. 1916 \MacKinstry
-. 1931 \MacKinstry
LOH. 1934 \MacKinstry
Od$i 2008 Yesterday's Classics
-d$ 2012 Gutenberg #40359 \MacKinstry ; linked

One library record as 1917 OCLC Fiction Finder reports page count as for the known 1931 and 1934 (viewed at HathiTrust, and supposing that pages xix and 445 are not numbered) --that is, pages ix to xvi corrected for insertion of the Illustrations leaf.

As of 2019-10-18 we infer pagination 1906 to 1916 and 1917 to 1934 without change.

Magic Casements T2628907

LOALm$i 1907-11 orange cover --lacks "McClure's Library ..." --two leaves missing --NEED update with info from 1931 intact
OI. 1931

Tales of Laughter T2629209

LOH.$ 1908 McClure --NEED publishers succession data at Publisher; NEED publ series Note
-A..i 1909 D, Page
LO.$ 1926 D, Page \MacKinstry --q --SUBTITLE? TRUNCATED or complete?

to be continued (not today) --check Contents whether truncated; other library records for larger page size

-d$ 2017 Gutenberg #54734 --DOES INDEED represent print page numbers (light grey); SHOULD link Gutenberg catalog page

Tales of Wonder T2629244

LOHm$ 1909 (whitespace format)

The Talking Beasts: A Book of Fable Wisdom --nidb; see anthology series LFL

The Fairy Ring (1967) T2632235 --selections from #1 and sequels --NEED title/series notes -46 or 45 stories o[303195] ; ; OL, preview at Internet Archive

OAA..i Doubleday \Chappell ABEbooks --NEED School Library Journal
(1906 #1) Scandinavian 12, English 4, French 13, Spanish 2, Gaelic 4, German 19, Russian 3, East Indian 6

Stories from Scandinavia, England, France, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Russia, and India have been retained from the original collection; now, in addition, Italy, Portugal, Arabia, Japan, China, and the American Indian are represented in tales chosen from Miss Wiggin's other popular books in the 'Library of Fairy Literature'.

[At least Portugal, Arabia, and China must be from anthologies later than #2.]

45 or 46 stories --WorldCat record o[24], which reports 46 stories and lists 45 titles

(1907 #2) Scan. Engl. Fren. -- -- Germ. Russ. Hindoo, Hungarian, South African, Japanese, N.A. Indian, Roumanian, Neapolitan [15 different categories]

Magic Casements contents (43)

111211 Scandinavian (7
3111311 French (11
11121211 German (10
1121 English (5
1 Russian
2 Hungarian
1 South African
1 Japanese
2 N.A. Indian
1 Roumanian
1 Neapolitan
1 Hindoo

  • Fairy Ring

working 2019-10-14

(c)1910 w Contents --dnf library record as dated 1910
1913 o[25]
1916 o[26] as xvi, 444; ed. KD Wiggin and NA Smith
1926 o[27] -HDL
1917 32445786, 1922 21954759, 1927 792749168 "9 unnumbered leaves of plates"
1967 Rev ed (A new ed. of a classic collection, including tales from fifteen lands. Rev. by Ethna Sheehan. Illustrated by Warren Chappell.) 414 pages illustrations (some color)
  • Magic Casements: A Second Fairy Book (1907) Fo[28](14) --brief review More Fairy Stories "just come off the press of the McClure Company" Phi Inq -12-23 p4
  • Magic Casements: A Second Fairy Book, eds. (1907) --LFL 2 -LOC (also at Internet Archive) (cover at Amazon) o[29] w list of 43 story titles
1942 D, Doran o[30]
  • Tales of Laughter: A Third Fairy Book (1908) Fo[31](28) Fo[32](11) --"Just Published" $1.50 [33] NYT 1908-12-19 pBR789 Doubleday, Page (books 1and 2 both in 2nd ed.) "The fairy tales for instance were chosen after reading 20,000 fairy stories."
Doubleday Parents o[34]
  • Tales of Wonder: A Fourth Fairy Book (1909) Fo[35](11)
Doubleday Parents Fo[36](7)
  • The Talking Beasts: A Book of Fable Wisdom (1911) Fo[37](13)

