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Project Gutenberg Speculative Fiction Titles (as indexed on the ISFDB)

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Last Updated 10 Oct 2010


Edwin A. Abbott

   Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions (1884) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Franklin Abel

 Short Fiction
   Freudian Slip (1952) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Robert Abernathy

 Short Fiction
   When the Mountain Shook (1954) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   World of the Drone (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Edmond About

   L'homme a l'oreille cassee (1862) (ISFDB)
   The Man with the Broken Ear (1867) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Forrest J. Ackerman

   Letter (Astounding Stories of Super-Science, November 1930) (1930) (ISFDB)
   Letter (Astounding Stories of Super-Science, December 1930) (1930) (ISFDB)
   Out of This World Convention (1957) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Introduction:The Lure and Lore of 'The Blind Spot'  (The Blind Spot) (1964) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   Micro Man (1946) (ISFDB)

Harriet Stratemeyer Adams

   Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung (1962) (ISFDB)

Samuel Hopkins Adams

   The Mystery (1907) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Grant Allen

   The British Barbarians (1895) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Non Genre
   The Woman Who Did (1895) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

J. J. Allerton

 Short Fiction
   Once Upon a Planet (1948) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Poul Anderson

   The Escape (Part 1 of 2) (1953) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Duel on Syrtis (1951) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Security (1953) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Sensitive Man (1954) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Valor of Cappen Varra (1957) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Burning Bridge (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Industrial Revolution (1963) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Leonid Andreyev

 Short Fiction
   Lazarus (1906) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)


   Stories by American Authors Vol. 5 (1884) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Stories by American Authors Vol. 8 (1884) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

F. Anstey

   The Tinted Venus, A Farcical Romance (1885) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Brass Bottle (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Victor Appleton

   Tom Swift and His Motor Cycle (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Lee Archer

 Short Fiction
   Lease to Doomsday (1956) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Joe Archibald

 Short Fiction
   Operation Earthworm (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Edwin L. Arnold

   Gulliver of Mars (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Lieut. Gulliver Jones: His Vacation (1905) (ISFDB)

Stephen Arr

 Short Fiction
   Mr. President (1953) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Chain of Command (1954) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Chain of Command (2010) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Robert Arthur

 Short Fiction
   The Indulgence of Negu Mah (1941) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Ring Once for Death (1954) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Aggravation of Elmer (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Pauline Ashwell

 Short Fiction
   The Lost Kafoozalum (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Isaac Asimov

 Short Fiction
   Youth (1952) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

John Jacob Astor

   A Journey in Other Worlds: A Romance of the Future (1894) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Gertrude Atherton

   The Bell in the Fog and Other Stories (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   The Striding Place (1896) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Bell in the Fog (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Crowned With One Crest (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Death and the Woman (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Greatest Good of the Greatest Number (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Monarch of a Small Survey (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Talbot of Ursula (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Tragedy of a Snob (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Sidney Austen

 Short Fiction
   The Frightened Planet (1948) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)


Francis Bacon

   The New Atlantis (1626) (ISFDB)

Joseph Badger, Jr.

   The Lost City (1898) (ISFDB)

Peter Baily

 Short Fiction
   Accidental Death (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Honoré de Balzac

 Short Fiction
   An Episode of the Terror (1830) (ISFDB)

John Kendrick Bangs

   The Water Ghost and Others (1892) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall (1891) (ISFDB)
   A Psychical Prank (1892) (ISFDB)
   A Quicksilver Cassandra (1892) (ISFDB)
   The Ghost Club (1892) (ISFDB)
   The Literary Remains of Thomas Bragdon (1892) (ISFDB)
   The Speck on the Lens (1892) (ISFDB)
   The Spectre Cook of Bangletop (1892) (ISFDB)
   A Midnight Visitor (1892) (ISFDB)

Frank Banta

 Short Fiction
   Droozle (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Florence L. Barclay

   The Upas Tree (1912) (ISFDB)

Wesley Barefoot

 Short Fiction
   The Cuckoo Clock (1954) (ISFDB)

John Stewart Barney

   L. P. M.: The End of the Great War (1915) (ISFDB)

Robert Barr

   In a Steamer Chair and Other Shipboard Stories (1892) (ISFDB)
   The Face and the Mask (1894) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   The Man Who Was Not on the Passenger List (1892) (ISFDB)
   The Doom of London (1892) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Fear of It (1893) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A New Explosive (1893) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

J. M. Barrie

   Peter and Wendy (1911) (ISFDB)

Stephen Bartholomew

 Short Fiction
   The Standardized Man (1958) (ISFDB)
   Last Resort (1963) (ISFDB)

Harry Bates

 Short Fiction
   The Slave Ship from Space (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Midget from the Island (1931) (ISFDB)
   Hawk Carse (1931) (ISFDB)
   Seed of the Arctic Ice (1932) (ISFDB)
   The Affair of the Brains (1932) (ISFDB)
   The Bluff of the Hawk (1932) (ISFDB)
   A Scientist Rises (1932) (ISFDB)
   The Passing of Ku Sui (1932) (ISFDB)
   Under Arctic Ice (1933) (ISFDB)

L. Frank Baum

   Mother Goose in Prose (1897) (ISFDB)
   American Fairy Tales (1901) (ISFDB)
   Little Wizard Stories of Oz (1914) (ISFDB)
   The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900) (ISFDB)
   The Master Key: An Electrical Fairy Tale (1901) (ISFDB)
   Ozma of Oz (1907) (ISFDB)
   The Road to Oz (1909) (ISFDB)
   The Sea Fairies (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Patchwork Girl of Oz (1913) (ISFDB)
   Tik-Tok of Oz (1914) (ISFDB)
   The Scarecrow of Oz (1915) (ISFDB)
   Rinkitink in Oz (1916) (ISFDB)
   The Lost Princess of Oz (1917) (ISFDB)
   The Tin Woodman of Oz (1918) (ISFDB)
   Glinda of Oz (1920) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Box of Robbers (1901) (ISFDB)
   The Capture of Father Time (1901) (ISFDB)
   The Dummy That Lived (1901) (ISFDB)
   The Enchanted Types (1901) (ISFDB)
   The Girl Who Owned a Bear (1901) (ISFDB)
   The Glass Dog (1901) (ISFDB)
   The King of the Polar Bears (1901) (ISFDB)
   The Laughing Hippopotamus (1901) (ISFDB)
   The Magic Bonbons (1901) (ISFDB)
   The Mandarin and the Butterfly (1901) (ISFDB)
   The Queen of Quok (1901) (ISFDB)
   The Wonderful Pump (1901) (ISFDB)

J. T. Bealby. B.A.

   Biographical Notice (1885) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Norman Bean

   Under the Moons of Mars (1912) (ISFDB)

Charles Beaumont

 Short Fiction
   Elegy (1953) (ISFDB)

C. C. Beck

 Short Fiction
   Vanishing Point (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

William Beckford

   Vathek: An Arabian Tale (1786) (ISFDB)

Max Beerbohm

   Zuleika Dobson: or An Oxford Love Story (1911) (ISFDB)

Edward Bellamy

   Blindman's World and Other Stories (1898) (ISFDB)
   The Blindman's World and Other Stories (1898) (ISFDB)
   Dr. Heidenhoff's Process (1880) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Miss Ludington's Sister (1884) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Looking Backward, 2000-1887 (1888) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Equality (1897) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   The Blindman's World (1886) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   To Whom This May Come (1889) (ISFDB)
   The Cold Snap (1898) (ISFDB)

Hilaire Belloc

   Preface (Kai Lung's Golden Hours)(unknown) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Park Benjamin

 Short Fiction
   The End of New York (1881) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Pierre Benoit

   L'Atlantide (1919) (ISFDB)
   Atlantida (1920) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

R. H. Benson

   Lord of the World (1907) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Necromancers (1909) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Dawn of All (1911) (ISFDB)

William E. Bentley

 Short Fiction
   The Honored Prophet (1954) (ISFDB)

J. D. Beresford

   The Hampdenshire Wonder (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Wonder (1917) (ISFDB)

A. W. Bernal

   Letter (Astounding Stories of Super-Science, June 1930) (1930) (ISFDB)

Don Berry

 Short Fiction
   Sound of Terror (1958) (ISFDB)

John Berryman

 Short Fiction
   Card Trick (1961) (ISFDB)
   Modus Vivendi (1961) (ISFDB)
   The Right Time (1963) (ISFDB)
   The Trouble with Telstar (1963) (ISFDB)

Ambrose Bierce

   Can Such Things Be? (1893) (ISFDB)
   The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce: Volume One (1909) (ISFDB)
   Present at a Hanging and Other Ghost Stories (2002) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Devil's Dictionary (1911) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Difficulty of Crossing a Field (1854) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   An Unfinished Race (1873) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Charles Ashmore's Trail (1878) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Isle of Pines (1888) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Fruitless Assignment (1889) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Middle Toe of the Right Foot (1890) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Thing at Nolan (1891) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Witch's Steed (1893) (ISFDB)
   The Damned Thing (1893) (ISFDB)
   Two Military Executions (1906) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Other Lodgers (1907) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Science to the Front (1909) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Vine on a House (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Spook House (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   An Arrest (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Present at a Hanging (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Cold Greeting (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Wireless Message (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Man With Two Lives (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Three and Two are One (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Baffled Ambuscade (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   At Old Man Eckert's (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Otto Binder

 Short Fiction
   Shipwreck in the Sky (1954) (ISFDB)

Edith Birkhead, M.A.

   The Tale of Terror (1921) (ISFDB)

Jerome Bixby

 Short Fiction
   Zen (1952) (ISFDB)
   Where There's Hope (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Holes Around Mars (1954) (ISFDB)
   The Draw (1954) (ISFDB)

Algernon Blackwood

   The Empty House and Other Ghost Stories (1906) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Three John Silence Stories (2004) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Three More John Silence Stories (2004) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Four Weird Tales (2005) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Jimbo (1909) (ISFDB)
   The Human Chord (1910) (ISFDB)
   The Centaur (1911) (ISFDB)
   A Prisoner in Fairyland (1913) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Extra Day (1915) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   A Haunted Island (1899) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Case of Eavesdropping (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Keeping His Promise (1906) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   With Intent to Steal (1906) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Wood of the Dead (1906) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Smith: An Episode in a Lodging House (1906) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Suspicious Gift (1906) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Strange Adventures of a Private Secretary in New York (1906) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Skeleton Lake: An Episode in Camp (1906) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Empty House (1906) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Insanity of Jones (1907) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Willows (1907) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Psychical Invasion (1908) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Ancient Sorceries (1908) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Nemesis of Fire (1908) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Secret Worship (1908) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Camp of the Dog (1908) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Wendigo (1910) (ISFDB)
   The Glamour of the Snow (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Sand (1912) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Man Whom the Trees Loved (1912) (ISFDB)
   The Man Who Found Out (1912) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Damned (1914) (ISFDB)
   A Victim of Higher Space (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Garden of Survival (1918) (ISFDB)

Alexander Blade

 Short Fiction
   Zero Hour (1956) (ISFDB)

Helena P. Blavatsky

 Short Fiction
   A Bewitched Life (1892) (ISFDB)
   The Cave of the Echoes (1892) (ISFDB)
   The Luminous Shield (1892) (ISFDB)
   From the Polar Lands (1892) (ISFDB)
   The Ensouled Violin (1892) (ISFDB)

James Blish

 Short Fiction
   The Thing in the Attic (1954) (ISFDB)
   One-Shot (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Robert Bloch

 Short Fiction
   Before Egypt (1957) (ISFDB)
   This Crowded Earth (1958) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

C. Edgar Bolen

   Lycanthropus (1936) (ISFDB)

Nelson S. Bond

 Short Fiction
   Lighter Than You Think (1957) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

J. F. Bone

   The Lani People (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   Assassin (1958) (ISFDB)
   Insidekick (1959) (ISFDB)
   The Issahar Artifacts (1960) (ISFDB)
   Noble Redman (1960) (ISFDB)
   To Choke an Ocean (1960) (ISFDB)
   A Question of Courage (1960) (ISFDB)
   A Prize for Edie (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Pandemic (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Guy Boothby

   A Bid for Fortune or Dr. Nikola's Vendetta (1895) (ISFDB)

Ben Bova

 Short Fiction
   The Next Logical Step (1962) (ISFDB)
   The Dueling Machine (1963) (ISFDB)

Lyle G. Boyd

 Short Fiction
   Category Phoenix (1952) (ISFDB)
   Show Business (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Star Lord (1953) (ISFDB)

Waldo T. Boyd

 Short Fiction
   The Salesman (1953) (ISFDB)

William C. Boyd

 Short Fiction
   Category Phoenix (1952) (ISFDB)
   Show Business (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Star Lord (1953) (ISFDB)

Leigh Brackett

 Short Fiction
   A World Is Born (1941) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Black Amazon of Mars (1951) (ISFDB)

Marion Zimmer Bradley

   Author's Note (The Door Through Space) (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Door Through Space (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Planet Savers (1962) (ISFDB)
   The Colors of Space (1983) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   Year of the Big Thaw (1954) (ISFDB)
   The Planet Savers (1958) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Planet Savers (2010) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

William R. Bradshaw

   The Goddess of Atvatabar (1892) (ISFDB)

Ernest Bramah

   The Wallet of Kai Lung (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Kai Lung's Golden Hours (1922) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Four Max Carrados Detective Stories (2004) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   The Encountering of Six within a Wood (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Inexorable Justice of the Mandarin Shan Tien (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Degraded Persistence of the Effete Ming-shu (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Inopportune Behaviour of the Covetous Li-loe (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Timely Intervention of the Mandarin Shan Tien's Lucky Day (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The High-minded Strategy of the Amiable Hwa-mei (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Not Concerned With Any Particular Attribute of Those Who Are Involved (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Propitious Dissension Between Two Whose General Attributes Have Already Been Sufficiently Described (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Incredible Obtuseness of Those Who Had Opposed the Virtuous Kai Lung (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Of Which It Is Written: "In Shallow Water Dragons Become the Laughing-stock of Shrimps" (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Out-passing Into a State of Assured Felicity of the Much-enduring Two With Whom These Printed Leaves Have Chiefly Been Concerned (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Story of the Loyalty of Ten-teh, the Fisherman (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Transmutation of Ling (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Story of Yung Chang (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Probation of Sen Heng (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Experiment of the Mandarin Chan Hung (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Confession of Kai Lung (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Vengeance of Tung Fel (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Career of the Charitable Quen-Ki-Tong (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Vision of Yin, the Son of Yat Huang (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Ill-Regulated Destiny of Kin Yen, the Picture-Maker (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Knight's Cross Signal Problem (1913) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Coin of Dionysius (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Last Exploit of Harry The Actor (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Tragedy at Brookbend Cottage (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Reginald Bretnor

 Short Fiction
   Sugar Plum (1952) (ISFDB)

Miles J. Breuer, M.D.

