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There is a one page fictional essay or in-universe POV essay on page 365 which has

By the Survey Commission Office,
Kahora, Mars

(body of report which is one full page and is signed as below)

Margaret M. Howes, Secretary  
Areographical Division
Survey Commission Office
Kahora, Mars

Margaret Howes is credited as drawing the map on pages 366 and 367 and it would seem that she also created this fictional essay. However, in reading the addendum by Leigh Brackett that immediately precedes the essay it's clear that Margaret Howes' only contribution to this collection is the map though Ms. Howes had also included "several closely reasoned detailed pages concerning the reasons for placement of the cities, canals, etc." with the map when she sent it to Leigh Brackett. It's assumed that Leigh Brackett wrote the essay and signed it "Margaret M. Howes" as a way of thanking Ms. Howes for her map. The copyright page seems to confirm this with a 1977 copyright by Leigh Brackett and a credit for the map to Margaret Howes.