LC (see also #Every Child Should Know)

  1. 1906 Fairy Ring [3] -HDL (1909 Doubleday, Page) t.p. 1909 w cover (no series list/name) ; 1934
  2. 1907 Magic Casements [1]
  3. 1908 Laughter [3] 1908  ; \MacKinstry 1926 ; [1938] \MacKinstry as Garden City publishing co
  4. 1909 Wonder [3] 1909
  5. 1911 Talking Beasts [1] illus. Nelson "xxii, 391 p. col. front., col. plates. 20 cm" -HDL (undated Grosset & Dunlap, miscat as 1911 D, Page) "xxii, 391 p. col. front., col. plates. 20 cm" ; t.p.(b/w "Children's Crimson Series") Index of Titles p381-91; col front uncredited; lacks at least pp xiii, xvi-xvii (at least); Intro p.?xiii-xxii; "The Fables of Aesop" half-title w poem immed follows xxii; stories end p378 (about 250 prose and verse)
full-page b/w drawings (eg facing p4, leaf not included in the pagination), clearly signed Harold Nelson (no list)
many contents, as in section I Aesop, are shorter than one page

Internet Archive --search via Open Library

  1. t.p. n.d. Grosset; t.p. 1922 D, Page --likely Gutenberg source ed., intact xiii-xxii, [1]-378, [379]-391
Gutenberg omits images; t.p. "Illustrations by Harold Nelson // 1922" skips location, publisher; page numbers (in Contents list and Index as well as text)

Open Library

  1. OL16657215W (1): 1931 ; OL16327088W (1):1934 ; OL3468625W (5): as 1906(no e) 1906[09] 34(no e) 49(no e) and 1967 [see below]
  2. OL3468616W (3): [1907 McC]; 1928 D,D OL22974051M (no ebook); [1931 D,D]
  3. OL16657235W (1): [1927 D,P as 1908 Grosset]
  4. OL3468619W (3): [1909 D,P](2); 1939 D,P Internet Archive

ECSK --Open Library fetches only the known FStories and tWonder

1967 The Fairy Ring --as one of above OL3468625W (5)

  • OL5539750M Internet Archive(preview; or print disabled) Contents 10 4 3 10 1 1 5 2 1 1 (last, ARABIC The Storks and the Night Owl 355) --first 38 of 45 listed at WorldCat
o[38] states 46, lists 45 stories --38 above, plus 7

Internet Archive

search: Every Child Should Know(222)

some titles/works appear as both "Myths" ECSK and "Myths That" ECSK

Publisher succession

Editions may be expected, uncertainly, as (eg The Fairy Ring)

1906 McClure, Phillips & Co.
1907 The McClure Company (second edition, $1.50 --from newspaper 1907-10)
1908 Doubleday, Page & Co. (second edition, $1.50 --from newspaper 1908-12)
1909 Doubleday, Page --known from HathiTrust
1910 Doubleday, Page, illus. MacKinstry --known from newspapers; implied in library

records as (c)1910

Doubleday, Doran
Doubleday, Doran for Parents' Institute --#Every Child Should Know
Doubleday & Company

2. Magic Casements (none at HDL)

Amazon ASIN: B000NZ5SWM
Internet Archive t.p. MCMVII
Internet Archive t.p. D, Doran 1931 w cover, w Series list --q

1. The Fairy Ring

(c)1906 McClure, Phillips; 1910 Doubleday, Page

The Fairy Ring Fo[39](36) --nidb --niBL

HDL 1906 10 16 31 34 --and [1942] Fairy Stories ECSK
1906 o[40] xvii 445
1909 cat as "1906" (2 files 1 copy) front cover and Internet Archive t.p. 1909, p[446] blank = three files, 1 book --COVER TITLE The Fairy Ring
Contents (63): Scandinavian 12, English 4, French 13, Spanish 2, Gaelic 4, German 19, Russian 3, East Indian 6 ; Introduction xiii-xvii, no Illustrations
1913 as "1910" t.p. 1913(illustrated cover The Fairy Ring)(no front pages)
v, vii-[ix], [Illustrations, 25], xi, xiii; p[1-2] as below; " " as below
1916 t.p. 1916(no cover)(no front pages)(frontis. guard sheet)
v-[vi], vii-[ix], [Illustrations, 25], xi (poem), xiii-[xvii]; p[1-2] half-title, series list; p3-[445], [446] Country Life Press

