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Editing at ISFDB since August 2011, after looking up details on my little-known namesake and discovering I had my own shady past mixed up with his. This is me. As a semi-compulsive list-maker I've given in to my bibliographic tendencies and try to contribute to ISFDB most days of the week.

My fiction reading is a 50/50 genre/mainstream split, with the SF/F/H ratio being roughly 80/10/10. My reviews and commentary of most stuff I read usually ends up at Fictionstream; offcuts can be found scattered across my Live Journal. I've also reviewed for Foundation, Strange Horizons and Vector.

Twice winner of the Nova Award for 'Best British Fanzine' with Zoo Nation, I have also occasionally guest-edited the Hugo Award-winning Journey Planet. Currently editing Big Sky and The White Notebooks, possibly Thailand's first two (only?) SF fanzines. TWN won the FAAn Award for Best Perzine in 2017.

Owner of around 3,000 genre books, half of which are first edition hardcovers and 95% of which are science fiction, currently spread over locations in two countries (England and Thailand). As a reader of science fiction since around 10 years old I burned out and took a 15-year hiatus from around 1985-2000 but am now fully immersed again. I blame Mary Doria Russell. Backgrounded in design and illustration but doing more (and better) with photography these days. Usually at altitude somewhere around the planet when not plugged into the internet.

areas of bibliographic interest

Spec-fic from South East Asia, Australasia and Africa // British SF illustrators // British space fiction // Gollancz SF Masterworks I and II // Haikasoru.

Specific authors and fanwriters: Hassan Blasim // Roberto Bolaño // Philip K. Dick // Lionel Fanthorpe // Gabriel García Márquez // Franz Kafka // Gerald Kersh // Leroy Kettle // David Langford // Haruki Murakami // Kristine Ong Muslim // Satyajit Ray // S. P. Somtow // William F. Temple // Paul Williams // Prabda Yoon.

Notable American, Australian, British, and Canadian fanzines, 1940–present, many still absent from the ISFDB.

some bibliographic resources

Debbie Cross, Brian J. Hunt, Bibliographic Supplement to Down the Badger Hole, 1999

George Locke, Voyages in Space: A Bibliography of Interplanetary Fiction, 1801-1914, 1975

Douglas W. F. Mayer, British Science-Fiction Bibliography, 1937

Peter Roberts, British Fanzine Bibliography, Part Two: 1951-1960, 1978, and Part Three: 1961-1970, 1979

Roger Robinson, DAW Books Paperback Science-Fiction, 1993

ongoing ISFDB bibliographic projects

April 2020:  Complete the Ansible Editions Benchmarks series of collections of Algis Budrys's F&SF "Books" essays.

From March 2020:  Update many listings for Vector, based on the facsimile PDFs now available at

From March 2019:  Expand the listings for SFX.

December 2018:  Expand the speculative fiction bibliography for Roberto Bolaño.

October 2018:  Expand, make more accurate and comprehensive the bibliography of Gabriel García Márquez adding all his collected short fiction and missing novels, and create a detailed Macondo resource.

From June 2018:  Expand, make more accurate and comprehensive the bibliography of Gerald Kersh adding all his collected short fiction.

From May 2018:  Link names in the Science Fiction Awards Database (SFADB) to their pages at the ISFDB.

From April 2018:  Add details and issues not present in the database for Omega Science Digest, from Graham Stone's Australian Science Fiction Bibliography, 2004.

From April 2018:   Add details of editions and titles not present in the database from Douglas W. F. Mayer's British Science-Fiction Bibliography, 1937.

From March 2018:   Add details and titles not present in the database from George Locke's Voyages in Space: A Bibliography of Interplanetary Fiction, 1801-1914, 1975.

From October 2017:  Expand the listings for Matrix, 1975–2007.

From December 2016:  Tag titles that fall under NESFA's Recursive SF index.

From March 2016:  Expand the listings for Science Fiction Chronicle, 1978–2006.

From April 2015:  Index all issues of Lofgeornost, (1979–present).

From April 2014:  Index all issues of The Banksoniain.

From June 2013: Add missing records for foreign language publications of R. Lionel Fanthorpe, from Bibliographic Supplement to Down the Badger Hole.

From March 2013:  Index all issues of SF Commentary (January 1969–present) (with the assistance of Bruce Gillespie and Mark Plummer).

From November 2012:  Index all issues of Estronomicon, 2006–2011.

From October 2012:  Index all issues of Banana Wings, (1995–present).

From January 2012:  Bring the Science Fiction Foundation's Foundation listings up to present.

completed ISFDB bibliographic projects

January 2020:  Considerably expand the listings for Ashok K. Banker.

September 2019:  Completed listings for the British magazine The Singularity (2015–2016).

April 2018:  Tag Hitler Wins titles as listed at SFE3.

March 2018:  Bring up-to-date all new ebook editions for R. Lionel Fanthorpe, adding Patricia Fanthorpe as author to the original titles that are published by Gateway/Orion.

February 2017:  Bring up-to-date all issues of Lontar: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction.

January 2017:  Add cover scans for issues of Paperback Inferno from #62 to #97 (October 1986–August 1992).

December 2016–February 2017:  Bring up-to-date issues of Focus, as far back as issue #16 (December 1988).

