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FIXED Aboriginal Science Fiction, Spring 1993 The Motel 6 Fugue
FIXED Amazing Stories, April 1933 Universal Merry-Go-Round
FIXED Amazing Stories, August 1991 In The Lowerarchy of The Underpinning
FIXED Amazing Stories, December 1933 Into the Meteorite Orbit
FIXED Future Combined with Science Fiction Stories, May 1951 Time Killer
?? Omni, November 1989 Life Is But a Dream [3]
?? Omni, November 1989 Man's Best Friends
?? Omni, November 1989 Man's Best Friends [2]
FIXED Omni, December 1983 The Lurking Duck
OK Omni, July 1990 Latter-Day Martian Chronicles
FIXED Planet Stories, January 1954 Narakan Rifles, About Face!
FIXED Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine, May 1981 Magritte's Secret Agent
FIXED Super Science Stories, September 1949 The Miniature
FIXED Weird Tales, January 1938 Toean Matjan
FIXED Weird Tales, Summer 1974 The Son of the Wild Thing
FIXED Wonder Stories, December 1930 The Silent Scourge
FIXED Wonder Stories, November 1931 Tetrahedra of Space
FIXED Dynamic Science Fiction, October 1953 The Poetess and the 21 Grey-Haired Cadavers
FIXED Infinity Science Fiction, August 1956 The Fool
FIXED Analog Science Fiction and Fact, April 2004 In Spare
FIXED Artemis, Spring 2001 Burdens
FIXED Imaginative Tales, July 1956 Space Traveler's Revenge
FIXED Satellite Science Fiction, February 1959 The Chicken-Hearted Ghost
FIXED Saturn, March 1958 The Skitz and the Unskitz
FIXED Aeon One Emerald City Blues
FIXED Aeon One Silver Land
FIXED Aeon Thirteen Misery Loves
FIXED Perry Rhodan #8: The Galactic Riddle The Galactic Riddle
FIXED Science Fiction Monthly, April 1976 To Lay the Piper
FIXED Odyssey, July-August 1998 Mother of All Neuroses
FIXED Midnight Street, Summer 2005 The Hand of Glory
FIXED Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine, Issue #4 Tooth Fairies On-line
FIXED The Third Alternative #20, 1999 Starlight
OK Focus, October 1991 Exercomp 4
OK Focus, April 1990 Exercomp
OK Focus, August 1990 Exercomp
FIXED Scheherazade 28 Laura's Knot
FIXED Scheherazade 28 The Pagans
FIXED Talebones #26, Summer 2003 cartoon
FIXED Realms of Fantasy, December 2005 Mortegarde
FIXED Tales of the Talisman, Volume 6, Issue 2 Folie in Briers Story
FIXED Tales of the Talisman, Volume 6, Issue 2 Shakti
FIXED Tales of the Talisman, Volume 6, Issue 2 The Face on the Milky Way
FIXED Tales of the Talisman, Volume 6, Issue 2 The Paraplegic
FIXED Challenging Destiny #18, July 2004 Early Adopters