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  • Transliterated Legal Name - This field is only used if the author's working language primarily uses a non-Latin alphabet or script. It should contain a Romanized, i.e. transliterated using Latin characters, form of the most recent legal name for the author. For example, the legal name of the Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis is "Καζαντζάκης, Νίκος". Enter this name in the "Legal Name" field and enter the Romanized version, "Kazantzakis, Nikos", into the "Transliterated Legal name" field. The format of the legal name should be "Lastname, Firstname Middlenames", with all names being given in full.
    • If you need to enter multiple values in this field, click the '+' button next to the field label and enter additional values in the new fields that will appear. This may be done in the following types of cases:
    1. There are multiple competing Romanization schemes for the author's working language. For example, there are multiple Romanization conventions for the Chinese language, including Gwoyeu Romatzyh, Wade-Giles, and Pinyin.
    2. The author's working language uses multiple scripts. For example, Japanese names are usually written using kanji, but in certain cases hiragana or katakana are used. In Serbian, both Latin and Cyrillic are used, although the Cyrillic alphabet is considered primary. In Azerbaijani, the Perso-Arabic script, Cyrillic and Latin have all been used at different points.
    3. The author has lived in different countries which use different alphabets/scripts. For example, Alexander Lomm lived in Russia as well as Czechoslovakia and wrote SF in Russian and Czech. Since we list Russian as his working language, the Russian form of his legal name, "Кличка, Вацлав", is currently entered in the Legal Name field. The Czech version of the name, "Klička, Václav", and the fully Romanized version, "Klichka, Vaclav", appear in the Transliterated Legal Name field.