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Documentation for Template:Free Art License (Transcluded from Template:Free Art License/doc)


This template is used for indicating that an image has been licensed under the Free Art License (version 1.3 or later). It takes two parameters, Author and Source, both of which are required to comply with the terms of the license.


{{Free Art License
|Author=<Author Name(s)>
|Source=<URL or location of original>

Note: In all the above examples, when a parameter is shown in angle brackets, like:


then the parameter, and the angle brackets, should be replaced by the value of the parameter. For example: Title=<TITLE> should become Title=The Name of the Book (or whatever the name might be).

Parameter definitions

Parameter Description
Author The name of the author (artist). If there are multiple authors, this should be a list of all names. If the image is a modified version of an original, the names of both the original author (artist) and the author of the modified version must be included. If there is a chain of modified versions, the authors of all links in the chain must be included. This parameter is required to comply with the conditions of the license.
Source A URL or other specification of the location where the original image may be accessed. If the image provided is modified from an earlier original, this may specify either the original of the modified version. or the original of the initial version. This parameter is required to comply with the conditions of the license.


This template places all pages it is used on into Category:Free Art License images and Category:Free images.