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After Gernsback lost control of Amazing Stories he started a new magazine called Science Wonder Stories, and the next month he started Air Wonder Stories as a companion magazine. Although using the same authors for both magazines, Science Wonder Stories dealt with a broader range of stories than Air Wonder Stories, which was restricted to aviation stories. Both magazines were merged in 1930 as Wonder Stories.


1930 Jan Feb Mar Apr May - - - - - - -
1929 - - - - - - Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Publishing Information: From Bleiler (Gernsback).

Publisher: Stellar Publishing Corporation Editorial Offices, 96-98 Park Place, New York, N. Y.

Company officers:

Hugo Gernsback, president.

I. S. Mannheimer, secretary.

Sidney Gernsback, tresurer.


Hugo Gernsback, editor-in-chief.

David Lasser, Literary editor, July 1929-February 1930, Managing editor, March-Mary 1930. Despite his title Lasser was in effect managing editor for all issues.

M. E. Dame, Associate editor, April-May 1930.

A. L. Fierst, Associate editor, February-May 1930.

C. P. Mason, Associate editor, February-May 1930.

Frank R. Paul, art director all issues.

Schedule: Monthly.

Appearance: Tenth of previous month.

Price: 25¢.

Range: July 1929-May 1930.

Unfinished business (contests, serial parts) assumed by "Wonder Stories" from June 1930 issue on. Number of Issues: 11.

Size and format: 8 1/2" x 11 3/4". Side stapled, trimmed.

Pagination: 96pp in volume sequence.

Artwork: Covers by Frank R. Paul.

Interior artwork mostly Frank R. Paul, but also Jno. Ruger, 

Leonard, Lumen Winter, S. Strother, and unsigned.

Line renderings of authors' photographs signed B, perhaps Walther Blythe.


Editorials by Hugo Gernsback, all issues.
"What is Your Aviation Knowledge" July 1929-February 1930.
"Aviation News of the Month" July 1929-April 1930.
"Aviation Forum" September 1929-May 1930.
Book reviews, September 1929-May 1930.
Short articles and fillers, September 1929-May 1930.
"The Reader Airs His Views" July 1929-May 1930.

Advisory Panel:

Major William A Bevan, Air Corps Reserve, Prof. Iowa State U.

Prof. Earl D. Hay, U. of Kansas.

Prof. George J. Higgins, U. of Detroit.

Prof. Felix W. Pawlowski, U. of Michigan.

Prof. John E. Younger, U. of California.

Page 543, center column.

Contents following in book.