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I am Dave and I live in the SF Bay Area, California, USA.

I have been reading SF and fantasy since I learned to read at age 9. I love older material, including pulp magazine stories, although I do sometimes shudder at the racism, misogyny, and colonialism found there. I love current SF and fantasy as well, and enjoy nominating and voting on the Hugo awards.

I enjoy and appreciate the chance to make ISFDB better.

Warm Worlds and Otherwise

I am a PV of this edition: I saw your 2022 inquiry about the version of "The Last Flight of Dr. Ain", & am responding to it. The 1979 2nd printing has the same text as the first. The copyright page reads: "The Last Flight of Dr. Ain" copyright © 1974 by Harry Harrison for Author's Choice 4 (heavily revised version of original published in Galaxy for March 1969, © copyright 1969 by Universal Publishing and Distributing Corporation). [This does not have an opening parenthetical mark in the listing. This would be page v in the prefatory pages, although no numbering appears on the page.] On page 61, the story opens: "Dr. Ain was recognized on the Omaha-Chicago flight. A biologist colleague from Pasadena came out of the toilet and saw Ain in aisle seat." Cheers. Mike (talk) 05:18, 5 December 2023 (EST)