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My name is Jessica Boutault.

I'm French, which means that you may find I keep weird hours (and write queerly sometimes as well) if you're American (which seems to be the case of most people on this ISFDB website).

I'm currently doing a doctorate on golden age American science fiction and using ISFDB to check bibliographical information.

I use some French sources as well, mostly a collection called "Le livre d'or de la science-fiction" (i.e., litterally, "The golden book of science fiction"): anthologies organized by authors, which provide a bibliography.

I may sometimes do mistakes in my entries, according to the French rules of cataloguing and spelling. For ex. in France we put capital letters only to the begining of titles (I should know, I've got some training as a librarian). I hope you'll forgive me that and correct as necessary.

Jessica 07:48, 27 July 2008 (UTC)