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Madamecp = Jasmine Sailing

Credit: A nick habit I acquired due to author/poet/artist t. Winter-Damon referring to me as Madame Cyber-Psycho.

Fiction writer, events organizer (covering the span from live music to film debuts to conventions to tournaments), and fringe arts & society journalist.

Editor and Publisher of the Cyber-Psychos AOD magazine, 1992-2001. Publisher of the CPAOD Books line, 1995-2001. Organizer of the Death Equinox fringe arts convention, 1997-2001.

Mysteriously vanished around the end of 2001.

Now resurfacing to publish CPAOD Chibi (magazine, cute and furry evil child of Cyber-Psychos AOD).

Web: Jasmine Sailing's Ode to God