 Short Fiction
   A Problem in Communication (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Einstein See-Saw (1932) (ISFDB)

Kirby Brooks

 Short Fiction
   All That Goes Up (1953) (ISFDB)

Clyde Brown

 Short Fiction
   First Man (1958) (ISFDB)

Florence Verbell Brown

 Short Fiction
   Bride of the Dark One (1952) (ISFDB)

Fredric Brown

 Short Fiction
   Hall of Mirrors (1953) (ISFDB)
   Experiment (1954) (ISFDB)
   Sentry (1954) (ISFDB)
   Two Timer (1954) (ISFDB)
   Keep Out (1954) (ISFDB)
   Happy Ending (1957) (ISFDB)
   Earthmen Bearing Gifts (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Rosel George Brown

 Short Fiction
   Step IV (1960) (ISFDB)

Howard Browne

   Warrior of the Dawn (1943) (ISFDB)
   The Return of Tharn (1948) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Twelve Times Zero (1952) (ISFDB)
   Mars Confidential (1953) (ISFDB)
   Call Him Savage (1954) (ISFDB)

John Brudy

 Short Fiction
   If at First You Don't . . . (1960) (ISFDB)

Captain Samuel Brunt

   A Voyage to Cacklogallinia; With a Description of the Religion, Policy, Customs and Manners, of That Country (1727) (ISFDB)

Algis Budrys

 Short Fiction
   Citadel (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Barbarians (1958) (ISFDB)
   The Stoker and the Stars (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Edward Bulwer-Lytton

   Pelham (1828) (ISFDB)
   Godolphin (1833) (ISFDB)
   Last Days of Pompeii (1834) (ISFDB)
   Zanoni (1842) (ISFDB)
   A Strange Story (1862) (ISFDB)
   The Coming Race (1872) (ISFDB)

Walter Bupp

 Short Fiction
   Vigorish (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Arthur J. Burks

   Earth, the Marauder (1930) (ISFDB)
   Earth, the Marauder (Part 1 of 3) (1930) (ISFDB)
   Earth, the Marauder (Part 2 of 3) (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Mind Master (Part 1 of 2) (1932) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Monsters of Moyen (1930) (ISFDB)
   Manape the Mighty (1931) (ISFDB)
   Lords of the Stratosphere (1933) (ISFDB)

Edgar Rice Burroughs

   A Princess of Mars (1912) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Tarzan of the Apes (1912) (ISFDB)
   The Warlord of Mars (1913) (ISFDB)
   The Return of Tarzan (1913) (ISFDB)
   The Beasts of Tarzan (1914) (ISFDB)
   The Mucker (1914) (ISFDB)
   Pellucidar (1915) (ISFDB)
   The Son of Tarzan (1915) (ISFDB)
   The Lost Continent (1916) (ISFDB)
   Thuvia, Maid of Mars (1916) (ISFDB)
   Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar (1916) (ISFDB)
   The People That Time Forgot (1918) (ISFDB)
   Out of Time's Abyss (1918) (ISFDB)
   The Land That Time Forgot (1918) (ISFDB)
   The Gods of Mars (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Jungle Tales of Tarzan (1919) (ISFDB)
   Tarzan the Untamed (1919) (ISFDB)
   Tarzan the Terrible (1921) (ISFDB)
   The Chessmen of Mars (1922) (ISFDB)
   At the Earth's Core (1922) (ISFDB)
   The Monster Men (1929) (ISFDB)
 Non Genre
   The Outlaw of Torn (1914) (ISFDB)
   The Land That Time Forgot (1924) (ISFDB)

Michael A. Burstein

 Short Fiction
   Bug Out! (2001) (ISFDB)

Russell Burton

 Short Fiction
   Weak on Square Roots (1953) (ISFDB)

Sir Richard Francis Burton

   VIkram and the Vampire or Tales of Hindu Devilry (1870) (ISFDB)

Ellis Parker Butler

 Short Fiction
   Solander's Radio Tomb (1923) (ISFDB)

Samuel Butler

   Erewhon, or, Over the Range (1872) (ISFDB)
   Erewhon Revisited Twenty Years Later (1901) (ISFDB)

C. A. Butz

   Swamp Demons (1936) (ISFDB)


Harold Calin

 Short Fiction
   What Need of Man? (1961) (ISFDB)

Tommaso Campanella

   The City of the Sun (1623) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The City of the Sun (1623) (ISFDB)

John W. Campbell

   The Ultimate Weapon (1966) (ISFDB)

John W. Campbell, Jr.

   The Black Star Passes (1953) (ISFDB)
   Letter: Some Remarks on the "Skylark Three" and About Errors. A Compliment to Dr. Smith's Stories. (1930) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Introduction (The Black Star Passes) (1953) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Islands of Space (1956) (ISFDB)
   Invaders From the Infinite (1961) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Piracy Preferred (1930) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Black Star Passes (1930) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Solarite (1930) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Last Evolution (1932) (ISFDB)

Karel Capek

 Short Fiction
   R. U. R. (1921) (ISFDB)

Bernard Capes

   At a Winter's Fire (1899) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Moon Stricken (1896) (ISFDB)
   Dark Dignum (1897) (ISFDB)
   The Vanishing House (1898) (ISFDB)
   Jack and Jill (1899) (ISFDB)
   William Tyrwhitt's Copy (1899) (ISFDB)
   A Lazy Romance (1899) (ISFDB)
   Black Venn (1899) (ISFDB)
   An Eddy on the Floor (1899) (ISFDB)
   Dinah's Mammoth (1899) (ISFDB)
   The Black Reaper (1899) (ISFDB)
   A Voice from the Pit (1899) (ISFDB)

H. B. Carleton

 Short Fiction
   Hard Guy (1942) (ISFDB)

William Carleton

   Fardorougha the Miser (1839) (ISFDB)
   The Evil Eye; or, The Black Spectre (1880) (ISFDB)

John F. Carr

   Introduction to Uller Uprising (1983) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Terry Carr

   Warlord of Kor (1963) (ISFDB)

Lewis Carroll

   Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There (1872) (ISFDB)
   Phantasmagoria (1869) (ISFDB)
   The Hunting of the Snark (1874) (ISFDB)

William Carroll

 Short Fiction
   Solomon's Orbit (1962) (ISFDB)

Charles E. Carryl

   Davy and The Goblin (2008) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Arnold Castle

 Short Fiction
   A Mixture of Genius (1958) (ISFDB)
   The Perfectionists (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Michael Cathal

 Short Fiction
   Rich Living (1955) (ISFDB)

James Causey

 Short Fiction
   Teething Ring (1953) (ISFDB)
   Felony (1954) (ISFDB)
   Competition (1955) (ISFDB)

Hugh B. Cave

 Short Fiction
   The Corpse on the Grating (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Murder Machine (1930) (ISFDB)

Robert W. Chambers

   The King in Yellow (1895) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Young Man in a Hurry, and Other Short Stories (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Police!!! (1915) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Gay Rebellion (1898) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   In Search of the Unknown (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Tracer of Lost Persons (1906) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Green Mouse (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Hidden Children (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Dark Star (1917) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Non Genre
   The Maid-at-arms (1902) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Danger Mark (1909) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Blue-Bird Weather (1912) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Between Friends (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Athalie (1915) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Barbarians (1917) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Crimson Tide (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   The Repairer of Reputations (1895) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Mask (1895) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   In the Court of the Dragon (1895) (ISFDB)
   The Yellow Sign (1895) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Demoiselle d'Ys (1895) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Prophets' Paradise (1895) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Messenger (1897) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   In Search of the Unknown (1899) (ISFDB)
   The Harbor-Master (1899) (ISFDB)
   A Young Man in a Hurry (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Pilgrim (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Shining Band (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   One Man in a Million (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Fire-Warden (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Market-Hunter (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Path-Master (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   In Nauvoo (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Marlitt's Shoes (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Pasque Florida (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Third Eye (1915) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Immortal (1915) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Ladies of the Lake (1915) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   One Over (1915) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Un Peu d'Amour (1915) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Eggs of the Silver Moon (1915) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Street Of The Four Winds (1965) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Street of the First Shell (1965) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Street of Our Lady of the Fields (1965) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Rue Barree (1965) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Weatherby Chesney

   The Lost Continent (1900) (ISFDB)

G. K. Chesterton

   The Defendant (1901) (ISFDB)
   All Things Considered (1908) (ISFDB)
   Alarms And Discursions (1910) (ISFDB)
   The Napoleon of Notting Hill (1904) (ISFDB)
   The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare (1908) (ISFDB)

Jay Clarke

 Short Fiction
   High Man (1954) (ISFDB)

Mark Clifton

   Eight Keys to Eden (1960) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Kenzie Report (1953) (ISFDB)
   Sense from Thought Divide (1955) (ISFDB)
   A Woman's Place (1955) (ISFDB)
   Do Unto Others (1958) (ISFDB)

Ed M. Clinton, Jr.

 Short Fiction
   The Small World of M-75 (1954) (ISFDB)
   Untechnological Employment (1962) (ISFDB)

Myla Jo Closser

 Short Fiction
   At the Gate(unknown) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

James MacLaren Cobban

   Master of His Fate (1890) (ISFDB)

Stanton A. Coblentz

 Short Fiction
   The Cosmic Deflector (1943) (ISFDB)
   Flight Through Tomorrow (1947) (ISFDB)

Ron Cocking

 Short Fiction
   Warning from the Stars (1959) (ISFDB)

Alan Cogan

 Short Fiction
   In the Cards (1956) (ISFDB)

Frank W. Coggins

 Short Fiction
   Say "Hello" for Me (1953) (ISFDB)

Everett B. Cole

   The Best Made Plans (Part 1 of 2) (1959) (ISFDB)
   The Best Made Plans (Part 2 of 2) (1959) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Players (1955) (ISFDB)
   Millennium (1955) (ISFDB)
   Final Weapon (1955) (ISFDB)
   Indirection (1956) (ISFDB)
   The Weakling (1961) (ISFDB)

Harry Collingwood

   The Log of the "Flying Fish": A Story of Aerial and Submarine Peril and Adventure (1887) (ISFDB)
   With Airship and Submarine: A Tale of Adventure (1908) (ISFDB)

Les Collins

 Short Fiction
   Question of Comfort (1959) (ISFDB)

Wilkie Collins

   Jezebel's Daughter (1880) (ISFDB)
   The Black Robe (1881) (ISFDB)
   The Evil Genius: A Domestic Story (1886) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   John Jago's Ghost; or, The Dead Alive (1873) (ISFDB)

Paul Compton

 Short Fiction
   The Diary of Philip Westerly (1936) (ISFDB)

Arthur Conan Doyle

   The Captain of the "Polestar" and Other Tales (1890) (ISFDB)
   Danger! and Other Stories (1918) (ISFDB)
   Tales of Terror and Mystery (1922) (ISFDB)
   Brigadier Gerard (1982) (ISFDB)
   The Doings of Raffles Haw (1891) (ISFDB)
   The Lost World (1912) (ISFDB)
   The Poison Belt (1913) (ISFDB)
 Non Genre
   A Study in Scarlet (1887) (ISFDB)
   The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (1894) (ISFDB)
   The Return of Sherlock Holmes (1904) (ISFDB)
   The Valley of Fear (1914) (ISFDB)
   His Last Bow (1917) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   That Little Square Box (1881) (ISFDB)
   The Captain of the Polestar (1883) (ISFDB)
   John Barrington Cowles (1884) (ISFDB)
   J. Habakuk Jephson's Statement (1884) (ISFDB)
   Elias B. Hopkins (1885) (ISFDB)
   The Man from Archangel (1885) (ISFDB)
   The Great Keinplatz Experiment (1885) (ISFDB)
   A Literary Mosaic (1886) (ISFDB)
   John Huxford's Hiatus (1888) (ISFDB)
   The Ring of Thoth (1890) (ISFDB)
   The Case of Lady Sannox (1893) (ISFDB)
   The Parasite (1894) (ISFDB)
   The Brazilian Cat (1898) (ISFDB)
   The Beetle Hunter (1898) (ISFDB)
   The Man with the Watches (1898) (ISFDB)
   The Black Doctor (1898) (ISFDB)
   The Lost Special (1898) (ISFDB)
   The New Catacomb (1898) (ISFDB)
   The Japanned Box (1899) (ISFDB)
   The Jew's Breastplate (1899) (ISFDB)
   The Leather Funnel (1902) (ISFDB)
   The Silver Mirror (1908) (ISFDB)
   The Terror of Blue John Gap (1910) (ISFDB)
   How It Happened (1913) (ISFDB)
   The Horror of the Heights (1913) (ISFDB)
   Danger! (1914) (ISFDB)

Joseph Conrad

   Tales of Unrest (1898) (ISFDB)
   The Inheritors (1901) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Idiots (1896) (ISFDB)
   The Lagoon (1897) (ISFDB)
   An Outpost of Progress (1897) (ISFDB)
   Karain: a Memory (1897) (ISFDB)
   The Return (1898) (ISFDB)

Barbara Constant

 Short Fiction
   The Sound of Silence (1962) (ISFDB)

James Fenimore Cooper

   The Monikins: A Tale (1835) (ISFDB)

Michael D. Cooper

   The Runaway Asteroid (2004) (ISFDB)

Alfred Coppel

 Short Fiction
   The Peacemaker (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Invader (1953) (ISFDB)
   Turnover Point (1953) (ISFDB)
   Turning Point (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Hills of Home (1956) (ISFDB)

Marie Corelli

   A Romance of Two Worlds (1886) (ISFDB)
   The Secret Power (1921) (ISFDB)

John Cory

 Short Fiction
   Egocentric Orbit (1960) (ISFDB)

Charles Cottrell

 Short Fiction
   Jack of No Trades (1960) (ISFDB)

Mary Elizabeth Counselman

   Witch-Burning (1936) (ISFDB)

Dorothy de Courcy

 Short Fiction
   Foundling on Venus (1954) (ISFDB)

John de Courcy

 Short Fiction
   Foundling on Venus (1954) (ISFDB)

James Cowan

   Daybreak: A Romance of an Old World (1896) (ISFDB)

Irving E. Cox, Jr.

 Short Fiction
   Adolescents Only (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Instant of Now (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Guardians (1955) (ISFDB)
   The Cartels Jungle (1955) (ISFDB)
   Love Story (1956) (ISFDB)
   Impact (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

James A. Cox

 Short Fiction
   A Choice of Miracles (1957) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Stephen Crane

 Short Fiction
   The Monster (1898) (ISFDB)

F. Marion Crawford

   Cecilia: A Story of Modern Rome (1902) (ISFDB)

Robert Cromie

   The Crack of Doom (1895) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

M. A. Cummings

 Short Fiction
   No Pets Allowed (1957) (ISFDB)

Ray Cummings

   Letter (Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October 1930) (1930) (ISFDB)
   Letter (Astounding Stories, April 1931) (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Girl in the Golden Atom (1922) (ISFDB)
   Tarrano the Conqueror (1930) (ISFDB)
   Brigands of the Moon (1931) (ISFDB)
   Beyond the Vanishing Point (1958) (ISFDB)
   Wandl, the Invader (1961) (ISFDB)
   The Fire People (2008) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Brigands of the Moon (Part 1 of 4) (1930) (ISFDB)
   Brigands of the Moon (Part 2 of 4) (1930) (ISFDB)
   Brigands of the Moon (Part 3 of 4) (1930) (ISFDB)
   Brigands of the Moon (Part 4 of 4) (1930) (ISFDB)
   Jetta of the Lowlands (Part 1 of 3) (1930) (ISFDB)
   Jetta of the Lowlands (Part 2 of 3) (1930) (ISFDB)
   Jetta of the Lowlands (Part 3 of 3) (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Exile of Time (Part 1 of 4) (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Exile of Time (Part 2 of 4) (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Exile of Time (Part 3 of 4) (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Exile of Time (Part 4 of 4) (1931) (ISFDB)
   Tarrano the Conqueror (Complete Novel) (1941) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Beyond the Vanishing Point (1931) (ISFDB)
   The White Invaders (1931) (ISFDB)
   The World Beyond (1942) (ISFDB)

Tom Curry

 Short Fiction
   The Soul Snatcher (1930) (ISFDB)
   Giants of the Ray (1930) (ISFDB)
   From an Amber Block (1930) (ISFDB)
   Hell's Dimension (1931) (ISFDB)

Betsy Curtis

 Short Fiction
   The Trap (1953) (ISFDB)

C. J. Cutcliffe-Hyne

   The Lost Continent (1900) (ISFDB)


Charles Romyn Dake

   A Strange Discovery (1899) (ISFDB)

Lucius Daniel

 Short Fiction
   Martians Never Die (1952) (ISFDB)

A. J. Dawson

   The Message (1907) (ISFDB)

Roger Dee

 Short Fiction
   The Anglers of Arz (1953) (ISFDB)
   Problem on Balak (1953) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Clean Break (1953) (ISFDB)
   Pet Farm (1954) (ISFDB)
   To Remember Charlie By (1954) (ISFDB)
   Assignment's End (1954) (ISFDB)
   Traders Risk (1958) (ISFDB)
   Control Group (1960) (ISFDB)

Daniel Defoe

   The Consolidator (1705) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   A True Relation of the Apparition of One Mrs. Veal The Next day after Her Death to One Mrs. Bargrave at Canterbury The 8th of September 1705 (1706) (ISFDB)

Miriam Allen deFord

 Short Fiction
   One-Way Journey (1955) (ISFDB)
   The Eel (1958) (ISFDB)

Thornton DeKy

 Short Fiction
   The Ultimate Experiment (1941) (ISFDB)

Walter de la Mare

   The Return (1910) (ISFDB)
   The Listeners (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Lester del Rey

   Police Your Planet (1956) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Sky Is Falling (1963) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Badge of Infamy (1963) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Police Your Planet (1975 revision) (1975) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Pursuit (1952) (ISFDB)
   Let 'em Breathe Space (1953) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   No Strings Attached (1954) (ISFDB)
   Victory (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Dead Ringer (1956) (ISFDB)

James de Mille

   A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder (1888) (ISFDB)

Walter Dennis

   Letter (Astounding Stories of Super-Science, June 1930) (1930) (ISFDB)
   Letter (Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October 1930) (1930) (ISFDB)

August Derleth

 Short Fiction
   McIlvaine's Star (1952) (ISFDB)

Gabriel de Tarde

   Underground Man (1905) (ISFDB)

G. Gordon Dewey

 Short Fiction
   Hoiman and the Solar Circuit (1952) (ISFDB)

Philip K. Dick

 Short Fiction
   Beyond Lies the Wub (1952) (ISFDB)
   The Gun (1952) (ISFDB)
   The Skull (1952) (ISFDB)
   The Defenders (1953) (ISFDB)
   Mr. Spaceship (1953) (ISFDB)
   Piper in the Woods (1953) (ISFDB)
   Second Variety (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Eyes Have It (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Variable Man (1953) (ISFDB)
   Beyond the Door (1954) (ISFDB)
   The Crystal Crypt (1954) (ISFDB)

Charles Dickens

   Three Ghost Stories (1998) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   A Christmas Carol (1843) (ISFDB)
   The Haunted House (1859) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Trial for Murder (1865) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Signalman (1866) (ISFDB)

