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  • Canonical Name - The canonical name is the name under which a particular author's bibliography is organized. For authors who publish under multiple names, the canonical name is the most recognized name for that author within the genre. The canonical name may be a pseudonym, for instance Cordwainer Smith (http://www.isfdb.org/cgi-bin/ea.cgi?Cordwainer_Smith). Where there is any possibility of debate, an agreement should be reached on the project page for that author. For example, Megan Lindholm has had a successful career writing under her own name, and an even more successful career writing as "Robin Hobb"; a case could be made for either one being her canonical name.
    • Most of the canonical names in the ISFDB have already been set; do not change the field lightly - some Web sites link to the ISFDB using these canonical names.
    • Never use a format of Lastname, Firstname for this field.
    • Enter a space between initials, e.g. "H. P. Lovecraft" rather than "H.P. Lovecraft".
    • Name suffixes should be separated from the last name by a comma and a space. For instance:
      • Alfred Coppel, Jr.
      • Edward J. McFadden, III
      • Miles J. Breuer, M.D.
    • See How does the ISFDB deal with Unicode and accented characters? for more information about non-English characters.