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I've decided to restart this page. Once in shape it should make a nice addition to the Help. I see two basic problems. First, it ranges too freely and quickly between novice level chattiness and deep down technical jargon. Secondly, it does not make a clear delineation between how A (MediaWiki) wiki works and how this wiki is structured. It will likely get too big before being done and have to get 'parsed' down to a better structure, but until then it will likely get pretty big. My reason for doing this - I find the structure (and content) of the wiki confusing, at times unhelpful and worse yet - full of interesting and useful material in places you'd never normally see. As part of trying to 'house-clean' some of this, I've had to dig around. This page seemed like a good place to put my understanding of the current state of the wiki. ../Doug H 23:08, 2 December 2021 (EST)