Gordon R. Dickson

 Short Fiction
   No Shield from the Dead (1953) (ISFDB)

Charles W. Diffin

 Short Fiction
   The Power and the Glory (1930) (ISFDB)
   When the Mountain Came to Miramar (1931) (ISFDB)

Charles Willard Diffin

   Brood of the Dark Moon (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Pirate Planet (Part 1 of 4) (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Pirate Planet (Part 2 of 4) (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Pirate Planet (Part 3 of 4) (1931) (ISFDB)
   Brood of the Dark Moon (Part 1 of 4) (1931) (ISFDB)
   Two Thousand Miles Below (Part 1 of 4) (1932) (ISFDB)
   Two Thousand Miles Below (Part 2 of 4) (1932) (ISFDB)
   Two Thousand Miles Below (Part 3 of 4) (1932) (ISFDB)
   Two Thousand Miles Below (Part 4 of 4) (1933) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Spawn of the Stars (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Moon Master (1930) (ISFDB)
   Dark Moon (1931) (ISFDB)
   Holocaust (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Hammer of Thor (1932) (ISFDB)
   The Finding of Haldgren (1932) (ISFDB)

Thomas M. Disch

 Short Fiction
   The Demi-Urge (1963) (ISFDB)

Cory Doctorow

   Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (2003) (ISFDB)
   Eastern Standard Tribe (2004) (ISFDB)
   Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town (2005) (ISFDB)
   Little Brother (2008) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Craphound (1998) (ISFDB)
   Home Again, Home Again (1999) (ISFDB)
   Shadow of the Mothaship (2000) (ISFDB)
   A Place So Foreign (2000) (ISFDB)
   Return to Pleasure Island (2000) (ISFDB)
   Printcrime (2006) (ISFDB)

Francis Donovan

 Short Fiction
   The Short Life (1955) (ISFDB)

Sonya Dorman

 Short Fiction
   The Putnam Tradition (1963) (ISFDB)

Jack Douglas

 Short Fiction
   Test Rocket! (1959) (ISFDB)
   Dead World (1961) (ISFDB)

Dave Dryfoos

 Short Fiction
   Tree, Spare That Woodman (1952) (ISFDB)
   New Hire (1953) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Uniform of a Man (1954) (ISFDB)
   Waste Not, Want (1954) (ISFDB)
   New Hire (2010) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Olivia Howard Dunbar

 Short Fiction
   The Shell of Sense (1908) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Lord Dunsany

   The Gods of Pegāna (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Time and the Gods (1906) (ISFDB)
   A Dreamer's Tales (1910) (ISFDB)
   The Book of Wonder (1912) (ISFDB)
   Tales of War (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Tales of Three Hemispheres (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Preface (The Gods of Pegāna) (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Epilogue (The Book of Wonder) (1912) (ISFDB)
   Preface (Tales of Wonder) (1916) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Walk to the Trenches (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Walk in Picardy (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Standing To (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Shells (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Spring in England and Flanders (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Nightmare Countries (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Spring and the Kaiser (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Lost (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Last Mirage (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Famous Man (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Oases of Death (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Anglo-Saxon Tyranny (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Memories (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Nature's Cad (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A City Of Wonder (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   Introduction (The Gods of Pegana) (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Of Skarl the Drummer (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Of the Making of the Worlds (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Of the Game of the Gods (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Chaunt of the Gods (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Sayings of Kib (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Concerning Sish (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Sayings of Slid (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Deeds of Mung (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Sayings of Limpang-Tung (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Of Yoharneth-Lahai (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Revolt of the Home Gods (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Of Dorozhand (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Eye in the Waste (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Of the Thing That Is Neither God Nor Beast (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Yonath the Prophet (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Yug the Prophet (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Alhireth-Hotep the Prophet (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Kabok the Prophet (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Of How the Gods Whelmed Sidith (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Of How Imbaun Met Zodrak (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Pegāna (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Sayings of Imbaun (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Of How Imbaun Spake of Death to the King (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Of Ood (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The River (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Time and the Gods (1906) (ISFDB)
   The Coming of the Sea (1906) (ISFDB)
   A Legend of the Dawn (1906) (ISFDB)
   The Vengeance of Men (1906) (ISFDB)
   When the Gods Slept (1906) (ISFDB)
   The King That Was Not (1906) (ISFDB)
   The Cave of Kai (1906) (ISFDB)
   The Sorrow of Search (1906) (ISFDB)
   The Men of Yarnith (1906) (ISFDB)
   For the Honour of the Gods (1906) (ISFDB)
   Night and Morning (1906) (ISFDB)
   Usury (1906) (ISFDB)
   Mlideen (1906) (ISFDB)
   The Secret of the Gods (1906) (ISFDB)
   The South Wind (1906) (ISFDB)
   In the Land of Time (1906) (ISFDB)
   The Relenting of Sarnidac (1906) (ISFDB)
   The Journey of the King (1906) (ISFDB)
   Bethmoora (1908) (ISFDB)
   Where the Tides Ebb and Flow (1908) (ISFDB)
   Blagdaross (1908) (ISFDB)
   The Madness of Andelsprutz (1908) (ISFDB)
   Poltarnees, Beholder of Ocean (1908) (ISFDB)
   The Sword and the Idol (1909) (ISFDB)
   The Idle City (1909) (ISFDB)
   The Beggars (1909) (ISFDB)
   In Zaccarath (1909) (ISFDB)
   The Field (1909) (ISFDB)
   Idle Days on the Yann (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Hashish Man (1910) (ISFDB)
   Poor Old Bill (1910) (ISFDB)
   Carcassonne (1910) (ISFDB)
   The Day of the Poll (1910) (ISFDB)
   The Unhappy Body (1910) (ISFDB)
   The Injudicious Prayers of Pombo the Idolater (1910) (ISFDB)
   The House of the Sphinx (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Distressing Tale of Thangobrind the Jeweller, and of the Doom That Befell Him (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Quest of the Queen's Tears (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Hoard of the Gibbelins (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Bride of the Man-Horse (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Wonderful Window (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Probable Adventure of the Three Literary Men (1911) (ISFDB)
   How Nuth Would Have Practised His Art Upon the Gnoles (1911) (ISFDB)
   How One Came, as Was Foretold, to the City of Never (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Coronation of Mr. Thomas Shap (1911) (ISFDB)
   Miss Cubbidge and the Dragon of Romance (1911) (ISFDB)
   Chu-Bu and Sheemish (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Loot of Bombasharna (1912) (ISFDB)
   The Watch-Tower (1912) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Shop in Go-by Street (1912) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Avenger of Perdóndaris (1912) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Narrow Escape (1912) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The City on Mallington Moor (1913) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Bad Old Woman in Black (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Bird of the Difficult Eye (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Long Porter's Tale (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Loot of Loma (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Secret of the Sea (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   How Ali Came to the Black Country (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Tale of the Equator (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Story of Land and Sea (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Why the Milkman Shudders When He Perceives the Dawn (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Bureau d'Echange de Maux (1915) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Tale of London (1915) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Three Infernal Jokes (1915) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   East and West (1916) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Three Sailors' Gambit (1916) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   How Plash-Goo Came to the Land of None's Desire (1916) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   How the Gods Avenged Meoul Ki Ning (1917) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Prayer of the Men of Daleswood (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Road (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   An Imperial Monument (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   What Happened on the Night of the Twenty-Seventh (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Splendid Traveller (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   England (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Two Degrees of Envy (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Master of No Man's Land (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Weeds and Wire (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Two Songs (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Punishment (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The English Spirit (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   An Investigation Into the Causes and Origin of the War (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Movement (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Home of Herr Schnitzelhaaser (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Deed of Mercy (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Last Scene of All (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Old England (1918) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Last Dream of Bwona Khubla (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Prayer of Boob Aheera (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Pretty Quarrel (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Sack of Emeralds (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Old Brown Coat (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   An Archive of the Older Mysteries (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Charles Dye

 Short Fiction
   Regeneration (1951) (ISFDB)
   The Man Who Staked the Stars (1952) (ISFDB)


G. C. Edmondson

 Short Fiction
   Blessed Are the Meek (1955) (ISFDB)

George Edrich

 Short Fiction
   Out of the Earth (1957) (ISFDB)

Milan C. Edson

   Solaris Farm; A Story of the Twentieth Century (1900) (ISFDB)

Jack Egan

 Short Fiction
   Cully (1963) (ISFDB)

Edward S. Ellis

   The Steam Man of the Prairies (1868) (ISFDB)

Sophie Wenzel Ellis

 Short Fiction
   Creatures of the Light (1930) (ISFDB)
   Slaves of the Dust (1930) (ISFDB)

Willis George Emerson

   The Smoky God: or, A Voyage to the Inner World (1908) (ISFDB)

Victor Endersby

 Short Fiction
   Disowned (1932) (ISFDB)

Knut Enferd

 Short Fiction
   Day of the Druid (1948) (ISFDB)

George Allan England

   Darkness and Dawn (1914) (ISFDB)
   The Air Trust (1915) (ISFDB)
   The Flying Legion (1920) (ISFDB)

Paul Ernst

   Letter (Astounding Stories, July 1931) (1931) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Marooned Under the Sea (1930) (ISFDB)
   The World Behind the Moon (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Red Hell of Jupiter (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Planetoid of Peril (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Radiant Shell (1932) (ISFDB)
   The Raid on the Termites (1932) (ISFDB)
   Mask of Death (1936) (ISFDB)

L. A. Eshbach

   Letter (Astounding Stories of Super-Science, November 1930) (1930) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Gray Plague (1930) (ISFDB)

Lloyd Arthur Eshbach

 Short Fiction
   Isle of the Undead (1936) (ISFDB)

Dean Evans

 Short Fiction
   The Very Black (1953) (ISFDB)

E. Everett Evans

   Man of Many Minds (1953) (ISFDB)
   Masters of Space (1976) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)


Patrick Fahy

 Short Fiction
   The Mightiest Man (1961) (ISFDB)

Paul W. Fairman

   Ten From Infinity (1963) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Deadly City (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Beasts in the Void (1956) (ISFDB)

Ralph Milne Farley

 Short Fiction
   The Danger From the Deep (1931) (ISFDB)

Philip José Farmer

 Short Fiction
   They Twinkled Like Jewels (1954) (ISFDB)
   Rastignac the Devil (1954) (ISFDB)

Joseph Farrell

 Short Fiction
   The Ethical Way (1958) (ISFDB)

Vern Fearing

 Short Fiction
   The Sloths of Kruvny (1953) (ISFDB)

T. R. Fehrenbach

 Short Fiction
   Remember the Alamo! (1961) (ISFDB)

Arthur Feldman

 Short Fiction
   The Mathematicians (1953) (ISFDB)

J. Anthony Ferlaine

 Short Fiction
   One Out of Ten (1956) (ISFDB)

Benjamin Ferris

 Short Fiction
   The Invaders (1951) (ISFDB)

David E. Fisher

 Short Fiction
   You Don't Make Wine Like the Greeks Did (1960) (ISFDB)

F. Scott Fitzgerald

 Short Fiction
   The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (1922) (ISFDB)
   The Diamond as Big as the Ritz (1922) (ISFDB)

R. C. FitzPatrick

 Short Fiction
   The Circuit Riders (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Circuit Riders (2008) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Francis Flagg

 Short Fiction
   The Heads of Apex (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Seed of the Toc-Toc Birds (1932) (ISFDB)

James Elroy Flecker

   Forty-Two Poems (2002) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   'To a poet a thousand years hence' (2001) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Last Generation: A Story of the Future (1908) (ISFDB)

Homer Eon Flint

   The Devolutionist and The Emancipatrix (1965) (ISFDB)
   The Lord of Death and The Queen of Life (1965) (ISFDB)
   The Blind Spot (1951) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   The Lord of Death (1919) (ISFDB)
   The Queen of Life (1919) (ISFDB)
   The Devolutionist (1921) (ISFDB)
   The Emancipatrix (1921) (ISFDB)

Charles L. Fontenay

   Rebels of the Red Planet (1961) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Disqualified (1954) (ISFDB)
   Atom Drive (1956) (ISFDB)
   Service with a Smile (1958) (ISFDB)
   The Gift Bearer (1958) (ISFDB)
   The Jupiter Weapon (1959) (ISFDB)
   Wind (1959) (ISFDB)

Ford Madox Ford

   The Inheritors (1901) (ISFDB)

Anatole France

 Short Fiction
   The Mass of Shadows (1908) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

V. R. Francis

 Short Fiction
   The Flying Cuspidors (1958) (ISFDB)

Thomas Francklin

 Short Fiction
   Notes (Trips to the Moon) (1780) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

 Short Fiction
   The Shadows on the Wall (1903) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Arthur O. Friel

   The Pathless Trail (1922) (ISFDB)

Charles E. Fritch

 Short Fiction
   The Odyssey of Sam Meecham (1954) (ISFDB)
   Skin Game (1954) (ISFDB)
   I Like Martian Music (1957) (ISFDB)

H. B. Fyfe

 Short Fiction
   The Envoy, Her (1951) (ISFDB)
   Let There Be Light (1952) (ISFDB)
   Manners of the Age (1952) (ISFDB)
   Exile (1953) (ISFDB)
   Irresistible Weapon (1953) (ISFDB)
   Fee of the Frontier (1960) (ISFDB)
   The Wedge (1960) (ISFDB)
   A Transmutation of Muddles (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Satellite System (1960) (ISFDB)
   The Outbreak of Peace (1961) (ISFDB)
   Flamedown (1961) (ISFDB)
   The Talkative Tree (1962) (ISFDB)


Raymond Z. Gallun

   The Planet Strappers (1961) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Eternal Wall (1942) (ISFDB)
   Asteroid of Fear (1951) (ISFDB)
   Big Pill (1952) (ISFDB)
   Stamped Caution (1953) (ISFDB)

Daniel F. Galouye

 Short Fiction
   Spillthrough (1953) (ISFDB)

Mark Ganes

 Short Fiction
   Evil Out of Onzar (1952) (ISFDB)

Lee Hawkins Garby

   The Skylark of Space (1946) (ISFDB)

Howard R. Garis

   Tom Swift and His Airship (1910) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat (1910) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift and His Sky Racer (1911) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift and His Wireless Message (1911) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice (1911) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift Among the Diamond Makers (1911) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle (1911) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift and His Great Searchlight (1912) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift In the City of Gold (1912) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift in Captivity (1912) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift and His Wizard Camera (1912) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift and His Giant Cannon (1913) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift and His Photo Telephone (1914) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship (1915) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel (1916) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift In the Land of Wonders (1917) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift and His War Tank (1918) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift and His Undersea Search (1920) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift Among the Fire Fighters (1921) (ISFDB)
   Tom Swift and His Electric Locomotive (1922) (ISFDB)

David Garnett[2]

   Lady Into Fox (1922) (ISFDB)

Randall Garrett

   Pagan Passions (1959) (ISFDB)
   Unwise Child (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Brain Twister (1962) (ISFDB)
   Supermind (1963) (ISFDB)
   Anything You Can Do . . . (1963) (ISFDB)
   The Impossibles (1963) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   Belly Laugh (1953) (ISFDB)
   Instant of Decision (1953) (ISFDB)
   Time Fuze (1954) (ISFDB)
   Suite Mentale (1956) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Man Who Hated Mars (1956) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Heist Job on Thizar (1956) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Penal Cluster (1957) (ISFDB)
   Quest of the Golden Ape (1957) (ISFDB)
   Despoilers of the Golden Empire (1959) (ISFDB)
   Cum Grano Salis (1959) (ISFDB)
   But, I Don't Think (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Dead Giveaway (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   . . . Or Your Money Back (1959) (ISFDB)
   The Unnecessary Man (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Destroyers (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Viewpoint (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   What the Left Hand Was Doing (1960) (ISFDB)
   In Case of Fire (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Measure of a Man (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Damned If You Don't (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   By Proxy (1960) (ISFDB)
   Psichopath (1960) (ISFDB)
   Hanging by a Thread (1961) (ISFDB)
   Fifty Per Cent Prophet (1961) (ISFDB)
   The Foreign Hand-Tie (1961) (ISFDB)
   The Asses of Balaam (1961) (ISFDB)
   The Highest Treason (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Spaceship Named McGuire (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Anchorite (1962) (ISFDB)
   Nor Iron Bars a Cage . . . (1962) (ISFDB)
   Hail to the Chief (1962) (ISFDB)
   The Bramble Bush (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   . . . After a Few Words . . . (1962) (ISFDB)
   With No Strings Attached (1963) (ISFDB)
   A World by the Tale (1963) (ISFDB)
   Thin Edge (1963) (ISFDB)
   The Eyes Have It (1964) (ISFDB)
   Suite Mentale (2007) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Viewpoint (2007) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Dead Giveaway (2007) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Measure of a Man (2008) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Destroyers (2008) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Highest Treason (2008) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Unnecessary Man (2008) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Heist Job on Thizar (2008) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Vaseleos Garson

