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New to this wiki. Using it to help catalog my collection. Will update if I find any differences.

A little bit about me. I'm an avid collector of sci-fi/fantasy, as well as my wife. I'm a tax prepare, which means I have a lot of time on my hands during the off season. This is allowing me to catalog my collection. I'm using this site as one of my sources. I'm using Readerware as my software of choice. I also have one son who is 15 until October. I also have a mental disability called Asperger Syndrom (AS for short). It's a mild case, but verifiable.

I'm mostly done my cataloging of my library. There may be a box or two that I missed (I know there are). My next project is to scan the covers of my books and try to match what isfdb has. If there is a difference, I'll upload my scan, otherwise I'll leave it alone. Another thing, would be adding the synopsis on the backs of the books with a note from which edition I copied it from. These projects will not be done right away. It may be days, weeks, or months before I get to it. Thx for putting up with me of the period of time that I was here.

Hello. I'm back again. The cataloguing I've done mentioned above was a lost cause. My hard drive crashed & I had to re-catalong everything. This time around I'm doing some editing and adding cover images. The synopses I'm leaving for another time. I'm also still learning about what's editing is all involved. I haven't done any verifying yet, but I might. Somehow, I have a slight phobia about being a verifier.

My next project, when I get a round tuit, er I mean, around to it, is to link the LCCNs to the LoC, if there is such a record in the LoC.