Apparently identical 1909=1913=1916 (and presumably 1910) numbered leaves v-[xviii], 3-[445] except p[446]

1931 --NOVIEW, cat as 18, 444, illustrations (but Internet Archive provides view)
1934 --COVER TITLE Fairy Ring

1934 w original cover (Ack) vvi, Contents vii-[ix], Illustrations [xi-xii], (poem) [xiii], Intro xv-[xix], stories 3-[445] Illustrations, p[xi-xii], lists 25 (color frontispiece plus 24 b/w plates not included in the pagination) --all but frontis. reproduced small size in Gutenberg #40359

Known changes from 1909, except title leaf

1910 insert illustrations and "Illustrations"
1910/1913 new cover w small MacK illustration; series list p[2]
1916 none (or cover)
1916/1931 new cover, as 1909 modified
1931 renumber xi-xv[i] as xiii-xvii[i]; move series list to front page
1934 none
[1942] as Fairy Stories ECSK (front pages), truncated text and illustrations (ackty, Contents, Illustrations modified to fit)
truncate at 317 of 445 pages --and corresponding front+17 of front+24 listed illustrations

subset illustrated by Elizabeth MacKinstry (far above)

(c)1910 Crimson Classics The Fairy Ring o[41] xviii 444 with Contents list --probably illustrated for the 1910 Crimson Classics ed. (contrast t.p. date 1909, unillustrated)
1913 cat as "1910" front cover
1916 t.p. (no cover)
1931 --NOVIEW --but Internet Archive t.p.("Crimson Classics") with cover "Fairy Ring"; front page "The Children's Crimson Classics", illus. MacKinstry, last page unnumbered, Ack v-[vi], Contents vii-[ix], Illustrations [xi-xii] 25 (col front + 24 b/w, Introduction xv-xix (half-title leaf [1-2]?)
1934 The Children's Crimson Classics t.p. cover


newspapers ("fairy ring" wiggin) 1903--19 (27 from 1906-11 to 1911) 973341

[42] NYT 1906-11-30 pHBN810 --from interviews

"just completed", 65 tales, following two poetry anthologies

[43] Wiggin/Riggs and Smith in Edinburgh and Maine, The Bookman 1907-08 p561 (yet to complete Magic Casements and Pinafore Palace)
  • 8 hits Nov/Dec 1906 inclg publisher advert of the series as McClure's Library of Children's Classics (as McClure, Phillips) [44] NYT -12-15-pBR872
reviews of multiple Fairy Tales books [45] The Sun 1906-12-12 p11; [46] The Independent -12-13 p1407; [47] NYT -12-15 pBR868 "Books for the Children. IX."


  • [48] NYT -10-18 The McClure Company, successors; "New Additions to McClure's Library of Children's Classics" (2)
  • [49] NYT -10-26 pBR692 "Completing Lists of Autumn Books"; "Among the November announcements", from McClure Magic Casements
--published yesterday by Doubleday, Page: Nils P240053 and Alice in Wonderland P371065
  • [50] McClure's Magazine 1907-11 p551 McClure's Library of Children's Classics, "The Crimson Classics" ed. KDW, NAS RETURN TO THIS --Magic Casements (just out), "This volume completes The Fairy Ring $1.50; The Fairy Ring second $1.5 The McClure Company
  • [51] " " p20, also Adventures of a Doll "for very young people" 75c
multiple Fairy Tales books [52] The Independent 1907-12-19 p1479; "... the judiciousness of their selection should be supplemented by careful consideration before reading. For the closely printed pages are folklore, and as I content the time is coming when we will have to put a stop to what isoften told in folklore's name."