 Short Fiction
   Acid Bath (1952) (ISFDB)

Elizabeth Gaskell

 Short Fiction
   Disappearances (1851) (ISFDB)
   The Poor Clare (1856) (ISFDB)
   Lois the Witch (1859) (ISFDB)
   Curious, If True (1860) (ISFDB)
   The Grey Woman (1861) (ISFDB)

Mrs. Gaskell

 Short Fiction
   The Old Nurse's Story (1852) (ISFDB)
   The Poor Clare (1856) (ISFDB)

William Campbell Gault

 Short Fiction
   The Huddlers (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Mighty Dead (1953) (ISFDB)

Jackson Gee

 Short Fiction
   An Extra Man (1930) (ISFDB)

Chester S. Geier

 Short Fiction
   The Sphere of Sleep (1942) (ISFDB)
   Cold Ghost (1948) (ISFDB)

William Gerken

 Short Fiction
   Stopover (1957) (ISFDB)

Robert E. Gilbert

 Short Fiction
   A Thought for Tomorrow (1952) (ISFDB)
   Stopover Planet (1953) (ISFDB)
   Thy Rocks and Rills (1953) (ISFDB)

Inez Haynes Gillmore

   Angel Island (1914) (ISFDB)

Charlotte Perkins Gilman

   Herland (1979) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Yellow Wallpaper (1892) (ISFDB)

Anthony Gilmore

 Short Fiction
   Four Miles Within (1931) (ISFDB)

Stanley Gimble

 Short Fiction
   Breakaway (1955) (ISFDB)

Victoria Glad

 Short Fiction
   Each Man Kills (1951) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Allen Glasser

   Letter (Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October 1930) (1930) (ISFDB)
   Letter (Astounding Stories of Super-Science, December 1930) (1930) (ISFDB)

Neil Goble

 Short Fiction
   Master of None (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Tom Godwin

   Space Prison (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   The Nothing Equation (1957) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Cry from a Far Planet (1958) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Helpful Hand of God (1961) (ISFDB)
   —And Devious the Line of Duty (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

William Godwin

   Things As They Are: or The Adventures of Caleb Williams (1794) (ISFDB)

H. L. Gold

 Short Fiction
   The Old Die Rich (1953) (ISFDB)
   No Charge for Alterations (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Enormous Room (1953) (ISFDB)
   At the Post (1953) (ISFDB)

Harold Leland Goodwin

   Smugglers' Reef (1950) (ISFDB)
   Rip Foster Rides the Gray Planet (1952) (ISFDB)
   The Golden Skull (1954) (ISFDB)
   The Wailing Octopus (1956) (ISFDB)
   The Electronic Mind Reader (1957) (ISFDB)
   The Scarlet Lake Mystery (1958) (ISFDB)
   The Pirates of Shan (1958) (ISFDB)
   The Blue Ghost Mystery (1960) (ISFDB)
   The Egyptian Cat Mystery (1961) (ISFDB)
   The Flying Stingaree (1963) (ISFDB)

Nathaniel Gordon

 Short Fiction
   The Golden Judge (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Maxim Gorky

   Creatures That Once Were Men (1918) (ISFDB)

Kenneth Grahame

   The Wind in the Willows (1908) (ISFDB)

Percy Greg

   Across the Zodiac (1880) (ISFDB)

George Griffith

   The Angel of the Revolution (1893) (ISFDB)
   The Romance of the Golden Star (1897) (ISFDB)
   A Honeymoon in Space (1901) (ISFDB)
   The Mummy and Miss Nitocris: A Phantasy of the Fourth Dimension (1906) (ISFDB)

R. Norman Grisewood

   Zarlah the Martian (1919) (ISFDB)

James E. Gunn

 Short Fiction
   Breaking Point (1953) (ISFDB)


H. Rider Haggard

   She (1886) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Allan Quatermain (1887) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Allan's Wife (1889) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Stella Fregelius (1903) (ISFDB)
   Ayesha: The Return of She (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Benita, An African Romance (1906) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Yellow God: An Idol of Africa (1908) (ISFDB)
   Allan and the Holy Flower (1915) (ISFDB)
   When the World Shook (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Ancient Allan (1920) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Non Genre
   Beatrice (1893) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Brethren (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   Long Odds (1886) (ISFDB)
   Black Heart and White Heart (1896) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Only a Dream (1905) (ISFDB)
   Black Heart and White Heart (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

M. Y. Halidom

   Tales of the Wonder Club (1903) (ISFDB)

Austin Hall

   The Blind Spot (1951) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Desmond W. Hall

 Short Fiction
   The Midget from the Island (1931) (ISFDB)
   Raiders Invisible (1931) (ISFDB)
   Hawk Carse (1931) (ISFDB)
   Seed of the Arctic Ice (1932) (ISFDB)
   The Affair of the Brains (1932) (ISFDB)
   The Bluff of the Hawk (1932) (ISFDB)
   A Scientist Rises (1932) (ISFDB)
   The Passing of Ku Sui (1932) (ISFDB)
   Under Arctic Ice (1933) (ISFDB)

James R. Hall

 Short Fiction
   Am I Still There? (1963) (ISFDB)

Edmond Hamilton

 Short Fiction
   The Second Satellite (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Man Who Saw the Future (1930) (ISFDB)
   Monsters of Mars (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Sargasso of Space (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Door into Infinity (1936) (ISFDB)
   The World with a Thousand Moons (1942) (ISFDB)
   The Legion of Lazarus (1956) (ISFDB)
   The Stars, My Brothers (1962) (ISFDB)

T. D. Hamm

 Short Fiction
   The Last Supper (1952) (ISFDB)
   Native Son (1953) (ISFDB)

L. Taylor Hansen

 Short Fiction
   The Undersea Tube (1929) (ISFDB)

F. E. Hardart

 Short Fiction
   The Beast of Space (1941) (ISFDB)

Thomas Hardy

 Short Fiction
   The Withered Arm (1888) (ISFDB)

William Hardy

 Short Fiction
   Pioneer (1953) (ISFDB)

Jim Harmon

 Short Fiction
   Measure for a Loner (1959) (ISFDB)
   The Planet with No Nightmare (1961) (ISFDB)
   The Last Place on Earth (1962) (ISFDB)

Kenneth Harmon

 Short Fiction
   The Passenger (1954) (ISFDB)

Tom W. Harris

 Short Fiction
   Goodbye, Dead Man! (1958) (ISFDB)

Harry Harrison

   Deathworld (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Planet of the Damned (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Ethical Engineer (1963) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Navy Day (1954) (ISFDB)
   The Velvet Glove (1956) (ISFDB)
   The Repairman (1958) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Arm of the Law (1958) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Misplaced Battleship (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The K-Factor (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Toy Shop (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Arm of the Law (2009) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Bret Harte

 Short Fiction
   A Ghost of the Sierras (1876) (ISFDB)

W. F. Harvey

 Short Fiction
   The Beast With Five Fingers (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

William Fryer Harvey

 Short Fiction
   The Beast With Five Fingers (1919) (ISFDB)

Robert W. Haseltine

 Short Fiction
   Prelude to Space (1954) (ISFDB)

Henry Hasse

 Short Fiction
   Walls of Acid (1947) (ISFDB)
   One Purple Hope! (1952) (ISFDB)
   We're Friends, Now (1960) (ISFDB)
   The Beginning (1961) (ISFDB)

Wilhelm Hauff

 Short Fiction
   The Severed Hand (1824) (ISFDB)

Heinrich Hauser

 Short Fiction
   The Brain (1948) (ISFDB)

Nathaniel Hawthorne

   Twice-Told Tales (1837) (ISFDB)
   Mosses from an Old Manse (1848) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   An Old Woman's Tale (1830) (ISFDB)

Alvin Heiner

 Short Fiction
   The Stowaway (1952) (ISFDB)

Gene L. Henderson

 Short Fiction
   All in the Mind (1954) (ISFDB)

Joe L. Hensley

 Short Fiction
   Now We Are Three (1957) (ISFDB)

Frank Herbert

 Short Fiction
   Old Rambling House (1958) (ISFDB)
   Missing Link (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Operation Haystack (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Albert Hernhunter

 Short Fiction
   The Smiler (1952) (ISFDB)

Albert Hernhuter

 Short Fiction
   Texas Week (1954) (ISFDB)

Harold Hersey

   The Book of Gud (Complete Novel) (1929) (ISFDB)

Morris Hershman

 Short Fiction
   Spacemen Never Die! (1953) (ISFDB)

H. B. Hickey

 Short Fiction
   The Eye of Wilbur Mook (1948) (ISFDB)
   Beyond the Thunder (1948) (ISFDB)
   Daughters of Doom (1949) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Jefferson Highe

 Short Fiction
   What Rough Beast? (1954) (ISFDB)

Arthur G. Hill

 Short Fiction
   The Terrible Answer (1952) (ISFDB)

William Hope Hodgson

   The Boats of the "Glen Carrig" (1907) (ISFDB)
   The House on the Borderland (1908) (ISFDB)
   The Ghost Pirates (1909) (ISFDB)
   The Night Land (1912) (ISFDB)

E. T. A. Hoffmann

   Weird Tales, Volume 1 (1885) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   The Sand-Man (1816) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Entail (1817) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Senior Formica (1819) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Cremona Violin (1885) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Fermata (1885) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Ludvig Holberg

   The Journey Of Niels Klim To The World Underground (2004) (ISFDB)

Fox B. Holden

 Short Fiction
   The Woman-Stealers of Thrayx (1954) (ISFDB)
   A Gift for Terra (1954) (ISFDB)

Oliver Wendell Holmes

   Elsie Venner: A Romance of Destiny (1861) (ISFDB)

Robert Hoskins

 Short Fiction
   Feet of Clay (1958) (ISFDB)

Allan Howard

 Short Fiction
   It's a Small Solar System (1957) (ISFDB)

Robert E. Howard

 Short Fiction
   Red Nails (1936) (ISFDB)

William Dean Howells

   Through the Eye of the Needle: A Romance (1907) (ISFDB)

Helen Huber

 Short Fiction
   I'll Kill You Tomorrow (1953) (ISFDB)

W. H. Hudson

   A Crystal Age (1887) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Jack G. Huekels

 Short Fiction
   Advanced Chemistry (1923) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Gene Hunter

 Short Fiction
   Field Trip (1953) (ISFDB)


Dean Ing

 Short Fiction
   Tight Squeeze (1955) (ISFDB)

Jean Ingelow

 Short Fiction
   Mopsa the Fairy (1869) (ISFDB)


Carl Jacobi

 Short Fiction
   The Street That Wasn't There (1941) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Made in Tanganyika (1954) (ISFDB)
   The Long Voyage (1955) (ISFDB)

W. W. Jacobs

 Short Fiction
   The Monkey's Paw (1902) (ISFDB)

Henry James

   The Turn of the Screw (1898) (ISFDB)

M. R. James

   Ghost Stories of an Antiquary (1904) (ISFDB)
   Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, Vol. 1 (1905) (ISFDB)
   Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, Vol. 2 (1911) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Canon Alberic's Scrap-Book (1895) (ISFDB)
   Lost Hearts (1895) (ISFDB)
   The Mezzotint (1904) (ISFDB)
   The Ash-Tree (1904) (ISFDB)
   Number 13 (1904) (ISFDB)
   Count Magnus (1904) (ISFDB)
   "Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad" (1904) (ISFDB)
   The Treasure of Abbot Thomas (1904) (ISFDB)
   The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral (1910) (ISFDB)
   A School Story (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Rose Garden (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Tractate Middoth (1911) (ISFDB)
   Martin's Close (1911) (ISFDB)
   Mr. Humphreys and His Inheritance (1911) (ISFDB)

Laurence M. Janifer

   Pagan Passions (1959) (ISFDB)
   Brain Twister (1962) (ISFDB)
   Supermind (1963) (ISFDB)
   The Impossibles (1963) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   Mex (1957) (ISFDB)
   Hex (1959) (ISFDB)
   Wizard (1960) (ISFDB)
   Charley de Milo (1960) (ISFDB)
   Lost in Translation (1961) (ISFDB)
   The Man Who Played to Lose (1961) (ISFDB)
   Sight Gag (1962) (ISFDB)

Jean M. Janis

 Short Fiction
   Rough Translation (1954) (ISFDB)

Jerome K. Jerome

   Diary of a Pilgramage (and Six Essays) (1891) (ISFDB)
   Novel Notes (1893) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The New Utopia (1891) (ISFDB)
   The Dancing Partner (1893) (ISFDB)

Maurus Jókai

 Short Fiction
   The Tower of Dago (1899) (ISFDB)

Bascom Jones, Jr.

 Short Fiction
   Blind Spot (1955) (ISFDB)

Neil R. Jones

 Short Fiction
   The Jameson Satellite (1931) (ISFDB)

Raymond F. Jones

   The Year When Stardust Fell (1958) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Colonists (1954) (ISFDB)
   The Unlearned (1954) (ISFDB)
   Cubs of the Wolf (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Human Error (1956) (ISFDB)
   The Memory of Mars (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Great Gray Plague (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Henry Josephs

 Short Fiction
   The Fourth Invasion (1956) (ISFDB)


Franz Kafka

 Short Fiction
   The Metamorphosis (1915) (ISFDB)

Stephen A. Kallis, Jr.

 Short Fiction
   The Untouchable (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Herbert D. Kastle

 Short Fiction
   The First One (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Ronal Kayser

 Short Fiction
   In the Dark (1936) (ISFDB)

Harry Stephen Keeler

 Short Fiction
   John Jones's Dollar (1915) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Joseph E. Kelleam

   Hunters Out of Space (Complete Novel) (1960) (ISFDB)

David H. Keller, M.D.

 Short Fiction
   The Rat Racket (1931) (ISFDB)
   Tiger Cat (1937) (ISFDB)

Teddy Keller

 Short Fiction
   The Plague (1961) (ISFDB)

Ernest M. Kenyon

 Short Fiction
   Security (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Charles Kingsley

   The Water-Babies (1863) (ISFDB)

Rudyard Kipling

   The Jungle Book (1894) (ISFDB)
   Just So Stories for Little Children (1902) (ISFDB)
   Rewards and Fairies (1910) (ISFDB)
   A Diversity of Creatures (1917) (ISFDB)
   Chil's Song(unknown) (ISFDB)
   Darzee's Chaunt (1894) (ISFDB)
   Hunting-Song of the Seeonee Pack (1894) (ISFDB)
   Lukannon (1894) (ISFDB)
   Parade-Song of the Camp Animals (1894) (ISFDB)
   Road-Song of the Bandar-Log (1894) (ISFDB)
   Shiv and the Grasshopper (1894) (ISFDB)
   Mowgli's Song (1894) (ISFDB)
   'Angutivaun Taina' (1895) (ISFDB)
   A Ripple Song (1895) (ISFDB)
   A Song for Kabir (1895) (ISFDB)
   Mowgli's Song Against People (1895) (ISFDB)
   The Law of the Jungle (1895) (ISFDB)
   The Outsong (1895) (ISFDB)
   The Song of the Little Hunter (1895) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Phantom 'Rickshaw (1885) (ISFDB)
   The Strange Ride of Morrowbie Jukes (1885) (ISFDB)
   The Mark of the Beast (1890) (ISFDB)
   The Return of Imray (1891) (ISFDB)
   'Tiger! Tiger!' (1894) (ISFDB)
   Her Majesty's Servants (1894) (ISFDB)
   Kaa's Hunting (1894) (ISFDB)
   Mowgli's Brothers (1894) (ISFDB)
   Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (1894) (ISFDB)
   The White Seal (1894) (ISFDB)
   Toomai of the Elephants (1894) (ISFDB)
   How Fear Came (1895) (ISFDB)
   Letting In the Jungle (1895) (ISFDB)
   Quiquern (1895) (ISFDB)
   Red Dog (1895) (ISFDB)
   The King's Ankus (1895) (ISFDB)
   The Miracle of Purun Bhagat (1895) (ISFDB)
   The Spring Running (1895) (ISFDB)
   The Undertakers (1895) (ISFDB)
   With the Night Mail (1905) (ISFDB)
   As Easy as A.B.C. (1912) (ISFDB)
   The Eye of Allah (1926) (ISFDB)

Jason Kirby

 Short Fiction
   The Floating Island of Madness (1933) (ISFDB)

Damon Knight

 Short Fiction
   The Worshippers (1953) (ISFDB)
   Special Delivery (1954) (ISFDB)

David C. Knight

 Short Fiction
   The Love of Frank Nineteen (1957) (ISFDB)
   The Amazing Mrs. Mimms (1958) (ISFDB)

Thomas H. Knight

 Short Fiction
   The Man Who Was Dead (1930) (ISFDB)

C. M. Kornbluth

 Short Fiction
   The Altar at Midnight (1952) (ISFDB)
   The Adventurer (1953) (ISFDB)

Robert W. Krepps

 Short Fiction
   The Buttoned Sky (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Enormous Room (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Giants from Outer Space (1954) (ISFDB)

