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Hi, I am Lee Barckmann. I have published two novels, with a third set to be published by August 1, 2019. All three of the novels might be labeled, Speculative fiction. My first, "Farewell the Dragon" is set in Beijing and is an espionage, murder mystery, whodonit about the search for a Chinese tablet carved 2500 years ago that resonates today. My 2nd novel, "Digging Up New Business: The SwiftPad Takeover" is set in Portland Oregon about 2015. It describes the creation of "SwiftPad" the ultimate social media app, and of a multinational computer company (and a deranged psychotic businessman) attempts to take it over. My most recent, is the sequel and is set in 2020 and recounts the US's fall into a dystopic nightmare and of the attempts by the national government to destroy Portland Oregon and SwiftPad.