  • [53] Chi Trib -12-18 p Tales of Laughter, newest of now 6 books in the Children's Classics (now from Doubleday, Page), no ed./printing numbers
  • [54] NY Times -12-19 The Children's Crimson Classics (just published, now 6 from Doubleday) with Edition numbers inclg The Fairy Ring 2nd, Magic Casements 2nd


  • [55] McClure's Magazine, Jan 1909, p129? "Announcement" by Doubleday, Page re McClure backlist "as well as the new works already announced by them." ; "Mr S. S. McClure, who built this fine list, including 245 writers and 411 separate titles, representing many of our best modern authors, wishes to devote all of his time to McClure's Magazine." --among the newest McClure books, Tales of Laughter
  • [56] The Dial -11-16 p354, two-page D, Page advertisement
includes Grimm's Fairy Tales and Undine, both illus. Arthur Rackham


Meanwhile A. C. Black publishes Tales of Wonder, from Tanglewood Tales and A Wonder Book with Composition Exercises, as a Supplementary Reader --"New Volumes in A. C. Black's School Text-Books", The Athenaeum #4273 1909-09-18 p343; as Intermediate level, price -/6 (other vols too from folk tales or lit. fantasy)

("the fairy ring" wiggin) 1910--1939 (11) 4 (none 1910s) 1111000010 0000101=1936

ann. as colored frontispiece and 32 b/w drawings by MacKinstry "New York Book Announcements" NYT -07-02 pBR12
[57] NYT 1910-12-03 pBR7 D, Page advert inclg
Fairy Ring "issued in a new and delightfully illustrated edition $1.25 net + 12c (now among 7 vols in The Children's Crimson Classics")
Folk Tales ECSK 90c net + 10c
--and others!

1920 Annie Carroll Moore, "Children's Reading and the Fall Books" [58] "The Bookman 1920-11 p255-62, 2nd par "The second national celebration of Children's Book Week (November 15 to 20) ..." --The Treasure of the Island of Mist p59; "galley proofs of The Story of Dr. Dolittle" p60 (no prices)

1928 Doubleday, Doran, $2.00 each (5 vols) "It is not a book for children. The print is too small. But the selection is splendid, the stories are briefly sketched and easily gleaned by the mother." --on Tales of Laughter, but the other four are "equally desirable" --Emily Newell Blair, "A Book for Every Child", Good Housekeeping 87.5 1928-11, p198

IMPLIES all 5 published as by D, Doran --1927 or 1928?

1910--1939 newspapers

("the fairy ring" mackinstry) 0 --false negative
("tales of laughter" mackinstry) 11 1926=6 1100010000011


[59] "Twenty-five Books and a Map" NYT,HT 1926-11-07 pF8 --ACM? [who is author of Children's Books of 1926, The Bookman 1926-10 p208-14?
MacManus, The Donegal Wonder Book (Stokes, $2) "Thousand-year-old tales of magic, mystery, witchery and faerie told in the rich colorful language of an Irish storytelller."
[60] "Children's Books, 1926" (one of 2 or 3) NYT,HT 1926-12-05 pF10 --ACM?

Fairy R : preceds newspapers
Magic C : none
T Laughter : 1908 08 22 23 23 26 37
1908 McClure t.p. MCMVIII(facing Series list) w Crimson cover, (c)1908 McClure --MISSING two-page spread [xii][1], or end of Contents and half-title
"1926" t.p. 1912 (MISSING front matter) --MISSING p[1-2] half-title
1922=t.p. 1922(facing Series list) (no cover) --intact
1923= t.p. 1923 (MISSING front leaves) (no cover) --intact from t.p.
"1923" t.p. 1924(facing Series list) (no cover) -- intact
"1908" cat Grosset & Dunlap t.p. 1927--two-color D, Page(facing Series list) w Crimson cover, (c)1908 D, Page! --contains that p[1-2] half-title --intact
1937 D, Doran xii 467 NOVIEW

As illus/decor by MacKinstry (not many records) (few records as 1912 to 1950 even report illustrations)

o[61] w Contents; [invalid] o[62]-HDL same as HDL "Doubleday, Page & Co., 1926"(!) --but HDL copy is 1912 D, Page, unillus.
o[63] "Garden City Pub. Co., [©1926, 1938 printing]" --ABEbooks attests 1938 Garden City
o[64] as "Doubleday, Page & Co., 1930"(!) --perhaps ~1930; no later than 1928
o[65] "Garden City Pub. Co., 1938" --cf. LCCN

Gutenberg does represent page numbers!