Henry Kuttner

 Short Fiction
   The Secret of Kralitz (1936) (ISFDB)
   The Ego Machine (1952) (ISFDB)
   Where the World Is Quiet (1954) (ISFDB)

Roger Kuykendall

 Short Fiction
   We Didn't Do Anything Wrong, Hardly (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   All Day September (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)


R. A. Lafferty

 Short Fiction
   The Six Fingers of Time (1960) (ISFDB)
   Sodom and Gomorrah, Texas (1962) (ISFDB)

Irving W. Lande

 Short Fiction
   Slingshot (1955) (ISFDB)

Mary E. Bradley Lane

   Mizora: A Prophecy (1890) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Allen Kim Lang

 Short Fiction
   The Great Potlatch Riots (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Blind Man's Lantern (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Andrew Lang

   The Olive Fairy Book (1907) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   In the Wrong Paradise and Other Stories (1886) (ISFDB)
   The Mark of Cain (1886) (ISFDB)
   He (1887) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   In the Wrong Paradise (1883) (ISFDB)
   The End of Phæacia (1886) (ISFDB)
   A Cheap Nigger (1886) (ISFDB)
   The Romance of the First Radical (1886) (ISFDB)
   A Duchess's Secret (1886) (ISFDB)
   The House of Strange Stories (1886) (ISFDB)
   In Castle Perilous (1886) (ISFDB)
   The Great Gladstone Myth (1886) (ISFDB)
   My Friend the Beach-Comber (1886) (ISFDB)

Sterling E. Lanier

 Short Fiction
   Join Our Gang? (1961) (ISFDB)

Greye La Spina

 Short Fiction
   Old Mr. Wiley (1951) (ISFDB)

Keith Laumer

 Short Fiction
   Greylorn (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Gambler's World (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Yillian Way (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   It Could Be Anything (1963) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

J. Sheridan Le Fanu

 Short Fiction
   The Fortunes of Sir Robert Ardagh (1838) (ISFDB)

Stephen Leacock

   The Hohenzollerns in America: with The Bolsheviks in Berlin and Other Impossibilities (1919) (ISFDB)
   Nonsense Novels (1920) (ISFDB)
   Winsome Winnie and Other New Nonsense Novels (1920) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Buggam Grange (2009) (ISFDB)

Tom Leahy

 Short Fiction
   One Martian Afternoon (1953) (ISFDB)
   Tape Jockey (1954) (ISFDB)

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

   A Stable for Nightmares or Weird Tales (1896) (ISFDB)
   Green Tea;  Mr. Justice Harbottle (2004) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   J. S. Le Fanu's Ghostly Tales, Volume 1 (2004) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   J. S. Le Fanu's Ghostly Tales, Volume 2 (2004) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   J. S. Le Fanu's Ghostly Tales, Volume 3 (2004) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   J. S. Le Fanu's Ghostly Tales, Volume 4 (2004) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Evil Guest (1851) (ISFDB)
   House by the Churchyard (1863) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Uncle Silas: A Tale of Bartram-Haugh (1864) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Haunted Baronet (1871) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Room in the Dragon Volant (1872) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   Strange Event in the Life of Schalken the Painter(unknown) (ISFDB)
   The Ghost and the Bone-Setter (1838) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Last Heir of Castle Connor (1838) (ISFDB)
   The Drunkard's Dream (1838) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Passage in the Secret History of an Irish Countess (1838) (ISFDB)
   A Chapter in the History of a Tyrone Family (1839) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Bridal of Carrigvarah (1839) (ISFDB)
   Scraps of Hibernian Ballads (1839) (ISFDB)
   Jim Sulivan's Adventures in the Great Snow (1839) (ISFDB)
   An Adventure of Hardress Fitzgerald, a Royalist Captain (1840) (ISFDB)
   The Quare Gander (1840) (ISFDB)
   The Mysterious Lodger (1850) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Ghost Stories of Chapelizod (1851) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Murdered Cousin (1851) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   An Account of Some Strange Disturbances in Aungier Street (1853) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Ultor De Lacy: A Legend of Cappercullen (1861) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   An Authentic Narrative of a Haunted House (1862) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Pichon and Sons, of the Croix Rousse (1868) (ISFDB)
   Green Tea (1869) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Dickon the Devil (1872) (ISFDB)
   Mr. Justice Harbottle (1872) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Billy Malowney's Taste of Love and Glory (1880) (ISFDB)
   A Debt of Honor (1896) (ISFDB)
   Devereux's Dream (1896) (ISFDB)
   Catherine's Quest (1896) (ISFDB)
   Haunted (1896) (ISFDB)
   The Phantom Fourth (1896) (ISFDB)
   The Spirit's Whisper (1896) (ISFDB)
   Dr. Feversham's Story (1896) (ISFDB)
   The Secret of the Two Plaster Casts (1896) (ISFDB)
   What Was It? (1896) (ISFDB)

Edmund H. Leftwich

 Short Fiction
   The Bell Tone (1941) (ISFDB)

Richard Le Gallienne

 Short Fiction
   The Haunted Orchard (1912) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Fritz Leiber

   The Big Time (1958) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Moon Is Green (1952) (ISFDB)
   What's He Doing in There? (1957) (ISFDB)
   Bread Overhead (1958) (ISFDB)
   The Night of the Long Knives (1960) (ISFDB)
   The Creature from Cleveland Depths (1962) (ISFDB)
   No Great Magic (1963) (ISFDB)

Murray Leinster

   Space Platform (1953) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Space Tug (1953) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Operation: Outer Space (1954) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Pirates of Zan (1959) (ISFDB)
   This World Is Taboo (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Operation Terror (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Talents, Incorporated (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Murder Madness (Part 1 of 4) (1930) (ISFDB)
   Murder Madness (Part 2 of 4) (1930) (ISFDB)
   Murder Madness (Part 3 of 4) (1930) (ISFDB)
   Murder Madness (Part 4 of 4) (1930) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Runaway Skyscraper (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Fifth-Dimension Catapult (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Fifth-Dimension Tube (1933) (ISFDB)
   Invasion (1933) (ISFDB)
   The Invaders (1953) (ISFDB)
   Sam, This Is You (1955) (ISFDB)
   Scrimshaw (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Sand Doom (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Machine That Saved the World (1957) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Aliens (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Matter of Importance (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Long Ago, Far Away (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Attention Saint Patrick (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Leader (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Ambulance Made Two Trips (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Pariah Planet (1961) (ISFDB)
   The Hate Disease (1963) (ISFDB)
   The Runaway Skyscraper (2005) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Robert H. Leitfred

 Short Fiction
   Prisoners of the Electron (1930) (ISFDB)

William Le Queux

   Spies of the Kaiser: Plotting the Downfall of England (1909) (ISFDB)

Gaston Leroux

   The Phantom of the Opera (1911) (ISFDB)

Milton Lesser

 Short Fiction
   Black Eyes and the Daily Grind (1952) (ISFDB)
   The One and the Many (1952) (ISFDB)
   Earthsmith (1953) (ISFDB)
   Voyage to Eternity (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Dictator (1955) (ISFDB)
   The Graveyard of Space (1956) (ISFDB)
   Prison of a Billion Years (1956) (ISFDB)
   Summer Snow Storm (1956) (ISFDB)
   A Place in the Sun (1956) (ISFDB)
   My Shipmate - Columbus (1956) (ISFDB)
   Home Is Where You Left It (1957) (ISFDB)
   Disaster Revisited (1957) (ISFDB)
   Think Yourself to Death (1957) (ISFDB)
   Quest of the Golden Ape (1957) (ISFDB)
   World Beyond Pluto (1958) (ISFDB)

Elisabeth R. Lewis

 Short Fiction
   Know Thy Neighbor (1953) (ISFDB)

Elizabeth Lewis

   At the Back of the North Wind (simplified) (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Irwin Lewis

 Short Fiction
   "To Invade New York . . . " (1963) (ISFDB)

Matthew Gregory Lewis

   The Monk (1796) (ISFDB)

Mike Lewis (1950's)

 Short Fiction
   Collectivum (1953) (ISFDB)

Myron R. Lewis

 Short Fiction
   The Dueling Machine (1963) (ISFDB)

Richard O. Lewis

 Short Fiction
   A Bottle of Old Wine (1953) (ISFDB)

Erik Van Lhin

   Police Your Planet (1975 revision) (1975) (ISFDB)

David Lindsay

   A Voyage to Arcturus (1920) (ISFDB)

E. J. Liston

 Short Fiction
   Castle of Terror (1948) (ISFDB)

Berkeley Livingston

 Short Fiction
   Death of a B.E.M. (1948) (ISFDB)

A. T. Locke

 Short Fiction
   Vandals of the Stars (1930) (ISFDB)

Robert Donald Locke

 Short Fiction
   Deepfreeze (1953) (ISFDB)
   G-r-r-r . . . ! (1957) (ISFDB)
   Next Door, Next World (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Hugh Lofting

   The Story of Doctor Dolittle (1920) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle (1922) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Paul Lohrman

 Short Fiction
   The Big Tomorrow (1953) (ISFDB)

Jack London

   The Faith of Men (1904) (ISFDB)
   Moon-Face and Other Stories (1906) (ISFDB)
   When God Laughs and Other Stories (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Night-Born (1916) (ISFDB)
   The Strength of the Strong (1917) (ISFDB)
   The Red One (1918) (ISFDB)
   Before Adam (1906) (ISFDB)
   The Iron Heel (1907) (ISFDB)
   The Star Rover (1915) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Shadow and the Flash (1903) (ISFDB)
   Goliah (1908) (ISFDB)
   When the World Was Young (1910) (ISFDB)
   The Francis Spaight (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Scarlet Plague (1912) (ISFDB)

Frank Belknap Long

 Short Fiction
   The Sky Trap (1941) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Mississippi Saucer (1951) (ISFDB)
   The Man the Martians Made (1954) (ISFDB)
   The Man from Time (1954) (ISFDB)
   The Calm Man (1954) (ISFDB)

Noel Loomis

 Short Fiction
   You Too Can Be a Millionaire (1952) (ISFDB)

Lilith Lorraine

 Short Fiction
   The Jovian Jest (1930) (ISFDB)

H. P. Lovecraft

 Short Fiction
   The Shunned House (1928) (ISFDB)
   Through the Gates of the Silver Key (1934) (ISFDB)

Robert A. W. Lowndes

 Short Fiction
   The Troubadour (1951) (ISFDB)


   Trips to the Moon (2003) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Edward W. Ludwig

 Short Fiction
   The Holes and John Smith (1954) (ISFDB)

Benjamin Lumley

   Another World: Or, Fragments from the Star City of Montalluyah (1873) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)


C. C. MacApp

 Short Fiction
   And All the Earth a Grave (1963) (ISFDB)

George MacDonald

   The Portent: A Story of the Inner Vision of the Highlanders, Commonly Called the Second Sight (1864) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Light Princess and Other Fairy Stories (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Phantastes: A Faerie Romance for Men and Women (1858) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Portent (1864) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Adela Cathcart, Volume II (1864) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Adela Cathcart, Volume III (1864) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Princess and the Goblin (1871) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Princess and Curdie (1882) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Flight of the Shadow (1891) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Lilith (1895) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   At the Back of the North Wind (simplified) (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   The Giant's Heart (1863) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Cruel Painter (1864) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Castle (1864) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Wow O' Rivven (1864) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Broken Swords (1864) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Gray Wolf (1864) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Uncle Cornelius, His Story (1864) (ISFDB)
   The Light Princess (1864) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Wise Woman, or The Lost Princess: A Double Story (1875) (ISFDB)

Greville MacDonald

   Preface (Phantastes) (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Arthur Machen

   The House of Souls (1906) (ISFDB)
   The Angels of Mons: The Bowmen and Other Legends of the War (1915) (ISFDB)
   The Hill of Dreams (1907) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Three Imposters (1890) (ISFDB)
   The Great God Pan (1894) (ISFDB)
   The Red Hand (1895) (ISFDB)
   The White People (1904) (ISFDB)
   A Fragment of Life (1904) (ISFDB)
   The Bowmen (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Soldiers' Rest (1914) (ISFDB)
   The Dazzling Light (1915) (ISFDB)
   The Monstrance (1915) (ISFDB)

Katherine MacLean

 Short Fiction
   The Man Who Staked the Stars (1952) (ISFDB)
   Games (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Natives (1953) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Carnivore (1953) (ISFDB)

Gerry Maddren

 Short Fiction
   The Alternate Plan (1958) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Rory Magill

 Short Fiction
   The Last Gentleman (1953) (ISFDB)

Winston K. Marks

 Short Fiction
   Unbegotten Child (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Water Eater (1953) (ISFDB)
   Breeder Reaction (1954) (ISFDB)
   Tabby (1954) (ISFDB)
   The Test Colony (1954) (ISFDB)
   Forsyte's Retreat (1954) (ISFDB)
   Backlash (1954) (ISFDB)
   Mate in Two Moves (1954) (ISFDB)
   Brown John's Body (1955) (ISFDB)
   The Mind Digger (1958) (ISFDB)
   The Deadly Daughters (1958) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Christopher Marlowe

   The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus (1604) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Frederick Marryat

   The Pacha of Many Tales (1835) (ISFDB)
   The Phantom Ship (1839) (ISFDB)

Richard Marsh

   The Beetle (1897) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Beetle: A Mystery (1897) (ISFDB)

Robert S. Martin

 Short Fiction
   Beyond Pandora (1962) (ISFDB)

Joseph P. Martino

 Short Fiction
   Pushbutton War (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

John Masefield

 Non Genre
   Martin Hyde, the Duke's Messenger (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Jim Davis (1911) (ISFDB)

David Mason

 Short Fiction
   Something Will Turn Up (1963) (ISFDB)

F. V. W. Mason

   Phalanxes of Atlans (Part 2 of 2) (1931) (ISFDB)

Brander Matthews

   Tales of Fantasy and Fact (1896) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Confidential Postscript (1896) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   A Primer of Imaginary Geography (1896) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Kinetoscope of Time (1896) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Dream-Gown of the Japanese Ambassador (1896) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Rival Ghosts (1896) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Sixteen Years Without a Birthday (1896) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Twinkling of an Eye (1896) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Alan Mattox

 Short Fiction
   Shepherd of the Planets (1959) (ISFDB)

Guy de Maupassant

 Short Fiction
   An Apparition (1883) (ISFDB)
   The Horla (1886) (ISFDB)

Frederic Max

 Short Fiction
   Rex Ex Machina (1954) (ISFDB)

Vernon L. McCain

 Short Fiction
   The Hitch Hikers (1954) (ISFDB)

Sam McClatchie, M.D.

 Short Fiction
   Mother America (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

James V. McConnell

 Short Fiction
   Life Sentence (1953) (ISFDB)

William P. McGivern

 Short Fiction
   Monsoons of Death (1942) (ISFDB)
   Larson's Luck (1943) (ISFDB)
   Death Makes a Mistake (1943) (ISFDB)
   The Chameleon Man (1943) (ISFDB)

John McGreevey

 Short Fiction
   The Prophetic Camera (1953) (ISFDB)

John J. McGuire

   Lone Star Planet (1957) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Null-ABC (Part 1 of 2) (1953) (ISFDB)
   Null-ABC (Part 2 of 2) (1953) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Return (1954) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Hunter Patrol (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Take the Reason Prisoner (1963) (ISFDB)
   Hunter Patrol (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Return (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Jack McKenty

 Short Fiction
   Wait for Weight (1952) (ISFDB)

James McKimmey, Jr.

 Short Fiction
   Pipe of Peace (1953) (ISFDB)
   Celebrity (1953) (ISFDB)
   Planet of Dreams (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Eyes Have It (1953) (ISFDB)
   George Loves Gistla (1954) (ISFDB)
   'Mid Pleasures and Palaces (1954) (ISFDB)
   Confidence Game (1954) (ISFDB)

Mark Meadows

 Short Fiction
   Joy Ride (1954) (ISFDB)

Captain S. P. Meek

 Short Fiction
   The Attack From Space (1930) (ISFDB)

S. P. Meek

   Letter (Astounding Stories of Super-Science, January 1931) (1931) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Into Space (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Thief of Time (1930) (ISFDB)
   Cold Light (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Ray of Madness (1930) (ISFDB)
   Beyond the Heaviside Layer (1930) (ISFDB)
   Stolen Brains (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Sea Terror (1930) (ISFDB)
   When Caverns Yawned (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Port of Missing Planes (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Solar Magnet (1931) (ISFDB)
   Giants on the Earth (1932) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Poisoned Air (1932) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   B.C. 30,000 (1932) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Great Drought (1932) (ISFDB)

Herman Melville

   Moby Dick (1851) (ISFDB)

R. R. Merliss

 Short Fiction
   The Stutterer (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Judith Merril

 Short Fiction
   Exile from Space (1956) (ISFDB)

A. Merritt

   The Moon Pool (1919) (ISFDB)
   The Metal Monster (1946) (ISFDB)

Sam Merwin, Jr.

