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I live in sunny (ha, ha,) Northern Ireland, and have been reading SF since the early 1970s. I've finally got round to compiling a record of my books, especially for short stories in anthologies and author collections, which is already saving me time wasted in hunting for dimly remembered items.

Making a record has led me, probably inevitably, to cross-checking data with IFSDB, and now beginning to make contributions.

As with other users, if there is anything that I can help with in my small collection of books, listed below, don't hesitate to ask.

My SF Reference Books

Aldiss, Brian, with Wingrove, David Trillion Year Spree: The History of Science Fiction 1986

Ash, Brian The Visual Encyclopedia of Science Fiction 1977

Gunn, James The New Encyclopedia of Science Fiction 1988

Kyle, David A Pictorial History of Science Fiction 1976

Nicholls, Peter The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction: An Illustrated A to Z 1979

Nicholls, Peter and Clute, John The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction 1993

Pringle, David The Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction: An A-Z of SF Books 1990

Pringle, David The Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction: An A-Z of Science Fiction Books by Title, Second Edition 1995

Tuck, Donald H. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction: Through 1968, Vol. 1, Who's Who, A-L

Tuck, Donald H. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction: Through 1968, Vol. 2, Who's Who, M-Z

Art and Illustration Reference

Beckley, Piers Spaceships of Science Fiction: Sci-Fi Focus Volume One 2012

Burns, Jim Lightship 1985

Burns, Jim Transluminal: The Art of Chris Burns 1999

Fane-Saunders, Kilmeny Radio Times Guide to Science Fiction 2001

Di Fate, Vincent Infinite Worlds: The Fantastic Visions of Science Fiction Art 1997

Foss, Chris Diary of a Spaceperson 1990

Frank, Alan Galactic Aliens 1979

Hagerty, Jack and Rogers, Jon C. Spaceship Handbook: Rocket and Spacecraft Designs of the 20th Century: Fictional, Factual and Fantasy 2001

Hardy, David A. and Moore, Patrick Futures: 50 Years in Space: The Challenge of the Stars 2004

Hardy, Phil The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Movies 1984

Harrison, Harry Mechanismo 1978

Miller, Ron and Durant III, Frederick C. The Art of Chesley Bonestell 2001

Miller, Ron The Dream Machines: An Illustrated History of the Spaceship in Art, Science and Literature 1993

Ordway III, Frederick I. Visions of Spaceflight: Images from the Ordway Collection 2001

White, Tim The Science Fiction and Fantasy World of Tim White 1981

Wingrove, David The Immortals of Science Fiction 1980


Andrews, Stephen E. and Rennison, Nick 100 Must-Read Science Fiction Novels 2006

Gaiman, Neil and Newman, Kim Ghastly Beyond Belief: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Book of Quotations 1985

Pringle, David Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels 1985

Zool, M. H. Bloomsbury Good Reading Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy 1989

My unverifiable books

These are books I own which I cannot use for verifying because of full 'Verification Status' sections on the Publication Records. It may or may not be useful in future discussion about page design, but better having data and not needing it than vice versa.

Pangborn, Edgar West of the Sun Star 1976 0-352-39768-3

Roberts, Keith Pavane Panther 1974 0-586-03359-9

Shaw, Bob Cosmic Kaleidoscope Dell 1979 0-440-11079-3

Shaw, Bob Orbitsville Departure Panther / Granada 1985 0-586-06209-2

Shaw, Bob The Peace Machine Grafton 1987 0-586-06991-7

Sladek, John Roderick at Random Granada 1983 0-586-05231-3

Spinrad, Norman Bug Jack Barron Panther / Granada 1979 0-586-03535-4