1926, illustrated (The unillustrated xii+467-page edition remained in print.) as from Doubleday, Page (1927) "The Children's Crimson Classics" t.p. 1927 (mis-cat); soon as from Doubleday, Doran ...

reprinted in 1938 as Garden City Publishing --(perhaps?) to distinguish from the D, Doran(?)
MacKinstry-illustrated The Fairy Ring (1910) ed./printings are not re-set from 1906/1909 and are published as "The Children's Crimson Classics"

T Wonder : 1909
1909 D, Page; 2 copies w cover; t.p. MCMIX publ 1909-09, Intro p.xi-xiii
Talking B : 1911
(c)1911 Grosset & Dunlap t.p. no date w cover --12 sections, "Reprinted from various sources"
Arabian N : 1909 12 93
1909 Scribner's(3) --elsewhere
1909 Copp, Clark t.p. MCMIX
1912 Scribner's t.p. MCMXII publ 1909-10
1993 ISBN-0684195887 (limited deluxe edition) --NOVIEW
Twilight Stories : 1925 --NOVIEW

Every Child Should Know

see also User:Pwendt/Publishers/Doubleday created 2019-10-22

ISFDB publication series

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0. Fairy Tales ECSK (1905) --not to be confused with Fairy Stories ECSK --nidb

00. Famous Stories ECSK (1907) T2230277 --as 7 stories of 10 stories, 1 poem

Im. 1907 D, Page \Ostertag(extent?) --NEED "Every Child Should Know" --NEED libraries, newspapers
O.. 1913 D, Page \Ostertag "with the assistance of Kate Stephens" --NEED newspapers
.$-t 1937 D,D for Parents; Gutenberg source --title page image, as cover of recent Kindle --CHECK cover online
-d$ 2005 Gutenberg #16247 --NEED link to 1937 ed.

Library of Fairy Literature #1-4 were truncated and published by D, Doran for Parents' Institute in the 1930s/40s (sequence 3 4 1 2).

1. Fairy Stories ECSK \MacKinstry T2630753 --as 0000, first 39 and 17 illus.

LOH.. [1942] D,D for Parents (c)1910 --NEED illustrations expl --NEED interp (c)1910
Doubleday Parents Fo[66](4) no other title hits --3 index as 1910 --[1942] o[463894994]
-- Illustrations, p[ix], lists 18 (front +17)
HDL "1910" is "[1942]"
Contents (39): Scandinavian 12, English 4, French 13, Spanish 2, Gaelic 4, German 4 ; Illustrations front+17

2. More Fairy Stories ECSK (latest published) Fo(1)

O.$ Keep-Worthy Books (c)1907 --NEED interp (c)1907
--page count implies truncation 27 of 43 stories

3. Tales of Laughter ECSK \MacKinstry T2630761 Fo(1) --as 1939, "A truncated version ..."

LO.$ [1939] D,D for Parents (c)1939 --NEED frontis only? AMAZON cover image

4. Tales of Wonder ECSK T2630429 --as 2006, 42 stories, all but last 7 Fo[67](7)

LOA.$-c [1941] D,Doran (c)1909; Gutenberg source --6-spine image [1941-11] --NEED interp (c)1909
"What Every Child Should Know Library Third Series 6 Volumes" w list of titles and dates 1909 to 1930
-d$ 2006 Gutenberg #19461 D, Doran for Parents (c)1909, linked page# to p361, Intro by KDW
NEED in series records

Four volumes edited by Wiggin and Smith, on the other hand, are truncated editions of the first four anthologies The Library of Fairy Literature (out of sequence, all except Talking Beasts 1911). Evidently their arabic numeral pages (and encompassed full-page interior illustrations, if any) are identical to those of the LFL anthologies, up to a point.