 Short Fiction
   The Ambassador (1954) (ISFDB)
   Reel Life Films (1954) (ISFDB)
   A World Apart (1954) (ISFDB)

P. Schuyler Miller

   Letter (Astounding Stories of Super-Science, November 1930) (1930) (ISFDB)

Walter M. Miller, Jr.

 Short Fiction
   The Hoofer (1944) (ISFDB)
   Check and Checkmate (1953) (ISFDB)
   Death of a Spaceman (1954) (ISFDB)
   Way of a Rebel (1954) (ISFDB)
   The Ties that Bind (1954) (ISFDB)

A. A. Milne

   Introduction (The Chronicles of Clovis)(unknown) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Edward Page Mitchell

 Short Fiction
   The Tachypomp (1874) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

C. L. Moore

 Short Fiction
   The Tree of Life (1936) (ISFDB)
   Song in a Minor Key (1940) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Sir Thomas More

   Utopia (1516) (ISFDB)

Malcolm B. Morehart, Jr.

 Short Fiction
   Restricted Tool (1953) (ISFDB)

Henry Morley

   Introduction (Trips to the Moon)(unknown) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Gouverneur Morris

 Short Fiction
   Back There in the Grass (1911) (ISFDB)

William Morris

   The Defence of Guenevere and Other Poems (1858) (ISFDB)
   A Dream of John Ball (1888) (ISFDB)
   A Tale of the House of the Wolfings, and All the Kindreds of the Mark (1889) (ISFDB)
   The Roots of the Mountains (1889) (ISFDB)
   News from Nowhere, or An Epoch of Rest (1890) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Story of the Glittering Plain, Which Has Been Called the Land of Living Men, or the Acre of the Undying (1891) (ISFDB)
   The Wood Beyond the World (1894) (ISFDB)
   Child Christopher and Goldilind the Fair (1895) (ISFDB)
   The Well at the World's End (1896) (ISFDB)
   The Water of the Wondrous Isles (1897) (ISFDB)
   The Sundering Flood (1898) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Hollow Land (1856) (ISFDB)

William Morrison

 Short Fiction
   Runaway (1952) (ISFDB)
   The Hunters (1953) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Divinity (1953) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Model of a Judge (1953) (ISFDB)
   Bedside Manner (1954) (ISFDB)
   Dead Man's Planet (1955) (ISFDB)
   A Feast of Demons (1958) (ISFDB)

W. C. Morrow

   The Ape, the Idiot, and Other People (1897) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Surgeon's Experiment (1887) (ISFDB)
   The Permanent Stiletto (1889) (ISFDB)
   His Unconquerable Enemy (1889) (ISFDB)
   A Story Told By the Sea (1890) (ISFDB)
   Over an Absinthe Bottle (1893) (ISFDB)
   An Uncommon View of It (1897) (ISFDB)
   An Original Revenge (1897) (ISFDB)
   The Resurrection of Little Wang Tai (1897) (ISFDB)
   The Hero of the Plague (1897) (ISFDB)
   Treacherous Velasco (1897) (ISFDB)
   A Game of Honor (1897) (ISFDB)
   The Inmate of the Dungeon (1897) (ISFDB)
   Two Singular Men (1897) (ISFDB)
   The Faithful Amulet (1897) (ISFDB)

Stanley Mullen

 Short Fiction
   Master of the Moondog (1952) (ISFDB)
   Shock Treatment (1952) (ISFDB)

John Munro

   A Trip To Venus (1897) (ISFDB)

Howard L. Myers

 Short Fiction
   The Reluctant Weapon (1952) (ISFDB)


Jan Neruda

 Short Fiction
   The Vampire (1920) (ISFDB)

E. Nesbit

   The Book of Dragons (1901) (ISFDB)
   The Magic World (1912) (ISFDB)
   The Wouldbegoods (1901) (ISFDB)
 Non Genre
   In Homespun (1896) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Deliverers of Their Country (1899) (ISFDB)
   Kind Little Edmund (1899) (ISFDB)
   The Book of Beasts (1899) (ISFDB)
   The Firey Dragon (1899) (ISFDB)
   The Ice Dragon (1899) (ISFDB)
   The Isle of the Nine Whirpools (1899) (ISFDB)
   Uncle James (1899) (ISFDB)
   The Dragon Tamers (1899) (ISFDB)
   The Last of the Dragons (1899) (ISFDB)
   The Magician's Heart (1912) (ISFDB)

Kris Neville

 Short Fiction
   Earth Alert! (1953) (ISFDB)
   General Max Shorter (1962) (ISFDB)
   New Apples in the Garden (1963) (ISFDB)

William F. Nolan

 Short Fiction
   Of Time and Texas (1956) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Small World (1957) (ISFDB)

Ray C. Noll

 Short Fiction
   A Fine Fix (1955) (ISFDB)

Andre Norton

   Plague Ship (1956) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Star Born (1957) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Time Traders (1958) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Storm Over Warlock (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Star Hunter (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Defiant Agents (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Key Out of Time (1963) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Non Genre
   Ralestone Luck (1938) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Ride Proud, Rebel! (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   The People of the Crater (1947) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Gifts of Asti (1948) (ISFDB)
   All Cats Are Gray (1953) (ISFDB)
   Voodoo Planet (1959) (ISFDB)
   The People of the Crater (2010) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Alan E. Nourse

   Star Surgeon (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   Marley's Chain (1952) (ISFDB)
   Infinite Intruder (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Dark Door (1953) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Letter of the Law (1954) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Link (1954) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   My Friend Bobby (1954) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Image of the Gods (1954) (ISFDB)
   Meeting of the Board (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   An Ounce of Cure (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Second Sight (1956) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   PRoblem (1956) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Martyr (1957) (ISFDB)
   The Coffin Cure (1957) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Native Soil (1957) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Bear Trap (1957) (ISFDB)
   Contamination Crew (1958) (ISFDB)
   Gold in the Sky (1958) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Circus (1963) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Coffin Cure (2008) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Letter of the Law (2008) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Native Soil (2008) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   PRoblem (2008) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Philip Francis Nowlan

 Short Fiction
   Armageddon - 2419 A.D. (1928) (ISFDB)
   The Airlords of Han (1929) (ISFDB)


David Wright O'Brien

 Short Fiction
   Direct Wire (1943) (ISFDB)
   Rats in the Belfry (1943) (ISFDB)

Fitz-James O'Brien

 Short Fiction
   The Diamond Lens (1858) (ISFDB)
   What Was It? (1859) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Elliott O'Donnell

   Werwolves (1912) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   Glamis Castle(unknown) (ISFDB)

John O'Keefe

 Short Fiction
   As Long As You Wish (1955) (ISFDB)

Richard Olin

 Short Fiction
   All Day Wednesday (1963) (ISFDB)

James P. Olsen

 Short Fiction
   The Cavern World (1930) (ISFDB)

Oliver Onions

   Widdershins (1911) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Phantas (1910) (ISFDB)
   The Cigarette Case (1910) (ISFDB)
   Rooum (1910) (ISFDB)
   Hic Jacet (1911) (ISFDB)
   IO (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Accident (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Beckoning Fair One (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Rocker (1911) (ISFDB)
   Benlian (1911) (ISFDB)

E. Phillips Oppenheim

   The Great Prince Shan (1922) (ISFDB)

Edward Ormondroyd

   David and the Phoenix (1957) (ISFDB)

Arthur W. Orton

   The Four-Faced Visitors of Ezekiel (1961) (ISFDB)


Gerald W. Page

 Short Fiction
   The Happy Man (1963) (ISFDB)

Barry Pain

   The New Gulliver and Other Stories (1913) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The New Gulliver (1913) (ISFDB)

Raymond A. Palmer

 Short Fiction
   The Hell Ship (1952) (ISFDB)

Robert Paltock

   The Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins (1751) (ISFDB)

Edgar Pangborn

 Short Fiction
   The Good Neighbors (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Lewis Parker

 Short Fiction
   The Animated Pinup (1953) (ISFDB)

M. C. Pease

 Short Fiction
   Generals Help Themselves (1952) (ISFDB)
   This One Problem (1954) (ISFDB)

Elia W. Peattie

 Short Fiction
   An Astral Onion (1898) (ISFDB)
   On the Northern Ice (1898) (ISFDB)
   The Room of Evil Thought (1898) (ISFDB)

Con Pederson

 Short Fiction
   The Genius (1954) (ISFDB)

Earl Peirce, Jr.

 Short Fiction
   Doom of the House of Duryea (1936) (ISFDB)

Anthony Pelcher

 Short Fiction
   Mad Music (1930) (ISFDB)
   Vampires of Venus (1930) (ISFDB)

Charles Perrault

   The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault (1979) (ISFDB)

Don Peterson

 Short Fiction
   The White Feather Hex (1951) (ISFDB)

John Victor Peterson

 Short Fiction
   Lost in the Future (1954) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Psilent Partner (1954) (ISFDB)
   Political Application (1956) (ISFDB)

A. H. Phelps, Jr.

 Short Fiction
   The Merchants of Venus (1954) (ISFDB)

Mark Phillips

   Brain Twister (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Rog Phillips

 Short Fiction
   Tillie (1948) (ISFDB)
   The Cube Root of Conquest (1948) (ISFDB)
   The Unthinking Destroyer (1948) (ISFDB)
   Unthinkable (1949) (ISFDB)
   The Old Martians (1952) (ISFDB)
   Ye of Little Faith (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Gallery (1959) (ISFDB)

H. Beam Piper

   Five Sci-Fi Short Stories (2008) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Ullr Uprising (1952) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Uller Uprising (1952) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Time Crime (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Lone Star Planet (1957) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Four-Day Planet (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Little Fuzzy (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Space Viking (1963) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Cosmic Computer (1964) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Non Genre
   Murder in the Gun Room (1953) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Null-ABC (Part 1 of 2) (1953) (ISFDB)
   Ullr Uprising (Part 1 of 2) (1953) (ISFDB)
   Null-ABC (Part 2 of 2) (1953) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Time and Time Again (1947) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   He Walked Around the Horses (1948) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Police Operation (1948) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Mercenaries (1950) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Last Enemy (1950) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Flight from Tomorrow (1950) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Operation R.S.V.P. (1951) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Dearest (1951) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Temple Trouble (1951) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Genesis (1951) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Day of the Moron (1951) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Return (1954) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Omnilingual (1957) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Edge of the Knife (1957) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Keeper (1957) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Graveyard of Dreams (1958) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Ministry of Disturbance (1958) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Hunter Patrol (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Crossroads of Destiny (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Answer (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Oomphel in the Sky (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Naudsonce (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Slave is a Slave (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Gunpowder God (1964) (ISFDB)
   Down Styphon! (1965) (ISFDB)
   Genesis (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Graveyard of Dreams (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Operation R.S.V.P. (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Answer (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Flight from Tomorrow (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Edge of the Knife (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Crossroads of Destiny (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Hunter Patrol (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   He Walked Around the Horses (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Mercenaries (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Time and Time Again (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Return (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Temple Trouble (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Day of the Moron (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Police Operation (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Naudsonce (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Dearest (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Keeper (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Omnilingual (2006) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Oomphel in the Sky (2007) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Ministry of Disturbance (2007) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Slave Is a Slave (2007) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)


   The Republic(unknown) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Timaeus(unknown) (ISFDB)
   Critias(unknown) (ISFDB)

Edgar A. Poe

   Eureka: A Prose Poem (1848) (ISFDB)

Edgar Allan Poe

   The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket (1838) (ISFDB)
   The Raven (1845) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   MS. Found in a Bottle (1833) (ISFDB)
   Hans Phaall — A Tale (1835) (ISFDB)
   Ligeia (1838) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   William Wilson (1839) (ISFDB)
   The Devil in the Belfry: An Extravaganza (1839) (ISFDB)
   The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion (1839) (ISFDB)
   The Colloquy of Monos and Una (1841) (ISFDB)
   Life in Death (1842) (ISFDB)
   The Mask of the Red Death (1842) (ISFDB)
   The Tell-Tale Heart (1843) (ISFDB)
   A Tale of the Ragged Mountains (1844) (ISFDB)
   The Balloon-Hoax (1844) (ISFDB)
   Mesmeric Revelation (1844) (ISFDB)
   Some Words with a Mummy (1845) (ISFDB)
   The Facts of M. Valdemar's Case (1845) (ISFDB)
   The Sphinx (1846) (ISFDB)
   The Cask of Amontillado (1846) (ISFDB)
   Mellonta Tauta (1849) (ISFDB)
   Hop-Frog: Or, The Eight Chained Ourang-Outangs (1849) (ISFDB)
   Von Kempelen and His Discovery (1849) (ISFDB)

Frederik Pohl

 Short Fiction
   The Tunnel Under the World (1955) (ISFDB)
   Pythias (1955) (ISFDB)
   The Day of the Boomer Dukes (1956) (ISFDB)
   The Hated (1958) (ISFDB)
   The Knights of Arthur (1958) (ISFDB)

Walter Herries Pollock

   He (1887) (ISFDB)

Arthur Porges

 Short Fiction
   Revenge (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Theodore Pratt

 Short Fiction
   The Hohokam Dig (1956) (ISFDB)

E. Hoffmann Price

 Short Fiction
   Through the Gates of the Silver Key (1934) (ISFDB)

Dick Purcell

 Short Fiction
   Mr. Chipfellow's Jackpot (1956) (ISFDB)

Tom Purdom

 Short Fiction
   The Green Beret (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)


Frank Quattrocchi

 Short Fiction
   The Sword (1953) (ISFDB)

Dorothy Quick

 Short Fiction
   The Lost Door (1936) (ISFDB)

Seabury Quinn

 Short Fiction
   Pledged to the Dead (1937) (ISFDB)


Anne Radcliffe

   A Sicilian Romance (1790) (ISFDB)
   The Mysteries of Udolpho (1794) (ISFDB)

Ayn Rand

   Anthem (1938) (ISFDB)

Rick Raphael

 Short Fiction
   A Filbert Is a Nut (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Make Mine Homogenized (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Code Three (1963) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Thirst Quenchers (1963) (ISFDB)

Elizabeth Virgina Raplee

   To a Skull on My Bookshelf (1937) (ISFDB)

Ed Earl Repp

 Short Fiction
   The Day Time Stopped Moving (1940) (ISFDB)

John Murray Reynolds

 Short Fiction
   The Golden Amazons of Venus (1939) (ISFDB)

L. Major Reynolds

 Short Fiction
   Holes, Incorporated (1952) (ISFDB)
   Such Blooming Talk (1954) (ISFDB)

Mack Reynolds

   Border, Breed Nor Birth (1972) (ISFDB)
   Blackman's Burden (1972) (ISFDB)
   Frigid Fracas (Part 1 of 2) (1963) (ISFDB)
   Frigid Fracas (Part 2 of 2) (1963) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Dogfight - 1973 (1953) (ISFDB)
   Off Course (1954) (ISFDB)
   Happy Ending (1957) (ISFDB)
   Unborn Tomorrow (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Summit (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Revolution (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Adaptation (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Combat (1960) (ISFDB)
   Medal of Honor (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Gun for Hire (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   I'm a Stranger Here Myself (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Freedom (1961) (ISFDB)
   Ultima Thule (1961) (ISFDB)
   Status Quo (1961) (ISFDB)
   Mercenary (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Subversive (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Common Man (1963) (ISFDB)
   Expediter (1963) (ISFDB)

H. Thompson Rich

 Short Fiction
   The Flying City (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Sunken Empire (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Diamond Thunderbolt (1931) (ISFDB)
   Spawn of the Comet (1931) (ISFDB)

R. S. Richardson

 Short Fiction
   Disturbing Sun (1959) (ISFDB)

Leigh Richmond

   Where I Wasn't Going (Part 1 of 2) (1963) (ISFDB)
   Where I Wasn't Going (Part 2 of 2) (1963) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Prologue to an Analogue (1961) (ISFDB)
   Poppa Needs Shorts (1964) (ISFDB)

Walt Richmond

   Where I Wasn't Going (Part 1 of 2) (1963) (ISFDB)
   Where I Wasn't Going (Part 2 of 2) (1963) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Poppa Needs Shorts (1964) (ISFDB)

Frank Riley

 Short Fiction
   The Executioner (1956) (ISFDB)

R. J. Robbins

 Short Fiction
   The Soul Master (1930) (ISFDB)

Morgan Robertson

   "Where Angels Fear to Tread" and Other Tales of the Sea (1899) (ISFDB)
   The Wreck of the Titan or Futility (1912) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Wreck of the Titan (1898) (ISFDB)
   The Pirates (1912) (ISFDB)
   Beyond the Spectrum (1912) (ISFDB)
   In the Valley of the Shadow (1912) (ISFDB)

Frank M. Robinson

 Short Fiction
   Decision (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Worlds of Joe Shannon (1954) (ISFDB)

Edward G. Robles, Jr.