August–November 2016:  Index early issues of Banana Wings from #1–#15 (1995–2000) (compiled with the assistance of Mark Plummer).

May–June 2016:  Index early issues of Cloud Chamber #1–#9 (1976-1981).

September 2015:  Index the complete For Dickheads Only #1–#6 (1991–1996).

April 2015:  Combine bibliographies for Maureen Speller and Maureen Porter under her canonical name Maureen Kincaid Speller.

January–October 2015:  Considerably expand the listings for Franz Kafka in the database (with the assistance of Stonecreek).

March 2015–May 2016:  Index the complete Lake Geneva (2013-2015).

December 2014–July 2016:  Bring up-to-date and complete listings for Ansible back to issue #1 (August 1979), plus associated fanzines TAFF Talk and The Northern Guffblower.

November 2013–December 2014:  Index the complete Philippine Speculative Fiction #1–#9.

May–September 2013:  Index the complete The Journal of Omphalistic Epistemology, 1969-1973.

May 2013:  Index the complete Exploding Madonna, 1968-1969.

March 2013:  Index the complete New Toy, 1986–2010.

February 2013–September 2015:  Add early listings for Scratch Pad (1991–1996).

February 2013–January 2017:  Index the complete Broken Toys (2012–2016).

September 2012–August 2013:  Itemise and clarify the Legend Novellas publication series.

November 2012:  Index the complete Simulacrum Meltdown, 1999–2001 (compiled with the assistance of Patrick Clark).

August 2012:  Separate mixed bibliographies for the late Colin Harvey and Colin B. Harvey (with the assistance of CBH).

August 2012:  Index basic information (inc. pub dates and series numbers) for the Voyager Classics publication series, the majority of which are unverified.

July–September 2012:  Index the complete Philip K. Dick Society Newsletters, issues #1–#30.

April–July 2012:  Clean up the Gollancz SF Collectors' Editions publication series, clarifying details of editions produced for the US/Canada market.

April–August 2012:  Bring the BSFA's Vector listings up to present. Earlier issues still need tidying up.

Specific Fanzine / Magazine Projects:


ongoing series

Fanzine, 2013–present (indexing begun May 2016)

The Metaphysical Review, 1984–? (indexing begun September 2012)

Scratch Pad, 1990–present (indexing begun February 2013)

SF Commentary, 1969–present (indexing begun September 2012, compiled with the assistance of Bruce Gillespie and Mark Plummer)

completed series

Exploding Madonna, 1968-1969 (indexed May 2013)

The Journal of Omphalistic Epistemology, 1969-1973 (indexed May–September 2013)

Steam Engine Time, 2000–2012 (indexing begun September 2012)


completed series

Broken Toys, 2012–2016 (indexed February 2013–September 2016)

New Toy, 1986–2010 (indexed March 2013)


ongoing series

Omenana, 2014–present (indexing begun December 2014)


completed series

Usok, 2009 (indexed June 2013)


ongoing series

International Speculative Fiction, 2012–present (indexing begun February 2013)


ongoing series

Lontar: The Journal of South-East Asian Speculative Fiction, 2013–present (indexing begun October 2013)


ongoing series

Big Sky, 2013–present (indexing begun March 2013)

Inquestor Tales, 2018–present (indexing begun October 2018)

The White Notebooks, 2015–present (indexing begun June 2015)


ongoing series

Matrix, 1976- (indexing begun December 2018)

Ansible, 1979–present (indexing begun December 2014, compiled with the assistance of David Langford)

Banana Wings, 1990–present (indexing begun September 2012)

The Banksoniain, 2004–present (indexing begun April 2014)

BW, ?–present (indexing begun May 2013)

Focus, 1979–present (indexing begun January 2017)

Gross Encounters, 2012–present (indexing begun February 2013)

Journey Planet, 2008–present (indexing begun May 2012)

Raucous Caucus, 2012–present (indexing begun May 2013)

Vector, 1958–present (indexing begun August 2011)

completed series

Andromeda's Offspring, 2011–2013

Estronomicon, 2006–2011

Prolapse / Relapse, 2006–2014 (indexing begun January 2013)

Zoo Nation, 2002–2006


ongoing series

Chunga, 2002–present (indexing begun January 2013)

Exhibition Hall, 2009–present (indexing begun September 2012)

Flag, 2013 (indexing begun January 2013)

Littlebrook, ?–present (indexing begun May 2018)

Lofgeornost, 1979–present (indexing begun August 2013, compiled with the assistance of Fred Lerner)

PKD Otaku, 2002–present (indexing begun October 2012, compiled with the assistance of Patrick Clark)

Portable Storage, 2019–present (indexing begun May 2019, compiled with the assistance of William Breiding)

completed series

For Dickheads Only, 1991–1996 (indexed September 2012)

Lake Geneva, (indexed March 2015–May 2016)

The Philip K. Dick Society Newsletter, 1983–1992 (indexed July–September 2012)

Science Fiction Chronicle, 1978–2006 (indexing begun January 2015)

Simulacrum Meltdown, 1999–2001 (indexed November 2012, compiled with the assistance of Patrick Clark)

Totally Wired, 1984 (indexed May 2018)