"with the assistance of Kate Stephens"; edited by Mabie and Stephens; etc


  • The first four volumes were cut in the 1930s/40s for the What Every Child Should Know Library, by The Parents' Institute. --with most interior pages identical up to a point
  • First editions were reprinted in the sense that most or all interior pages after the title leaf were identical (Illustrations inserted, at least for The Fairy Ring from 1910).
ECSK page-count
1 viii+317 (fStories) xvii xix+445
2 x+293 (More fS) xi xii+477
3 xi+369 (tLaughter) xi+467 (Illustrated 1926 as xi+331)
4 xiii+364 (tWonder) xiii+440
NEED in title records

page-count comparisons Other volumes in this set:

  1. 1st series (1937) FAMOUS :
  2. 2nd LAUGHTER :
  3. 3rd WONDER :
  4. 4th F STORIES :
  5. 6th MORE F S :
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Published by Doubleday, Doran ... Introductions unknown "see the series record" Contents with page numbers are from the LFL anthologies, up to the highest page number, relying on the comparisons for two of the four Wiggin--Smith anthologies

("what every child should know library") 1942/43 10 hits

Parents 1942-01 02* 04 06 07 11 12*; 1943-01* 08 12* (* 4 not found by search for ECSK "Fairy Stories")
1942-11 p "new third series" $7/6.50 --oops! "This well-known series has made a notable record for ten years ..."
1942-12 p103 "new fourth series" $8/7.00 [68] "jury of 500 mothers ..."; "not numbered so the set of six can be used for one gift or six"
1943-01 "270 serious-minded mothers" "We have examined hundreds of titles to find just the right ones this year ..."
1943-12 5th series (not interesting except to check library records for publisher D, Doran or Keep-Worthy [69]
  • 1944/45 0 hits; 1946/49 13: 1946-01 09 12; 1947-01 03 05 11 12; 1948-02 12; 1949-01 02 06
1946-01 p120 Advertisement Keep-Worthy Books, Inc. [70], notice "for the new 1946 series" --perhaps publ late 1945, titles not identified
1946-12 best-of-36
1947-12,11 best-of-36
1948-12 best-of-36

Others at WorldCat

Nursery Rhymes ECSK o[71] as (c)1907, (= Pinafore Palace?)
Poems ECSK o[72] as (c)1903 o[73] as 1915, = Posy Ring

Famous Stories ECSK --2019-10-21

1st series (set of six) is NOT "others non-genre"

(note to self) ASIN: B07GVNT6HN with Look inside Kindle Edition August 26, 2018

ASIN: B00086WT28 is genuine 1st ed. (D, Page 1907) --multiple images
ASIN: B00B18R1KM is "Grosset & Dunlap (1907)" (copyright year) --cover/spine image --front cover design identical to 1907 D, Page viewed at Internet Archive (but spine shows Grosset Dunlap)

ASIN: B07GVNT6HN is 2018 Kindle

ASIN: B00FFBNY3E Kessinger paperback, no Look inside, as 316 pages; blurb "1913. Decorated by Blanche Ostertag."

Fairy Tales ECSK --nidb HDL (4 records)

"1905" undated Grosset & Dunlap
1907 D,Page (c)1905
1910 D,Page FAIRY TALES (running title FT ECSK) t.p. 1910 The Children's Library
1923 D,Page (c)1915 --cut and illus. Frye

HDL ("every child should know") (76 hits; only 1 this series)

[1942] Fairy Stories ECSK (indexed as 1910)

Acknowledgments by the publishers

Acknowledgments cover (by manual counts) 34 of 63, 18 of 43, 56 of 109, 31 of 49 stories, or 139 of 264.

No introductory essay in the series (absent in this third book) reveals the contribution of the editors to the texts of the other half of the stories.