 Short Fiction
   See? (1954) (ISFDB)

Ross Rocklynne

 Short Fiction
   Sorry: Wrong Dimension (1954) (ISFDB)

Carey Rockwell

   Stand by for Mars! (1952) (ISFDB)
   Danger in Deep Space (1952) (ISFDB)
   On the Trail of the Space Pirates (1952) (ISFDB)
   The Space Pioneers (1952) (ISFDB)
   The Revolt on Venus (1952) (ISFDB)
   Treachery in Outer Space (1952) (ISFDB)
   Sabotage in Space (1952) (ISFDB)

Roy Rockwood

   The Wizard of the Sea or A Trip Under the Ocean (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Through the Air to the North Pole or The Wonderful Cruise of the Electric Monarch (1906) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Under the Ocean to the South Pole or The Strange Cruise of the Submarine Wonder (1907) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Five Thousand Miles Underground, or, the Mystery of the Centre of the Earth (1908) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Through Space to Mars or the Longest Journey on Record (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Lost on the Moon, or, in Quest of the Field of Diamonds (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Dave Dashaway and His Hydroplane or Daring Adventures Over The Great Lakes (1913) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   On a Torn-Away World, or,  the Captives of the Great Earthquake (1913) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Sax Rohmer

   The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu (1913) (ISFDB)

William Merriam Rouse

 Short Fiction
   The Destroyer (1930) (ISFDB)

Victor Rousseau

   The Beetle Horde (Part 2 of 2) (1930) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Atom-Smasher (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Lord of Space (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Invisible Death (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Wall of Death (1930) (ISFDB)

Mann Rubin

 Short Fiction
   The Second Voice (1954) (ISFDB)

Maximilian J. Rudwin

   Devil Stories: An Anthology (1921) (ISFDB)

John Ruskin

 Short Fiction
   The King of the Golden River (1841) (ISFDB)


Richard Sabia

 Short Fiction
   The Premiere (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   I Was a Teen-Age Secret Weapon (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)


   Reginald (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Reginald in Russia and Other Sketches (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Chronicles of Clovis (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Beasts and Super-Beasts (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Toys of Peace, and Other Papers (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   When William Came (1913) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Non Genre
   The Unbearable Bassington (1912) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   Reginald (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Reginald on Christmas Presents (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Reginald on House-Parties (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Reginald at the Carlton (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Reginald on Besetting Sins (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Reginald's Drama (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Reginald on Tariffs (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Reginald's Christmas Revel (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Reginald's Rubaiyat (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Innocence of Reginald (1904) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Gabriel-Ernest (1909) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Tobermory (1909) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Sredni Vashtar (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Reginald in Russia (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Reticence of Lady Anne (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Lost Sanjak (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Sex that Doesn't Shop (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Blood-Feud of Toad-Water (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Young Turkish Catastrophe (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Judkin of the Parcels (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Saint and the Goblin (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Soul of Laploshka (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Bag (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Strategist (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Cross Currents (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Baker's Dozen (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Mouse (1910) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   'Ministers of Grace' (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Matter of Sentiment (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Adrian (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Esmé (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
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   The Background (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Chaplet (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
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   The Match-Maker (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Music on the Hill (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Peace of Mowsle Barton (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Peace Offering (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Quest (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Recessional (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Remoulding of Groby Lington (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
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   The Unrest-Cure (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Way to the Dairy (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
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   The She-Wolf (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Boar-Pig (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Brogue (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Hen (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Treasure-Ship (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Cobweb (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Lull (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Unkindest Blow (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Romancers (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Schartz-Metterklume Method (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Seventh Pullet (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Blind Spot (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Dusk (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Touch of Realism (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Cousin Teresa (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Yarkand Manner (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Byzantine Omelette (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Feast of Nemesis (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Dreamer (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Quince Tree (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Forbidden Buzzards (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Stake (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Clovis on Parental Responsibilities (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Holiday Task (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
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   The Story-Teller (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Defensive Diamond (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Elk (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Down Pens (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Name-Day (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Lumber Room (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
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   Louise (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Tea (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
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   Louis (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Guests (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Penance (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Phantom Luncheon (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Bread and Butter Miss (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Bertie's Christmas Eve (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Forewarned (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Quail Seed (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Canossa (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Threat (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Excepting Mrs. Pentherby (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Mark (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Hedgehog (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Mappined Life (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Fate (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Bull (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Morlvera (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Shock Tactics (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Seven Cream Jugs (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Sheep (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Oversight (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Hyacinth (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Image of the Lost Soul (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Purple of the Balkan Kings (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Cupboard of the Yesterdays (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   For the Duration of the War (1919) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

William P. Salton

 Short Fiction
   Operation Lorelie (1954) (ISFDB)

Robert Sampson

 Short Fiction
   Feline Red (1954) (ISFDB)

Charles Saphro

 Short Fiction
   Zero Data (1952) (ISFDB)

Arthur Dekker Savage

 Short Fiction
   Trees Are Where You Find Them (1953) (ISFDB)
   Fly by Night (1954) (ISFDB)
   D P (1954) (ISFDB)

Blake Savage

   Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet (1952) (ISFDB)

Dorothy Scarborough, Ph.D.

   Famous Modern Ghost Stories (1921) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Introduction: The Imperishable Ghost (1921) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Nat Schachner

 Short Fiction
   The Death-Cloud (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Revolt of the Machines (1931) (ISFDB)
   Pirates of the Gorm (1932) (ISFDB)
   Slaves of Mercury (1932) (ISFDB)

James H. Schmitz

   Legacy (1979) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   Gone Fishing (1961) (ISFDB)
   Lion Loose (1961) (ISFDB)
   The Star Hyacinths (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   An Incident On Route Twelve (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   An Incident on Route 12 (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Novice (1962) (ISFDB)
   The Other Likeness (1962) (ISFDB)
   Watch the Sky (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Winds of Time (1962) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Oneness (1963) (ISFDB)
   Ham Sandwich (1963) (ISFDB)

Kevin Scott

 Short Fiction
   Quiet, Please (1961) (ISFDB)

Sir Walter Scott

   Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft (1830) (ISFDB)

Garrett P. Serviss

   A Columbus of Space (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Second Deluge (1912) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Edison's Conquest of Mars (1947) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   The Moon Metal (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Al Sevcik

 Short Fiction
   Survival Tactics (1958) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Alien Offer (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Matter of Magnitude (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Michael Shaara

 Short Fiction
   The Book (1953) (ISFDB)
   Wainer (1954) (ISFDB)
   Conquest Over Time (1956) (ISFDB)

Jack Sharkey

 Short Fiction
   Minor Detail (1959) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Dope On Mars (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Richard S. Shaver

 Short Fiction
   The Plotters (1948) (ISFDB)
   Daughter of the Night (1948) (ISFDB)
   Of Stegner's Folly (1952) (ISFDB)
   The Dark Goddess (1953) (ISFDB)

Larry Shaw

 Short Fiction
   Stairway to the Stars (1951) (ISFDB)

Robert J. Shea

 Short Fiction
   Resurrection (1957) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Robert Shea

 Short Fiction
   The Helpful Robots (1957) (ISFDB)
   Star Performer (1960) (ISFDB)

Robert Sheckley

   The Status Civilization (1960) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Warrior Race (1952) (ISFDB)
   Cost of Living (1952) (ISFDB)
   The Leech (1952) (ISFDB)
   Watchbird (1953) (ISFDB)
   Warm (1953) (ISFDB)
   Ask a Foolish Question  (1953) (ISFDB)
   Diplomatic Immunity (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Hour of Battle (1953) (ISFDB)
   Beside Still Waters (1953) (ISFDB)
   Keep Your Shape (1953) (ISFDB)
   One Man's Poison (1953) (ISFDB)
   Death Wish (1956) (ISFDB)
   Bad Medicine (1956) (ISFDB)
   Forever (1959) (ISFDB)

Walt Sheldon

 Short Fiction
   Brink of Madness (1953) (ISFDB)
   This Is Klon Calling (1953) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Jimsy and the Monsters (1954) (ISFDB)
   Two Plus Two Makes Crazy (1954) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Houlihan's Equation (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Mary Shelley

   Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus (1818) (ISFDB)
   The Last Man (1826) (ISFDB)

T. L. Sherred

 Short Fiction
   Cue for Quiet (1953) (ISFDB)

M. P. Shiel

   The Purple Cloud (1901) (ISFDB)
   The Lord of the Sea (1901) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Race of Orven (1895) (ISFDB)
   The Stone of the Edmundsbury Monks (1895) (ISFDB)
   The S.S. (1895) (ISFDB)

Ralph Sholto

 Short Fiction
   "And That's How It Was, Officer" (1952) (ISFDB)
   The Clean and Wholesome Land (1952) (ISFDB)

Jerome Siegel

   Letter (Astounding Stories of Super-Science, January 1931) (1931) (ISFDB)

Robert Silverberg

   Starman's Quest (1958) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   The Hunted Heroes (1956) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Postmark Ganymede (1957) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Happy Unfortunate (1957) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Clifford D. Simak

   Empire (1951) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   Hellhounds of the Cosmos (1932) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Street That Wasn't There (1941) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Project Mastodon (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The World That Couldn't Be (1958) (ISFDB)

Vance Simonds

 Short Fiction
   Telempathy (1963) (ISFDB)

H. Sivia

 Short Fiction
   The Last of Mrs. DeBrugh (1937) (ISFDB)

W. W. Skupeldyckle

 Short Fiction
   The Romantic Analogue (1953) (ISFDB)

Henry Slesar

 Short Fiction
   Get Out of Our Skies! (1957) (ISFDB)
   Reluctant Genius (1957) (ISFDB)
   Heart (1957) (ISFDB)
   Dream Town (1957) (ISFDB)
   The Success Machine (1957) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   My Father, the Cat (1957) (ISFDB)
   The Delegate from Venus (1958) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Edwin K. Sloat

 Short Fiction
   The Space Rover (1932) (ISFDB)
   Loot of the Void (1932) (ISFDB)

Clark Ashton Smith

   Letter (Astounding Stories, July 1931) (1931) (ISFDB)

Cordwainer Smith

 Short Fiction
   The Game of Rat and Dragon (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Game of Rat and Dragon (2009) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Edward E. Smith

   The Skylark of Space (1946) (ISFDB)
   Spacehounds of IPC (1947) (ISFDB)
   Skylark Three (1948) (ISFDB)
   Triplanetary (1948) (ISFDB)
   The Vortex Blaster (1960) (ISFDB)
   The Galaxy Primes (1965) (ISFDB)
   Masters of Space (1976) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   The Vortex Blaster (1941) (ISFDB)
   Subspace Survivors (1960) (ISFDB)

Evelyn E. Smith

 Short Fiction
   Collector's Item (1954) (ISFDB)
   Helpfully Yours (1955) (ISFDB)
   The Doorway (1955) (ISFDB)
   The Venus Trap (1956) (ISFDB)
   Once a Greech (1957) (ISFDB)
   The Most Sentimental Man (1957) (ISFDB)
   The Blue Tower (1958) (ISFDB)
   My Fair Planet (1958) (ISFDB)

George H. Smith

 Short Fiction
   The Ordeal of Colonel Johns (1954) (ISFDB)
   Benefactor (1958) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

George O. Smith

   Highways in Hiding (1956) (ISFDB)
   The Fourth "R" (1959) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   Stop, Look and Dig (1953) (ISFDB)
   Instinct (1959) (ISFDB)
   History Repeats (1959) (ISFDB)
   The Big Fix (1959) (ISFDB)

Richard R. Smith

 Short Fiction
   No Hiding Place (1956) (ISFDB)
   Compatible (1958) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Will Smith

 Short Fiction
   The Soul Master (1930) (ISFDB)

Jerry Sohl

 Short Fiction
   The Seventh Order (1952) (ISFDB)
   Ultroom Error (1952) (ISFDB)
   Brknk's Bounty (1955) (ISFDB)
   The Hand (1955) (ISFDB)

Dan Spain

   The Book of Gud (Complete Novel) (1929) (ISFDB)

David R. Sparks

 Short Fiction
   The Ape-Men of Xlotli (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Winged Men of Orcon (1932) (ISFDB)

Norman Spinrad

 Short Fiction
   Subjectivity (1964) (ISFDB)

Arthur G. Stangland

 Short Fiction
   The Black Tide (1953) (ISFDB)
   The House from Nowhere (1953) (ISFDB)

R. F. Starzl

 Short Fiction
   The Planet of Dread (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Earthman's Burden (1931) (ISFDB)
   If the Sun Died (1931) (ISFDB)
   In the Orbit of Saturn (1931) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Martian Cabal (1932) (ISFDB)

Edward S. Staub

 Short Fiction
   The Psilent Partner (1954) (ISFDB)

Charles A. Stearns

 Short Fiction
   B-12's Moon Glow (1954) (ISFDB)
   The Marooner (1958) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Pastoral Affair (1959) (ISFDB)

Wilbur Daniel Steele

 Short Fiction
   The Woman at Seven Brothers (1917) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Richard A. Sternbach

 Short Fiction
   The Hands (1953) (ISFDB)

Robert Louis Stevenson

   Island Nights' Entertainments (1893) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Bottle Imp (1891) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Beach of Falesá (1892) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Isle of Voices (1893) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Richard E. Stockham

 Short Fiction
   Circle of Flight (1953) (ISFDB)

Richard Stockham

 Short Fiction
   "Perchance to Dream" (1954) (ISFDB)
   The Valley (1954) (ISFDB)
   Perfect Control (1955) (ISFDB)

Frank R. Stockton

   Ting-a-Ling (1870) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Bee-Man of Orn and Other Fanciful Tales (1887) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Amos Kilbright; His Adscititious Experiences, With Other Stories (1888) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Chosen Few Short Stories (1895) (ISFDB)
   The Rudder Grangers Abroad and Other Stories (1901) (ISFDB)
   John Gayther's Garden and the Stories Told Therein (1902) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Magic Egg and Other Stories (1909) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Great War Syndicate (1888) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Great Stone of Sardis (1898) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   The Widow's Cruise(unknown) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Captain Eli's Best Ear(unknown) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Love Before Breakfast(unknown) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Staying Power of Sir Rohan(unknown) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Piece of Red Calico(unknown) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Christmas Wreck(unknown) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   My Well and What Came Out of It(unknown) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Mr. Tolman(unknown) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   My Unwilling Neighbor(unknown) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Our Archery Club(unknown) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Ting-a-Ling (1870) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Ting-a-Ling and the Five Magicians (1870) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Magical Music (1870) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Ting-a-Ling's Visit to Tur-il-i-ra (1870) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Lady or the Tiger? (1882) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Tale of Negative Gravity (1884) (ISFDB)
   The Griffin and the Minor Canon (1885) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Bee-Man of Orn (1887) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Old Pipes and the Dryad (1887) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Queen's Museum (1887) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Christmas Before Last; or, The Fruit of the Fragile Palm (1887) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Prince Hassak's March (1887) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Battle of the Third Cousins (1887) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Banished King (1887) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Philopena (1887) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Amos Kilbright: His Adscititious Experiences (1888) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Reversible Landscape (1888) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Dusky Philosophy: A Story Of Seven Devils (1888) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Dusky Philosophy: Grandison's Quandary (1888) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Plain Fishing (1888) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Magic Egg (1894) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   My Translatophone (1900) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   John Gayther's Garden (1902) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   What I Found in the Sea (1902) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Bushwhacker Nurse (1902) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Lady in the Box (1902) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Cot and the Rill (1902) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Gilded Idol and the King Conch-shell (1902) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   My Balloon Hunt (1902) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Foreign Prince and the Hermit's Daughter (1902) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Conscious Amanda (1902) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Vice-consort (1902) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Blackgum ag'in' Thunder (1902) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Lady or the Tiger? (1983) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Bram Stoker

   Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Dracula (1897) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Jewel of Seven Stars (1903) (ISFDB)
   The Lady of the Shroud (1909) (ISFDB)
   The Lair of the White Worm (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
 Short Fiction
   The Judge's House (1891) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Secret of the Growing Gold (1892) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Squaw (1893) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Dream of Red Hands (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Crooken Sands (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Dracula's Guest (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Burial of the Rats (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Coming of Abel Behenna (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Gipsy Prophecy (1914) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Chas. A. Stopher

 Short Fiction
   Solar Stiff (1954) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

William W. Stuart

 Short Fiction
   Inside John Barth (1960) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Real Hard Sell (1961) (ISFDB)

Van Tassel Sutphen

   The Doomsman (1906) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Dwight V. Swain

 Short Fiction
   Henry Horn's X-Ray Eye Glasses (1942) (ISFDB)
   The Time Mirror (1942) (ISFDB)

Pearl Norton Swet

 Short Fiction
   The Medici Boots (1936) (ISFDB)

Jonathan Swift

   Gulliver's Travels (1726) (ISFDB)


Lou Tabakow

 Short Fiction
   Faithfully Yours (1955) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Lee Tarbell

 Short Fiction
   Valley of the Croen (1949) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

J. A. Taylor

 Short Fiction
   Far From Home (1955) (ISFDB)

Jack Taylor

 Short Fiction
   The Moralist (1956) (ISFDB)

