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I am a science fiction fan with a small to medium sized collection. I mostly like the classics, although new authors catch my attention occasionally.

I just recently rejoined the Science Fiction Book Club and hope to enlarge my collection on a regular basis.

My favorite science fiction author is Robert A. Heinlein. I have a fairly complete collection of his books (mostly in paperback - I'm trying to upgrade them).

I am also fond of Isaac Asimov, Aurthur C. Clark, and Ray Bradbury.

Although I like classic fantasy in general and The Lord of the Rings specifically, I like more recent authors such as Jennifer Roberson and Dennis L. McKiernan more.

Although I don't care for horror in general, I am a fan of Stephen King and was a member of the Stephen King Library for a long time and have all but his most recent novels and collections.

Although I am not particularly interested in bibliography in and of itself, I am happy to contribute data to this project from my meager holdings.