Contents listings contain personal names of source editor/authors for 3 0 9 12 stories, or 24 of 264. (Some acknowledgments contain other personal names, eg (Joseph) Jacobs.)

1. [untitled Acknowledgments] by McClure, Phillips "for permission to use" (34 of 63 stories, by manual counts)

  • Little, Brown (2)
  • A. Wessells (1)
  • American Book (1)
  • University Publishing (1)
  • Harper & Bros 43 (7), titles Miss Mulock's, Laboulaye's
  • G. P. Putnam's 213 (6), Jacobs's, Jacobs's, Dasent's
  • F. A. Stokes (2)
  • Longmans, Green (11), "from the Andrew Lang Fairy Books"
  • Mr. Seumas McManus (3), from two collections published by McClure

Ac "permission to use" 34 of 63 stories

Contents grouped under "Scandinavian" and the like headings

2. Magic Casements "Publisher's Note" deposit copy -- "for permission to use" (18 of 43 stories, by manual counts)

  • Longmans, Green & Company 2135 (11)--all Lang by title
  • G. P. Putnam's Sons 1111 (4)--3 from Jacobs by title
  • Harper & Brothers 21 (3), two from Laboulaye's

Ac "permission to use" 18 of 43 stories

Contents (no list viewed, 1907) (from unillus. 1931 printing at HathiTrust) (Preface by KDW and NAS)

No editor/author names. (Laboulaye's Fairy Book is acknowledged for two stories, but that is the title of the book.)

43 stories (manual count of 1931 Contents list)
Contents listings are uniformly of the type "Maid Lena (Scandinavian)", with impersonal credits, and the story headings do not contain those annotations.

--1907 publ record needs reference to 1931 (or that printing at HDL) for probable missing leaves (2)

3. Tales of Laughter "Publishers' Note" w cover -- "for permission to use" (56 of 31+40+38+32 = 141) --1908 digital copy lacks [xii], 32 story listings

FOR COMPLETE CONTENNTS see Gutenberg or another ed./printing at HathiTrust
G. P. Putnam's 85 (13)
American Book (1)
Little, Brown (1), Edward Lear's
F. A. Stokes 52 (7)
F. Warne (3), Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales
J. B. Lippincott 134 (8), four from Grimm's
Charles Scribner's (4)
George Routledge (12), Grimm's
Joseph McDonough (5)
A. L. Burt (2)

Ac "permission to use" 56 of 141 stories

Contents story listings (141) of two kinds (132 9), chiefly the first of these:

Little Tuppen (Scandinavian)
The Happy Family (H. C. Andersen)

By two manual counts, there are 109 story listings, only nine of the second type. Story headings do not contain the parenthetical annotations.

4 personal names
--Andersen 4, Carroll 1, Lear 2, Clifford 1, Bannerman 1

4. Tales of Wonder "Publishers' Note" w cover --all "for permission to use" (31 of 49, by manual counts)

G. P. Putnam's 31121 (8), "by" Fielde Jacobs Jacobs Jacobs Jacobs
T. Y. Crowell (2), " " Griffis
Joseph McDonough, Albany (5), " " Frere
Charles Scribner's (3), " " Houghton
Macmillan & Co, London (2), " " Mitford
Review of Reviews, London (2), ed. Stead; perhaps two different short Books for the Bairns
Moffat, Yard (2), " " Williams
Ginn (1), --
Century (1), " " Lummis
David McKay (1), " " Hauff
Mr. Seumas MacManus (4), from two collections "published by us"

Ac "permission to use" 31 of 50 stories --now almost all with

Contents listings (49) of three types (37 10 2)

Longnose the Dwarf (German)
Billy Beg and the Bull. Seumas MacManus (Celtic)
The Emperor's Nightingale. H. C. Andersen

Story headings do not contain the impersonal parenthetical annotations, nor the personal names.

12 personal names
--Andersen p51, Mulock 81
--MacManus 62 116 302 323, Laboulaye 110, Caballero 143 189, Voltaire 160 200, Francoso 169

5. Talking Animals (>250 stories, credited only in the Contents list as sections I-XII, not all by personal name)