Albert Teichner

 Short Fiction
   Man Made (1960) (ISFDB)
   Sweet Their Blood and Sticky (1961) (ISFDB)
   The Junkmakers (1961) (ISFDB)
   Cerebrum (1963) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

William Tenn

 Short Fiction
   Project Hush (1954) (ISFDB)

S. M. Tenneshaw

 Short Fiction
   The Monster (1949) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Walter Tevis

 Short Fiction
   The Big Bounce (1958) (ISFDB)

Richard Thieme

 Short Fiction
   Pleasant Journey (1963) (ISFDB)

V. E. Thiessen

 Short Fiction
   There Will Be School Tomorrow (1956) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Theodore L. Thomas

 Short Fiction
   The Professional Approach (1962) (ISFDB)

Don Thompson

 Short Fiction
   The Telenizer (1954) (ISFDB)
   High Dragon Bump (1958) (ISFDB)

Ruth Plumly Thompson

   The Royal Book of Oz (1921) (ISFDB)

Joseph Tinker

 Short Fiction
   Tinker's Dam (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Shane Tourtellotte

 Short Fiction
   Bug Out! (2001) (ISFDB)

Arthur Train

   The Man Who Rocked the Earth (1915) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Nelson Tremaine

 Short Fiction
   Wanted: 7 Fearless Engineers! (1939) (ISFDB)

Louis Trimble

 Short Fiction
   Probability (1954) (ISFDB)

Anthony Trollope

   The Fixed Period (1882) (ISFDB)

George Tucker (19th century)

   A Voyage to the Moon (1827) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Robert Turner

 Short Fiction
   Success Story (1953) (ISFDB)

Mark Twain

   A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1889) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Invalid's Story (1882) (ISFDB)
   The Mysterious Stranger (1916) (ISFDB)



   Transcriber's Note & Errata (2007) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)


   Appendix (A Voyage to the Moon) (1828) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Eros Urides

   The Planet Mars & Its Inhabitants (1922) (ISFDB)


Gerald Vance

 Short Fiction
   Vital Ingredient (1956) (ISFDB)
   Equation of Doom (1957) (ISFDB)

Jack Vance

 Short Fiction
   Sjambak (1953) (ISFDB)

G. L. Vandenburg

 Short Fiction
   Moon Glow (1958) (ISFDB)
   Jubilation, U.S.A. (1959) (ISFDB)
   Martian V.F.W. (1959) (ISFDB)

Lyn Venable

 Short Fiction
   Homesick (1952) (ISFDB)
   Time Enough at Last (1953) (ISFDB)
   Grove of the Unborn (1957) (ISFDB)

Jules Verne

   A Winter Amid the Ice and Other Thrilling Stories (1877) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Voyage au centre de la Terre (1864) (ISFDB)
   De la Terre à la Lune (1865) (ISFDB)
   From the Earth to the Moon (1865) (ISFDB)
   Vingt Mille Lieues sous les mers (1869) (ISFDB)
   20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1869) (ISFDB)
   Round the Moon (1870) (ISFDB)
   Autour de la Lune (1870) (ISFDB)
   Around the World in Eighty Days (1872) (ISFDB)
   L'Île mystérieuse (1875) (ISFDB)
   The Mysterious Island (1875) (ISFDB)
   Robur the Conqueror (1886) (ISFDB)
   César Cascabel (1890) (ISFDB)
   Topsy-Turvy (1890) (ISFDB)
   Le Sphinx des Glaces (1897) (ISFDB)
   Facing the Flag (1897) (ISFDB)
   An Antarctic Mystery (1898) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Master of the World (1904) (ISFDB)
   Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1920) (ISFDB)
   A Journey to the Center of the Earth (1956) (ISFDB)
   Off on a Comet (1957) (ISFDB)
   A Journey Into The Interior Of The Earth (2004) (ISFDB)
   The Moon-Voyage (2005) (ISFDB)
   The Underground City (2005) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   A Drama in the Air (1851) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Master Zacharius (1852) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   A Winter Amid the Ice (1855) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Doctor Ox's Experiment (1872) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   In the Year 2889 (1889) (ISFDB)

Paul Verne

   The Fortieth French Ascent of Mont Blanc (1874) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Charles V. De Vet

 Short Fiction
   Wheels Within (1952) (ISFDB)
   Vital Ingredient (1952) (ISFDB)
   There Is a Reaper . . . (1953) (ISFDB)
   Delayed Action (1953) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Big Stupe (1955) (ISFDB)
   Monkey On His Back (1960) (ISFDB)
   Delayed Action (2010) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Harl Vincent

 Short Fiction
   Old Crompton's Secret (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Terror of Air-Level Six (1930) (ISFDB)
   Silver Dome (1930) (ISFDB)
   Vagabonds of Space (1930) (ISFDB)
   Gray Denim (1930) (ISFDB)
   Terrors Unseen (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Moon Weed (1931) (ISFDB)
   Creatures of Vibration (1932) (ISFDB)
   Vulcan's Workshop (1932) (ISFDB)
   Wanderer of Infinity (1933) (ISFDB)


 Short Fiction
   Micromegas, A Comic Romance, Being a Severe Satire Upon the Philosophy, Ignorance, and Self-Conceit of Mankind (1753) (ISFDB)

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

 Short Fiction
   The Big Trip Up Yonder (1954) (ISFDB)
   2 B R 0 2 B (1962) (ISFDB)

E. G. Von Wald

 Short Fiction
   Fair and Warmer (1954) (ISFDB)
   World Without War (1954) (ISFDB)
   Shock Absorber (1955) (ISFDB)


Graph Waldeyer

 Short Fiction
   The 4-D Doodler (1941) (ISFDB)

Anne Walker

 Short Fiction
   A Matter of Proportion (1959) (ISFDB)

Edgar Wallace

   The Green Rust (1919) (ISFDB)

F. L. Wallace

 Short Fiction
   Accidental Flight (1952) (ISFDB)
   Student Body (1953) (ISFDB)
   Tangle Hold (1953) (ISFDB)
   Forget Me Nearly (1954) (ISFDB)
   The Impossible Voyage Home (1954) (ISFDB)
   Bolden's Pets (1955) (ISFDB)
   Second Landing (1960) (ISFDB)

Horace Walpole

   The Castle of Otranto (1764) (ISFDB)

Hugh Walpole

   Introduction (The Story of Doctor Dolittle) (1922) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Arthur B. Waltermire

 Short Fiction
   The Doors of Death (1936) (ISFDB)

Bryce Walton

 Short Fiction
   Strange Alliance (1947) (ISFDB)
   To Each His Star (1952) (ISFDB)
   Thy Name is Woman (1953) (ISFDB)
   The Victor (1953) (ISFDB)
   By Earthlight (1953) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly? (1954) (ISFDB)

Donald Wandrei

 Short Fiction
   Raiders of the Universes (1932) (ISFDB)

Howard Wandrei

 Short Fiction
   Here Lies (1937) (ISFDB)

Jim Wannamaker

 Short Fiction
   Attrition (1961) (ISFDB)

Herbert D. Ward

   A Republic Without a President and Other Stories (1891) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   A Republic Without a President (1891) (ISFDB)
   Colonel Odminton (1891) (ISFDB)
   The Lost City (1891) (ISFDB)

Harry Warner, Jr.

 Short Fiction
   Cancer World (1954) (ISFDB)

Stanley G. Weinbaum

 Short Fiction
   A Martian Odyssey (1934) (ISFDB)
   Valley of Dreams (1934) (ISFDB)
   Pygmalion's Spectacles (1935) (ISFDB)
   The Worlds of If (1935) (ISFDB)
   The Ideal (1935) (ISFDB)
   The Point of View (1936) (ISFDB)

Mort Weisinger

   Letter (Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October 1930) (1930) (ISFDB)
   Letter (Astounding Stories, March 1931) (1931) (ISFDB)
   Letter (Astounding Stories, April 1931) (1931) (ISFDB)

Manly Wade Wellman

 Short Fiction
   The Golgotha Dancers (1937) (ISFDB)
   The Devil's Asteroid (1941) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Basil Wells

 Short Fiction
   Stalemate (1954) (ISFDB)
   Second Sight (1957) (ISFDB)
   Moment of Truth (1957) (ISFDB)

H. G. Wells

   The Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents (1895) (ISFDB)
   Tales of Space and Time (1899) (ISFDB)
   Twelve Stories and a Dream (1903) (ISFDB)
   The Country of the Blind (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Door in the Wall and Other Stories (1911) (ISFDB)
   The Time Machine (1895) (ISFDB)
   The Island of Dr. Moreau (1896) (ISFDB)
   The Invisible Man (1897) (ISFDB)
   The War of the Worlds (1897) (ISFDB)
   When the Sleeper Wakes (1899) (ISFDB)
   The First Men in the Moon (1901) (ISFDB)
   The Food of the Gods (1904) (ISFDB)
   A Modern Utopia (1905) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   In the Days of the Comet (1906) (ISFDB)
   The War in the Air (1908) (ISFDB)
   The Sleeper Awakes (1910) (ISFDB)
   The World Set Free (1914) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Flying Man (1893) (ISFDB)
   The Triumphs of a Taxidermist (1894) (ISFDB)
   The Stolen Bacillus (1894) (ISFDB)
   The Jilting of Jane (1894) (ISFDB)
   The Flowering of the Strange Orchid (1894) (ISFDB)
   In the Avu Observatory (1894) (ISFDB)
   The Diamond Maker (1894) (ISFDB)
   The Treasure in the Forest (1894) (ISFDB)
   Through a Window (1894) (ISFDB)
   The Lord of the Dynamos (1894) (ISFDB)
   A Deal in Ostriches (1894) (ISFDB)
   Æpyornis Island (1894) (ISFDB)
   The Moth (1895) (ISFDB)
   The Temptation of Harringay (1895) (ISFDB)
   The Remarkable Case of Davidson's Eyes (1895) (ISFDB)
   The Cone (1895) (ISFDB)
   The Purple Pileus (1896) (ISFDB)
   The Sea-Raiders (1896) (ISFDB)
   A Slip Under the Microscope (1896) (ISFDB)
   Under the Knife (1896) (ISFDB)
   The Red Room (1896) (ISFDB)
   The Plattner Story (1896) (ISFDB)
   The Story of the Late Mr. Elvesham (1896) (ISFDB)
   The Crystal Egg (1897) (ISFDB)
   A Story of the Stone Age (1897) (ISFDB)
   The Star (1897) (ISFDB)
   The Man Who Could Work Miracles (1898) (ISFDB)
   Miss Winchelsea's Heart (1898) (ISFDB)
   Mr. Ledbetter's Vacation (1898) (ISFDB)
   The Stolen Body (1898) (ISFDB)
   Jimmy Goggles the God (1898) (ISFDB)
   A Story of the Days to Come (1899) (ISFDB)
   Mr. Brisher's Treasure (1899) (ISFDB)
   A Vision of Judgement (1899) (ISFDB)
   Mr. Skelmersdale in Fairyland (1901) (ISFDB)
   A Dream of Armageddon (1901) (ISFDB)
   The New Accelerator (1901) (ISFDB)
   Filmer (1901) (ISFDB)
   The Inexperienced Ghost (1902) (ISFDB)
   The Valley of Spiders (1903) (ISFDB)
   The Truth About Pyecraft (1903) (ISFDB)
   The Magic Shop (1903) (ISFDB)
   The Country of the Blind (1904) (ISFDB)
   The Empire of the Ants (1905) (ISFDB)
   The Door in the Wall (1906) (ISFDB)
   The Moonlight Fable (1909) (ISFDB)
   The Beautiful Suit (1909) (ISFDB)
   The Obliterated Man (1913) (ISFDB)

Hal K. Wells

 Short Fiction
   The Gate to Xoran (1931) (ISFDB)
   When the Moon Turned Green (1931) (ISFDB)
   Devil Crystals of Arret (1931) (ISFDB)
   Zehru of Xollar (1932) (ISFDB)
   The Cavern of the Shining Ones (1932) (ISFDB)

G. Peyton Wertenbaker

 Short Fiction
   The Coming of the Ice (1926) (ISFDB)

Joseph Wesley

 Short Fiction
   Garth and the Visitor (1958) (ISFDB)
   Upstarts (1960) (ISFDB)

John Foster West

 Short Fiction
   Cogito, Ergo Sum (1954) (ISFDB)

Wallace West

 Short Fiction
   The End of Time (1933) (ISFDB)

Donald E. Westlake

 Short Fiction
   The Risk Profession (1961) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   They Also Serve (1961) (ISFDB)

Edith Wharton

   The Descent of Man and Other Stories (1904) (ISFDB)

Stewart Edward White

   The Mystery (1907) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   The Sign at Six (1912) (ISFDB)

Mark Wicks

   To Mars via The Moon: An Astronomical Story (1911) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

Robert Wicks

 Short Fiction
   The Quantum Jump (1958) (ISFDB)

Oscar Wilde

   The Picture of Dorian Gray (1891) (ISFDB)
 Short Fiction
   The Canterville Ghost (1887) (ISFDB)

Patrick Wilkins

 Short Fiction
   For Every Man a Reason (1954) (ISFDB)

C. D. Willard

 Short Fiction
   Out of the Dreadful Depths (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Eye of Allah (1931) (ISFDB)

Ralph Williams

 Short Fiction
   Cat and Mouse (1959) (ISFDB)

Robert Moore Williams

 Short Fiction
   Planet of the Gods (1942) (ISFDB)
   The Lost Warship (1943) (ISFDB)
   Thompson's Cat (1952) (ISFDB)
   Sinister Paradise (1952) (ISFDB)
   Be It Ever Thus (1954) (ISFDB)
   The Next Time We Die (1957) (ISFDB)

Jack Williamson

 Short Fiction
   The Cosmic Express (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Meteor Girl (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Lake of Light (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Doom from Planet 4 (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Pygmy Planet (1932) (ISFDB)
   Salvage in Space (1933) (ISFDB)

Richard Wilson

 Short Fiction
   The Inhabited (1953) (ISFDB)
   Double Take (1954) (ISFDB)
   Back to Julie (1954) (ISFDB)

Robert H. Wilson

 Short Fiction
   Out Around Rigel (1931) (ISFDB)

Therese Windser

 Short Fiction
   Longevity (1960) (ISFDB)

H. G. Winter

 Short Fiction
   The Hands of Aten (1931) (ISFDB)

R. R. Winterbotham

 Short Fiction
   The Whispering Spheres (1941) (ISFDB)
   The Minus Woman (1953) (ISFDB)

P. G. Wodehouse

   The Swoop: How Clarence Saved England (1909) (ISFDB)

Mari Wolf

 Short Fiction
   Robots of the World! Arise! (1952) (ISFDB)
   An Empty Bottle (1952) (ISFDB)
   The Statue (1953) (ISFDB)
   Homo Inferior (1953) (ISFDB)
   The First Day of Spring (1954) (ISFDB)
   The Very Secret Agent (1954) (ISFDB)

Donald A. Wollheim

   The Secret of the Ninth Planet (1959) (ISFDB)

Robert Williams Wood

   The Man Who Rocked the Earth (1915) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

J. B. Woodley

 Short Fiction
   With a Vengeance (1953) (ISFDB)

Virginia Woolf

 Short Fiction
   A Haunted House (1921) (ISFDB)

Sewell Peaslee Wright

 Short Fiction
   From the Ocean's Depths (1930) (ISFDB)
   Into the Ocean's Depths (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Forgotten Planet (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Terrible Tentacles of L-472 (1930) (ISFDB)
   The Dark Side of Antri (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Ghost World (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Man from 2071 (1931) (ISFDB)
   The God in the Box (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Terror from the Depths (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Infra-Medians (1931) (ISFDB)
   Vampires of Space (1932) (ISFDB)
   Priestess of the Flame (1932) (ISFDB)
   The Death-Traps of FX-31 (1933) (ISFDB)


Murray F. Yaco

 Short Fiction
   Unspecialist (1959) (ISFDB)
   No Moving Parts (1960) (ISFDB)
   Membership Drive (1960) (ISFDB)

Leroy Yerxa

 Short Fiction
   One-Way Ticket to Nowhere (1942) (ISFDB)
   Queen of the Flaming Diamond (1943) (ISFDB)
   Phantom of the Forest (1948) (ISFDB)

Charles Young

   A Stable for Nightmares or Weird Tales (1896) (ISFDB)

Robert F. Young

 Short Fiction
   Collector's Item (1956) (ISFDB)
   Star Mother (1959) (ISFDB)
   The Servant Problem (1962) (ISFDB)
   A Knyght Ther Was (1963) (ISFDB)

Pliny, The Younger

 Short Fiction
   Letter to Sura(unknown) (ISFDB)


Arthur Leo Zagat

 Short Fiction
   The Death-Cloud (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Revolt of the Machines (1931) (ISFDB)
   The Great Dome on Mercury (1932) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)
   When the Sleepers Woke (1932) (ISFDB)
   The Great Dome on Mercury (2009) (ISFDB) (Project Gutenberg)

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