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Snippets about myself

My real name is Dominique Fournier. I was born in Paris in 1952, and have been living in Normandy since the late seventies. For those who enjoy reading French, here's my French Wikipédia user page.

I like to define myself as a retired language teacher and a still (very) active linguist. This means I carry on writing books and articles (see my authorship slip in the BnF file), reading papers at congresses and making occasional lectures about the topics I specialized in : historical linguistics, dialectology, and more particularly onomastics (toponymy, anthroponymy, and the like; see some of my production on Le catalogue collectif normand). As a toponymist, I have been on the board of the "Commission nationale de toponymie" (representing Normandy) since the 90's, and of the "Conseil scientifique et culturel des parlers normands” (as a specialist of Norman dialectology and onomastics) since 2021. I am also a moderator and a bureaucrat on a regional French wiki devoted the the Manche department, Wikimanche.

I seem to have always had a fascination for F & SF, naturally evolving from fairy tales to myths and legends (and other bizarre stuff), and then to the real thing, although this was very much frowned upon (to say the least) at home. This penchant of mine never met much consideration, comprehension nor sympathy, and I was even forced at times to sell parts of my beloved collections (when they were not dealt with behind my back), such literature being deemed “unworthy of me”. Well, it didn't cure me, and when I became independent I tried to reconstitute and expand my book collection, despite some irretrievable losses (among others, my mint-condition Fleuve Noir Anticipation white series, and my nearly complete Bob Morane collection).

To-day, I live among books, but my study is solely devoted to linguistics, history, ethnography and other “serious” stuff. The rest of the stock (F & SF, but also mainstream literature, detective fiction, thrillers, comics, art, cinema, travels…) has spread to about seven other rooms, including the toilet of course — not to mention periodicals (another room), nor my wife's books (two more), mainly devoted to practical topics like DIY, gardening, cooking and other alien activities.

I've given up counting how many books I have in all (I've got better things to do !). I think they might keep me going for some time.

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